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Running for Answers: Benefiting the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation
Mind is everything. Muscle - pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind. ~Paavo Nurmi
9/7/2009: As a thanks for your generosity towards my campaign I found some fantastic donations to give back to YOU!! I am happy to announce that for every $50 you give to this campaign your name will be entered into a drawing to win an official NFL football signed by Philadelphia Eagle quarterback, Donovan McNabb or a gift certificate to the premier holistic spa in Philadelphia, Eviama. Eviama has been so instrumental in my recovery process and I am so happy they are offering this amazing treat. Read more about Eviama here: www.eviama.com Also, a huge thank you to my supportive employer, Delaware Investments, for the donation of the McNabb signed football. There will be 1 entry for every $50 you donate: 1 entry for $50, 2 entries for $100, 3 entries for $150 and so on. The winner will be picked on race day, Sept 20, 2009.

My Story:

After spending the better half of 2009 battling back from the removal of a desmoid tumor in my abdomen I am ready to take on a new, more exciting feat – running the Philadelphia Distance Run in September 2009 . Over the last 5 years running has become a major passion in my life. It provides me time to reflect on my day, work through challenges I may be going through in my life and it also grants me a great deal of pride just to know that even when I am feeling tired, sore or lethargic I can push through and run that next mile. The sense of accomplishment I get from running is greater than I have ever had in my life. This is why it is so important for me to find my pace and finish this half marathon after the most difficult eight months of my life.

I was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor in November 2008. After a series of tests, doctor’s appointments and a lot endless days searching the internet, library and reference books, I realized there was not a lot known about this rare tumor, and consequently, there were not a lot of options of dealing with it. Due to the aggressiveness of the tumor it was imperative that I had it removed from my abdominal wall as well as 5 cm margins of my abdominal muscle to be sure all traces were gone. To say that this surgery and the pain following it was extremely traumatic for me is an understatement. Losing a part of your abdominal muscles (or any muscle for that fact), I have learned is a very painful, scary, frustrating process. After months of fighting through the rehab and recovery I still endure the pain that this surgery left me with, but I vow to work through this and be stronger.

I am running this race in part as a phase of my healing process, of getting my life and stride back and proving to myself that I can do this and in part to support and raise awareness for others in the desmoid community that continue to battle these tumors. The recurrence rate is high for desmoids and unfortunately many have been fighting recurrences for years, trying surgery, radiation, chemo and multiple medications to eliminate these terrible masses. We need more answers, we need more research, we need more awareness for desmoid tumors. The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation is devoted solely to the advancement of research for the desmoid community. It became a lifeline of information for me and my family over the past few months and one of the only places we were able to find answers to our questions, fears and concerns.

As I embark on the difficult (yet very exciting) task of getting back in shape for this half marathon, 3 abdominal muscles short, thanks to my surgery, I ask for your support by donating to the Desmoid Research Tumor Foundation on my behalf. Please join my fight for answers, for information and for health.

Follow my journey on my blog: http://serafiana.wordpress.com

Find more information about Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation at: www.dtrf.org

Thank you for your generous donations and support of my health and my future.

*If you are a Lincoln Financial or Delaware Investments employee please contact me at sera.snyder@gmail.com before donating!

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Total Donations: $4,573

Goal: $2,500

$0 183% $2,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Aimee McKain $100.00 "Sera, I am always here for you and behind you 100%!!! "
Jen Snavely $50.00 "Sera - Your courage is inspiring. Good luck with the marathon. Running really does gift the best of feelings. I will be thinking of you!"
Mesyna Russo $150.00 "I am know you can do it! Love you, you know!!"
Justin A. Soli $100.00 "So glad you're "Up and Running!" We're behind you 100% -Joe and Justin"
Jim DuBois $20.00 "I'll be there. I'm doing the race also. I am a friend of Kathie Welsh."
Julie Brown Hidden "I am so proud of you, Sera! I will pray for you to have continued strength as you push through the end of recovery and training and that your efforts yield good results. Someday I hope to join you in this fundraising mission! Love, Julie"
Bethann Gebhart $20.00 "Good luck Sera! You'll be in my prayers!"
Jennifer Lenker $50.00 "Can't wait to be there to cheer you on!"
Sally Holland $50.00 "Sera: Julie and I admire all that you are doing for desmoid tumor research!! We wish you much success with your runs. I know that Julie will join you in one of the future runs. Sincerely, Sally (Julie's mom)"
Ryan Kenney $100.00 "Synder! Let's dominate this thing. heart you, R Kenney"
Nicole Lipkin $50.00 "Sera-go get em girl! you rock!"
Barry & Peggy Ruhlman $200.00 "Sera we are so behind you - pushing but holding on to you. We are proud to be the supporters pushing you over the top of your goal. I was looking around the net for a fitting support quote and came upon this from Richard M. DeVos. "It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle." WE know you, you do both, yet, with a certain Seraness that makes it real and tender. B&P "
Robert Crouse $100.00 "Sera, Wish you the best in your recovery.... Always remember the good times!! Kind of like when we fell over the fence at Carter-Finley after beating FSU, ruined the shrubs, and I stole grass, and we touched the goal post. Think of the goal post as medicine for your recovery!! Miss you tons!! SMILE"
Bonnie Schuchart $25.00 "I know can do it. love ya"
Wendy Kessler $25.00 "We love you Sera, the Kessler's"
Joe Zavorski $50.00 "Good Work.."
Sarah Meaney $30.00 "You know I'm behind you 100%! Look at how far you've come...one step at a time. Love you, girl!"
Alexis Leaman $50.00 "We Love You!"
Susan Leaman $50.00 "OK .. I really NEED that football!"
Jennifer Sciore $30.00 "The best of luck to you Sera! I am so very proud of all of your accomplishments and strength through this life struggle. You are an inspiration to many."
Kelly Bretz $50.00 "I am so proud of you! :) Love you!"
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