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Crossing the Finish Line to find a Cure!
To my friends and family:

This year I have decided to take on a huge challenge for a wonderful and very personal cause and I need your help! In December, I will be crossing the finish line at the 'Rock 'n Roll' Las Vegas Half Marathon for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America's Team Challenge.

This was a difficult decision, but I decided to make the commitment after living with Crohn's Disease for more than 8 years. I was diagnosed with the digestive disorder at age 15 and I have dealt with various complications from the illness ever since.

The last few years in college and in the working world have been especially difficult, but the challenges I have faced over the years have given me the motivation to seize the day and become part of something bigger than myself. I am doing this not only to accomplish a personal goal, but also to help others dealing with this chronic disease.

I want to run in las Vegas to be part of a group that aims to prove that this disease can not stop you from achieving your goals and setting new ones.

The mission of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America is to help find a cure for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and to improve the quality of life for the millions of people now affected by the diseases.

My goal is to raise $3,600 for Team Challenge and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, as well as to finish the race. Over 80% of every dollar I raise will directly fund the mission of CCFA. CCFA is not a government-supported agency and relies solely on the support of members and donors, like you, to continue their work.

Please help me reach my goal by donating today! Thank you for your kindness and support1

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Total Donations: $3,795.00
Goal: $3,600

$0 105% $3,600

Contributor Amount Comment
Rochelle Ward Hidden "Katie, I'm so proud of you and I hope this launches you on your way to a great trip! Love, mom"
Bryce Alley Hidden "My little Katia! I am SO proud of you! I know you will kick crohn's butt! Love and miss you, Bryce."
Susan Heck Hidden "Good luck Katie! You can do it! You are AWESOME!"
Susan Miller $25.00
Candace Brenn Hidden "Katie, you are such an AMAZING woman! I really admire your drive and dedication and am so proud of you for taking on this challenge! I hope & pray you meet your goal and I know you are going to run a great race <3 *BEST OF LUCK!* :)"
Beth Howard Hidden
Bobby Twohy Hidden
Cynthia Lopez $5.00
Katrin Hussmann Hidden "Becoming active in this cause is inspiring and commendable. Keep up the good work. Always proud of you! - Kat "
brian giunto $10.00
Gabrielle Fisher Hidden "Good luck K.Ward! Love you :)"
Samuel Lewis Hidden
Teresa Shum $20.00
Blake Coleman $5.00
Whitney Scott Hidden
Anne Schrum Hidden "Get it Katie!"
Johnny Wilson $50.00 "So proud of you, Katie, it's a wonderful thing, what you're doing. Wish I could be there to see you cross the finish line!"
Jennifer Clarin Hidden "So proud of you Katie! "
Sandra Reichman Hidden "You go, Katie! You'll rock it...and don't worry, you won't need crash pads to accomplish this feat!"
Zachary Hartstone $20.00 "Good Luck in Reaching Your Goal! It's a Great Cause!!"
Estee Pinzon $25.00 "Rooting for you Katie! YAY! :) "
Caren Berg Hidden
Chris Ciraulo $10.00 "Go Team Schlong Balls"
Kevin Craig $50.00 "Good luck Katie!"
Todd Templin $75.00
pat lukaszewska Hidden "We wish you well on the challenge, and know you will do well. Congrats!"
Julie Talenfeld $150.00 "Good luck Katie! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boardroom Communications"
Amanda DelPrete $50.00 "Katie - YOU ARE A ROCK-STAR!! I'm so proud of you, you are going to kick this race's butt!! xoxoxoxo"
Danie Solis Hidden "LOVE AND MISS YOU GGBIG, so proud of you!!!"
joe miller $10.00
Alexis Wilson $15.00 "WOOP WOOP THERE IT IS"
