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H3 Initiative :Hammock Hiking for Humanity 2012
100 Mile Charity Hike
Welcome to the H3 Initiative: Hammock Hiking for Humanity This is my second long distance hike for charity and I plan on hiking from the NY/CT border on the Appalachian Trail to Dalton, MA My goal is to raise $3,000 for this event. 20% of the donations here will go to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Additionally, the sum total of donations generated by this event I will take 10% of that number and personally donate that amount to the Alzheimer's Foundation (possible $300 or more) Launch of this hike will begin the first week in June 2012 and take between 11-13 days to complete. DONATIONS OF $10 OR MORE WILL PLACE YOU IN A RAFFLE TO BE DRAWN ON MAY 19, 2012. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE FOR DETAILS WWW.WATERMONKEY.NET

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Total Donations: $2,228.00
Goal: $3,000

$0 74% $3,000

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