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Team Gluten-Free
Racing To Improve The Lives of Those With Celiac Disease
Team Gluten-Free™ is a fundraising arm of the Celiac Disease Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to educating the public and building a supportive community for patients, families and healthcare professionals dealing with Celiac disease.

Team Gluten-Free™ provides a simple way for runners, walkers and cyclists to raise awareness and funds for Celiac disease by encouraging monetary pledges for their participation in local and regional road races. The money raised by Team Gluten-Free™ participants goes directly to research, awareness programs and summer camp scholarships for children with Celiac disease.

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Total Donations: $60,502

Goal: $100,000

$0 61% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Danielle Pagano Hidden "Go Chris and Frank!"
Shari Umansky $25.00 "Much love, prayers and wishes for your beautiful daughter and this worthy cause! xoxo"
Daniel Cohen $25.00 "Sarah, best wishes to you, Dora and the family. Here's to finding a cure!"
James Prentice $25.00 "Wishing you the best luck with everything...i'm sure you'll come first (otherwise i'm taking the money back, lol)!!! I think it is a great thing that you are both doing, I hope you are all well. Tanya and Jimmy x"
Saralee and Michael Taibleson $50.00 "Much love and support from Saralee and Michael"
Jacqueline Granath $25.00 "Good luck with your race. Eating gluten-free is a healthy lifestyle. One of my best friends has been doing it all her life. I'm an old childhood friend of your Mom!"
julie rink $30.00 "We love Miki! Good luck!"
sabrina laine $50.00 "Looking forward to seeing Nahum run! Hope to be there to see you BOTH cross the finish line. Sabrina and Richard"
Tracy Handler $25.00 "Wishing you a great race and fundraising campaign! -Tracy & Keith"
Ellen Peters $50.00 "I love the photo! Good luck and have a great time in London."
Haig Chahinian $50.00 "Go Sarah! Go Nahum! And go Dora! OK, OK, go Nate too!"
Rachel Liebman $50.00 "I second whatever Nadie is holding up. Kick some butt, Sarah."
Brenda Herbstman $25.00 "Good luck, Brooke! You are terrific!"
Katelyn Young $50.00 "Go Dad!!!! Love, Kate xoxo"
Torrey Gaver Hidden "Good luck! :)"
anna chau $10.00 "Good luck!"
Lauren Scala $25.00 "Good luck Jen. My Mom has celiac too and I know how tough it can be. All my best!! "
Andrea & Benjamin Heiss & Rosen $100.00 "Team Gluten Free is super awesome"
Paul Saladino $50.00 "Good Luck Jenn.....We Love you!!"
Erik O'Connell $25.00 "Best of luck Jenn!! E"
Debbie Simon $18.00 "Good Luck. Go Team Kredi!"
Helene Waxman $50.00 "With all my best wishes and prayers for your daughter and family for the New Year. I am an old friend of your Mother's and I want only the best for her and the family. ( Sarah Rosen is the team member, and the race is the Gastro Run 2009 in London.) "
Eric Usinger $50.00 "Good luck Jenn, Eric and Lis."
Sarah Early $25.00 "Have fun! Run girl run!"
Peter and Susan Denman $100.00 "From one Celiac baby to another. Your next marathon should be in Hawaii. Good luck. We will be rooting for you on the 10th. Aloha, Peter and Susan"
Tammy Hull $50.00 "Go Girl!!!"
Sharon Garroway Hidden "Go Kredi Family-we are proud of you! The Garroway's"
Tim McGreevy $10.00 "Good luck, Jenn. Stay warm. Tim McG."
Terri Chang $25.00 "GFG 4ever!! ...sorta! ;)"
Irene Cox $25.00 "Jenn: What an inspiration ~ You go, girl! -Irene"
Robert Acampora $25.00 "It's great that you are doing this, Jenn, and I'm very pleased to participate! --Bob Acampora"
Frank & Judith DelBalso $50.00 "We are so proud of you, what a wonderful thing to do. much love Aunt Judy and Uncle Frankie"
Lisa Ingersoll $50.00 "My mother-in-law has celiac and it has been a difficult road for her, although she is beginning to cope much better. Anything to find a cure... "
Pamela Wan $50.00 "Good luck, Jenn!"
Karen Parlow $25.00 "Hi Diana Glad to help as I have a daugter-in-law with Celiac Karen"
ALICIA WHEELER $50.00 "Run like the wind! Have fun but be safe! Love, Alicia"
Roberta van Haeften $100.00 "A great cause -- Love Bobbie"
Karel van Haeften $100.00 "Glad to help. Safe running."
Linda Baglio $25.00 "I am very proud of your efforts and contributions to this disease. Have a great run!"
aimee kasimow $25.00 "You are an amazing family. We wish you all the best. GO, GO, GO. We love you The Kasimow's"
Kruti Dharia $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Bob, Eileen & Mikey Wagner $100.00 "You go Adrienne !! - We are all proud of you! "
Lisa Hacken $25.00 "Go Rosen/Kianovsky GO, GO, GO! "
Maura Burnett $25.00 "Best of luck to you both, but no more broken bones, OK? Have a cuppa on me in London, and if you see the queen tell her to get out of Ireland. "
Gail kenny $50.00 "I'm so very proud of you! Love, your sister in celiac!"
Don and Corinne Howard $250.00 "We believe in what you are doing. Focus on that finish line, because we know that you can achieve whatever you set out do do. Good luck, Pat Dad, Mom and Jess"
Patti Silvera $50.00 "Awesome Pat! I'm so proud of you and very happy to support Team Gluten Free! "
ARNIE & MYRIAM NOTKIN $25.00 "Good luck Kredi Family. Hopefully one day they will find a cure to this. So glad you now are able to eat Jale Bread. Happy Hanukah to all, all our love, Myriam and Arnie Notkin"
Alison Grohe $50.00 "Good luck adje!!"
Dennis Morrissey $25.00 "Hi Uncle Pat - good luck on the marathon. Love, Shawn, Megan and Mackenzie"
Ed & Joanne Morrissey $100.00 "Great job Pat! We'll be rooting for you all the wat to the finish line. Mom& Dad"
John Akin Hidden "Easy does it."
Allison Buckley $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jeff, Beth, Adam & Luke Underdahl $50.00 "Pat, We wish you strength, speed, wisdom and perserverance in this incredible journey. To quote someone we know you are more than familiar with... "You have to believe in yourself." Realize that "opportunities multiply as they are seized." Can you imagine what you would do if you could do all you can? Good luck!!! Beth, Jeff, Adam & Luke "
Nick van Haeften $50.00 "I love you baby! 20 miles yesterday and she barely broke a sweat. I get tired just watching her."
