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Sports Gift
Help Impoverished Children Play Sports
Millions of impoverished children around the world lack resources to play sports. Through your support, Sports Gift is providing sports equipment the help these children enjoy all that youth sports offers. We distribute sports equipment to orphanages and other youth programs serving impoverished children in over 40 countries including communities in the United States, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Pacific, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Total Donations: $16,396

Contributor Amount Comment
Robert Adler Hidden "Great cause Noah! Keep up the good work! The Adler"
George Radu Hidden "Great cause Noah! Keep up the good work! Kane Radu"
Teri Winton Hidden "What a great cause! You will be helping so many kids that don't have the advantages that you do. The Winton family is happy to help and proud of what you are doing. I'm sure we have some equipment to donate too. We will look."
Alisa Manulkin Hidden "I love this project! Noah, you are providing an opportunity for children who may not get to experience it without your help. Way to go!"
Adrienne Eliades $25.00 "Great idea for a project with so many choices out there you certainlty chose one of interest that helps locally and globally. We are proud to participate in this worthwhile cause."
Debbie Rosenberg Hidden "Congratulations Noah! What a wonderful mitzvah project! Looking forward to celebrating with you - Andy, Debbie and Ally Rosenberg"
Robert Milne $50.00 "Nicholas, Congratulations on the wonderful project. We are honored to support you in this endeavor. Love Bob and Julie"
Anonymous $10.00 "Mazel Tov Jeremy! This is an amazing Mitzvah Project and you are contributing to the lives of children all over the world. We are happy to be a part of it!"
Linda Still $50.00 "As always, Uncle Tom and I are so proud of you! "
Karen and Denny Gates $100.00 "Hi Jeremy. We think this is a terrific idea and are so happy to support you and your project. We will miss you on your special day but know you will be fantastic and make your parents so proud. Lots of love, Karen and Denny Gates"
Audrey Rubin $25.00 "What a great Mitzvah project Jeremy! Congratulations on your bar mitzvah. Love, Audrey & Stuart, Jamie & James, Austin, Sydney, Andy & Laura"
Samantha Marcus $50.00 "Mazel Tov Jeremy! What a great Mitzvah project. "
Mike & Gail Baltaxe $100.00 "As always, Pops and I are very proud of you in so many ways, for so many things. Thanks for making a difference in a child's life. Bless You...."
David Itkin Hidden "Well done boys! From Martin, Louise and Rose in France"
ed fraiman Hidden "Let's do it for the Soccerchamps! Love you all... COYS!!! Eddie xox"
Family Smillie Hidden "Have fun - we are so proud of you giving your time and effort for others. Hugest love from all the Smillies"
A NAGEL Hidden "Well done Team Fraiman - what a great achievement! Biggest hugs and kisses, Aunty Toni, Uncle Michael, George & Joseph"
Christiane Baltaxe $50.00 "Nicholas, Papa and I are very proud of you. You're a very giving and caring young man. Love you"
Jeff Irvin $15.00 "I'm proud of you Zach, helping others enjoy your love in sports."
Anonymous $100.00 "I am honored to have known you since you were a small boy. You have a big heart, giving soul and a smile that can light up any room. I am very proud of the young man you have become, and very proud of all your accomplishments, just like this one. You make a difference in so many lives, especially mine. Love you."
Anonymous $950.00 "Great job Cottonwoood cart girls, we raised our goal!"
Cindy Linde $100.00 "Have an awesome time, Tommy. We are so proud of you for all you do to help others. "
michael steinberg $50.00 "GOOD LUCK TOMMY. IT'S A GREAT CAUSE UNCLE MIKE"
Christine Dussault $25.00 "Go Adam! What a great cause!"
Lyn Dickert-Leonard $50.00 "Mazel Tov Emma!"
Allison Stewart $18.00 "Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah. I am looking forward to celebrating with you. This looks like a great organization! Allison"
Roy Wissing $50.00 "Congratulations, Emma. Love, Alan and Charlene"
Jeff & Julie Melzak $18.00 "Emma - Mazel Tov on becoming a bat mitzvah! We're sorry we won't be there in person to celebrate with you. Love, The Melzaks"
Nina Sniderman $36.00 "Mazel tov on your Bat Mitzvah!"
