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April Hartsook's Fundraising Page
Kickin' Asphalt to SAVE LIVES...
One Second...One Minute...One Meter...One Mile...One Ride...One Race...One Dollar...One Life...Got Heart?

Hi!...My name is April Hartsook and I am Fitness Philanthropist~ the Creator and Driving Force behind the "Want Different....DO Different" Health and Wellness Lifestyle Movement, a Television Public Figure and TV Personality, a Life Coach, Model, and an Ambassador in helping raise awareness and funding to find a CURE for ALS ( Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Having witnessed the Courageous fight of Jon Blais in 2005 as the only person having been diagnosed with ALS, to not only compete but COMPLETE the IRONMAN in KONA HAWAII, my calling was born.


*Oct 2005 Jon Blais become the only person to COMPLETE an Ironman at the Ironman World Championships in KONA Hawaii having been diagnosed with ALS ( Lou Gerhig’s Disease)

*April 2007 Karen Kelly "O’Riordan" racing in Brazil, we meet on the race course, she proceeds to inform me of her need to get to the finish line to get a Kona slot to race for Jon Blais (fighting for his life now confined to a wheelchair form ALS) and for her mother and her Grandfather who both died form ALS

*May 2007 Jon Blais Dies from ALS

*May 2007 I join the BLAZEMAN FOUNDATION FOR ALS in honor of my friend, mentor and coach Rosemary Craig dying from ALS

*Oct 2007 Karen competes in Ironman World Championships wearing Jon’s bib #179

*Dec 2007 My beloved friend Rosemary Craig Dies from ALS

* 2008 the FIGHT IS ON, for 5 more years Karen and I fight raising awareness and funding to help[ find a cure for ALS

*Aug 2012 Karen is diagnosed with ALS

*Aug 2012 I begin Campaign to get to Kona to race for Karen , for Rosemary, for Jon and for all those still suffering from ALS

*Mar 2013 KONA FOR KAREN YouTube Video

we make the final round with KONA INSPIRED race slots

*June 2013 notified we didn’t win the slot,

*Sept 2013 Karen Kelly O’Riordan Dies from ALS

*Oct 2013 April to KONA for Karen’s Celebration of Life Ceremony with Gary Hewlett, Christine Kelly, Hadley Hewlett, Scott Rigsby & many more

My IRONMAN Races consist of ~2.4 mile swim...112 mile bike...26.2 mile run...it is the Ultimate Endurance platform in which I have learned the FINISH LINE isn't the REWARD~ the JOURNEY of self discovery through GIVING ...SO OTHERS MAY LIVE is the REWARD!!!


I became a Blazeman Warrior Princess to honor Jon Blais and his Life, to raise money for the funding of research towards a CURE for ALS, and for my friends, ~ Rosemary Craig, who showed me that the tools I needed to trudge the road of life, and Karen Kelly who showed me what COURAGE truly looks like!......Rosemary, Karen and Jon lost their lives to the deadly disease of ALS, and eventually Richard will too and it is my greatest wish to raise as much money as possible... to Inspire HOPE...to instill Courage and Determination...and above all to fund research for a CURE...I simply cannot do this alone...I NEED YOU


Jon Blais (August 30, 1971 – May 27, 2007), also known as Blazeman, was an American triathlete. Born and raised in Seekonk, Massachusetts, he moved to San Diego, California, because of its reputation as a mecca for triathlon. He worked as a special education teacher. On May 2, 2005, at age 33, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or "Lou Gehrig's disease"), a terminal muscle-wasting illness. He was permitted to enter the 2005 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, a life-long dream. He is believed to be the first person with ALS to attempt the Hawaii Ironman. As Blais put it, "Finishing the race is huge for me. No one is beating ALS. No one has done anything but walk away and die." With a total time of 16:28:56, more than half an hour before the cutoff, he "log-rolled" across the finish line and is certainly the first person with ALS to finish this race. He died on May 27, 2007.


