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Blazeman Warriors...Team Blazeman
"Athlete Warriors"...Raising Awareness...Supporting Research...Seeking a Meaningful Treatment and Cure..."so others may live"
Despite 22 plus million people dying from ALS since 1869, there hasn’t been any significant improvement in the treatment or cure of this disease. Jon and ALS patients, pALS everywhere are basically offered the same treatment options as Lou Gehrig in 1939. Without raising awareness and funding, ALS will not receive the research efforts necessary to find a meaningful treatment and cure, and ALS will continue to strike down every person who is diagnosed. To date there are no survivors... "Believe...Pick a stronger word than Hope...Cure" -blazeman, (alswarriorpoet-spirit).

Please...those of us who know and have been personally touched by this disease, ALS... know we can never steady the un-rest of those who will follow...what we can and must do is be strong for one another, believe that one day we will have a cure...as we share the belief of..."FREEDOM"...(from ALS)... Thank you all..."athlete warriors"...Jon and the BF-ALS so appreciate all the efforts in raising awareness...supporting research...as we all seek a meaningful treatment and cure for ALS..."so others may live"...G-D bless, Jon, (poet-spirit) and his mom and dad...FREEDOM!!!!!

"People do not follow titles, they follow courage. If you will just lead them onto the battlefield, they will follow you and so will I, unite us... unite the clans." - Braveheart

Interested in becoming a Blazeman Warrior? Click the Register Online button to join Team Blazeman!

Mission Statement:

  1. Raise awareness about ALS by leveraging the energy and compassion of the multi-sport community
  2. Raising funds for awareness...research...treatment and cure for ALS. " so others may live."

"Since 1869, twenty-two million(plus) people have suffered and then died from ALS." - blazeman, (alswarriorpoet-spirit).


  • TEAM BLAZEMAN is a nationwide team of multi-sport warrior athletes racing for, "a cause that is bigger than themselves." -blazeman, (alswarriorpoet-spirit).
  • BLAZEMAN WARRIORS train and race in TEAM BLAZEMAN gear in triathlons, cycling, and running events to raise much needed funds for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS which supports, (ALS-Bench Science Research)...ALS-(Tissue Acquisition)...ALS-(Post Doctoral Education).
  • BLAZEMAN WARRIORS remind others that failure is not an option and to never give up, "so others may live."
  • BLAZEMAN WARRIORS “roll” across finish lines in support of "awareness, research, treatment and cure" in the WarOnALS.
  • A BLAZEMAN WARRIOR'S battle cry to other Warriors is, "GO WARRIOR!" or "FREEDOM!!"
  • BLAZEMAN WARRIORS keep the spirit of the BLAZEMAN alive by continuing what he started, to seek a (meaningful treatment and cure) and to hear words, never spoken "I AM AN ALS SURVIVOR", this through "fighting the good fight"...living not dying, -blazeman...(alswarriorpoet-spirit). .

If you would rather make a monetary donation to the Blazeman Foundation for ALS (Tax ID#: 20-8526311) than join Team Blazeman as a fundraiser, we encourage online donations & pledging! However, checks made out to Blazeman Foundation may be be sent to: Blazeman Foundation for ALS, 18 Maple Avenue, PMB-#121 Barrington, Rhode Island 02806 Please do not mail cash! We thank you for your generosity-kindness...G-D bless, thank you, bmom and bdad...Jon's mom and dad.

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Total Donations: $917,583

Goal: $950,000

$0 97% $950,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Jack Keenan $179.00 ""I will not cross the finish line on my feet ever again""
Raymond Kelly $100.00 "Good girl Debs. Jon will be your motivation on Sunday."
Marc & Fran Samit $250.00 "Good luck! Great Cause!"
Philip Gormley $150.00 "Jon lives on and continues to inspire and fight the fight. We are honored to be led by the BLAZEMAN!! Phil Gormley"
ben ohebshalom $180.00 "Debbie, you and your husband John are the true warriors to keep your friends dreams alive. Good luck always"
Annemiek Gersten Hidden "We're with you all the way Deb. with love, Mieks & Richie"
Bryan Wiener Hidden "Deb, Great cause and good luck on sunday. jessica and bryan"
Jordan Metzl $50.00 "Deb, So proud of you! :) See you on the run!! :) Jordan "
Susie Flax Hidden "We are so proud of your committment to working (and running) toward making the world a better, safer and healthier place. We love you, Susie, Doug, Colette and Lucie"
Chris Price $100.00 "Because I'm blessed with the ability to participate, I race for someone else."
Jocelyn Deutsch $100.00 " Debbie, You are amazing! Good Luck. Love, Jocelyn"
Unger Family Hidden "Deb, you are a true inspiration. You go girl. I'm so proud of you and so proud to have you as my friend. Love, Lisa"
Brian Fitzsimmons $250.00 "Great cause -- keep up the good work!"
richard wurtzel $25.00 "Debbie On behalf of all of us in the New Haven and Baltimore area infact throughout the world we cheer you on for a great cause. So when you roll in just remember we are all behind you.But some of us may take a bit longer . Good luck Love Cousin Dickie CD "
Gina Losito $75.00 "Good Luck Sean! Love, The Lositos!!"
Lawrence Moses $25.00 "you go girl!"
Graham Clifford $25.00 "Router!"
Michael J Veltri $25.00 "OK SD1 ! - GET R' DONE! NO F'N DNF SOFTY"
Loretta Vance $100.00 "Our marathon boy will be cheering you on...go get 'em! Todd & Lorie Vance"
Rick Dutra $50.00 "Sean, Best of Luck, my Mom's Dad died of ALS. I will be rooting you on 100% Love Rick "
ALLISON MCCONWAY $25.00 "All that.... AND a bag o' chips!!!! I have only one request in exchange for my donation. I want your autograph when you win! Allie Mun LOL!"
cafe nyala $50.00 "Shawn the cafe will make sure they have plenty of healthy food on hand the week you race..We will try and keep you slim and trim...Hopefully you race better then Mets have been playing... From your good friends at the Cafe..."
Mike D'Antonio $25.00 "You will own that course Good Luck Man... "Turn The Page""
Pat Grosso $50.00 "Hey Dick, We are all here for you and your family. All God's love, Pat"
Theresa Incardona $50.00 "Way to go!! Love The Incardona Family"
Chris Dutra Hidden "Good Luck Uncle Sean!!!! Keep up the hard work, we'll be rooting for you!!!! Christopher & Trevor Good Luck Brotha!!!! ,..."ride it like ya stole it!!!" Chris & Lisa"
Pamela Thorsch $100.00 "Steve I'm happy to support you in your reaching your goal, both in the triathlons and in fundraising for ALS. Thank you for carrying the torch for Johnny. The blazeman will always live in our hearts. Love and blessings to you. Pamela"
Liz Tavolacci $25.00 "Best of luck, Sean. We know you'll succeed...it takes a lot of courage! Liz & Peter"
Nick & Karen Manuzzi $100.00 "Two words: GO SLOW. Good luck!"
Jim Wood $100.00 "Sean - A worthy cause to be supporting. My Dad suffered for two years before ultimately succumbing to this fatal disease, ALS, in April, 2006. Best of luck to you in your first triatlon. Jim W. "
David Haber $75.00 "Hope I'm not too late! Congrats you animal!!!"
Chris & Lita Warmbold $40.00 "We contribute with pride for you steven and hope for a better future in the fight for ALS."
Sharon Kay $50.00 "It's a great cause. Hope it was a special race. Sharon"
Ken Mora $50.00 "The only easy day was yesterday! Good luck with your training."
Patty Perunovich $100.00 "Steve-I am very proud of your commitment to Jon in raising funds for ALS. See you at the triathlon...try to keep up with me. Love you, MOM"
Stan Twanmoh $50.00 "Hey Steve - I'm proud to call you a friend and help with your cause. Can't wait to re-live good times when you get back to San Diego, the city you belong! Your buddy - Stan "
Jenifer Romanello $25.00 "Sean, Best of luck in your race and raising $$ for this disease! We know you'll do great. Marc and Jen"
Joe and Alicia Morello $50.00 "Good Luck Sean!! "
Matthew Tym $50.00 "Go get 'em."
John Barr $100.00 "Good Luck, Rich "
Anonymous $25.00 "Thank you for your fight against ALS. My family appreciates your dedication and hard work. Good Luck! Orit (Arik's girlfriend)"
Sandi Delcore $50.00 "Hi Doreen! So glad to see you out there for another great cause! This personal connection makes it so much more meaningful! Hope to see you on the course! Sandi"
Michele Yurechko $50.00 "You and Jon Blais are both inspirations. Good luck and see you on the IG course!"
Laura Hiles $25.00 "Go, Doreen! I admire your training & fundraising efforts for this very worthwhile cause. Best wishes! "
John Giannone $25.00 "Good luck sauce! Don't be a grine, finish it! - Jenn and John G"
Aimee Gianoukos $50.00 "My grandfather died of ALS when I was 10. I will never forget him and his struggle at the end. He was 6 2'' and 190 pounds and when he died was only 69 pounds.....he fought till the end and his sharp mind and wit will never be forgotten. "
Michelle New $50.00 "We'll be cheering for you in Westchester!"
Steven Perunovich $100.00 "Steve I am happy to support your efforts in raising funds and promoting awareness for ALS. Keep up the good work,See you at the race."
Alan Wild $50.00 "Good Luck Geezer! From your mate in London..(show-off)"
Kevin Brown $75.00 "In Memory of the Late Great Stan Kenzler!!!"
Gary Moon $25.00 "Should be another easy one for the "IronGirl." Hope it's a great weather day. Good Luck Doreen! "
Roberta Pelto $25.00 "Steve, you have a big heart. How wonderful for you to do this in memory of your friend. Good Luck with your race! Robin"
Gale Gustafson $100.00 "Stevoreino~ Good luck with the fundraising:) What a great cause Team cosmo will be waiting for you at the finish line with a beer!! "
steve perunovich $100.00 "thank you to Marsh family, Barb Gherarrtti, Louise Perunovich, Joanne and John Baratto and Patty Perunovich for hosting a dinner to raise money."
Alex Knight $100.00 "But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 "
Peter Teesdale $25.00 "Good luck Toralf for the ironman - well done. Peter"
KATHLEEN THOMAS $100.00 "Hi Doreen! You go girl!! Wish you all the best. Thanks for doing this for our dad. Love, Kathy"
Evie Callahan $25.00 "Doreen, What a great cause, thanks for making me aware of ALS. Good luck with training, hope to see you soon! Evie"
Maria Pfeiffer Hidden "Keep up the amazing work!!"
Joe and Anna Guagliardi $50.00 "SEE YOU AT THE FINISH LINE. Joe, Anna and Baby Guagliardi"
Glenn Thomas $100.00 "Hi Doreen, thanks for your help in fighting a horrible disease. And thanks for doing this for my dad and our family! You and the Blazeman are both great inspirations. Good luck!!!"
Penny Thompson $50.00 "Doreen, Keep up the good work and let's see how we can improve our times from last IG! Penny"
Alan Bernstein $100.00 "Good luck Sean!! Going for a great cause. Alan Bernstein"
Carol Fliegel Hidden "Good luck with getting the message out there about ALS! Carol"
Sara and Angelo Carriere $25.00 "Good Luck Sean....Run like Forrest Gump would! "
Anonymous $25.00 "I wish First Place!"
Shari Yard Hidden " I am competing in Ironman Lake Placid this weekend. I will have Jon on my mind throughout the day and will be proud to "log roll" across the finish line in his memory and to support the WAR on ALS!"
Sandy Hays $100.00 "Good luck, Doreen! Thanks for "tri"ing for Dad and all families affected by ALS. You are GREAT! Wish I could swim....I'd "tri" with you! Love, Sandy and Craig "
Frank Calipa Hidden "SD1 - Good luck, I wish we can be up there to cheer you on. Flat bottle to celebrate when you get home!!!!! Calipa Family"
Anonymous $50.00 "Great Job!! "
Jennifer Weeks $20.00 "Go, Tricia! What, I must ask, is a "log roll"?"
Whitney and Jim Pinna Hidden "GO KIM, GO!!!!!!"
Kimberly Mullins $25.00 "The slug in Houston thanks you for doing this! "
Frances Alvarez $50.00 "Kudos to you both! Love always, Fran and Manny"
Cynthia Scott $25.00 "Go gette'm!"
Catherine "Gidget" Lewis $50.00 "My contribution is in honor of my Uncle, Frank Binder. "
Carl Metzger $25.00 "Thanks for fighting the good fight....good luck with the half-ironman!"
tamara mazzola $25.00 "good luck Chris! its been fun helping you train!"
Michael O'Hagan $50.00 "You better finish in the...top...5 people or I'm coming for you. Ha Good luck. Do your best, Richie"
Angela Wolff $25.00 "Very moving. Good luck and I hope this war on ALS gets some results."
Marie Graham $100.00 "Kim, you're a rock star!"
lonnie bastress $25.00 "All of your friends from the Friday night ski race league, and from all of the ski clubs will be cheering you on as you swim, ride, and then run for this great cause! "
Fred & Marge Bates $50.00 " Make it happen :Collette, Love Mom & Dad"
Jenny Kenworthy $50.00 "Doreen, We're so proud of you. We know you'll do well. Thanks for doing this for my father. You're not alone. Jenny, Steve, Kayla , Eric."
Tamara Bruce $179.00 "Racing with you yesterday was an inspiration. You truly touch people by your dedication to raising funds for causes such as the Blazeman Foundation. Awesome job!"
Sara Strickler $100.00 "Go go Doreen!!!"
Brian Wood $25.00 "Good luck, Rich...SF"
Michael Spain $10.00 "Wishing you all the best! "
CHRIS AND MARIANNE VENNITTI Hidden "John, Go for it ! Dreams are the magic that keep us alive and touch those around us. Wishing you all you desire. Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle. Phillips Brooks US Episcopal bishop (1835 - 1893) Lots of Love, Mom and Chris "
Richard Skigen $50.00 "Chris, What a fantastic cause! My Donation is in Honor of My Best Friend Josh's Grandmother... We all Loved you MAMA DEE!!!!!"
Erica and Steven Hamrick $50.00 "Good luck, Chris!!"
Josh Eddy $50.00 "You CAN do it!"
Bambi Todd $25.00 "All the best, John! -- Bambi :-)"
ARINC Coworkers $179.00 "Collective donations made by my ARINC co-workers, with a personal match for a "Jon's number" donation. Thank you guys!!!"
Carey Smith $1,000.00 "Your Big Ass Fans are behind you!"
Robert Duguay $20.00 "A $20 Donation on of the Behalf of Ken Kobus , Market manager Webster Bank"
Michael and Leah Sievers $50.00 "Blaze on!"
Hannah Bate Hidden "Jeff and I wish you luck, Kim! "
Jennifer Thomas Hidden "Hooray Kim!"
John Lagasse $50.00 "Rich: Thanks for making such an important and personal contribution to this worthy cause. Best of luck - go get 'em! John"
Calypso and John Bletsos Hidden "Good Luck Kim!"
Kim O'Halloran $100.00 "Good luck Chris - this is a great cause."
Lisa and Scott Nelson $25.00 "Marty, You are an inspiration to so many. Good luck with your races!!! You're doing so great! You should be very proud of all you have accomplished. Lisa"
Gregory Matzkevich $250.00 "Keep on stompin. "
wayne grau $100.00 "This a great thing you are doing for your friend. "
Anibal Saez $75.00 "I could not Sponsor a Finer Representative for "THE" Orlando Fire Department."
Philip & Laura Nickles Hidden "Good luck Megan. Hope you have a great race!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Congratulations Megan!..now you are in shape to run with me. xxx's Prince"
Casey Ptak $25.00 "Good luck Megan!! I am very proud of you!!"
Brooke Custer $100.00 "We wish you the best of luck in your competition! We're all so proud of you and your effort to raise money for ALS research!"
Doug Braun-Harvey $179.00 "Marty, Thanks for raising money for ALS. It is such a ruthless disease. Your celebrating the health of your body through Ironman competition is a tribute to those whose bodies are comprimised by this mysterious condition."
Dottie, Glenn & Sally Terrell $200.00 "Go Megan, we're with you all the way! Thanks for your efforts for ALS. Dottie, Glenn & Sally"
Didier Vergamini $100.00 "Allez Megan! Nous comptons sur toi pour une perfomance de qualite. D et Marie. "
Stefanie and Greg Stayin $100.00 "Megan - best of luck with the race in HI. We just know you will WIN! :) Stef, Greg, Luke and Drew"
Amy Brucker $50.00 "Good luck, Megan...not that you need it. This is a very impressive challenge that you've set for yourself. All the best, Amy Brucker"
Abby Joseph $50.00 "You Go Girl! You're so inspiring."
Greta Knepper $50.00 " Hello Bethie! I echo people's responses! I am very proud and encouraged by your soft and generous heart!:)"
Connor Strauss and Bill Kosco $179.00 "What an inspiration and tribute. Happy trails. Bill and Connor"
Yolanda Bernal $15.00 "Good luck floppy!"
Carolina Cueto $15.00 "Buena suerte mopy!"
Hilary Cole $50.00 "Good Luck Megan!"
Suzanne Croy $25.00 "Always an inspiration! "
Anita Aureli-Corsi $50.00 "Megan, so sorry to learn of your uncle's fight against ALS. Will be sending you lots of positive energy next month while you are competing in the Ironman competition. You Go, Girl!"
Jon Butkovich and family $50.00 "Go Marty go!!"
Tracy Korn $50.00 "WIBA t-shirt proceeds :)"
Brian Hearn $50.00 "We're pulling for you Dave!"
Pat Barber $25.00 "Sorry it's not more! I am in awe of what you are doing!"
Drew Irvin $50.00 "My good friend Margaret Williams lost her father to ALS two years ago. He was a conductor and I played under him with Margaret as a student years ago when Margaret. We were just 19 and 20 years old. Thanks PeeLee for doing this! "
Carie Manetto $25.00 "What a fantastic cause. Good luck! Can't wait to here all about it!"
Anonymous Hidden "Kim, my prayers are with you and the others that are running this race to raise money and awareness!! Thank you!!"
V L Hidden "sorry i am broke, wish i could match what you have done for T in the past. hope it is enough for now =) "
maridith joyce Hidden "Good Luck, Den, I know you can do it. Love, Mom"
Lyn Lester $50.00 ""If I should die and leave you here a while, be not like others, sore undone, who keep long vigil by the silent dust. For my sake turn again to life and smile, nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do that which will comfort other souls than thine. Complete these dear unfinished tasks of mine, and I, perchance, may therein comfort you." - Mary Lee Hall You are truly keeping Blazemans efforts alive, Brian, and that is the best tribute you can pay to your brave friend. Good luck with meeting your goal. "
Leah Alfonso $500.00 "Thanks for all your help at TNT this past year. Good luck in Hawaii."
Laurie Tillet $30.00 "Go, Megan, Go! You are awesome -- a true inspiration and a great coach. Thanks for all the guidance and support. Get out there and give it your best. Laurie"
Jean Conaty $100.00 "Donation is in memory of my mother, Eileen Conaty"
Kellie Cluff Hidden "Go Megan!"
Mary Beth Ramos $100.00 "Larry - Sorry to hear of your Dad's diagnosis. One of my best friends was diagnosed last July at the age of 49 years old. She has been fighting this everyday since. We recently raised $11,700 as a team at the Les Turner Walk 4 Life in September. The walk overall raised over $700,000. All my best on your efforts to raise awareness and funding for this catastrophic illness. Mary Beth"
Jim Hisson Hidden "Go, Larry, Go!"
Sue Chrisman $100.00 "Good luck in the race October 13. I'll be watching & cheering you from Orlando. Enjoy your extra downtime in Hawaii too. Give my best to your father and family. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Sue"
Joe Anshien $25.00 "Go Megan - Wishing you the best of luck!"
Sharyn Hunt $25.00 "Megan, You are amazing! I am so proud of you! Good luck in Hawaii...you will do great! You are an inspiration to us all!"
Sue Hyer $50.00 "Go, Megan, Go! Sue Hyer"
Marie and Jordan Frishman $179.00 "Way to go Larry, we are proud of your accomplishment! Marie and Jordan"
Martin OConnell $150.00 "Go Larry Go!!"
Colin Bonini $25.00 "Way to go!"
Jake Eldridge $125.00 "Best wishes to you in the race and to your father and your family."
Anonymous Hidden "Thank you!"
George Cahill $50.00 "Larry, Good luck in Hawaii. I am very proud of what you are doing. It's quite an accomplishment. Remember: "When seeking to speak to his equal, an Irishman must resort to conversing with the Almighty.""
Colleen Clare Hidden "Good luck and lotsa love!"
Elby Omohundro $25.00 "Go Mrs. Magee! "
John & Vanessa Adinamis $100.00 "Great work Larry and Martha and family, we are rooting for you and your dad!!! John and Vanessa "
Bucket's Mom - Dona Cooper $50.00 "Thanks for your efforts, Megan, and for the opportunity to participate... enjoy the race -- we'll be watching!"
Eugene Munin $50.00 "Good luck, and treat yourself to a massage after the event!"
Janet and Brian Conln $20.00 "GO LARRY!"
elaine concklin Hidden "Have fun with the race! May your efforts help raise awareness and find a cure for ALS. You Go Guys!"
Robert Steiner $25.00 "Way to go Andrew !! "
linda van spankeren $100.00 "Way to go Larry! We will be thinking of you and sending prayers for your dad, Linda and Jeff Van Spankeren"
Anonymous $100.00 "Jack, As Molly Carrol knows, we have a mutual friend who was diagnosed with ALS several months ago and is deteriorating rapidly. My wife and I have a friend who survived 10 years before passing from this horrible disease. I congratulate you on your efforts. Gregg"
Guy Harvey $100.00 "There are many causes that have incredible stories that go with them. Thanks for including me on the email string. With a special needs child, I too live life in the moment, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute."
Sharon Bell $50.00 "Good luck, Jack, and thanks for your commitment to this great cause. Sharon Bell"
Catharine Zambrana $25.00 "Jack... I am so moved by what you are doing! Thank you for sharing the amazing video about Jon. Cathy Zambrana"
Brian Leonard $50.00 "Thank you Jack. I look forward to hearing about your roll across the finish line. Brian Leonard"
Anonymous Hidden "Your efforts are inspirtational. Wishing you nothing of the best on the 4th. S"
Jacqueline Blake $50.00 "Best wishes for a successful race and continued awareness & education. - Jacqui Blake"
Dean Adams $179.00 "Jack -- Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story. You accomplish so much with your determination, generosity and compassion. Good luck in the race. Dean"
Steven Harvey $100.00 "Jack, much thanks to you and people like you who continue to raise awareness to this terrible disease. Best of luck to you."
Bill Leiser $179.00 "You are a great man, Jack !! Good Luck"
Courtney Goodall $50.00 "Good luck Jack!"
Roger Staubach $500.00 "Best of luck, Jack, and thanks for all you do on behalf of ALS. Roger"
Patricia Konczyk $100.00 "Congrats on finishing, Larry! What a great accomplishment! Patty Konczyk & Celeste Zeccola"
Linda Meadows Hidden "Megan: You go girl! It's great that you are doing what you believe in. You are an inspiration to all us TNTers! "
Anonymous $179.00 "Jack-so many of us use our busynesss as an excuse not to help. You have shown us that it is precisely because we have families and because we have the privelage of being busy, that we must help. You are an inspiration!"
Derek Trulson $250.00 "Jack - thanks for the inspiration...we're behind you and your fund raising efforts for ALS."
Michael Mueller $100.00 "Great Job Larry!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Jack - Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story and taking action to DO something about ALS! Susan & Jim"
Anonymous $50.00 "Jack, you're one of my triathlon mentors. Keep up the good works and best of luck on the 4th. "
Marilyn & Tom Patrick $179.00 "Thanks for getting involved in trying to find a cure for this hideous disease, Jack. Marilyn"
Frank Smith $50.00 "April, you will forever be a shining light in Rosemary's rose colored glasses!!!! "
richard byhre $550.00 "good job!!"
Laura Norman Hidden "April, Mmmmuuuuu-AAAAAAaaaH! Love YOU! Laura & The Boys"
Randy Bartosh $250.00 "Jack: Good luck in the race. You are doing it for a great cause. I have watched the IM with Jon Blais many times and he truly is an inspiration. Randy Bartosh"
Chris Byhre $75.00 "Jack, Your commitment and dedication make us proud to be in your family and pleased to contribute to this great event. "
Matina Ingallinera $10.00 "Way to go Larry! Sorry for your dad."
David Hasenbalg $100.00 "Jack, good luck with the event and appreciate you sharing the story and the cause. "
Guilherme Stella $100.00 "Great cause, Mr. Denn! Miss our good old days at MSDW. Hope all is well. Cheers! :) Gui"
Robert Freeman $50.00 "We're "pulling" for your sucessfull competition."
Jim & Karen Megna $25.00 "Hey Brian, This is a great thing you are doing. Keep up the good work and good luck!!!! Jim"
Jeanne Hamilton $250.00 "Jack - Thanks for sharing this touching and inspirational story. Good luck with the race!! We'll be thinking of you. Jeanne and Mark "
John Keenan $250.00 "Good work son, we are proud of your efforts. See you in Panama City. ue & John Keenan"
Darryl & Jody Bennett $100.00 "Jack - Great work on the fundraising efforts! Have a great race and let us know how everything goes! Darryl & Jody + Henry, Lucy & Charlie"
Anonymous $500.00 "Jack: Amazed and deeply respect your commitement to you friend and the fight. Best of luck in Florida. Chris "
Skip Orr $100.00 " Jack, Go get em on Saturday! Your participation in memory of John Blais is an inspiration to all of us. Skip"
Michael Tirpak Hidden "good luck this weekend"
Janet Woods $50.00 "Thank you for reminding us what a difference one person can make. Good luck on Saturday. "
Tracey Riiff $50.00 "Thank you April! "
tom mccarthy $100.00 "Run a good race."
Michael Permack $100.00 "I know what is like to have a life threatning disease and to have friends who support you during those times. Your efforts have inspired me and the video has been sent throughout to my key contacts who all have the same response, WOW! Carry on the warrior's spirit and let us all know about your experience. "
Richard Schuchts $250.00 "Thank you for putting things in perspective for us all. All the best from the South Florida Office Services Group."
Daniel Lupien $179.00 "Good luck Jack. We'll be looking for you on the finish line!"
Dan Maslauski $179.00 "Jackie - one of our grade school parents has been afflicted with ALS and the family is bravely fighting a very tough battle - thanks for dedicating your race / fundraising efforts to such a worthy cause, and trying to make a difference! Maz "
Paul Tingley $50.00 "I completed the Louisville Ironman in August and heard about the "Blazeman" while down there. Life is a lot about perseverance, isn't it? What an amazing gift Jon Blais left with us. Do it because you can! Best of luck and what a great cause to support!"
Molly Carroll $179.00 "JK- You are an inspiration to us all. It's people like you who make a difference! I'll be thinking about you on Sunday! Mol"
Jeff Boundy $100.00 "Jack, I hope you have a great race! One incredible accomplishment and for a great cause. I have watched the Blazeman Ironman several times as well as those who supported Blazeman over the past year. What an inspiration! Now... kick some ass in Florida!"
Pamela Stamataky $1,000.00 "Jack, Best of luck this weekend. We will be thinking of you. Your heart is always in the right place and is especially evident by your support of ALS. Your Friends and Partners, Rob and Pam "
Jeanette Scott $50.00 "Good luck with your race and thank you for giving me the opportunity to help fight ALS!"
Claire Lunardoni Hidden "More to come. Keep it up, Rob. What you're doing is so admirable, without people like you the world would be an uglier place. Go out there and kick some ass!"
Julie Keenan $250.00 "Congratulations Jack for taking on this incredible challenge. Good luck on Saturday. We'll be pulling for you!! Julie, Jesse, Eric, Matt and Bennett"
William Peters $179.00 "Great job Jack-Go get em!!!"
Catherine Comstock $50.00 "Jack, good luck this weekend! It is great of you, Terese and your kids to support & get the word out about Jon Blais and ALS. -Katie"
Dana McMullen $100.00 "Jack, Wishing you the best of luck in the race and with your commendable efforts to help fight ALS. Dana"
Karin Clausen $25.00 "Best of luck tomorrow! I am rooting for Coonbottom to rise to the top! Race smart."
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck, Jack. To race alone is a triumph. To race with a commitment to others is inspirational."
Amy Pontecorvo $50.00 "April, you are a wonderful friend. Good Luck!!! "
M and A Pashkow $50.00 "You are an inspiration to us all! What you are doing for ALS is just priceless! Have a great journey! M and A"
mimi troy $100.00 "Jack, Hoping you had a succesful race! I applaud your efforts for bringing awaremess to ALS. Mimi"
Dana Marcoux $50.00 "I wanted to donate to support my dear online friend Alexis' goal of completing her 1/2 Marathon in Philly, as well as her husband's effort with Team Blaze. I also am donating in honor of my friend's husband who just passed away after a lengthy battle with ALS. His name is Tom Hopkins from Lake Orion, MI. "
Randy Bartosh $250.00 "Jack; Congrats. on a great race. You beat your race goal and I double my contribution. Now enjoy a well deserved rest."
Steve Stratton $250.00 "Nice work Jack!"
Mark Buth $100.00 "Jack, You never cease to amaze me. You are an ispiration to us all. Congratualations on your support of ALS and good luck this weekend. We are all behind you. Mark"
Robert and Martha Proutt Hidden "Good luck and all the best!"
Margaret Corso $50.00 "Jack, We had a neighbor with three young children who had ALS. She was an inspiration to me. Thank you for doing your part to help raise awareness and maybe someday a cure for this terrible disease. Margaret Corso"
Bob McCarthy $50.00 "Congratulations, Jack! Your dad's written description of your finish is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.. Perhaps he should be writing for "Sports Illustrated." Best wishes, Bob McCarthy"
Joseph McCarthy Hidden "Good luck Travis, just be glad I'm not in this race too. I would hate to have to embarass you. And by embarass I mean pass out after running 1 mile."
Joe Badalamenti $25.00 "TC, good luck with the IronMan Trialathon. I am happy to support your efforts for such a good cause. Joe Badalamenti"
Team Smokin Hot $33.00 "The best use of a relay entry fee ever Dave and Mike you guys rock! Sorry it took me so long to post it.-Rob"
Sean Adams $50.00 "Goodluck Ken! Train hard."
Robert O'Toole $100.00 "This is a great cause. A good friend of mine from Minnesaota lost his father to ALS. His Dad was a great man. His name was Bob Allison, he play for the Minnesota Twins during their glory days. He used to stop in and see me at the Toyota store I used to work in. When he came down with this disease he was a big strapping guy. He whithered away to nothing and became completely helpless. I think this is a great cause to carry the flag for. It's a truly ugly disease and a terrible way to die. Good luck with your fund raising. All the best. Bob"
Staff Fleet Feet Sports $25.00 "Way to go April! We're always behind you."
Shannon Thompson Hidden "Good luck!"
Joe and Leslie Sullivan $100.00 ""Lance" ..Please..whatever you do.. avoid our minivan while training the next few months....and YES I will let Bear out while you are gone. Go Travis! ~ The Sullivans "
Kelly Dyer $100.00 "Good Luck Ken !!!!"
James Cahn $100.00 "Great work Ken. Even though I do not personally know anyone with this desease, I can see that you feel pationate about it. And there is no doubt that it is a most worthy cause. Please continue to do such important work and I pray that it will pay off very soon. "
Henry Sobell $50.00 "Good Job Travis, better you doing this than me! My aunt passed away from ALS five years ago, so obviously a cause near and dear to my family. Good luck to you for the event as well in raising funds."
Pierre Veillette $50.00 "make it happen!"
Heather Haynes $25.00 "Good Luck Ken!"
Ray Eastwood $179.00 "The Blazeman sticker from Clearwater is still on my Tri bike. It gave me the strength to end the year with my best 70.3 time. I thought about Jon and his courage through out the bike leg. Ray Eastwood"
Tracy Portnoy $50.00 "Larry, Such a great accomplishment - congratulations. So very sorry to hear about the loss of you father - my thoughts are with you and your family during this sad time. Best, Tracy"
Gail Siegel Hidden "Good Luck Mike - If anyone can do it - YOU CAN!"
