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SFF Marine Corps Marathon 2013
"Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom."

Welcome to the Semper Fi FundTeam campaign page for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon & 10K! Our goal is to raise over $775,000 in support and awareness for our injured and ill service members!

The Semper Fi Fund is a nonprofit set up to provide immediate financial support for injured members of U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We direct urgently needed resources to Marines and Sailors, as well as members of the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard who serve in support of Marine forces.

The basic ideal that drives our efforts is simple: as much as these American heroes have sacrificed, they deserve the best care and support available in their hour of need. Injuries are often severe, and the road to recovery or rehabilitation can be long and costly.

If you would like to support our campaign please enter an amount in “Make a Contribution” box. If you would like to donate directly to one of our team members please enter the runner’s name in the “Search” box above.

Thank you for supporting the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and for joining in “Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom!”

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $743,570

Goal: $775,000

$0 96% $775,000

Contributor Amount Comment
John Tropiano $50.00 "Here's a start."
Jose Armenta $25.00 "Homeland security solutions Inc"
Liam and Colin Kuhns $50.00 "Go Sonya!! We are so proud of you!"
Johann and Marissa Jozwiak $26.20 "Keep running! Someday you might even run as fast as us. Love Marissa and Johann your retired greyhounds!"
dean Uecker $100.00 "You go girl"
George Jozwiak $1,000.00 "Thank you everyone for attending Marines over Mukwonago. It was a huge success. Thank you for your generous donation as well. Special thank you to my wife Heidi for all her help, everyone at Semper FI Fund, Sgt Grit,Cooper Hawks,Cheesecake Factory,Hooters,Maggiano's,Pf Chang,Red Robin,Garden Party Florist,Pam’s Fine Wines,End of the Leash,Milwaukee Brewers,Chris P from Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Milwaukee Mustangs,Wisconsin Warriors, Skeve K for your great donation, Usinger's and Amy F for the great donation "
George Jozwiak $700.00 "Thank you everyone for attending Marines over Mukwonago. It was a huge success. Thank you for your generous donation as well. Special thank you to my wife Heidi for all her help, everyone at Semper FI Fund, Sgt Grit,Cooper Hawks,Cheesecake Factory,Hooters,Maggiano's,Pf Chang,Red Robin,Garden Party Florist,Pam’s Fine Wines,End of the Leash,Milwaukee Brewers,Chris P from Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Milwaukee Mustangs,Wisconsin Warriors, Skeve K for your great donation, Usinger's and Amy F for the great donation "
Pamela Davidson $100.00 "I am happy to support my favorite running ladies. Keep upthe good work. Love the PIC!"
Debra Coddington $30.00 "So thankful for people like you who are willing to put the physical effort into somthing that is for such a great cause - praying that you will have an injury free run!!! Love ya! "Martha""
Lois Capone $50.00 "Good luck1"
Jo Ann Samuelson $50.00 "Have fun Sweetheart. "
Brenda Champan $50.00 "I am happy to donate to such a worthy cause. God bless our servicemen and our country. It is people like you who make a difference in the lives of so many."
Antonio Diaz $100.00 "go get 'em!!"
James Wilkinson $26.20 "RUN George RUN!!!!!!!! Keep it up big guy we are all very proud of you and your giving heart and accomplishments with the Semper FI Fund...."
Michael Hahn $100.00 "Good Luck John! I'd love to run with you guys but am not sure I have the ability to do so at this stage of life."
Kathleen Rowe Hidden "Hooah!!! Good luck John!"
Mike "Tiger" Greiger $500.00 "Demi has a passion for improving the lives of those who have served...and lost some of themselves. I encourage everyone to support our Marines and other service members by contributing just a little, as a way of acknowledging their unselfish servce. Thank you, Tiger"
Cristi and Bill Henderson $100.00 "Thanks for taking care of our warriors. Good luck."
Alice Richards Hidden "Keep up the wonderful work, grandson. Grandma Richards"
Gary Garrett $25.00 "Semper Fi, run well and safe"
Cathy Langford $50.00 "Hope you go over your goal Elliot!! Thanks to our military for their sacrifice. "
John Borys $25.00 "Semper Fi Devil Dog"
michael dresdner $50.00 "Khrystyna, Great organization adn great job! Best of luck- Michael Dresdner (customer care-Mobilityworks)"
Robert Bosser $26.20 "Run a mile for me Larry! Good luck!"
Andy Faraone $26.20 "Good Luck...Run Khrystyna Run!"
Andrew Gordon $25.00 "If you don't make it the whole way, you have to double my donation. Ha!"
Adolph Zurita $50.00 "Good luck from a former Marine."
Robert Gunter $25.00 "Have a good run, Larry and thanks for participating in this great event."
Bill Hinze $50.00 "Good Luck for a great run, Khrystyna"
Karin Cassidy $26.20 "Go Khrystyna -- You will have an amazing time! Feel free to contact me with marathon training Q's! "
Philip Tamoush $26.20 "Khrystyna: Congratulations! Hope you make it through!! Phil Tamoush"
John Pelico $26.20 "Good luck Khrystyna! My pleasure to help support and be part of your cause."
Robin Kilcoyne Hidden "Hi Khrystyna, I hope you have fun in the run."
David McAleer $50.00 "Thank you for this opportunity to participate in such a worthy effort."
Bev Ching $26.20 "Good luck!!!"
Bev Jackson $50.00 "Thank you for supporting our soldiers and the American Red Cross, both very worthy causes. I am meeting with the Red Cross next week to get more involved with their organization and my uncle and cousins are all retired Marines, Semper Fi."
Eric Sloane $50.00 "Thank you Tiger for your assistance in raising funds for such a great cause. "
Karen and Stu Gerome $50.00 "Ya Toast!"
Shannon Foote $26.20 "Good luck training and have fun on race day. It's a blast! You'll be awesome!"
Sammy Wright $26.20 "Never Never Ever Give Up!"
Anonymous $100.00 "I'm here for you!"
Denise Rader $25.00 "Good Luck Tim!! Semper Fi!"
William Zeiss $30.00 "Hope you get the runner's high, dude! All the best! "
Kevin, Brent & Karen Myers $250.00 "Run well and have a Great time!"
Rose Cig $26.20 "Have fun..:)"
James Bohn $100.00 "Thank you Ramon, Eric, Abbie, Megan, and Kristie in helping to raise money for this wonderful cause. Semper Fi ! James Bohn CDR/USN/RET"
al zofchak $26.20 "Good luck Khy!"
David Garman Hidden "Good cause. I applaud your ambition and have confidence your resolve will get you to the finish."
Barry Fleck $100.00 "Go Daryl and thanks for all you do."
Randy & Traci Cloud $101.64 "GO BRO!"
James Stenger $100.00 "Good luck!"
judy hart $100.00 "Run strong and safe Jeff. The donut @ mile 24 is on my tab. "
Diane Klibansky $100.00 "Proud of you. Semper Fi!"
Jerome Hicks $10.00 "Great job! I'm sure you'll make your goal."
Luke Tiemann $50.00 "Awesome what are doing! Lacey and I know you will do great! Semper Fi, "Have Guns-Will Travel""
Mary Houston $50.00 "Run Darryl Run"
Randy & Sarah Alles $100.00 "We love you, Christie, and are so proud of you! Randy, Sarah, Ellen, and Joe"
Susan Alles $100.00 "Christie, I'm so proud of you and can't wait to be there to support you! Love, Susan"
Amy Boehl $25.00 "Good luck!"
Phil Hall $105.00 "Keep running and I will keep supporting this great program. Thanks for all your hard work. Phil"
Alexa & Ben Betz $100.00 "Best of Luck! Alexa & Ben"
Keri Gustafson $50.00 "Just a small token of our appreciation for all of your help. We wish you all the best in achieving your fundraising goal. And, Happy Birthday!"
Roslyn Kavanaugh $100.00 "Go Christie...... We are behind you all the way in your efforts!!!! Love, Cissie and Cliff"
Anonymous $50.00 "Great Cause - Good luck Nate"
Pat Kent $100.00 "Run Christie Run! You'll do great. Uncle Mike and I are proud to support you in this endeavor. Aunt Pat"
Kim Hains $100.00 "Run Forest Run! Love You - your lil sis"
Timothy Wakefield $25.00 "Good luck Nate! We tried to run the DC Marathon (not the Marine Corp one) in 2001 but they CANCELLED it the day before the race. A bunch of CROOKS, we never got 1ç back!"
Nancy Roeder $25.00 "Good luck Dan--Love, Nana and Gpa '"D""
Mary Coles $25.00 "Darryl, best of luck and thanks for all that you do!! Mimi"
Trevor Richardson $20.00 "Good luck Keely!"
Courtney Keys $20.00 "I am so proud of you! I know you are going to rock this event!"
Sue Smith $100.00 "Keep on keepin' on!"
Jennifer Foster $30.00 "Good Luck-GET IT GIRLLLL!! ..oh and you too Greg. Love you guys!"
Henriette E. Powell $150.00 "Neil, thanks for participating in this very important fundraising. We are proud of yuo. Love. Mom and Dad."
Anonymous $100.00 "Attitude and effort! "
Sandy Plarske $100.00 "Jac & Greg - I can't wait to be there in person to see each of you cross the finish line. I'm so proud of both of you. Love Mom"
Matt & Donna Queen $50.00 "Goooo D Hammer! Glad to see you carrying on!!"
Paul DeRego Hidden "Great cause Isaac."
Joe & Liz Bedewi $50.00 "Running for a great cause! Thank you!"
robert karen copes $50.00 "Way to go Brian!"
Scott Kirklighter $175.00 "Mike, Thanks for all you do for the Marine Corps and the families of our Wounded Warriors! The shadow box for our retiring Marine Captain looks fantastic."
Susan Clark $50.00 "Good luck, Isaac! I'm happy to support you, and very happy to support the Semper Fi Fund. Many thanks to all who have served our country, and who have sacrificed so much. Sincerely, Susan Clark"
Toby Stidham $140.00 "For the coins and some extra for the uber marine rocks!"
Mark Sartell $50.00 "Good luck, Nate!!"
Diana Trussell $25.00 "Have an awesome run and good luck! Thanks from a fellow SFF fundraiser and RFRCer!!"
Tod Kehrli $50.00 "Good luck Sam! This is such a great cause!"
Susan Thompson Hidden "Go Allison! "
Diane Johnson $50.00 "So proud of you Gigi - and Kenny too. Hope this small amount helps you reach your goal. "
Beth Leech Hidden "Wow!"
Sam Grenus $25.00 "Best of luck to you and your mom!!"
