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My name is Lindsey and I am a 6yr old kindergartener. I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome one day when I was 2 1/2 and on my way to a baseball game. No one knows what causes this kidney malfunction that happens "out of no where" and there is no cure. I have been in the hospital 20 times, one time was for 10 weeks. I take 14 medications per day. They hurt my bones and I have not grown since I was 3 yrs. old. I am now home-schooled because my immune system is so low from the medicines. Even through all this, I am a happy and funny kid who is surrounded by many people who love me! Please help to make my future brighter by contributing to help find a cure! Thank you so much!, Love, Lindsey

Thank you for your support of the Step Forward Walk and the Nephcure Foundation. Our goal is to find a cure for these devastating diseases.

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Contributor Amount Comment
Susan, Adam and Abby Stringham $100.00 "Lindsey, let's play Family Feud soon!! We love you! Aunt Sue, Adam, Abby and Rosie."
Paul & Erika Oranges $50.00 " To Pam and Family, Best of luck with your fundraising efforts. We'll keep you in our thoughts. The Oranges Family"
Mary Bliss $100.00 "Lindsey, your aunt has told me what an amazing young girl you are! It sounds like you are a blessing of joy and inspiration to everyone who meets you!"
Sue and Pat Riley $50.00 "Lindsey, We miss you here in Ridgefield. Keep fighting!! Love, The Rileys (Pat, Sue, Allison and Kevin)"
Denise Muggia $50.00 "Lindsey, just hearing about what an amazing girl you are, inspires us! Keep fighting! The Muggias (Denise, Frank, Sydney, Ben and Sophie)"
Stacy and Stephen Nock $200.00 "Lindsey Good luck with the walk! Warmest wishes, Stacy, Steve and Taylor Nock"
Patrick Duquette $200.00 "Lindsey, I cant wait to see you next weekend!! Coming to Baltimore on thursday!! Uncle Pat "
Jacquelyn Hutchison $200.00 "Wish we could be there for the Fundraiser! We think of Miss Lindsey all the time... The Hutchison Family"
Jim O'Brien $100.00 "Lindsey & Family, Thank you for contacting me for this very special event. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Jim O'Brien"
William Henderson $1,000.00 "Lindsey, We are proud to be involved with you, your family and the Step Forward Foundation to help find a cure for this illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! The Henderson Family Bill, Beverly, Joseph, Jordan, Jonny, and Jane"
Lewis Collins $100.00 "Lindsey, you are a true hero! We are with you all the way! - All our love, the Collins Family (Lewis, Cary, Taylor, & Luke)"
Mike Brennan $100.00 "Dear Lindsay: We are so excited to be a part of your team! You are a wonderful sparkly girl and it's great having you as a neighbor - Please come visit Spooky soon! -Mike, Jane and Annelise Brennan"
kevin morris $100.00 "Duke, No surprise that Lindsey has tremendous competitive spirit. We'll be thinking of you, Lindsey. Have a great day. The Morris Family, Kevin, Rebecca and Ryan"
Terry Cox $100.00 "This contribution is made on behalf of Jim Duquette. This message is for Jim and his family. Jim, Best of luckl to your family. My family's thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm donating as part of a group effort by the members of the Orioles We're now up to $250 - I'm sure the amount will eventually be much higher."
Anonymous $100.00 "Lindsey, you keep up the great work ! Keep a smile on your face and a prayer in your heart. God bless. "Tony Soprano" of Orioles Hangout"
Kevin Smith $100.00 "Lindsey, I love your positive attitude. I found out about you through the Orioles Hangout Website. I am glad that I did and I am sure other Orioles fans will stop by and say hello. It is my pleasure to contribute to your cause. Keep up the great work. God bless, Kevin "
Anthony Amobi Hidden "Jim -- This is Anthony, the photographer guy whom you saw from time to time at oriole Park in Baltimore, and recently during the Mariners' series. Anyhow, I just wanted to help your cause and God-willing there's a treatment or cure found for your daughter. Lindsay, stay strong and you've got a wonderful dad and family behind your back! "
Jeff McGee $50.00 "Best of luck"
GREG PAPPAS $50.00 "Among all the wonders of the universe, it is little girls like you that are the most beautiful and wondrous of all. Stay strong, keep smiling, and may God answer all the healing prayers for you and your family. =) --Greg Pappas (Orioles Hangout)"
John Saracino $50.00 "Good Luck Lindsey to you in your fight. Just remember Winners never quit. Love From a Orioles Fan JohnnyK27 John Saracino Westminster Maryland"
jeremy playdon $50.00 "I read about this on the orioles hangout and wanted to help. I cant imagine what its like to live with something terrible like this, but I do know that you're the bravest little girl we all know.Never stop smiling!"
jay gibbons $1,500.00 "i will you and your family in my prayers"
Anthony Pente $100.00 "My prayers are with you and your family. I hope the Orioles Hangout community can help out in any way. Stay strong and let's hope for a cure in the near future."
Frank Strakonsky $100.00 "Lindsey, All our prayers and blessing sweet pea. Stay strong, positive, and remember Isaiah 40:31 - "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as EAGLES they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint"...... Jim, please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you....strako... "
Anonymous $50.00 "Lindsey, you are doing a great job! Your attitude is admirable. Take care and God bless, JeffreyB of Orioles Hangout"
John Parlett $25.00 "As a father of a wonderful 2 year old daughter, my heart goes out to you and your family. God bless your family with a long, happy and heathy future for everyone. "