Heather Oaksmith $100.00 "Your Amazing...Heather"
John Reuder $100.00 "Tim, Excellent cause Have a nice holiday season"
Janice Sherlock Hidden "Tim - Thank you for this opportunity to assist in the fight against ALS. Merry Christmas, Janice"
Jen Romer $100.00 "Great cause Tim.....have a blast in Switzerland!"
Kristen Ponsolle $50.00 "A great cause and a truly inspirational story. As you always have, continue leading the way, Tim. "
Airborne Ranger in the Sky $250.00 "This is for the past, present and future combatants against ALS. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy! Ranger's Lead the Way"
Stacy Pleskoff $179.00 "For your true passion of a higher purpose!"
Kevin Campbell $50.00 "Best of luck buddy!"
Michele Unger $179.00 "You go, girl! I am SO VERY PROUD to be your mother. I love you."
Susan Penning $50.00 "Love,Auntie Pumpkin"
Nola Unger Hidden "You go, girl!!!!"
Dian Quinn $179.00 "Jennie, there are no words... "
James Skelton $250.00 "Jennie: We'll all be cheering for you in Coeur d'Alene in June! With very best regards, The Skeltons Ginny, Jim, Drew & Chris"
Adam and Charli Mancini $50.00 "Your heart is always in the right place, Mike. Charli and I admire you and we are happy to support such a great cause. Blazeman should be an inspiration to us all."
Anonymous Hidden "Keep going Dennis!"
Joanne Long $100.00 "Kevin, we are proud of your commitment to the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. "
Betty Holland $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny! One of our NJ neighbors suffered from this disease too; it is devasitng."
Carol de Miranda $75.00 "Congratulations on your incredible journey! This is an amazing accomplishment! Way to go!"
Brian and Margy Odell $50.00 "Good Luck Mike and Breanne...Enjoy your trip knowing your efforts will benefit this worthy cause!"
Andrew Steiner Hidden "Good luck Mike!!!"
Jason Connelly $100.00 "PLEASE don't set any speed records....There is only room for one Lance Armstrong on this planet:) TRAVIS CONNELLY RULES.........(he told me so)"
Larry Langley $179.00 "" Thank you Travis, for the opportunity to support you in such a worthy cause. Larry Langley""
gloria fanelli $100.00 "keep up the good work ken. you are a great inspiration to everyone. good lluck in all your races. we love you mpm and dad"
Paula Clark Hidden "David, I always knew you were a great colleague and mentor. Thank you for taking this mission to another level. God Bless and if I can help in any way,please let me know. I am activated with the AF in Tampa now but would still love to help, Respectfully, Paula M. Clark"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck!"
Kathy Dobson $50.00 "Good Luck....See you there"
Jennie Nunn $75.00 "You are amazing!"
Krista Andrykowski Hidden "In support of Kelly and Ben"
Anonymous $50.00 "Great cause! Have a great race!!!"
Jane Reu $100.00 "This donation is made in loving memory of my husband, Randy Reu, who lost his two year battle with ALS 4/10/04. Thanks to all who help build awareness about this disease and help raise funds to work towards a cure."
Steve & Kris Kester $50.00 "Good luck at St. A's, Steve will be there, also."
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Rob. You are racing for a great cause. Don't worry about bringing back a momento. Grab a podium spot for HEAT."
Bob Lee $179.00 "We live on through others...and it is great to see Jon's life and spirit impacting so many of us. He certainly has personally provide me with plenty of "pedal-power.""
Mike & Colleen Marquardt $50.00 "Brian, Good luck with the next event and thanks for all your efforts to this very serious cause!"
Steve Adelstein $100.00 "This is a terrible, painful disease that we need to find a cure for. Ride well Bob - Steve and Natasha Adelstein"
John Wolski $1,472.00 "This donation is for the cash money we collected from the generous folks who contibuted at the Palatine event. A big THANK YOU to all those who donated. "
Kimberly Kelly-Rigsbee $25.00 "Keep up the good work Brian!"
Kelly Pollington Hidden "Thanks for letting us ride for ALS! It was a great event for a good cause and we really enjoyed meeting all the people! - Kelly and Ben"
Steve, Mandy, Matt & Kira Stanley $50.00 "Good Luck Brian!! We will be there to cheer you on."
Paula and Ward Jaros $50.00 "Nancy, We wish you the best of luck. Paula and Ward"
Kim M Hidden "It's for a good cause!"
Monica Witt $50.00 "Good Luck Jennie...yes, you have lost your mind a little bit, but I SO admire your commitment and discipline."
Nancy Unger $179.00 "You are THE BEST!"
Kelly Knudson $50.00 "You go girl!!! "
George Tramountanas $25.00 "It's all about the journey. Go for it!"
Daniel and Ellie Fishman $50.00 "Go get 'em Ed!"
chuck acker $75.00 "Ed can swim like the fishies i see on Sopranos, bike like those guys from Breaking Away, and run like the dude from The Last of the Mohicans. I support him and hope he doesn't get hurt."
James Walter $179.00 "keep up the good work"
Melissa Alexander $100.00 "I hope this is Xan's page Good you asked! maybe others who can will jump in too! xoxoxoxoxxo love foam "
Julia O'Donnell $25.00 "What a great cause..."
Sheila Scally $50.00 "Go, Jennie, go!"
Alison Pike $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Barbara Michalik $25.00 "Good luck, Travis. Roy and I are happy to support such a worthy cause. Remember to fill us in on all the stories the next time we see you. Barb"
Peter Teesdale $25.00 "All the best on the training Toralf, Regards, Peter"
Pete & Cindy Keller $100.00 "RUN TRAVIS RUN!!!!!! "
Alisa & Cosmo Zagare $100.00
Jill Harriman $100.00 "Thinking of you and sending Good Wishes! Jill"
Tom Newton $250.00 "Hey Mark, Thanks for doing this man. You rock! - Newt"
Alan Podgorski $50.00 "Travis ... All the Best !!!! Remember ... just when you think you can't go any further .... YOU CAN !!!! Every day doing the training you have paid your dues .... the experice of the Ironman is dessert ! Al Ski "
Esa Keronen $50.00 "What's better than the war, is the ultimate Victory"
Linda Scicluna $20.00 "Good Luck Travis..... Enjoy every moment. "
Robin Queen Outing $100.00 "You are in my continued prayers. God Bless."
Doris Noel $25.00 "Hi, Brian, I am very proud of what you are doing to make people more aware of ALS and I know you will reach your goal . LOL, Grandma "
Katie Fitzgerald $50.00 "Nanc, good luck, we know you'll do great! Love, Katie & Scott Fitzgerald"
Randy and Nancy King $50.00 "Good Luck Travis."
Cynthia Chin $50.00 "If anyone can do it, you can! "
Tom Lindeman $250.00 "Tom, here's to you and friendship and Florida Beaches. Tom"
Payton & Reese Helisek $100.00 ""Why Not?""
Loretta Miramontes $50.00 "Jerry, I don't know you but Cyndy and I went to medical school together and both have taken care of patients with ALS. We would never imagined that Cyndy would one day be a victim to this cruel disease too. Thank you for doing this for her and others."
Karla Kroesing $50.00 "honored to have the opportunity to support you and to help "
Joan Compagno-Wright $50.00 "I can think of no better cause for expending all that energy!"
Deborah Davis $75.00 "Donation made in memory of Vic Davison, who gave me two wonderful children. They have made me extremely proud to be their mother. Hopefully we can one day eliminate this devasting disease. Debbie Davis"
Loretta Hooks $25.00 "In memory of Vic Davison, who gave us several years of Wonderful memories while we were living in PA."
Andrea Davison $100.00 "This donation is in memory of my husband and best buddy, Vic Davison, who died of ALS a year ago. His courage and positive spirit throughout the course of his illness provided all of us who knew and loved him with great inspiration. Thanks to everyone who gives, we never know which dollar is the one that will count. Kim, he's hanging onto those marathon sneakers for good luck for you and John! I'm so proud of both of you."
Jason Kaune $100.00 "Go Jennie!"
Paula Saare $100.00 "This donation is in memory of Vic Davison who was the husband of my dear friend Andrea. All of us that knew him will never forget that no matter what, he always had that beautiful smile. All of us that knew him miss him and will never forget him. "
Michael Hume $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "All the Best to you Tom. CJC."
Elli Abdoli $50.00 "This is such a great cause, you are amazing for doing this!"
Mary McCann $50.00 "Team Blazeman is such an inspiration. I wish I had more to give to find a cure to this awful disease. John and Kim you have the strength to continue where your dad left off, he is with you in spirit. "
Ben & Heather Bargerhuff $50.00 "Good job, John! I am forwarding your website to everyone I know. "
Richard and Karen Ward $179.00 "Good Luck, in the race, son, and wearing #179 will be quite an honor. We are very proud of you and your brother, keep the wind at your back. Love, Dad and Mom"
Aaron Mabry $50.00 "Good Luck Barry! "
Melissa Torres $30.00 "Rodney I wish you the best of luck with this. I am so proud of you!"
Mike & Victoria Pingree $100.00 "Dear Barry, Thanks for letting us participate in your funding raising effort. We will be thinking of you on May 3rd. Mike & Victoria"
Andrea Davison $100.00 "John, Vic would have been immensely proud of how far you've come. I'd like to think that he'll be watching as you and Kim cross the finish line. Thanks for taking on this challenge to support ALS. And thanks to every who donates and supports you. Every dollar counts and you never know which dollar will be the one that finds the cure. Train hard! We're all rooting for you... "
Bob & Jane Franz $250.00 "To the world's best ALS jockey and pianist! Way to go, Judy. Thanks, Barry, for all you're doing."
Kelly Mabry $50.00 "Go little bro go! I am so proud of you and will be cheering you on in spirit when you do the big race! We love you Barry and Judith Ann!"
Marilyn Holmes Hidden "Judy and I worked together as Marketing Support Reps for IBM in Washington, D.C. in the late 1960s. My late husband and I visited Judy and Denny in Vista and witnessed the enormous love that Judy and Denny share. It is with great joy that I make my donation to honor my dear friend, Judy."
Ron and Mary Riedberger Hidden "Thanks, Barry, I pray daily for my dear friends, Judy and Denny. May God grant a miracle for Judy. Love, Mary"
Betsy Wallace Hidden "Go Nanc! We'll be cheering for you, The Wallace Family!!"
Penne Conrad $50.00 "Go for it Barry!! We wish we could contribute more mooney than this, but our prayers and thoughts go with you, too, and we send you our love and support. Love, Mike & Penne"
Garrett Zindel $50.00 "What a great cause, good luck!"
Alan & Jane Montgomery $100.00 "We make this donation in loving memory of Vic Davison. Vic was a cherished friend who left an indelible mark on our hearts with his charm, his wit, his love for his family and friends, and, above all, his courage. We miss him every day."
Marie-France Hivert $50.00 "Very nice idea! go Barry go! I know how much training this kind of event demands. good luck with all the training and on the day of the race. all my positive energy to you and Judy"
Chad Cheadle $25.00 "Right on, Barry!"
kristian engle $25.00 "Keep fighting the good fight brudda!"
Adam Brilla $50.00 "Good Luck Dennis! J., Evan and I are rooting for ya! All the best, Adam"
Danielle Stronks $25.00 "You rock Barry!!!! Go big and I hope to do a race with you at some point!"
Cecilia Padfield $25.00 "Thank you for bringing awareness of this dreadful disease to everyone's attention. My husband, Bill, died from ALS on February 29, 2008, after 4 years of fighting. No cure, no hope given. The problem is growing, judging from statistics for Iraq's Desert Storm troops high rate. There must be a connection somewhere. We need to find out."
Joe Potenza $100.00 "A great cause, thanks to Mark for pointing me to it, and will spread the word. Best to you Tom, Joe Potenza"
Brad and Jen Sweeney $35.00 "Nancy, we think it's great you are doing this and we wish you the best of luck! We'll be routing for you. Love, Jen, Brad, Erin and Ali"
mark fissel $25.00 "Rodney, I'll be praying for you and the others. God Bless."
Joan and Fred Keeler $100.00 "To the most courageous lady we know-we love you Judy.Joan and Fred"
Deborah Winters $25.00 "Barry and Judy, good luck May 3rd and beyond! "
Steve and Nancy Muck and Schillig Hidden "Hope you really do well Barry. Love to Judy and Denny. Steve and Nancy"
golnaz abdoli $75.00 "Thank you for your contribution."
Laura Waringo Hidden "Here's a couple more bucks. Please shave the mustache! ;)"
David Clough $50.00 "Awesome charity! Very inspirational! Good luck!"
Annye D King $100.00 "Dedicated to the memory of my brother, Vic, who I miss every day and to my friend Bobbi Murrell who is now in the fight of her life with ALS. Keep up the great work, Kim and John! Love...Annye"
Ben Mattox $250.00 "Go Barry"
Iron Max $25.00 "You rock Dumpster! Have a great race, best of luck from Max and Patti! "
Shawn Byrne $25.00 "John - what a great thing you are doing. You are an amazing story yourself. Good Luck - we will be thinking of you. Do well."
Nicole Pereira $50.00 "Good Luck Jennie!"
Angela Petruska $50.00 "Good Luck Jen!!!!!"
Zofia Nowicki $20.00 "Hoping for progress with ALS - a very worthy cause."
Craig and Sharon palmer $50.00 "Nancy, we are proud to sponsor you and the fight against ALS. Best of luck in the Boston Marathon we will be routing for you ! Craig Sharon and Jake Palmer "
Brandt Johnson $25.00 "Go get 'em Dumpster! Very proud of you!"
Brooke and Sean Welch $50.00 "Good Luck Jennie!"
Shaun Gallagher $50.00 "Good Luck and Rock the Course, Dumpster. You're doing a wonderful thing and honoring a great person. "
Lori Kamler $30.00 "Hope this donation helps in the long run to find a cure... We need to keep fighting..."
Ernie & Linda Gobee $50.00 "GOOD LUCK ON MAY3RD! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Judy and Denny. Love Ernie & Linda"
Ronak Daylami $25.00 "you continually amaze me! now go rock it and have some fun! :)"
Rick & Marianne Benevides $50.00 "Good Luck Nancy!!!"
Maureen Sloma $20.00 "It's wonderful of you to offer such support Jerry!"
Jonathan Parker Hidden "Here is the last bit to get you there bro. Do great at IMCdA"
Ben Rossi $10.00 "Great work for a most-worthy cause. Long live the ideals that Blazeman set forth. One day we will wake up to a world where ALS has been extinguished."
Dian Quinn $179.00 "Happy Birthday, Jennie! Love, Di and Paul"
Darrin Lim $150.00 "We're all behind you...literally, miles and miles and miles behind you. Keep up all your hard work and training, the rest of us will catch up. Until the big race, Happy Birthday!"
jerry sappington $50.00 "You inspiore me Brain! I will be running a 50K for a family friend just dianosed with ALS. Till There is a Cure! Jerry"
Kathleen Joyce Hidden "Go Dennis! Hope your shoulder holds up. You are a crazy athlete."
Bonnie McDonald $50.00 " Kim and John- Good Luck-- dont swallow the water!"
Kari Benassi $50.00 "Way to go Barry! We will be there to cheer you on! You are a rock star! Kari & Tony Benassi"
Laura Bachrach $100.00 "Go Barry (and Judy)! Wishing you strength and hope."
Kimberly Caswell $25.00 "Rock On!"
Cheryl Gresham $75.00 "Great Job Eddy! "
Michael Todd Walters $25.00 "Rod you better represent!"
Tim Clark $50.00 "You are the man! Keep inspiring us all to do better."
Barry Conrad $100.00 "This is for you Judy, love Barry and Veronica"
Susan Carr $50.00 "GO FOR IT!"
Patti Krebsbach $50.00 "!!Go TimSmiT, oG!!"
Betsy Leff $50.00 "Way to go!!"
Pamela Boehringer $25.00 "Good luck, Mary!"
Jan Cook $100.00 "Goooooooo Mary...Too old and broken down to join you but I'll be there in spririt--------- as your dad will be, I'm sure Love Jan"
Tim Viall $100.00 "Mary: Your father was an inspiration to me as a young adult, and a gracious and wonderful cousin as I was growing up. Train hard, and share your training tips with me, as you go. God Speed! Cousin Tim Viall"
Heather Koerner $25.00 "Mary, What a wonderful way to honor your Dad. He was such an inspiration to so many. Best of luck to you in achieving your goal and in raising awareness and $ for ALS research. I am sure your Dad will be with you every step of the way. Sincerely, Heather Koerner Roderick Linton LLP"
Judy Davis $25.00 "Good luck ... and enjoy the run!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Anything for you Mary. What a wonderful caring thing for you to do. Your father is proud of you!!! Mary"
Ann & David Brennan Hidden "This is a great way to honor your Dad. He is proud."
Fran Peterson Hidden "Hi Mary, I think it is wonderful what you are doing in memory of your dad. He will be very proud of you as I am Love you, Aunt Fran"
Barb Wright $50.00 "Go, MM! You make me proud!"
Debbie Visi $25.00 "Mary, I am so very proud of what you are doing, the moment I met your dad/family I fell in Love............Mr. Linton is smiling large rays of sunshine on you."
kate yamokoski $50.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your Dad. I will be cheering you on! Love, Kate"
Anonymous Hidden "ur my most favoritest mary miller ;)~ im proud of u!!!"
Kirsten & Chris Waack $50.00 "Good Luck Mary! Your father was a wonderful man and we're proud to donate in his memory."
Sandra Grosko $75.00 "Good luck Mary. Thank you for doing this. -Sandra, Mark and Andrew Grosko"
Ron & Yvonne Miller $25.00 "Mary, What a wonderful way in which to honor your father's memory. God Bless,Love Ron"
Sharon Turk $25.00 "What a great way to honor your father! Best of luck to you!"
Kathy Pachell $50.00 "Mary: Best of luck in achieving your goal and raising awareness of a truly valuable cause. I am sure Bob continues to be with you every step of the way. Kathy PAchell-Roderick Linton Staff Member."
Dave & Kathy (Linton) Hoppe $100.00 "How wonderful to remember your dad this way. Both he and your cousin Chuck will be smiling down upon you!"
Jay Imus $25.00 " You might just inspire me to get off my butt and start training again."
Stacy Bubba $25.00 "Mary- I am proud of what you are doing- What an awesome legacy you are creating for your father! I know you will meet and exceed your goals! God Speed! Stacy B. "
Lara Rafton $25.00 "Good luck at IMCDA Jennie! Everytime I watch Ironman 2006 I ball like a little baby. You're inspiring me :) "
JAN kENDRICK $50.00 "April your doing a great thing keep it up. And remember keep the sun in your face and the wind to your back Love ya jan "
Sean & Laura Hoynes $75.00 "Mary -- I know your dad will be with you every step of your way! What a wonderful way to honor him. Go Mary! Laura & Sean Hoynes"
Hillary Lannan Hidden "High five and number 1 right on, Jennie!"
Mike and Renee Zaz $25.00 "Good Luck Mary, I know you will do great! What a wonderful thing you are doing for your dad. Mike and Renee Zaz"
Ben Parker $100.00 "Go get 'em"
Kenneth Tiger $80.00 "In memory of George Coker (1925-2005), diagnosed with ALS in 2003. WWII veteran. 571st Squadron, 390th Bomber Group, 8th Air Force. Uncle George said his diagnosis was not tragic, but the diagnoses of children was the tragedy."
Ariane Buser Hidden "Way to go, Jennie! :-) Best of luck! Ariane :)"
Karen Powers $25.00 "Mary: Best of luck to you meeting your goal! Kudos to you for trying to make a difference and raise awareness. My sister lost her father-in-law to ALS last year as well. Your father was like a father to me and to so many others and will be missed for many years to come. I know he's smiling down on you from heaven for your dedication to this wonderful cause!! Karen Powers, Roderick Linton"
Lisa and Chris Tuzzeo $50.00 "Mary~ YOU make a difference. You step up put a foot forward get invovled....and make a difference. In the lives of people you do not know and in the lives of your friends, family and people in your communty. To turn your loss into a drive to help others is a truely admirable gift. How lucky we all are to have been touched by Mary. I am blessed by your friendship and example. ROLL on! "
Carla Cue $10.00 "I'll see you at Placid!"
Caroline Hergt $25.00 "Way to go Bob! "
Michael and Kelley Clark $25.00 "Good Luck Mary....if only I could do the same! Kelley"
Julie Prince $75.00 "Thanks Mike, this is so awesome that you are doing this, and for such a great cause!!!! Good Luck, we love you! Julie and Justin"
Derrick Koch $50.00 "Go Bob Go! great cause and I know that you are up to the task."
Anonymous $50.00 "Action stations! Action stations! Whoop, Whoop, Whoop. -- Full speed ahead, Bud!"
Karen Gottschalk $50.00 "Love Ya, Mike!!!! Gary and Karen"
Jesus Perez $55.00 "Run Diego run! Thanks for pushing me to hit back the pavement! Let's see if I can run Chicago this year. "
Billy Nainiger Hidden "Try not to hurt yourself. Good luck!"
Lori Lischner $15.00 "Good luck Jennie!"
Ronson Nguyen $250.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Donna Marie Jendritza $50.00 "Go Mike!"
Bill Marek $25.00 "Go Mike!"
Sriram Vasudevan $50.00 "It's awesome that your are doing this .... Good luck Mike ! May the force be with you."
Jared Klinghoffer $250.00 "Good luck! Have Jac send pictures if you get wheel-barrowed across the finish line."
Marguerite Leoni $100.00 "For a good cause ... Break a Leg!"
Brent Leslie $75.00 "Best of luck - Brent, Kate and Julia Leslie"
Chris Daniels Hidden "Nice work Swyt! Glad to hear you're doing this. Don't forget your orange floaties big guy!"
Pam Miske $25.00 "Mike, Good Luck! We plan on being there to watch you log roll over the finish line! Pam"
Lisa Franciotti $10.00 "I love that you're doing this Tidmore!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Best wishes Mike! You've already done the hard part by making this incredible commitment to this wonderful cause. -- Patrick & Andrea Hynes"
Vincent Liu $251.00 "Good luck! - Fran & Vinnie"
Barb Costigan $25.00 "Good luck Mike. You are truly showing your wonderful colors and expression of love for the Prince family. We pray for Jack every day. He lives his life with dignity and courage. We are so proud of all of you! Love, Barb and Bill"
steven perunovich $1,460.00 "This contribution is from the blazeman event on friday may 29th 2008 in san deigo. Many people contibuted to this and came together to celebrate Jon."
Bruce & Sheila Poland $50.00 "Way to Go Mike...We are proud of you! Love ya, Bruce & Sheila"
kim cheadle $50.00 "You go girl!!!"
greg pesek $50.00 "good luck!!"
Kara Teklinski $50.00 "You are going to rock CDA!!! See you there!"
Erik Birkholz $50.00 ""I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Phil 4:13"
Brian August $100.00 "Best of luck, Jennie! You're going to do great."
John Ryan $5,000.00 "Fighting The War on ALS, So Other's May Live! Jon, "Blazeman" Blais, you will never be forgotten!"
Jeff Manno $100.00 "Good Luck! it will be a very rewarding experience especially since you have a connection to the cause."
Anonymous $50.00 "This is a wonderful thing you are participating in...keep up the good work! Best of luck, Dennis! God Bless You!"
James Phillippe $100.00 "Good luck Mike! James & Angie Phillippe"
Jennifer McGregor $179.00 "Tim - you're an inspiration!"
Terri Johnson $17.90 "Let it Roll!"
Laura Bray $50.00 "Way to go Jennie - with the training AND fundraising!! I'll be cheering for you and look forward to hearing about your race."
Kevin Gady Hidden "Good Luck Mike! "
Bayley Davis $25.00 "Go get em. My Uncle Bill died from this awful disease. It was the hardest thing ever for me to deal with."
Blanche Hill $25.00 "I am honored to support Tim Smit and to join in the effort to win the war on ALS. "
Kimberly Karpf $50.00 "Good luck Jennie! We're rooting for you! -Kim & Drew"
Susan Ott $100.00 "Good luck CHris you are gonna ROCK IT"
MileStone Reporting, Inc. Layman $50.00 "Proud! "
Pat, Jen and Gabriel Flynn $50.00 "IF Phat Larry beats Brent.... I will double my donation. Go Larry Go"
Larry Layman $100.00 " Great Cause..............We are so proud of you guys. Love & Hugs, Mom & Pops"
Lindsay Williams $75.00 "Max and Jakey are cheering you on! "
Pat Lesky $75.00 " Brent & Brian, You are great to help out this cause and to honor Lindsey in the process. I'm proud of you, as always. YOU GO, guys! Luv ya, Aunt Pat"
REX AND JEAN MILLS $100.00 "It is so refreshing to see the kindness, thoughtfulness, and caring of the Layman Family is being continued by the next generation. Thanks guys for making your parents proud!!"
Valere and Sarah Binet $179.00 "Great Job for a great cause."
Leticia Espina $100.00 "Mike, You're awesome for taking this on! Everyone at work will be rooting for you!! Letty"
Suzan Thomas $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Mary & Lawrence Trainum $100.00 "Way to go Guys - Mary and Lawrence"
Jack and Joan Heinicke $100.00 "This is a wonderful thing you are doing to help raise awareness to ALS, as well as helping to find a cure. Good luck for a successful "campaign"."
Matt Bachtel $75.00 "Elementary Backstroke Swyt, save your energy for the run, good luck!"
Charles & Kathy Wyckoff Jr. $100.00 "Way to go, Layman's! We wish you great success for this cause. We hope success comes quickly in finding a cure. Charlie & Kathy Wyckoff"
Maria Lee Hidden "Good luck Dennis!!!"
Charles Dale $50.00 "Good luck Denn. "
Veronica Lee Hidden "Do Me Proud Dennis. Also...remember to breath."
Dorothy Miller $179.00 "God Bless you Tom, I pray for you every day."
Maureen Reen Hidden "Dear Dennis, We're all pulling for you here at home in Boston. Be safe. Please think of our friend and neighbor, Sue Eustice who is currently battling ALS. God Bless! Love, Maureen, John, James, Jack, and Emmett"
Joseph Walko $50.00 "Yo dude! Good luck!"
Debra Clarry $50.00 "Way to go, Bob. I'm happy to support you to reach this very worthwhile goal!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Great contribution to a great cause Bob - go for it - we'll all be cheering you on."
William Smarr $10.00 "Great cause....... like many others, I've been inspired by the Blazeman after watching Kona coverage on tv. Find a cure !"
Beth Barca $50.00 "Hope all went well, Dennis. A very admirable undertaking. -- The Barcas"
Beginner Triathlete $111.57 "Evidence of the generosity of BT. "
Jeff Giles $17.90 "It was awesome racing with ya Chris...and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to do this before. Better late than never, right? "
Carl Jensen $10.00 "Well done Bob, I will leave the Ironman's to you as I am better throwing heavy things around the gym and the highland games field!! Good luck!!"
Michael Zuker $500.00 "Wow Mikey, go get 'em! You friend, Zuker"
Joe Hemler $50.00 "Easy does it on the transition from bike to run. Good luck buddy!"
Joe Suster $50.00 "Good luck."
Jimmy Swyt $100.00 "Run Fatboy Run!"
Pat & Bob Drapcho $50.00 "Mike, I know how proud your in-laws are of you. You must be one terrific person and I ask God tha t you reach this goal and more."
elisa davis $25.00 "Congratulations on the Ironman and just as importantly, your fundraiser efforts for ALS! Amazing job Jenny. You are a star. Elisa "
Jennifer Prince $100.00 "Mike, we are so proud of you and know how hard you've trained for this event. We love you, Jen & Ryan"
Kate & John Donald Hidden "So proud of you!"
Adria Pollack $25.00 "Way to go, Mary!"
Jan & Ken Frith $100.00 "Go Iron Gebbie Go ! We're proud of you Bob!"
Thomas Purnell $25.00 "Go Mary!!"
David Basche Alysia Reiner $50.00 "Go Jennifer!!!!! Go!!!!!! - Alysia & David"
Thomas Bornemann $50.00 "We're so proud of you, Jen. Love, MOM & DAD"
Judith Hobson $50.00 "Hi Jen, Rennette and I are so very proud of you and it is an honor to help out!! So impressed with your #179!! You go girl!! Love, Judi"
Glenda Easom $50.00 "Jen,We are so proud of you.Love,The Florida Aunties"
Jennifer Costley $75.00 "Jen - you always amaze me. Good luck and keep going!"
Mary Herms $25.00 "Go Jennifer!"
William Walsh $100.00 "My cousin, Bruce Edwards, Tom Watson's caddie, died from ALS a couple years ago. It was widely covered on ESPN and other national sports outlets. Good luck, Chris."
justin model Hidden "Congrats Jen! "
mark diebolt $179.00 "Dana, Proud of your efforts to fight ALS remembering your father and the Blazeman with each stroke on the swim, wheel spin on the bike and stride on the run. All the best, Mark"
doris and yoram arieven $100.00 "Good luck Dana....what a beautiful way to honor your father. Love, Doris and Yoram "
Hope Horton Hidden "Sending support and strenght to you and a great cause! "
Nola Unger $100.00 "Love, Nonie"
Gregston Chu $179.00 "Good luck Mike! Thank you for reminding me to live life. Gregston and Hiroko."
Douglas Nieters $251.00 "Go Jen, You are my Hero and I hear that Marvel is considering you for their new "Super Hero"."
Lynn Batemarco $25.00 "Good Luck Caryn!"
Suzan and Martin Rose Hidden "Another example of your strong love for family. Dana, you are terrific."
Michael King $25.00 "Good luck Mike. Can't wait to see the pictures!"
Francis Brown $58.00 "Just to bring it on home...stay classy"
Thomas Baltis $50.00 "Mike, good luck!!!"
Robert F. Linton, Jr. Hidden "Mary, Dad could not be more proud of you and Cal. Great job, We all love you, Bob, Kris, Erin, Brian, Emily and Evan"
Glenn Schentag $25.00 "Good luck Bob! "
Meredith Swanson $50.00 "Good luck this weekend!"
Jeremy Webb Hidden "Good Luck at the Longhorn HIM! God Bless.. (gusano)"
Diane Roten $100.00 "Mike: Good luck and God bless! We'll be with you in spirit wishing you water-free goggles, air in your tires and wings on your feet! Diane and Rick"
Paul Kostansek $25.00 "Good Luck Mike! "
Tom and Chris Fichtner $1,000.00 "Very inspiring Blazeman, thanks for getting this going! The Walk to D'Feet ALS is great, but not quite challenging enough!"
Carol and John Gaffney $100.00 "Good luck Mark and Hi Tom; we are thinking of you."
Clyde & Denise Bowman $50.00 "Mike, Thank you for doing this for such a wonderful cause. We are sure you did well. Clyde and Denise Bowman"
Tom Fichtner $100.00 "Great job at Iron Girl! We love the picture of you and Lara! - Tom and Christine"
Denise & Pelle Fornberg $179.00 "We're proud to support your triatholon-ing AND fight ALS!"
Dave & Pam Paulus $200.00 "Good luck!!"
David & Ginny Paulus $50.00 "In memory of Frances Sullivan and Jack Paulus, both victims of ALS."
Cindy Kurtz $10.00 "Good luck to you Mary!"
angie sall $250.00 "dana, i am really proud of what you are doing, for yourself, your dad, and all those touched by ALS.. xo angie"
Paula Hammerschmitt Hidden "Eric We're very proud of you for doing this. Grandpa would have loved to have been there with you cheering you on. We know he'll be there spirit, All our love Mom and Dad"
robin huston $100.00 "Way to go Eric! You're doing an amazing thing. Robin H."
Louise Ford $50.00 "Good Luck Bob!"
William and Mary Curran III $250.00 "We are very proud of you and your effort to help those who are touched by ALS; the horrible disease that took your Grandfather from all of us. Good luck with your work outs and the competition on October 8th. "
Jason Veno $50.00 "Dana, Best of luck with the fundraiser, a truly great cause."
J. Raquel Struck Hidden "Good Luck!"
Andrew Innes $50.00 "Good Luck, MIke! Andrew."
Robert Moyes $50.00 "Good Luck with the running on Sunday!! Proceeds going to a great cause! Robert & Lynne Moyes"
Chris Langsford $25.00 "I'd never heard of ALS before. I guess I've been lucky that no-one close to me has ever suffered from it. Best wishes Tom."