Dorothy Wakefield $50.00 "Nate, Good Luck and a great cause and effort. "
veronica yarber Hidden "Love You Allison Love Marilyn & Ronnie"
Christian DeYoung $100.00 "Semper Fi! For my Brothers in Arms. "
Ricky Hil $100.00 "Awesome UR doing this run Darryl - I applaud your support of the Marines who sacrifice so much for our country. Cheers!"
Denise Gaul $50.00 "Friends and family. Join me and let's double Jeff''s fund raising goal."
Michael Nash $50.00 "For the Marines of Suicide Charley, past and present, thank you for your great sacrifices and forever shall you be my brothers!!!"
Jodi Otterson-Keller $10.00 "Good Luck Jeff??"
gerald rock $25.00 "Bring It Home..."
Sarah Skierka $50.00 "Thanks for running for a very worthy cause, Jeff!"
Kieran Wittbold $50.00 "Train hard Dan and GL."
Joel Rogers $50.00 "That's my boy!"
Stephen McKearney $100.00 "Semper Fi & Good Luck!"
Mark Knickerbocker $15.00 "Keep running Jeff"
Sarah Brown $30.00 "So proud of you Dave! You got this! What an amazing cause to run for :) Love you...The Browns"
Kim MacCormack $50.00 "So proud of you for doing your first Marathon and I'm happy to donate to The Semper Fi Fund."
justin hart $100.00 "Go get em DK"
Dan Hassett $25.00 "Good luck Captain Hart"
Scott Patten $25.00 "Good Luck Jeff!!"
Tom & Sandra Woodward $25.00 "Best wishes Dan. "
Conor Christian Hidden "For a best friend and future marine, by supporting those need it the most."
Roy Alameida $100.00 "Good luck, Isaac. Mahalo for taking up the challenge in support of our military personnel. I mua e na poki'i a inu i ka wai 'awa'awa. See you at the finish line."
Diana Trussell $25.00 "Have an awesome run and good luck!! Thanks from a fellow SFF fundraiser and RFRCer!"
Diana Trussell $25.00 "Have an awesome run and good luck!! Thanks from a fellow SFF fundraiser and RFRCer!"
Ann Gaul $25.00 "Good luck--and safe running, Jeff."
Nancy Carey $50.00 "Good Luck Daniel!"
Michael Hurwitch $26.20 "Good Luck Tom !"
Curt Fingal $20.00 "Nate, sub 7:30/mile pace or you refund my money!"
Martin Morrill $50.00 "Semper Fi Dan! Train, train, train !"
Despi Ross $25.00 "Good luck, Michelle!!"
Joyce Sawyer $50.00 "Good luck Jo Ann. I'm proud of you."
Eric Gossard Hidden "Good Luck!"
Christin Jorczak $25.00 "Have a great run! Loves!"
Bryan Hammer $50.00 "Dig Deep Sean!!"
Eileen Friestad $100.00 "Best of luck you guys! Wish I could do more."
patsy emberley $100.00 "ooorah!!!!!"
Angela Cochran $25.00 "Go Rick, Go!"
Heather Kuritz $40.00 "This is for a GREAT cause!"
Lauren Faul $50.00 "SFF is an amazing organization; I'm so proud to support you as you support these amazing men and women. Can't wait to cheer you on in October!! Love, the Fauls"
Jeffrey Christakos $100.00 "Go Andrew!"
Danielle Koontz $20.00 "Run!"
Josh Bowers $100.00 "Doing good work, Keith."
Kevin Kempter $25.00 "Bam! First donation!"
Jason Kocher $50.00 "Let's get this started!!!"
Nyree Roberts $100.00 "Hey Kelly, I'm sure you will reach your goal in no time!!!! Let's get this thing started off right in honor of your Dad:)"
William and Maureen Herwick $150.00 "It ought to be worth at least 5.00 a mile!!"
Daniel DeJonge $50.00 "I will "lead by example"!!!"
Helen Dachowicz $25.00 "Go Andrew!!!!"
Roechelle Malcolm Hidden "Run your booty off for the good soldiers of our country."
Karen Bradford $50.00 "What a great way to honor your Dad! He would be so proud! Best, Karen =)"
Laura Guggenheim $25.00 "So proud to call you a friend. "
Liz Chang Hidden "Best of luck to you, Adam! This is an important thing you're doing... you know, outside of those two very, very important things you do all the time (write and teach). "
Derek Fonte $100.00 "Semper Fi , thanks you for doing this run."
Ruth Harris $100.00 "Good luck Adam! This is a great endeavor and I'm really proud that you are doing it for such a worthy cause----our veterans, who deserve all the respect and support we can give them. I'm sure Gil is very proud that you are doing this and will be watching over you every step of the way! Love, Mom"
Jeremy Sharp $25.00 "Good luck with the race."
alexandra sommers $25.00 "Thank you for doing this! I love the Semper Fi fund and all that it does!"
Gabby Burks $50.00 "I support my bestie in EVERYTHING she does... Kick arse Nora! ?"
Tod Kehrli $26.20 "Happy to support a fellow Red Felter! Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you in DC!"
Tod Kehrli $25.00 "Good luck Jeff! Paying if forward from a fellow Red Felter! See you in DC!"
Alicia Carmona $20.00 "Yay! Great cause!"
Jake Dallmann $100.00 "Have a great race...any military cause is a great cause!"
Debbie Andrulonis $100.00 "We are so proud of you, Kelly! You go girl! Lots of love!"
Jason Thacker $25.00 "Good luck you two!! We will try and come to cheer you on. "
mary conroy Hidden "Good Luck Lyndsay! Proud of you ! xo Mom"
Cindy Rosborough $100.00 "You never cease to amaze us!!!!!! We love you. Mom and Dad"
jay Couture $100.00 "You're mah boy!"
Sheryl Stockton $50.00 "Great thing to do in memory of your father!! Have a great run! Sherry "
Buffy Drake $25.00 "This is awesome Kelly!! Good luck my friend :)"
George Brock $100.00 "Good luck Rick. Your mother and I will be pulling for you. Dad"
The Raucci's $100.00 "Good Luck! Fight Club 4 Life!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Don't Trip "
Ashley Fuqua $25.00 "Way to go! You guys will do great :)"
Evan & Emily Brock $20.00 "Dad, We are so proud of you! The hard work that you put in inspires us to always go the extra mile. We can't wait to see all your hard work pay off when you cross that finish line! We are behind you every step of the way! We love you! Love, Evan & Emily"
Mary Ann Di Scala $50.00 "You go girl!!"
John Johnson $25.00 "It's an honor to support our service men and women of this country! "
Lisa Crisp $26.20 "Good luck Diane!! :)"
Steven Buck $50.00 "Good luck Kelly. Have a FUN SAFE run. You are working for a very good cause. But you already know that. Hope you and Dan do well."
Victoria Meadows $50.00 "I am proud to be the first donor to this wonderful cause. May your training go well and may you KICK ASS in the marathon. Best of luck to you all!"
Carol Markino $25.00 "Run Joe Run!"
Bonnie Stade $50.00 "Melissa, Thank you so much for doing this. My niece Mckayle is married to a Marine who has had 4 deployments overseas. So this is for you Joe Roy for all you have done. Melissa when you are out there see D.C. it is beautiful. "
Robbie Presley Hidden "Colleen, I knew your Dad when we were their neighbors in California...he was such a sweet, loving, family man and I know you miss he terribly. He would be so proud of you and your siblings. So happy to make a contribution for you."
Bethany Cochran $10.00 "I hope you meet your goal! Best wishes!"
Jerry Martin $50.00 "A great thing you are doing Tammy. May everyone be generous for our wounded soldiers."
Amy Pannutti $25.00 "Good luck! It is great to contribute to such a great cause:)"
Dennis Brining $100.00 "Dear Grant: Great cause, I am proud of you and your team for working on such a worthy effort. Warmest Regards, Uncle Dennis"
Michael Moorehead $25.00 "You Go Girl"
Michelangelo TMNT (Husbands friend) $25.00 "Radical!! "
Jim Keyser Hidden "Go get em' Fissel!"
Mark Mata $25.00 "Do well!"
Michelle Minnis $20.00 "Thank you!!! "
Elizabeth Carmona Hidden "Good luck!!"
Kimberly Davis $100.00 ""You must ignore your fear. When you're afraid you can't act. You can't act, you can't defend. You don't defend, you die." Run fast!"
Tom Fineis $25.00 "Good work brother. I'm proud of you."
Carol Lonero $25.00 "Good for you. What a worthwhile cause!"
Matthew DaButt Garey $40.00 "DaButt <3's DeBeav"
Warren Barnes $50.00 "Go get them Kelly"
Anita Conklin $200.00 "We love you Grant!"
olivia cross $50.00 "You motivate me more than anyone else every has/could SSgt! "
joe mcelhiney $25.00 "Way to go Patrick!!!"
Erika Hampton Hidden "Good Luck Team Hammer!"
Kristina Hernandez $25.00 "Semper Fi, Devil Dog! I hope to be running along side you some day. Stay hard, Stay Green, Stay Motivated! You are truly an inspiration and I am extremely proud of you, Sister!! Run, Idiot! Run!"
Maureen Mason $50.00 "Good Luck, Patrick!! Proud of you! Love, Aunt Maureen"
Debbie Pearson $25.00 "Thank you for thinking of me and giving me the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause (and awesome folks on Team Hammer!)"
John Gambrino $104.80 "Inspiring...especially the over 50 runners :-)! Great cause, Go Team Glover...Semper Fi"
Ken Browning $25.00 "Best of luck and see you at the finish"
Dianne Sutton $25.00 "Thank you, Kelly!!"
Scott & Tami Sttraight Hidden "Way to go, Chris!!! Have fun!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Cheers to the A+ team! You always inspire. Lynn and Jim"
Petersburg emblem club $100.00 "This is from Petersburg Emblem Club #81 and all the members wish you a good marathon and have lots fun."
Steve Caison $30.00 "Oorah!"
Lynn Scioli Hidden "Debra, Thank you for your participation and support of such a worthy cause. God Bless our service members, past & present!!!"
Maggie Earnest $100.00 "Go Brandy! You are the best! Thank you for running!"
Judy Pfleger $20.00 "Go for it Jonathan! Judy Pfleger"
Andrew Sisters $75.00 "God Bless our Troops. Thank you, Grant. -The Andrew Sisters"
Cynthia Wright $25.00 "Katie, Happy running."
LaCon Wright Hidden "You Go Girl!! I'm so proud of you for taking up this challenge!"
sue harbison $100.00 " Best of luck Patrick! "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift." Steve Prefontaine With Love, Aunt Sue, Uncle Sean, Connor and Gracie"
stephen miller $100.00 "Thanks Nora for running...."
Stacy Augustine $50.00 "Goooooo Team! :) And try not to forget me at the starting line this year!"