April Colescott

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Each day in our lives people are placed before us to teach us something about ourselves...about our hearts...about our faith...about our love...about our courage...and about giving of ourselves to another...To all those who have taught me along my RACE in life thank you for sharing this point in time with me..

To Jon "Blazeman" for leading this Warrior Princess on her way and teaching us that "Together" we are indeed stronger than alone...Your Love touched us ALL Jon and your legacy lives on in those of us who heard your call to arms....To Rosemary RIP, & Karen “Kelly” O’Riordan RIP your sacrifices have taught me more about the woman I am striving to become than I could have possibly imagined, to my new friend and fellow WARRIOR RET Marine Richard Thiede TOGETHER we are going to CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT and as long as I have legs and a voice SO WILL YOU!!!~ To Bob and Mary Ann Blais for your love and support in all I do...to My 3 Incredible Children and my incredible Man Randy!...It is through each of you I find strength...and through your support I conquer...and through your LOVE I promise to keep "DOING DIFFERENT" ...


















Quote from April after ALCATRAZ TRIATHLON 2010

~ "It wasn't the 55 degree water...the insane Cross Currents of the San Francisco Bay...or even the thought of sharks circling beneath me... that got me through the Swim...It was an undying faith that through LOVE, GROWTH and COURAGE my father was standing at the foot of the shore waiting to meet me with open arms....and as the tears filled both of our eyes...I KNEW, it was going to be a fantastic race!"....YES I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!! April Hartsook San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz

QUOTE from April after Louisville IRONMAN :

"Antibiotics needed for bacterial infection after Swimming 2.4 mi in the Ohio River :$40...Crutches, knee brace and ankle wrap needed after crashing on the 112 mile Bike leg: $75...Meeting a stranger and Helping him Run the 26.2 mile marathon to see him become an IRONMAN...PRICELESS..."...."Thank You Michael Baffi for allowing me to walk the Journey with you!"...IRONMAN April Hartsook Blazeman Warrior Princess

Exert from April's White Lake Half IRONMAN Race Report:

"I was thinking about that very moment in time...I was thinking where my life's choices had taken me...where being at a RACE...talking to a complete stranger...sharing the journey through the physical and mental obstacles before us...was the exact place in life I was supposed to be...I felt so alive...I felt so filled with a sense of purpose...not EGO driven...but heartfelt and Spirit driven...I was beginning to see that my soul was full and I was given the venue in which I am supposed to administer His message....I was being taught yet again that placing another's needs before our own...is the truest test of mans Will to become more Spiritual and his desires to grow closer....giving of oneself to help another is the ultimate reward received on earth...

We managed to make it to that final mile....and as I began to share some final thoughts I wanted him to know that he now had a responsibility...he looked at me funny...I said..."Your job now is one day in your life you will be called upon to put someone else before you...it may be a race...it may be at work...it may be with your children...your wife...or a complete stranger...but your job is to give of yourself without expecting anything in return for your service...to share love with someone simply because it is the right thing to do"...he looked at me...we both had tears in our eyes...he had done his job...he was about to round the corner and cross the finish line to the amazement of all his family and friends...and I began to slow down...and he goes..."Where are you going?"...I said this one is for you...."Go ahead and run my friend"..."show them the IRONMAN you are"...he hugged me and said thank you for saving me and for giving up your race for me I will never forget you"...and I slowed far enough back to watch him run as fast as he could...his three small boys ran out from the crowd screaming GO DADDY GO....his wife cheered...his friends yelling...he grabbed those boys hands and for a moment they saw their father as "Superman"...and my heart grew ten times its size inside my chest....I quietly ran towards the finish line...and then began to walk towards the line on the ground....and I knelt down...laid on the ground...closed my eyes and cried as I rolled across the finish line thinking of JON ( just as he taught us all to do)....and I said to myself...."I have been waiting ALL day to do this!"....it may not have been a PR (personal Record)...but it was indeed a PR(PERFECT ROLL).....

stolen from http://presentoutlook.com/quote-images/ Pictures, Images and Photos

The reward for Personal Sacrifice can only be measured within the Heart...Making the difference in the life of another human being is the greatest reward on Earth!!!...Thank you "AL Best" for allowing me to walk the journey with you!!....April Hartsook "White Lake Half IRONMAN ..