Lily Roth Hidden "Congratulations Emma! What a great project for your Bat Mitzvah! From, Lily Roth"
Elise LaFramboise $18.00 "Congratulations Emma! "
Daina Zeigler $25.00 "Congratulations Emma! I commend you for teaming up with such a great organization! Darryn Zeigler and Family"
Maggie Spielman Hidden "Hi Emma! From Maggie "
Katherine Coate $25.00 "Emma, Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah! Thank you for including me in the celebration. Katherine Coate"
Molly Amolsch $25.00 "Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah Molly Amolsch"
Elizabeth Dant Hidden "Congratulations, Emma! What a great organization to contribute to. I had a great time at your Bat Mitzvah! Maggie Dant"
Bethany Lowenkamp $18.00 "Congratulations Emma"
Jane Joseph $50.00 "Emma - thank you for introducing us to this wonderful organization! I'm so sorry we were unable to be with you for your bat mitzvah. We were certainly with you in spirit!"
Kittie Warshawsky $36.00 "Emma, You did such a beautiful job at your bat mitzvah last month! Thanks for including us, Kittie, Tim, Sarah and Daniel (Warshawsky-Tibbitts)"
Nicole Zeug $50.00 "This is a wonderful cause and will be a great accomplishment! We're very proud of you!"
Justin Fredricks $25.00 "What a great cause! Thanks for doing this Adam. Good Luck!!! :-)"
Elizabeth Picciuto $50.00 "Mazel tov Nathan! What a great project!"
Alice Talmud $18.00 "Nathan, Wishing you much good luck in this wonderful project! Alice Talmud"
Mindy Tashlik Hidden "Congratulations Nathan! Wonderful way to share your love of sports and help others!"
Meghann Condit Hidden "Way to go Adam! I will be praying for you and can't wait to hear how it goes!!"
Joel Fredricks Hidden "Adam.... Love that you are using your passions and gifts to love others and ultimately love God!!!.... "
Ray Pugsley $50.00 "I hope you enjoy the challenge and get everything that you are looking for out of this awesome adventure."
Paul and Jessica Hemenway $100.00 "We are proud of you Adam for this amazing effort, compassionate vision, and courageous witness. Rock and roll brother!"
Steve Sinclair $25.00 "Have fun!"
Jinha Evenson $25.00 "Hey Adam, Just saw you headed out. Good luck on the amazing journey ahead! I'll be thinking of you! Jinny"
Cathy Funderburg $50.00 "We won't be able to make it, but I hope you have a succesful event. All the best."
Bret Nielsen $118.00 "Max, Congrats on your Bar Mitzvah. I am very proud of you. See you soon. Bret"
Arthur and Harriet Berkowitz $50.00 "Mazel Tov Evan, We are so proud of you. We will keep track on Sat. Love Grandma and Grandpa."
Rick Kendall $10.00 "Congratulations, Evan!"
Kristi and Kevin Watson $25.00 "Congratulations Evan! "
Janet Kovacs $50.00 "Impressive work Evan, thanks for helping us support such a great cause! Janet & Stephen"
Kelly Miles $50.00 "Great Job E!"
Alex Shernoff Hidden "Way to go buddy! We miss you!"
Michael Breslow $50.00 "Congratulations!"
Brenda Ables Hidden "Congrats Max!! "
Lee Weinstein $50.00 "Eddie -- what a perfect Mitzvah Project for you! We're so sorry we're going to miss your big day! Lee & Stuart"
Jennifer McLeod $50.00 "Eddie, We are looking forward to witnessing you become a Bar Mitzvah and to helping you and your family celebrate this important milestone. All Our Best, Jennifer, Jim and Joeli McLeod and Eli Grosman"
Eva D Shulman $360.00 "Eddie, what a great way for you to share your passion for sports with kids around the world! You make us very proud!! We look forward to sharing your special day with you. Lots of love, Grandma and Grandpa"
Cindy Muscatel $50.00 "Dear Eddie, What a wonderful mitzvah this is. You will make a wonderful bar mitzvah. Mazel Tov, Moe and Cindy Muscatel"
James Shulman $50.00 "Eddie - congratulations! We are very excited and proud! U.J, A.D, J"
Jennifer Malakoff $36.00 "Mazel Tov, Eddie... We're looking forward to sharing your special day. Jennifer and Paul Malakoff"
William Tatt $100.00 "Congratulations, Uncle Bill & & Aunt Anne"
The O'Daffer Family $50.00 "What a great way to share your special celebration with others who love sports too! Congratulations!"
