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Small Steps International
Let's Take Small Steps to the World
Healthier families create healthier communities and healthier communities create healthier nations. This is the motivation behind the international and rural work of Small Steps International (SSI). The first purpose of SSI is to provide Infant Mental Health intervention, play therapy, family therapy, family therapy counseling and community education to families in the Jemez Valley, NM. The second purpose is to develop long-term relationships with at-risk international communities through direct psycho-education of child caregivers. Between the ages of 0 – 3, the child is developing neuropathway patterns for self-regulation and connecting with others. If the child does not develop healthy neuropathway patterns they struggle mentally their entire lives.

Help us take SMALL STEPS to the world. We need additional funding to be able to help these children who have gone through trauma and abandonment, poverty and conflict. We're raising funds to be able to sustain and grow our work in New Mexico and the world.

All proceeds go to Small Steps International.

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Goal: $5,000

$0 5% $5,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Suzy Frick $1.00
John Woods $25.00
Catherine Emmanuelle $30.00
Polly McLaughlin $10.00 "You go girls!"
Betty Alsager $10.00 "Good luck fund raising, Molly! :)"
Linda Zath $100.00
Anonymous $10.00
Kim Custance $20.00
Melissa Duerksen $20.00
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