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Let's slash Cancer's tires!
Do you love me? Or do you love cancer? You can't love us both. You must choose. Is it going to me or cancer?
Cancer is UnAmerican! Let's drop a bomb on Cancer! Never forget 9/11.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $1,760.00
Goal: $20,000

$0 9% $20,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Andrew Wilkes-Krier Hidden "Go, Chris, go! And go Ryan! This is awesome! Love, Andrew W.K."
Benjamin Partenheimer $50.00 "I gave more money than AWK. I thought that guy was rich. I'm kidding. He's my hero."
eileen langon Hidden "Chris can almost be as despicable as cancer; yet we all love Chris, and no one loves cancer. Go figure. xoxo, eileen"
amy stobbe $25.00 "Sorry it's not more.. but babies are expensive these days. xo"
Randall Sheckler $100.00 "Come on Chris! Get this done! See you soon! Randy Sheckler"
Rob Meronek $100.00 "I'm using this truck to find a girl that's chill for god damn sure."
Carrissa Hanson $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Tod Swank $100.00 "Nieratko next round on you brother. "
Roger Downes Hidden "yeah in your face cancer! i want to see it gone and i want everyone on the streets of sayreville to think a rapper lives in town. i publicly declare shotgun on the first ride btw."
brad handel $10.00 "Go Chris, go! Too bad you're in NJ, I'd like to cruise the streets of SF with you in this beast."
Colin Mckay $500.00 " Fuck Cancer"
Paul Wisniewski $50.00 "Count me in for a Pop shove it up cancers ass! www.grindforlife.org"
Alexis Haller Hidden "Stupid Cancer!"
Brian Gross $50.00 "Chris is my hero. "
Chris Nieratko $7.00 "Matt Milligan gave me $1 at the Girl Open House and Don Brown gave me $6 at the Sole Tech Booth at ASR. Thanks, guys. You did a good thing."
Dave Rule $50.00 "cancer is like a random dude sneaking into your hotel room while you're sleeping naked - lets throw him off the balcony"
Christian Detres Hidden "Your asshole rep is suffering under the weight of your good deeds. If you don't watch out, people might start liking you. Good work man. Hope you win!"
Anonymous $100.00 ""F" cancer"
Danelle Kournianos $50.00 "Can't support anything that is un-american, especially cancer... love the eagle."
james barlow $50.00 "fuck yeah, somebody needs those wheels besides shecks. come skate orange cove!"
Bekim Sejdic Hidden "WU-TANG!!!"
Kelli Craig $25.00 "I still have an active drug problem so this is all I can give. XO."
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