Kim & Rick Streamer $50.00 "Eddie, We're so happy to support you in your efforts to help others through Sports Gift! Way to Go! Fondly, The Streamers"
Dina Alhadeff $100.00 "Congratulations, Eddie! What a perfect way to share such a very special occasion. We look forward to February 1! Jay, Dina, Allegra & Isaac"
Karen & Tyler Dion $25.00 "Eddie, What a special day for you! I remember going to your mom's Bat Mitzvah. We're sorry to miss your celebration. Many blessings, Karen & Tyler Dion"
Munira Gerth $50.00 "What a wonderful project you have chosen to sponsor! Happy to contribute to this great cause. And congratulations to you on your Bar Mitzvah!"
Tobi Roni $50.00 "Congrats Eddie!"
The Ciardiello Family $50.00 "What a great Mitzvah Project, Eddie. We're very proud of you and look forward to celebrating with you. Love, Aunt Zan, Uncle Mike, Charlotte and Gracie"
Kenneth Tatt $50.00 "Congratulations Eddie Uncle Ken and aunt Lori"
Laura Mills $50.00 "Eddie, Great idea! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday! The Mills"
Reed & Lisa Hunt $50.00 "Eddie, What a great idea! We're happy to support you in your efforts of helping others. Congratulations! "
Kirsten Luehmann $50.00 "Eddie-What a wonderful thing you are doing for this organization! We are happy to help you achieve your goals for your Mitzvah project along with supporting Sports Gift. "
Irv& Laura Karl $50.00 "Eddie, Great Project. Look forward to celebrating with you this week-end"
Dianne Pickerill $50.00 "Great project, Eddie! We look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!"
Krystl McCandlish $50.00 "Congratulations Eddie! What a great way to combine your passion and desire to help others. It's our honor to support you on your Mitzvah Project! The McCandlish Family"
Marilyn & Chuck Caplan $36.00 "Eddie, we're so happy we could celebrate with you and your family today. You did a great job! Marilyn & Chuck Caplan"
Audrey Tatt $50.00 "Congrats Eddie! Audrey, Jeff, Ian and Kylie "
Donovan Bahall $25.00 "Eddie, great project to head up. "
Laura Roth Hidden "Mazel tov Levi!! We are so sorry that Max can't be a at your bar mitzvah. We know you'll do great. Love, Laura, Gary, Max and Lucy Roth"
Shona Greco Hidden "Mazeltov. Levi, from Noah Greco"
Anonymous $30.00 "Money received from the Mitzvah Mall at University Synagogue. Thank you to all the children who contributed."
Michele Rankin Hidden "Congratulations, Levi on your Bar Mitzvah. Very generous of you to donate to this worth cause. Best regards, The Rankin Family"
Mindy Waterman Hidden "Levi - I hope your special day is fantastic. Mazel tov! Sean Waterman "
Dawn Marcova Hidden "Mazel tov Levi!! We hope you have a fantastic day. Its a a wonderful cause you are supporting. Phoenix"
Kim Petraglia Hidden "Dominic is so happy to share this special day with you. Thank you so much for including him!!"
Alec Patterson $50.00 "Congratulations Levi!"
GRACE BASS $100.00 "Proud of what you are doing to help your cause."
Diane Rooney $100.00 "Morgan, We hope your are successful in your fundraiser. Mark, Diane and Shane Rooney"
Clari Dachman $100.00 "Good Luck Colin, on meeting your goal....you are doing an awesome thing! "
Isabelle Smith $50.00 "Great cause Morgan. Congratulations! Looking forward to celebrating with you. Sebastien Carrillo"
Anonymous $50.00 "I am sorry I couldn't contribute sports equipment to your fundraising event. Please accept this monetary donation, which I know will purchase some great things for these wonderful children around the world. I am very proud of you for helping out this way and making a difference. Keep up the good work and good luck to you and Sports Gift."