Only as a Warrior Princess can one withstand the path of knowledge...A Warrior cannot complain or regret anything... Her life is an endless challenge, and challenges that cannot possibly be good or bad... Challenges are simply challenges... Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man... We make ourselves into one or the other..It is through the path of a Warrior Princess that she discovers her Strength, her Courage, her Determination to Conquer and her Hunger to seek the Good in all of mankind...This Blazeman Warrior Princess will NEVER REST....Find a stronger word than HOPE....CURE

People follow Courage...They do NOT follow titles...How will you be remembered?...Which path will you Choose???

Total Donations Collected:$14,189.00
Goal: $50,000
$0 28% $50,000
Despite 22 million(plus) people dying from ALS since 1869, there remains still no meaningful treatment or cure for this disease. Jon and ALS patients everywhere are basically offered the same treatment options as Lou Gehrig in 1939. Without raising awareness and funding, ALS will not receive the research efforts necessary to find a cure and will continue to strike down every person who is diagnosed with ALS...Join Jon, "fight the good fight"...Believe there will be a cure, and "others will live", bmom and bdad...jon's mom and dad.

"People do not follow titles, they follow courage. If you will just lead them onto the battlefield, they will follow you and so will I, unite us... unite the clans." - Braveheart

Blazeman Foundation for ALS Mission Statement:
1.) Raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy and compassion of the multi-sport community and
2.) Raise funds to "fund" research to find a cure for ALS. "so others may live."

"Since 1869, twenty one plus million people have suffered and then died from ALS." There have been no survivors.
"Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure" -blazeman. We strive to hear words not yet spoken, "I AM A ALS SURVIVOR."

