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Salt Lake Valley Emergency Fund
Helping People In Crisis
The Salt Lake Valley Emergency Fund is a charitable organization (501c3). Our purpose is to provide immediate financial assistance to crime victims in crisis. The Fund's goals are to: •Alleviate and lessen additional trauma to those who are in crisis •To keep victims safe from their perpetrators •To help restore some feeling of hope to those affected by crime •To assist in reducing the number of homicides in the Salt Lake Valley -We provide financial help to people who have been directly affected by homicide, suicide, traumatic loss, child abuse, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, robbery, etc. The Fund is managed and directed by volunteers, all of whom are professionals employed by various Salt Lake Valley law enforcement agencies. Front-line crisis workers have partnered together, because we see an urgent need to provide our communities with immediate assistance.

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Total Donations: $2,010

Goal: $16,000

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