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Spokane Guild's School
The Spokane Guild's School and Neuromuscular Center provides invaluable help to infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities. The Guild's School has long been a favorite charity of our title sponsor, Windermere Real Estate. Our 'kids for kids marathon" borrows from the name of the annual fund drive called the "kids for kids penny drive".

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Contributor Amount Comment
Jim & JoAnne Garst $100.00 "Go Granding and Luke"
Dallas Becker $25.00 "Thanks XO for being a great partner of the Windermere Marathon!"
Rachelle Mulder $20.00 "You are amazing--I am so proud of you!!"
Mike Rennaker $50.00 "Go get 'em, Jenny! You are doing a great thing!"
Karen Paddock $30.00 "Good Luck Jenny!"
Gerald & Sherry Beyersdorf $100.00 "We've been proud of you since the day you were born. You should be proud of us for giving $100. :-)"
Tim Feuling $150.00 "Kira, thanks for running for such a great cause. Have fun!"
Debbie Aitken $25.00 "Kira, blessings to you as you train for this amazing goal, all while doing it for a great cause!!"
Michelle Green $25.00 "Good Luck Kira! Very proud of you for taking this on :)"
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