Walter Connor $50.00 "Go Andrew. Very proud of you!"
Carmen Crema $50.00 "I love you! Wanted to make sure you went over your goal! Run on!! "
mary kate apitius $50.00 "Good Luck Nicole! You are an amazing inspiring person! "
Paul Larson $10.00 "Quit slacking and go train!"
Michael Lansdown $50.00 "Good luck Wiggles! Try not to cramp up in Rosslyn; I won't be there to carry you to the first aid tent!"
Annette Brenner $26.20 "Good luck!!!"
Amy HENDRIX $50.00 "Good luck, Wood! Hope you enjoy every mile of the People's Marathon!"
Cindy Capsanes $50.00 "Go Neal Go!!!"
Michael Yriart $50.00 "Go Greg! "
Lee Robertson Hidden "Float like a Feather, Run like the wind, effortlessly a gentle breeze blowing. Staying cool in a rhythm, as you press ever onward. Like a boat on a great lake, with large sails. Shoes hit the pavement, taped, secured toe nails. Your in it for the long haul, mind and body prepared. Limber and loose, stretched with a relaxed determined focus, jaw tensed but not locked. LIfe is good. Family and friends cheering! Run Cuz, You Can. Way to Go! I can't believe your running in the big races now!"
Jacob Jones $20.00 "You gotta want it!!!"
Paul Buijs Hidden "Semper Fi"
Mike Leary $25.00 "Awesome cause, glad to help. - Mr. Leary"
Janet Lee $50.00 "Good luck, Joe!!! "
Tyler Jordan $250.00 "Good luck on the fundraising efforts."
Dan Meeks $25.00 "Aim High!"
Bob & Janet Castellini $200.00 "Patrick, Semper Fi from an old Marine! Janet and I wish you the very best of luck in your training and race. UB & Aunt Janet"
Susan Hessemer $50.00 "Neal, You make your sister proud. "
Matt Travis $10.00 "Neal - my incredible donation equals out to $0.38 per mile..... go get em man.... Just wanted to show a token that I think your choosing an honorable run. Have fun."
Paulo Obama $10.00 "From the Obama family. "
Julian Smith $25.00 "Good luck man! I am going to spread the word and see if I can get you a little more moneys!"
Anonymous Hidden "glad to help"
Eric Hauth $26.20 "Run Neal, run!!"
Rebecca Waldrop $26.20 "Good Luck!!"
Marie H Quanbeck $50.00 "Run like the wind!"
Jody Covello $25.00 "You Roc Neal! I think it is wonderful that you are supporting your fellow Marines. "
Frederick Conte $200.00 "Best Of Luck, Linda !!"
Audrey Raetzloff $10.00 "Good luck, Joe! I know you're going to crush it! What a great organization!"
Omar Colon $30.00 "Hope u can raise the $ and some! & good luck on the run!!!"
SUSAN CASEY Hidden "Good Luck to you!!!"
Celina Moo- Penn $50.00 "Good luck!"
Linda Saul $25.00 "Great cause - have a good run!"
danny donnelly $25.00 "yea!! i found my country!"
Shannon McNally $25.00 "Good for you Sheri! What a great cause for running a marathon."
george brining $50.00 "Don't forget the Marines are a part of the Navy!!!! Mary and George Brining"
Donald Murphy $500.00 "Great cause, glad to be part of it. ps your goal is off by one dollar!"
Julie Ackley $50.00 "Can't wait to hear another of your running stories! Go Neal!"
David King $250.00 "This was my first marathon (back in '82). Ran it 25 years later with Ann (her first marathon). Have fun!"
Kelli Brockmann $50.00 "Proud of you -- running for such an amazing cause! Go, Joe!"
Franklin Loy $50.00 "I wish you success in your goal of raising awareness and completing the Marine Corp Marathon!"
BOB & LINDA NELSON $25.00 "You rock! Good luck!"
Kathy Weir Hidden "“So proud of you, Tom! Way to go!”"
Rachel Edwards $10.00 "Colleen, You are a gem. I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you and I'm really proud of you for doing this in honor of your dad. Hugs, Rachel"
Jon Murray $100.00 "Go Joe Go! - Jon and Kate"
Anne Bemis $25.00 "Good luck! "
Joseph Morgano $25.00 "Good Luck, Greg! Tear it up!"
Ashley Seitz Kramer Hidden "As someone who comes from a family of veterans, I'm happy to support you in this. Hugs from your sis out west & good luck, Adam! I can already picture those precious boys cheering you on from the sidelines!"
Dawn Morgan $50.00 "I am proud to support you and the Marines. Since becoming a Marine mom, I am especially proud of those who willingly put their lives on the line so that I can enjoy my freedom. Thanks to all who serve and to organizations like this who help them and their families. Good luck Jimmy on raising money. If you get close to your goal and need a little more, let me know."
Judd Parks $100.00 "Run with honor, in this worthy cause, my good friend. "
Amy Johnston $50.00 "Enjoy and make us proud! Run on!"
PETER PIERCE $100.00 "Kristen and Adam, We wanted to wish you two all the luck running the marathon. This sounds like an awesome cause. Again good luck and please let us know how you guy's do. Love, Dad and Deb"
Frederick Williams $50.00 "Go John go!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
tammy newton $20.00 "Way to go Joe"
Richard Calvin Evans III Hidden "Good luck! I posted your website to a few of my Marine buddies. See you at the Marathon. "
Candy and John Schulenburg $35.00 "Good luck, Shennell!"
Alexis Williams $50.00 "Go Aaron!!!!!!"
Neal Wohltmann $26.20 "Brown, I appreciate you signing up with me buddy. It will be the toughest thing you ever do but the most rewarding. I know you have the mental toughness to make it to the end."
Renee Harrison $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!!! I am so very proud of you!!! :-)"
Sandi and Hugh Flanders Hidden "Kristin and Adam, Best of luck in this awesome endeavor! We are so proud of you. Love you both! Mom and Dad"
daniel toomey $26.20 "Go Katie Fitz Go"
Tonya Baughman $50.00 "I am sooo proud of the person you have become!!! Love you! ! Sending our support from SC!"
Jonathan OBrien $100.00 "Semper Fidelis!"
Carole Evans $10.00 "Good Luck!! "
Andrea James $25.00 "I am so very proud of you and your efforts. Sweet ZetaLove - Andrea"
Wanda & Joe Briggs $25.00 "Good luck, Jimmy. "
Marcella Barsuglia $26.20 "Go Brown ! I'm proud of you already ... "
Brendan Kennedy $26.20 "HOO RAH!!"
Julie Schaffer $250.00 "Not only supporting a great cause, but I'll always contribute to see Hammer run!! Thanks for your efforts, enjoy your training and Good Luck in October! Semper Fi! GO TEAM HAMMER!!!!"
Alicia Moore $50.00 "So proud of you Kylee! We love you so much! Mom and Dad Moore"
Shane Gillman $26.20 "Good luck!"
Carl & Rosemary Correia $250.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Dave Leitner $100.00 " Thanks for doing this,Dave "
Michelle Case $50.00 "I have a special place in my heart for those who serve in our military(esp injured ones) and those who run!!! Very proud of you Josh!!!! Cheering you on all the way as you run for a very worthy cause!!!! A few inspirational running quotes for you...... "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon." "My sport (running) is your sports punishment." "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!!" Best wishes for a great run:)))"
Diane Garrett $100.00 "Good luck and stay healthy"
V Brown $126.20 "Great cause, great course, great veterans! 26.20 For the miles - 100 to get 100% from you. Run Eric Run! "
Steve Leitch $50.00 "Please record this as a contribution from Leitch Insurance Agency, Inc."
Laura Sagy $26.20 "You rock, brother in law"
bob palatka $50.00 "Good luck, kid. "
Richard Svagerko $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $131.00 ""Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself." -John Bingham"
Michele Aoki $50.00 "Dear Grant, We are so proud of you out here in Seattle. So glad we got to meet you in Annapolis back in the fall of 2009 (wow! how time flies). You've come a long way. Our daughter Natalya is now a helicopter pilot (married to a submariner) and living in Jacksonville, FL. My husband Paul is active with the Young Marines youth program. So we are big supporters! We will you all the success possible! Love, your Great Aunt Michele in Seattle "
Elaine Morgan $150.00 "I am very proud that you are doing this, Jeffrey. We so need to honor and take care of our military personnel. God's speed in sponsors and then in the race. Love, Momma"
trevor parizer $100.00 "GO EMILY! You are my hero!"
David Johnson $25.00 "Go Belinda! So glad you're training for your first marathon and helping our vets at the same time. "
Curtis Heath $25.00 "Be bold and courageous..."
Joe Starosta $255.00 "Keep up this great endeavor Mike, and I appreciate the effort and craftsmanship that goes into the shadow boxes that you create for our command."
Kimberly Hall $50.00 "Tyra what an awesome experience! Your dad and grandfather would be so proud of you! I'm sure you will ROCK IT! You go girl!"
Tim Kleiman Hidden "Go get em!"
Janene & Robert Shilling gentile $50.00 "Well wishing marine Momma grrrrrrrr "
Dale Russell $50.00 "Go Patrick! An awesome cause!"
Hugh Leidlein $150.00 "Go Belinda, You will do great. This should be an awesome marathon. Just keep moving, their guns are loaded. "
Bradley Warfel $50.00 "Good luck Kellerhouse!"
Tony Phillips $26.00 "Great Effort - Great Cause!"
Daniel Ernst $50.00 "Wishing you the best for your run and for your fundraising efforts. Hope to come down and support your effort. Marie and Dan"
Trisha Mattevi $50.00 "Best of luck :) "
Susan Burke Hidden "Run Bryan Run"
Bennett Shamsai $50.00 "Go Andy! "
Geo & Stacy Dowling Hidden "You are a brave man.. start running now."
Eugene OBrien $49.99 "Try to be best - ‘Cause you’re only a man - And a man’s gotta learn to take it - Try to believe - Though the going gets rough - That you gotta hang tough to make it -- History repeats itself - Try and you’ll succeed - Never doubt that you’re the one - And you can have your dreams! - You’re the best! - Around! - Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down - You’re the Best! - Around! - Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down - You’re the Best! - Around! - Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own"
Carlos Dulzaides $26.20 "Run Forrest Run!!! You're my Boy Blue!!!"
Annie Lahren $26.20 "Go Kristine!!! :)"
Robert Pearson $25.00 "Do the slugs proud. Come by my cube for a list of jokes to help you while out on the run. "
Camela Yeung Hidden "Run Run Run Bryan!!!"
Andrew Tate $100.00 "Jay Iam glad to support your and your son's efforts in raising money for this well deserved cause. Thanks to all who serve and defend our country. "
Anonymous $26.20 "Good luck man!!!"
