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Team Ewing
For Health. For Hope. For Autism.

At Ewing, we are dedicated and committed to leading healthier lives, and bringing hope to everyone who struggles with the challenges of autism.

This year we will continue our charitable partnership with Autism Speaks and raise money for this important cause while training for the 2011 P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon. Autism spectrum disorders affect every community in every state, and it is no stranger to the coast-to-coast family that is Ewing.

Since 2009, Team Ewing has contributed $75,000 to Autism Speaks! Our fundraising goal for this year is $25,000, and we are eager and excited to give as much as we can to Autism Speaks.

By signing up to become a fundraiser, you can make a difference for those with autism. We're asking each Team Ewing participant to set a personal goal to raise $88, for Ewing’s 88 years in the Green Industry. Our top three fundraisers will win a trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event of their choice anywhere in the continental U.S.!

Donate Today

If you are interested in supporting Team Ewing’s fundraising effort for Autism Speaks, please make an online contribution below, or donate to the personal donation page of a Ewing participant by searching their first and last name in the search field at the top of this page.

If you have questions about your donation, email givingsupport@active.com. To learn more about Autism Speaks and their resources available for children or adults with autism click here.

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Total Donations: $25,401

Goal: $25,000

$0 102% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Susan & Bill Keirn Hidden "Hey, you are in great company with that 'turning 40 thing'! Have a great run. We are so proud of you! "
LINA ANDRADE $10.00 "Great cause Primo, So Proud Of You!!!"
Andrea Alvarado $10.00 "I am proud to support this cause with you!!!"
Roni Reese $100.00 "Leona and I both thank you two so very much. Many people talk about doing something to help, but you two actually do the work. Good luck and hope you have perfect running weather. I love you both. Love, Aunt Roni."
Malain McCormick $50.00 "Good Luck, Robert! Sad I'll miss your big finish, but I'll be cheering for you from SD."
todd gumbusky $50.00 "KEEP RUNNING!!!!!!!!!"
Cliff Woodbury $50.00 "GO LAURA...and Team Ewing!"
Penni Montgomery $25.00 "Good luck, Georgi! I'll be rooting for you. Penni"
CHARLOTTE MCCLAIN $25.00 "Nice cause. Good luck Georgi!"
Craig and Marie Thein $50.00 "Run Cravaths Run!"
Renee Brown Hidden "Good luck with your walk. It is a great thing you are doing. Renee"
Jay Riviere $75.00 "This will be Fun!"
Kevin & Deanna DeBondt $125.00 "Good Luck & Great Job you guys. Kevin & Deanna"
Linda and Tom Zwarych Hidden "Hope you two enjoy the walk/run. We'll be thinking about you."
james schumacher Hidden "Good work for a good cause. Have fun!!"
Gary Golson Hidden "Good Luck and enjoy a cold one at the end for me!"
Jerome Range $50.00 "Sherri, kick some butt. Hope Dennis can keep up with you!!!!!"
mike roach Hidden "good luck and enjoy!!!!!! gitter done!!!!!!!!"
Brian Hurley $20.00 "Good luck Big Boy!"
Gordon Caldwell Jr $20.00 "Thanks Jesse! Take care!"
Cherie Kirk Hidden "GO LAURA!"
Natasha Bhuyan $20.00 "You are amazing, Laura! Good luck! ?"
Miriam Snider Hidden "Way to go Laura! Wishing you all the best. Grandma Miriam"
Bianca Clayton $10.00 "Yay for Angela and Guillermo!!!"
Steve Emerson $30.00 "Run like the wind! Have fun; Steve and Heidi."
Jackie Wallmow $25.00 "Way to Go Angela & Guillermo !!! "
Frank Moinicken $10.00 "Thanks for helping a great cause....BEST OF LUCK...Love, grandma & grandpa "
Rita Cravath $20.00 "Goodluck! "
Joseph Waters $50.00 "Hey Tom, Hope you can finish the race! Just kidding, what a great cause. Run strong for the kids. Joey Waters"
Brian Price $100.00 "Good Luck!"
JJ Markell $88.00 "KEEP UP ALL THE GOOD WORK!!! This is an awesome cause and a great way to give back to the community.!!! "
Michael Mash Jr $50.00 "Dennis, considering all the training you've been doing, drinking not running, you'll be lucky to finish. Sherri, don't take any coffee breaks like you did on your 10 mile practice. Have a great time."
Pamela Zecca $50.00 "Mike said it all!!"
Susan Ory $50.00 ""Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it." Oprah Winfrey"
Gabriela Anker $20.00 "GO!!! Angela!"