George Epperson Hidden "dana, you are the wind beneath my wings ;-) lol"
mike newton Hidden "Great Job! Awesome Baby!"
Jim Buick $25.00 "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it"
Catriona MacTaggart $50.00 "Best of luck for the run tomorrow mate, hope it goes well. The MacTags xx"
Robert Donlan $50.00 "Good luck on your fight to help people suffering with this disease. Best, Bob"
mary doherty Hidden "Awesome Bob!! and inspiring!"
Michael Baffi $25.00 "You are my Ironman hero!"
Norman Jamieson $50.00 "Well done Mike Hume on your half marathon - Norrie"
Anonymous Hidden "So sorry to hear about your Dad. Good luck in the triathlon. I know you'll finish strong!"
Kathy Jorgensen $50.00 "John: I think this is wonderful to support your dad. You go man...you are in awesome shape and a testimony to your love for your dad! I too cared for my mom over the years when she was suffering from cancer so I can certainly relate to the connection when a parent suffers from a chronic disease. I really miss you guys...but it is great to see folks every now and then and especially to be coordinating with Diane Walker in the Ike relief efforts. As that old time gospel song goes...."I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God...." God bless you John and your family. Best of wishes in your training too! --the Jorgensens"
Emily Clark Hidden "Go Lel and Tucker! "
Nancy Okerman Hidden "Good Luck Eric! We're cheering for you and the good thing you are doing. Nancy & Wayne"
Svata and Dick Trossen $50.00 "In memory of Judy on her birthday. Rest in peace. With love, from Svata and Dick"
James and Jihan Udall Hidden "Hammer, What an outstanding cause to run/bike/swim for. Enjoy the training! James and Jihan"
Frank Metcalf $200.00 "Bob, you make a difference in this world. It's an honour to be your friend, and a challenge to follow your example."
Terry & Don Parsons Hidden "You are a wonderful testimony to all the lives you touch! What a great blessing you are to your family and your Church! Stay strong and healthy! Terry & Don."
Jerry Edmonson $25.00 "John - I'm praying for you and your dad as you journey together during this very difficult time. May the Lord sustain you as you seek to honor Him. Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:28-31 (NIV) "
Ed & Judy Buehler $25.00 "Johnny Our love and prayers are with you and your family Ed & Judy"
Sandra Allcorn $50.00 "John, One for my very best friends from high school and college died of ALS (six years ago) when she was 41 years old. She left behind two young boys and a husband. She fought an incredible 5 year fight which was very difficult to watch. Her mother told me on the day Pam died that she keep looking up because she was waiting for Jesus to take her home. I do believe that Jesus made a special trip that day. I will be praying for your dad. Remember Pam when you do the Iron Man. In Christ, Sandy Allcorn"
Aaron and Debbie Rapier $100.00 "Brad, good work and give 'em hell in Kona"
Mark & Jean Child Hidden "Eric, We are so proud of you and for a great cause. Grandpa Warren would be so proud and honored that you are doing this for him and others that are affected by this horrible disease. Finish the drill! Love, Uncle Mark & Aunt Jean"
Don & RoseAnn Callegari $25.00 "Good Luck, John! We are praying for all of you! "
David and Kathy Quin $179.00 "GOOD LUCK!!! What you are doing is WONDERFUL."
Kristi Williams $25.00 "John - Best of luck on your journey to help raise awareness of this devastating disease. We wish you the best. "
Ben Borchelt $200.00 "Donation from Valpak of Southeastern Maryland"
Abby Strauss $50.00 "Brad, Good luck in Kona. I will be cheering you on from Chicago Abby"
John Young $100.00 "Run Bradley Run! We know you will do great!!"
staci hammerschmitt $250.00 "Go ERIC Thanks J&C R!!!!!!!!"
Mark Lamb $179.00 "Pace yourself. We don't want to have to find a new financial advisor. Good Luck!"
Jennifer Trenn $140.60 "Brad - A dollar for every mile...We'll be thinking of you! Trennie"
Anne McDonald $50.00 "Congratulations Leslie and Tucker on a job well done and a worthy cause!"
Bernadette Ross $50.00 "Thank you for taking on this challenge in the spirit of helping others. "
Kevin Pope $25.00 "Best of Luck, Brad!"
Anthony Qaiyum $100.00 "go brad, go! what a great challenge and a fantastic cause. can't wait to hear about your race. Anthony & Rachel"
mike and kate sanchez Hidden "good luck angel! "
Deborah Barry Hidden "Brad, best of luck, compete in good health. I know that you will hear Ethel's voice in your head at times. Listen! You may as well, she was always right. Deb"
Dan McHale $100.00
Stefanie Pruitt $50.00 "Rodney, you are an amazing man!! Love, Stef"
Jim Kerr $50.00 "Bob may the force by with you!"
Yazid Metahri $100.00 "Tom, I wish you Good Luck...keep your faith up and share your courage, Best yazid Metahri"
corny & sandy smit $50.00 "Keep up the good work Tim. Mom & Dad"
Helen Lombaerde $20.00 "Please walk in honor of Edward Cherny who is currently fighting this disease."
Anonymous $250.00 "May the brisk winds lighten your difficult journeys april…you are the catalyst for others…I am proud of you…"
Mary Simmons $50.00 "Thomas I am so proud of you for doing this! I had no idea. I am glad you left the link on my computer! I would love to help any way I can and I intend to get the kids involved as well! Every year I ask them to choose a charity to donate to- I am cetain this will become a favorite! Thank you so much for making this wonderful effort! Love- Mary (your sister in-law!)"
Kari Thomas $179.00 "To my very own Ironman...thank you for continuing to "blaze" the trail in the battle against ALS. I am so very proud of you."
David, Ray, Ashley & Jack Colescott $179.00 "Mom, You are the best! Can't wait until I am 18 so I can do an IRONMAN race with you! Keep up the good work, and I love U very much...Jack"
Shannon Knuth $50.00 "Go Tim! "
Danielle Johnson $179.00 "This is such a great thing you are doing for all of those impacted with ALS! Enjoy every moment! "
Lisa Gables $200.00 "Thanks for volunteering for such a great cause!!!"
Elliot Kimball $25.00 "April, Thanks for doing what you are doing...Keep it up and I look forward to staying in touch."
Diane Macdonald $100.00 "Paul, your commitment is inspiring."
Maureen Fischer $25.00 "Happy Birthday Natalia and Vera. A contribution has been made from Erica Fischer in honor of your birthday."
Chris Fuselier $179.00 "My Father passed away from complications from ALS two years ago. I salute Gareth, my fraternity brother at the University of Colorado and long-time friend, for undertaking such a worth cause! Good luck, Fuse!"
dan bolger $25.00 "Run hard bro! Dan Bolger"
Courtney Bohrer $50.00 "Gareth, Very inspiring! Thank you for sending and all the best with your race! Warm Regards, Courtney"
David "Hawaii Elvis" Brunken $26.20 "Gareth, Rock on brother! You, Boston, the Blazeman and the war on ALS effort... that's exactly the passion I came to know over our 4+ hour San Diego Rock 'n Roll Elvis adventure. I applaud your effort and your committment. I also feel honored to be the one who puts you over the $1000 mark. So I donate to you and the war on ALS the amount of $26.20 to honor those sacred 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston that I have had the distinct pleasure of completing twice. Welcome to the club my friend! Dave Brunken"
Judy Pratt $250.00 "Mike - you are in inspiration - enjoy the roll!!"
Dave Kotowski $50.00 "Happy Birthday Natasha and Vera Simmons. This donation has been made in your name from Katie Kotowski."
Randa Collins $26.20 "I guess it's not a fad anymore...good luck...I am proud of your accomplishments!"
Tom and Marlene Lupo $20.00 "This terrible disease has touched our lives in many ways. We are inspired by Jon's life and legacy. We pray for a cure. Good luck Paul !!!"
Katharine Lagor $250.00 "Good luck Matthew, Love Mom and Dad42"
Mary Ann Parsons $20.00 "God bless!"
Belynda Meehan $100.00 "Much Love - One Love"
Michael Myers $100.00 "Good luck Paul!!"
Suzanne/Dean Albro $25.00 "Good Luck Matt!"
Raymonde Roch $250.00 "Thank you so much for doing this. Good Luck. Raymonde Roch"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Matt!"
Ken Bell $50.00 "Thanks Matt. A great way to honor the Blazeman"
Kristina Richards $25.00 "The best of luck to you, Matt!"
Giovanni Amato $25.00 "Good Luck, Matt!!!!!!"
Thomas Scelfo $25.00 "Go get 'em, Matt!"
Kate Giblin $100.00 "Searles - Best of luck with Boston! You'll do great! See you in RI in July. Please give my best to the Blais Family. Kate"
Sean Searles $100.00 "Great cause Buntie...thanks for taking this on!"
Barbara Morin $25.00 "Good Luck Matt!"
Heather Gately Hidden "Best of luck and have fun!!!"
Cheryl Choquette $25.00 "See you at the finish line in Providence, Good Luck!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck!"
Bridget Zwack $25.00 "Best of luck during the race--hopefully it's sunny!"
Paige Albro $25.00 "Good Luck Mr. Matt!!"
Patricia Cunningham $25.00 "This is an amazing way to honor Jon Blais. When your mom speaks of you, her pride and love for you are so very evident... Run well."
John Crawley $25.00 "Best of health and luck Matt"
Greg Glass $100.00 "Nice job buntus."
Tiffani Harkrider Hidden "Way to go Kristina! :) "
Barry Ostrow $26.20 "Hi Paul, Good luck with meeting your fund raising goal. You did a wonderful job with the raffle/auction at Fireflies and we very much enjoyed it. Barry & Irene"
Tom Abbott $26.20 "Go for it Paul--I know you can do the distance, ha ha. See you at Mile 12!"
Roy & JoAnn Lake $100.00 "We believe you have chosen a great cause for your Ironman Run in Lake Placid! Love, Mom and Dad"
Gina Oro $50.00 "Good luck, Chris! "
Julie Monfreda $50.00 "Good luck Chis!! "
Callie Beaton $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!!! :)"
Rebecca Cofod $25.00 "Rock on! What an amazing thing to do! Good luck :-) - Rebecca"
Tania Younkin $50.00 "The world is lucky to have people like you! "
Jim and Rhea Amidon $25.00 "Aloha Chris, We love you and wish you well! We will keep it all in prayer for your cause!"
Dayna Girouard $25.00 "Good Luck Chris! You will do us all proud!"
Maurielle Simoes $179.00 "Good Luck!"
Jennifer Fields $50.00 "Good Luck Paul!"
Mark Parsons $50.00 "I am so proud of my boy, Chris, for participating in this worthy cause."
Carin LeSeure $50.00 "Go Bro! Proud of ya! "
William Wray $100.00 "Good luck, Mike!"
Justin Bergeron $101.00 "Fourth hole, fishing for golf balls in that swampy mess of a thing they called a pond. Coming out of there with hundreds of balls and green toenails. And the SMELL!... I want to be there at the finishline so I can smell your tri-suit and have flashbacks of meow meow lick! Now stop reading this. You should be training."
Susan Belliveau $25.00 "YOU CAN DO IT! GOOD LUCK!!! "
Shy Softic $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Sue Troccolo $25.00 " Good luck!! The world needs more good people like you!"
Mysta Broughton $25.00 "Go Chris go! Wishing you wings of speed and strength! Mysta"
Julie Franco $25.00 "Good Luck, I know you will do great!"
Marjorie Dias $125.00 "Good Luck Matthew- I am very proud to have such a caring Nephew! Love Auntie Marjorie "
Donna Hall $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Doug McVay $25.00 "I applaud the commitment, Matt. Good Luck"
Jason Bell $26.20 "Good luck with the race and the donations! Once you're done and recovered I hope we can do some mountain biking again."
Danielle North $25.00 "What a story of inspiration... unbelievable..."
John and Kate Fraser $100.00 "Uncle Mark, hope the weather is in your favor on Marathon Monday. Guess you will know! Good luck. You are amazing. Love JD and Mic"
Lynne Moser $50.00 "Good Luck in Brazil!! - Lynne Moser"
Nancy Girard-Schwaner $50.00 "Uhhh Beaner...good luck!! ;)"
Tom Langford Hidden "Good luck Matt! Hope the weather's good for the marathon! Get it -- you're a weather guy... :)"
ASHLEY HUTCHINSON Hidden "I have always admired your endless drive to be amazing! And you are just that...Amazing!!! Love, Ashley #2"
Mary Manion $20.00 "Good Luck Mary Manion"
Joyce Mello $26.00 "Best of luck reaching the goal Matt! I know you can do it..."
Rick Franzmathes $25.00 "Gareth, Best of luck this Monday, psyched to see you cross the finish line!!!"
Chris Capizano $179.00 "Good Luck Mark!"
Kevin Murphy $25.00 "Your a better man then me..... Good Luck! "
Elyse Gesmondi $100.00 "Thank you Matt and Good luck! Over seven years ago, my bright and vibrant mother was diagnosed with this awful disease. I helped her fight and she fought until her very last moment. Thank you for running for her and for all the others who died too soon. Thank you for your courage and I will be there with you in spirit. Sincerely, Elyse Gesmondi"
Jonah Liebert $25.00 "Best of luck! Mr. Brescia would be proud! Jonah"
Dan & Jane Jaehnig $100.00 "I am making this donation to support Mark Searles as he runs the marathon for a great cause."
Tina Meeker $50.00 "I think my company offers matching - I will check."
Kirstin Brennan $100.00 "Best of Luck to you and Marguerite!"
Maureen Lynch $25.00 "Congrats on a great run!!"
Suzanne Calcutt $25.00 "I'm so sorry to hear Nick and Ann's story. I commend you for your efforts. Keep on truckin'. "
Sue Simmons $20.00 "" The world is a better place because of people like you!"...Love, Sue"
Anonymous $20.00 "Good Luck ...... Out Swim those Sharks!!"
Kristen Brunzell $100.00 "So proud of you Perry for supporting such an important cause! Can't wait to see you in action...2 years in a row. xoxo"
Shan Whiteside $25.00 "You're a force, Perry!"
Paula Sindelar $25.00 "Perry Karl, You are a ROCK star~Tell those sharks to stay outta your way!! Have a GREAT race...see you at Solstice :) Love you Bunches! xxxooooPJ "
Eric yang $179.00 "Black Bag team wishes you luck and support you all the way!"
Karen Starritt $50.00 "Good luck Perry! I know you'll do great!!"
Gary Gaston $25.00 "Hey thanks for doing this and letting me know about it. Keep it up, you are making the rest of us look bad ;)"
Katie Hansen Hidden "This is a wonderful cause, Steph! "
Zac Jones $50.00 "You da WHOA-man!!"
Bridget Quigg $20.00 "Swim it up, Big Pear. I'm so proud of you. We'll all be swimming with you in spirit. :-)"
Jennifer Seneca $250.00 "Perry: Thank you for being such a wonderful contributor to life. This donation is in memory of my beautiful sister Melissa Reilly-Gardiner whom I miss every singel day, You were such a great friend to her and she had a special love for you. Good luck!!"
Paul Ikeda $25.00 "Go Perry, Have Fun!"
Jacki Beder $100.00 "Hope, faith, courage - keep it up Newtman!"
Marie Mihail $179.00 "Hej san Perry! What an impressive feat. Way to go. Best, Marie"
Jeff Cacy $50.00 "You go Perry! "
George Scammell $25.00 "Thank you for helping!"
Emily Fitzgerald $50.00 "Good for you for taking on this challenge! Good luck with the event and the fundraising!"
Joe Wrzosek $100.00 "All the way, Airborne!"
David Seibert $100.00 "Go get 'em in Brazil - see you when you get back!"
Richard Makela $20.00 "Good Luck Shemp!!!"
Jon Hays $10.00 "This donation was delivered in cash from my friend Beth Fisher. I have had to post it under my account. Thanks Beth!"
Kevin Saunders Hidden "Thanks, April, for inspiring me on a daily basis!"
Austin Caviness $50.00 "Thanks for helping beat this monster.....spread the word!"
christopher lake $5.00 "The least I can do, for what you do! Today..and everyday..In Jon's name."
Paul Sims $25.00 "Good luck Terry! I am confident that all of the hard work you have put in will pay off."
Julie Hays $100.00 "Jon, what you are doing is awesome. Kelly & I both miss Aunt Kathi so much. I feel so blessed that I was able to know her. Good luck in all of your events!! We love you, Julie & Kelly"
Jenn Louras $25.00 "Go Perry Go!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us! Love, Jenn and Rambo Louras"
Drew Dannels $179.00 ""Bark at the moon like the wild dog that you are!""
Marc Cormier $25.00 "Good Luck Buddy!!!"
Sue and John McCumiskey $40.00 "Go get'em Terry what a great idea. We will be behind you all the way !!! A very long distance behind though, ha,ha,ha. Good Luck"
Bruce Collins $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Krista Porter $25.00 "Swim smoothly, bike hard, and run fast! Good Luck!"
Gloria Brunzell $100.00 "We are so proud of you, Perry! We will be there to cheer you on. Love, Auntie Glor & Uncle Gene"
Steve Noble $75.00 "You Rock!"
Robert Perers $100.00 "The fire in your heart and the focus in your mind will alter the course towards a ALS cure. Im proud to be your friend and thank you for being great example to my children. Now get back to training!"
Scott Landis $100.00 "My thoughts and best wishes are with you Perry as you surpass another personal goal!"
Erica Valliere $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!! You have worked hard for this!!"
Frank Brown $100.00 "Terry, You never cease to amaze me! You always have been (and I'm sure will continue to be) a role model to the students at NHS and all in Norwich. You continue to show me that you are truly one of the best that Norwich has to offer. Jack has touched many of us in many different ways. He is truly one of my hero's. I only wish I'd realized it when I could have told him myself. Good Luck and God Bless Frank"
Kristin Heron $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!! Way to be!! ;)"
Amy Coleman $50.00 "Perry... good luck with the donation campaign and the race (of course). Looking forward to meeting you in San Fran. Amy (Steve's friend in Ohio)"
Eric Hobbs $25.00 "Andy Potts watch out! Here comes Perry! Good luck buddy--I'll miss you down there."
Cindi Doza $100.00 "Best of luck Perry! Make sure Steve does not get beat by a tea cup. ~The Doza's"
Jon Brunzell $100.00 "See you in SF cous! Can't wait!"
carrie umland $100.00 "Perry, Embrace your good health and fitness and enjoy every minute of the race. This donation is in loving memory of my wonderful friend Bobbi Frederick and in honor of my friend John Carthum."
Sherry McCabe $25.00 "Best of luck Perry, you'll be awesome as usual!"
Carolyn Peterson $25.00 "Keep Steve safe........"
Devin Burgoon $1,000.00 "We at POWERADE are so impressed with your commitment to the cause and the fact that you are an IRONMAN! Great work in Brazil and best of luck in Austin and South Africa!"
Mike Shamrell $25.00 "Best of luck, Perry!"
Lynn Sherwood $25.00 "Thank you Perry for doing this. I found out about your doing this via Anne Sherwood and Facebook. My father was diagnosed in January 1992 and passed away in April 1992. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Lynn Sherwood"
Jerry Diaz $50.00 "Perry, rock it out! Thanks for raising awareness for such an important cause. Jon and I are thinking of you."
Patricia LiWang $100.00 "Go Team Wang! "
traci turigliatti $50.00 "Jon: This is a great thing you are doing, best of luck. Your mom would be proud of you."
Joshua Bennett $25.00 "Good luck Mr. Hagenbuch! Josh Bennett"
Bill and Jeanne Meehan $25.00 ""It isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." And, you've got game, big guy."
STAN and NANCY YOUTT $50.00 "Good Luck, Chris!"
Joe Coe $50.00 "My wife Ann and I wish you the very best, it's all about the Motor & Mind!!!!!! Joe"
Anonymous $100.00 "Keep up the great work, guys!!"
Brandon Neff $50.00 "Derek - Good luck on the 12th. I'd like the video of you rolling across the finishline to show up on Youtube. Neff"
Alan & Ann Giroux $25.00 "Good luck Derek, We will be there to see you roll over the finish line!"
James Aikman $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Ryan & Paula Blais $50.00 "Good luck Derek! Go Team Blazeman!"
Brad and Melanie Haugen $179.00 "We are proud of you Joel!! Mom and DAD"
Nicole Beckwith $50.00 "Terry, I wish you the very best in conquering all 140.6 miles. Myself and many others will be thinking of you ever stroke, spin, and step of the way. Just remember you are getting closer and closer to hearing those 4 powerful words..."You are an ironman!" ~NIC"
Karen Glendinning $50.00 "Best of luck Tim!"
Marianne & Chris Bedard $25.00 "Chris...you inspire more people than you can imagine. This will be an amazing day for you!"
laura kauth $25.00 "Good Luck Derek!!!! When your race gets tough just remember what a great charity you are helping out. You have worked so hard, a great race you will have!!!! When you need a little pick-me-up just let Bob into your head.... when qualifying for Kona................... haha. Laura "
David Kreuzer $100.00 "Mix, If you get tired I will be waiting at Addison and Broadway with a Sparks for you. Good luck buddy! "
Christopher Clement $50.00 "Chris & Jen Clement"
Andrew Allen $25.00 "In memory of your Dad, drew design."
Kim Griffith Hidden "Thanks Ben for this....it means so much to us. Good luck with the race!"
Ken Lombardi $100.00 "Your mission is very inspirational! Best of luck in your endeavor!"
Stuart Leibach $100.00 "The Leibach family is with you all the way!"
Philippe & Allison Szapary $50.00 "Go Wendi Go!"
maureen rush $50.00 "Wendy Good luck! My friend Mike died of ALS last year at the age of 59. It's a horrible disease. Thanks for helping to find a cure. Best, Maureen"
Gretchen Cooney $50.00 "Best of luck, Wendi. It's a great race, you'll have a great day - soak it all in!"
Lynda Mischel $25.00 "Go Wendi!"
Annamaria Jaskot $50.00 "Good luck Wendi!"
Marita McCormick $25.00 "I can't wait to see you take on Ironman! Congrats on all your work and for using Ironman for a good cause!"
Richard Adler $50.00 "Good luck Wendi!"
Mattia Percudani $179.00 "So others may live....i want to remember this, Always."
Karen Fake Hidden "Thank you Chris for your committment to these individuals. This disease is so challenging in so many ways. I have personally experienced it with patients/families in my job. I am so proud of you. KK"
Angela Schaefer $25.00 "Iron Dad, We are so proud of you for following your dream and doing it for a cause. We are looking forward to watching you roll across the finish line and finishing what you started. WE LOVE YOU! Angela, Bryan and Andrea "
Neil Botts $250.00 "Brian, I got your back."
Allan Priest $100.00 "and I'm all over it"
Renee Berman $25.00 "You go girl!!"
peter skoglund $100.00 "You go girlfriend!"
jessica bergman $100.00 "Jen. You really are a fantastic individual. Best of luck next weekend!"
Todd Sears $100.00 "Go Jenn! "
susan zurbin-hothersall $50.00 "Jen, you're a very special lady. "
Heather Vanderhoof $179.00 "Good luck!"
Patricia Daly $50.00 "Good luck Jen! You are amazing."
Jacqueline Madrigal $25.00 "Rock on Jen!! Wishing you the best and roll across that finish line! ;) "
Cynthia Brem $25.00 "Jen- You are my idol! Best of luck to you! - Cynthia"
Brian, Lindsay, & Taylor DeLonjay $50.00 "Good Luck, buddy! Run like the wind!"
Kevin Spoo $50.00 "Proud of you,Love Dad"
Monica Grabowski $25.00 "Bornemann - rock on! So proud & honored to be a part of your race."
Katherine Rogers $25.00 "GO Jen! ALS is a disease that has touched my family and I am so happy to support you in your efforts."
Nicole Douillet $179.00 "Good luck, Jen!!!"
Judith Hobson $50.00 "Hey Hey Jen!! You go girl!! I am so proud of you!! What a great cause you are supporting!!!! Wear that number with pride and know that I am right there with you and smiling!!! Hugs and love, Judi ... and Rennette sends her love, too!!"
Bernadette Kane $50.00 " Go Billy -- so proud of you! Bernadette"
Tim Donald $75.00 "Good luck, Billy!"
Michelle Paretti $100.00 "So proud of you Jen!!! "
cc sofronas Hidden "Mahalo Billy."
Kim Lancer $25.00 "You're a true Iron Girl, you couldn't be in a more suitable race!!! Goodluck."
Doug Young $25.00 "Good luck Kevin. I am a good friend of Jason Browning."
Travis and Jennifer Yarbrough $179.00 "Kev, you are going to kill it on Sunday! We are so proud of you! We can't wait to watch you roll across that finish line! "
Lance Drennan Hidden "Good Luck Billy! Love, Tammy and Lance "
Stephanie Hagemeister $25.00 "Happy Birthday Steph! This is a great cause, and I am so proud of you! :)"
Sharanya Rao $25.00 "Happy birthday, Stephie! :) Way to go!"
Greg and Judy Sagan $50.00 "Glad that we are seeing your race-Go for it!!!"
J. Raquel Valerio-Struck $25.00 "Go Jen!"
Ognjen Jovicic $50.00 "Joel, I cannot even begin to tell you how noble all of these efforts really are. You have continued to be one of the best people I have ever met through work. I just wish more people would recognize and try to match to even a tiny extent your efforts. Keep on fighting for the cause!"
Anonymous $25.00 "I'm proud that I am with someone who 'does.'"
Peter Eliason Hidden "What a tribute to Nick. "
Kimberly Pribanic $50.00 "I'll be behind you all the way. Go do it! Kim"
Pat/Vince Spinosa $50.00 "We pray for Mom daily. Hope this helps in some small way. Love, Aunt Pat and Uncle Vin"
John Ratzan $100.00 "You are an inspiration to many!!! - John & Rose."
Mt Olive Middle School DDF 9/18/09 $121.00 "Thanks MOMS!"
Joan O'Brien $50.00 "I think of Fern all the time, I do know the difficult time you are going through. My prayers are with you all. Fondly, Joan O'Brien"
Susan Scarce $25.00 "Good luck, Joel! "
Rick Knobler $25.00 "GO GO GO - What an INCREDIBLE accomplishment!!!!"
Lori Zimmerman Hidden "Trace, I never knew you were such an eloquent writer. Your writing is a true tribute to Paul & Edie. I am so proud you have made the committment to this 10K! We are in your corner all the way!!!! Eric, Lori and the girls"
Amanda Radle $100.00 "Love you! Very proud of all your commitment to the race and to the cause. You go! "
Dianna Lee $100.00 "Trace - You are awesome & we love you! good luck in your run!!"
Fred and Rosie Holman $50.00 "Dear Fern, Vinney and Family: We are with you in spirit. Keep fighting the good fight know that you have unstoppable power and when you feel your weakest have the courage at the end of the day to say you will try again tomorrow. Love Fred and Rosie Holman"
Howard Hessel Hidden "Go Billy - no mulligans!"
Rich & Tori Reade $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Catriona Morgan $100.00 "Good luck! And enjoy Hawaii . . . . after you recover:)"
Kenneth Walter Hidden "Great Cause........Great Person.........Go Get Em' Billy.....remember.......I am available if you need a Stand In for the swimming event!!!!!!!"
Kelsey and Kyle Walter Hidden "Best of Luck! "
Stas Antons $100.00 "Dean, You are doing a great thing for a great cause. Good for you and good luck at the race. -Stas and Karen Antons"
Rosemarie Foley $100.00 "Best of Luck Dean!!"
Lisa Webb $50.00 "Good luck Dean! Make the Blazeman proud!"
Gil Mello $50.00 "You are putting your efforts to a great cause. "
Caren Kennedy $25.00 "Go get 'em, Dr. Z!!!! We'll be sending you strength!!! :) ~Kennedy"
Deanna Turner $25.00 "Good Luck Trace! Proud of you. Love you! Dee"
Robert Astacio $50.00 "Good Luck!"
John and Mary Jane Cuneo $179.00 "Best of luck for a great race, Billy and Sara ---from John, Mary Jane, Jack, Will, Minsc and Slippy!"
Gregory Kurkjian $1.00 "Hi Tom, It was fun riding with you and Ann this past weekend. I enjoyed looking at the Peugoet web site. You have collected lots of great stuff!"
Candace Barone $100.00 "Best of luck Dean on this incredible quest of your's - will definitely be thinking of the Blazeman on November 7th! "
Sandra Wozniak $25.00 "Run Bill Run!"
Cherylyn Waibel $50.00 "Good Luck Billy!!!! "
Joshua Knight $5.00 "I'm so proud of you dad, focus on the prize and you'll do awesome."
Dick Blaylock Hidden "Thanks, Cyndi. Wish I could be there watching. "
joshua knight $5.00 "Way to go pop! it's been awesome training with you, now go represent and have a great race at Ironman, you've earned it. "
Ann Peason $100.00 "Good Luck Dr. Z. We are all routing for you! In Loving support of my uncle! Thank you so much! Caitlin Peason"
Katie Greeley $25.00 "Good luck Billy! We will be thinking about you all day Saturday! Love, Katie and Mike"
Barbara Guidetti $30.00 "Way to go Bill! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Barbara Guidetti"
Mike & Brandi Austin $75.00 "Julie & Scott, You are truly an amazing couple with love for each other that is equally amazing! You are in our hearts and our prayers. Love, Brandi & Mike"
Gary O'Connor $100.00 "Good Luck and Thank You for your effort !"
Mary Allison $50.00 "Scott and Julie, My heart goes out to you both and Sophie. You have a beautiful family! I pray for continued strength for your family as you continue to fight this disease. Much love, Mary and Patrick"
Jen and Steve Brock $100.00 "Go Scott!!! We know you can do it! Lots of love!!! The Brocks."
Healthy Solutions, inc. $50.00 "Go Man Go! And learn how to spell volunteer...."
Alex Knight $100.00 "I'm proud of you, and so is Cousin David. Keep running (swimming & pedaling too)"
Bryan, Sandy, & Aila Enos $25.00 "God Bless you Scott! God Bless Julie and Sophie too."
Michael Butz $25.00 "Best of luck to you both, Scott and Julie. --michael butz "
jennifer and Kevin Steinl $250.00 "Dear Julie and Scot, I have been thinking of you! Please know that you are both an inspiration to others. Best of luck in the race and in the fundraising! Love, Jennifer"
Melinda McBride $25.00 "You Go Boy. Much success. Bone-qui-qui, Charline, and Sabrina supports ya!"
Kailie Willson Hidden "I liked Scott from the moment I finally met him, he has a gentle spirit about him. My prayers are with you guys. xo"
william Collins $100.00 "Best of Luck Dean"
Victor Shaw $25.00 "Go man go! "
Yolanda Powell $50.00 "Life is sometimes so cruel and unfair! My heart goes out to Scott, Julie and little Sophie. I would like nothing more than a cure for this terrible disease, so heroes like yourselves can inspire and be with us always. Great success to you in this battle and may your love of each other strengthen you. Yolanda Powell and Ken Knapp "
Susan O'Connor Wagner $100.00 "Good Luck Mr. Z. Every school should have such a wonderful gym teacher! Thank you Caitlin for letting me know of this wonderful cause, I am honored to participate."
Helen Keller $100.00 "Wishing you peace on your journey. Much love, Helen"
Ken & Wanda Skinner Hidden "Our prayers are with you and your family. Ken & Wanda Skinner"
Kimberly Blanchard $100.00 "Go, Scott, Go! "
Hannah Rawlings $25.00 "Good luck! We are all cheering for you Lots of Love, Hannah Rawlings"
Sheila Anderson $100.00 "Scott, although we have never met, I feel I know you by the happiness and smile you have brought to Jules face when she speaks of you. You have a beautiful wife and baby girl and I'm so sorry you are dealing with this disease. I see that you are a fighter and have never wasted your abilities or taken life for granted. You are an inspriation too us all and I wish you love, happiness and beautiful memories. Take care my friend and know I am always on your team! Sheila Anderson"
Rachel Holland $100.00 "Congratulations Billy on your accomplishment and Happy 40th Birthday!!!"