Carl Hyltin $50.00 "Thanks for your service and sacrifice."
Anonymous $50.00 "good luck and God bless."
Tara Cooper $50.00 "Good luck Andrew!"
linda kuczek $100.00 "Thank you for who you are And everything you have done for us And this great country"
Carolynn Clark $25.00 "Go Patch! So proud of you! Good luck and have fun. Love you!!"
Jason and Eric Serenka $25.00 "Love you Dad... "
Patrick Lilly $10.00 "Always willing to support any endeavor that benefits service members :-)"
Shonda Smith $50.00 "Run, Crystal, run! <3 the Smithskis"
Michelle Lee $50.00 "I hope you & the other participants have a great run!!!"
Pete Waugh $50.00 "Have a great race Andy! "
Deborah Reames Hidden "Bryan, thanks to you and Lindsey for your efforts. And please tell Keven we appreciate his willingness to defend our country!!"
Mart and Kevin O'Connor $50.00 "Good luck to you and Adam!"
Rafael Ojeda Hidden "You rock, Moshy!!"
Dominic Freda $36.36 "Love ya like a brother!"
stephen brown $100.00 "Lisa, Wishing you the best on your latest challenge. Good Luck! Stephen Brown"
Bette and Jack Giran Hidden "Your Marine family in Pittsburgh appreciate all you do and I'm sure my dad has your back."
Ken Frey $100.00 "Start slow and walk the steep hills!"
Leo Gonnerirng $25.00 "Best of luck on this worthwhile endeavor. Train hard, mentally prepare and get it done! -- Leo"
Dorrie Finberg $10.00 "Hi, Neal, You must have seen our Shelties when you left the letter in our door. What you're doing is a wonderful thing. We're happy to help. Wish we could do more. Lee and Dorrie Finberg 419 Still Forest Terrace"
Scott Hinck $50.00 "Giv'em hell Brad"
marjorie lieberman $50.00 "Sounds like a good cause. have a good run!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Don't finish in last place"
Melvin Burnside $25.00 "Dear Lisa, Thank you for doing this for our veterans in need. I wish I could do more, but I hope this helps. Best Regards, Melvin Burnside"
Joyce Florio $25.00 "You're an inspiration to all of us!"
Lisa R Brown $50.00 "Brennan, I'm giving your Fundraising Cause a "AAA" and; all-the-best for the greatest run of a lifetime!!! Lisa B."
Michael Johnson $25.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous Hidden "We have not met, but I am a friend of Richard's and he and my son, Derek are very good friends. Thank you for your service and your continued efforts to help our veterans. Good Luck to you in the future."
Shawna Densmore $25.00 "Go, Tania, go!!!"
Jason Hinton $50.00 "Best of luck to your Team!"
Ginny Choi $50.00 "Good luck!! Can't wait to see you in DC -Justin & Ginny"
Todd Fiacco $25.00 "I love your tight short-shorts Andy!"
Katie Pierce $25.00 "Good luck Kevin. "
Nathan Sartell $100.00 ""From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli, we will fight...""
maureen friedman Hidden "Good Luck Michelle"
Victoria Fike $26.20 "I love you! I love our country and all our brave men and women! 26.2 here we come!!! "
Matt & Amanda Rial $100.00 "Good Luck Jimmy! We love ya!!"
Jaime Lyden $30.00 "I'm always happy to support you in your crazy running goals. At least this time it's for a good cause. I hope you both keep all of your toenails. ; )"
Rebecca Swinney $26.20 "Way to go Nate! Double achiever - raising money and running a marathon! "
Linda Quintero $25.00 "In Honor of my friend David and in Memory of my Uncle Martin who both served as Marines."
Stephen Saltzman $100.00 "Nate, Thanks for busting your rear to raise money for such a great cause! All the best, Stephen"
Al & Cathy Pratt $50.00 "Semper Fi!"
Mark Goralski $100.00 "Semper if Jamie"
Jeff Toia $15.00 "Good luck Gregg!"
Monica Glidden $50.00 "Go! "B" Go! I am so proud of you."
David Berger $50.00 "You Rock!"
Tim Scott $25.00 "Good luck! Don't let us down Bryan! "
John Allison $10.00 "Keep up the great work fellow RFRCer!"
Kurt Manglos $25.00 "Great Cause! Love your Mom!"
Judee Williams $26.20 "Run like the wind! "
daniel hoffman $250.00 "Good Luck Kelly."
Denise Anderson $100.00 "Thanks for your heart of compassion for our Marines!"
Taylor Holcomb $25.00 "Good luck reaching your goal! You go girl!"
Melanie Khamis $18.00 "Wish I could do more to help, sorry. Good luck and thanks for doing this!"
Sharon Yearwood $25.00 "Good luck on your run, Lisa! Do great! Semper Fi!!!"
kevin otto $50.00 " Hi Jamie; Tks for including me/us in this opportunity; My brother was a Marine In Nam; Id like to think your efforts include past, present and future Marines. Semper Fi, Kevin "
Heather Roth Hidden "I'll be there cheering you on!"
Joan and John Penote Hidden "We hope to see you (and would love to have you stay with us...if only for a little while). We'll start now praying for great weather for your run...and Malia's! Love Joan and John"
Aby Behner $50.00 "Go go Brother! You can do it!"
Dwayne Arledge $25.00 "This is Awesome.. You know my experience with Marine Corps... :o( But you'll do awesome!!! Great Cause!!! Make us proud!!"
Robert Williams $100.00 "on behalf of Charles C. Dame Lodge"
Eric & Stephanie Sartell $50.00 "Proud of you Nate! Semper Fi to all the Devil Dogs!"
Marie Anciaux $100.00 "Grandson, I am happy to support you and the semperfifund! Keep up your good works. Love, Grandmother"
Victoria Marie Fike $26.20 ":) Go Team Marie! 26.2 or bust! I pledge here and now to put $26.2 towards the Semper Fi fund for the next four months! (1 of 4)"
Loraine McEvoy $25.00 "Go, Christine!!!!!"
John & Patricia Barchuk $25.00 "Chris, This is an awesome thing that you are doing. We wish you all the best and God Bless. Sincerely, John & Patricia Barchuk"
Fred Howard $50.00 "Adam, Thanks for supporting our Veterans!! "
Craig Cyr $100.00 "Run Belinda Run!"
Marc Tarabour $25.00 "Semper fi Marine thanks for running for our brothers"
Kim & Dave Reinfried $25.00 "Great Cause Chris, We're with you all the way! Kim & Dave - (Lancaster Liederkranz Friends)"
Samantha Sierra $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Kristen Rice $50.00 "Good luck jules!!"
Eric Mitchell $25.00 "Best of luck to you! Train smart, race smart, HAVE FUN!"
David Acosta $25.00 "Get it!"
Joan Koelbel $50.00 "Brian, Thanks for all you do! You are great! With much respect, Joan"
Hannah Liberty $25.00 "Run Shennell! Run!"
Dave and Anne Loeffler $25.00 "Good luck. Enjoy the run!"
The Kendll's Jim & Kadean $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Michael Walger $50.00 "Run Andy, Run!"
Bette Serenka Hidden "I'm so proud of you Tom! Love, Mom!"
Lawrence F. Cole Hidden "Tom I am so proud of you. As a ww11 Vet. you are doing something wonderful for our veterans. love Larry"
Christina Wellner $30.00 "You rock :) <3, Dottie & Gary"
Jennifer Correa $25.00 "So proud of you!!!"
Greg Brennan $50.00 "Good Luck Monica. "
Michael Pehrson $100.00 "Semper Fi.....and thank you"
Barbara Hildebrand $25.00 "God goes before you and has your back! You go girl! - Barb"
Alice Parker $100.00 "Thank you for your service. God Bless you.4"
Heather Gowdy $50.00 "Good luck! "
Judy Dickson $20.00 "Way to go girl!!!"
jennifer Lleras $10.00 "good luck!"
Jennifer Paul $26.20 "26.2! You can do it!"
Joseph Turri $50.00 "Thank you for your service, Chris. A special thanks to your friend John Stalvey who paid the ultimate price."
Richard Bottorff $50.00 "Semper Fi"
Ryan/Hilary Riebau $250.00 "Best of luck from Hilary and Ryan! Thanks for what you're doing! God bless!"
Anonymous $200.00 "GO GIRL! SRL,JDL"
Peter Rizzo $50.00 "Good luck - I get tired driving 26 miles !"
Adam Tavel $20.00 "This reflects a cash contribution made by my friend and colleague Dr. Judy Ferrand."
Anne Calafiore $50.00 "All for a good cause!!"
Mark D'Attilio $100.00 "Amanda, We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Danny"
Greyson Quarles $50.00 "Good luck in the run."
john kennedy $100.00 "Brian, thanks for doing this. Good luck!"
Merilyn Thomas $15.00 "I am so glad you are doing this to help our vets."
Dr. Holly Bannister & Newhouse $100.00 "You go girl! xo Holly & Doug"
Patricia Dunn $30.00 "You go girl..I couldnt be more proud...Love ya Aunt Patty xx"
Anthony Covington $25.00 "Go Tammy Go!!"
Rocky Kuczek $20.00 "Proud of you tum tum"
Kristin Majercik $25.00 "You GO, Girl!!!!! In memory of Frank H. Virdin, Sr., and Ted C. Fogas, and in honor of all our other family members who have proudly served in the military. "
Edward Lucero $20.00 "Think differently... Compete fiercely.... Live freely..."
Jessica Oliver $100.00 "Good luck!"
Nathaniel Esty $50.00 "Good luck, Dude. Start slow and then taper off. ;-)"
Joe & Vicky Datz $100.00 "Awesome, Dianey! You go, gurl!"
Lisa M Lewis $30.00 "Way to Go Amanda !"
Jennifer Maxwell $50.00 "Go Shannon Go!"
Amy Harmon $25.00 "Good Luck Colleen.... I know you will do great!!!!"
Llewelyn Rentel $250.00 "Roses are red, violets are blue, Win or lose, the Marines will be proud of yue? "
Bobbie Culbertson $100.00 "Can't wait to run with ya Sis, much love!! And thank you for posting this on FB so I would know about it."
Dan Crainer $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Donna Brunelle $25.00 "Have a Fantastic Race!!"
Cameron Peterson $50.00 "Run, Sha Sha, run!"
Fred Leonard $50.00 "Good luck Colleen!"
Scott Brittain $50.00 "I heard your goal was a sub-7 mile. Don't stop until you achieve it! Best of luck."
Keri Hart $25.00 "Good luck Colleen :) better you running than me! Xoxo"
Gaye Landau-Leonard $50.00 "You go, girly! Proud of you and Chris."
