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Love this trike!
Like Jon Blais, I was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 33. In the craziest of coincidences, 179 (Jon's bib number at Kona) has been my lucky number for almost 20 years. Like Jon, I want to continue to be a triathlete for as long as possible and to use it as a platform to raise awareness and money for the research to find a cure for ALS. I am honored to support the Blazeman Foundation. You can read more about my journey at www.teamdrea.blogspot.com. Thank you for your support! ~Andrea

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Total Donations: $85,762.00
Contributor Amount Comment
Kate Judson $25.00 "Andrea - Wow - I admire you so much. I love your strength and passion and can't wait to hear how this event goes. You're amazing. That trike looks awesome too. From one fellow planner to another, Kate "
Anonymous $179.00 "We haven't talked in a long time, but I've been following your story and admiring your strength. Thanks for being so open about everything, and please know that you have many, many people who care about you from many different parts of your life. :)"
Jaime Fearer & Geoffrey Hatchard $50.00 "Sending you all our love and support from California - we'll be cheering for you on race day (and beyond)!"
Jamie Lipsey $100.00 "Sending love and support and lots of fight! "
John Lloyd $179.00 "You will be carried forward by the waves of people, known and unknown, for whom you are running this race, as well as all of us who love you so much."
Jeff Goodman $179.00 "Good luck with the triathlon. Cheering you on with all of our love and support."
Anonymous Hidden "I was saddened to read about this..amplified further still by the self-reflection as to how badly I have kept in touch as I plough selfishly through life and the world only looking forward and not turning around from time to time to cherish past friendships and memories. You touched everyone around Davidson and brought life into the international freshman bunny crowd and you continue to touch people around you with your kind spirit. Hugs and prayers for you both. S "
Andy & Sandy Lytle $179.00 "Andrea: You leave a vacuum when you leave the house. We love you."
Arnold Barrett $179.00 "Good luck with the race and fund raising"
Margaret Strobl $179.00 "With love from Goshen NY, Meg & John"
Anonymous Hidden "It's an honor and a privilege to help you in anyway possible. Keep up the fight - we're always with you. "
Laine Cidlowski $50.00 "Andrea, you're a total inspiration to me, I wish I still got to see your smiling face around DDOE's offices. Stay strong. "
Carrie OBrien $179.00 "You're my hero!"
Katie Ezell Hidden "We love and adore you, Andrea. You are such a great person, an amazing friend, and a strong, inspirational woman. We are so very lucky to have you as a friend! Love always, Katie and Daniel"
Allison Matlack $179.00 "Andrea - Your courage inspires me daily. Thanks for spurring me and others to live life more fully and care more deeply for those around us. Love you #179!"
Carolyn and Bob Obrien $179.00 "We love you, Andrea!"
Nancy Godwin $50.00 "Good luck with the race. We are thinking of you."
Greg Wallace $179.00 "Andrea, You inspire us with your courage. We'll be rooting for you! Love, Gregg & Katie "
Liana Brooks-Rubin $50.00 "Thank you, Andrea, for being my teacher in commitment, passion, humility, and fortitude. Liana"
Chris and Sarah Dannals $179.00 "We read your most recent blog post this week and we continue to be amazed and impressed with your faith and courage. We're honored to contribute to your race. We're rooting for you!"
Jen DiCosmo $179.00 "A- you are such an inspiration to me and I admire you! I am so proud of the amazing awareness you create and your positive attitude. You rock girl! "
Tony Wesner $179.00 "Andrea, since we first met you at age 2 years old we have loved you and been amazed by you for so many reasons. As the years have gone by, and we've seen you grow more and more into the beautiful person you are, we continue to be amazed and inspired by you. We've always thought of you as one of our daughters and we are holding you close in our hearts through this. We'll be there for you to cheer you on and show you how proud of you we are. Go Andrea!!! "
Tom Jenner $179.00 "I am so proud to have been your band director so many years ago. As a horn player, you were more than "pretty good" as you stated in your blog. You were damn good. More than that, you were a delight to work with. You are a terrific musician and one of my favorite alums. Best wishes to you and your family. Hugs...."
Elissa Zellinger $50.00 "It's been a long time, but I'm sending you lots of love and support. Crush all the races. Eat all the pizza."
Jennifer Wesner $50.00 "Andrea, you are an inspiration and have always been an inspiration. I'm behind you all the way - you got this!"