Mark Daniels $50.00 "Good Luck - run hard!"
Mark Pearson $25.00 "Good Luck, and have fun in AZ!"
Margaret Christensen $25.00 "Way to give back :) We are very proud!!"
Mike Spillane Hidden "Way to go, Adrienne!"
David & Jamie Orr $250.00 "You rock Adrienne! We love you and are so proud of you! We'll be thinking of you during the race."
patti romnes $50.00 "Good Luck, Adrienne, I know you can do it!"
Carol Daniels $50.00 "Adrienne, Best of luck on your run! We will think of you on January 17th as if we were there cheering you on. Love you, Carol and Peter"
Davide Ulivieri $100.00 "For Hilarie Reiner & the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Tropical 5K Run/Walk. Go Hilarie!"
Margaret Noll $25.00 "I'm proud of you."
Marjorie Wilkoff $25.00 "Good luck Hilarie!! I am proud of you."
Maria Gonzalez $50.00 "Hillie, you're my inspiration....keep walk my friend!"
Cedric Riste $50.00 "Well done Hilly, you're a hero Ced xx"
Anonymous $25.00 "God luck Megan. You already made a difference! M:)"
Natalie Romero $50.00 "Go Hilarie Go! Thank you for walking on behalf of the group, sorry I wasn't able to join you! Have fun! I hope its a beauitful day!"
Diane Calvario $30.00 "Great stuff, Hilly! You hit gold! Lots of love, Di x"
Suzi Fillinger $100.00 "Go for it Megan! Good Luck!"
Thomas Abbott $50.00 "Megan, great work as always"
Matthew Keating $50.00 "Proud of you Meg!"
Tyler Moon $25.00 "Good luck on your marathon. Goooo Henry!"
Kattie Ninkovic $25.00 " GOOD LUCK AMY:)"
Megan Brown $10.00 "Go Kati Go! Glad to help :D"
Mark Faupel $50.00 "Megan: My sister always loved that her middle name was the same as your first. Have a great time running in the half marathon and good luck, Mark and Linda"
angie myers $5.00 "good luck sarah!"
Anna Johnson $25.00 "You're no slacker, my favorite Celiacer!"
Liz and Jeff Wick $50.00 "You are really growing in this GF world SA! We're excited to see your efforts and accomplishments. Good luck on the 5k!"
Kristi "Diva" Wieland $50.00 "I'm so proud of you SA!!!!! Enjoy the 5k !!!! "
Mark Nielsen $50.00 "I will make you a Delicious G-Free meal to help fuel the day. Proud of you!"
Thomas Zywicki $100.00 "Thank you for putting all your time and effort into keeping us informed and on the right track. We appreciate all your hard work and your inspiration. Thanks, The Zywicki Family"
Scott Kawczynski $25.00 "Looking forward to lacing up my walking shoes! Wait, do I even own walking shoes?? I don't know... but I'll totally have some by then."
Patty Klabunde $20.00 "You have come so far SA...you truly are an inspiration to me everyday! Good luck..i'll be there if I can! :)"
Chris Skoczynski $25.00 "I like how you are spreading the word, the awareness, the light. You go."
Carrie Keating $100.00 "Megan! YOU are solid gold! Run well & have fun!"
Charles Dolinskas $75.00 "Good job Megan! Now have a great race."
Donna & Michael Green $50.00 "Sarah, Thank you for all the education you sent my way. It has really helped this transition. Good luck and have fun. "
NanRae Huebner $50.00 "GO missy!!!!!!!"
Hawk Construction LLC $100.00 "We are proud to support you Sarah and Team Gluten-Free. Your hard work will make a difference!! The Hawk Team"
Vince and Deanna Jablonski $50.00 "Thank you so much for keeping my brother and sister up to date on all of the gf products and info. Your web pages are absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work. Good luck with your 5K and may your team raise the highest $$ amount in donations!!!!!!"
Rick Gansler $10.00 "Good luck reaching your goal! Thanks for working towards awareness and raising funds. Best wishes from CeliacFacts.com."
Linda LeValley $15.00 "Good luck Amy. Love, Linda"
Dave Phillips $50.00 "We love you, Darlene! "
Erin Elberson Hidden "Good luck and have a wonderful time!"
Tinsley Meloy $25.00 "Celiebo is so proud to donate to such a wonderful cause! Thank you for all you are doing to advocate for kids like Clara and bigger kids like me ;) and the rest of the celiac community. Keep up the amazing and inspiring work!"
Julie Lovenbury $10.00 "Clara is a lucky little girl to have such great parents. Good luck!"
Mona Sommers $100.00 "As long as I don't have to run, I'd love to support you guys!"
Jamie Brenner $10.00 "GO TEAM GLUTEN-FREE! "
Judith Applebay $25.00 "I thought it would be more complicated to donate! It was so easy! "
Stephanie Francis $25.00 "Go Michelle! Keep running girl, wish I was closer so I could run the race with you!"
Dawn Landau Hidden "When our daughter was diagnosed w/Celiac at 4 (16+ yrs ago) we were given VERY little info. and went home lost and fearful of everything in our kitchen! We're amazed at the options for your daughter and ours that are now available, and congratulate you on your wonderful efforts! "
Mark Rubinstein $100.00 "I love you honey and support you in everything you do! You are my little woman always and forever! Mark"
Mark Rubinstein $100.00 "From G&F Lighting Supply Company"
Beth Bidna $50.00 "You go girl! We love you XO, Beth Howard & Max"
Melissa Schetzel $25.00
Joyce and Richard Drogy $50.00 "we love you and know all of you will do well. Mom and Dad"
John Johnson $50.00 "pulling for GF"
Anonymous $100.00 "Semper Fi!"
Keith Ryan $35.00 "Couldnt let you be short of your Goal ! Good luck...love you !"
Bobbi Taylor $25.00 "Dawn, Good luck on your run!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Hugs! Bobbi "
Andrea Hosbein $100.00 "Greta- Thank you for all do for celaics! You are such a blessing-we hope to see you next summer! Andrea, Paige and Sydney Hosbein"
Tcha LaPlaca $5.00 "My donation is made under Tcha LaPlaca, which shares my company name, One Wellness, LLC. I am following you on FB."
Kelly Shearer $50.00 "Good luck Adam....I am so proud of you!"