Michael Fleming $25.00 "Good luck! "
Don and Ann Markley $50.00 "Thanks, Chris, for your service to our country. May you have a beautiful day to run and feel the spirit and strength of John with you that day.."
Melody Datz $26.20 "Go Sissy! You're so awesome. "
James Techentin Hidden "A worthy cause and an extraordinary individual. My support comes early this year. Andy"
Julie Joseforsky $100.00 "Go, David!"
Peggy Hammer Davis $200.00 "My heart and prayers will be running along side you. I love you to the stars and back my Patrick. Thank you is not nearly enough for all you do for our country. God Bless You. Mamma>>>>>> out."
Caitlin O'Neill Hidden "Good luck Gina, you will do great!!"
David Parello $100.00 "Mike, Thank you for supporting our wounded soldiers. God bless you."
Christy Miller $250.00 ""Got Cake?""
mark wojnarowicz $20.00 "run girl run!"
Bonnie Hardison Hidden "The Hardison family is pleased to support this cause, and this family. In memory of J. N. Hardison, World War II Marine Corp."
David Oslander Hidden "Don't you quit, maggot! Love, David O."
Melaney Jordan $25.00 "Your family inspires me. Good luck to all of you!"
Linda Leparulo Hidden "We're proud of you and happy to support this cause! Love, Mom and Dad"
Carmen Portorreal $25.00 "You can do it……..Go for it."
Stephen Lynch $100.00 "Great charitable organization! VERY grateful to all men & women who serve our country. Thank you & good luck!"
Bryan Hammer $50.00 "When going gets tough this year, just remember this...at least you wont be running it on a treadmill! "
Dominic Ju $25.00 "Good luck!"
denise beamer $25.00 "Best of Luck, thanks for helping the military!!"
Tina Limes $25.00 "Good luck, Robert! So proud and inspired by you!!"
Jason Figley $100.00 "Iron Vine Security is proud to sponsor Roger!"
Michael O'Connell $50.00 "Kick Butt, Kevin. "
Tonya Hamilton $25.00 "Way to go Bryan!"
Cody Bilodeau $25.00 "Big money don't wait on chow! Good Luck big guy"
Douglas Miorandi $100.00 "Semper Fi, brother!!"
Doreen Palatka $25.00 "Enjoy the race, Jes! LOVE"
Christina Parello $25.00 "Thank you for your efforts on behalf of our wounded service men and women. "
Eleni Kousoulis $50.00 "Good luck Chris! Run fast! :-)"
Benllini Galindo $100.00 "Don't beat Danielle too badly on this one haha"
RandiAndBud Denham Hidden "Good Luck to you in this important effort."
Tara Moyer $25.00 "Phelicia you are AWESOME! You are an inspiration to us!"
Frances Banks $100.00 ""B" Great Cause We Love Our Vets!!"
Lisa Wohltmann $26.20 "Eric, Thank you for being a great friend to Neal and continuing to inspire him. See you in DC. You will do great! "
Lauren Biancanelli $50.00 "Good Luck Jules, very proud of you!"
Lisette Kwong $35.00 "Outrun 'em all, Shennell!"
Louie Maneja $25.00 "Go get em. Two Guidons!"
Davin Fong $25.00 "Rub Andrew! Run !!! Lots of luck to you,man : )"
Joseph Murphy $50.00 "KICK ARSE AMANDA"
Linda Archie $10.00 "Happy feet running Jo!"
Janine Pariente $26.20 "I'm lucky that I'll have you by my side :) I love you!"
Oren Falkowitz Hidden "Good luck beating Oprah..."
Kathryn Young $10.00 "Go JJ! Great contribution when we support our troops, and great you've found a way to be part of it!"
Mark Lipka $25.00 "Good luck Peter Hoefele!"
Anita Mital $50.00 "run well my friend!"
Lisa Chambliss $25.00 "Awesome to be fundraising for the Semper Fi Fund. Good Luck .... We will thinking of you Lisa, Scott and Dollar!"
Janie Geraldsen $50.00 "Good Luck Honey!!!!"
Meghan Leininger $100.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on! xoxo"
Bob & Michele Leabhart $25.00 "Vets supporting vets! That's what it's all about."
William Robertson $10.00 "Good luck and HILL PRIDE!"
Julie Ruiz $30.00 "I love you Janine! Have fun!"
joann Reda $25.00 "In honor of 1/7. Past, present and future. Thank you . Forever my son's brothers."
Mary McNamara $250.00 "Yay Team Excel!! You guys are amazing :)"
Alysa Craig $25.00 "Go Justin Go! Good luck to everyone!!!"
Cinda Leininger $50.00 "For those that serve and give so much, thank for Shelly for running in their honor!"
R Michael Mills $25.00 "Way to go girl, alway know you love to run. Mike&jan"
Daniel Weinerman $50.00 "I put you over your goal! I'm clearly the best donator so far."
Dave Goedecke $375.00 "Semi Fi. Thanks for the price of freedom you provide"
Mark Bloch $15.00 "We are in this together! Let's kick some ASS!!!"
Sherry Wyatt $25.00 "Great cause! Thank you for your effort. Sherry Wyatt"
Judith Todd $10.00 "Good luck! Great cause:) Judi and Jenni"
Debra Jungers $50.00 "Good luck Katherine, beat the snot out of them:)"
Timothy Brennan $25.00 "Have fun!"
Rob Jaeger $100.00 "Jennifer - good luck and have a great race!"
Rui Fandinga $50.00 "I applaud you Wayne , your commitment & contributions will benefit many! Good luck & enjoy the race, Semper Fi !"
Sharon L Hamel $40.00 "So proud and psyched for you!! Love, Sharon, Tom, & Chris"
Jennifer helton $50.00 "I appreciate all you are doing as a mother of a son who served with Jeff Morella, My son is Sgt. Matt Broughton who I am so proud of and I Thank you for all of the men and women for your dedication. They all deserve everyones support. -Mommabear"
Arnette Johnson Hidden "Go gett'em Bryan!"
Dave Klinepeter $10.00 "Chris ... thanks to you, for all that you have done for us. I am another friend from the Polka community ..Hope the run goes well .. dave klinepeter . "
Glenn and Grace Teeter $20.00 "Chris ... this donation comes from the west coast of the U S A . we are glad to help with this worthy cause . Best Wishes .... give those 2 beautiful daughters a hug from us !!! Grace and Glenn"
Chuck Hart $75.00 "Oooooo Rah!!!!! Thanks for participating in the MCM to contribute to the Semper Fi Fund. - great cause! Good luck on the run, Jamie."
Michael and Sandra Molkenbuhr $100.00 "Semper Fi and Go Navy! Make us old guys proud!"
Drew Sullivan $40.00 "Run Forest! Ruuun!!!"
Matthew Riffle $20.00 "$20 buck isn't near enough to offer for what you and many other have done for our country, but we hope it helps you reach your goal. "
Cindy Duchemin $100.00 "You are gonna rock that run!! Love ya!!"
one Goodman $25.00 "Chris .... Thanks for having the gumption to take on this task .... let it be known that we support you !!!"
Jake & Bev Reifsnyder $25.00 "Chris .. We are proud of you, supported you when you were in the war zones serving our country and will continue to support you !! We appreciate all that you, and all that your brothers do to keep out country free. !!! Semper Fi ..... jake and bev "
Eric Gutzmer $75.00 "In Honor of Bryan Forney, Maj. USMC"
Flemming & Lexie Sorensen $100.00 "Best of luck & Happy Run!"
Sharon Vieson $100.00 "Jennifer, I totally forgot about this, sorry. I was just going through my saved mail and found it. How's the training going? Is Nick still running? I'm envious of you two, I would love to be able to run. Your Proud Grandmother"
Tom Huff $25.00 "Run like the wind Barbara!"
Victoria Epstein $50.00 "Keep up the great work!!!"
Paul Hwang Hidden "Great job, Joe!"
Kevin Brew $100.00 "Run fast, run hard. Love Mom and Dad"
Amy Palmer $15.00 "Great work, Stephanie! Run hard :)"
JAMES LINDSEY Hidden "Roxanne, thank you for raising money for this very worthwhile cause. Jim & Shirley"
Rich Alercio $50.00 "Pround of you Danny. Work Hard, Be Smart, Be Tough! Uncle Rich, Aunt Kim and the Boys"
Bruce Jones $50.00 "Jake is awesome, and I am proud of him and what he stands for."
Renee Ostertag $26.20 "I'm SO proud of you!!! Congratulations!!! Here's to running off baby weight ;)"
Paul McDevitt $26.20 "Thinking of all the runners and their family's in Boston. "
Art & Jeanette Holloway $100.00 "We are proud of what you are doing Victoria - we love you very much!"
Christina Carmon $26.20 "Good luck! Run strong!"
Hu An $10.00 "Good luck! - Tiger"
Sonia Estrada $25.00 "Go Get Em Crazy! "
Gary Zawisza $30.00 "Good luck Barb. This is a nobel cause. Your friends at Sikorsky"
Patrick Kennedy $25.00 "Give em hell Jamie!!"
Ben Englert $20.00 "On behalf of Cato Jackson."
Beth Shields $50.00 "Good luck JJ!"
Julia Zweig $50.00 "So proud of you, Jules!"
Meaghan Cooper $50.00 "Good luck training, Julia!"
Michelle Moore $150.00 "Way to go, Kell-belle! I am encouraging your other running endeavors so as to reduce the chance you try to make me run the Bolder Boulder again..."
alice craig $26.20 "Thank you Justin for giving us this opportunity. We are very proud of you! Love you, Uncle John, Aunty Alice, Jennifer, Tim and Alyse"
Angela Garcia $25.00 "You will do great! GO GET 'EM!! Thank You"
William & Kathleen Wolff $25.00 "Run like the wind Heidi :0)"
Hayley Britt $50.00 "here you go! Go get 'em."
Catherine Sutton $25.00 "You go girl."
Lori Gricius $25.00 "Love to you & your family Tammy! My dad was a Marine and I just wanted to send support your way from Michigan!"
Kelly Hudson $10.00 "Best of luck Andy!!!!!"
Daniel Abrams $400.00 "Run Bosco, Run!!!"
Jim Hyde $50.00 "You go, girl...."
Jaclyn O'COnnell $9.00 "If Sarah shall run I shall donate"
Charlie Conway $10.00 "If Sarah runs I donate"
David Boreanaz $4.00 "I have a crush on Sarah... "
Sam Kay $50.00 "All the Animal Aid dogs wanted to contribute to your cause"
Virginia Hughes $50.00 "So proud of you Honey."
John Tomczak $100.00 "Good Luck Heidi ! "
sabina mesic $50.00 "Go girl, we love you !"