Elizabeth Wilson $15.00
Christina Dos Santos Hidden "Love you boo. Keep going strong <33"
Anonymous Hidden "Great job Kaite!"
Molly Harding Hidden
paul weinar $50.00
Emily Strober Hidden "Katie, I'm so proud of you! Kick butt at the race, I know you will!! Love youuuu :) "
Jessie Resnick Hidden
Andrew Scott $50.00 "I'm so proud of you and am happy that you get to do this. You are such a role model. Your positive attitude, day in and day out, shows how strong willed of a person you are. I love you!"
Dan Norman $50.00 "Way to go, Katie. Good luck! Dan & Montee"
Jeanine Beatty $10.00 "Good luck, Katie! Such a go getter. I miss you!"
Erin Heekin $75.00 "Little, I am so proud of you for everything you have and will accomplish. You inspire me everyday! Love you!"
Adam Batley Hidden
davis ward $100.00 "Love you hoss, let's run a practice run together soon"
Jillian Tobias Hidden "Go big or go home Katie! So proud of you!"
Michelle Friedman $20.00 "You go Katie!!"
Kendall Williamson $25.00
Gabrielle DeNaro $25.00
Julia Zhang Hidden "Go get 'em, Kate! I am proud of you for advocating for this cause. Finding a cure for Crohn's is near and dear to my heart too - we can do it!"
Howard and Julie Talenfeld $150.00
Candace Phillips $20.00 "I LOVE KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTTEST RUNNER OUT THERE HOLLAAAAAAAA"
Alexandra Johnson Hidden "Woop woop!! Hottest runner out!! SO proud of your for doing this! I know youre going to have the best time! "
Leo Grimm $75.00 "If you need a chaperon in Vegas . . . "
DAN CHRISTENSEN $50.00 "Go, Katie!"
Sara Bullard Hidden "yay Katie."
Hannah Sampson $25.00
Jenna Harris $10.00 "Proud of you representing your cause, Sadie-Kate! Best of luck with training!! "
Lindsey Terry $25.00 "For the Chronies! So proud, my dear!! XO"
Samantha Rubin Hidden "Can't wait to cheer you across that finish line in Vegas!!! SO excited =)"
Katherine Thomas $20.00 "You're awesome, CHEYAH!"
Mary Dozbaba Hidden "Way to go Katie. You are an inspiration!"
alexis wilson $15.00 "another WOOP WOOP for ya! Love you, you can go all the way!!"
Jennifer Tormo $20.00 "Go girl!"
Richard Markoe $50.00
Ben Harris $10.00
Alex Chapman $50.00
Kelly Boudreau Hidden "Way to go Katie! Good luck with the race!"
Nancy Scott $25.00 "Very Proud 2b part of your effort, Katie. "
Charles R Grimm $100.00 "Good luck with the run and achieveing your goals."
Caleb Rice Hidden "Good luck Katie! I know you'll do great! *This image is for inspiration* http://funnybaby.ws/wp-content/uploads/funny-baby-photos/baby-race.jpg"
Phillip Mistretta $100.00 "So proud of you! You got this : )"
Zach Pariser $25.00 "Get it Katie. Make that strideee...UGH!"
Alex Olmetti $25.00
Joe & Maggie Mistretta $50.00 "Proud of you for your drive and determination! Wish you the very best."
Kappa Alpha Theta $205.00
Allison Kleiderer $25.00 "Wish I could give more! You'll do great!"
Lizzie Fleishman $20.00
Naomi Adler $15.00
Morgan Sambell $50.00
Heidi Wilson $25.00
Timothy Kline $25.00
Jonathan Seeman $15.00 "Way to go Katie!!!"
Philip Ward $100.00 "Proud of you."
Ilona Melnichenko Hidden
Josh Ciaramitaro $10.00
Karen Adler Hidden
Katie Hughes $25.00 "I have seen you struggle with this disease firsthand and I am so proud of you for doing this. You are one of the strongest girls I know. I love you, good luck!"
Catherine Sinclair $20.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!!! <3 <3 <3"
Shari Chaess Hidden
Noah Walker Hidden "Katie you re and always will be a very special person. "
Cory Kullen $10.00
Scott Fairbrother $25.00
Anonymous Hidden
Chris Ciraulo $25.00
Eileen Lieberman Hidden "Good luck Katie!!!"
Mallory Tanner $50.00 "Good luck with the half! Enjoy every step of the way!"
Andrew Scott Hidden
Joshua Armstrong $75.00 "Good luck/have fun out there!"
Amy Guidos $50.00 "Katie, you're so inspiring! I love you so much and miss you lots! xoxo, amy"
Chris Reny $50.00 "Go Katie!"
Nick Sortal $50.00
Hunter Pattison $25.00
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