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Bob Needs Your Help To Reach His Fundraising Goal
Look for "Blazeman Warrior" Bob Gebbie at the Tri BC Series Races
I did two Ironman races (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, a full marathon) in 2008 on behalf of the Blazeman Foundation to raise funds for ALS research. My Ironman Canada and Ironman Western Australia races raised over $1500. However the battle against ALS is not over and this year I continue to raise awareness and funds. In May, 2005 Jon, a youth worker, was diagnosed with ALS. His reaction was to compete at Ironman Hawaii to raise ALS awareness even though he had never raced the Ironman distance before. I watched Jon "Blazeman" Blais complete Ironman Hawaii notwithstanding that his body was racked in pain and partially paralyzed from ALS. A year later Blazeman returned to Hawaii after raising millions for ALS and spectated the race from a wheelchair. Six months later Blazeman died from ALS. For an amazing Ironman video clip of Blazeman go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=9Vrjp2P0GlE
Despite 22 million(plus) people dying from ALS since 1869, there remains still no meaningful treatment or cure for this disease. Jon and ALS patients everywhere are basically offered the same treatment options as Lou Gehrig in 1939. Without raising awareness and funding, ALS will not receive the research efforts necessary to find a cure and will continue to strike down every person who is diagnosed with ALS...Join Jon, "fight the good fight"...Believe there will be a cure, and "others will live", bmom and bdad...jon's mom and dad.

"People do not follow titles, they follow courage. If you will just lead them onto the battlefield, they will follow you and so will I, unite us... unite the clans." - Braveheart

Blazeman Foundation for ALS Mission Statement:
1.) Raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy and compassion of the multi-sport community and
2.) Raise funds to "fund" research to find a cure for ALS. "so others may live."

"Since 1869, twenty one plus million people have suffered and then died from ALS." There have been no survivors.
"Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure" -blazeman. We strive to hear words not yet spoken, "I AM A ALS SURVIVOR."

Bob wearing his "Blazeman Warrior" outfit at Ironman Western Australia in December 2008.

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Total Donations: $1,565.00
Goal: $2,000

$0 78% $2,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Caroline Hergt $25.00 "Way to go Bob! "
Derrick Koch $50.00 "Go Bob Go! great cause and I know that you are up to the task."
Anonymous $50.00 "Action stations! Action stations! Whoop, Whoop, Whoop. -- Full speed ahead, Bud!"
Debra Clarry $50.00 "Way to go, Bob. I'm happy to support you to reach this very worthwhile goal!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Great contribution to a great cause Bob - go for it - we'll all be cheering you on."
Carl Jensen $10.00 "Well done Bob, I will leave the Ironman's to you as I am better throwing heavy things around the gym and the highland games field!! Good luck!!"
Jan & Ken Frith $100.00 "Go Iron Gebbie Go ! We're proud of you Bob!"
Glenn Schentag $25.00 "Good luck Bob! "
Louise Ford $50.00 "Good Luck Bob!"
mary doherty Hidden "Awesome Bob!! and inspiring!"
Frank Metcalf $200.00 "Bob, you make a difference in this world. It's an honour to be your friend, and a challenge to follow your example."
Jim Kerr $50.00 "Bob may the force by with you!"
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