Joseph Boucher $200.00 "This donation includes $100 from Grandma Elsie Gulino and $100 from Uncle Joe and Aunt Lisa. Love you Bella - we're glad to be a part of your team."
Renee Sherman Hidden "Good luck Deborah and Alyssa! xoxo Renee Sherman"
Robert Trump $50.00 "Things do no happen, the are made to happen! JFK You make it happen! Good luck! "
Jennifer Vega $100.00 "Amanda, Keep informing everyone you meet about living a gluten-free lifestyle. I am inspired by the way you have taught the Daisy's about food allergies. You are an amazing Mom. Way to go for walking the 5K. Way to go Bella for doing the 5K. Bella, Alexis says hi. We hope you make make change for Celiac Disease."
wendy krieger $50.00 "Go Anthony! Good luck and have fun! The Kriegers"
Anthony Nex $50.00 "All that park training paying off!"
Sarah Sorbel $10.00 "Good luck!!!!"
Marci Rosenblum Hidden "Congrats!!"
John Mendrin $100.00 "Go big Josh Schieffer"
Elizabeth Dreskin $100.00 "Way to go, Uncle Anthony! love, Ben and Mollie (Joel and Liz too) "
Linda Wills $150.00 "Merry Christmas to all the Gfreeks !!! Love, Mom & Jim"
Jeff Tyree $100.00 "Take care of yourself!"
Barbara Moore $50.00 "So proud of you Amy!"
Kathleen Lehman $25.00 "You've got my $, now you have to do it!!"
Tracie Baker $25.00 "Thank You Amy for being such a huge inspiration! I am so proud to call you my friend!"
Libby Losey $25.00 "A donation for Amy in support of Dharma, from the Losey family. "
Jennifer Tener $50.00 "Good luck! I am so proud of you."
Nancy Traul $25.00 "Good luck, Amy....Run like the wind! You make us proud!"
Gina Scheff $50.00 "Thanks Amy. YOU GO GIRL!"
Kathleen Barrows $25.00 "way to go Amy! Running is a beautiful thing.! Kathy Barrows"
Brandy Ledley $100.00 "Remember you can do anything that you put your mind to. Good Luck!!!!"
Suzanne Phillips $15.00 "Go Amy!!!!!"
Brian Costa $25.00 "Go Suzy!!!!! Love you, Brian and Christine"
Kieran Skaalen $40.00 "Go Suzanne, you are an amazing person and a special mom."
Kelly Mackura $25.00 "Way to go, Suzanne! This is fantastic!"
Mark Falls $25.00 "Suzanne, Great idea, thanks for letting us be involved. Mark and Dana"
Stephanie Goff $25.00 "You are going to great!"
Anne Helmick $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Kelly K Mackura $30.00 "Woohoo! Way to go Suz! We're so proud of you and Sullivan; you two are just amazing! Love from the Mackura 'Ohana!"
Lisa Taylor Hidden "You are amazing!!!!"
Debbie Cardineau Hidden "GO SUZANNE! What a great reason to run! P.S. Sophie donated $5 of this contribution from her bank for Sullivan. :)"
James Brixius Hidden "Good luck! My fiance and I appreciate what you're doing, and hope for a cure in the near future!"
Mark Cole $30.00 "Go Suzanne! "
Alice Clifner $25.00 "This is a very brave thing you are doing - but for a great cause! Pace yourself and you will finish still standing up! :-) Alice and Larry"
Virginia Pressler $25.00 "I am honored to know and support this amazing family!"
Joy Chin $250.00 "Dear Suzanne, We are so proud of you! You have taken the challenge of Sullivan's illness and running as a way to help him and others as well as yourself. Go Girl! You are a winner. Joy and Ed "
Dina & Steve Bloch $50.00 "Henry, Congratulations on all your hard work last year and your continuing endeavors to make a difference. You'll always have our support! ~The Blochs"
Ruth and Arnold geller $36.00 "Best Wishes, Henry Love Grandpa and Grandma"
barbara wasserman $25.00 "Good Luck Henry!"
Alyson Dorr $25.00 "Way to go, Suzanne! I'm so impressed with the way you and Sullivan have managed and adapted...all the while with smiles on your faces! What a great idea to support him with this race - best of luck! Alyson"
Christine Kemp $100.00 "We are here to support your grand efforts in helping all who have this disease. Wishing you the best of luck with promoting awareness. Knowing you are involved in this message, we know it will get out there quickly and done professionally. In time, we know this will become easier to manage for each individual involved with your help! All our love, The Kemp-Palaigos Family "
MARLA VAN MAELE $25.00 "Good Luck Henry! Al, Marla and Dani"
Marcia Markowitz $25.00 "Good luck to you Henry and congratulations for becoming involved in the Celiac Foundation and participating in any way you can. Marcia Markowitz"
Christine Osborne $100.00 "Sullivan is a special kid and you are a special mom! Good luck and way to go!!"
Pamela Paterson $100.00 "Henry, The Paterson family is so happy to support your efforts. Good luck!!! Robin, Pam and Garrett"
Lisa Shaevitz $75.00 "Henry, We applaud all of your efforts on behalf of the CDF. Keep up all the hard work! Love, The Mahoney's"
Michelle, Louis and Ellie Posen $25.00 "Henry, wishing you all the best in your efforts."
Carol Southardf $100.00 "Henry: Good work and good luck. Carol"
Ray and Cheryl Ramos Hidden "Dear Suzanne- You and Sullivan are truly inspirational. You have done a fantastic job adjusting to the major changes. What a spectacular little boy and an amazing mom! Cheryl and Ray Ramos"
Roberta Rabin Hidden "Go, Henry! We're rooting for you. Roberta and Barry Rabin"
Suzanne Piscitello $100.00 "Keep up the good work Adria. You make me proud everyday. Love, Suzanne"
Kristine Benson $30.00 "Love you. You are an inspiration. xoxox"
Suzee Cohen $50.00 "Henry-Good luck on the marathon! Suzee, Jim, Brandon & Jordan"
Rita Hopkins $20.00 "Hi Henry: You don't know me yet but I am looking forward to meeting you. I am a new staff member at CDF and have already met your mom in her role as a member of the Board of Directors. I'm sure I'll get to meet you at some point also. In the meantime, thank you so much for doing the Marathon and for your awesome fundraising! Rita Hopkins "
Max Izenberg $25.00 "Henry - what a great service you are doing for people who may spend their lives not feeling well and wondering why. As a gluten intolerant person myself, I know how challenging it is to live gluten free however all the while knowing how very well I feel when I do. Keep up your very good necessary work. Big kudos to you! Max Izenberg,..nutritionist/speaker/author of "Who Took My Chocolate Cake?""
