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$pecial Bikes for $pecial Tykes

It's not by accident you found this page. So you are curious as to what "Spin to Joy" is.. let me tell you...We are Riding our Tandem Bike Gifted to us by Donations to the Ironmanforkids Foundation.

We are doing our best to spread the word - there is HOPE when living with a child who has special needs. And check out this very cool adaptive bike. Its not covered by Insurance, most families are gifted this bike via donations by folks like you.

If you are viewing this page, please offer $10.00 or more $ to help another child and family get out and enjoy life...You can help make a difference in the life of a special needs child and family. Thank you ThereseAnn & Natalia

VIEW the other Trisomy Families waiting for a tandem http://ironmanforkids.com/spintojoy/

YOU CAN DONATE DIRECTLY to the IRONMANFORKIDS Spin To Joy program at www.spintojoy.org which will save the % given to this Active Giving scroll page.

Ironman for Kids is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and as such all donations are tax deductable

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Total Donations: $723.00 Goal: $15,000

$0 5% $15,000

ThereseAnn Siegle and her daughter Natalia, 9, go for a ride on a tandem bike in Huntington Beach Monday, Aug. 16. (SCOTT SMELTZER, HB Independent / August 15, 2010) http://www.hbindependent.com/news/tn-hbi-0819-trisomy-20100818,0,1303745.story
Thank you from Ironman for Kids for supporting the efforts of those participating in the Spin to Joy program by helping them raise money. Their time, effort and belief in this cause is truly a joy to us and will help us continue to help many families.
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