Christopher Zecca $75.00 "Dennis -- skip the gym and go to colorado and train in the mountains at 10,000 ft for a few weeks !!"
Ted and Janice Domanski $75.00 "Sherri- put a little Polish vodka in that water bottle and you will have an even better time! Dennis- go for the crown (tee hee)"
William Barker Hidden "Hey Tom, I'm a friend of Joey Waters and he sent me a message about your fund raiser. I'm always in for a good cause; hope this helps you to reach your goal. Good luck!"
Karen Lawing Hidden "Laura, God bless you for doing this, we are very proud of you, Aunt Karen and Uncle Harry "
Mark Mora $50.00 "I'll be with you in spirit! You do the running."
frank salas $40.00 ""fly on wings of Eagles , "Good Luck Jesse !"
Jack Packwood Jr. $26.20 "A dollar a mile! We can all afford that! Let's all push Bobby way over his goal! Good Luck Bobby! "
Felice Keller $50.00 "Have a great run!"
ann ramsey $20.00 "WAY TO GO LAURA!! we love that you continue to run and do such good works (as always). we miss you! Love, the Ramseys (guy, ann & lana)."
Verna Robinson $20.00 "Good luck, have fun, don't over do it."
Suzanne Jaggers $50.00 "Go Angela! Wishing you strong legs and a steady pace to the end:)"
Toshio Yoshimoto $20.00 "Wish you the best!! Go Angela!"
Katie Paulson $15.00 "You cease to amaze me, Laura!"
Bill Millward $25.00 "Run Bobby Run!"
Alex Palacios $20.00 "Good luck Jesse!!!"
Aaron Kelley $50.00 "I couldn't be more happy about running in this event with the two of you. Can't wait to see you this weekend! Oops, almost forgot: GO SEAHAWKS!!!"
Angie Lincoln $20.00 "I just want to say...unlike your friend Katie Paulsen, whom you apparently "cease to amaze!" I am very proud of you! LOL Having done a marathon of my own I know it's tough and I think what you are doing is fantastic and for a very worthy cause. Good Luck I hope you run your ultimate time."
Greg Lincoln $25.00 "Go get 'em Laura! Bet you're glad it's here and not back East!? =)"
Anthony Hill $100.00 "Good Luck Dennis and Sherri! I want proof that you crossed the finish line on your own 2 feet!"
Michael Bankert $10.00 "Good Luck!! Glad you're running and not me. I'd never make it."
Lisa Greth $50.00 "I know you will do a great job. Really glad it is not me I would be dead before it started. Good luck!!!"
Carl Gallagher $50.00 "Whatever!!"
Marji Broughton $50.00 "See Spot run. J/K Good luck!"
Jonathan Koch $25.00 "Can you strap Isabella to your back?"
Jeff Rhode $50.00 "Best of luck to you."
Sandra Redding $100.00 "Good luck this weekend Jesse and Stephanie."
Jade Werth $50.00 "Many blessings, thank you soo much!"
branch 75 donations $130.00 "Donations made from our customers at brch 75, LV. Special thanks to John "Shreck" Myers(100.00) and Antonio from Private Greens (20.00) and everyone else who helped. Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!!!! "
steve and dia stewart $50.00 " Good Luck, We miss you guys!"
Norman Bartlett Hidden "Wishing you the best as you run for a great cause. Norm and Kathleen"
omar aguilar $20.00 "Run Jesse Run!!!!!"
Christopher Lyon $50.00 "Good luck, Warren! I'm sponsoring you on behalf of Jake Mitalo, Brian's youngest."
andrea zimmerman $100.00 "GO TEAM EWING!"
Jeannine Horner $25.00 "Go Angela! xoxo Jeannine"
Aaron Budimlija $50.00 " Good Luck! Run Like The Wind! "
Garret Camenga $75.00 "Good luck Jesse"
Howard Wagner $100.00 "Call me if you need me to come pick you up at the finish line!!"
Branch 75 donations $70.00 "Additional moneys from brch 75, LV. Donated by Larry from S.O.X. landcaping, Juan from Valley Crest, Tony and Debbie from Clean Sweep landscaping and Mark from Hammelman. Many thanks for your contributions."
Laura Thompson $20.00 "Good luck Heather and AJ! Have fun! You guys are wonderful for what your doing!!"
Dennis & Sherri Wagner $200.00 "Thank You to all our donors for this great cause. We hope to do them proud! And that is finish all in one piece with not too many blisters!!!!!! Go Team Ewing!"
Phyllis Kroeger $25.00 "Have a great day! "
Lacy Ravencraft $25.00 "ROCK IT OUT LAURA! "
John Low $176.00 "Run Run Run like the wind - See you at the finish line"
Juli Megonnell c/o HADCO CREW $830.00 "Thank you HADCO crew!! "
Becky Caldwell $75.00 "Great Cause! Best of Luck, have fun, and take pics!!! Becky and Bates B."
Rita Saenz $25.00 "What a great guy!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Hope the race went well for both of you! Sent positive vibes yesterday morning!! Bob and Kristi "
Tracey Williams $20.00 "Good Luck, Mike! So proud of you! Tracey"
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