Jeremy Grunzweig $50.00 "Henry, Keep up the great work !! Jeremy, Naomi, Matthew, Kevin and Sophie Grunzweig"
Diana Kis $25.00 "Henry---I'm so proud of you for being such a wonderful advocate for such a worthy organization. All the best to you today and going forward with your sponsorship efforts. You are truly to be admired! With lots of love and admiration, Diana Kis"
Julie and Jeremy Pilloff $50.00 "We're always on your team! Good luck!"
peter rotter $100.00 "Go Megan Go!! "
MOLLY TOBIN Hidden "Keep smiling!"
shelley wintory $50.00 "Love you, Terry and Shelley"
April Aldo $20.00 "Good Luck Amy !! Thanks for all you do ! "
April Aldo $20.00 "Good Luck Amy ! Thanks for all that you do !!!!"
Candace Grosz $100.00 "Megan, We are excited to support you and Team GF! Love, Mom and Dad"
Kevin and Liz Nunamaker-Otto $25.00 "Walk? I expect that Megan could do it under 24 min ;-)"
Becky Niekamp Hidden "Good Luck Amy, what a great cause!"
Mark, Wendy and Emily Tarletsky $50.00 "Megan, looks like you have "mustarded" the troops and are on a "roll" now. This should be a piece of "cake" for you and you will reap the just "desserts"."
Gary & Claudia Paulson $100.00 "Megs, we are always proud to be part of your team!! Good luck & God bless!! We love you!! Gary & Claudia"
Carole Barrett $25.00 "Way to go Amy you are an inspiration to many people including me."
Ann & Mark Feilmann $100.00 "Go Megan Go! "
Dave & Coletta Anderson $100.00 "Megaan, our best wishes are with you as you do good for the world! Love, Coletta & Dave"
Katherine Huber $50.00 "Good luck ! I know you will do great ."
Phil King $50.00 "Great fundraiser presentation! (We could've used your talents back in the day.) Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Phil and Judy"
Curt Huber $50.00 "You go, girl!"
susan wilensky $50.00 "Team Gluten Free couldn't have a more beautiful spokes person. Love, Steve and Susie"
Audrey Wintory $20.00 "Go Megan!! Love you, Audrey"
Anonymous Hidden "Way to go Amy! You are amazing! Thanks for all you do!"
Tami Erickson $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Jennifer Zywicki $50.00 "We so appreciate all that you do for this cause!! You make it so much easier for us all by keeping us updated and informed. Thank you for putting so much time and energy into all your efforts!! So proud of you!"
nikki modjeski $20.00 "Yea SA, my sthweetie!"
al klapperich $25.00 "Good luck! Al-n-Peg"
Sheila Kite Hidden "Good luck Amy!! Thanks for running for all Celiacs."
Martha Manske $25.00 "Go gettem' Celiac in the City!"
Donna Green $50.00 "Good luck this year, next year Tammy & I are planning on running with you :)"
Margaret Thornton $35.00 "Happy Mother's Day! We are proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad"
NanRae Huebner $100.00 "I will be yelling for you from home but run from the heart kiddo from the heart. Proud of you! You have given and received alot from with Celiac. Love ya"
Melissa Rapp $25.00 "Go Jenny!!!"
Julie Silas Hidden "Yay Jenny - this is great news!"
Peggy Good Hidden "Way to go, Jenny! Have a great time!"
Nicole Stelzner $25.00 "SA - You are a ROCK STAR and a true inspiration!! I really wish I could join you for the walk this year but I will be doing the ASL Weekend thing. So glad you are in my life. Hugs!"
Delia Cohen $25.00 "Go, Jenny!!"
Pam Gelman Hidden "Have a great time!"
Tayden Carter $10.00 "Auntie Sarah, You did a really good job at training for this run, we're very proud of you. Good Luck! Love you Tayden and Carter"
Megan Guansing Hidden "miss you jr! mg"
Lesley Bell $25.00 "Go, Jenny!"
Susan K Gordon $25.00 "Wishing you blue skies for your walk!"
Amy Grigsby $50.00 "Best wishes, Jenny! xox Amy"
Kati Hatfield $25.00 "To Sarah, Amy and the rest of Team Gluten Free - you rock! Keep up the good work - I'll join you again next year! Dumb foot! :)"
Mae and Steve McEwan $25.00 "Have a happy day and a great race! So proud to support you!"
Mary Mortimer $50.00 "xoxo"
Sandy Kashou $10.00 "Good Luck, Sarah! I'll pray for no rain/wind!!"
Donna Letko $50.00 "I hope to run with you next year."
Larissa Harwick Hidden "Not much Sarah, but hope it helps! Good luck! Hope to see ya some time, Dad/DAVE"
David Harwick Hidden "Hey Sarah, me and Ris got our name smixed up but she says good luck, she just finished a 5K walk/run at Abbott today! Good luck to you!"
Cynthia Giguere-Unrein $105.00 "Megan, congratulations for completing the race and raising so much money! You are totally amazing and I regret not signing up sooner. I can't believe May 15 has come and gone. Best wishes always to a wonderful young lady. Love, Cynthia and Allen and Aimee"
Carrie wiegman $10.00 "Good luck Sarah!"
David & Stacy Schieffer $100.00 "We're really proud of you Josh - huge accomplishment!"
Timothy Schroeter $50.00 ""Thanks for all you do! This our first 5K - wish us luck." - Tim & Jill Schroeter"
Jane Nielsen $25.00 "Sorry to be so late! Last couple of months have been a blur! So proud of you and all you do!!"
Lena Hansen $250.00 "Run run run! Just don't make me do it with you."
Jesse and Megan Shepherd $100.00 "Run, Alison, run!"
Jody Mahoney $25.00 "Thanks to Gaby for letting me contribute!"
Eileen Foyle $25.00 "Run Katie! Run! :0)"
Rebecca Caron $25.00 "Good luck Katie"
Stephanie Eckelkamp $15.00 "Wahoo, Katie! Sorry I'm so broke, but here ya go!"
Chelsey Matthews $25.00 "I hope you reach your goal and good luck with the running portion, although you don't really need it!"
David Manheim Hidden "Go get'em Anthony. Just beat Mike K.!! On second thought, just finish!!!"