Contributor Amount Comment
Frank Smith $50.00 "April, you will forever be a shining light in Rosemary's rose colored glasses!!!! "
Laura Norman Hidden "April, Mmmmuuuuu-AAAAAAaaaH! Love YOU! Laura & The Boys"
Tracey Riiff $50.00 "Thank you April! "
Amy Pontecorvo $50.00 "April, you are a wonderful friend. Good Luck!!! "
Staff Fleet Feet Sports $25.00 "Way to go April! We're always behind you."
JAN kENDRICK $50.00 "April your doing a great thing keep it up. And remember keep the sun in your face and the wind to your back Love ya jan "
Michael Baffi $25.00 "You are my Ironman hero!"
Anonymous $250.00 "May the brisk winds lighten your difficult journeys april…you are the catalyst for others…I am proud of you…"
David, Ray, Ashley & Jack Colescott $179.00 "Mom, You are the best! Can't wait until I am 18 so I can do an IRONMAN race with you! Keep up the good work, and I love U very much...Jack"
Elliot Kimball $25.00 "April, Thanks for doing what you are doing...Keep it up and I look forward to staying in touch."
Belynda Meehan $100.00 "Much Love - One Love"
ASHLEY HUTCHINSON Hidden "I have always admired your endless drive to be amazing! And you are just that...Amazing!!! Love, Ashley #2"
Sue Simmons $20.00 "" The world is a better place because of people like you!"...Love, Sue"
Kevin Saunders Hidden "Thanks, April, for inspiring me on a daily basis!"
Austin Caviness $50.00 "Thanks for helping beat this monster.....spread the word!"
christopher lake $5.00 "The least I can do, for what you do! Today..and everyday..In Jon's name."
Heather Stickler Hidden "I love ya April!!!"
david hoersten $75.00 "good luck and God Bless, see you at R4R in monroe mi."
Jessica Sheedy $50.00 "Your story and action inspire me beyond words!"
Lynn Hogan Hidden "Happy to help!"
Marnie Hall $179.00 "Wishing you both the best! xoxo Marnie and Ed"
Anonymous Hidden "...but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Nancy Lang $50.00 "Good luck April. Thanks for all you do for us. Nancy"
Joy Duncan Hidden "Go April!!"
Michael Eberly $75.00 "Sis great thing you do keep on keeping on. One of these days I might get to one of these races with you before I have another surgery. Its nice to see all the people that you connect with via athletics maybe I will let you beat me up in one of your classes one of these days!! Love ya sis Keep picking um up and putting um down!!!!!!! "
Joe Morrow $50.00 "Wishing you the very best and also for a cure. Catch you later. Joe"
Ann Marie Bernhardt $25.00 "What you are doing is so selfless and awesome! God Bless!"
Rhonda Hunt $100.00 "April, What a wonderful thing for you to do. ALS is such a terrible disease and needs to be cured. We have a walk for the cure every other year and the Marines from Camp Lejeune come out and start it off with a group run. It's really something to see. I have a personal friend with ALS and watching his struggle and perservance over the years has taught me just how fragile yet strong willed a person can be. Good luck with your cause."
tammy turcotte $50.00 "Good luck April, in all your events!! You are such an inspiration!"
Bobie Logan $25.00 "Congrats April! Love you, Bobie & Dale Logan"
Cynthia Daggett $50.00 "Our family cheered alongside the Blazeman at the Hawaii Ironman in 2006. We were all touched by his courage and perseverance and will forever be Blazeman Warriors alongside you."
lynda watson $250.00 "April we are so excited that you invited us to share in your special day. IT takes a very special angel to be able to give day in and day out so much of your time and energy to openly to other people. We look forward to spending more time together on this wonderful path with you! Marie and Justin"
Jo Ann Casavant $50.00 "April & Doug, I Love that you are collecting donations for ALS in leiu of wedding gifts. What a fabulous way to start out Marriage. If you are this giving to others as a couple I can only imagine how wonderfully giving you are to each other. May you two be blessed with a Lifetime of Love and Happiness. Much Love, Jo Ann "
Nancy Lang $25.00 "Thank you for all your inspiration (and perspiration). You're the best! Wishing you the best on your wedding day. See you Saturday. Nancy"
Reba Arrington $100.00 "You are a true inspiration. Enjoy your wedding day."
Ashley Graham $25.00 "Congratulations April and Douglas!!!!! We are so excited for you!"
Amber Martin $50.00 "Congrats April!!"
Gerry McGinnis $50.00 "Congrats April and Doug! Such a great idea for an awesome cause. See you guys tomorrow!"
Jennifer Rackley $100.00 "Congrats to you on your wedding day! Wishing you both much happiness! Thank you for all you do for all those around you. :)"