Neal Bicker $25.00 "Best of luck from Britt, Neal, Isabel, and Leo x"
Steve Aksterowicz $50.00 "Run Heidi, run. Good luck! :)"
Neal Bicker $25.00 "The Betting money is obviously on Lyndsay. Good luck to you though brother. From Britt, Neal, Isabel, and Leo!"
Erich Stapelfeldt $150.00 "I am very proud of you and love you very much. "
Sherry Blake $50.00 "Thanks for doing this Larry! Run fast!"
John McIncrow $50.00 "Run Forrest Run!"
Carl and Nancy Hagge $100.00 "We're proud of your efforts!"
Jim Hyde $50.00 "Run like the cops are chasing you, Marierrr!"
Catherine Stull $50.00 "Congratulations on all of your remarkable achievements! You are an inspiration to all of us that know and love you!"
Angie Patten $25.00 "Make me proud! "
James Wegman $100.00 "Don't fall down! Semper Fi !!!!!!"
Ronald Nelson $25.00 "Finish, Heidi"
Jonathan Calabretta $50.00 "For my love of the Marines! Semper Fi!!"
Jeff & Beth Lannier $50.00 "Great job Heidi.....remember to get some "dessert" when you finish!! "
Andrew Mutzabaugh $40.00 "Pi & I wish you the best in this race!!! Mutzy."
David Baggett $50.00 "So proud of you for doing this! Love David"
Sean & Steph Fadale $50.00 "Hoo rah! "
Nina & Michael Spano $50.00 "Go Heidi!"
Stacy Greanias Hidden "Get after that 1st Marathon, Bear"
Anonymous $100.00 "Run for Boston"
Neeli Mann Hidden "18 represents chai (to life) in the Jewish religion. It's a lucky number that I hope brings you much luck with your training and race!"
David Zucker $52.40 "Thank you for doing this Janine! Love Alyse and Dave"
Sam Grenus $25.00 "Hope to see you at the Semper Fi pasta dinner again!! Good luck with your training!"
Robyn Fitch $25.00 "Kick some butt!!!! "
Amanda LeMarier $30.00 "Janine run your heart out lady! So proud of you! Lucky to have you has a classmate and honored to have you as a friend!"
christine ruggiero Hidden "Good luck Tom...great cause."
Scott Morgan $50.00 "Go Andy!"
Tim O'Connor $100.00 "Donation in memory of GySgt Ronald O'Connor, USMC (Ret) 1955-1975"
Catherine Mccormack $25.00 "Go Mindi!"
Valerie Halpern $25.00 "What you're doing is so awesome Janine! Hope you have lots of fun!"
Phillip Burnette $100.00 "Good luck y'all "
Gaby Pariente $35.00 "Thanks for teaching me what goodness means. I'm so proud to call you my sister. When you support Janine, you're supporting America. "
Garrett Perry $26.20 "For the pink unitard!!!"
Tate Cunningham $101.00 "Thank you for your dedication and service Monica. Tate"
Margie Rosso $100.00 "I am so proud of you!"
Gordon Boyce Hidden "Go for it Ray!!! Gord"
Neitha Engert $10.00 "We'll be your first supporters! Can't wait to see 26.2 on your car when you drive by! Neitha and Henrik"
Nick Bullock $25.00 "Good luck brother! You know I'll be cheering for you. Proud of you. -Nick"
Tracie Roberts $50.00 "You deserve it....I'm certainly motivated to donate, but running....not unless someone is chasing me! :-) Great job!"
Deborah & Louis McCray $100.00 "You look good out there running the streets. We are proud of you. "
Kathy Clawson $25.00 "Amazing job!! Keep it up."
Oommen (O.B) varghese $50.00 "Good luck Chris!"
Lorriane Chiarizzio $50.00 "Good Luck!!!! "
Colleen Krisulevicz $25.00 "Woo!! Go Colleen! "
Cristina Rodriguez $25.00 "Good Luck Bro!!! Run hard!! So proud of you!!"
Randy and Danielle Wood $50.00 "So proud of you!!!"
Elsa Hickey $25.00 "Love you......Aunt Elsa"
Jorge Rodriguez $10.00 "Go go go!"
Esther Rodriguez $25.00 "You always make me proud. "
Patrick Gomes $50.00 "Have a great run and thanks for your service, Pat &Anne Gomes"
Darren Herrling $25.00 "Good luck mommy we love you "
Debbie Floyd $30.00 "Happy Birthday (early) Jim!"
Jennifer Williamson $25.00 "Good Luck JP!"
Susan Allington $25.00 "Woohoo!!!! "
Darlene Ellinger Propf $50.00 "This sounds like a great charity Laura. Kick ass lady."
Jim and Cathy Amerault $100.00 "Good Luck Katie. I ran this Marathon and it is fantastic. I grew up in Boston and was a marathoner so this donation is for you who Cathy and I think the world of and for Boston. Since I am a founder of the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation which works like Semper Fi to support seriously wounded sailors/Seals/Coast Guardsmen, I'm earmarking all of this for Boston. Say Hi to all the Ragoli clan for us, Jim A"
Fran and Marty Rini $50.00 "This is truly a worthy cause and though my husband and I are too old to run we support the dedication, and talents displayed at these functions. May those who attend be safe. "
Aliceann Kelly $100.00 "Good Luck! Keep going Strong! Jim and Alice ( your favorite in-laws!!)"
Randolph May $25.00 "Jon -- Good luck in the Marathon! Randy May"
Kim Way $250.00 "Mary Kay - you absolutely rock! Love you cuz, Kim"
Anonymous $26.20 "On your way!!"
Janice & Mark Solazzo $100.00 "Great cause Dan, good luck! I hope Obama comes out to support you guys...."
Joel Berg $50.00 "Enjoy the run Brian"
Kardin Wykoff $25.00 "Go get 'em Vanessa!!"
Kaniah Konkoly-Thege $25.00 "MK - you're such an inspiration! I'm so excited for you. I ran the MCM 10 years ago -- you're going to love it! "
Judith Lane $100.00 "Go Dan we are with you in spirit. See you at finish line. Mom and dad"
Sarah Bertogliat $150.00 "GO UNCLE JEFF! ? Mario, Isabella, Olivia& Stella"
Jorge A Canizares $26.20 "Go, Go, Go John Paul"
Anonymous $50.00 "Clean arms, Nate.... Don't run like a T-Rex :)"
Katie Shea $50.00 "Your dedication inspires me everyday!"
Sue Tardif $25.00 "You Rock Vegas!"
gene mcneill $25.00 "Have fun!"
Christie Koon $100.00 "Good Luck, Chad!"
Charles Miller $200.00 "I enjoy the opportunity to support our veterans!"
Mindy Cohen $100.00 "So happy to support the incredible Excel team! "
Christine Haupt $25.00 "Connie, I know you can do it. "
Tim Cox $20.00 "good luck! - the Cox family"
Neeli mann Hidden "It may seem like a strange amount, but 18 represents 'chai' (life) in the Jewish religion. It's a lucky number to hopefully bring you much luck during your race :-)"
Buck & Mary Devlin $50.00 "Chris .. We wish you our best on this endeaver. Thank you for your service to our country. God Bless You and all of our military . hugs, Buck and Mary"
Chris & Joan Rottmann $25.00 "Chris ... We are more than glad to help support this great project that you are taking on . thank you for your service ... Good luck in the run. We know that you will do great !!!! chris and Joan .."
David Baggett $50.00 "Run for us Monkeys!"
Annie & Bob Baggett $25.00 "You go Graziella!! :)"
Scott Southard $25.00 "I am so proud of you Barb. As a Marine I know what its like to receive gifts from people you do not even know. Thank you so much Barb for thinking of our service men and woman. I Love You. Scott. "
Kevin Sutton $100.00 "Professor Tavel when the run starts to get tough remember this: One mile, No sweat. Two miles, Better yet. Three miles, Wait and see. Four miles, You and me. Five miles, A little run. Six miles, Just for Fun! This is one of the cadences we sang during our PT runs. Best of luck to you and Semper Fi! SSgt Kevin Sutton USMC (Retired) "
Steve Randall $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
John and Laura Salerno $100.00 "So proud of you, Heidi Hyde! It all started with a little race in Baltimore...:)"
Wanda Wiles $100.00 "Lindsey, love you and so proud of you. Praying for you and know you can do this. God bless you! "
Derek Hawkes $100.00 "Good Luck Parker. I wish you well and to a successful long RUN. You have my sincere support. Derek and Melanie"
Robin Knight $50.00 "Chad thank you for your service to our country. My father served our country for 27 years. I have the utmost respect for servicemen/women and try to thank them every chance I can. I've never met you but I know your Mom and Dad. You have been raised by the best and I am sure it shows."
Suzanne Walker $26.20 "Go Mindi go!"
Edna Reynolds $10.00 "Proud of you, Chad! Thank you for your service to our country and for your efforts in this very worthy cause! Good luck in the race."
Anonymous $250.00 "Thank you and your team for what you do."
Michael Hoffman $100.00 "Thanks for supporting your fellow service members."
Yvonne Byers $50.00 "In honor of my mother and father who were both Marines. Semper Fi!"
David Leventhal Hidden "Go get em' Martha! Proud of you for getting out there to help others. We make the greatest impact when we server others, without expecting anything in return. "
Bob Hunter $50.00 "It is by acts and not by ideas that people live. (Harry Emerson Fosdick) Chad, Thank you for your acts."
Michelle Mendez $50.00 "You're a great America John Paul!!! Good Luck!!!"
Louie Reformina Hidden "Good luck Tom!"
Lauren Locklear $50.00 "Love you D, can't wait to cheer you on!!! (and trip Ryan, of course)"
Steven Exner $250.00 "Connie, you make an old jar head tear up for your commitment Who Ra"
Ivy West $25.00 "Good Luck! It looks like you're going to blow your fund raising goal out of the water!!"
Myda Victoriano $25.00 "You are awesome Neal! "
Laurie & Wendall Cyr $25.00 "So proud of you! You are going to own the #mcm!!! "
Karen Martin Larry Costa $26.20 "Jo Ann Your dedication and commitment to this cause is commendable. Much luck on race day! Karen and Larry "
Jimmy & Bonnie Cummings $25.00 "Great Luck Chad JC and Bonnie"
Pamela Mesmer $50.00 "Proud of you Chad!!!!"
Chad & Sandra Gray $26.20 "You're one of my running heroes Love ya Barb!"
Cecilia Gower $50.00 "Amy, I am so proud of you and Eddie. I love seeing you bring the girls with you as you participate in runs. I will be rooting for you and all the Rodriguez runners...Love you all! Cece"
Steven Gurley $25.00 "Ooh rah! "
Deborah Bedell $100.00 "You go, girl! Your matching offer is amazing! Hope your donations break the bank! And good luck with your training!"
