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Train 4 Autism LB Marathon 2010
Racing for a Cure for Autism

Despite impacting the lives of more than 1 in 100 children, Autism research and treatment receives far less federal funding than other less prevalent disorders. Please help us create awareness and support those touched by the disorder. Our organization is 100% volunteer run and has no paid staff. We are founded by parents and loved ones of autistic children. This will be our 3rd Year with the Long Beach Marathon and are very greatful for the opportunity. Visit our website and see how you can get involved with this or other events, join or create a chapter in your area or just be a part of a great group of parents, children and individuals.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $6,010

Contributor Amount Comment
jason berenbach $30.00 "good luck"
Ralph Trujillo $25.00 "Ricardo, Glad to hear you are running....keep it up after the half marathon...I hope you reach your fundraising goal...this is a great cause!! Ralph"
Alex Martinez Hidden "Thanks for doing this...glad to help! I will forward to family and friends. Have a good run! :)"
Andy Deahl $100.00 "Ricardo -- Good luck with the run. I'm sure it will end up costing me much more in listening to you moan and groan for 3 weeks afterwards. Running for Autism is a great cause for staying in shape! "
Jonathan Wilson $100.00 "A great cause. Good luck with your run!!"
Irene Torres $25.00 "Good for you Ricardo.!!! It's a great cause and I'm sure your efforts will make a BIG difference in many peoples lives. I wish I could give more but I know that every little bit counts and I really just wanted to make sure I supported you. Good Luck with everything, I'm sure you'll make your goal : ) "
Sovirny Norng $50.00 "Woo hoo! Go Sopie!! "
Alma McMaster $25.00 "Way to go Ricardo! This is such a great thing you are doing. I hope you exceed your fundraising goals and have a great run. "
John Hockett $100.00 "You're running for a good cause - Keep it up!!"
Toni White $30.00 "Ricardo, I am excited for you! Completing a half marathon is a major accomplishment and you are doing it for an awesome cause! See you out on the course on October 17th!"
Jeffrey Vore $25.00 "Great work Ricardo, keep it up!"
Jennifer Bergandi $50.00 "Good luck, Ricardo! You'll do great!"
Eugene Tiscornia $100.00 "Grace, again I admire your amazing ability to continually serve the Lord by serving others."
Anonymous $100.00 "Take a look, it's in a book, reading rainbowwwwww"
Samantha Fisher $25.00 "Dear Gracey :) I'm so proud of you. Thank you for doing this; it's an amazing cause. Miles and I will be cheering you on! Love you."
wendy brogdon $100.00 "Jaime, You are raising money for a worthwhile cause. You are a great mom. My grandson,Seth, is the best little boy anyone could ever ask for!!!"
Ellen Calomiris Hidden "Run, Martina, run!!... Your dad and I are behind you all the way.... tho' we're shoeless and in the cheering section... :) "
Anonymous $100.00 "Way to go JAIME (make KIRK run with you, yeah, right!). Good luck Sweetheart!"
jennifer hartenhoff $50.00 "you go girl!! your such an inspiration!"
Barry Fidel $50.00 "You don't ask...you don't get. Keep your eye on the prize The end of the run will be a new beginning to your life. I am proud of you for what you are doing."
JORDAN FABISH $50.00 "Love you! jif"
Xochitl Diaz $15.00 "With a little care everyone can help make a difference. I applaud you for doing this. :-)"
Heather Vernoy $25.00 "Way to go, Justin! Thanks for helping families like mine who are searching for a way to help our loved ones with autism."
Mary Fitterer $100.00 "Stephanie has been so generous in supporting my daughter over the years. I have 2 autistic nephews, thank you for doing this. Mary Fitterer"
Lisa Cooper-Keil $26.00 "It would be my privilege to support your efforts. Keep running honey - you are awesome!"
Jane Sim $15.00 "This is payback for all the lollipops you bought me from Blockbuster in high school. Way to go Justin! I love hearing about all the healthy activities you've been engaged in lately, and I'm glad your supporting such a great cause."
Nancy Fidel $50.00 "I have always told you that you can accomplish anything. Once again you are proving me right. I will be there cheering you on. Mom"
Debbie Zahn $50.00 "You are one of the best Mom's I know and a true inspiration!"
sopheang norng $25.00 "From the Friedrichs <3"
Peter and Melissa Lent $25.00 "Jaime, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments and you are so strong for Seth! You go girl!!!"
Maria J. Castellanos $25.00 "Go Jaime!!! We the ACE Family are all so proud of you. We pledge to your cause in honor of your son "Seth" and in my kid's cousin who also has autism "Joshua Venegas". WE LOVE YOU :) A.C.E. Family"
Steve Nakaki $20.00 "Go Ray!!!"
ELLEN NAGAMINE $20.00 "Good luck Ray..have a great run !"
Kumar Rayampettai $25.00 "Good on you Ray!!! Keep up the good work!!!"
christine henry $50.00 "Glad to help my fellow groundhog! "
Sanford Friedman $50.00 "Good Luck Ray! "
Nicole Vexler $25.00 "I’ll be there cheering you on! :-)"
Donna Leslie-Dennis $20.00 "We're so proud of you for running the half marathon for a cause you believe in! Go Meredith! Uncle Rod and Aunt Donna"
Kelly Sutterfield $10.00 "So proud of you. Wish I could donate more. Good luck and I know you'll do great!"
Brad Culler $5.00 "Justin! Good luck boss. Your doing something great and as I'm proud of you! Have fun and show them what u got!"
Andrea Haas Hidden "This is a fantastic cause, I am so proud of you training up for this one. Way to go Ricardo!"
Bradford Smith $25.00 "Good luck this weekend Justin!"
Jocelyn Lopez $5.00 ":) "
Kelly Vanicek $50.00 "Go Claire Go!"
Kelly Dawson $25.00 "Make us proud, Meredith! Love, Nate and Kelly"
David Klein $25.00 "Run Ray......Run"
Julian McGreevy $50.00 "Good luck with the foot gloves on Sunday Ray!"
Carolyn Hashiba $30.00 "I'm sooooo excited about your cause. I see it everyday and I know what it does to a family. Wishing you a safe and exciting run, Carolyn H."
George Berry $25.00 "Good luck Ray. I'll be with you all the way - literally!!"
Barbara Powers Hidden "Good Luck!"
Angelo Lobefaro Hidden "I'm there for you! Love Dad"
Kristina Salib $50.00 "Go Chewy!!"
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