Cortney Schmeider $40.00 "Go April!! "
Ashley and Bradley Hutchinson $51.79 "See you shortly! We wish you all the love in the world on this beautiful most perfect fall day!"
Susan Melissa William $30.00 "Congratulations!! We love you."
FULTON FAMILY YMCA Smith Hidden "In Support of all you do...We Love You! Your Fulton Family YMCA Family...Richard, Gina, Peter, Michele and the Gang!"
M.A.C. Speaking, LLC Mac Gray, Founder $25.00 "In memory of my cousin Anne who passed away of ALS."
Ambar Russo $90.00 "Ambar & Michael, Wish we could be there to cheer you on. Great job! We love you Mom, Mommom & Aunt Mary"
Anonymous $25.00 "Donating this because of my friend's Karen Hairston's FB posts and it's a worthy cause."
Joe Morrow $50.00 "April You rock! Life is always a challenge and I thank you for helping pick me up from the struggles. It is an honor to support this cause. I may have to go to Hawaii to see you do the PR over the finish line. Rock on Princess Warrior. Joe"
Damon Clifford $25.00 "Hi April, Thanks for following my journey of FB and your encouragement. I look forward to meeting you in person at a race someday. :) Damon"
Damon Clifford $25.00 "Hi April, Thanks for following my journey on FB and the encouragement. I look forward to meeting you in person at a race someday :)"
stephanie hamberis $50.00 "your enthusiasm and spirit is both contagious and inspiring.. keep up the great work...get it girl!"
Rhonda Hunt $100.00 "Go get um girl!"
David Daggett $100.00 "Dear April, You have been a good friend for a long time. Our family is proud of you and will be cheering the whole way. YOU make a difference! Love, The Daggett Family"
Michael Giudicissi $100.00 "Do it...because we all know you can. "
Michael Mc Aleese $75.00 "Race well April....."
Kim Van Scoy-Jebb $25.00 "Love your spirit and devotion to finding a cure for ALS! Kim"
Jennifer Rackley $250.00 "April - love you girl and all your passion, energy, enthusiasm - and most of all that you use each of those to help other people. If we could bottle you and sell you, we'd raise millions for ALS... :) Keep doing what you do and being who you are! :) Jennifer"
Maggie Beamguard $50.00 "Your passion for life and the hope for a cure for ALS are so inspiring. Have a beautiful, strong race!"
Gina Lucania $25.00 "Rock and ROLL at IM COZUMEL girl!!! You are a true warrior in this journey of finding a cure for ALS. Together we can make it happen! xoxoxo"
Wes Salisbury $25.00 "April- thanks for such inspiration this Sunday morning as I contemplate my own 70.3 next weekend-- I'm so grateful to have you to share this journey with, and see how much more there is to it than simply training and competing for myself."
Alfred Lamothe $10.00 "April, Good Luck!"
Mary Beth Brown $50.00 " You are Awesome!!!"
Heath Pennell $30.00 "See you in Cozumel!!"
Joe Morrow $100.00 "best of luck to my favorite triathlete, besides Big Dave of course. Love ya dear Joe "
Jeff Galvin $50.00 "So help me woman...I want to see one hell of a roll at Cozumel!!!"
Catherine Plevy $25.00 "I love you and you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I wish you the very best on your next adventure. Rock on."
nicole ducouer $50.00 "April you rock!! Kill it in Cozumel! Love, Nicole."
Yair Shalev $100.00 "Make sure to take Jon with you!!! :)"
DANIEL NIEVES $100.00 "April, I admire you so much! Have a fantastic race!!"
Ted Fyock $250.00 "April, I hope this small contribution helps in meeting the goal of eliminating ALS. Keep pushing forward. Best wishes and love, Ted & Joan"
Bryan Reece Hidden "Rock til you ROLL!!!"
Wayne Sherman $25.00 "Wish I could do more but I just can't right now."
brian breen $25.00 "Love ya April... YOU ROCK!!!"
Yair Shalev $100.00 "Make Jon Proud! - Good luck :)"
Lisa Ganem $25.00 "Carry on, warrior! I am honored to contribute- my very dear friend, Pete Moffitt is currently battling ALS. Love and hugs- miss you- Lisa"
Monica Swaim $25.00 "April I am donated this in memory of your friends you lost and also for my cousin who has ALS and is in hopsice care now."
Kellie Smirnoff $25.00 "April, you are a rock! Your heart is as large as your beautiful muscles. You dedicate your life to inspiring people to reach their goals. You give back by raising money to help cure a devastating disease. I love you, girl. Never change. xoxo "
Kim Harrington $25.00 "Thanks for inspiring me to take on a Triathlon. I'm not an Ironman yet... but I will be!"
Carol Price $40.00 "Rock it doll....love ya'"
Marlene Fulp $100.00 "In memory of the ones who have lost the battle and in honor of the ones still fighting. April, thanks for being such an inspiration to so many. You are my Hero!. Much love, Marlene"