Midge & Dave Spong $50.00 "Scott and Julie, Our hearts go out to you both and precious Sophie. We are so glad to have the opportunity to do something to get behind you in your fight and help you fight others. I lost my great-grandmother to ALS. I didn't know her, but she was my mother's very favorite person. Please let us know if there is anything we can ever do now that you're back in the states. Love, Midge & Dave Spong"
Performance Physical Therapy $179.00 "Dean - all the best for working hard to contribute to such an important cause."
John & Frances Looney $100.00 "Scott, Julie & Sophie .. In case you don't recognize the name,we are Brian & Sue's Aunt Fran & Uncle John. Our heartfelt thoughts & prayers are with you as you battle this awful disease. "
Jenny Selby $50.00 "Scott, Julie & Sophie - We admire your courage and your never ending drive! Sophie is lucky to have such amazing parents. Our thoughts are with you! Love, Jenny, Doug, Ava & Oliver"
Corrine Perritano $100.00 "Dear Scott We are wishing you the very best! Love, Corrine, Dominick, Angelina & Anthony"
Nicholas Gernt $50.00 "Good luck Dean! I had the opportunity to meet Jon's parents at the Providence 70.3 this year, what amazing people. I wish you luck and kick some ass!"
Kerrie Bross $25.00 "Good Luck Dean!"
Jamie Stebenne $100.00 "Florida better get ready for you! You can do it dean I'll be there for you"
Rachel and Parker Day $59.00 "Thanks to everyone that sponsored Parker in his run."
Sarah Hulsey $50.00 "Dear Scott, Julie & Sophie: We are rooting for you and wishing for the best. Love, Mike and Sarah Hulsey"
Kate Lloyd $50.00 "Go Kona Rob - we believe in you! Kate & Mike "
Vinu Malik $100.00 "Way to go Dean. "
Gena Harris $50.00 "God bless Scot - we're praying for you. x"
Marty Honeycutt Hidden "I'm more than happy to contribute. Sixty years from Lou Gehrig's diagnosis is far too long without a cure, and must receive the same attention as cancer. "
Taylar Knight $5.00 "I'll be there for you dad. Thanks for allowing me train with you and thanks for helping me get ready for The Rez triathlon in November! tk "
Linda Dudley $50.00 "I'm very proud of you!!"
Scott Werts $980.00 "To my colleges from Team Venice thank you for all your support!!! Fighthing the war! Thanks, Scott"
Mark Nigro $500.00 "Dear Scott and Julie, We look forward to a great competition. Thank you both for your contribution to the war on ALS. The hearts and prayers of everyone at Calvary Chapel Treviso are truly with you. Pastor Mark"
Karin Clausen $25.00 "Best of luck to all the STC Kids! Wish I could be there to watch everyone finish!"
Loranne Ausley $50.00 "I am so proud of all of our CoonBottom and Tallahassee triathletes! Cant wait to see you guys cross the finish line in a few days. Part of me wishes I was there with you, but MOST of me is glad that I am just a very involved and interested spectator this year. Best of luck and thank you for doing this for all of the right reasons. "
Kate Meler, Kate $50.00 "Thank you Cyndi for being so passionate about your cause and love for the Ironman! Have a great time and good luck! Love, the Melers"
Meredith Siegfried $250.00 "Good luck to you!"
Lee Scarboro $50.00 "David: I know the training has been tough and at times painful, but you have perservered. You have the proper foundation for Ironman and for life. Best wishes for the big day! Lee"
Gregg Squeglia $50.00 "Best of Luck, Dean! "
Anonymous $100.00 "To Scott, All the best my friend, we will be thinking and praying for you. Love John and Emma. "
Robert Freeman $50.00 "Dave, I'm happy to contribute and here's something more relating to ALS (Lou Gehrig's desease). That's a picture of my grandfather Robert Longwell, and thus your Josh's and Taylar's great, great grandfather, with Lou Gehrig in 1928, during the Yankee's spring training in St. Petersburg. Lou Gehreg was, by no measure, a short man, but Robert Longwell was 6' 7" ! See the picture at http://www.pbase.com/bnfreeman/image/118823444 and BTW, here he is with with Babe Ruth, http://www.pbase.com/bnfreeman/image/118823445 Bob"
Alexander Zeuli $50.00 "Ride with pride, Dean! I think you're crazy, but you're doing a great thing for ALS. God Bless your efforts."
Brent Coughlin Hidden "Dave, You've already figured out the importance and purpose, now just stay the course. As the miles drag by recall why you're doing this and you'll do fine! Keep the faith brother!"
Dave Koppenhaver $25.00 "It's been fun. I have enjoyed the friends I have been fortunate to acquire over the last year, you guys mean a lot to me. Let's all finish and remember why we race! AKA DK2, Cupandsaucer, Hagendaz, Copenhagen, Hasslehoff."
Justin Bradley $50.00 "Scott-Best of luck and you guys are always in our prayers-Justin, Jessica, Jordyn Bradley"
David Gardner Hidden "Good luck in the race Scott. I hope the weather is good for you, the current is with you, and the wind is at your back. "
Speranzo and Associates Speranzo and Associates $179.00 "Keep your eye on the prize- Be Well"
George Palmer Jr. $50.00 "Great job cuz! You are going to have an awesome race, it'll all be worth it. Love ya man, GP"
Lewis & Shannon Milliken $30.00 "Heatwave, you are going to have an awesome day and we are so proud to help you in this valiant quest you're on. "
Kathy Lindsay $50.00 "Way to go David!"
Morley Timins $50.00 "Julie & Scott, I have not know you for long, but from the little I have seen you are two very amazing and strong people. Wishing you all the best in the Ironman competition and in everything you do. Thoughts and prays are with you both. xo Morley"
Abby Little $25.00 "Good Luck! from all of the Les Turner Young ProfessionALS!"
Charles Fox $50.00 "Keep fighting and Good luck Rob. Catch up with you after the finish. Todd"
Mary/Vinny Spinosa $100.00 "Rob, We continue to pray for your mom. Good Luck, Cousins Mary/Vinny"
JoJo Cook-Bala $50.00 "Michelle, Cheers and Good Luck as Rob's support. Here's to one day toward the goal! Aloha, JoJo"
Vicki Muellerleile Hidden "What a noble cause, ALS is indeed a horrific disease. I lost my mother in 1978. It took many months and several doctors before they were able to make the diagnosis. I hope that with each passing year, less and less people have to suffer or see their loved ones suffer from this. YOU GO ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Suzanne Spinosa $50.00 "Rob...we won't give up. It's time to bring this cause back to Hawaii....."
Betty Nwabuonwu $100.00 "David, your family is our thoughts and prayers."
Teresa DelGiudice $50.00 "Good luck, Rob. Your mom is in our thoughts and prayers."
Lori DelGiudice $50.00 "Good luck Rob! "
Tom Huff $50.00 "I'm sorry to hear of your lose but remember, will all be together again some day."
Anonymous $179.00 "You are an inspiration. Good Luck!"
Richard Nowicki $100.00 "David - we are keeping your family and loved ones in our thoughts and prayers."
Mary DelGiudice $50.00 "Best of luck, Rob! "
Ute Wilson $500.00 "Thanks for doing this Rob.Best wishes. Ute"
Brian Spagnoletti $179.00 "Whats up 179??? 23 here... So this morning my wife Amanda and I watched your youtube video with a box of tissues... Fucken Amazing!!! I am part of the Berkshire Tri Club... I want a portion of our proceeds to go to you... TEAM BLAZEMAN!!! What can we do to help? be well Brian get fit... have fun... tri...(als...lets find the cure... lets TRI!!!)"
Tommy & Barbie Stewart $200.00 "Have a great race. We love you."
Jeffrey Gambino Hidden "We support you, Scott! Our prayers are with you, Julie & Sophie."
Nicole Byrne $15.00 "I think this is great Uncle G - proud of you - please accept my small donation in dollars!! Love you "
Denise and Mike Hurley $100.00 "Dear Rob, I am so sorry to hear of Fern's battle with ALS. My best friend was diagnosed with this horrific disease May 2008. I will support you and all those who continue to work for cure to this unthinkable disease. Fern taught my daughter at St.James, and of course, your mom being who she is, left a warm spot in our families heart. She and your dad adopted Shadow from us years ago. I would always laugh when this tiny little spunky lady would drive down the street with that huge black Shadow hanging 3/4 out the window. My prayers are with your mom and dad and your entire family and please pray for my best friend Jean Cotter as well. Good Luck in Hawaii. Denise Hurley"
John Henry Mulreaney Hidden "Merry Christmas!"
Melanie Kavitsky Hidden "Good Luck Dad!"
Bev O'Shea $100.00 "Good luck Gorgie.....I am so proud of you!!! The family is behind you on this and is very supportive after Mom's recent passing from ALS."
Derek & Susan Winchester $25.00 "Best of luck in SA. We will be with you in spirit, raising our glasses to a finish."
Laura Hicks $50.00 "Happy Holidays!"
Douglas Gaudin $100.00 "Good luck George on your Triathlon!!"
Kevin Purcell $50.00 "Keep On Truckin' ... KP"
Laura Anders $50.00 "I'm proud to support such a valiant warrior against ALS - way to go Rob!"
Luca Valerio $80.00 "Trianthon Treviso and the guys of Notatorium Treviso ... we all toghether say: never give up Scott"
Yvette Dias $25.00 "My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time."
Ava Keith $25.00 "This Donation was made at the request of Mr & Mrs James & Barbara Keith in Honor of Barb's Aunt who is struggling with ALS "
Lauren Hagan $50.00 "Best Wishes!!!"
Richard Landers Hidden "I have never and will never cross a finish line on my feet. Every finish of every race I roll accross for Jon...no matter how tired or sore. He is my motivation. Remember, this could be your last swim, your last ride, or your last run. Make the most of it!!!"
Michael Greenberg $70.30 "Good Luck Chuck- Now you are doing a great feat for a great cause. Mike"
caren solomon $25.00 " Chuck - good luck with your fundraising and with training for the triathalon! Caren"
tammi phillips Hidden "Happy New Year"
Ryan O'Shea $25.00 "Good luck, I'll make sure they have some jagrebombs waiting for you"
Grant Gaudin $100.00 "Thinking of Mom. Wishing you all the best for a successful race. Sharon & Grant"
Sheila Hillary $100.00 "You are my hero Claire, you give of yourself so other might have a chance."
Peter Meyer $50.00 "God Bless You for taking the effort to do this -- every, and I mean, EVERY little bit helps and we WILL defeatr this cruel disease one day."
Danielle Sollenbarger $25.00 "Go Claire! We're behind you all the way! Danielle, Kyle & Lev"
rachel Kaiser $25.00 "You are an inspiration Claire! Good luck!"
Victoria Macias $28.60 "Claire I don't personally know you but am glad you gave me the opportunity to support you. I have given $28.60 = 2.4 for the miles you will swim and 26.20 for the miles you will run. I know it is not much but I also know that every little bit counts in a long way. How awesome that you are doing this in honor of your granddad and contributing to a great cause! He will cheer you on as you accomplish this in November. Best of luck and may you have all the warm fuzzies to get you through!"
Karen Miller $25.00 "Best of luck to my twin!! Keep up the great work!!!"
Elizabeth Weller $100.00 "Claire - you go!! You find so many ways to make a difference every day - you inspire me. Beth"
Stacey Moore $100.00 "Claire, good luck and thanks for all you do. Stacey"
Theresa Long $50.00 "In Memory of Joey Volpe"
Kevin Steigman $25.00 "Go Claire!"
Eric Steen $50.00 "Rest in peace Joe Volpe."
Ken Smith $50.00 "God Bles you Claire!"
Heather Diamond $25.00 "In honor of Chris Donegan and his family who are courageously fighting this disease."
Ruth Blais $100.00 "Georgie!!! Go for it Man. We are counting on you sister ;-) !!!!!"
John Gaudin $50.00 "Go Georgie!!"
Karen Duncan $50.00 "Claire, as always, we're proud of your accomplishments, and your strive to cure diseases that impact so many of us. GO CLAIRE! Love, Fred and Karen"
anil devegowda $25.00 "Awesome job fund-raising for a great cause , Keep it going !!"
Aly, Aric and Charlie Wilson $25.00 "As you know I lost my grandmother to ALS. Kick a$$ and take names Rob. You are your family are always in my thoughts. "
THE LAVOIE FAMILY $50.00 "Fought the good fight- Aunt Susan"
Lauren Brochtrup $30.00 "Great job, Ollie! You're the best :)"
Philippe Jeck $50.00 "Willie, a race with purpose is the best. It will keep you going in those tough times. You are doing an awesome event."
Kenneth Gamache $100.00 "Goodluck Wilmet, I am inspired by your efforts."
Rob Simpson $50.00 "Way to go, Greg. Good Luck!!!"
Tom Wyatt $50.00 "Claire, Keep carrying the torch for those who can not!"
Bill Sherman $100.00 "I know the pain of losing a loved one and this is a great way to show you care. Good luck!"
Yair Shalev $196.00 "Joel, As a fellow Blazeman Warrior, I am very proud to have people like you as part of the Team. Your friend Nick’s story is very moving. My donation is in memory of Nick and Jon “BLAZEMAN”. Lets all keep fighting together. Good Luck "
Christopher Currin $50.00 "Roll on, Claire. Make those Bulldogs proud!"
Patricia Cabarga $75.00 "Wilmet, I know Tio will be running with you. There's no doubt."
Lymari Riveron $25.00 "Patty and I are friends and that is how I know Carlos...what a nice and loving person he was."
Rick Ecklord $50.00 "Nice work Sam!!!"
scott Tashman $100.00 "GO sammy! "
Brandon Krieg $100.00 "Rock it out Sam!"
Gregory Wachsteter $1,000.00 "Do it Sam do it!"
Gordon Markley $100.00 "Claire Oliver is an incredible asset to North Dallas High School. When she asked for help on the ALS event, the only possible answer was YES!!"
Katherine Menendez $100.00 "Good luck Sameh!"
Jordan Johnston $300.00 "Crush it Sammy!"
anita rosenkoff Hidden "GOOD LUCK YAIR.....G-D BLESS!!!!!!!!!"
Joseph Bartoloni $50.00 "Great job Rob!"
sara smith $25.00 "great cause! jose & sara smith"
Jeff Daniels $50.00 "It is a great cause, glad to see you are invlolved."
Natalie Sheena-Casenas $50.00 "Good Luck to you Yair!!! What an amazing feat!!!! Natalie"
Jennifer Paul $79.00 "Yair, you are doing amazing work with this and bringing awareness to an area that needs continued support and growth! Thanks for helping with this and for helping our friends who are deeply affected by this horrid disease, as well! "
jill dorfman Hidden "good luck! xo jill"
John Watler Hidden "This is an incredible and inspiring story! Thank you Jen and Yair for all the work you devoted to bringing Jon's journey to all of us that may have never known of Blazeman. "
Roseanne Olmstead $25.00 "Good luck...consider wearing some blue shorts."
Elizabeth F. Thomas $50.00 "In memory of Fern Lucille Spinosa"
Michael Craig $100.00 "see sam swim swiftly!"
Heather Stickler Hidden "I love ya April!!!"
david hoersten $75.00 "good luck and God Bless, see you at R4R in monroe mi."
Jessica Sheedy $50.00 "Your story and action inspire me beyond words!"
Lynn Hogan Hidden "Happy to help!"
JOEL GONZALEZ $200.00 "Your drive to do this event and the meaning behind it is inspiring. You have all of out support!!!"
Karen Wilke $140.60 "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. Dr. Seuss"
Lisa Dordick $100.00 "This is the best $100.00 I have ever spent. I will be doing the St. George Ironman in 5 weeks. Bob Blaiz's story is inspirational and as I cross that Finish line I will be thinking of him. "
Barb and Loren Lindquist $50.00 "In memory of my husband's Mom, Barbara Lindquist (yes, I am NOT the first BL in our family), who gratiously taught us that 'growing old isn't for sissies'. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck in St. George Yair. You are doing a great thing."
Marnie Hall $179.00 "Wishing you both the best! xoxo Marnie and Ed"
Mom & Dad Fontana $500.00 "I"
Eric Limkemann $20.00 "SuperSeal Prize Money Donation! Hopefully the first of many!"
Phil Friedman $500.00 "Good luck Yair!"
Tara Thornberry $25.00 "Keep fighting the good fight Claire!"
Miriam Friedman $100.00 "Good luck with meeting your goal! Thanks for encouraging support for such an important cause!"
Cristian Calderon $50.00 "Best of luck, guys."
Alan Knust Hidden "Good luck JB & Laura"
Desiree Holt-Adams $100.00 "Stay in tune with the positive."
Konni Fritzemeyer Hidden "Go, Napier Family! "
Ron Baker Hidden "Good luck to both of you. Have some fun out there."
David Bernstein $179.00 "Good luck Yair. You are honoring a great man and helping to shine more light on an important crusade to further the research in finding a cure for this horrible disease. Watch out Utah, another Blazeman Warrior is on the scene!!"
ALAN KLEBER $179.00 "Yair-We wish you a safe and succesful race! Look forward to meeting you soon! Freedom from ALS"
Pam Nordstrom Hidden "Great job for participating! Good Luck!"
Susan Benardout $25.00 "I'm a friend of Arlen Levy's. Just wanted to make a small donation in your honor. I had a cousin that was taken at 32 from ALS. He was married with 2 small children. Such an ugly illness. Stay strong. Your in my thought and prayers!"
James Broach Hidden "Great cause, best of luck with the triathlon! Jamie and James Broach"
Robin Smith $10.00 "My brother-in-law was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago. This has been very hard for everyone involved especially since we knew little about the disease. This video was very inspiring and insightful. It lets you know that you are not alone. My brother-in-law has always been a firefighter and rescue worker and it is very hard for him now to accept the help that he has always given. God Bless everyone who is ever exposed to this disease and their loved ones who watch them go through it. May one day there be a cure!"
Ashley & Ryan Kehoe $100.00 "Go Daddy Go!!!"
Anonymous $500.00 "Powerful video on Jon's ALS fight and the devastating effect of this disease on the individual and families."
Robin Bantleman $50.00 "I am so sorry for your friend.. I hope this contribution helps in some small way."
John Higham $25.00 "Go Jenny!"
September Higham $25.00 "Great thing that you're doing!"
Donita Beckham $100.00 "Your mom told me about this last week in Chgo. It's a wonderful thing you're doing. Congratulations and good luck on your race. Donita Beckham "
Steven Tani $500.00 "Jenny, the Amazing BlazeKid, You are a true inspiration to all of us. We hope that our love and support help to carry you through the IronMan races in the coming months. Steve and Tricia Tani"
Richard Hosey $50.00 "We are so proud of you Steve for this huge endevor. Gianni and the Morettis are like our family and they are in our prayers. - Carole and Richard Hosey"
Constance Bergquist $100.00 "Jenny, We think it's fantastic that you are doing this and wish you all the best! Connie and Greg Bergquist"
Amy and David Byrne $100.00 "Jenny, you rock and we are inspired by your committment to Nancy and finding a cure. We look forward to donating more each time you race!"
Robert Crotty $75.00 "Because your rallying cry is 'freedom'"
Gregory Williams $25.00 "Good luck!!! Be sure to post pictures of your training and race day. "
Constance Nelson $50.00 "Jenny- I admire your strength and determination, and the great commitment you have made to finding a cure for ALS. Bravo!!"
Trish Monroe $10.00 "This is a wonderful and inspiring thing you are doing. "
Michele Tabarez $25.00 "Best of luck Jenny and Nancy!"
Antone Aboud $50.00 "Steve, The best to you in working to eradicate this disease. "
Brian and Susan Thomson Hidden "Sounds like a great event. Best of luck!"
Christine Morehead $50.00 "Jenny, We are very proud of you and what you are doing to help raise money to fight this disease. The Morehead Family"
saundra clark $50.00 "Go Jenny, It is a joy for me to share in your gift to raise money to help others. "
John Higgins $50.00 "What a great thing you are doing! All the best to you."
Anh Nguyen $50.00 "Way to go Jenny!"
Bud Michael $100.00 "Jenny, We are so proud of you for your commitment to help others. All the best to you for a great cause! Barbara & Bud Michael"
Patricia Foerster $50.00 "Jenny, your drive and focus on fighting this disease is amazing. The best of luck to you. Patricia Foerster"
stuart olson $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny, Love Uncle Stuart"
Jo Ann Fishpaw Hidden "You are an amazing young woman - keep up the great work!"
Paige Killeen $50.00 "You are awesome Jenny! Best wishes to you and Nancy."
Donna Driscoll $50.00 "Good luck Steve! Great cause and your athletic endeavors are good for your own health."
Bill Saur $50.00 "Best wishes for success in reaching your goal"
Alexandra Coonce $25.00 "Jenny, you rock! I am so proud of you and so inspired by your motivation, determination, and strength. "
Elisa & Dave Bosley $50.00 "Thank you for doing this, Jenny. A friend of ours (from Harvey Mudd College days) died of ALS many years ago, also in his prime. It's a devastating disease, and it's going to take the dedication of young people like yourself to make a difference."
Vivien D'Andrea $25.00 "Hi Jenny. Good luck with your endeavor. I'm impressed with your dedication and athletic prowress. Steve's cousin died of ALS so know very well how horrible a disease it is. Vivien"
Emiliano Moretti $100.00 "What you're doing makes you biggest and the World a small place where the people are closer. No words to say you thanks, my brother! With love, Emi, Veri & Flavio "
Lee Scheuer Hidden "Thank you for helping man kind and continuing your family tradition of giving to others... Wishing you the best in health and happiness. Lee S."
Mary Anne Kendall $25.00 "Very inspirational. Makes me feel unappreciative of my good health and great life."
Anonymous $25.00 "Jenny, So proud of you and all that you are doing for others. Thank you for including me, Brenda Dyckman"
Mark Bollwinkel $250.00 "Thank you for the opportunity to give and support the end of ALS!"
Roy Smith $250.00 "Steve We are very proud of you for undertaking this cause. Love Mom and Papa"
Heather and Norman Wright $179.00 "Best of luck! "
Shirley Kellicutt $100.00 "You are a stellar role model and our hope for the future. Your committment to carrying on your family tradition…is a gift!"
Roger Stodola $179.00 "It's inspiring to see a young person like you step up and help like this. Keep up the good work."
Anonymous $25.00 "Thank you, Jenny, for thinking of others and acting on your kind thoughts."
Barbara Wipfler $250.00 "Jenny, What an amazing young woman you are! We are so proud to know you are so committed to this cause. And to make a difference! Three cheers for you! Hip! Hip! HOOORRRAAAY! With love and support, The Wipfler's "
Lois Tadeo $50.00 "Hi Jenny, You are such an inspiration ;-). We know that you will be one of our great youth leader of our church. Keep up the good job. God Bless!"
Anna Tracy Hidden "I am so proud of you Jenny!!! I can't believe your dedication and commitment to Nancy and the ALS cause. You are truly and inspiration to us all."
Michael Main Hidden "Jenny, way to go! It will be very fun to hear about your progress and eventual accomplishment at the AZ Ironman. In the meantime, Wildflower is a tough course...awesome job on the whole thing...raising money, supporting your coach and kicking the record. Great job! A friend of your mom and dads, Michael"
Kris Lockley $100.00 "Jenny, you ROCK! You are an inspiration. Thank you for blessing my life with the opportunity to make a difference. Hugs!"
Kenneth Goth $179.00 "Wow, what a tremendous effort, Jenny Lee. Well done."
MaryAnn Darby $25.00 "Way to go, Jenny: I am so proud of your generous spirit and so impressed with your dedication. -Mrs. Darby"
Emily and Jim Thurber $50.00 "Jenny, many congratulations on your great race -- and for being so compassionate. Emily and Jim (Thurber)"
Lisa Call Hidden "Congratulations, Jenny! What a fantastic accomplishment for a worthy cause! You're an amazing girl, and I am so proud of you!"
David Beckham $50.00 "Congratulations on your race, and thank you! David Beckham"
Martha Callan $100.00 "Congratulations Jenny! What a wonderful accomplishment! My dear friend's father lived with ALS for over 25 years and he and his family never gave up trying to find a cure over that entire quarter of a century. Your support of your coach and mentor is truly and inspiration! Keep on running for the cure! "
Robert Myers Hidden "Best of luck! Thanks for doing this."
Nate Wall $50.00 "Jenny, you are an inspiration to many. Congratulations on your race, so far. I hope this small donation helps you get closer to your finish line."
Trevor Olsen $50.00 "Congratulations Jenny! What a noble cause!"
Suzanne Bray $100.00 "Jenny, Congratulations! Your determination and dedication are so inspiring. The Bray Family"
Valarie Arnesen $75.00 "Jenny, Way to go! Absolutely awesome -- in every way. The Arnesens"
Lisa Baca Hidden "Jenny - you're an inspiration to us all...great job!!! Sincerely, Baca"
Doug and Nancy Johnson $500.00 "Jennie---We are so proud of you for your athletic accomplishment and even more so for this fund raising effort. It's wonderful to see teenagers so focused on doing what's right for others and I know you and your family have made this a goal in your lives. Sorry we didn't get to see you at the Chicago birthday bash but I'm sure there will be other opportunities in the future. Once again, thanks for what you are doing and for who your are. Love, Nancy and Doug"
Brad Haugen $30.00 "In honor of Joel Haugen's 30th birthday. "
Jessica Bryant $25.00 "Alright Running Buddy.... 6:30am Thursday :-)"
Darren Rogers $100.00 "Get 'em!"
SOPHIE CHRISTIAN $25.00 "Best of luck reaching your goal for such a worthwhile cause! Sophie"
Dan Schmid $100.00 "Jenny, you are clearly an inspiration for others to follow! Starting a lifetime of giving back at such an early age is truly a blessing for all that you will touch in your years to come. Congratulations on a terrific effort! Sincerely, Dan & Cindy Schmid"
Shannon McCurley Hidden "Good Luck. Keep making us proud!!!!"
Debra Lambert $50.00 "Nice job Jenny Larry & Debra Lambert"
Ann Huber $30.00 "Happy 30th Joel! ~ Your efforts on funding a cure for ALS don't go unnoticed."
Marie Young Hidden "Jenny: I so proud of what you're doing for ALS and Nancy Polisso!!! You're amazing. Miss Young"
Michelle Taylor $25.00 "I'm Barb's cousin through her marriage to my cousin Ian - so sorry for your family's loss!! Good luck on reaching your fund-raising goal!!! Kind Regards, Shellie"
Graham Johnson $100.00 "Great job, Jenny! Keep it up and good luck! - Graham and Melanie"
flynne kirshenbaum $50.00 "Wishing you and your family love and strength in this fight. "
Deborah Barnes $50.00 "Have a great time, I'll look forward to hearing about it! "
Chris Manske $25.00 "You're doing a good thing, Jake. Good luck at the Challenge!"
Susan and Gordon Keiser Hidden "Jake--it's an honor to support this wonderful effort."
Marsha Hoch Hidden "Laurie, Congratulations in advance! You continue to raise the bar for all of us, Marsha"
Katherine Jansen-Byrkit $25.00 "Good for you Beth! What a lucky man Kip is to have you as his sister. We will be thinking about both of you and sending lots of love...Katherine, Gary, Che and Elizabeth"
Robert Sher Hidden "Go Jenny Go! Movin' like your Mom!"
Najla Losch $25.00 "Bonne chance!! Najla and Matt"
Jeffrey Weinzweig $25.00 "Good luck reaching your goal!"
Miriam Halabe $18.00 "Steve, you are the Ironman! Keep going, stay motivated! SmaGabi's gonna grow up and know how fierce her daddy is!"
Rhonda Finfrock $75.00 "Dear Jake, We are proud of you for this effort. We Love You, Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Frank"
Michael and Arlene Speer $100.00 "Jenny, you are an amazing example of "touching Heaven, changing Earth"! The world is a better place with people like you in it!"
Dick & Jane Bowersox $125.00 "Good Luck!"
Judi Dawley $100.00 "Brian, Thanks so much for doing this. Good Luck!! Judi and Paul Dawley"
Anonymous $179.00 "What I'm contributing is such a small amount that it doesn't amount to a "scratch" but if every person who was old enough to contribute would be able to watch the video I believe "money" would be flowing-in that would enable some sort of a cure or slow-down of this horrible disease. My God, I just can't believe we can put a man on the moon but the cure for ALS is the same now as it was in 1939, we should be ashamed of ourselves. "
Victor Phelps $25.00 "Good luck in the triathalon. It is a worthy cause, we are proud of you. Love, Dad and Mom"
Patrick Livingstone $69.00 "Good luck with all your continued efforts. I support you and your cause."
Elizabeth Daigle $25.00 "Go, Dan!!!"
Vicki Wittenberger $50.00 "This what family is all about! I wish you all courage , strength and hope. Vicki Wittenberger"
Donna Paul-Leffler $20.00 "Steve, Your dedication has been a great inspiration. You're a reminder that we can dedicate time in our lives to do for others and still have time for our families. Thank you for the reminder. Great Job!!! "
Nancy Rivard $25.00 "Go get 'em Steve!"
Mary Speck $100.00 "Thank you for raising awareness about ALS and making a difference in many people's lives."
Lisa and Robert Copeland $50.00 "Beth and Killer, Find strength in all who believe in you. But most importantly, believe in yourself. Someone has to beat the odds, why can't it be you? "
Anonymous Hidden "...but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
Nancy Lang $50.00 "Good luck April. Thanks for all you do for us. Nancy"
Toni Weeks $50.00 "Way to go Steve. What an incredible objective. Let us know how you did."
Tamara Parker $25.00 "Good Luck"
stephen fischer $100.00 "Jenny, Agree with what you feel and wrote...a devastating disease with a potential to find a cure by supporting research thru dedicated individuals like you!!! My best to you....."
Joy Duncan Hidden "Go April!!"
Christy Pommier $25.00 "I have no doubt you'll succeed at this amazing quest. You go Steve!!"
Paul Lawless $25.00 "Best of luck competing in a very demanding challenge. Looking forward to the stories of competition. Thanks for leading the way!"
Noreen Hammerick $25.00 "Good luck! Hope you have a good run. Noreen and John"
Terry and Ken Allen Hidden "Wonderful effort. Best of luck. Ken and Terry Allen"
Clare Meeker $100.00 "Our thoughts are with you."
Lanham Napier $1,000.00 "Jack Bob - you're my hero"
Lenny and Marlene Franklin $20.00 "Good luck. We know you can complete this task."
Van Williams $75.00 "Hey Jake, I found your email. Sorry I overlooked it before. I am proud of you! This takes great commitment. When you've finished the race, I'll contribute another couple of bucks a mile if you finish and your time meets or exceeds your expectations and if you promise to come down and ride with me! Love, Uncle Van"
Jeri Cottrell $25.00 "You go guy! Steve's very best friend ever, hunting buddy, and adopted father of our children basically, passed away as a result of ALS and was an awful thing to watch a 52 year old man full of life have to endure. His is terribly missed everyday of our lifes and the whole event and has changed our lives enormously. I commend you on picking an absolutely wonderful cause and funding is very hard to come by for this disease. Run Cotty Run!"
Brian and Sarah Gentile $250.00 "Jenny, we're proud that you're contributing so courageously to such a worthy cause. Good luck to you in your Triathlon journey. And, our best wishes and thoughts are with your coach. "
Natalya Gomelsky $36.00 "Thanks Steve - for proving that anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it! Run, swim, bike - and roll your way through this journey to the finish line...and may you find an unparalleled level of perseverance and commitment within your own driving spirit!"
Collin Cottrell $25.00 "Great stuff Aaron!!! Uncle Steve has told me about one of his best friends who died from ALS otherwise it hasnt really affected me. But, I pray that we find a cure. I will also be thinking about you as you compete and keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted on facebook!!! Collin"
Tiffany Mosher Taylor $50.00 "You are amzing Jenny! Keep up the awesome work! "
Michael Eberly $75.00 "Sis great thing you do keep on keeping on. One of these days I might get to one of these races with you before I have another surgery. Its nice to see all the people that you connect with via athletics maybe I will let you beat me up in one of your classes one of these days!! Love ya sis Keep picking um up and putting um down!!!!!!! "
Nancy Urner $50.00 "Roll over those finish lines BETH!"
Dwayne Wisbey $25.00 "If you have to get sick, make sure you do it in the water. "
Kevin Bereskin $100.00 "Steve, you are an inspiration to your family, friends, and community. Best wishes on this grueling and worthy endeavor!"