Bret Nielsen $118.00 "Morgan, Congrats on all spiritual journey. Look forward to celebrating with you on Saturday! Bret"
Michele Bernardich $25.00 "Grest job Tom!"
Ann Marie Berner $20.00 "Best wishes on a successful endeavor! Everybody needs game!!"
Jean McGill $20.00 "Good luck Tom!"
Cam Ezell $10.00 "Great job raising money!!"
Hara & Dan Ezell $50.00 "So proud of you, Carson! We love you!! Mommy & Daddy"
Meyer & Joanne Saltzberg $50.00 "Dear Carson, We are so proud of you, our wonderful grandson; On this your Bar Mitzvah Day, and every day, and we love you so very much. Love, Papa and GG Xo"
Debbie Daniel $50.00 "You are so amazing and we love you very much. Uncle Chet & Auntie Debbie"
Debbie Rudin $50.00 "Carson, What a thoughtful & wonderful mitzvah project! Love, Debbie, Scott, Kenny & David"
Carol Ezell $50.00 "Carson, Uncle Mike and I are so very proud of you and the project you have chosen! You are extremely caring and loving and this project helps so many children who are interested in sports like you. We love you!Hugs, Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike"
Tyler & Heidi Goetting $15.00 "Good luck reaching your goal!"
Ivy Elkins $36.00 "Great mitzvah project, Carson! Best of luck in reaching your goal! Ivy, Ben, Adam & Jared Elkins"
Patricia Basic $50.00 "Great Project,Tom. We hope you exceed your goal!"
John Mindle $25.00 "Jack, Wishing you all the best for the Bar Mitzmah. You are a wonderful boy and I am proud to be your grandfather (Papa)."
Barbara Mindle $100.00 "You are a wonderful and generous person. We wish you great success reaching and exceeding your goals as you strive to help others. We are so proud of you and all you are doing to prepare for your Bar Mitzvah. We love you so very much!! Mimi & Papa "
Cheryl and Mark Andrelczyk $25.00 "Good job Carson! We are so proud of you and love you so much!!!"
Lisa Carson $25.00 "We are very proud of you!"
Anthony Daniel $10.00 "This is a great project. I hope we can play catch someday when I get bigger."
Amy Wernick $36.00 "Way to go, Jack!"
Myron Bromberg $100.00 "Great job Jack. We're very proud of you. Grandma and grandpa."
alisa and Roy shaked $75.00 "Jack--ypu inspire all of us with your thoughtfulness and your big heart. Mazal Tov! Thank you for letting us be a part of this!"
Victoria Siminou Hidden " Mazel Tov Sabrina, daddy and I are so very proud of you :) "
Michelle Brooks Evans $10.00 "Mazel Tov Sabrina from your family in the UK. Xx"
Deborah Siminou $100.00 "Sabrina, we're proud of you and look forward to celebrating with you! The California Siminou's"
shahram monasebian $50.00 "Dear Sabrina, Congratulation on your Bat mitzvah. We are all so proud of you and looking forward to share your blessed day with you. Rebbeca, Moise, Rachel and Sophia"
Joan Leinweber $18.00 "Mazel Tov Noah! I am so proud of you. Love always, Grandma Joan "
Anonymous $50.00 "It's a very special person who tries to give their time to those less for fortunate. Keep up the good work. Love you Nona Cher & Poppa"
Susan Huntting Hidden "Noah, How awesome to watch you grow up in front of our eyes! Can't wait to celebrate with you. Love, Sue and Geoff Huntting"
Phillip Schimberg $25.00 "Mazel tov on your upcoming rite of passage into manhood "
Elena Giannini Hidden "Noah, congratulations for today!! This is such a wonderful expression of the person you are. Keep doing good things and never give up. Wishing you all the Best Always, We Love You, Elena,Sophia, Matteo and Francesca xoxo"
MARTIN HONIG Hidden "Mazel Tov Noah on your Bar Mitzvah...you did an outstanding job!! Love, Ellen & Marty"
Anonymous Hidden "Mazel Tov Noah! Continue Mitzvahing :-)"
Luke Phillips $0.01 "Hey sebas"
Lori Marcou-Rhea $25.00 "Way to go Damon. Congratulations. "
Joseph Marcou $30.00 "I am proud of you and delighted to contribute to your good deed. Papa"
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