Colleen Byers $50.00 "April you inspire me each day! I'm so grateful for you!"
Bobie Logan $100.00 "2 years ago a complete stranger gave me $100 to do my 2nd triathlon because she wanted me to keep the passion going in my heart so I felt like it was my turn to pass the torch! Love you April and thank you for inspiring me to change my life!"
Croix Sather $100.00 "Go Rock this Iron Princess! "
Tammy Turcotte $50.00 "For the most inspiring person I know...:)"
Meg Daniel $444.00 "April, good luck with your fundraising, training and racing in 2013. I'm happy to support you in this endeavor and look forward to hearing about your progress. Peace and love, Meg"
Carol Price $179.00 "WANT DIFFERENT-DO DIFFERENT....Rock it girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Amy Morosini $25.00 "NEVERSTOP - God Speed April!!!"
Leslie Mahon $100.00 "For my trainer, coach and friend. You are such a blessing! I am truly inspired by what you are doing for the fight against ALS. You are a true Warrior Princess! Like you always tell me, "YES YOU CAN"! Now go get em! Love ya, Leslie"
Glenn Hines $100.00 "Just heard about Karen's diagnosis from Blazedad last night. Thank you for your efforts in fighting this heinous disease. Each day is one step closer in finding how to end this. Your fellow Blazeman Warrior....Glenn Hines Indy "
Richard Alexandersen $25.00 "Thanks so much for all your doing. God Bless!"
Joseph Stowell $50.00 "Rock On girl....."
Ellen Dowling Hidden "Karen Kelly was an amazingly gifted, smart, determined and beautiful woman who took on many more challenges--and excelled!--than I ever will. I am grateful for all the hours we spent visiting--and, oh yeah, working--together on Delta's jets. Gone way way way too soon. "
Sharon Iles $25.00 "Keep fighting April!!!! "
Kate Carr $25.00 "Go get 'em, Karen! "
Rose Ann Halages $100.00 "April, your passion to make a difference and your drive to make it happen is just so amazing to me. I am so happy to have you in my life--you have inspired and encouraged me more than you know. Thank you all that you do and for all the love you show others. Go get em girl!"
Jeremy Sale $25.00 "I am a brother of a Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Our nation charity is ALS and as a fellow triathlete your journey is one of promise and one that I have shared!"
Robert Wojcik $25.00 "Thank you for your daily motivation."
Kathylyn Barnhill $25.00 "In memory of Steve who was taken too young from ALS."
Heather Hagen $25.00 "In memory of John, Rosemary, Karen, my dad Ray Hagen and my friend Mark Nurse, and in honor of you April, I make this donation. Thank you for everything you do for ALS!"
Amanda Porter $25.00 "Rock On with your Awesomeness! Thank you for touching so many though your movement of "Want Different Do Different" and the War on ALS. God Speed~ "
Cathy Plevy $25.00 "So proud of you, girlfriend. If all it took was passion and spirit to combat ALS, they would have a cure through you. Rock on. Love you."
Glenn Cook $100.00 "April, fight hard and keep up the battle against ALS. You are making a big difference. God Bless. Glenn"
Diane Ragalie $50.00 "Fantastic cause and purpose for your Hawaii, I recently raced for my mother's hospice the spirit will be with you especially on a Cervelo. Good Luck rock Kona. Dee 60-64 age group"
Barbara Dotson $100.00 "Thank you for spreading your message and inspiring so many!! ALS is brutal and we need a cure! My children need a cure!!"
Glenda Shelton $25.00 "Go get em April!"
Heather Matkowsky $50.00 "April, You are one amazing woman and so very thankful for you in my life! You are my coach, trainer, mentor and friend. I believe in you and the fact that you WILL change the world... SO OTHERS MAY LIVE!"
Leslie Mahon $100.00 "April, as you head to Kona to pay tribute to Karen, I'm with you in spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Karen's family and friends. The perfect place for a tribute to Karen's life. Praying for a cure for ALS! You are such a wonderful advocate on the war on ALS! Proud to call you my trainer and friend! Leslie "
Brian Breen $17.90 "Karen was a gift to us all. She will be missed, though never forgotten. Simply the thought of her, will forever bring a smile to the face. "
Eric Randall Hidden "Go get 'em Warrior Princess!!"
Maggie Beamguard Hidden "Fight the good fight. Finish the race!"
Margaret Hughes Drumgole $25.00 "Go Rock April! Margaret"
Peggy Grimes $25.00 "So others may live."
Amy Morosini $25.00 "#WDDD"

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