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Stuck in Motion Stationary Bike Race
Race for a Cause
It is estimated that 764,000 children and adults in the US manifest one or more of the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Help us reach our $25,000 goal to provide programs and services for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities in Central MN.

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Total Donations: $12,784

Goal: $25,000

$0 51% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Jackie Terhaar Hidden "GO MERIEL!"
riley sharbonno $20.00 "Proud of you Tom, as always!!! Keep it up."
Kevin and Pam Harris $25.00 "Good Luck, Tom!"
Jocelyn and Nick Van Rixel $5.00 "We love you Auntie Jodi!"
Paula Tigerman $25.00 "Pedal fast!! Love, Mom and Dad"
Susan Pederson $20.00 "Thank you for working for those in need. Bike Hard! - Susan Pederson"
Michelle Yager $100.00 "GO TEAM TACY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!"
Debbi Thwaites $50.00 "GO TEAM TACY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Terence Steffen $25.00 " Hi Kevin & Becky, I think it is a great thing that you are doing."
Caroline Felitto $20.00 "This is a great event and for a great cause! Good luck!"
Barry Romich $100.00 "Tom, My passion outside AAC is energy and sustainability. How about connecting those stationary bikes to generators? : ) You can learn more about some of this stuff at www.romichfoundation.org. Best wishes! Barry"
Michael/Susan Johnson $100.00 "We love you Tacy"
Susie & Peter Mogdans $50.00 "Our prayers are with you always. Susie & Peter"
Dana Kuznar Hidden "Thanks for letting us be part of this great annual event. Go Team Tacy! Much love, Randy & Dana"
Stefanie Staniak Hidden "Go Team Tacey !!"
Elizabeth Byron $10.00 "Hi Sean! Good luck with the ride and have a fun day! Thanks for including me on your list. Hope all is well. I'll write more to you house again soon. Happy New Year! - Beth Byron"
Pam Hooten Hidden "I love that sweet smile! Go Team Tacy!!"
Heather McNally Hidden "Go Team Tacy!!!!"
Beverly Barton Hidden "Go Team Tacy!!! "
Robin Mower Hidden "Go Team Tacy!!!!"
Bonnie Guilliams $100.00 "Go Team Tacy!!!"
Carol Halvorson Hidden "Yea Team Tacy!!!!!"
Martin and Sara $50.00 "Good luck team "Bored"!"
Andy Young $50.00 "Good luck to ya! May you er...win the race?! ;) -A"
Anonymous Hidden "Kevin & Becky Good Luck on this year's event. This is a great cause... --Jim & Maria"
Kathy Wall $50.00 "Go Team Tacy!!"
Susan West $75.00 "Good luck with everything. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you make it to your goal! Ride Ken Ride!!!!"
Tom & Sandy Richard $25.00 "Good luck to both you and Tacy. We are pulling for you to win the race!!! We are so pleased to hear of Tacy's progress an we will keep her in our prayers. Tom & Sandy"
Jim & Jill Krebsbach $25.00 "Tacy, Best Of luck In 2008! Jim & Jill Krebsbach"
Mike Schroeder $20.00 "Ken- Good luck on your ride! I am sure you will be successfull in your endeavor. Mike Schroeder"
Claus Mayer $30.00 "Hi Ken & Tacy - you will make it again this year! Keep it up and I will check your progress personally in April this year! Rock it kid! - Claus"
James A. Kroska $100.00 "Good luck again at this year's event, Kevin & Becky. This is a great thing you are doing. Jim & Jen Kroska"
Shana Satterlee $25.00 "We are so proud of you Mickey! We know you will do GREAT! The Satterlees'"
Jean Lahr $50.00 "Love ya Mick, happy pedaling, cute kitty"
Deb Zimmerman $50.00 "Have Fun!"
Ken & Deanna Nichols $100.00 "We're proud of you, Tacy!"
Ken & Deanna Nichols $100.00 "We're proud of you, Tacy!"
Michael Grogan $25.00 "Good luck Ken. Mike Grogan"
