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24 Hours of Stratton Donation Home Page (2014)
March 15-16, 2014 - You up for the challenge?
Last year we knocked it out of the park. We exceeded everybodys wildest dreams. Thanks to the 330 athletes and over 1,000 donors that participated we raised just over $175,000. This year we are looking to double the number of athletes and triple the amount of donations. Thank you for considering a donation to this awesome event.


Donating money to a registered athlete is quick and easy. Simply type either their first or last name in the boxes above and click on the "Search" button and you will be taken to that athletes personal donation page. The rest should be self explanatory. All donations are 100% tax deductible.


So you are probably wondering what we did with all the money we raised last year. Great things...for sure! Last years proceeds allowed The Stratton Foundation to make numerous super high impact contributions to support the youth in the greater Stratton Mountain region.

According to the Vermont Agency of Education, 40% of the students in the Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union School District qualify for free or reduced price school meals. In some of the other Mountain Region school districts that number goes up to over 60%. I'll say it again....over 60%. This is an indication of the needs that local families struggle with as their children grow. The Stratton Foundation made significant contributions to 8 different local programs that provide basic living supplies such as food, hats, coats, shoes and personal health items to families that cannot otherwise afford these necessities.

The Stratton Foundation also partnered with Stratton Mountain and Burr & Burton Academy to launch the "Student Success Program". A landmark program designed to break the cycle of rural poverty. Funds raised in the first 24 Hours of Stratton event bought backpacks filled with books and brought in teachers and administrators to read with students. 27 ninth graders started the school year with their first assignment in the bag but they had also built relationships with mentors who they otherwise would not have known until they got into trouble.

Your donations also supported 3 weeks of camp, visits to colleges and technical schools across the region.

Last years donations also funded an after school "Homework Academy" where the best teachers from each discipline are on hand in a shared learning environment to work with the kids.

Your donations also helped many students with SAT prep courses because unlike their parents, these kids will go to college thanks to the "Student Success" program.

As BBA Headmaster Mark Tashjian stated, "This partnership puts us all at the forefront in the fight for the future of our young people. We are incredibly appreciative of the human and financial support made possible by the Stratton Foundation, Stratton Mountain and the 24 Hours of Stratton event.

On behalf of all the children and families in southern Vermont that benefit from the proceeds of the 24 Hours of Stratton, Thank you for helping us to reach our goal.


The 24 hours of Stratton is a super fun skiing / snowboarding, weekend long party that is designed for people of all ages (kids, parents and grandparents, great grandparents). This years event will take place on March 15-16, 2014. Create a team of 4-12 people and ski for as long as you want over a 24 hour period. Where else can you have this much fun and raise money for such a great cause. The 24 hours of Stratton is putting the "fun" back into fund raising.

Be sure to come on out and cheer the athletes on. The base lodge will be open all night and there will be lots of live entertainment and fun activities throughout the weekend.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this event please contact:

Alan Bushell

24 Hours of Stratton Sponsors

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Total Donations: $156,344

Goal: $350,000

$0 45% $350,000

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