Nancy Webb $25.00 "Congratulations, Jenny! What a wonderful accomplishment! Your unselfish generosity in the fight of this disease is so admirable! Your inspiration and message of hope is such a positive motivator for all! Thanks so much for all you're doing and all you have done! May God bless you, Nancy, and all those who are touched by ALS! Best wishes for your future endeavors, The Webb Family"
Annette Bragg $25.00 "Brian, I'm proud of you. You have accomplished alot. Keep up the great work!!"
Sue Reyneri $100.00 "Go Lindsay! "
Liz Connolly Hidden "Awesome Lindsay!!"
Melody/Keith Taylor $100.00 "Keith and I have lost close friends to this hideous disease....so excited you are going to make a difference! Tell your mom I said for her to put on her gym clothes and get out there with you guys! :) Go, get um, Lindsay! Love, Melody and Keith"
Wayne & Allyson Whitlock $100.00 "Thanks for being such a great example, Lindsay Good Luck! The Whiltocks"
chris gonzales Hidden "Good Luck, Lindsay!!!"
Karen Bergman $250.00 "Way to go, Lindsay! You are inspirational!"
Bernard and Joanne Spirito $100.00 "Good luck men!!!"
Jennifer Connolly $25.00 "My aunt has a very close friend with ALS. Thank you for your efforts."
Doug Gray $25.00 "Riding for Dave. Best of luck!"
Mary Cassidy $25.00 "Have fun Andrew!!"
Debra Boronski-Burack $25.00 "Be safe and thank you for your efforts."
Bonnie Dowd Hidden "This gift is being made in honor of my 18-year old son, Colin Dowd, who is fighting his own battle with cancer. Please send notification to: Colin E. Dowd 3 Clay Hill Way Hatfield, MA 01038"
Ginny Pietila $100.00 "You go girl! We will celebrate at that finish line in Coeur d'Alene."
Paul Sears $25.00 "Good luck Andrew."
Susan Mastroianni $50.00 "Good luck to you & your team!"
HELENE FUSCO Hidden "Good luck Andrew and Friends. A Wonderful Cause. The Fusco Family West Hartford, CT"
Anna Gainor $179.00 "For my Mom. Stand Strong Steve, because others cannot."
Laura Anne Hite $25.00 "Run for Lucy! Lucy Scoggins, Charlotte NC diagnosed in December of 2009."
Brian Roche $50.00 "LETS GO MILLER!!!"
Jomary and Bob Bolles $400.00 "You are in inspiration, Jenny--keep shining always!!!!"
Scott and Daunne Miller Hidden "Good luck guys!"
Peter Pretorius $50.00 "Well done Steve we are proud of you at JAM. Peter"
Barbara & Mike Wallis $25.00 "Good luck Steve!! "
Steve Riback $179.00 "In honor of the Blazeman!! "
Lee Rowland $25.00 "To Steve, for keeping the Blaze alight!"
Joe and Debbie Foley $15.00 "Good luck, Brian! The Foley's"
Janis Riceberg $50.00 "In honor of Steve Riback"
Kelly, Peadar and Jenna McLoughlin $50.00 "Way to go Lindsay!!! what a great cause. We will be cheering for you, Good Luck!"
James Lutzweiler $100.00 "Awesome job, brother."
Debra Passafuime $50.00 "Good Luck Lindsey! All the best to you and the girls...and your Dad...give Sami and her family a huge hug from the Passafuime Family"
Kevin Kervick $179.00 "Dave faced ALS with great courage. Good luck at the Ironman!"
DJ Gonzalez Hidden "Good luck to all of you (you are nuts) "
Ben Cimmino $10.00 "Shickler taught you well andrew good luck my man."
Courtney Buchanan $50.00 "You're a rockstar!"
Kirstin Brennan $500.00 "Good Luck Sean....we will be watching your every step. Stay positive you will do great! PS Kyle said there is beer at the finish line. Love Kyle, Kir and Quinn"
EDMUND LIVINGSTONE $75.00 "Paola and I want to let you know that you are a winner no matter what happens in July. We are proud of you and love you, Erica, and Austin. You're the man!"
Joyce and Phil Rougeau $50.00 "It is our pleasure to support your endeavor, Andrew"
Dan Flynn $50.00 "Good luck on a great cause!"
Joe Morrow $50.00 "Wishing you the very best and also for a cure. Catch you later. Joe"
Lynn Monette $100.00 "Thank you so much for your efforts to raise funds for ALS. Thank you also for dedicating this to my father. We wish you the best of luck in the race! Ironman is quite an accomplishment! GOOD LUCK!"
Debra Mendelson Hidden "Go Lindsay & Randy! You are awesome to raise money for such a worthy cause!"
Stuart Arnold $100.00 "Good luck Jason. Let me know if I may help with anything."
James Stoner $100.00 "Carry on the fight!"
Claudia and John Winkelman $100.00 "Way to go Lindsay -- we are so proud of you and your dad and honored that Randy is participating for John. You have a heart of gold!"
Anna Mae Long $50.00 "Good Luck Andrew"
Min Li $100.00 "Be Strong! Hope there is a cure for you soon!"
Ann Marie Bernhardt $25.00 "What you are doing is so selfless and awesome! God Bless!"
Jenny Chow $100.00 "Laurie, I hope you reach all of your goals for this event, even the ones you don't know about yet!"
Gene Napolitano $75.00 "Run well, run strong.....er.....swim/ride/run well, swim/ride/run strong."
Anonymous $50.00 "Best of Luck! Brian & Maureen from Kismet"
Tara Monahan Hidden "Good luck! "
Marcy & David Albert $25.00 "Thanks for letting us know - hope it went well! Marcy & David"
Glenn and Debbi Schleicher $179.00 "Phil: we are thinking about you. Fight the good fight."
Christopher Kober $50.00 "What you are doing for ALS and for the Blazeman foundation is outstanding! Best of Luck."
Vicki Edwards $50.00 "Kick Ass Sean!!! "
jeff and melinda abrams $100.00 "Thanks Jason and Phil for raising awareness about ALS. Before Jeff turns 50 he has a goal to join team blazeman and complete an ironman."
Fabio Peggion $200.00 "Thanks."
Chris Hayes $100.00 "Prayers and good juju to Phil. Jason, thanks for donating your energy and heart to this cause."
michael o sullivan $179.00 "Great cause, we wish you a great success. Ciara, Anne Francoise and Mike"
Alessandro Mondello $100.00 "A small contribution for a great goal. In memory of Gianni."
Chuck Robbins $2,000.00 "Best of luck -- our prayers are with Phil and his family....."
Monica Grieco $179.00 "In memoria di un uomo meraviglioso. Monica, Valerio, Nicoletta, Daniele, Sara, Luigi"
David and Monette Williams Hidden "Best wishes - to both Jason and Phil!"
Ken and JoAnna Younts Hidden "Good luck to both of you...finish strong!"
Rhonda Hunt $100.00 "April, What a wonderful thing for you to do. ALS is such a terrible disease and needs to be cured. We have a walk for the cure every other year and the Marines from Camp Lejeune come out and start it off with a group run. It's really something to see. I have a personal friend with ALS and watching his struggle and perservance over the years has taught me just how fragile yet strong willed a person can be. Good luck with your cause."
scott campbell $100.00 "Good luck tomorrow eh. Sure you will do fine. You, Tony, Cory, Wade and I will skip bike week next year and do a Triathalon. Tony's up to 10 push ups I think he's ready. Good luck from your Canadian cousins. Remember to put your Ipod on Nickelback and crank it up. Scotty "
tammy turcotte $50.00 "Good luck April, in all your events!! You are such an inspiration!"
Kelly Briscoe $50.00 "Marguerite speaks so highly of your ability/determination/perseverance I know you'll succeed in your endeavor.... best of luck and be well... in memory of Mrs. Fauci- kb"
Elizabeth Jennison $75.00 "Have a great Ironman experience!"
Brenda Baginski Hidden "Best of luck Guys!"
Anthony A Casaccio $100.00 "Jabob At your convenience I would like to speak with you, I was a patient of your Father and my Father had ALS. I have found support in talking with families who have gone through this. Best regards "
Jean Marie Burr $100.00 "We are behind you all the way! Great job Lindsay, we are excited about your amazing efforts to support such a great cause! "
Mike and Christine Laatz Hidden "Our best to both Phil and Jason."
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Jenny. I attended a Kaiser-sponsored presentation that your mom gave several months ago and she told us what you were doing. I think it's wonderful and I'm happy to support your efforts!"
Stephen Angelsmith $919.70 "July 20, 2010 Gianni passed away while at home surrounded by his family and loved ones. At his funeral, in lieu of flowers the family requested donations be given to support this effort. This donation is from the offering box displayed at Gianni's funeral. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Grazie -Steve"
Mary Ann Cassidy $100.00 "Lots of luck Andrew, Mike and Steve - Andrew's "Aunt Ma", Brian and Colleen"
Timothy Haughey $50.00 "Best of Luck Andrew, Mike and Steve - Be careful!"
Bill and Sandy Ashton $25.00 "What a challenge, best of luck to you all."
Monica Marhoefer Hidden "I have cared for many people with ALS, and it is indeed catastrophic and unfair. Good for you, Rich for demonstrating to us all how to make the most of the days we are granted and to appreciate good health. "
Pamela Kehoe Hidden "We are so proud of your efforts on behalf of a cure for this horrible disease. You have set a fine example! Thanks. Love from the Kehoes"
christopher whelpley $100.00 "My Mother passed away from ALS in 1987.... at age of 57 she was taken from our family too early. As a registered nurse, she asked the staff of New England Medical Center and Mass General Hospital to try any and all experiments toward her disease. She knew in her heart that her time was nearing, and that any research on her could be used to help others. She endured the suffering and the pain of these test.... If she could make any contribution.... in her Heart.... she was proud.... she is at peace."
Kathy & Ken McBeath Hidden "Thanks for taking up this worthwhile cause, Rich. Best wishes in the event! Kathy and Ken"
John H Adams $50.00 "Best of luck to Andrew and team."
Jane Lesslie $50.00 "Hey Andrew, Good Luck to you and your friends. Hope you are successful in raising your Goal amount. Jane Lesslie "
Paul Rybak Hidden "Excellent work Rich. Good luck! Love, Maggie & Paul"
Jann McMaster $25.00 "Best of luck guys. Be careful!!!!!"
John Cunningham $50.00 "Great Cause! Good Luck with Race!!"
Robert Selig, M.D. $75.00 "Good Luck, Andrew! Dr. Bob and Candi"
Heather Conroy $15.00 "It's not much... but I hope it helps! Have fun!"
Theresa Sugermeyer $25.00 "Good Luck Andrew!!"
Gregory Sutton Hidden "Great work buddy, I will have a plate of brownies waiting for you at the finish line"
Kathryn Powell Hidden "Good luck Rich!"
Meredith Minor Hidden "Best of Luck!"
Meaghan Farrell Hidden "Go Rich!"
Diane & Donald Vacon $25.00 "Good Luck! Doing this for a great cause!"
Casey Fitzpatrick $100.00 "Good luck Steve! You got this! -Fitzpatricks"
Tom Basista $100.00 " This one's for Doc"
Audra & Tripp Boyle $25.00 "HERE COMES....BEAUTY!!!! FINISH HARD RICH!! We are so proud of you, good luck!! Love, Audra & Tripp"
Steven Gill $100.00 "Rich, Good luck on yet another amazing physical quest. Love, Steve and Kate"
Sheila Lamp Hidden "Good Luck Rich! We are all so proud of your effort to raise money for such a terrible disease. All our love, Sheila, Cory, Michael and Kelly"
Eileen Masterson-Utrup $100.00 "donation is made in the name of Patrice Johnson - a warrior of her own"
Tom and Nancy Fritz $10.00 "GOOD LUCK, JAKE!"
William Manegio $50.00 "Go get em richard"
Rachel Eliasek $50.00 "Right behind you guys... go get 'em!! :)"
Molly Carta $25.00 "There's no other cause I'd rather support, wish it could be more. Keep Fighting! Good Luck Dan"
Julie Fritz $10.00 "go Jake!"
Pamela Preschlack $50.00 "Glad to support a good cause and a good person!"
Anonymous $50.00 "love ya jake!"
Stephen Grubbs $50.00 "Congrats on the race! Good cause!"
Jane Marcus $100.00 "In honor of Valeria's wonderful marriage -- may you have many happy years together and continue to make the memory of your uncle proud. We love you. Jane, Carlos, and Elizabeth"
Erin Langdon $250.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on :) - Love, Erin and Britton"
Robert/MB Helgens $100.00 "Get after it, Craigory! We entrust the judgment, integrity, and courage you have to carry on this cause. peace, love, and prospertiy. the Helgens family."
Todd & Kara Weir $100.00 "Craig, we will be there on the 12th to cheer you on. This is quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself as I know that your family & friends are. The best of luck to you and remember ".........they make your rockin' world go 'round"!!!!"
Teresa Hutchings Hidden "Love you Jakes! We're behind you all the way:)"
Jacqueline McGrew $25.00 "So proud of you Jakey! Love you!!"
steve and beth odonnell $100.00 "Craig, good luck and great cause!! You are my idol, and we will be with you in spirit the 12th!"
Judy Langdon $100.00 "I am REALLY proud of you! May this assist you in reaching your goal. "
Fred & Joanne Atkins $50.00 "Jake, I'm very proud of you and your effort to honor your dad. "
Delura Mitchell $100.00 "Jake, Way to go, I am behind you. Don't know if you remember, but I lost my Dad to ALS (2 weeks before he was to enter a trial). It is a terrible disease and I pray for people like you to push for more research. God bless, Delura"
Summer Land $50.00 "Good Luck Craig!!!!!! Love you :)"
Nate & Lindsey Touchette $40.00 "Always Lead, Never Follow! "
Cheryl McGrew $100.00 "Way to Go Jacob! You are an awesome man. We are proud of you. Love, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Greg"
Tammy Salcedo $20.00 "May God bless you to reach your goals. I pray that they can find a cure for ALS! Best wishes!!!"
Troy & Linda Hutchings $100.00 "Your dad's smiling Jake. Go get em. "
Scott & Becky Guttery $25.00 "Your dad is one of our most favorite people. Glad to help you honor him."
Michelle Klein $25.00 "Best of luck Brian!"
Franco Faggian Hidden "Lottiamo insieme, per la vita !"
Katie Dale $100.00 "Good luck with your project, Laura! What a great idea! Uncle Charlie, Aunt Katie, C.J. & Pat"
Joan E Simmons $359.00 "Dad would appreciate what you are doing and so do I. Mom"
Robert Fontana $50.00 "A beautiful idea, Laura. Grandma and Grandpa Fontana"
Amanda Proper $25.00 "Good Luck, Lil' C!"
Sarah Floyd $20.00 "We're proud of you Jake for doing this and we wish you well in the competition. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Love, Grandma & Grandpa"
Lori and Gerry Walter $100.00 "Enjoy your Ironman adventure Craig and best of luck to you!"
Ed Rosenbaum $25.00 "Your Dad was a wonderful softball player and a great friend when we were your age. Ed Rosenbaum "
Marla Bond $50.00 "We are so lucky to have people as passionate as you Claire!"
Pamela Laferriere $25.00 "Courageous like your dad! Give it all you got Jake!"
Tom Eliasek $150.00 "Checked the weather..69 sunny and clear..you've trained hard and long and the goal is right in front of you. Good Luck and stay focused..you have earned all the praise..Congratulations..now and when you finish. Tom and Janice Eliasek"
Phil and Dee VanWinkle $25.00 "Good luck, this is a great way to honor your dad"
Don MacLane $50.00 "Laura, a great way to show love for your uncle and contribute to finding a cure. Love, the MacLanes. "
Anonymous $179.00 "ride the number, eric!"
Desiree Carter $250.00 "Go For It! "
Linda Stephens $25.00 "Kurt, a true servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."
Anonymous $100.00 "Way to go Beaker! You'll always be an Iron Man to us."
Beverly Sanders $25.00 "Good Luck Jacob! We are so proud of you! We know you'll be successful! Danny & Beverly"
Liam Doherty $100.00 "Tom & Kathy, Good Luck doing the Ironman Lake Placid!!! We are happy to support you rasing money for a cure to ALS. Thank You! Liam & Sue"
Scott Fontana $100.00 "Way to go an your first tri!!! We had a great ALS walk in Chicago yesterday. "
Eric Limkemann $179.00 "Rev3 Series Payment. Rolled across the finish of my first full distance race. I hope to continue inspiring other in the tradition of the Blazeman!!!"
Barbara & Tim Ensign Hidden "Lauren Rocks! We're so proud of you ... "
Rich & Leigh Reaves $50.00 "Your dad was such a great friend to us, and we miss him. Best of luck this weekend!! "
Matt Tibaldi $10.00 "Thanks for everyone that's helping out!"
Ruth Huoh Hidden "Yay, go Matt! "
Kenneth Radley $50.00 "In memory of Calder"
Krista Scimeca Hidden "Matt Tibaldi I'm so incredibly proud of your butt-kicking this weekend!"
Karen Eudene $20.00 "Great job Matt!!!"
Andrew Kump $25.00 "Great job Teeee, now onto THE Ironman!"
Jill Ryan Hidden "Lauren- You are awesome! As I have said before...you inspire me!"
Missy Elliott Hidden "You are a great athlete, mom, friend...a true inspiration! You GO Girl! "
Julianne Griffin Hidden "Good energy out ther girl! Much love and prayers to your uncle and your family. Julianne, Kelly, Emily and Tess"
Barbie Stewart $25.00 "What a great cause! Good luck! You will do great!!!"
Miles Koenigsberg $100.00 "Hey brother...you complete this race and I promise never to call you 'Wilma' again. Miles"
Nancy & Arthur Tibaldi $70.30 "Matt, you're incredible. You never cease to amaze us with your big heart and ambition. So proud of you . xxxooo Mom and Dad"
Stephanie Steiman $55.00 "You are my HERO!!"
Judith Mogul $50.00 "We are very proud of Lauren. Her dedication, determination and selfless devotion to help others is admirable. "
patricia mayer Hidden "Lauren , you amaze me more and more each year.I love you and wish you good luck and know you will do great. love Aunt Pat"
Cecilia Bowers Hidden "Good luck, Zach!!! The Bowers"
Douglas Schwartz $108.00 "Great Cause and I have been a supporter of ALS/Blazeman since 2006. "
Bobie Logan $25.00 "Congrats April! Love you, Bobie & Dale Logan"
Debby Swanger $100.00 "I'll be your greatest cheerleader Lauren! Go for it girl!"
GUY MYLANDER $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Cynthia Daggett $50.00 "Our family cheered alongside the Blazeman at the Hawaii Ironman in 2006. We were all touched by his courage and perseverance and will forever be Blazeman Warriors alongside you."
Matthew Edwards Hidden "Very inspiring - All the Best in FL Dave - Amber Brandes & Matt Edwards"
robert wedemeyer $179.00 "Go Lauren! Woo-Hoo!!!"
Lisa Lukawicz Hidden "Good Luck Laurie - I know you'll do great!"
janet celano $25.00 "Good luck to you as you undertake this challenge! You can count on me to cheer for you as you demonstrate your hours of training and dedication to such a worthy cause!"
lynda watson $250.00 "April we are so excited that you invited us to share in your special day. IT takes a very special angel to be able to give day in and day out so much of your time and energy to openly to other people. We look forward to spending more time together on this wonderful path with you! Marie and Justin"
Joseph VanDyke $100.00 "Lauren, we are so proud of you!!! Go get 'em and show 'em what you are made of!!!"
David Browning Hidden "Be strong and remember we'll all be with you during 140.6 mile journey..."
Mike and Kimmie Rouse $500.00 "No better way to give back a SMALL portion of what God has blessed us with."
Judy Dolvin $25.00 "God Bless in your pursuit. I'm impressed!"
Bernie Cain $50.00 "Good luck Dave! Pedal, stroke and run with the best of them. "
Jo Ann Casavant $50.00 "April & Doug, I Love that you are collecting donations for ALS in leiu of wedding gifts. What a fabulous way to start out Marriage. If you are this giving to others as a couple I can only imagine how wonderfully giving you are to each other. May you two be blessed with a Lifetime of Love and Happiness. Much Love, Jo Ann "
Kim Green $25.00 "I love you and am proud of you for doing this! "
Nancy Lang $25.00 "Thank you for all your inspiration (and perspiration). You're the best! Wishing you the best on your wedding day. See you Saturday. Nancy"
Tom Gregg $50.00 "Why aren't you falling apart like the rest of us? Go get 'em!"
Eric Limkemann $25.00 "Westchester Triathlon Prize Money. Great to see Blazeman's dad at the race!"
Reba Arrington $100.00 "You are a true inspiration. Enjoy your wedding day."
Ketan Bedmutha Hidden "Thank you Ketan for your donation!"
Stacey Malone Hidden "Praying for you, Dave!"
Ashley Graham $25.00 "Congratulations April and Douglas!!!!! We are so excited for you!"
Amber Martin $50.00 "Congrats April!!"
Mary Kay and Pat McGrath $50.00 "congrats Craig...what an accomplishment!"
Lori Fisher $50.00 "Wow ... you are amazing!"
Kristen Buongiovanni $25.00 "Go girl!!"
Gerry McGinnis $50.00 "Congrats April and Doug! Such a great idea for an awesome cause. See you guys tomorrow!"
Jennifer Rackley $100.00 "Congrats to you on your wedding day! Wishing you both much happiness! Thank you for all you do for all those around you. :)"
Cortney Schmeider $40.00 "Go April!! "
Ashley and Bradley Hutchinson $51.79 "See you shortly! We wish you all the love in the world on this beautiful most perfect fall day!"
Susan Melissa William $30.00 "Congratulations!! We love you."
William Spurling $100.00 "Lauren, you are such a stud, go give it hell! Love ya Chuck"
Claudy Pierson $250.00 "Lauren My Dear Friend Estoy muy orgullosa de ti. Me paraece fabuloso que finalmente realices uno de tus sueños, pero aun mejor que puedas ayudar a contribuir para la cura de ALS. Te deseo Mucha suerte, fuerza y resistencia. Que maravilloso ejemplo que le estan dando a Max. El es un niño muy afortunado de tener una mama Como tu. T. Q. M Claudy "
Brian Chapman $25.00 "Best of Luck man!"
Craig McKinlay $100.00 "Wishing you and your family all the best. Have a terrific race in Kona!"
Steve Riback $179.00 "In honor of the Blazeman and 5 year anniversary of his amazing Kona finish!!!"
Michael Moon $50.00 "Dave, I wish you all the best in this great cause. I hope your training is going well. Good luck. Mike"
FULTON FAMILY YMCA Smith Hidden "In Support of all you do...We Love You! Your Fulton Family YMCA Family...Richard, Gina, Peter, Michele and the Gang!"
Norm Garvin $50.00 "Good Luck Dave!"
Betty Howard $25.00 "I am so proud of you! Love you, Mom"
Anne Middleton $25.00 "Best of luck in the race, Ashby! We miss you at DOJ. "
Kim Zimmer Hidden "Will be thinking of you during your race! Good luck Dave! "
Heather and Declan Kelly $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you on the 31st! "
Tim Devlin $100.00 "Chris -Very eloquent words only a survivor could say.That's a tremendous picture of your mom & you. Good luck at the race and god bless your effort. Tim"
Dennis Doucet $100.00 "Chris, good luck with the run."
Jeff Case Hidden "Dave Howard, The Man, The Myth, The Legend...Wish you the best in your Ironman Journey!!!"
Carol Mauri Hidden "Chris, Cammy, Gary and I will be cheering for you from afar. Good luck."
Kevin Devlin $50.00 "Chris Great photo of you and your Mom .... Good luck with the race Kevin"
Robert Spinosa $25.00 ""Face your fears and live your dreams. Take it all in.""
Howie, Kristin & Dylan Weinstein $100.00 "Great Job Outta You!"
Pete Johnson $25.00 "Chris is awesome and this disease is horrible. Support Chris' efforts! "
Jeff Devlin $179.00 "You the man Chris. Have a great run, I miss both of my Aunts, but your Mom held a very special place in my heart. I will never forget."
Daryl & Ashley LaBar Hidden "Good Luck!"
Nicole, Diane & Al Paone $179.00 "This is a great thing that you're doing... Good Luck with the run... hope to see you and Maria soon... Love, The Paone's "
Cameron Cosper $25.00 "If you drown, may I have your bike? "
David Himmel $25.00 "Great job Lauren!"
Kevin Barry $50.00 "Thanks for the inspiration! "
Kristy Breslaw $25.00 "Inspirational!"
Manuel Huerta $25.00 "Go Shayne !!!! we are proud of you big gozilla"
Edward Bushey $130.00 "The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation."
Mary Mimi Reeves $25.00 "Great job, Shayne. Every bit helps ~ Mimi"
Stacey Tranchina $50.00 "Chris- What a way to pay tribute to your Mom. We'll be thinking of you on your run. Good luck! The Stoll Family"
Rebekah Splaine $50.00 "GO LUCK MONKEY!!!"
Sam Sareh $100.00 "I am proud of you Shayne!!!"
Chana Selmon $100.00 "Best of luck with your run for this worthy cause. "
Leigh Moss $25.00 "Good luck next weekend - and we don't need to hear anymore about your black toenails!"
Ken Fanelli $25.00 "Have a great race Ashby!!! Race safe!!!"
Beth Onderko Vagle $25.00 "Good Luck Jeff!"
Susannah Zimmermann $25.00 "Good luck Kenny! "
Richard diggelmann $10.00 "We should do all we can to fight this devastating disease and honor the name of the Blazeman."
Lisa Fields $250.00 "This donation is made on behalf of Cardiac Arrhythmia Service"
Maggie Scales $25.00 "Thanks for raising money for such an amazing cause!!! "
Michael Schwager $75.00 "Good Luck!! You better not beat me in the swim :)"
Dawn Perry Hidden "Good Luck with the event. Major J.C. Perry, RPD"
Scott LaRocca $50.00 "Go Kobes!! You are a true Gent."
Chris & Elizabeth Warren $100.00 "Good Luck Shayne - we wish you all the best. And you are the marathon "winner" in our books! Regards, Chris and Elizabeth "
Traci Rehmer $50.00 "In loving memory of John"
Mike Schweiger $1,000.00 "Pat, Mike and zMotion team support Shayne & TeamBlazeman in their efforts to fight ALS"
Noreen Cribbin $50.00 "Good luck with your run, Chris! The memory of your mother will always be alive in my heart...you know that! I miss her...and always will!"
Michelle Ignaciuk $25.00 "Good luck, Chris! This is amazing! So proud of you! Love, Michelle and Marcos"
Thomas Klein $25.00 "brrrr Enjoy that swim! Maybe you could watch Jaws the night before. "
Jennifer Paul $25.00 "I think what everyone is doing to assist the Blazeman Foundation is just awesome! Great cause, great people! Glad to know you all. "
robert singal $100.00 "Shayne...run it slow and get your moneys worth!"
Mary Miller $50.00 "In memory of Dad, Godspeed and mahalo, Jeff!"
Christine Dorsey $25.00 "Dorothy Lynch was my grandmother, her mind was as sharp as a tack but her body failed her. Good luck on your run."
Greg Finnan $100.00 "Good luck, Jeff!"
Sean Cribbin $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Aunts Nat, Dee and Mary Diodati $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Kerry Bracken $50.00 "For two sisters who are dearly missed. Unbelievable that lightening struck twice. Go Chris! "
Dave Warren $50.00 "Way to go Shayne!!!"
Ronni Sowers $75.00 "I personally feel this is one of the most under recognized devastating diseases we are facing. I walked in several events while in college and have since been wanting to get involved in the cause. I am so glad I can start by making a donation. I hope to be more actively involved in the fundraising efforts in the future. "
Stacy Tager $100.00 "What a fantastic cause!!! Have a great run. See you on the course!!! Enjoy it!!!"
Ken Madrid $150.00 "Run Forest Run"
Jada Serio $150.00 "Great Cause... Good Luck!!!!"
Jackie Weisenberger Hidden "Good Luck Ashby! You amaze me!"
Anders Hyde Hidden "Tim - you are an inspiration both in your perseverance, and in your commitment to making a difference. Thank you!"
Alan Zelcer $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Stefano Papaleo $20.00 "Shayne, run like the wind!!!!!!"
stefano papaleo $20.00 "Go Shayne, run like the wind buddy!!!"
Jason Dalton $25.00 "Best wishes Ashby!"
Eric Sweden Hidden "Get that donation money quick, I used the City's Credit card! "
Richard Grayson $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Barbara/Norman/Brett Stewart $50.00 "Congrats Ryan...what an accomplishment! Your Mom keeps us informed of what's going on with you...you are her pride and joy!! She is a dear friend of ours from when our son, Brett, was in high school in Dublin, OH. She treated him like her own son and was always there for him when he needed her help with his music. We love her dearly. We make this donation as a "Thank You" to you for participating in such a great cause. We wish you the best and hope you achieve your goal in this "very tough" (to say the least) endeavor you've taken on. Keep up the good work, Your friends in Texas, The Stewarts"
Paige Pence $25.00 "Good luck - I will be thinking of you and Wendy this weekend! "
Joey Rossi $25.00 "Go out there and enjoy the experience Ashby. I just did my last weekend and it was awesome!!"
Helene Lane $25.00 "Go Ashby & Wendy! Looking forward to celebrating after it's all over!"
Damon Circosta $10.00 "Bring it Ray!"
Monica Hoel Hidden "Wish it could be more, Ashby. Thanks for doing this. This gift is in memory of an E&H Grad named Dan Garnsey who just lost his life to ALS."
Radhika Bhandarkar $75.00 "Best Wishes."
Nicole Ahn $50.00 "Hey Ashby! I wish you a wonderful and inspired race. I look forward to hearing about it on a leisurely ride some day.... Cheers, Nicole Gehrig Ahn "
Wallace McPherson Hidden "Gift is from Patty Ray & Wally McPherson"
Bill Sherman $100.00 "Sorry I'm late. Hope you did very well in the race!"
Anonymous $75.00 "Good luck Rich!!! Linds, Mike and Mac"
Linda Maher $100.00 "You've always been so inspiring, and I'm so proud of you. God Bless you and have a wonderful, exciting, and memorable time!"
Jodi Lee Alper $140.60 "Laurie you have got this nailed. That you are doing it to combat ALS is double incentive. Watch out finish line, here you come! We are all with you every stroke and step of the way. Much love, Jodi Lee"
Beatriz Gruman $20.00 "From Atom and Bea!"
M.A.C. Speaking, LLC Mac Gray, Founder $25.00 "In memory of my cousin Anne who passed away of ALS."
Cheryl and Bob Volpe Hidden "Zach, What a great way to raise awareness for ALS! Keep spreading the word."
R. Keith Fuicelli $250.00 "Great work Tim! "
Jonathqan Sykora Hidden "I do not have a personal connection to ALS. But I know that through the correspondence I have received from your website in regards to my old Peugot bike, that you are bunch of great people, fighting for a great cause. The awareness vital! Thanks & Good Luck, Jonathan S."
Raymond OBrien $100.00 "Sorry we took so long to make our donation. It's a great cause. Good luck to you in the race and your fundraising efforts. We love you. Ma and Pa OBrien"
scott rendleman $50.00 "I rode with you and your mother on a community ride hosted by Chris McCormack in San Jose. Your mother told me of your goals. Congratulations on setting them, and then following through. Best of Luck."
Hannah Price $179.00 "Make them proud Tim - Hannah"
Doraly Witt $50.00 "Tom, Good Luck to you and Kathy! "
Beth Lundberg $50.00 "Thank you for your efforts, Tim!"
Robert Merrill $140.60 "Have a great time for a great cause."
Sasha Underwood $50.00 "Nothin' but love for you and inspiration from you... Sash"
Nicole Williams $25.00 "My friend Lisa Decker is very committed to this cause and I aim to support her in her efforts within the community and towards this particular cause. I have had the opportunity to meet people affected by ALS and their families throughout my life and I have tremendous respect for what they are going through and the strength they show, it is truly an inspiration. Thank you for this event, the awareness it will bring and I wish you the best of luck!"
Ambar Russo $90.00 "Ambar & Michael, Wish we could be there to cheer you on. Great job! We love you Mom, Mommom & Aunt Mary"
Anonymous $25.00 "Donating this because of my friend's Karen Hairston's FB posts and it's a worthy cause."
