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Simmons' Team (Blazeman Warriors)...Fundraising Page..."so others may live".
"Athlete Warriors"...Raising Awareness...Supporting Research...Seeking a Meaningful Treatment and Cure>
Before the ‘ice bucket challenge’ made ALS fundraising popular, and triathlon became a mainstream sport, there was the Blazeman Foundation. This multisport-based family foundation has been raising money to support cutting edge research to find a cure for ALS since 2007. The Foundation is maintained by the parents of the late Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais who finished the grueling Hawaiian Ironman World Championship as an ALS patient in 2005 under the camera's eye of NBC Sports. My daughter and I have been competing in triathlons for Team Blazeman because my father’s breath was literally taken away in 2005. Please support our effort by donating to the cause. To see the Simmons' on the battlefield visit http://www.bikeboompeugeot.com/.
Despite 22 million(plus) people dying from ALS since 1869, there remains still no meaningful treatment or cure for this disease. Jon and ALS patients everywhere are basically offered the same treatment options as Lou Gehrig in 1939. Without raising awareness and funding, ALS will not receive the research efforts necessary to find a cure and will continue to strike down every person who is diagnosed with ALS...Join Jon, "fight the good fight"...Believe there will be a cure, and "others will live", bmom and bdad...jon's mom and dad.

"People do not follow titles, they follow courage. If you will just lead them onto the battlefield, they will follow you and so will I, unite us... unite the clans." - Braveheart

Blazeman Foundation for ALS Mission Statement:
1.) Raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy and compassion of the multi-sport community and
2.) Raise funds to "fund" research to find a cure for ALS. "so others may live."

"Since 1869, twenty-two plus million people have suffered and then died from ALS." There have been no survivors.
"Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure" -blazeman. We strive to hear words not yet spoken, "I AM A ALS SURVIVOR."

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Goal: $2,000

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Contributor Amount Comment
Bayley Davis $25.00 "Go get em. My Uncle Bill died from this awful disease. It was the hardest thing ever for me to deal with."
Mary Simmons $50.00 "Thomas I am so proud of you for doing this! I had no idea. I am glad you left the link on my computer! I would love to help any way I can and I intend to get the kids involved as well! Every year I ask them to choose a charity to donate to- I am cetain this will become a favorite! Thank you so much for making this wonderful effort! Love- Mary (your sister in-law!)"
Maureen Fischer $25.00 "Happy Birthday Natalia and Vera. A contribution has been made from Erica Fischer in honor of your birthday."
Dave Kotowski $50.00 "Happy Birthday Natasha and Vera Simmons. This donation has been made in your name from Katie Kotowski."
Andrew Allen $25.00 "In memory of your Dad, drew design."
Gregory Kurkjian $1.00 "Hi Tom, It was fun riding with you and Ann this past weekend. I enjoyed looking at the Peugoet web site. You have collected lots of great stuff!"
Joan E Simmons $359.00 "Dad would appreciate what you are doing and so do I. Mom"
Jonathqan Sykora Hidden "I do not have a personal connection to ALS. But I know that through the correspondence I have received from your website in regards to my old Peugot bike, that you are bunch of great people, fighting for a great cause. The awareness vital! Thanks & Good Luck, Jonathan S."
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