Dereth Bush $50.00 "So happy to see you back on the bike! I'll be thinking about you this weekend! Can't wait to hear about your race experience. "
Shannon Hake $50.00 "GO ANDREA!!! You are such an inspiration. Enjoy the triathlon!!"
Joe & Judy Rhodes $50.00 "May the strength & courage Andrea has shown in the past continue to be with her as she endeavors to reach her goal knowing that a multitude of prayers will be with her along the way."
Julie Wesner $51.79 "I am so honored to call you my friend. Thanks for being a great friend all these years, and for being the great person that you are!"
Azad Shademan $100.00 "Andrea, I admire your courage and support your cause. There is no better way to raise money to fight ALS than doing a triathlon! Mina and I are really glad to have known you through the club and were truly inspired by your IM 70.3 last year. You continue to inspire us with your mental toughness and positive attitude. Good luck this weekend! Go TeamDrea! Go #179!"
Linda Vuong $179.00 "Go Team Drea!!! You inspire me!"
Joshua Layfield $179.00 "Congrats Drea. So excited to see you crossing the finish line!!!!!"
Jasper Groenendijk $25.00 "Dear Andrea, I read your blog (common friend) and I'm very moved by your story and your spirit! We wish you all the best in your fight against ALS! Jasper & Nadya (The Hague, NL)"
Suchi Joshi & Sunil Soni $51.79 "We love you, Andrea! I have always appreciated your kindness, infectious smile, and good heart from the day we became friends, and this still holds true today. Your vivacious, courage, strength and positivity - especially in the face of adversity - is an inspiration to all of those around you. Keep smilin', darlin'!"
Meredith Judy & Enrique Mello $179.00 "You are an incredibly strong and courageous person, Andrea! We are proud to be your friends!"
Maelle Fonteneau $179.00 "Andrea, your courage and strength is awe-inspiring. You and Dave are loved by so many, even from afar and after so many years of not being in touch. Congratulations on your accomplishment this weekend! I've loved seeing your updates and photos. Sending all of my love to you both. xo, Maelle"
Diana Hsu $179.00 "Andrea, you are truly an inspiration. I think of you often and will continue to cheer you on. "
Garrett Fitzgerald $100.00 "Amazing Andrea! "
Vivian and David Coleman $80.00 "You are an inspiration to the both of us! Hugs to you and congratulations on your triathlon. Not many even attempt a triathlon...too hard for them or they think they can't do it. Well not Andrea. :) Keep your determination going my friend!! "
Jan Scott and Luke Farmer $25.00 "Luke and I are amazed by your strength and resilience! Sending much love from Charlotte!"
Abby Mattera $51.79 "We love and miss you. You are an inspiration to me every day. Wish we could have been there to cheer you on. xox"
Lauran Halpin $179.00 "Anrea - I'm so sorry to have come so late to get involved / donate. I somehow managed to completely miss your story and updates until just a few weeks ago. But better late than never and I'm here now....you have one more on Team Drea supporting you all the way from Sunny Scotland. You, old friend, are forever in my heart. Love you girl. xo"
Charlie Burts $100.00 "Andrea - so grateful to have taught you so many years ago. You were a phoenominal student, and now you are teaching others (myself included) in how to live!!"
Laura Hoey $50.00 "You go, girl! Sending all prayers and good, strong wishes your way! "
Matt Legato $179.00 "Andrea, from our earliest days in crew, your adventurous spirit and your love for each day and the people around you have always been an inspiration and a pleasure to be around. All the best and much love to you and DP! - Matty Lite"
Melissa Lin $179.00 "Andrea, you are so amazing, inspiring, and full of heart and spirit - always have been (as far back as Key Club, remember that? :). So glad to have gotten a chance to reconnect in DC. Thanks for being you!!"
Anonymous $179.00 "Dear Andrea, I truly admire your passion and dedication to this cause. It is an honor to join you in the fight against ALS. Go Team Drea!"
Jason Hartke $41.79 "Honored to support Team Drea. We are inspired by your courage and spirit!"
Carissa Hipsher $25.00 "I must say that I am extremely impressed with your perseverance and positive attitude. You are an inspiration to me to keep running and to be grateful for every day. "
Hilari Varnadore $101.50 "Always inspired by you my friend. It was meant to be that our paths crossed. -H"
Anonymous $25.00 "I am inspired by your story and thankful for your grace and courage in sharing it. Praying that this "war on ALS" brings a cure soon."
Rebecca Nunan $179.00 "Andrea, I'm a little late to the race, but I just heard about your amazing courage and resilience. It was clear from our first days on first Belk that you would do something exceptional. Lots of love and support from a former Davidson neighbor!"