Chris Hewett $50.00 "Break like the wind Anthony. The Hewetts"
al'n sara dreskin $200.00 "We'll be rooting for you.....what a great cause!!!!!! love, al'n sare"
Armando Carlos $250.00 "Anthony, thanks so much for bring awareness to this gluten disease. I never heard of it. Please know that I will avoid gluten for a bit. I hope I lose some weight in the process. In the meantime, good luck in the marathon, and please know that you and your daughter have my unconditional support. Goodl Luck Partner! :)"
Mindy and David Weiner Hidden "Good luck Anthony!"
Carol-Ann Manfria $25.00 "Don, best of luck to you and thanks for supporting this cause."
Mike & Cathy Lasman $25.00 "Fantastic Anthony! Dads supporting causes for their kids and others are the best!"
Eric Kaplan $50.00 "Anthony, Best of luck and congrats on your hard work for a good cause!!"
Patrick Bartz $250.00 "Where do I place the bet whether you will finish or not? You will finish if I and Sam have to carry you over the line..................."
Julie Linnehan $25.00 "Good luck, Katie!"
Angela Diorio $25.00 "Kick butt Katie!!! I have no doubt you will finish on top!!!"
arnold eisman $100.00 "I hope you have a wonderful experience. (Just don't beat your uncle's best time!)"
David Brown $100.00 "Good luck! Love, Koda, Phobe, Dad, and Mom"
Martha Bergeron $25.00 "Good Luck Katie!!!! I hope you run your butt off for those celiacs! "
Sally Rutter $25.00 "I was going to donate a roll of duct tape but this was much easier. I'm so proud of you for doing something so nuts for a good cause. xo"
Chelsea Carron $50.00 "bye bye gas ass!"
Alexis Kinsman $10.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jessica Salas $5.00 "Coach, Best of luck to you in the Marathon! I hope you are able to reach your goal =D"
Lauren Mezey $20.00 "Miss those "abomonation" days of being on the soccer field! Good luck Don... ur awesome! <3 Woo"
Anonymous $10.00 "Always putting out 150%. Way to go Don !!!"
kelly rowland $30.00 "Go Anthony! Kelly"
Katherine Paul $25.00 "Good luck Katie Brown!!"
Suzanne Bloom $25.00 "“The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher Your daughters are truly blessed to have such a wonderful mom! "
Kelly Carter $25.00 "Run fast and good luck"
Anonymous $125.00 "i agree. your mom needs to step it up..."
Harbour Fraser Hodder $25.00 "Good luck, Katie! Have a great run, for a great cause."
David Luciano $25.00 "Go Katie!!!"
Jeanne Lavallee $25.00 "Run on......I'm sure you'll do great!"
Jeannine & Mark Ratcliffe $50.00 "Good Luck Katie!"
Najila Brent $300.00 "Anthony; I am privileged to help you to find the cure not only for Marisa but others. I am proud of you for being a great father and a good friend. Marisa looks great and you are both lucky to have each other for encouragement and support. I am confident that people like you make a difference in this world by not only caring about their own but others. My love and support and prayers always for Marisa and all other underprivileged children who need help. Best....................Najila"
Jordana Engler $50.00 "Good luck, my friend! You have my full support and excitement for a great race! "
Marja Lutsep $50.00 "Kelli, Can't wait to see you speeding by! Marja"
katherine hohnbaum Hidden "You're my hero Kelli but I still think you're a little nutty. I prefer my torture in much smaller doses. Have fun! Katherine"
kathy zwicknagel $100.00 "Good luck at NYC--you'll have so much fun"
Caroline Kunitz $100.00 "Good luck, Deidre!"
Susan Saloman Hidden "Good luck with your run!"
mindy bazar $50.00 "Go Deidre!"
Ken Dale Petrulis $100.00 "Your running goal is impressive. We hope you surpass your monetary goal!"
Deborah Dicochea $25.00 "Way to go Deidre! "
Katherine L. Kelly $50.00 "Kelli!! Way to go--I will be cheering for you on November 6th when you run the NYC marathon!! This is a wonderful thing you are doing in helping other people with CD. Love, Kathy-Line"
andrew kalafatis $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Don Manfria $115.00 "This donation from recycled plastic bottles.Lot's of help from Kathy and Mary Jane"
Anne & Jim Mackey $50.00 "We are proud of you Kelli!"
Leigh Baumgart $44.00 "Go Allison!! We're really proud of you and can't wait to celebrate with you when it's all over!! -Leigh and Nora"
Ken, Stephanie, Leo & Ari Price $50.00 "Goooo Deidre! We wish you all the best."
Kate Hwa Hidden "I will be rooting for you"
Nicole Harkleroad $50.00 "Good Luck, Kelli !!!!"
Esther Farnham $100.00 "Go Kelli go! We are so proud of you and glad to support this important effort. xoxo, The Farnhams"
Ken Lester $100.00 "Best of luck. We will be pulling for a great finish."
Melissa Berton $25.00 "Go Anthony!"
Erica Donnalley Hidden "Good Luck! Praying for you!!"
Ellen Coleman $25.00 "All the very best, Deidre!"
cheryl hoover Hidden "So proud of you and your cause! Run Kelli Run!!!!"
janie cook Hidden "Good Luck Kelli!! Running for a great cause makes those miles easier!!"
Charles Matthews $25.00 "Good Luck Katie"
Sarah Hendrick $50.00 "Go Kelli Go !!!"
Lark Elliott $50.00 "Hi Kelli! Pls. call when you come and give me your info.(outfit, est. time etc.) I always walk up my street and cheer on my friends running. So proud of you doing this. Good luck with final training. Take it easy. xo Lark"
Rachel Arkoosh $25.00 "WOOT! Go Allison."
Tricia Parish $25.00 "Way to go Kelli, we applaud your efforts! Have a fantastic race!!!"
Paula and Larry Shuman $50.00 "We are so proud of you! Mom and Dad"
Christy Hall $50.00 "Have a great run, Kelli! The Hall Family"
Diane Gross $25.00 "What a great cause! Good luck with the rest of the training and the race."
Nancy and Kern Carlton $50.00 "Go Kelli Go!"
barbara jordan $100.00 "You are a Trojan ! Good luck and have a great time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Sarah Ryan $50.00 "Way to go Kelli! You are an inspiration! You go girl!"
Laura Genik $100.00 "The Awesome-est Allison will dominate the Marathon!"
Mike Lewis $26.20 "Eye of the tiger, Allison. Eye of the tiger."
Chris Byrne $250.00 "Don't let the guy who runs the marathon flipping the pancake beat you!"