Joseph Maltacea $50.00 "Great Cause Stephen, and good luck in the Iron Man triathalone! Joe and carole Maltacea"
Ann Morelli $25.00 "Good luck, Stephen."
Bill Lewis $50.00 "Good luck Steven"
Alyce Flynn $100.00 "Good Luck, Steve!"
Tricia Anderson $50.00 "Best of luck in the Triathlon and the fundraiser! Tricia and Bill Anderson (Christopher's Aunt!)"
Anonymous $150.00 "In memory of Myrtle Farrer"
Anonymous $150.00 "In memory of Robert Stick"
carol faye blanding $50.00 "Thanks for the info Kathy and thanks for giving me the chance to contribute, Faye"
Yair Shalev $179.00 "Best of luck Tim"
Jane Veno $25.00 "Good luck, Stephen!!"
Patricia Lindstrom $50.00 "Good luck!"
Thomas Qualey $50.00 "Good Luck Steve, Maybe next year you can get John D to do it with you"
Richard Tarby $25.00 "Good Luck Stephen"
The Spreadburys $25.00 "Great cause -- good luck!!"
Jennifer DaSilva $25.00 "Gook Luck Coach Stephen! From Jared"
Ed Johnson $100.00 "Good luck. Have fun. Ed & Anne Marie Johnson"
William Cornelius $50.00 "Make it happen.....RLTW!! ~Angela"
Joseph Elia $50.00 "Steve -- Good Luck. If you can get John D. to do this event next year, I will double my donation. Joe"
kathy Gately $50.00 "Sorry I missed last year.Thanks Corey!! Miss you guys. Good luck Q!!! "
Mark Comeiro $150.00 "Great Job Q! We are proud of your support for the cause and proud of you."
Scott Saccany $50.00 "Good luck and thanks for leading."
Anonymous $250.00 "Go GEORGE!! You inspire us. Love, RHONDA & JIM"
Ray Drapeau $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!"
Maureen Crockford $50.00 "Good Luck!!! (I'm one of Chris Irving's aunts) "
Dressed By CC $50.00 "Beat last year's time."
John & Terri Comeiro $50.00 "Good Luck Stephen--sorry we were unable to attend the fundraiser...heard from Chris that is was terrific!!!"
Michele Doheny-Pellman $100.00 "Good Luck Jeff. Enjoy Boston!!!!"
Bill Reese $179.00 "This donation is a small token of the respect I have for a student of mine who is battling ALS with courage and grace."
William Logan $100.00 "Good luck with your Ironman for a great cause!"
Deborah Johns Hidden "I'm so proud of you, Son and honored to help Team Blazeman fight ALS! "LOG"-"roll on"!"
Dianna Wilson $687.27 "As treasure I am making this donation on behalf of Oxford Cycling. Thanks Ryan for making many things happen. "
Joe Morrow $50.00 "April You rock! Life is always a challenge and I thank you for helping pick me up from the struggles. It is an honor to support this cause. I may have to go to Hawaii to see you do the PR over the finish line. Rock on Princess Warrior. Joe"
David Qualey $100.00 "I'm so proud of you Stephen. This is such an important cause and YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!"
Lori Fisher $25.00 "Good luck this weekend! "
dave walker Hidden "without caring and passionate individuals such as Yair... the world will takes SO MUCH longer to make better. thanks Yair for pushing to achieve greatness in all of us."
Jennifer Paul $15.00 "Go get em' in Orlando and keep on keeping Jon's memory and work alive and remembered! "
sara elnecave $25.00 "Yair: jazak veematz! Love. Sara"
Lisa & Dan Abramovich $75.00 "As in everything that you do, you give your all to this very important cause. We'll be thinking of you on Sunday and wish you a great race. Love, Lisa and Dani "
Scott M Reedus Hidden "Thank you Abbey for thinking of Grandpa Reedus Dad"
Kelli Berezin $50.00 "Thank you, Abbey. What a great cause!"
mary michelle brown $10.00 "Love you and proud of you!! You are a committed athlete!!"
Paul Bitting $250.00 "Way to go Abbey!"
Nancy Abriatis $50.00 "In memory of Bruce Vecellio....Thanks Jon for raising funds for ALS! Have a great and safe race."
Jeff Condrige $25.00 "Way to go Heather! I am so proud of you."
Michael Rizzer $50.00 "Good Luck Jon."
Molly Hollenkamp $75.00 "Blazeman Benefit - Tracy, MN"
Linda Klahn $50.00 "In Memory of Diane.......Thanks Jon !"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Heather! We're cheering for you!"
David Skehan $50.00 "Good luck with the run, Jon. It's a good thing you are doing and for a great cause. Dave Skehan, Skehan & Associates."
Barry Sopinsky $1,000.00 "This donation is in memory of my dad Irvin Sopinsky and in support of the DEATH RIDE Tour to be held June 10-12, 2011. This is the third year of this annual event. Ride Strong ... Live Strong ... And Give Back (Tzedakah) More Than You Get."
Aubrey Duquin $100.00 "So...you eat pain for breakfast?! Good Luck!!"
David Strassburg $550.00 "Thanks for all you've done to help the rest of us be our best. "
Jenifer Pessin $100.00 "Deb you are such a rock star! I'm so proud of you! Much love, Jen"
Laura Robinson $75.00 "You go girl!"
Mike Scott $100.00 "Good Luck Jerry!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Jerry - congratulations and good luck not only in the race but in your fund raising."
Steve Schwarzbach $179.00 "Inspiring story Jerry - Good luck!"
Ronny Bedford $50.00 "Great cause, Jerry. Glad to support you and ALS!"
John Klein $179.00 "Run Jerry Run"
Melissa Stevens $179.00 "Wishing you all the best! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.~Henry David Thoreau"
Sharon Gries Hidden "Jerry, I wish you well. This weekend, June 4 & 5, I will walk 39.3 miles in tow days for the fourth time as I support the Avon Walk for breast cancer in Chicago. I know how tought it can be to raise money for these causes, but I am fully supportive of your effort. All teh best, Sharon "
Kathy Crosby Hidden "Good Luck Diane!"
Rich Coughlin $179.00 "Jer...all the best, and good luck!"
Alison Hoke $25.00 "Good luck Karen and thanks for doing this for such a great cause! Alison"
James Kendrick $75.00 "My physician is marathon runner and just been stricken by ALS. Great guy, great family ...really sad. Way to go in Houston and all the best in Hawaii."
Donald Condon Hidden "Given in support of Jerry Palmer who is #179 this year"
Tony Phillips $50.00 "Good luck Jerry"
Brad Robinson $75.00 "God bless your efforts. I cannot think of a more selfless slogan than "so others may live." Run strong brother, run strong."
Wendy Stubenhofer $25.00 "Karen, we are so proud of you! - Jim, Wendy & Johanna"
Wayne Lindsay $100.00 "Sue - We are very proud of your efforts in training for a triathlon and happy to support this worthy cause! Love, Sabrina & Wayne"
Mary Fillip $50.00 "Good Luck, Dave! "
Bob Savidge $100.00 "Honey Lamb, I am so proud of you for the hard work and dedication in your training for this worthwhile cause. I know you will do awesome. Love, Bob"
Denzil Crooke $100.00 "Good luck bro.... Have a great race... If she beats you be more that 100 Mins... you have to wear a skirt to play golf with Gary and I. How about that?"
David Barjenbruch $25.00 "Get it done!"
Kathy Roth $75.00 "Go Diane !!"
Kelly Switzer $50.00 "Wish we could be there to watch you roll across the line! Proud of what you are doing...enjoy the race!"
Anne Arens $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jared Thorne $50.00 "Good Luck David!"
Mallory Counihan $50.00 "Good luck! We are rooting for you!!"
David Rossi $100.00 "Jerry - Thank you for doing the Ironman for cause. Do well my friend. Dave"
Jen pfeiffer $75.00 "Kenny, you rawk!!"
Michael Scimo Hidden "Go Jerry!"
eric lundt $142.00 "Great wager, saw this on Twitter and was racing KS as well."
Kari Ross $179.00 "Good luck in France. Janus Charity Fund had the saying - Men of Iron, Hearts of Gold - congrats on being a part of the people who race for something bigger than themselves. :)"
Jerry Palmer Hidden " Jerry, Thank you for the opportunity to support the ALS Foundation and your commitment to helping others. We are praying for your continued good health and success in surpassing the ALS Foundation and your personal goals. Your dedication and commitment no longer suprise me. love dad"
crystal reese $20.00 "What a great way to honor your family Abbey, good luck and have fun!!!"
Tim and Tina Tanselle $100.00 "Great cause, plus Chrissie edged Tina that day in Lawrence, too!"
Constance Weiss $100.00 "Connie, you've been working so hard. Give it your best shot. We believe you can finish it! Love, Mom, Dad & John"
Barb and Hans Wulczyn $50.00 "Go strong, Connie!"
Kenneth Nelson $50.00 "So proud of my daughter."
Steve Riback $50.00 "FRREEEEDDDDOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Austin Lawyer $25.00 "go tina:)"
Travis Lawyer $25.00 "you can do it you worked so hard to get to the triathlon . peddle your legs off."
tracy pimpo $179.00 "Lisa Peterson...thanks so much for your inspiration and leadership. You truly are an example of Jon Blais and his determination to endure and make a difference. I'm grateful for being a part of Pams' Pal and having the opportunity to support a great foundation. Press on, Lisa! You make a difference!!!"
Jasmine Bucher $25.00 "Karen, you rock! Best of luck and thanks for helping out such an important cause!"
(Leland) Scott Horrall $100.00 "Better late than never! Congratulations on the strong finish!"
Carol Polin Hidden "Dear Mickey, We are making this donation in memory of your beloved mother, Frances May Messina, and wish you all the best in meeting your goal. Love, Carol and Marty Polin"
Lisa Clapp $15.00 "Nice of you to do this Karen - Good Luck"
Colleen Grimone $10.00 "So proud of you Heather! Way to go!"
Deborah Birkemeier $10.00 "Good Luck!! We are proud of you! Love Mom and Dad"
Jody Diehl $15.00 "Good Luck Karen! Have agreat day!!"
Heather Bates Hidden "You Rock!"
Maria Castresana $100.00 "Michael, good luck and all the best in raising awareness for this wordy cause. Maria"
Dorothy Knox $100.00 "Michael, Happy to support you in such a worthy cause! Dorothy"
Lidia Ortiz Hidden "Amazing!"
Brent Nowak Hidden "more than happy to support your efforts Michael!"
Jessica Bloodgood Hidden "Such a worthy cause!! Wish I could've seen you log-roll over that finish line, but I was there in spirit! Congrats on another big win! "
Wendy Cohen $100.00 "More power, more control, more joy! xoxo Wendy and Robert"
James Armstrong $100.00 "Scott - good luck, I'll be riding the Tri State Trek in July to help fight ALS as well!!!"
Greg Harrison $100.00 "Good Luck Scott!"
Amy Michael $50.00 "Go Scott!!"
Haase Dave $25.00 "Scott, Good luck.. Ill be in Placid the week after you for a lacrosse tournament. Dave "
Dominic Morandi $25.00 "Good luck Scott. You are the man! Thanks again for all of your good work on behalf of others. "
Amy Davidman $25.00 "you rocked that race mr. ironman!"
Casey Bowles Hidden "Congrats, Michael, on the fundraising and the little race you completed last weekend. "
Helen and Jason Fedchak $50.00 "Congratulations on your great effort, dedication, and fantastic result!"
Peter Cleary $100.00 "Have a great race Scott!! The Cleary Clan will be cheering for you!"
David Roth $100.00 "Good Luck Scott!"
Lise Zeloof $50.00 "Wishing you the best of luck Scott Love The Zeloofs"
Debby Bicanic $50.00 "Good luck Scott! Great cause."
Jim Kenney $100.00 "Best of luck Scott, I will be thinking of you. "
Kari Ross $179.00 "For all those affected by illness and disease and those who fight for freedom..."Should we continue to look upwards? Is the light we can see in the sky one of those which will presently be extinguished? The ideal is terrifying to behold... brilliant but threatened on all sides by the dark forces that surround it: nevertheless, no more in danger than a star in the jaws of the clouds." — Victor Hugo Congrats on another race and thanks again, kid, for all you've taught me."
Frank Lugo $50.00 "Scott, Best of luck!"
Peter Connellan $100.00 "Scott , Good Luck"
Melissa Brevetti $25.00 "Go Tanya! :-)"
Debra Sundstrom $25.00 "Go, Joe and Fellow Cyclists! I am truly inspired by your heart and "soul." Rock and roll on! --Deb Sundstrom"
Carole and Patrick McNamara $100.00 "Best of luck to you Scott."
Thomas Aldrich $50.00 "Scotty! Go get 'em man, couldn't be more proud of your hard work and dedication to such a great cause. All the best man! -Tommy A"
Kerri Cunningham Pace $50.00 "Best of Luck Scott! And thank you so much for doing this in memory of Dad. He'll be with you the whole way! xoxo Love, Kerri & Dean"
Jon Newsome $500.00 "Thank you Scott"
Greg Rinn $200.00 "Good Luck Scott!!! "
Edie Bowman $50.00 "You "ROLL" Kathy. Good luck. Edie"
Robert Burns III $50.00 "Better late than never! It's been an insane couple of weeks for us, but we're impressed with your fortitude! Way to go! Can't wait to hear the details. - Rob, Jess and Braeden"
Tim OBrien $100.00 "Am sure you will make a good showing of it Scott."
Robert Cesario $50.00 "Great Job Scott!"
Shane Whitworth $200.00 "In memory of Elizabeth Wajer, never met her but she must have been a wonderful Mother to have such a wonderful daughter!"
Kate Schulte $25.00 "Way to go Kathy! Enjoy the adventure and know that you are doing a great thing!"
leslie scott $250.00 "So proud of you Big Brother! Go big :)"
alistair mackinnon Hidden "Kathy you will beat Tom..:) best of luck to both of you TC"
Amy Stewart $50.00 "I'm a friend of Leslie's and a triathlete too (although not quite to your distances yet). You're doing a great thing. Remember to have fun while you're out there. Amy"
Chad Somers $250.00 "Tom - I know you will finish strong! Best of luck "
Christopher Hanc $100.00 "Best of Luck Scott! Go get em..."
Steven Penzimer $25.00 "GO JOE!!!!"
Janet Cubbage $50.00 "Scott, you are amazing! "
John Backus $100.00 "Scott...Congratulations on all of your hard work...the rest is the easy part!!! Have fun!....The Backus Family"
Mark Polemeni $100.00 "Best of luck, Scott, in the Ironman!"
Thomas O'Connor $200.00 "Great cause- paddle hard brother"
Nancy Dugan $100.00 "Good luck Tom. Enjoy the views!!"
Anonymous $269.00 "This money is a donation collected as part of an ALS Yard Sale conducted in conjunction with April Hartsook. "
Monica Garris $25.00 "Happy Birthday! We love you! Love, Monica, Aaron and Rylan"
Sean Lynch $179.00 "Keep up the good deeds guys, your trip is inspiring, and it is great to hear the stories of strangers who so whole-heartedly help you along the way!"
Joseph Long $50.00 "Good Luck Scott! Go get 'em!!!"
chris gaebler $50.00 "Kathy; you definitely have the determination of a #4 (T.C.)! You can do this; what a ride it's been, eh? Good Luck! Chris"
Steve Phillips $25.00 "Good luck Tom! Great dedication to a great cause. Steve"
Bob Hodgetts $400.00 "Mike, I am so proud of you!"
Maureen McCloud $60.00 "Mike, Congratulations on a great finish at Ironman Coeur d'Alene"
John Walsh $50.00 "Scooby says kick somes butt!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Scott, Congratulations on your mindblowing achievement. You've done Uncle Pat proud, and I'm sure not for the first time."
Mary Ellen Sullivan Hidden "Jerry, Your commitment is so impressive. All the best in your fundraising and training efforts."
John Aalbregtse Hidden "Go Jerry! Best wishes for the Hawaii Ironman. You are an inspiration."
Anonymous $35.00 "Never sell yourself short. You may be just one but you can make a difference."
Kathleen Gill $50.00 "...... go joe rooney! energy hugs from kathy gill-halsey"
Eric Limkemann $50.00 "Giant Eagle/Lifetime Prize Money"
Anonymous $100.00 "In memory of Sylvia"
Jill Bland $75.00 "Thank you Kathy for your tremendous accomplishment for fight for a cure for ALS. It personally means so much to me!!"
James Freeman $25.00 "Well done congratulations Regards Jim Freeman"
Damon Clifford $25.00 "Hi April, Thanks for following my journey of FB and your encouragement. I look forward to meeting you in person at a race someday. :) Damon"
Damon Clifford $25.00 "Hi April, Thanks for following my journey on FB and the encouragement. I look forward to meeting you in person at a race someday :)"
Keith Verville $140.60 "3 Ironman in one year! And this one for a phenomenal cause! You are an Ironman and a 5 star human being!"
Christy Bray $50.00 "Go Clyde...dad would be very proud of you!"
Teresa Andreani $50.00 "I admire your tenacity, Jeff! Thanks for keeping this cause in the forefront!"
Shelly Marks $50.00 "This makes Kona even more special. Go #179! Best of luck and congratulations on raising money for such an important charity. "
Christopher Kober $25.00 "Happy Birthday Mom and Jon."
Janet DelCiello $50.00 "Joe - Tremendous accomplish involving strength, stamina, and perseverance. You achieved what others only dream about doing. Thanks also for the fascinating narrative of your journey."
LINDA JOHNSON $25.00 "Best wishes on an awesome race!"
Kevin Lynch Hidden "Wishing y'all safe & happy travels...and racing! We'll be thinking of you in warm sunny Hawaii while we're here in NC with pink baby!"
leslie scott $75.00 "Good Luck on your race. This is a great way to honor your Grandmother - Jim & Sheila Scott"
Becca Thompson $100.00 "Jerry - Good luck out there!! What a great cause you will be out there for! Becca"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Mighty Mustang Tri Team Warriors! "
Jen Paul $15.00 "So glad you have become a "warrior" and get to join hands with some truly amazing people (you included). Congrats and good luck! "
Roger Herman $500.00 "Way to go Alex!! Good luck and Congratulations from The Herman Group!"
John Poisson $250.00 "Jerry, I am inspired by your personal journey to change your life and make a difference at the same time. Enjoy Kona my friend and remember when you are in the Energy Lab and you are dealing with the elements - draw inspiration from those that live with ALS and do it with dignity! Fish"
Paul McGowan $250.00 "Well done and good luck Jerry - The World's Best Run Races Run Jerry."
Matt Tibaldi $25.00 "Will be racing in Ironman Poconos 70.3 on Oct 2nd. Battled some injuries, but feel good enough to race, and hopefully will be rolling across the finish line once more"
Paula and Robert Hernandez $50.00 "Good Luck Jerry! We know you will do awesome! Hope you have a great race and have so much fun :) We will be tracking you in Houston! Paula and Robert"
Nadine Borkowicz $25.00 "YOU ROCK!!!"
Kristin Hopkins $1,000.00 "for you mom, we miss you everyday..."
Ray Hudson $100.00 "Time to kick some ALS ass, Jeff!"
Julie and Greg LaRue $100.00 ""To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" ~~ Prefontaine Best of luck to you, Jerry!! ~ Greg & Julie"
Pam Cira $100.00 "Eric-- this is a wonderful way to honor your dad!"
Dan Longman $50.00 "Good luck Alex!"
Alicia Turner $25.00 "GO ALEX!"
rachel alters $50.00 "Good Luck Alex!!!!!!"
Mark Ross $25.00 "Good Luck Brother Alex!"
Raymond Lechler $25.00 "Good luck Alex. I'm glad I could help in this great cause. All the best, Ray"
Maria Vidal $75.00 "Alex, good luck with the race! You'll do a great job! Mom and Dad"
Jill Mignacca Hidden "Go, Deb! :)"
stephanie hamberis $50.00 "your enthusiasm and spirit is both contagious and inspiring.. keep up the great work...get it girl!"
Rhonda Hunt $100.00 "Go get um girl!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Alex keep it up! all of us in ERA Herman Group, are very proud of you!!"
David Daggett $100.00 "Dear April, You have been a good friend for a long time. Our family is proud of you and will be cheering the whole way. YOU make a difference! Love, The Daggett Family"
Michael Giudicissi $100.00 "Do it...because we all know you can. "
Michael Mc Aleese $75.00 "Race well April....."
Tracy Tucker-Georges $100.00 "Peace, love & Ironman."
Kim Van Scoy-Jebb $25.00 "Love your spirit and devotion to finding a cure for ALS! Kim"
Jennifer Rackley $250.00 "April - love you girl and all your passion, energy, enthusiasm - and most of all that you use each of those to help other people. If we could bottle you and sell you, we'd raise millions for ALS... :) Keep doing what you do and being who you are! :) Jennifer"
Maggie Beamguard $50.00 "Your passion for life and the hope for a cure for ALS are so inspiring. Have a beautiful, strong race!"
Gina Lucania $25.00 "Rock and ROLL at IM COZUMEL girl!!! You are a true warrior in this journey of finding a cure for ALS. Together we can make it happen! xoxoxo"
Wes Salisbury $25.00 "April- thanks for such inspiration this Sunday morning as I contemplate my own 70.3 next weekend-- I'm so grateful to have you to share this journey with, and see how much more there is to it than simply training and competing for myself."
kurt Jarnagin $100.00 "Go Jenny. I admire you commitment. Kurt Jarnagin Father Helen"
Barbara Wipfler $250.00 "Jenny, you continue to inspire and amaze. We admire your enthusiasm, drive and commitment to end ALS. We will be cheering you on in all you do! -The Wipfler Family"
Debbie Glusker $50.00 "Jenny, you inspire me and warm my heart. It is an honor to know you. We will be thinking of you on 11/20/2011 and sending spiritual energy your way. Love You!"
Allyson and Wayne Whitlock $100.00 "This is a great cause and wonderful thing you are doing, Jenny. Good luck with the big race!"
Stephanie Barton $40.00 "You are inspiration to all! Keep up the amazing work!"
Rinat Goren $100.00 "Thank you for what your are doing. from Shani and Rinat"
Dwight & Maria Powery $100.00 "Jenny, We are honored to know Nancy Polisso and want to help you reach your goal! Great job!"
John and September Higham $50.00 "Go Jenny!"
Gaffney Family $179.00 "Thank you for doing this Jenny! We're supporting you all the way!"
Perri Hightower Hidden "Good Luck Jenny!"
Alfred Lamothe $10.00 "April, Good Luck!"
Melinda Hom $50.00 "Jenny, I am so inspired and impressed by your commitment and determination to this worthy ALS cause. You have accomplished more than some people do in their lifetime. Go Girl! melinda"
Mary Beth Brown $50.00 " You are Awesome!!!"
Barbara Villasenor Hidden "Inspiring!"
Mariko Ryon $50.00 "Jenny, you are truly an inspiration and thank you for dedicating yourself to contributing to the world in such a positive way."
Nicole McGuire $150.00 "Way to go, Jenny! Your dedication to this wonderful cause is truly inspiring. "
Heath Pennell $30.00 "See you in Cozumel!!"
Vivien D'Andrea $25.00 "You go Jenny! So impressive. Be kind to your knees! Doc V : )"
Linda Santiago $200.00 "You are such an inspiration! The Santiago girls are soooo proud of you and are honored to share this journey with you. Rock on girl! "
Curtis and Mary Allen $100.00 "Wow, very impressive Jenny. God bless you!! Curtis and Mary Allen"
Lynn Waterman $100.00 "Go, Alex!!! We will be thinking of you as you do your Ironman race!!! Lynn & John"
rasciel socarras $50.00 "have a Great Race "
Michelle Helvey $75.00 "We wish you the best as you do this, Jenny! You are AMAZING!"
Brian McCarthy $25.00 "Good luck Alex!"
Emily Maske Hidden "Very inspiring Alex! I'm proud of you for doing this and for supporting such a worthy cause. Best wishes to you on Sunday."
Anonymous $50.00 "You go girl!"
Raj Mathai $75.00 "We're happy to support you!"
marijke white $50.00 "Alex, you're doing a great job!!! Lots of luck in the race!!! Hugs Marijke"
Jeannie and Terry Conner $500.00 "You GO, girl! :O)"
Kim Wetzel $25.00 "Jenny - you're so inspiring! Good luck on race day!"
Kathleen Martella $100.00 "Way to go Jenny! "
Joe Morrow $100.00 "best of luck to my favorite triathlete, besides Big Dave of course. Love ya dear Joe "
Jeff Galvin $50.00 "So help me woman...I want to see one hell of a roll at Cozumel!!!"
Catherine Plevy $25.00 "I love you and you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I wish you the very best on your next adventure. Rock on."
Janie Nickel $50.00 "Hi Jenny, You are amazing...... Best Wishes, The Nickel Family......."
The Amsdens Hidden "Jenny, Your heart and soul continue to shine."
Constance Bowie $100.00 "Great job, Jenny! You are doing a wonderful thing. We'll be cheering for you from Los Altos! Connie, Travis, Austin and Claire Bowie"
Masami Naumann $100.00 "With our love and support! The Naumann Family"
Donita Beckham $100.00 "Good for you, Jenny - - - congratulations! Donita"
Caroline Taylor $25.00 "Don't get a tattoo!! "
felice berkowitz $20.00 "Best of luck Jenny and Rae Lee, all the way from the east coast!! You are really doing a wonderful thing and should be so proud of yourselves. Best, Felice, Eric, Talia and Alexa "
Michae McCoy $50.00 "Go Jenny!"
Kathleen Wayman $25.00 "See you soon! GO JENNY! "
Camilla McCrea $100.00 "Dear Jenny and Rae Lee, How you inspire us all - thank you for sharing your cause and passion with us! Your multi-year approach is impressive - wishing you every success and PB! Camilla McCrea and Family "
Bud Michael $100.00 "Go for it, Jenny!"
Jon Dressner $100.00 "Jenny, I'm friends with your mom. We used to work together. I've always been unbelievably impressed with your mom. She's a great business woman, a great mom, a great athlete and a great and giving member of the community. And it looks like you've inherited similar traits (ok, I'll give you a few more years to become a great mom and business woman!). Good luck in the race. Really admire your commitment to fighting this terrible disease. Jon"
Elizabeth Altmaier $25.00 "For Jenny and Nancy, with all my love and support. You're amazing."
Lauren Amorese $100.00 "Jenny, what you have done and are continuing to do is amazing and I admire you for it. It was a pleasure getting to know this facet of you better through my project. Thank you so much for everything and good luck in your big race, I'll be following it! "
Debbie and Michael Tanne $75.00 "Jenny, we are so proud of you for your commitment to helping those with ALS. We will be cheering you on every step and every mile in your race to help find a cure. We admire your determination, your preparation and your generous spirit. You go girl!! Love, Debbie and Michael"
Thomas Blaisdell $179.00 "Good luck, Jenny! We'll be thinking of you on the 20th! Love, The Blaisdells"
Michael & Arlene Speer $100.00 "Jenny, you are a shining example to us all! Our love and prayers go with you as you compete in the Ironman on the 20th!"
Kim Hudson $100.00 "In Memory of Mark Nolta Diagnosed, Nov 2009 Passed Away, Dec 2010"
Students of Pinewood School $958.26 "This money was donated by the students of Pinewood School. "
Jay Gilson $100.00 "Jenny, I learned of your goal through your mother and also being part of her Alliance of CEO's Group and could not help but to help you reach your goal. In today's world so many of us go through life just reacting to comes our way and do not set goals. Your commitment to set a goal and to strive to achieve something with meaning is a testament to you as a human being. Best wishes and I will be rooting for you. Jay Gilson "
Christine Russell $250.00 "Hi Jenny - thank you for doing this and Rae Lee thanks for forwarding! A dear friend of mine has just been diagnosed with ALS and so I did the research and know how devastating this disease its. Christine"
Deborah Gatta $25.00 "My daughter's first sleepover was at your house. After I dropped her off, I was overcome with emotion. I had to pull over on the side of the road because I was crying so hard. You were both so little. How could it be that she was old enough for this milestone?!? And now I see you all grown up, a poised, self-assured, driven young woman and I feel overcome by those same emotions. Good luck on your event and reaching your fund raising goal. Hi to your wonderful mom, too. Mrs. Gatta"
Michelle & David Vendelin $100.00 "Hi Jenny - loved seeing your strong commitment and determination to reach your goal and serve with grace and a big heart. Thank you for the opportunity to help as well! "
nicole ducouer $50.00 "April you rock!! Kill it in Cozumel! Love, Nicole."
Yair Shalev $100.00 "Make sure to take Jon with you!!! :)"
Valarie Arnesen $300.00 "We want to help you reach that goal! Thank you for all you are doing but especially for who you are. The Arnesens"
JOHN SMART $250.00 "May God bless you and all the people that you are helping."
Lesa Hazle $100.00 "We love you Bryan!"
Vivian Lim $179.00 "Good Luck with the race - Go Jenny"
Anonymous $100.00 "In memory of Nonie Irey"
Valori Stitt $100.00 "Your dedication and hard work are an inspiration to your Pinewood HS classmates and families. "
Tamlyn Baker $50.00 "Go !!! Proud of You !!!"
Cory Phillips $179.00 "Give 'em hell, Nick. Run like the wind. Swim like a fish, and bike like... um... a Frenchman?"
Gentry Schany Hidden "Go Uncle Nick! Go Uncle Nick! We love you and wish you could be there at the finish line again! You are AMAZING! Love, D-Man, G & B"
Sue and Glenn Goldberg $100.00 "Go Jenny! You are an inspiration!"
eugene tschudy $100.00 "Have a great race Nick. Awesome to race for such a great cuase. "
Stacia Murray $50.00 "Nick, have a great 4th Ironman race....Stacia"
Joe Richards $25.00 "Thank YOU for keeping his memory alive and fighting for him. "
DANIEL NIEVES $100.00 "April, I admire you so much! Have a fantastic race!!"
Tyson Marsh $100.00 "Jenny, I am so proud of you! Your determination, dedication, and huge heart are an inspiration to me. Best of luck with the race! Do your best and know that you are already a true champion!"
Brene Brown $100.00 "Amazing! Have a wonderful race! "
Leslie Carmichael $50.00 "Jenny-you are an inspiration! Have a great race!"
Roger Stodola $100.00 "Jenny, Your inspiration is contagious! Keep up the good work!"
Audrey Wheeler-Denning $25.00 "Jenny: You are amazing, have a great race!!!"
Jomary Bolles $500.00 "We're there in spirit, cheering you on, Jenny! Love, Jomary and Bob"
Dana Quinn $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny! You Rock!! from Maxie & Bizzy"
Carol Damonte $50.00 "Dear Jenny, We are all lifting you up in prayer as you center and prepare yourself to take on this transforming adventure. .................be still and know that I am God...................... Know we are with with. And when you get up tomorrow morning, look in the mirror and say out loud, "Good Morning, Sacred Child of God!" With that alone you will be ready. We love you, Carol, Dirk and Starfire"
Janis Foss $25.00 "Jenny you are such an inspiration! God Bless you and Rea Lee! Our prayers for a safe journey."
Eileen Gann $25.00 "Go Jenny! What an amazing endeavor! We will be praying for you tomorrow. The Gann Family"
Kathleen,Lauren,Stephanie Wilson $50.00 "Hi Jenny~ Go for it! We are so proud of you! One step at a time! You can do it! We will be praying for a smooth race and your goal accomplished! Kathleen, Lauren and Stephanie Wilson"
Kurt Wright $250.00 "Aloha Jenny from Maui...you go girl...and imagine when doing the swimming portion that your in the warm waters off Maui!"
Michele Isaac Hidden "You will rock it! Many congratulations to both of you."
Karin Klarreich Hidden "Jenny: Good luck tomorrow and in your future. You are obviously a very determined young lady and will succeed at whatever you set your mind to. Have fun and race hard and race strong! Karin Klarreich and Walter Wilson"
Gene Miller $50.00 "Jenny, With this small contribution go my best wishes for a great race. I was going to say a 'successful' race, but I realize that just being so committed to this endeavor, and having done so much already, you *are* a success just standing at the starting line. Nonetheless, I hope you reach all your goals. Go get 'em, Kid! "
Sally Robinette $25.00 "The Robinette family is so proud of your efforts to bring awareness to this disease. You GO GIRLS! Just know that we are all behind you!"