Larry & Sue Young $25.00 "Best of luck in this year's bike race! Tacy is such a sweetheart and I hope her team comes out at the top! GO TEAM TACY!!!! Sue & Larry"
Kristie Davis $25.00 "Our prayers are for your mighty journey. Go team, Go!! Dave and Kristie"
Lisa Porro $25.00 "Buff, thinking about all of you and what a great cause this is!! Best of luck in reaching your goals!! Lisa and Bruno Porro :)"
Jodi Brewer $10.00 "Sean, Good luck with the Bike-a-thon. You know I would gladly contribute more, were it not for the indentured servitude I have gotten myself into at the Circus. Have fun. I guess I'll see you in November. J"
Sonja Froyen $25.00 "Ride, ride like the wind, Mark."
Sheri Monson $20.00 "Have Fun and Best Wishes!"
Judd Shaft $30.00 "Good luck "Kickin It for Kaya" Todd. We'll be thinking of you from Arizona!! Judd and Christy Shaft"
Scott Lindgren $25.00 "Good luck Todd!"
Chris Burlog $100.00 "I am fdorwarding this information to my employees at United Rentals as well and hopefully we can get you closer to your goal. "
Ed & Michelle Lovetinsky $20.00 "Go Team Tacy! We are looking forward to seeing you again this summer! - Ed, Michelle, Alaina, Eli, Isabel & Owen"
Nancy Jansen $10.00 "Hey, Katey! GO FOR IT! Nancy"
Nancy Jansen $10.00 "Hi, Tyler! Good LUCK! Nancy"
Greg Elliott $50.00 "Good Luck Ken! Good Luck Tacy!"
Angela Shober Hidden "YEA for TEAM TACY!"
Cassie Yuker $20.00 "Pedal Fast! Best of luck and have a great time. Go Team Tacy Go!!"
Maria Gilbertson Hidden "GO TEAM TACY!! Keep this sweet ones SMILE there!"
Robert Merchant $50.00 "Peddle fast and long!! Good luck Tacy and Ken, we wish you the best. Love, Helen and Bob"
Bret McEnelly $20.00 "Good luck Ken. This is a great thing you are doing for Tacy."
Mission Springs, Henry Griner $50.00 "Tacy, You have a great uncle there! Hope he earns lots of money for your fundraiser. Good going Ken. Have a wonderful day at the event. Henry"
Luke Strawn $100.00 "Sean is Cool"
Kendra Warren $15.00 "Good luck, Ken & Tacy! Have fun! - Dan & Kendra Warren"
Karleen Bakke Hidden "GO TEAM TACY!!!"
Jessi and Matt Feltmann $25.00 "Go,Ken,Go!!! Our prayers are with you and Tacy!"
Krista Ziemer $20.00 "Good Luck Mickey! Can't wait for those pictures:)"
adriana cardenas $20.00 "you go girl!!!"
Keith Ericson $25.00 "Always glad to hear of good things being done while cycling! I should be there with you Ken, but since I can't, you have the endorsement and support of Team Ericson Cycling! Go Ken Go!!"
Brent and Sega Reichert $25.00 "Hey Sean!! Have fun with the ride!! Talk to you soon and Happy New Year!!"
Stacie Harvala $25.00 "Have a great time! I wish I could be there cheering you on! Love ya, The Harvala's"
Lisa Neal Hidden "Go Mick Go"
Billy Lahr $15.00 "So glad you guilted me into this. "
Jamie and Julie Dukowitz $25.00 "Good luck Team Feddema! :)"
Sharon Weber $25.00 "Good luck Mickey - Pedal away *******"
Lacey Bowne $15.00 "Good Luck Ken!"
Debby Moreau $25.00 "We love you Tacy!!!"
Jennifer Lahman $30.00 "Good luck! Lots of love to you all..."
Debbi Acampa $10.00 "GO TEAM TACY!!!"
Kathryn Nichols $50.00 "We love you very much and are so proud of all of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work! Love, Keenan and Kellan"
Rebeca Schlough Hidden "Team Tacy Rocks!"
Ken Nichols $50.00 "Lots of love from Uncle Buff!"
Ken Nichols $40.00 "This is for a few misc. donations from people that hadn't come yet. Go Team Tacy!"
chris busby $100.00 "Hey Ken, sorry if this is late. If this doesn't go through, let me know and I will just cut a check. Buzz"
Kelly Fandel Hidden "Congratulations on making your goal!!"
Scott & Liz Sonnek $30.00 "Good luck guys. Hope y'all are able to reach your goal."
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