Kristine Chan-Lizardo $100.00 "Allison, you're an inspiration! It's freakin' amazing that you're gonna do this marathon thang. "
Shannon Dorato $50.00 "I believe in you! Although I really want to see you with a henna tattoo on your face!"
James Rutter $100.00 "Go Allison!"
Jes & Shannon Rivato $26.20 "YAY - Allison! You can do it, we believe in you. <3"
Heidi, Kate, Jill, Gregg Sandreuter $50.00 "Go Kelli Go!"
Eric Bloom $51.00 "Wanted to get you to the $2500 mark :)"
Jennifer Zeidler $25.00 "Good luck Deidre!!"
Katherine Tiffany $50.00 "My best lawschool friend and bridesmaid -- I have always been so inspired by you and proud to call you friend! I am honored to contrbute to your cause. Thinking of you will help get me to the finish line of the Savannah 1/2 marathon on Nov 5, and when I am recovering on Nov 6, I will be cheering you on. Run like the wind!!!"
Jackie Sansone Hidden "Good luck!"
Erin Ferguson $100.00 "Way to go, Allison! I am totally impressed. Enjoy the race!"
Andrew Smith $52.40 "I think you should have to do all three if you don't finish and only one (with our votes deciding) when you finish the race. I know it's a great cause but let's face it, I'm donating to see you chug a beer out of your nasty shoe, record it and put it up on facebook!"
Gail Ilvonen $50.00 "Good luck Katie!!! You are doing a good thing!! Love and hugggs Gail"
Lindsay Lindstrom $100.00 "SO proud of you! GO ALLISON!!!!"
Bernie Schulman $50.00 "Good Luck, Jason"
Aly Kane $26.20 "You're gonna crush it, have fun :)"
Ginnean Shaw $100.00 "We are honored to support you for such a great cause! XXOO the Shaws"
Paula Tilley Hidden "Good Luck Kelli!"
toni friedman $50.00 "You go girl:)"
Diana Diaz $25.00 "Go team Morelli!!!!!! i"
Kim Case $25.00 "good luck katie!! miss you!"
Karen Weil Hidden "Remember, no whole wheat bagels on Saturday :)"
Geralyn Cordova $50.00 "YAY for you!! Go Allison, Go Allison, Go Go Go Allison!!!"
kim chesson $25.00 "I am so impressed !!! Have a good race and HAVE FUN!!!!"
Brian Bento $25.00 "Good Luck! Enjoy every moment as you will remember it for the rest of your life. "
Debbie Wattenbarger $25.00 "Good luck in the race!!!"
Tabitha Andrews - Colmary Hidden "I've said it before... I will say it again! You are a TRUE hero and inspration Rebecca!!! Keep reaching for your dream! Our prayers and support are with you as you keep living life "one mile at a time"!! The Colmary Family"
Amy Liever $25.00 "Rebecca, you have been an inspiration and a friend since I started TNT - so proud of all of your accomplishments, and your outlook on Celiac Awareness, racing, and life in general. Hope that we can meet up soon to run, race or just catch up!"
Jennifer Groves $50.00 "because you rock!"
elizabeth saia $40.00 "Hope you make your goal. I know you can do this. Wish that I could do more to help. Good Luck"
Dana Jackiw $100.00 "I am so proud of you. Thank you for taking a step forward to help raise money for research. This is so important. Good luck! dj"
Deidre Lind $25.00 "Go BOB and thank you! Rachel will be AT camp this summer - it's a wonderful cause!!!"
Josh Litter $50.00 "Good luck Bob! Great cause! "
Sandi Hilton $25.00 "Way to go Bob, good luck! "
Yolie Barrera $25.00 "You're so close to the Goal!! Great Job Bob!"
Selwyn Moore $100.00 "Good luck on your run Bob."
Stephanie Washington $25.00 "You're doing great work for a great cause. The best of luck to you."
Daniel Crosby $50.00 " Hey Bob, you're running for a great cause! Good Luck! Dan (1312) & Debbie"
Cecile Watt $50.00 "Steph, Good Luck."
Heidi Johnstone $25.00 "Hope you have an awesome run!!"
Tom Schaffhauser $25.00 "Good luck, Bob. Looks like you'll make your goal."
Annie Reyna Cook $50.00 "Rock on Bob!"
Prasheel Gopal $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Amy Shah $25.00 "Proud to call you my friend!!"
Pam Kassner Hidden "On behalf of Greater Grain Gluten-Free Goods & Careers Industries, thanks for all you do for the gluten-free community."
Fabian Morelli $100.00 "Team Morelli.. Oh! Yeahh.."
Amy Hogle $25.00 "Crispin Cheers to good weather and a great run!"
The Gluten Free Bar The GFB Hidden "Great work! Enjoy the day and fuel up on GFB's!"
Chris Skoczynski $25.00 "For my favorite lemonade maker. (when life gives you lemons...) :)"
Victoria Schwensohn $25.00 "We love you Sarah! Have fun!"
Victoria Kaplan $25.00 "Glad you are running for a great cause! I know you will do great! "
Krista Nielsen $25.00 "Way to go Sarah! You've made huge differences in so many people's lives! We are so lucky to have you as part of our family! We are so proud of you!"
tenny custer $25.00 "Raising money to help send Celiac kids to camp in our San Gabriel mountains is awesome."
CJ and Steve Hadden $400.00 "We are so proud of you. Good Luck!"
CJ and Steve Hadden $400.00 "Good Luck!! We are so proud of you!!!"
Zachary Schauf $100.00 "Keep up the great work Sarah! -Zach & Chris Schauf"
Larissa Harwick $25.00 "Little more to help you reach your goal."
Tyler Evenson $50.00 "Good luck with the 5K and I am glad that you and Nick are this involved with this cause!"
Tyler Evenson $50.00 "Have fun sweating for charity!"
Linda Kramer $25.00 "Have a great run!"
Sheila Schultz $10.00 "I don't have alot to give but here is my small attempt to help! My sister Kristy has also been diagnosed with Celiac's so I am aware of some of the daily struggles and cannot imagine how hard and worrisome it must be for parents whose children are affected by this disease. Good Luck to you and best wishes!"
karen russell $50.00 "Joni, good luck in your fundraising efforts and in the race. Karen and Ron"
Julie Corbi $40.00 "Thanks for everything you do for the gluten free community! We are so lucky to have you! :)"
Melissa Doerksen $50.00 "We're so proud of you and all the efforts around the GF challenge! Love you! Robb, Melissa and "the Bees""
Thomas Wieland $100.00 "We're so proud of you, Sarah! - Wieland Eng & Mfg"
Patty Klabunde $25.00 "SA...so proud of you...continue to shine your light this year once again and I do hope you reach your goal! Wish I could walk with you but must attend the last of the klabunde's to graduate. I'm thinking of you go make a difference!"
