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Helping Homeless Teens In Las Vegas
100% of money to goes to helping homeless teens.
If you do not know me personally already, my name is Patric Shannon. You probably found your way to this site because I reached out to you (or someone that knows me) and asked for a donation to help make the world a better place.

The way in which your donations will help the world will be through the non-profit organization Street Teens Since its humble origins serving kids from the back of a van in 2001, StrretTeens provides kids living on the streets wIth meals, clothing, shoes, toiletries, counselling, computer training, and a friendly and understanding human contact they may never have had at home.

Street Teens ( aims to rid the US of homelessness for people age of 12-21, a problem that no young person should ever have to experience, especially in the land of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I'm working with a team of 37 to raise $92,000 or more in 7 days from small and medium contributions, in cash or in kind. ANYthing helps. Personally I need to get to $2500 by Wednesday May 29th at 7:00pm.

Vegas is the largest destination for homeless teens throughout the country. StreetTeens is a non-profit that helps get them off the street, and makes life more bearable while they are there.

- -100 percent of the funds given thru this site go to StreetTeens--no commissions or fundraising fees.

- -StreetTeens is a 501(c) (3) so its tax deductible - -email me if you are willing to match, up to a limit you set, what others give

- -StreetTeens data indicates 40% of teens turn to prostitution to get by, within 48 hours of hitting the streets. Incredible and sad. And, that only 8% of these kids' parents actively look for them.

This is a one-time, short term fund raise. You will not be put on any lists to give more.

Be among the first to help this effort! Thank you.--Patric

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Total Donations: $1,669.00
Goal: $2,500

$0 67% $2,500

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