Matty G. $10.00 "Good luck with everything. You will be in my thoughts and hopes."
Michael Thompson $5.00 "I learned of Lindsey's brave battle through Roch's blog. Our prayers ar ewith your family.. "
rich vrabel $50.00 "Read about you on Roch's blog. Hope your bones stop hurting."
Stephen Holsten $50.00 "Good luck, Lindsey, and hang in there. Doctors and researchers do some amazing things, and you never know which day will bring a cure. In the meantime, know that there are many people who love you and are rooting for you! The Holstens (Tami, Steve, Andy, Julia, Matt and Caroline)"
Bob Klapisch $250.00 "We're sending all the love in the world to you, Lindsey!!!"
Brian Fisher Hidden "Lindsey, Keep up the good work. You parents must be very proud of you! Sincerely, O's fan"
Patrick Owens $10.00 "Another one of Roch's blog readers - good luck to you"
Paul Stromberger $50.00 "Best wishes to all and best of luck."
Scott Garfield $150.00 "You are an inspiration Lindsey. God bless you and your wonderful family--you have many admirers among Red Sox fans too!!"
Gary Ball-Kilbourne $50.00 "My prayers go with you. May God bless you greatly."
Anonymous $20.00 "God bless & get well soon. -Flip217 from Orioles Hangout"
James Marshalek $10.00 "From O's hangout. I am disabled supporting a family on very limited income but sometimes we don't realize how good we have it. I hope the small amount of money I can donate will help in a big way. I will continue to pray for a cure and healthy days in the meantime."
Mark Viviano $100.00 "Lindsey, Stay strong and may God bless you! You are an inspiration to us all."
Anonymous $50.00 "Best of luck! Stef (another OHer)"
Chris Ehrich $50.00 "God bless. - Mr & Mrs Drektunes from the OH"
Stacey Long $50.00 "Lindsey, you're in my prayers. Hopefully a cure can be found soon! Stacey from Orioles Hangout"
CJ Nitkowski $1,000.00 "Lindsey, Your outlook and mission are inspiring. May God bless your efforts."
Jason Bland $50.00 "On behalf of myself and the Orioleshangout, God Bless! Our prayers go out to you and yours."
Richard Michael $110.00 "Lindsey, best of luck with the walk and God bless you, Richard, from the Orioles Hangout. "
Dan Duquette $100.00 "Lindsey, I hope you get better soon kid. You are so courageous and inspiring! Love, Dan,Denise,Daniel and Dana"
joseph castiglione $50.00 "best of luck to duquette family. our prayers are with you duke and kiki"
Mike & Jo Ann Rivers $25.00 "Lindsey, Good Luck with your Walk! The Rivers Family - Mike, Jo Ann, Maggie, James, John & Michaela "
Denise Kaley $50.00 "Hi Lindsey, Much Love, hugs & many prayers to you!! Blessings, Denise Kaley"
Chris & Beth O'Connor $25.00 "Good luck with your walk. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Chris,Beth, Kayla, Julia & Tom"
Chris & Wendy Dumas $25.00 "Lindsey~You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. - Chris, Wendy, Kelsie & Katie Dumas"
Toph and Alycia Duquette $100.00 "We love you! Toph, Alycia, Jamie, Randi and Jake"
John & Barb Fischer $100.00 "Hi Jim - Barb and I hope that Lindsey will eventually defeat this disease.. look me up if you're ever in Boston.. Fish"
michael kaley $50.00 "lindsey you are a very brave young girl. you are in our thoughts and prayers. michael and renee kaley"
Melissa Morgan $100.00 "Lindsey, YOU ARE AMAZING AND MY HERO!!! Keep showing those pearly whites girlfriend! Pam, Jim & family-You guys are doing great! Your family is always in my prayers."
Brendan Ronayne $25.00 "Lindsey, Best wishes for a great day on Saturday. We will be thinking of you. The Ronayne's - Hannah, Caitlin, Anne & Brendan"
Matthew Morrison $100.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are always with you! Matt, Sue, Calli & Cole Morrison."
Boog Powell $100.00 "Lindsey: My thoughts and prayers are with you. Bob "Boog" Powell"
Steve Davis $100.00 "Lindsey, You are a brave young lady and an inspiration to others. Continued good luck to you. May God bless you and your family as you battle on. Steve Davis"
Kenneth Whitestone $100.00 "Lindsey, Deep down you are a Daltonian, at least you have the Daltonian spirit. Good luck on your walk. Our prayers are with you. Ken, Polly, Allison and Sarah Whitestone"
Ed Cormier $50.00 "Dear Lindsey, We know you are a special little girl and we hope you will be feeling better. We will be praying for you. Love Missy Ed and Arlene Cormier"
Anna Drake $50.00 "Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family - Chad, Anna, and Carter Drake"
Steve and Damita Baldwin $100.00 "Lindsey, you are a brave little girl! The Baldwin familly is praying for you and all the other children living with this illness. "
Seth Lawry $500.00 "Duke, I ran into Garf yesterday and he forwarded your original email to me. Lindsey, your attitude is inspiring to us and your making people aware of this disease is so important---your efforts will help lead to a cure. We will be thinking of you and wish you all the best. The Lawrys (Seth, Cindy, Emma, Clara, Hannah and Heath)."
Dalton Hinsdale Little League $50.00 "From your friends at Dalton- Hinsdale Little League."
jacqueline mclaughlin $100.00 "Lindsey, You are an amazing girl. Your strength through all of this is both admirable and inspirational. We love you! Aunt Jackie, Uncle John, Tim, Nikki, Patrick and Sam"
Brian Poopor $50.00 "Lindsey , I hope this isn't too late Best wishes to you and your family as you battle to defeat this illness."
Peter Greenberg $100.00 "Good luck. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Peter, Carolina, Lauren and Nicolette Greenberg"
Nick and Kristin Liapunov $100.00 "Lindsey, We are hoping a speedy recovery for you. We hope to see you in Ridgefield! The Liapunovs"

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