CASSANDRA BOX $50.00 "Keep it up Nick!"
Jason Lucas $50.00 "Proud of you buddy!"
NanRae Huebner $25.00 "Thanks Missy!!!!! Good Luck!!! I will be yelling for you! Love Mamasita"
Christi Craig $30.00 "Yay, you're almost at your goal!"
Deanna Jablonski $25.00 "You are an AWESOME GF spokes chica. Thanks for all you do for the GF'ers in our family. Good luck with the walk/run/"
Martin and Donna Keller $25.00 "Enjoy the 5K! I'll check if I can join you and your group!"
Marian Ecklund $25.00 "Enjoy life!"
Consilium Partners $300.00 "Hope this is a little helpful in getting you closer to your goal Joni. Your Consilium Partners Homies"
Nicole Faber $118.00 "Mazel tov an good luck with the run! Love, the Faber family"
Michelle Morgenstern $154.00 "What a great cause! Good luck with the run! The Morgenstern Family"
Trudy and Richard Franco $100.00 "Mazal tov and good luck on your run. Grandma and Grandpa"
Alisa Stein $100.00 "Mazel Tov and Good Luck!!! The Stein Family"
heidi and steven kahn Hidden "mazel tov ryan! good luck with the race! love, heidi, steve and sammy"
Chandra Connor $25.00 "Go Kisco Kev! Happy to support you and a great cause. Hope to see you and the fam this summer when we're in Kisco. Best, Shane & C"
susan mirman Hidden "Good Luck Ryan! You are an amazing kid giving an amazing exerience to other children. The Mirmans"
al klapperich $23.00 "Go get 'em!! Al n Peg "
Tricia Karr Hidden "Good luck, Ryan!"
andy & dahlia haas $180.00 "Mazel Tov ! we are glad to support your efforts. Your work will help many others"
Claudette Kilroy $25.00 "Good luck Stephanie."
Cheryl & Andy Wilkoff $100.00 "Mazel Tov and good luck with your run. "Go Ryan Go!" Love, The Wilkoff Family"
Nancy Cowan $25.00 "Hi Stephanie - Have a great run for such a wonderful purpose."
Sebastian Munoz $50.00 "Way to go Steph! Gluten-free 4 life :)"
Luke Johnson $10.00 "Have fun and good luck in the race"
Shari Markbrieter $54.00 "Mazel Tov Ryan!!! What a great mitzvah project. Run like the wind!!! Shari, Stewart, Spencer and Leah"
Anonymous Hidden "Best wishes Stephanie"
Stephanie Simon $100.00 "Good luck Ryan and enjoy the race! Love, David, Stephanie, Alexandra & Leo"
Warren Dycus $100.00 "" Help spread the word about Celiac Disease" mondaysceliac.com"
Paige Sirota Hidden "Good luck, Ryan! All the best, The Sirota Family"
Wendy Hampton $25.00 "thanks for the opportunity to contribute to this great cause!"
Tim Overbeck $40.00 "Go get em!! Smooch!"
Jacqueline Goodman $20.00 "Working with children in my Goodman Family Day Care Preschool/ Summer Camp Too program, I know how much kids love to have fun and be healthy doing it too. Tenny is a good friend and has proven to me that being gluten-free has changed her life for the better and I would like to support this cause."
Rikki Weinbaum Hidden "Mazel Tov! We are so proud of you!!! XO The Weinbaums"
Kimberly Stallvik Hidden "Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah. We were sorry to miss it but send our thoughts and love. We are glad to make this donation in your name to a very special cause for you. Best, the Stallvik Family "
Rebecca Katz Hidden "We are very proud of you and love you very much! Love Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Marck, Alyson, Emily & Jack>"
Shane Constantin $10.00 "Hope you had a great time! :)"
Brian Hill $25.00 "After surviving several months of Val's early morning spin-class-of-death, a little Tri should be no problem. Good luck & kick some butt! -b"
Karen, Josh, and Isaiah Henry $25.00 "Have a great race! We love you all!"
Richard Border $25.00 "Good luck Steve and Ashley on your run. You are doing this for a great cause and a special girl. Richard and Dona"
Michelle VanWambeke $10.00 "Good Luck, Team Breadstyx!!!"
Jenny Cleveland $25.00 "Go Bob! "
Susan Scheier $25.00 "Dear Alex, We are all so proud of what you are doing for yourself and for the Celiac Awareness Benefit. I'm sure it will be a great success! Good luck and hope to see all of you real soon! Love, John, Susan, Lily, Johnny and David xxxooo"
Natasha Kramar $10.00 "Good Luck Bob :)"
Sheila Malloy $50.00 "So proud of you & Rachel!"
Dale Petrulis $50.00 "Congratulations on continuing your running as a personal goal coupled with philanthropy. We are impressed! Ken and Dale"
Martin Lind $150.00 "Go Deidre! Let's raise more in 2012 than in 2011. You're an inspiration to me and the kids!"
alfred kaplan $72.00 "Ruth and I are happy to support your effort! We are making this contribution in honor of your Mother's upcoming Birthday. Alfred Kaplan and Ruth Sherman"
Jennifer Lynch $65.50 "Isn't running this with you enough??? Honestly - I am thrilled to support you and Rachel - $5 a mile, let's run them quickly!"
Julie Fleischer $100.00 "Go, Deidre, go! What a wonderful cause! "
Claudia & Stephen Soroko $50.00 "So proud and amazed at how you do it all! Love, Claudia, Steve, Bet and Peter"
trish snyder-davis $18.00 "what a great cause! go get 'em!"
Larry & Paula Shuman $100.00 "You have gone far-far above our highest expectations on your athletic capabilities especially using your high school and collage activities as a bench mark. All our love and encouragement Dad & Mom "
Ellen Coleman $25.00 "Good luck, Deidre!"
Steven Shuman $60.00 "Best of success in your run.. we support you in your efforts.. our love, GUS & Brad "
toni friedman $50.00 "You go girl!"
Leo Shuman $25.00 "Go Auntie Deidre!"
Kunitz Caroline $100.00 "You go, girl!"
Diane Gross $25.00 "Go Deidre! Glad we can support you, Rachel, and those affected by the Celiac Disease. "
Judy and Dennis Lind $100.00 "You make doing the right thing look easy! Judy and Dennis"
Jill Seidel and Family Hidden "Way to go Dierdre! Happy to support such an important cause."
