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The Simple Wishes Scholarship Fund
Together, We Can Make a Simple Wish a Reality
An orphan's wishes are simple - love, FAMILY, home, acceptance, HOPE. They are the most basic needs of the human spirit that every child should be entitled to.

Unfortunately, for most orphans of poverty-stricken Eastern Europe, these simple wishes are far-fetched, impossible dreams. Most will have to scrap and scrape to make their way in this world - alone - and statistically the odds are not in their favor. At 16 or after 9th grade, they are turned out into the streets, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and little to no skills. Some sources say that only about 25-30% of Ukrainian orphanage graduates will go on to hold down a job or attend a trade school for more than a year. The rest fall prey to the streets: crime, drugs, prostitution. 10% will commit suicide by age 25.

Hosting gives them hope. A chance to experience and see firsthand what a family can be. A chance to know that they have a Father that loves them. That somebody in this world cares about them. For some, hosting may be their one chance to meet their forever family and to be adopted. It's a chance to rewrite the whole rest of their story - to change their future.

This summer, we are hosting 13 year old Sergey in our home for 5 weeks. We are delighted to share this experience and can't wait for summer to be here!! The cost to bring Sergey here, through New Horizons for Children, is $2500. We are not asking for your help to pay for Sergey's hosting fees. We want to bring Sergey here ourselves, and we are fortunately able to do that.

However...I am asking for your help for another child...or two...or more??*

This past February, I was able to travel with the New Horizons for Children team to Ukraine to interview and select children for this program. I have met these kids. Real flesh and blood children whose futures hang in the balance. I see their photos every day. I remember their faces. I can't stand to know that some of them won't be chosen and they may become a statistic.

I know that not everyone feels called to or is able to host or adopt. However, I think we are ALL called to do SOMETHING to care for the least of these, the most vulnerable in our society - the orphan. Each one is a child of God, with a simple wish to be loved, to be heard, to be rescued from anonymity.

Can you pray for this ministry?

Can you pray for a specific child?

Can you GIVE even just a few dollars?

Here is the idea that I have for this web-page: that everyone who visits here will give something. You don't have to give until it hurts. Just give SOMETHING - some small amount - even just $5 or $10. But together, those small amounts will add up to something BIG. Perhaps something life-changing for a real flesh and blood child. How cool would that be, to be part of their story?!

As the money comes in, I'll choose a child to scholarship - one of the children I met, who weighs heavy on my heart, but remains unchosen - in $250 increments. If we surpass that, I'll choose another child, or add to the same child's scholarship until that child is chosen.

A full accounting of the total raised, and the children chosen for scholarship will be given on my blog when hosting selection closes:


I hope that I will be able to follow up with more to their stories as they are written. I want you to all SEE what you were a part of!!

I hope you will visit our blog to follow along with Sergey's adventures in Michigan later this summer as well.

Lastly, if you are able and feel led to give a more substantial, stand-alone scholarship, you may do so here, from the link on this page, or if you'd like to chose the child yourself, you may do so by visiting newhorizonsforchildren.org

(To view the photolist, go to http://www.newhorizonsforchildren.org/horizons/prephoto.html and enter your name and email address to receive the password and link.)

You can make your donation directly through the NHFC paypal link on their home-page if you'd like to chose the child yourself. Either way (though this page, or NHFC link), your donations are fully tax-deductible through NHFC.

"Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." ~Helen Keller

Thank you for caring about these kids and this ministry!!



P.S. Scholarship Update - listed below are children with scholarships provided either fully or in part by donations through this page:

Sisters Julia (16) and Alona (13). $750 scholarship. MATCHED!

Andriy (13). $300. MATCHED!

Vitaly (14). $500. MATCHED! (However, his host family turned around and gave that scholarship to 14 year olds Rostislav/Slava $250 and Vladimir/Vova $250. Both are still available and GREAT boys.)

Also with scholarships in full or part through Simple Wishes, and still waiting for families:

Genady (15) $150, Julia (15) $500, Oleksey (13) $700, and Sasha (15) $500.

I will keep you updated...but keep praying!

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Total Donations: $3,307.00 Goal: $5,000

$0 66% $5,000

Julia (16) and Alona (13) from Ukraine. $750 of the scholarship money was given for them and they have been chosen!! 13 year old Andriy, who was given $300 of the scholarship money, has been chosen as well!!
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