Marissa Davis $25.00 "You are inspirational!"
Marilyn and Paul Winslow $100.00 "Congratulations - We hope the race goes well. Marilyn and Paul Winslow"
Emily Liang $100.00 "Jen, you're such an inspiration. I'm so proud of you!"
Robert Sher $100.00 "Good going Jenny and Rae Lee!"
Kerri DiCicco $100.00 "Jenny: you are your mom are Iron women in the most meaningful way! Thank you for being such a great role model! Kerri"
Linda Durham $25.00 "Wish I could be in Cozumel with you, but I know you will do your best (no pressure). I am so proud of you and I LOVE YOU.....Have FUN too!!!"
Irene Carros $50.00 "Good luck Marie!!! We are rooting for you! Joe and Irene"
Ted Fyock $250.00 "April, I hope this small contribution helps in meeting the goal of eliminating ALS. Keep pushing forward. Best wishes and love, Ted & Joan"
Lois Sangster $100.00 "Jenny, the world is a better place because of what you are doing. Wishing you every success in achieving all of your goals. Lois and Gordon Sangster"
craig and laura Norquist $179.00 "Just read the story on Lavamagazine.com website and am impressed by your efforts and accomplishments. Keep up the great work."
Robert MacDonald $500.00 "What a great way to respond to an otherwise unfortunate circumstance. The level of funding you have set for the target and the amount already achieved will have meaningful impact on the effort to better understand and treat this devastating disease."
Kathy Nahman $100.00 "Jenny, you are your mom are amazing, congratulations!"
Bryan Reece Hidden "Rock til you ROLL!!!"
Rebecca Newsome $25.00 "Marie, You are an inspiration to me! What you did was amazing!! I'm so proud of you!"
Juan Gutierrez $50.00 "Greg, good luck and congratulations on doing this for a very worthy cause. --Juan"
Mohammad Naseem $100.00 "Dear Greg: Thank you for championing this good cause. Best of luck! Sincerely, Mohammad."
Jin Xu Hidden "Good Luck!"
Mark Godfrey $50.00 "Good luck, have fun, Godspeed and I hope it goes quickly."
Kim and Paul Barna $50.00 "Good luck Greg,,,"
Rylan and Aaron Garris $15.00 "In loving memory of Granny Goforth"
Theresa Long Hidden "In Memory of Joey Volpe"
Liz Broos $75.00 "Good luck Amy and I hope you have fun (?) with the race and raise a lot of money for this great cause! You are an inspiration to all of us ;-)"
Lauren Chadwick $250.00 "From the Chadwick family in memory of Dr. Neal C. Chadwick. Thank you Jeff for your unwavering support of Neal and the many others struggling with ALS. Your commitment to this cause is truly admirable. Keep up the good work!"
Kim Patchett $50.00 "Go Amy, Go!! =)"
Dan and Debbie Smith $25.00 "Great cause Jeff! With you in spirit as you run!"
Aaron and Rylan Garris $10.00 "Happy Valentine's Day! We love you!"
Wayne Sherman $25.00 "Wish I could do more but I just can't right now."
karen robinson $179.00 "So proud of you!"
Lisa McCauley Hidden "Awesome cause, Al!! I expect a roll at the finish line at Lake Placid!"
Frank Allison $100.00 "Good going girl! Frank & Sandy"
Charles Howard jr. $25.00 "If there are some who survive I hope he will be one. If there have been no survivors I hope that he will become the first. My grandfather taught me how to have face to face talks with God at bedtime. I will talk to Him tonight about your father. I am a friend of your father in law Frank through the modern mind group at church."
Ann Bryan $100.00 "You are making a beautiful statement in remembrance of your father. Thanks, for letting me be a part of it. Ann Bryan "
Kenny Allison $100.00 "Go wit yo bad self!!! Kenny and Tanya"
Casey Atkinson $25.00 "I hope that one day there will a cure for this disease. Good luck! I know you will do awesome!"
Shay Gordon $25.00 "Hey Kim, Great cause and great way to raise money, good luck with the race. Shay "
Andrea and James Erwin $50.00 "In honor and memory of Michelle's father, Robert Womble, and a dear friend, Robert Bird "Papa Bird". "
Caza Brown $25.00 "Lovin ya Work Kimmy!"
Michael Allison $50.00 "From EODMU8 DIVE LOCKER"
Molly Staudenraus $100.00 "You are amazing! We will be cheering you on from P.O. WA!!!"
Deborah Stackiewicz $25.00 "Good luck Kim xx"
Lisa Rojas $100.00 "RACA!!! Ju gat dis! Proud of you and your efforts! You'll always have my support!"
Kevin Thompson $100.00 "In honor of the pure awesomeness of Jenny Hansen!"
Brian and Anna Lawler $25.00 "We are so happy to be able to support you for this event. We are sure your father will be looking down on you and be VERY proud. Brian, Anna and Aidan"
Bill and Jeanie Thomas Hidden "Best wishes... Bill and Jeanie Thomas"
Raul Chang $100.00 "I got your back China!!!"
Rita Nicholson $25.00 "You go girl! Your pops would be very proud, and he will be watching over you. God Bless, and safe run. Love Rita from Washington State"
Ivan Rodriguez-Mesa $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Mary Moses $25.00 "Good luck, Kim!!!"
Michelle Erwin $50.00 "In honor of Michelle Womble's father and in support of her journey. Also for Mama Bird and Papa Bird."
Robert M. Womble Jr. $200.00 "In honor of my dad Robert M. Womble Sr., not a day goes by that I don't think about you at least once. "
Kate Tombillo $25.00 "Have a great TRI season Lucy! TRIing for a purpose is very rewarding. It helps push you faster and farther. Knowing you are making a difference for someone else is a great feeling!"
Timothy Warner $50.00 "Good luck, Lucy!"
Jodie Jackson $100.00 "Way to go, Lucy!"
Joan Costin $25.00 "You go, girl!!"
Tom O'Bryan $25.00 "Good Luck !, I am happy to support ya, my Grandmother passed away before I was born and she to suffered from ALS !"
Michael C. Maddox Hidden "I hope you take care of yourself. Wishing you and the Captain the Best. From all you told your father was a special man. God Bless"
Carol Dolan $50.00 "Great cause Kim! Thank you! "
Daisy Krakowiak $25.00 "That's great you are doing a triathlon for a cause! Way to go!"
Anonymous $25.00 "go, lucy!"
Ashley Chadwick $179.00 "This is for my father, Jon, Greg and everyone else affected by this terrible disease. Thank you for continuing to fight The War on ALS Jeff! You are one awesome ALS Warrior!!!!"
Cynthia McKay $114.00 "Team Larry dinner raffle."
Julie Custalow $25.00 "Way to go, Michelle! I hope they can find a cure for this disease along with Lewy Body Parkinsons that has gotten a hold of my dad. "
Tom Cawthern $50.00 "What a great cause! Good luck!"
HANNAH KUNZE $25.00 "SPORTY - i have three words for you - YOU GO GIRL!"
Loren Sanders Hidden "So proud of you! Awesome cause...you are gonna rock this race!"
Kristin Emmer $50.00 "In honor of your dad, Michelle and a dear family friend Papa Bird"
charles hough $25.00 "So proud of you Michelle for doing this! You’re an inspiration to everyone! Good luck and Love ya! :)"
Celina Mueller $75.00 "Love you, and GOOD LUCK!! From the Mueller Familia"
Stuart Ballantyne $25.00 "Good luck Kim!"
Molly McHugh $25.00 "Way to go Lucy - keep rocking!"
Vanessa Sanchez $100.00 "Go get'em Mamita wishing you the very best, big hug and take lots of pictures! May God Bless you all. Luv Ya Vanessa"
Ellen Wood $25.00 "Michelle, You are an inspiration to us all! Your Pops would be extremely proud of you! I certainly am!"
Tim Bisch $200.00 "God bless this fight."
Roger and Livonia Winkles $100.00 "Good luck Greg! You are so inspiring to our boys and family! We love the Robinson Family!"
Moti Puran $50.00 "Greg, Best wishes hope you fulfil all your aims. Mo"
John & Gina Helseth $50.00 "You are awesome Greg!!!"
Terry Mercer $50.00 "Hey cuz' congratulations on doing what only a few have done. You inspire all of us to continue in our personal goals and maintain strength in difficult situations. May God be with you and keep you safe on your endeavor. "
cheri keller $75.00 "All the best Greg!!!"
steve kennelly $54.05 "Oh, so THAT'S why Brown calls you "Ironman"! That's a relief. Good luck!"
Helen McDermid Hidden "Let's Do It For Corey and Larry! Anything for Beth! Penn State Proud! Fran"
annie bernstein $250.00 "Go Scott! Make me proud! Great event."
Jason Tollefson $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Kerry Hutchins $50.00 "Happy Birthday, Phil! You are so missed and loved. "
John Mahnke $25.00 "Good luck Greg! Look out for the pinecones!"
Courtney Brackin $2,000.00 "Mark Moses runs like a little girl."
Selina Carpenter $25.00 "Al, I think this is a great cause and so happy to contribute. I know it isn't much, but happy to help. I can't wait for you to be an Ironman! Selina"
Tracy Thomas $100.00 "Way to go Jeff! We'll be cheering for you from Boston."
barry baker $25.00 "Leanda, best of luck in your race and it's great how you honor his memory and raise awareness and funds for Blazeman and the fight against ALS."
Steve Abney $100.00 "My good friend Charles"
todd mcmanamon $100.00 "In honor of my friend and Doc, Jeff and also in honor of Dr. Neal Chadwick. Good luck tomorrow and thanks for what you do for this organization."
Andrew & Denise Strong $100.00 ""I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13 Go Lisa!"
Robynn Betz $25.00 "ALS is an unrelenting disease. It strikes without warning and has no pregidous of its victims. My life partner, Cat McDonald, and I are proud to support our son-in-law Jeremy Owens as he represents the Blazeman Foundation in honor of his Mom, Sherry Owens. This disease has gone under the radar for far too long. Funding is imperative for research to find effective treatment and a cure. Please give what you can. Jeremy, good luck tomorrow, we hope you have a great finish. Sherry, keep up the fight, Cat & I are in your corner!"
brian breen $25.00 "Love ya April... YOU ROCK!!!"
Yair Shalev $100.00 "Make Jon Proud! - Good luck :)"
Lisa Ganem $25.00 "Carry on, warrior! I am honored to contribute- my very dear friend, Pete Moffitt is currently battling ALS. Love and hugs- miss you- Lisa"
Monica Swaim $25.00 "April I am donated this in memory of your friends you lost and also for my cousin who has ALS and is in hopsice care now."
mike bridge $50.00 "Good luck in your first Ironman Nathan!"
Kiara Barr $25.00 "Cousin or no cousin.....I am so proud of you! "
Lenore Convery $100.00 "Thank You to all the Homestyle Specialists who donated at our Spring meeting!"
Edwin Watkins $100.00 "Good Luck Sam!"
Kellie Smirnoff $25.00 "April, you are a rock! Your heart is as large as your beautiful muscles. You dedicate your life to inspiring people to reach their goals. You give back by raising money to help cure a devastating disease. I love you, girl. Never change. xoxo "
Eric Pach $25.00 "Get er done Nathan!"
Robin Allsopp $10.00 "Happy Birthday Lenore! You will do great! Enjoy, breath, smile and most importantly have FUN!"
Elizabeth Broos $25.00 "Kona here u come!"
stacy shaw $25.00 "thank you for inspiring both myself and my boys to live a healthier lifestyle. Good Luck!"
Mari Ligotti $50.00 "You go, girl!!!"
Anonymous $500.00 "Go Jen - You are amazing. Hope you are able to stop by in the Big Apple when you're in town!"
Augie Vargetto $25.00 "Hi Jen. Good for you!! ALS just touched my family as well. This is important to me."
Anonymous $179.00 "Go Jen Go! You are the best!"
Melissa Stockwell $50.00 "Go Jen Go, you rock my friend!"
Christine Zinser $25.00 "Jen you are an inspiration!"
Matthew Watson $50.00 "Great job Jen!! Wicked Awesome!"
Terry Schafer $25.00 "GO!"
Philip Kirschner $50.00 "You're an inspiration, Jen, we miss you in the big city!"
Glenda Easom $25.00 "Jen we are always so proud of everything you do. Love, The Florida Aunties"
Heather Duncan $50.00 "Jen, you are an incredible woman and athlete! We're proud to support you!! xxHeather & Tomi"
linda haines $25.00 "Good Luck and Congrats! You'll do great."
Jeannie Waterman $25.00 "Way to go Jen! Keep up the good work."
Tamara Sorell $50.00 "Lots of luck with the event and a very worthy cause!"
Ranney & Kathy Sharman $37.00 "Yea! Greg. See you soon. Way to go!"
Patricia Dempsey $25.00 "Happy Birthday Lenore, What a great way to celebrate!! You are amazing and I love you!!!"
Judith Hobson $25.00 "Jen ... you are touching many many lives!! Keep up the great work!!! Love ya much!! Judi"
Kim Harrington $25.00 "Thanks for inspiring me to take on a Triathlon. I'm not an Ironman yet... but I will be!"
Brian & Donna Flynn $25.00 "Jenn Go....for the good cause. "
Willie Fitzgerald $50.00 "Greg, Best of luck !!!! Willie"
lisa j brandau $100.00 ""You'll never know that you're my hero ..." Thinking of you and praying for your safety and victory all weekend! You are an inspiration to SO many, Lenore! Thanks for all you do for ALS and for Hope 4 Mike!!! Have a safe, wonderful, cool (I know ilt's hot!) and VICTORIOUS day!!! Love you BIG TIME and can't WAIT to hear how successful you were!!! YOUR biggest fan!!!"
Amy Moore $100.00 "You are amazing! I am so proud of you and your commitment! Wish I had your determination and dedication! "
Trish Brewster $50.00 "Good Luck Nathan! You Rock..."
Mary E Blinn $100.00 "Hi Nathan, Happy 40th Birthday year and have a woderful triathalon, Mom"
Kim Lipchak $20.00 "Good Luck Greg!! The Lipchak's are routing for you. "
Evan Maltz $200.00 "My Brother was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago in the prime of his life. He is very close with my son who recently commited to UMass and will be playing football there. Our goal is to be able to get him up to Gillette for home games as he has been my son's coach and mentor and is one of the reasons my son was ranked the #1 High School Place Kicker in the Country this past season. It is very important for everyone to help bring some daily enjoyment to those with ALS."
Roger Dabio $25.00 "Good Luck! Al."
Laurie Robbins $25.00 "Looking forward to the roll at the end Al! Laurie and Tim "
Sherrie Dahlquist $25.00 "Go Melissa and Brody!"
Jeff Kolczak $25.00 "Best of luck Greg!!"
Patti Elzer Hidden "Good luck Greg! We know you are an Ironman. We will be cheering for you."
Josh Boxer $179.00 "It is our pleasure to support such a noble cause. Thanks to you and all of the Blazeman Warriors for keeping up the good fight. "
Amy Campbell-Lefkowitz $35.00 "Lenore - being a fellow Blazeman Warrior, I wanted to contribute something to your fund raising efforts! Sorry I am after your Eagleman race, but I figured the donation will still help! Keep up the good work my friend! Kick ALS!"
Robin Duczek $150.00 "More than anything, enjoy the day. When my father could still speak he said over and over that he'd give up everything he owned if it meant he could just go for a walk. "
Kerry Reed $25.00 "Inspiring, but crazy. Good Luck!"
Danielle Spicer $25.00 "Good luck Sam! It is a worthy cause. "
Emma Martin $25.00 "Good luck Sam!"
Yair Shalev $179.00 ""When the cause is bigger than yourself, you are a true...Blazeman Warrior."...-blazeman."
Yair Shalev $179.00 ""When the cause is bigger than yourself, you are a true...Blazeman Warrior."...-blazeman."
Yair Shalev $179.00 ""When the cause is bigger than yourself, you are a true...Blazeman Warrior."...-blazeman."
Barry Sopinsky $2,500.00 "To Mom & Dad Blazeman - this year's DEATH RIDE Tour IV ... Ride For Life is pleased to make this donation on behalf of the War on ALS and in the memory of your son Jonathan. Very best regards"
Heidi Kammer $100.00 "Your goal is in sight. Hang in there and best of luck!"
Donna Schuster $25.00 "Good luck Melissa and Brody!"
Tara & Kevin Murphy $100.00 "You're doing a great thing... best of luck!"
Michele Bosic Folta Hidden "I hope to see your roll across the finish line! "
Kathy Brown $100.00 "Please help in memory of Clyde"
Christopher W Kober $50.00 "We are thankful for people like you that take on these challenges. Best of Luck."
Janet STOLL $25.00 "For AL - Someone I admire, personal strength, humor, and determination. GO GET IT AL ! Jan"
Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Brown $2,500.00 "penguins, sweet penguins....."
Rob Bukowski $100.00 "Good luck Sam!"
nancy dolan $100.00 "Good Luck, Dan!!! "Here's to John!!! a great man and a great example to us all!" "
Paul Kurzanski $25.00 "Good luck Sam!"
Donna Rolston $50.00 "Jonathan Blais was diagnosed the same year as my husband and was someone our family watched as he completed the triathlon. He was an inspiration with how he battled ALS. Both Jon and Russ (my husband) passed away the same year and fought this disease with the same passion and courage. Russ always loved to fundraise for ALS and our family continues to do so today. Good luck in your competition. Donna Rolston, Lindsay Rosiak and Kellie and Matt Bowkowy"
Lillian Bandurka $200.00 "I always love to support anyone who is helping to support ALS and fighting to find a cure. In memory of the my son in law Russ Rolston. Lillian Bandurka"
Ardith O'Day $100.00 "Yea ! Dad is so proud... Of Courage Undaunted.. Mom"
Christy Bray $25.00 "Good job Clyde, dad would be proud as we all are!"
Charlene and Jim Darcy $50.00 "We are so proud of you for doing this, your dad was a special friend and loving father and we miss him. "
Mike and Vicki Biarnesen Hidden "Excellent cause Al! Can't wait for IMLP."
Andrea Searle $200.00 "Keep fighting Larry! The Searle Family... Jeff, Andrea, Rachel, Julia, Eva and Audrey"
Thomas Ouimet Hidden "Have a great IRONMAN - from the staff at GLR!"
Cheryl Baumann $25.00 "Great cause and impressive challenge. You'll rock IMLP!!!"
Mark & Bonnie Bollwinkel $250.00 "Grace and peace be with you Jenny!"
Tracy Pierce $221.00 "We love you Kolleth Family! "
Adrienne Huss $100.00 "I'm beyond proud to be your friend. Go get it!"
Scott Crum $100.00 "Best of luck with your race Sean!! "
paulette collins $100.00 "Good luck my friend! I know you are going to do great. John and I cant wait to see you cross the finish line,we will have a cold ubu beer waiting for you. But only one, you light weight!!!!"
chris dolan $50.00 "Good Luck Dan!!! "
Sherrill & Linda Sageser $100.00 "We continue to pray for Les and Donnie as they experience this horrible disease daily."
Jason and Vanessa McPherson $50.00 "Thinking of you guys. Glad to help support Team Larry!"
Meghan O'Day $50.00 "I am so proud of you Datty!! You continue to inspire and amaze me every day! Good luck with your fourth Ironman! You're the best :)"
Yoko Kasai $25.00 "Best of luck Rob!"
Kleo Taliadouros $30.00 "Good luck, Sam!"
Trent Hayden $25.00 "I'll be cheering you on Sam"
Pat & Melissa Harrison $100.00 "Do you ever see your family?"
Sharon Organtini $50.00 "We are so very proud of you Beth. Your commitment, and concern is what has always made you so special. We will all be at the finish line in spirit. Good luck , and Corey thanks you from the bottom of his heart. Love, A. Sharon"
amanda johnson $50.00 "Good luck, Beth! Love, Jeff Roeder and Amanda Johnson"
Karen Gould $50.00 "Good luck Amy!"
Lauren Coelho $100.00 "HUBBARD HERE! Sean...you are the man! We love you and wish you luck, but we know you are going to kill it! Luv George & Lauren "
Kim Horton $100.00 "Never give up....never stop fighting!!!!"
Lynn Sobolov $50.00 "Thank you for doing this Lucy."
Jessica Gormont $25.00 "Good luck on the triathalon!!! :D"
Raymond Kammer $25.00 "Go Lucy !!! Go !!!!"
Karen Clark $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Judy Teeven $250.00 "Sean, Good luck in Lake Placid! Thanks for raising awareness and money for ALS. Judy"
Robert MacDowell $25.00 "How awesome and inspiring, Sean. Racing for a cause like ALS is very admirable. -Bobby Mac"
Kevin Denneny $25.00 "Kill it bro!!"
Beth Griffin $25.00 "Congratulations on a great time!"
Lauren Alkidas $25.00 "Good luck Sam! It's great to see support for fighting ALS!"
Sharon Ryan $50.00 " Enjoy the journey."
wendy nebiosini $100.00 "Wish it could be more and that I could be there to cheer you on at Lake Placid. Have Fun and Kick Butt Sean!!!"
Mark Scott Hidden "Hey Al - Good luck in your race!!"
Nicole Nicholson $50.00 "Best of luck Sean! We know what it takes to train and finish an iron man! My step mother was recently diagnosed with this horrible disease. She is only 53 and was once a very active person who now is wheelchair bound. I never knew anyone who suffered from this before and seeing it is heart breaking. We recently got back in touch with each other and I have promised to be there for her until the end. Donna this donation is given in support for the battle you have ahead and for all the love, support and guidance you gave me over the years. Thank you Sean you are doing a great thing! Happy SWIMMING, BIKING and RUNNING!!!! YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!! Much luck & love! Nicole, Chris and Jayda Nicholson"
Michele Chattaway $25.00 "Have a great race!"
Margeret Blaze $100.00 "Team Larry!"
Kate Potteiger $50.00 "Proud of my niece Beth for doing the swim and raising money for ALS. Go Beth!"
Alan Murdock $50.00 "Congrats on finishing!!! ALS hits very close to home, Barbara's Dad just passed from the disease."
Rob & Carol Moses $500.00 "Praying for the cure"
Ellen Donnelly $25.00 "In memory of Butch Ranallo."
Susan Smith $5.00 "Go Dan Go!!!!!"
Brenda Pribnow $50.00 "Go Beth!!! 1.2 Mile swim. Crazy!!! And by Crazy I mean 'You're Awesome!""
Les/Donnie Dawson $500.00 "We are so very proud of our family and all of Team Larry members. Thank you for all your efforts to support finding the CURE for ALS."
Austin Lear $100.00 "Go Team Larry! -- Danette & Austin"
Krystal Moses $100.00 "Doing it for Uncle Les!"
Annette and Steve Patrick $25.00 "So happy to help in this cause!"
Dianna May $100.00 "Go Mel! Go Coates! Go Team Larry! You inspire us all! Love, Tigger, Di, Harris and Charlie"
Garin Hess $10.00 "Keep up the good work Dan--good luck!"
Sue Lawson $100.00 "May we never lose site of the gift of good health, and continually pray for breakthroughs in ALS research. Let's keep those who are enduring the struggles connected with ALS, and their families, in our thoughts and prayers as we enjoy the freedom of striving toward our multisport goals."
The Feeleys $75.00 "Woot."
Liz and Jeff Donahue $100.00 "Great Job, Sam! "
paula didonato $100.00 "Congratulations!"
Eileen & Bobby King $200.00 "Our best to wonderful and loving family, Les, Donnie and the team."
Kelly Briscoe $50.00 "congratulations on your amazing time this year! "
Michele Larson $25.00 "Go Kallio's!"
Janette Little $25.00 "Good luck Bryce, Dawn and Steve! "
Frank Prevett $25.00 "Go Kallio's ! Wish we were there."
Thomas Pizzuti $50.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Kathleen Barnes Hidden "Go Team Larry! Thanks for all your work in fighting this terrible disease!"
Greg Bassett $100.00 "Best of luck Amy!"
Gordon & Leila Langford $50.00 "Good luck Dan! Keep up the good work!"
nancy tibaldi $75.00 "My crazy son ..... so determined! We are so proud of you. We know you will give it your all, like you do with everything. SWIM, BIKE, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo Mom and Dad "
Stacie Waddell $56.00 "This is $0.50 for every bike mile...my FAVORITE part!! I wish you all the best and hope you do AWESOME!!!"
Royce Munroe $50.00 "Way to be Nathan!"
Laura Boss $50.00 "Thank-you Nathan! Your efforts are so meaningful to De and our family. "
Cassidy, Abbie, and Coop Moses $31.75 "We had a lemonade stand for ALS!"
Jennifer Shaver $25.00 "Go Amy GO!"
Joe and Chris Sliman $50.00 "Good Luck! Be Strong and Be Safe!"
Cindy Marks Hidden "Good luck Amy!"
Aimee Agostino $10.00 "Hey Matt, Congratulations! You are amazing! Aimee"
Kim Michelich $50.00 "Thank you Jeff!"
Marian DeSimone $75.00 "Amy, we are all very honored to be included in your fundraising for such an awesome cause. Go Get 'EM!"
Greg Finnan $50.00 "Good luck!"
Amy Rappaport $179.00 "The hard work is done! Enjoy race day, see you at the finish line!"
Christopher Kearney $100.00 "go Jeff"
Bridget Hollingsworth $25.00 "Go UJ!!"
Catherine Perman Andrade $50.00 "My strong, confident young warrior ... ride on and be safe! Love, Cathy & Jose"
Missy Moorefield $50.00 "Kick some booty, Marie! I'm thinking about you!"
Michele Weller $50.00 "Donating to Wendy Rumrill in Memory of her mother, Jane Snow Hatch! Here's to an awesome Triathlon! You are an inspiration to us all!"
Carol Price $40.00 "Rock it doll....love ya'"
Marlene Fulp $100.00 "In memory of the ones who have lost the battle and in honor of the ones still fighting. April, thanks for being such an inspiration to so many. You are my Hero!. Much love, Marlene"
Ruth Rumrill $50.00 "To support Wendy and to remember Jane"
Matthew Silvia $25.00 "go, Heather! you rock!"
Colleen Byers $50.00 "April you inspire me each day! I'm so grateful for you!"
Bobie Logan $100.00 "2 years ago a complete stranger gave me $100 to do my 2nd triathlon because she wanted me to keep the passion going in my heart so I felt like it was my turn to pass the torch! Love you April and thank you for inspiring me to change my life!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Go Heather!"
Ann and Dave Weiss $300.00 "Go Heather! You are an inspiration to us. We are so glad others will get to hear your story. "
Croix Sather $100.00 "Go Rock this Iron Princess! "
Rosanne Lemongello $25.00 "Good luck Amy! Have a great race!"
Bobi Commer $25.00 "Good luck Amy. This is a great cause and I know you will do great!"
Nancy Mink $25.00 "What a great race and great cause..have fun "
Jacquie Petras $179.00 "In memory of Maureen Scott, may she rest in peace."
Jane Newcomb $100.00 "I'm so impressed and proud of what you're doing, Heather! Go get 'em!"
Carol Wu Hidden "So proud of your Heather!! Kick butt in Kona!!"
Mickey Cassu $75.00 "Amy- I am very proud of you!!! You are going to have a great race this weekend. You trained your tush off and deserve a great race. Cannot wait to hear about it:) Mickey"
Ruth Cisneros $50.00 "Amy, You amaze and inspire me, thank you, Ruth"
Catherine Taylor Hidden "Good luck Dusty!! we know you can do it! we just happened to be volunteering at IMH as finish line catchers, when Jon finished. It was our turn to 'catch' the next athlete, and it was him! We did not understand the roll at the time, but we do now, and were witness to the first one!!!"
Joanne Borish $15.00 "So proud of Wendy Rumrill. She is a true inspiration!"
Anonymous $179.00 "congrats on 2012 cedar point rev3, eric!"
Eric Limkemann $300.00 "Cedar Point Prize Money"
Cecilia H. Fordham $100.00 "Here's to Elizabeth! and to you Heather! God Bless. Aunt Cecilia "
Denise Curran $100.00 "The kids and I will be with you in spirit Heather!! You've got a LOT of people behind you and one very special lady smiling down from above!! Love ya, Denise"
Aleah Zinalabedini $40.00 "Deb, You are an amazingly kind and giving person. Good luck with your fundraising! "
Gwendolyn Musk $25.00 "You are so dedicated to the Blazeman Foundation! Good luck raising your goal amount!"
Linda Giampalmo $25.00 "Good Luck Deb! Hope you find lots of great things running! "
Linda Levine $200.00 "Good luck Sarah and Kyle. So proud of you and all the hard work you do to help others in need, Love you lots. Grammy"
Jocelyn Deutsch $50.00 "Go Kyle and Sarah! You guys are amazing for undertaking such an event! Love, The Deutsch"s"
Allison Coviello Hidden "Go Sarah! Go Kyle! What an important cause. We know you will both do great! love, the Coviellos"
Melissa Haber Hidden "Go Kyle and Sarah!!"
Jill Golden $100.00 "Hey Heather, you are one amazing woman. I am so proud of you and we will be with you in spirit at Kona. Congratulations for being selected from so many! Go get 'em and we love you! Jill and Charlotte"
Marcia Tokson Hidden "Good luck Kyle and Sarah! The Tokson family thinks you are amazing!"
Audrey Reich Hidden "Go UTT! We love you! The Reichs "
Shawn Schulte $25.00 "As a fellow ALSWarrior I cherish your acts of being champions and doing more than hoping for a cure! Best Wishes in all you do and train with heart!"
Erica Forrette $25.00 "Go go Heather Go!"
Tom Wajer $250.00 "Heather, See you in Kona."
amy moore $20.00 "MMTRI"
Elizabeth Moran $141.00 "This is so amazing Heather - this is a small token of my appreciation for all your hard work and dedication. What an experience! I'm totally blown away - wishing you all the best"
Kerria Tan $50.00 "Darin, you've been an inspiration to me and a great source of support and encouragement. Good luck with the rest of the fundraising and I can't wait to hear all about your experience! -Kerry"
Susan & Siena Nellis $100.00 "GO GET 'EM HONEY!!!! can't wait to see you "roll" over the finish line!!"
Lea Wall $25.00 "Enjoy every moment! Mom"
Jack Willis $50.00 "Keep up the great work, Deb!"
Liz Freund $75.00 "Congrats Sarah and Kyle!! We are so proud of you both!! xoxox The Freunds"
Christine Forman Hidden "I continue to be inspired by you Heather! Good luck in Kona!"
Christopher Kober $50.00 "Running the Portland Marathon tomorrow. Thinking of Mom and Jon."
Brett Reichert $25.00 "Way to go Darin! What a great effort and cause. "
Susan Krevoy $250.00 "Darin You have been an amazing support and inspiration to Jennifer and now to me. You have a gift and we are blessed to know you. Happy to support you."
Amy Bobotis-Carr $179.00 "Good Luck!!"
Peter Rosten $25.00 "Buenos suerte, Darin!"
Amy Cheung von Haam $25.00 "Darin, we're so excited for your upcoming race. What a wonderful way to honor inspirational people. Wish we could be there, cheering you in! All our best, Amy, Peter & Mia von Haam"
Tim Griffiths $25.00 "Best of luck, you are an inspiration!"
Andrew O'Brien $50.00 "Go get 'em Heather!"
Kristin Hopkins Hidden "We miss you Grammy. Love ,Alex, Sydney and Megan We are proud of you Auntie. XO"
Alissa Reiter $25.00 "I'm rooting for you, Heather!"
Anonymous Hidden "Thinking of you on 10/13/12 and wishing you all the best."
Michael Beckelhimer $25.00 "Go Darin!"
David Auch $25.00 "Great Job Darin. Good luck with the ironman. Very inspiring."
Kathy Scott $100.00 "Heather! Good luck in today's kona ironman adventure! Thanks for inspiring so many along your journey."
Tanya Januszko $100.00 "Your Mom is sitting up there with a smile as big as the rainbows you're seeing in Kona. We're all so proud of you!"
Elizabeth Friedman Branoff $50.00 "Wishing you the best of luck Heather!"
Stephen Millstein $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Paula Ingram $25.00 "Go Deb! "
jeffrey foster $34.00 "Tear it up Deb!"