Michelle Cyr $26.20 "The Cyr family is so proud of you Barb! Love you girl!"
Kerry & Steve Sikorski $50.00 "Have a great race Barb! "
Jane Rabalais $100.00 "Proud of both of you, and I love you. "
Craig Gaither $10.00 "Chad, I have not seen you since you were a kid, but I'm so proud of you for what you are doing and for how you have served our country. You come from one of the nicest families I've ever known and it's no surprise that you are the fine young man your are. I volunteer at the USO at RDU and it's an honor to serve back a little to the many young men and women like yourself that serve. Nothing would please me more than to give more but hopefully this small gift will help. It's more of a token really but I sincerely wanted to share in this. To you Chad, admiration, respect, and love.....and please extend the same to your your mom and dad and the rest of the family. All the best! Craig"
Hans-Jurgen van Heteren-Freeze $25.00 "Have fun in DC and good luck. "
rima daya Hidden "Good luck Jonathan! I'm cheering you on all the way! You're gonna be awesome!"
Mike West $100.00 "Great idea/initiative, Bob. Happy to support you and Team Hammer. Looking forward to finally getting both families together to catch up a bit. Blessings as you all train and prep!"
Jeff & Kathleen Downey $50.00 "Great job Barb....you're running for a great cause!"
Marlene & Rich Bernarde Hidden "Thanks Lindsey, We appreicate your doing this for Our Hero's .Semper Fi from Two fellow Marines."
Mary Buchenic $25.00 "Glad to help a good cause promoted by a good person!"
carmen tatis $25.00 "Good luck John Paul, love you ,Cuchy"
John Herrling $25.00 "Good luck Michelle, proud of you, quite a challenge!"
Patti Knox $26.20 "Go, you! You're an inspiration!"
amy vorenkamp $25.00 "YOU ARE AMAZING!!! WITH YOU EVERY STEP."
Mike Kimery $50.00 "Good luck and have fun. "
Katherine Ennis Hidden "Good luck Shimp! Proud of you!"
Papa Gene and Granny L Newcomb $50.00 "Go Shimp G O ! Get the lead out !"
Nicole Sidor $12.00 "So proud of you and all that you do, always! I know it's not a lot but I know you'll understand the love attached to my donation! <3"
James Englerth $50.00 "Run like the wind Graziella"
leora motley Hidden "See you on the road!"
Jeff Kohlenberg $26.20 "Good luck Brent. A dear friend of ours was the first serviceman (a gay Marine) injured in the Iraq War in 2003. Thank you for supporting such a great cause. "
Terry Kugler $50.00 "Congratulations BH!!!"
LaDonna & Jamie DeLorme $25.00 "Have a great run!"
Steve & Noelle Houghton $50.00 "We are so proud of you guys!"
Jeffrey Ferrante $25.00 "A St. Mark's Lodge supporter. Train on Brother!"
Brendan Boland $26.20 "Go get 'em Martha!"
KEVIN LAFLEUR $10.00 "Hey, I'm a friend of a friend of yours and heard about your fundraising for two causes I wanted to become involved in. Good luck with your training! The Marine Corps Marathon was my first marathon, and is a SUPER introduction to the distance. You'll love it! "
Jackie and Jacqui $25.00 ""Nice Legs... for a human" -- Worf (Qpid) "
Sean Brew $25.00 "Good Luck! Say Hi to your parents, I haven't seen them in 25 years! Sean Brew & Family San Diego, CA"
Mary Clare Pedersen $25.00 "Thanks for doing this, Barb. It is such a tremendous cause & amazing organization. Have fun!!"
Kevin Turner $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Sonya Britt $30.00 "Good luck Lisa. Know you'll do well!"
Whitney Estrin $25.00 "RUN, JEN, RUN!!!! xoxo, Whitney"
Harry Fendt $25.00 "Once again Brad, Well Done!"
Robert Bosser $26.20 "Support through Sweat :)"
Trevor Arnold $25.00 "Best of Luck Barb!"
Julie Mokry $50.00 "what a great cause! have fun!"
Anonymous $250.00 "For my favorite marine, and in memory of will donnelly."
Ted Laseter $50.00 "Chad, reminds me of my days in the army. Talk about running---- every Wednesday night I would have to run to the Officer's Club to get a good seat to see the Go-Go dancers. That was in 1969. I'll bet it was close to a hundred yards. Good luck to you. Ted"
Jeff and Melanie Raskin $50.00 "Go Larry and Shelly!"
Gerry and Carole Kryk $25.00 "Chris , We wish you the best, , take care , glad we could help... our love to you and yours .. Gerry and Carol from New Port Richey, Florida"
Kate Nelson Hidden "Beantown <3s Laura :-)"
Donna Ryerson $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Whitney Fore $25.00 "Good Luck, Jonathan! Best, Whitney (Raizza's Friend)"
Larry Trenda $50.00 "Tania & Steve, Best of luck on your run. I hope you have a great experience. Larry"
Alexa Maros $50.00 "Onward!"
Nancy Cheung Hidden "Martha, nicely done! As a person who has family in the military, thanks for doing this."
David Constantine $25.00 "Go Team Hammer!!!"
Brian and Laura Millican $25.00 "Hey Chad! It has been great hanging out with you and good luck on your trip/cause!!!! You are awesome."
Meena Parbhu $20.00 "Good Luck Jonathan! What a great cause, hope you raise a bunch!"
Hayden Crum $100.00 "Yeeeeeaaaaah Buddy "
Claudia Ramsey $20.00 "Good luck Ray! : )"
Kathie Wilson Hidden "Thank you so much for your contribution to our heros! We love you! Pete and Kathie"
Jonathan Pablo $26.20 "Run Like the wind my Brother!!!"
Jim Madison $100.00 "PR! Good luck to both of you."
Neal Wohltmann $21.00 "Neal you are the smartest and most successful person I have ever met. You ROCK!!"
Karl and Laura Schlegel $100.00 "Good Luck Danny!!"
Irma Moore $25.00 "Go Angela go. "
Molly Clyborne $50.00 "Good luck Rob!!!!"
Dawn Manko $50.00 "I'm so proud of you for running Syd!!!"
trudy & paul Ivory $20.00 "chris ... lots of support for your run... our son ran the marathon a few years back.. we're pulling for you .... your appalachian wagon train friends ... the Ivory's "
Kathy Sajewicz $26.20 "Good luck, cousin!"
Christine Jones $100.00 "So Proud of my sister!!!"
Rob McCarthy $50.00 "Get some Donuts!"
Vikki Kerr $26.20 "Sean, you're an inspiration to us all. Go get 'em!!! All the best, Vikki"
Joe Whitley $100.00 "Good luck Jon."
Rhianna Cohen $26.20 "Good luck!"
Andy Gonzalez $25.00 "Thanks for running for a great cause! Devan & Andy"
Scheyda Stasik $50.00 "The extra mile is a damned lonely place, thank God you're always on it! "
Roxanna Kazemi $25.00 "I support all things Sarah! And of course veterans, too."
thomas tambis $50.00 "Go get 'em Donna !"
Ming Cheung $30.00 "Good luck! It's going to be awesome!!"
Jamie Conrad $100.00 "You need to raise your goal!!"
Francis Schissler $50.00 "John, Best of luck in your training and preparation for the MCM! There is a better than 50/50 chance I will be running it again as well. Though it's not likely that I would run at your pace, maybe we can start off together. Uncle Rip"
Bill and Jan Young $50.00 "Matt So proud of you and your support of a wonderful cause. Love you. "
Anonymous $26.20 "Good luck, Corcoran! Such a wonderful cause, and I hope you have a great race!! "
Anne Marie Rakip $100.00 "Run like the Kenyans...and you know the rest of the statement. Love, Mommy"
patricia suttle $28.00 "So very proud of you Chad!"
Jenna Williams Hidden "Go get 'em, girl!!!!"
Mark/Nadine Parsons $25.00 "Way to go Dana!"
Scott Newbury $35.00 "TO Rocks! Go fast - it's a race! Jack will still beat you....."
Sam, Max & Sarah Gallahan $100.00 "Go Aunt Dana!!!"
Ryan, Holly & Owen Finney $50.00 "Good luck on your 1st marathon!!!!! One step at a time :)"
Sarah Mattes $50.00 "Run like the wind Chris!"
Robert Warshawsky $50.00 "Glad to help, Sean -- it is a great cause."
Darrell Gordon $50.00 "Chad! Best of luck to you, Sir! We're proud of you! Darrell, Marcie, and Grey Gordon"
Barbara Parker $50.00 "I'm glad to support you in this effort and will be cheering you on while working in Yellowstone as you train over the next several months, but hope to be in DC cheering you on in person for the big event."
Shantil Posniack Hidden "Good luck Joe! Very proud of you for supporting such a great cause!"
Lynn Shuler $25.00 "We are proud of you Miss Dana!! Love, The Shuler Ladies"
Matthew Coxe Hidden "Go Dana!! Love- the Coxes"
Montell Brubaker $25.00 "so proud of you Dana! "
William McCarthy $25.00 "Very proud of you Laura. Have a great run."
Jeanne Biada $100.00 "Go Team Hammer!!!"
Pat and Barb Storey Hidden "Good luck in the race! We'll be thinking of you. Love you all very much, Uncle Pat and Aunt Barb"
Joseph McVicker $100.00 "Good luck!"
Carl Mastandrea $50.00 "Great cause, happy to support your efforts."
Coreen Sweeney $50.00 "Rock this race, TO!"
Dawn Hribik $50.00 "Gina, you are an inspiration! Keep up the great work. We are so proud of you. I really hope to go down and watch you run this marathon! "
Connor and Gracie May $50.00 "Lets go Miss Kylee:)"
Mary Ann Hejny $25.00 "Go, Carole!"
Travis Martin $50.00 "Thanks for supporting the service members and their families - Enjoy the run! "
Mike Guess $25.00 "Semper Fi!!"
Bert Ravera $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Tom Anderson $25.00 "Keep up the good fight Jeff"
TIMOTHY HEJNY Hidden "Kick some ass! Don't wear fluorescent when running, that is straight up Eurotrash."
George Georgeson $50.00 "Good cause Cathy. I get a lot of mail, almost daily, for contributions to more causes than one can count. I am glad to contribute for our wounded countrymen, they deserve more."
Gigi Ravera $100.00 ":-)"
David Daugherty $100.00 "Best of luck and thanks for helping the troops!"
Michael Baird $15.00 "Good Luck, Madeline! Wish I could donate more, hopefully next time!"
ngan ly $50.00 "good jod chris !"