Edie and Phil Farris $50.00 "Andrea, We love you! You are a great friend to our granddaughter, Cathy."
Tom Green $25.00 "Have to help out a fellow Enloe alum!"
Jeff and Wendy Meier $179.00 "Andrea, you are both heart breaking and inspiring. We love you dearly."
Joshua Levy Hidden "You are an inspiration!!! good luck with the ride this weekend"
Jillaine Baker $50.00 "Adore you. Thank you for inviting me on this journey!"
Ropes&Gray GE Group Hidden "Good luck from the GE group!"
Lauran Halpin $100.00 "This donation is for Linda Vuong, Rebecca Luhm, Marianne Williford, and Annie Lusk as you guys don't have individual donation pages. Just wanted to say congrats to Linda, Rebecca, and Marianne on completing some awesome and inspirational challenges so far and wish Annie well on her craft-a-thon...what a great project!! Lots of love from a fellow TeamDrea member. "
Abby Mattera $179.00 "Andrea we love you and are so honored to know you and get to race on your behalf. Your extraordinariness inspires us all. "
Kirk & Patti Lytle $179.00 "Andrea - You are an amazing young woman! We love you & are praying for you (& so is our church)."
Cynthia McKay $179.00 "From Team Larry to you...we have been following your battle and are so inspired by you. Have a great race today. Sending much love and prayers."
Ann Hollingworth $179.00 "You are amazing, Andrea! Every August until a cure! Sending lots of love. Pinky"
Kate and Matt Armstrong $100.00 "We are just around the Beltway, so if we can clean your place, pick up your groceries, or do anything else helpful to free up time for you and Dave to see a movie or do something else fun for an afternoon, please say the word! Truly. You are doing such amazing work to raise awareness and money, we would love to help "lighten your load" in whatever way you find most helpful!"
Anonymous $1,500.00 "I'm so proud to support all of you members of Team Drea with $1 for every mile you have run/walked/biked/swum. How far you have come; how far still to go!"
Erin and Mauricio Hernandez $100.00 "Andrea is an inspiration to EVERYONE around her and she brings soooo much joy."
Thor Peterson $50.00 "Thanks for being the inspiration that you are, Andrea! Keep up the amazing work. "
Dawn Wesner $50.00 "May God give you the strength and support from family and friends to continue to fight this terrible disease! "
Nathan Barnett $50.00 "Have a great time during that triathlon. You are an inspiration to us all!"
Margaret Barrett $179.00 "GO ANDREA!! "
Thomas Green $100.00 "Here's my IBC contribution. Can't wait to see your posts for Ramblin' Rose Chapel Hill this weekend!"
Kimberly Kielich $50.00 "We are cheering you and Team Drea on from Florida, on Sunday! ???"
Eric and Rebekah McKay $250.00 "Andrea, you inspired me to get active again, and I'm honored to have trained for and competed in the Richmond Rox Olympic Triathlon (it became a duathlon due to river flooding) on October 4, 2015 as a part of Team Drea. This was my first multisports race in 9 years, and I'm looking forward to many more in the years ahead, with much appreciation for your challenge. -Eric McKay"
Anna Morgan $25.00 "Andrea, You are doing great in your awareness and support of the cause. Stay strong! Thanks to your friends and family for their support. I'm making my donation on Giving Tuesday!"
Shannon Murphy $50.00 "Virtual 5K registration! Keep being brave and thankful and showing others how to be the same. "
Kelly Swan Taylor $50.00 "Wishing you and your family all the best in the New Year! Love, Kelly and Jonathan "
Owen Thomas $1,000.00 "You're an inspiration, Andrea! Best of luck with the 2016 races!"
Aimee Wilson $25.00 "Running the New 5K at Ramblin' Rose Raleigh for you tomorrow :)"
Despite 22 million(plus) people dying from ALS since 1869, there remains still no meaningful treatment or cure for this disease. Jon and ALS patients everywhere are basically offered the same treatment options as Lou Gehrig in 1939. Without raising awareness and funding, ALS will not receive the research efforts necessary to find a cure and will continue to strike down every person who is diagnosed with ALS...Join Jon, "fight the good fight"...Believe there will be a cure, and "others will live", bmom and bdad...jon's mom and dad.

"People do not follow titles, they follow courage. If you will just lead them onto the battlefield, they will follow you and so will I, unite us... unite the clans." - Braveheart

Blazeman Foundation for ALS Mission Statement:
1.) Raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy and compassion of the multi-sport community and
2.) Raise funds to "fund" research to find a cure for ALS. "so others may live."

"Since 1869, twenty-two plus million people have suffered and then died from ALS." There have been no survivors.
"Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure" -blazeman. We strive to hear words not yet spoken, "I AM A ALS SURVIVOR."

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