Tim Schaum $179.00 "Yair, I perposely waited until the week before to watch the video for inspiration for our race together at IM Miami 70.3 on 10-28-12. As someone that has been been involved in triathlon for the past years, I am well aware of this amazing story of courage. To this day my friends that do not participate in triathlon ask me why so many people roll across the finish line. However, what I was unaware of... Is your personal relationship with Jon's Parents and your connection to this great cause. I have donated in the amount that was Jon's number in memory of him, his parent's love, and your strong support of this program that has helped you along your journey of life. I look forward to seeing you, your family, and the opportunity to meet Jon's parents at the event. Let's go get that M-Dot together. Tim Schaum"
Andrew Attwell-Gill $100.00 "The spirit of John lives within, ALS will one day find its match!"
Andrew Shutter Hidden "Good Luck Yair and Tim. Have a great race, and support a great cause."
Loren Kadar $50.00 "Go kick some ass guys!"
Brian Smuckler $50.00 "Good luck Nathan! It's a huge accomplishment for a great cause."
Jeff Warren $100.00 "Nate, I'm super inspired by you and totally bummed that I can't be there in person to cheer you on, but I'll be there in spirit!! Stay strong brother!! "
Ryan Eller $25.00 "I expect you to win Nathan!!"
Gary Hanneman $50.00 "Nathan, Go for the gold! Have fun with it, and maybe this will be the first of many. Gary"
Jean Reid $179.00 "Go get 'em Warrior!! You've been training your socks off for a year now...you are SO ready for this! Jaclyn, Lily and I wish you lots of luck!! We will be cheering you on all over Tempe on race day! Love you lots!"
Juliana Bunch $50.00 "Good luck Nathan on your Ironman race. I know all that hard training will pay off...you'll do well! Have fun!"
Cynthia Rodarte $50.00 "Nathan, so happy that you will soon be joining the Ironman "club"! What better charity than BF, for ALS....we will all be out there cheering you on waiting for you to "roll" across the finish line!"
Patrick Bailey $100.00 "Nathan, What an incredible endevaor you are making - Best wishes and may you be an inspiration to all who know you and Jon!!! We know the impact this disease has on family and friends. My father passed away from this awful awful disease. God Bless you! Patrick and Jamie Bailey"
Ray Lake $50.00 "Have fun and rock the course Deb!!!"
Maura Dunnigan $25.00 "Go Deb...swim, bike, run and roll! Take that ALS..."
John Elder $30.00 "Kick butt girlie!"
Mike Parr $25.00 "Good luck Andrea! "
Tammy Turcotte $50.00 "For the most inspiring person I know...:)"
Kate Donovan $10.00 "Good luck! "
John Modica Hidden "Great cause, kick butt!"
Daniel Vidal $25.00 "Good luck Andrea!"
Derek Rawls $125.00 "Best of luck!"
Lita Bollimpalli $50.00 "Go Nathan go!!!"
Tim Powell $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Jefferson Johnson $25.00 "Good luck Andrea!!"
Jeremiah Foster $50.00 "Go get 'em... Great cause... "
Kristin Ruggiero Hidden "Thank you for doing this! Kick butt!!!"
Peter Wellman $75.00 "Very cool Andrea. Great cause!"
Tom Andruss $25.00 "I wish you lots of luck, Andrea! Tom"
Christopher Williams $25.00 "God bless! Wish you the best Andrea!"
Jennifer Sansone $25.00 "Best of luck, Andrea!"
Christina Ortiz Hidden "Andrea, you are such an inspiration. Go hard, dig deep and be super proud of yourself. "
Paul Shimp $25.00 "Best of Luck!"
William & Laurie Shimp Hidden "We will be rooting for you Andrea from Atlanta!!"
Joseph Pearson $25.00 "Good luck! You'll do fantastic"
Tom Curtis $50.00 "Don't drink beer or eat too much pizza before the race."
Erik Harris $50.00 "You can do it!!!"
Alexander Duncan $50.00 "Good luck and thank you!"
Reena Patel Hidden "Good Luck Andrea!!! "
Todd Brecto $100.00 "Good luck Nathan!!"
Natan Jacobs $100.00 "Good luck, Nathan!"
Nathan Reid $50.00 "Aaron, it has been amazing training with you over the past several months as we built up the mileage and chased our Ironman dream together. Have a great race tomorrow dude!! See you at the finish line!!"
Kiara Barr $25.00 "Congrats!!! Just adding a bit to the donation pool so you can reach your goal :-)"
Jamie Forrest Hidden "You are an inspiration"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck Don!"
George Pravda $250.00 "So Others May LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Bryan Dail $50.00 "Thank you Eric for promoting the "War on ALS." The support you provide will help. Good luck in 2013! The Dail family"
Erin Limkemann $50.00 "Happy Birthday Eric!"
Eric Limkemann $179.00 "2012 Birthday Gift"
Meg Daniel $444.00 "April, good luck with your fundraising, training and racing in 2013. I'm happy to support you in this endeavor and look forward to hearing about your progress. Peace and love, Meg"
Carol Price $179.00 "WANT DIFFERENT-DO DIFFERENT....Rock it girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Amy Morosini $25.00 "NEVERSTOP - God Speed April!!!"
Leslie Mahon $100.00 "For my trainer, coach and friend. You are such a blessing! I am truly inspired by what you are doing for the fight against ALS. You are a true Warrior Princess! Like you always tell me, "YES YOU CAN"! Now go get em! Love ya, Leslie"
Glenn Hines $100.00 "Just heard about Karen's diagnosis from Blazedad last night. Thank you for your efforts in fighting this heinous disease. Each day is one step closer in finding how to end this. Your fellow Blazeman Warrior....Glenn Hines Indy "
Bryan Zerr $25.00 "What a great cause and a great inspiration. God Bless, Bryan A.M.D.G."
Audrey White $25.00 "Go, Mary, Go! "
Tiffany Loveless $25.00 "You will be awesome!"
Katharine Lagor $250.00 "So proud of you Matthew! Love Mom and Dad xo xo"
Michiel Hoefsmit $50.00 "Good luck, Michiel"
Chris Hill $25.00 "Great cause! Good luck, Andrea!"
Dave & Sheila Miller $25.00 "Good luck, Matt."
Peggy Flannery $25.00 "Go Mary"
Shahnee Lagor $179.00 "So proud of you honey! "
Susan Barnes $25.00 "You are a terrific person! I am sooo proud of you. Good Luck!"
Dave Norman $250.00 "Thank you for all that you are doing for this cause. I will do 1/2 or Full Ironman every year in your son's honor, and in gratitude for your organization"
paul wennik $25.00 "You are doing a wonderful thing here, Drew--God bless you. Best wishes--Paul Lefty Wennik"
Robin Giacomini $25.00 "Best wishes for a great run and good weather!! Good LUCK :-)"
Cheryl Ford $25.00 "Good luck, Matt!! So wonderful of you to raise money for such a good cause!"
eric lazzari $50.00 "Good Luck Matt!"
Cassie Klumpp Hidden "Go Brent, what a great cause"
Stacy & Jimmy Belarmino $100.00 "Good luck Matt! You are such a role model to your son and others. We love you! Love, Stacy, Jimmy, & Trinity "
Ingrid Hartman $150.00 "In memory of Jon Blais and my father, Ole Prior."
Andrea Saragoza $25.00 "Good Luck, A! I'm proud of you!"
Violet Grant $25.00 "Good luck Uncle Matthew! I will be cheering you on all the way! xoxo baby Violet"
Richard Donaldson $100.00 "Jeff: You have a great avocation. Best wishes for the run with Robin. Be interested to hear how it all turns out Dick Donaldson"
Tracy Planinsek $25.00 "Good Luck Matt!"
Mark Pereira $25.00 "Great stuff Matt! Best of luck!!"
Charles Swan $100.00 "Good Luck Kelly. I will be routing for you"
David Krochko $25.00 "Good luck buddy!"
Mary Cuff $25.00 "Go Kelly!!!! Love Aunt Mary"
Stella Moskalyk $100.00 "Good luck to you Matt."
Marilyn & Mike Grogan $100.00 "Good luck to you Matt - so proud of all that you do."
Redhwan Zaman $25.00 "Let's go Team Andrea :-)"
Twyla Becker Hidden "Great Cause! You will rock Texas Al! Can't wait to hear about the race."
Tony Villareal Hidden "Good luck at IMTX!"
Michele Bosic Folta Hidden "Good luck at Texas! "
Roberta Klusacek $25.00 "Good Luck Kelly!"
Lisa McCauley Hidden "Good luck at IM #2 Al!"
Heather Martin $100.00 "Best of luck, Kel! Love, Heather, Elliot, Hailey, and Tyler"
Jason and Ashley Kelly $50.00 "So proud of you! Keep up the hard work and dedication!"
Karen Blazejewski $25.00 "Best of luck on the race. It's a wonderful cause. Love, Aunt Karen & Uncle Ed"
Naoharu Takata $25.00 "I found JON BLAZEMAN's Poem in the book''a life with out limit'' witten by Chrissie Welington and it touched my heart.Especially his words''Understand that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is …your life.''made me realised something very important of life. THANKS ! "
Jeffrey Galvin $21.00 "Because $5500 looks better to us OCD knuckleheads"
Stanley & Nancy Taylor $100.00 "Kelly - We wish you all the best in your Boston Marathon run! Hope the weather is great. Love, Stan and Nancy"
Allison Kays $50.00 "Stay strong and kick butt Andrea!"
Diane Y. Swan $50.00 "Kelly, congratulations on committing youself to this personal goal and assisting the MLS organization in ridding mankind of this debilitating desease."
Tino Pasquier $50.00 "Good luck Andrea! This is such a great cause. Show's a lot about your character. Can't wait to hear about the experience. Sincerely. - Tino "
Selina Carpenter Hidden "Good luck on #2, and I hope to be there to see you roll again!"
Glenn Almquist $50.00 "Good luck Matt"
Richard Alexandersen $25.00 "Thanks so much for all your doing. God Bless!"
Elliott Junco $25.00 "Good luck, Andrea. As always, I have complete faith in your abilities to not only reach, but also destroy your goal! Go get 'em!"
Idesha Fraser $10.00 "Way to go Andrea!!"
Ryan Kornegay $25.00 "Have a great race!!!"
Greg Rosica $50.00 "I wish you great success on this!"
Peter Wojda $25.00 "Good luck, Andrea!"
Elke Deloose Hidden "Veel succes ;-)"
Wes Okumura $100.00 "Andrea -- great cause, and good luck with the race"
Jerry Tammaro $25.00 "Good luck!!!!!!"
Christina Caruso $25.00 "Your going to do GREAT!!"
Anthony Chiodi $100.00 "Good Luck !"
Christian Hoheb $100.00 "You got this Andrea!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go! Andrea! :) "
Ross Muscolino $25.00 "Pretend like a bull's chasing you the whole time ;)"
Elizabeth Okoli Hidden "Thanks for doing this and all the best!!! YOU GO GIRL!"
Loko Litumbe $25.00 "Go Andrea! Go Andrea! Go!"
Romina De La Cruz $10.00 "Good luck Andrea!!! You will do AWESOME!!! :)"
Beth Umstead $50.00 "In Honor of Kelly O'Riordan, one of the strongest women I know. We miss seeing you here in Atlanta. Your Spirit and Strength is amazing! "
Rudy Lind $100.00 "For Karen, an inspiration in the water, on the bike, and on the running path; but most of all, for your unquenchable spirit, faith, and friendship. We miss you around here. Your friend and fellow Deltoid, Rudy "
simon stanaway $100.00 "Good luck Andrea !"
Tricia Page Hidden "Too many people. Hoping for a treatment and cure soon, and happy to help in a small way."
Maria So $50.00 "Good luck, I know you will do great!"
Elizabeth Ronan $50.00 "So proud of you, Andrea!!! "
Linda Lamm $179.00 "I know that Jon B. was #179, but Karen will forever be IM #179 in my heart. She is the bravest person I know. I love you girl!!!"
Jane Strupe $25.00 "Thank you for all that you are doing...ALS is such a mean and cruel disease."
Ronald Oppenheim $20.00 "from the research froup at Wake Forest Medical Center."
Leslie Scott $50.00 "You continue to make me proud, Big Brother. Love you and love that you are using your strength to honor Grandma. Race strong! "
Janelle Bowersox $50.00 "In honor of Kelly such an inspiration to all!"
Raymond Heipp $100.00 "Keep up the great work for the memory of Doc and the lives of so many others, Jeff! "
Steven Fredericks $25.00 "James, May God bless your being as you go out and concur this event."
Nicholas Swanson $179.00 "It is an honor to be a friend and teammate of Brent. Keep up the great work!"
Eric Limkemann $179.00 "Rev3 Winnings. Got it on Tape!"
Eden Steele $75.00 "Keep it up, Brent! Great to see you at Four Corners."
Lexie Colnon $50.00 "Love you A! So proud of you!"
Kim Smith $25.00 "It's so inspiring to see that you are not only competing in such amazing events, but that you are using your talents to raise money and bring awareness to so many causes! Best wishes for a great race!!!"
Bryan Dail $100.00 "Congratulations Eric! The Dail Family"
Bruce and Ann Meminger $50.00 "Go, Brent! Keep up the good work.... We are your biggest Illinois fans! Love, Bruce & Ann"
Eric Limkemann $179.00 "Rev3 Prize Money pt. 2"
Donna Stuedeman $100.00 "As a survivor of a different neurological disease, I understand the importance of research to try to find a cure. Kudos to you for reaching out and making a difference in many lives!"
John Erme $75.00 "Great race! Great charity! Great athlete!"
Kurt Erme $75.00 "Amy, thank you for supporting us in IM Louisville. Good luck!"
scott erme $75.00 "Hydrate well and good luck! Great cause and great race!"
John & Paige Bartholomew $25.00 "Good luck Bishop.. what a great cause!!"
Janelle Bowersox $25.00 "Best of luck to you!"
Sheryl Stewart $150.00 "Les was a fine person. Our sympathies to his family. Donnie, we wish we could be there with you. Our prayers are with you and the family. Ray and Sherry Stewart, Lou Dahl and Randy Dahl."
Dianna May Hidden "Our thoughts and prayers to all of you...that you are comforted in your sorrow by your many memories of Larry and the belief that he has found peace. Sent with love from Di, Tigger, Harris, Charlie, Honey, Chuck, Greg, Vikki, Sophie and Esther."
Adam & Stephanie Scoville Hidden "Sending our love and support, Adam, Steph, Ann & Aaron Scoville"
Holly Raczkowski $100.00 "You will be missed, but your spirit lives on! The Raczkowski Family"
Carrie Donovan $100.00 "In honor & support of the entire Dawson family"
Jeff and Krystal Moses $100.00 "In memory of one of the greatest men ever. We love you, Uncle Les."
Stephen Metz $100.00 "Mel, Coates and Kathy - Thank you much! Dan Pollock a friend of Kathy and mine recently finished his battle against what he called the beast. I hope you all have a glorious day full of fun, sweat and smiles. Love Steve Metz and Suzanne Bruce"
David Mathis Hidden "Great stuff Kathy and good luck!"
Anne Romano $100.00 "In memory of our inspiration and courageous warrior, Les. Our fight will go on... "
Jill Beadles $25.00 "Al!!!! It was amazing to meet you and run 13.1 with you in Muncie! I love the pictures of my finishing..... while you did the roll! Take care"
Una Burns $50.00 "Get over here & bring the Galaxy then kick ironman arse!"
Cathy Nagy $40.00 "Go Kathy (and team)!!! The Nagys"
Chris Lecrone $40.00 "Kathy, your efforts are inspiring. Best of luck to you and the team. - Chris and Jennifer Lecrone"
Jim and Kathleen Waites $100.00 "We are honored to give this memorial for Les--"alswarriorpoet-spirit" Go get em Team Larry!!"
Monica Garris $10.00 "Happy Birthday! We are so proud of our "Blazeman Warrior"! Love, Monica, Aaron and Rylan"
Michael,Lisa,Julia& Daisy Berger $50.00 "Good job Bish! I know you will make us all proud. Beat the sunset! "
Steve & Christine Chapman $50.00 "Bishop, Best of luck in your race. Karen and Frank are lucky to have you as a friend. Steve"
Mark Rinder $250.00 "Bishop, you're a good person. You show the way!"
Gary Saenger $100.00 "Bishop, Thanks for including me on your email letter to support ALS. Best of luck in the grinding competition. Let's reconnect. Gary Saenger - Saenger Associates - Executive Search"
Leslie Zacks $140.60 "Good luck and enjoy the training as much as the race!! I will be with you every step of the way, until I pass out. "
Bob Pearlman $100.00 "Bishop - you're a stud!! Great race for a great cause."
ilana katz $25.00 "Bishop, You are an inspiration!! I am so proud of you on this accomplishment... Keep moving forward, and remember: Leaner, Faster ;-) Ilana"
Heather Dewar $50.00 "Good luck Kathy!!"
Kevin Ingham $100.00 "Good luck Bishop."
Roxanne Modjallal $100.00 "Run Bishop, run!! Best of luck. "
Dick Hissam $150.00 "Go, Bishop, Go!!!"
James van den Bergh $50.00 "Go Biship, go!!"
Mary Tindell Hidden "Go Team Larry!! In memory of a sweet, loving man."
Joe and Vicki Camp $500.00 "We miss Les. We'll be with all the racers in spirit. Be safe!"
Bill Huber $50.00 "Good Luck Bishop...You are an inspiration to us all!"
Rob & Carol Moses $500.00 "In memory of Les and in hope for a cure"
scott dozier $100.00 "Good luck and don't get blown off the mountain!"
Dave & Paula Sageser $250.00 "Let's find a cure so we can stop losing those near and dear to us. Go Team Larry"
Jill Kaplan $50.00 "Good luck Kathy!! "
Chad and Lisa Williams $100.00 "We love you Mel!!! XO"
Anthony Levinson $100.00 "Good luck, Bishop !"
Ann O'Connor $50.00 "Go get 'em Kathy! "
Regeneration Physical Therapy $250.00 "In memory of Uncle Les.......Jeff, David, Mary, and families"
Kris Smith $50.00 "We are cheering for you and this great cause. All the best, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Smith, Sloane (age 3) and Bella (age 1)"
Angela Schenk $100.00 "We will keep fighting for you Les! Love you!!!"
Monica Foster $50.00 "Wishing you great success, Bishop as you train and then cross the finish line! You are an inspiration."
Valerie Grantham $100.00 "In Memory of my wonderful Brother In Law - Les Dawson! You are missed! Can't wait to be with you again in our eternal home! I hope you are now able to Sing those praises directly to our Lord Jesus! What a testimony you were to us. Love and Miss you. Valerie"
Melani Dawson-Lear $100.00 "Way to go Team Larry! My Dad would be so proud. "
Anonymous $10.00 "FREEDOM!!! Stamp out and find a cure for ALS so that others may LIVE!"
Eric Limkemann $179.00 "Rev3 Prize Money Pt. 3 "
chris donovan $50.00 "You Go GRRRL!"
J Kirk Rankin Hidden "Ride for your friend and for George Dickinson, my friend with ALS Good Luck, Kirk"
Mark Phillips $100.00 "Go get-um Bishop. Wish I could be there to watch you compete! "
Laurie Graham Hidden "I have a friend who was just diagnosed with ALS. I watched you cross the finish line and was thrilled for you. I am glad to help in your campaign. "
Mike Hammer $25.00 "Good luck and safe travels Bishop... "
James Toopes $100.00 "I appreciate how you not only talk the talk, but walk the walk! I expect to also hear about a new personal best. "
Randall Kirsch Hidden "An unbelievable challenge for an important cause. Good luck, Bishop. "
Amanda Setili $100.00 "Bishop, Thank you for drawing attention to ALS, and good luck in the competition! Amanda "
Karen Steadman $179.00 "Well done Bishop and the entire team fighting to end ALS. Dirk and I are happy to support any way that we can."
Michael Allpass $75.00 "We love you Karen!"
Peter Pfeiffer $300.00 "Stay hydrated...Lean Forward!"
Bruce Dearing $179.00 "Bishop..great cause, best of luck in Hawaii."
Bob and Lauren Leslie $75.00 "Good luck Bishop!!! Another Hawaii Ironman, getting rountine huh?? HA! "
Stephen Brown $179.00 "good luck Bishop !!"
Melinda Peters $100.00 "You are an inspiration!! Thank you for doing all you do!!"
Palmer Henson $100.00 "Good Luck, Bishop!"
Nita Pennardt $179.00 "Go, Bishop, go! Thanks for all the good things you do. Have a great race. I'll be tracking you."
Matthew Heyman $50.00 "Nice, Helen...proud of you....and impressed"
Stephen Dexter $100.00 "Good luck Bishop!!!"
Deborah Butler $25.00 "Have a great event and thanks for always being so determined to make a difference Bishop!"
Rebecca McKee $122.00 "Good luck on your run Rousey! I'll be there biking along and keeping you going strong! Love KeeKee"
Rick Zimmerman $500.00 "Well done Brent. Complete commitment to a great cause.... Inspirational. Z"
Gary Hewlett $179.00 "Karen was the most dynamic person I ever met. I fell in love instantly RIP my love"
Sheva and Tom Sanders $50.00 "In memory of Karen Carling Kelly, and with sorrow for her friends and family."
Eric Limkemann $250.00 "Rev3 Winnings Pt. 4"
Bob Aldworth $100.00 "Twelve hours and 59 minutes - will be thinking about you the entire time. Good luck!"
James Underwood $50.00 "Thanks for your efforts on behalf of this worthy cause. Good luck!"
Joseph Stowell $50.00 "Rock On girl....."
Lawrence Mock $1,000.00 "Contribution in honor and support of Pat Krebs, my Mother-in-Law, who is fighting a valiant battle with ALS. Larry and Darden AMock"
Ellen Dowling Hidden "Karen Kelly was an amazingly gifted, smart, determined and beautiful woman who took on many more challenges--and excelled!--than I ever will. I am grateful for all the hours we spent visiting--and, oh yeah, working--together on Delta's jets. Gone way way way too soon. "
Sharon Iles $25.00 "Keep fighting April!!!! "
Kate Carr $25.00 "Go get 'em, Karen! "
Rose Ann Halages $100.00 "April, your passion to make a difference and your drive to make it happen is just so amazing to me. I am so happy to have you in my life--you have inspired and encouraged me more than you know. Thank you all that you do and for all the love you show others. Go get em girl!"
Jeremy Sale $25.00 "I am a brother of a Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Our nation charity is ALS and as a fellow triathlete your journey is one of promise and one that I have shared!"
Robert Wojcik $25.00 "Thank you for your daily motivation."
Kathylyn Barnhill $25.00 "In memory of Steve who was taken too young from ALS."
Heather Hagen $25.00 "In memory of John, Rosemary, Karen, my dad Ray Hagen and my friend Mark Nurse, and in honor of you April, I make this donation. Thank you for everything you do for ALS!"
Amanda Porter $25.00 "Rock On with your Awesomeness! Thank you for touching so many though your movement of "Want Different Do Different" and the War on ALS. God Speed~ "
Jennifer Rackley $100.00 "Thanks for all you do April! Love ya girl!"
Cathy Plevy $25.00 "So proud of you, girlfriend. If all it took was passion and spirit to combat ALS, they would have a cure through you. Rock on. Love you."
Phillip Hodges $250.00 "Go Bishop Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Glenn Cook $100.00 "April, fight hard and keep up the battle against ALS. You are making a big difference. God Bless. Glenn"
Diane Ragalie $50.00 "Fantastic cause and purpose for your Hawaii, I recently raced for my mother's hospice the spirit will be with you especially on a Cervelo. Good Luck rock Kona. Dee 60-64 age group"
Linda Klein $50.00 "Good luck, Bishop!"
Barbara Dotson $100.00 "Thank you for spreading your message and inspiring so many!! ALS is brutal and we need a cure! My children need a cure!!"
Chip and Alex Davis $100.00 "Best of luck Bishop, this is a great cause."
Ken and Molly Bieshaar $250.00 "Donation in honor of Don Young and in memory of Cory Coleman and Jon Blais."
Joseph Hope $179.00 "Thanks, Bishop! Please lift up in prayer the Larry Collins and Frank Dorman families in addition to Jon Blais before you barrell roll across the finsh line in Kona. Joe Hope"
Craig Hooson $179.00 "Be Safe !"
Bryan Hall $250.00 "Bishop....more power to you my friend."
Traci Twardowski $100.00 "Best of luck Bishop!"
Anonymous $50.00 "You're going to have one hell of a journey. I couldn't be more happy for you, and the fact that you're doing it to further a cause is even more commendable. "
Glenda Shelton $25.00 "Go get em April!"
Starr Sterling Hidden "Very proud of you son. Aunt Dutch would also be proud. Send more when I get paid. Love you Mom"
Heather Matkowsky $50.00 "April, You are one amazing woman and so very thankful for you in my life! You are my coach, trainer, mentor and friend. I believe in you and the fact that you WILL change the world... SO OTHERS MAY LIVE!"
Anonymous $179.00 "Thanks for the corn nuts!"
Leslie Mahon $100.00 "April, as you head to Kona to pay tribute to Karen, I'm with you in spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Karen's family and friends. The perfect place for a tribute to Karen's life. Praying for a cure for ALS! You are such a wonderful advocate on the war on ALS! Proud to call you my trainer and friend! Leslie "
Brian Breen $17.90 "Karen was a gift to us all. She will be missed, though never forgotten. Simply the thought of her, will forever bring a smile to the face. "
janel sobeck $50.00 "Go BU! You always amaze me!"
Wayne Parker $100.00 "I'm thinking the swim for coffee is one of the best parts!"
Chris Guiney $100.00 "Go Bishop go!!"
Judi Bruce Tompkins $25.00 "Drink a Kona Coffee for me!"
David Kloess $50.00 "You da man!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go Bishop!!! "
Lauri Buell $50.00 "Have a great race! I'm glad to see you honoring Karen, she always inspired me."
Eric Randall Hidden "Go get 'em Warrior Princess!!"
jeff contardi $25.00 "Great Cause! Tear it up at Kona!"
Robert Gerardo $100.00 "Congratulations!!!!!! 13.25.20!!! Best ever. You inspire many people Bishop!! Rob"
John Spartz $100.00 "Way to go Bishop! "
Maggie Beamguard Hidden "Fight the good fight. Finish the race!"
Richard Cartoon $50.00 "Well done Bishop - you are an inspiration!"
Liz Brookshire $50.00 "Go Grandaddy!! Love, Anna and Nate"
Richard Burroughs $50.00 "Bishop, well done!"
Mark and Erin Campbell $179.00 "Congratulations Brent and Don, both of you have accomplished and inspired many. Erin and I are old friends of Paula. In loving memory of Joyce Simpson (Erin's mom) who passed in 2001 of ALS. "
Margaret Hughes Drumgole $25.00 "Go Rock April! Margaret"
Teresa Daniel $25.00 "Do great, Jeff!"
Christopher Kober $25.00 "Mr. and Mrs. Blais- Running the NYC Marathon tomorrow and thinking of John and your family."
Dawn Williams $100.00 "You bring tears to my eyes Jeff. Aunt Dutch was the sweetest, funniest, ditzy lady I ever knew and it gives me great pleasure to donate, on behalf of myself and Uncle Ted, toward a cure for this horrible disease. I know you'll do her and Jon proud."
Steve Coppock $100.00 "Jeff, I am very proud of you and all you have accomplished! I am pleased to count you as a friend as well as a colleague... go for it!"
Kevin Byrne $100.00 "I lost my brother Tim to ALS 8 years ago."
jaco wijnmaalen $55.00 "just because i admire you for this my friend "
David Matia $100.00 "Jeff, you are a "man for others." Thanks for your inspiration and the good you do."
Ellen Donnelly $25.00 "This donation is in memory of our dear friend Butch Ranallo, who died of ALS 11 yrs ago. "
Eric Limkemann $250.00 "Rev3 Winnings, pt 5"
Anonymous $600.00 "Well done, Brent ... you have been an inspiration to meet and to follow over the last several months."
Bill Barbosa $100.00 "Denise, I am so proud of you,,love you SIS!!!!....you can do it......."
Belinda Lanier - Borras Hidden "To my husband : I am so grateful to you, who make me very happy. To my son: "Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thích Nh?t H?nh. Love mami"
Caitlin Glenn $25.00 "Good luck in your first Ironman as a PROFESSIONAL, Amy! Chase your dreams out there!! We will be sending good vibes!!! - Cait and Drew"
Anonymous $100.00 "Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement, Jeff!"
Valerie Companioni Hidden "May your father's spirit continue to live on in all of you. Love, Wilder, Valerie, Katia, Benny"
Ann Stacy $75.00 "Thank you, Bishop, for making this possible. It's always a pleasure and inspiration to see someone passionate about what they are doing. Keep it up!! "
Erin Limkemann $50.00 "Happy Birthday Eric!!!"
Linda Lamm $50.00 "Completed the race for you girlfriend. Love you."
Gary Hewlett $179.00 "Miss you Karen Love you always and forever!"
Janice Hale $50.00 "We are proud of Jeff becoming aware and helping raise needed funds for this organization to fight ALS. We did not know Norse Bear, our daughter-in-law's father, but know he had great influence on many friends and family. Our close friend J.E. Smith also died from this terrible disease."
Drew Comeau $50.00 "Just signed up for the Greater Hartford 1/4 Marathon and donated some more $ for the war on ALS. "
Norse Bear $100.00 "Jeff, I am extremely proud of you for participating in an Ironman and what a great cause. I hate ALS and we need to beat it!! I did the Houston Marathon in 1987 and cannot imagine having to bike and swim on top of that!!!! -Keep on chugging in the water and on land!! -Norse, your bro-in law"
Diane Cassselberry $25.00 "My cousin, Amy, has ALS. I see the suffering she is going through, and don't want anyone else to have to succumb to this disease. We need to find a cure."
Jennifer Felker $50.00 "So proud of you and inspired by your dedication!"
Amy Toussaint $25.00 "Love you Amy!"
Ryan Stanley $25.00 "Good Luck Jenny!"
David O'Neill $50.00 "I'm proud of you Jenny. For Nancy, Jon, Mike and Marty."
Leah Rosenbaum $15.00 "Go Jenny!!!"
Judy and Jim O'Neill $250.00 "David O'Neill's grandfather, Michael Doctoroff, who died of ALS, would have greatly appreciated your energy and dedication. So do we. Thanks."
Rachael Nichols Hidden "Gooo Ben! We are cheering you on and hope to catch a race. -the Nichols family"
Caitlin McGonnigal $15.00 "This is a great thing that you're doing, it's very inspiring! You go girl!"
Kathy & Jim English English $50.00 "Go Jeff Go !!"
Mary and Tim Martin $50.00 "Way to go, Jeff!! "
Lori Nelson $25.00 "Way to set an example for all of us, Jenny! People like you (and your dad) make a difference for humanity. I hope and pray there will be a cure for ALS soon! All the best!"
Bob Conrad $500.00 "Your commitment to helping fund research is the reason there will be a cure some day."
Sharon Conrad $100.00 "Good Luck Jeff! That is so wonderful what you are doing. I will be praying for you. Lots of Love, Sharon Conrad"
Mary Jo [Conrad] Morse $100.00 "Happy Running Jeff! Hope the sun is shining warmly on your special day. My donation is also in honor of my husband's aunt who died of ALS. Love, Mary Jo & Mike Morse"
Holly Bollenbacher $25.00 "Good luck!!! You'll do great!!"
Scott Karcher $50.00 "50 on 50th. You rock my friend!"
Tara Dorsey-Ward $25.00 "Happy 50th Birthday you inspire all of us to make a difference. Godspeed to all who suffer from ALS."
karen ryan $100.00 "Amazing way to celebrate your birthday - Good luck on this journey!"
Maureen Engeler $100.00 "This is for our dear friend Michael and my Aunt Barbara who died from this awful disease. Go Jeff!"
Glenn and Susan Goldberg $500.00 "Your support of this cause is so wonderful Jenny! You are amazing! Bless you for all you do!!"
Karen DiPiazza $50.00 "I'm making a donation 'cause your brother, Tim, is my friend; and because I want to be part of the solution to fighting ALS. You must be a great guy, too, since Tim made a FB post on your behalf, so run baby run! "
Harvey & Beverly Dixon $500.00 "Go Jenny. You Can do it."
Ann B