Lisa Marie Ward $50.00 "Good luck, Deidre! What a great cause!"
Deborah Dicochea $25.00 "So proud of you Deidre - what a great cause and so very, very happy for Rachel that she had fun at this camp and can go again!"
Jenny Forman $25.00 "Way to go Rachel and Deidre!!!! xoxoxo The Formans"
Adrienne Bender $175.00 "Thank you to all who donated for raffle prizes!"
Dale Fahey $25.00 "I would be happy to help! Go Girl Go!"
Cathy McFadin $25.00 "We are very proud of everything you do! You go, Girl!"
Bob & Stacey McKelvey $100.00 "Alex is a wonderful boy who deserves all our support in finding a cure!"
Jennifer Cahill $50.00 "Happy Birthday Alex! From your best friend Cayden"
Lisa Scarpa $25.00 "Happy Birthday Alex! We wish Alex and the Bender Family all the best. With warm regards from Harmony classmate Anthony, former classmate Nicholas and the entire Scarpa Family."
Mia Marabuto $40.00 "Happy Birthday Alex!!!"
Grace Saba $25.00 "Happy Birthday, Alex! We are so happy to celebrate with you and your family! All the best, Dean Vince and Grace Saba"
Nicholas Winiarski $100.00 "Have an awesome time Emma! Love, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Nick"
Kate Higgins $50.00 "Happy 4th Birthday, Alex! Hope it was a blast ;)"
Jennifer Zywicki $25.00 "Good Luck and Thank you again!"
Maureen Ryan $50.00 "You are amazing and I appreicate all your hard work for a GF life! Cheers!"
Jill Tradel Hidden "Go get 'em, Team Czerniak!!"
Chris Skoczynski $50.00 "Proud to know you, you beam of light."
Tom & Peggy Czerniak $25.00 "Good luck Christopher & Susan ~~~~ you can do it!!!"
Kristin Wieland $100.00 "So proud of you! Wieland Eng & Mfg"
Roxy Bannerman $100.00 "Sarah, I believe in you and am so grateful for your friendship and your presence in my life. This year I will try to do the entire 5k walk, but in case I can't, I wanted to donate to you. Love you my friend. Roxy."
Tayden Carter $10.00 "Go Auntie Sarah!"
Julie Corbin $25.00 "Love you Sarah! Thanks for all you do! You are appreciated more than you could possibly know. :)"
Danielle Johnson $50.00 "Sarah, you are such an inspiration!! Thanks for all you do in our GF community. Wish I could be there this year. Enjoy!"
Karen Gasperic $50.00 "Thank you Sarah! Wishing I could walk this year however thank you for your support and everything you've done. Gluten free has changed my life and I thank you!"
NanRae Huebner $100.00 "You are doing an amazing job keeping us all informed. You keep up the good work. I am so proud of you:)"
Jamie Kane $5.00 "Go Sarah!!!"
Kristin Wieland $25.00 "Love you Sjel Soster!"
David Harwick Hidden "Here's a little bit more, hope you make the goal!"
Laura Lindstrom $25.00 "Sister Sarah! Best of luck this weekend. Hope my contribution helps you reach your goal. I look forward to hearing about the walk/run. Congrats :) xoxo"
Susan Sandvick $24.00 "Oh man... the Cosby kids hid your donation letter so I'm sorry for my delayed donation. I saw that you made your goal so my type A personality is giving $24 to give you an even $4025! So proud!"
Katrina Rubin $100.00 "Go Team Gluten Free !!!"
Nancy Streeter $100.00 "GO FOR IT!"
Alex Goralski $50.00 "Keep up the good work!!"
Laura Galperson $100.00 "Good luck, Deidre! - The Galpersons"
Jennifer Lynch $65.50 "You are running with my husband this year - so go easy on him. $5 a mile, just like last year when we did it together. Run like the wind!"
Andrea Howard $50.00 "Run Deidre run! "
Sunil Patel $25.00 "You are a fine young man, a boon to your parents, an angel to Rajeev, and an inspiration to all of us."
Rikin Vasani $100.00 "much love to you and rajeev"
Sean Rubin $25.00 "Beautifully written email, although I would expect nothing less from the IB Commencement Speaker. Thank you for joining me and best of luck to Rajeev's recovery!"
Suman and Satish Shoor $100.00 "Very proud of you Ravi. Our prayers and best wishes for Rajeev..........and let us make the most of what we TODAY."
ravi masson $26.00 "TEAM GLUTEN FREE FTW!!!!"
neeta patel $25.00 "So proud of you,with all that you have accomplished and for being there for Rajeev and your parents.This was a very touching e-mail. Love you"
rhea patel $25.00 "Run Ravi, Run! ...and rock it out! Congrats on your endeavor and good luck with your training! we love you! Rhea and Kieran"
Anonymous $100.00 "keep moving! dad and mom"
Heather Read $25.00 "Have a great race Julia!!"
Linda Sibner $50.00 "Good luck, Sean! Glad you are working for such a great cause!"
Jennifer Zeidler $25.00 "You go Girl!!"
Ellen Coleman $25.00 "Here's to Deidre and to Rachel!"
Diane Landon $25.00 "Glad to help with such a great fundraiser. Diane Landon"
Kate Davis $25.00 "I am so inspired by both of you! Love, Kate and family <3"
Laurie and Mark Saloman $50.00 "As the parents of another lovely girl who handles her celiac with grace and aplomb, we are honored to support you!!!"
toni friedman $50.00 "You go girl:) Love, the Cisco Friedmans"
Caroline Kunitz $100.00 "Keep up the good work, Deidre!"
Dara Kolahi $250.00 "Dara is out of the country, but asked us to donate and make sure we tell you how proud he is of you. "
Seidel Family Hidden "A cause that is newly even more near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for your support and guidance. We will be with you next year!"
ralph gervasio Hidden "Anthony, Have fun and run like hell in pursuit of a cure. All the best, Ralph"
Rita Gogna $25.00 "Ravi you are participating in great cause , good luck.love ya!"
AJ & Ted G2 Bike $25.00 "Such a great cause Julia...your creating awareness and this creates better cures, solutions and products! And remember to smile the whole time!"
Justin Wright $25.00 "Hope this helps Mrs. Watkins :)"
Larry and Paula Shuman $100.00 "We are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad"
Cynthia Lee $25.00 "Sorry my contribution is late. I hope you can still take it. Cynthia Lee"
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