Karly Dowling $100.00 "AUNTIE UP! (Did you see what I did there...?) Run-run-run, Aunt Cathy! I love how you're finally going for this one, and I totally got your back! Take it from this kid; you can do anything if you believe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMxHI5ar_D8 Love you! (GO, BABY, GO!) "
Geoffrey Green $50.00 "Good luck Jonathan, and train well."
Matthew Griffith Hidden "Carry on, Jonathan! We're proud of you! - Matt & Christy"
John Toles $250.00 "Go Catrina ....The Toles Family!"
James Lyons $50.00 "Run!!!!"
Jenny Grossfeld $100.00 "It will be a beautiful run because you'll be in it! "
AnnMarie Lattanzi $62.80 "In memory of Major Stephen Reich "
David Huber $101.00 "Get some, Devil Dawg!!"
Jennifer Sciortino $30.00 "Good Luck Glenn xoxox"
Gary Pellegrino $20.00 "Glad Col.Hall shared this. Have a great run cadet."
Linda Sterling $50.00 "We think you are doing a wonderful thing."
Lawrence Ruggiero $100.00 "Run like Ben is chasing you!"
Peggy Hammer Davis $125.00 "I know you will be running proudly.........and my heart will be beside you."
michael ippolito $500.00 "Just a small gesture of thanks to true American Hero’s, Semper Fi! That includes you Sonya and Glenn."
Matthew Mancil $25.00 "Good luck, Glenn. Semper Fidelis."
Albert Lester $250.00 "Run, Forest, Run!,"
Tobey Hasegawa Hidden "Go get 'em, Kara!!"
Paul Lohnes $50.00 "U go Gratz"
Liam Rogers $100.00 "run bennett, run!"
Jennifer Hiwa $40.00 "Good luck Jonathan!"
Alicia Robertson $250.00 "Good luck Forest!"
Susan & Justin Peterson $50.00 "Best of luck to you all!"
Michael and Aleata Serenka Hidden "Great Cause!"
Robert Fahy Hidden "Have a great race"
Jim Brabham $100.00 "Great cause, great event, have a Great Race Marlene!"
Kurt Striny $50.00 "Good luck Peter Mon and Kurt"
Bonnie Coventry $25.00 "Great job Joe! God bless you!"
Peggy Hammer DAVIS $100.00 "RUN FOREST RUN !!!!!! I am a very proud Mamma knowing how much determination and dedication and hard work you have put forth in order to make this Run with your brother. You know I will be on your shoulders as you run. I love you. mamma"
Peggy Hammer Davis $145.00 "Sooooo proud of you and all you dedicate to the Marines. You truly ARE Saint Susie :) Love you...run like the wind :)"
Dennis Caola $100.00 "Good luck Caroline!"
Jen, Rob, & Kids Grant $100.00 "Good luck Dan! We are all proud of you!"
Tamara Hypes $25.00 "Good luck Liz!!"
Piper and Jeff Pope $100.00 "Go Jess!!!! Great cause!!!"
Mark and Andrea Connors $50.00 "Thank you for serving our country and for running this race! Good Luck! The Connors from Holly Springs, NC "
Zack Lancaster $50.00 "Run Jenny, RUN!"
Marsha Williams Darnell $25.00 "Good Luck!! Love you, Mama"
nora king $20.00 "Love Nora and Peanut <3 "
Dennis Dempsey $50.00 "Run it for a terrific woman, Mary Cole!!!"
Tony Granados Hidden "Good Cause... Good Guy"
Alan Siebenthaler $54.15 "Way to go, Darryl! You are awesome. Looking forward to seeing you at Tri for Joe in a couple weeks!"
Eileen Jackson $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Gene Saxman $50.00 "Run G Run!!!!!!!!!"
Jessica Cooke $14.00 "Good luck big guy! "
Gabriela Martin del Campo $50.00 "Run Forest, run!"
Cynthia Bradley $26.20 "Colleen I am so proud of you and your sister to honor you deceased father who was a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. This is such an amazing accomplishment for you both! Your brother has his personal best in the Marine Corp Marathon in 2009! Go Bradley girls!!!!!! Love, MOM"
Karen Williams $25.00 "Good Luck Caroline"
Susan Poole Hidden "You go girl! My son served in the Marine Corps. It changed his life forever. Thanks for giving your time and talents to this cause."
Marcin Kadzielawski $25.00 "Good Luck and all the best!"
Brian DesRoches $20.00 "Go get 'em! And try not to fall on your face. H's & K's, BDR"
Christopher Addington $100.00 "If you wear a costume I'll double my donation."
elvin&linda heck $20.00 "Chris .We want to help support the Semper Fi Fund --- they are "good stuff". Our best to you and all of our servicemen .... Thank You !!! Linda and Elvin .."
Ashley Robison $30.00 "Rock it, lady!!!!"
Frank Slee $50.00 "Happy to do this. What a great cause. Semper Fi."
Martha MacNamara $25.00 "Good luck and best wishes to you for honoring your Dad...wish we had known him. The MacNamaras"
Roger Blumberg $25.00 "Good luck with the run."
Dana Bilello-Barrow Hidden "Good luck Suzanne"
Jayne Knips $100.00 "Bill, I am so pleased to be able to support you in helping those who are in need! Also, thank you for your serve to the USA! I am so proud to be your mom - I know how much your comrades/fellow Patriots mean to you! I' ll be there to cheer you on with your sister, Noreen! Love, Mom"
Tami Scheiwiller $50.00 "You are my hero! Love ya!"
James Edward Russell $100.00 "This is a great cause. We're happy to help and appreciate your donor's additional contribution. Love, Mom & Dad"
Jay Avila Avila $26.20 "I'll be the loudest guy there to cheer for you bro, can't wait! "
Kristin Corcoran $50.00 "It's going to be awesome!"
Joseph LaPaglia $50.00 "Good luck Donna"
Amy Saumell $50.00 "So Proud of YOU!!!!"
David Johnson $100.00 "Hi Cathy; Checked out this organization on www.charitynavigator.org. It gets 4 stars out of 4 for maximum "efficiency" in distributing contributions to it's cause (much better than 'Wouinded Warriors")."
Nik Khakee $75.00 "“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ? Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson would be proud of your effort. But do try to enjoy the experience. Good luck. Happy to help."
Thanh Ngo $20.00 "Jessica... you can do it!!!!!!"
Paul Alexander $100.00 "God will Bless this effort"
Christen Horne $100.00 "So proud of you! I know you will do great!"
Michael Steltzlen $35.00 "Enjoy your run! Semper Fi"
Chuck and Roxane Anderton $75.00 "Great cause. Good luck, Jeff!"
The Gaskills $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah!"
Marilee Watts Hidden "Run Forrest Run!!!!!"
Julie Bhatti $25.00 "Thank you so much for doing this. Am a longtime friend of Paul Alexander. My son is a marine"
Kimberly Dinardo $100.00 "Go Megan!!!!! Thanks for caring for our veteran's. "
Joseph P. Seggio $50.00 "So Proud of you Cous. !!!! In Memory of Julio Germinario"
Jennifer Edgcomb $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Fred Trompler $100.00 "Run, Roberto, Run!"
Eric Mattson $100.00 "Best of Luck and Keep up the Good Work"
Mark Vershay $50.00 "Good luck Jim!"
Kimberly Trudden $25.00 "Go A!"
Angela Aguilar $25.00 "Go Anna! You're amazing! "
Randy Lindsay-Brisbin $100.00 "Great job Darryl!! Melanie and I wish you the best in this year's events!"
Jeffrey Rock $26.20 "Thank you for raising money and running for such a worthy cause. Be very proud! "
Jeffrey Rock $26.20 "Tod, Thank you for raising money and running for this very worthy cause! "
Brett Howell $100.00 "Awesome Dave! Good luck!"
Donell and Jason Miller $25.00 "Thank you for your service and continued support of our military!!! See you in October, my running friend and Marine Corp Brother!"
Teresa OBrien $50.00 "Thank you John for putting yourself out there for others! The world needs more good men like you. God Bless!"
Trey Hassell $50.00 "Run Meagan Run!!!"
Daron & Cindy Patriquen $100.00 "Kristin, We are proud to contribute to such an important fund. We are equally proud that both you and Adam will be participating in such a worthwhile cause. Ooh Rah! Daron & Cindy Patriquen"
Jeannine De Phillips $30.00 "Good Luck. "
Avrim Blum $100.00 "Awesome! Good luck! Go Brian!"
Dorothy Fishburn $50.00 "Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on!"
Drew Sporer $25.00 "Break a leg... Jk"
Ruth Mott $26.20 "Good luck my friend! "
John Schriber Hidden "Run, Bradford, run! (think Robin Wright in Forrest Gump)"
Lisa Lovasik $50.00 "Thanks for getting me into the MCM! Let's go have some fun!"
Kathleen Shelby $25.00 "Jen - what a great idea! Wishing you the best "running the track"!"
Linda Popies $75.00 "Good luck! Love, mom!"
Bryan Hammer $50.00 "You totally sandbagged your donations goal!"
Jaymala Parbhu $25.00 "Good luck Jonathan, sorry about not doing it before the 1st. Not usually slack, but any cause is a good cause."
Nicole Donnelly Hidden "Good luck!!"
Amy Duffy $40.00 "Our veterans deserve all the help and support we can give, run Anna run!"
Ciara Kennedy $15.00 "Good for you! Wishing you the best of luck! xo"
Monica Everett $50.00 "Good luck, Katie!"
Drew & Alysia Hicks $20.00 "Go Britt! We're proud of you. "
Stacy Howard $15.00 "Go kill that race and have a blast, Jeff!"
Kerri Hendrickson $25.00 "Good luck Cindy!"
erica snay $25.00 "Good Luck Cindy! You Rock! "
C.C. Bartholomew $50.00 "First to contribute ;-)"
Kyle & Stephanie Flanders $40.00 "Good luck Kristin and Adam!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Run, Forest!"
ROXANNE FLEMING $50.00 "It is my pleasure and honor to run for and raise funds for this terrific organization. "
Ismail Ahmadi $50.00 "I will be right there at the starting line with you!"
Jill & Rodney Grove $100.00 "Run Nancy RUN! Go Go GO!"
Marguerite Daloia $500.00 " I am so proud of you Mark "
Heather Tygart $26.20 "Good luck!!! I'll bring you water when you're training =)"
Andrij Geletkanycz $25.00 "Good Luck TK!"
Courtney Smith $25.00 "It is an honor to be able to help support our nation's heroes. Thank you for your choice of professions and all that you and your comrades do. there are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you and good luck!"
Eric Schneider $26.20 "Rock it to electric avenue!"
Gary Hanna $30.00 "Good luck :)"
Chuck and Donna Pearson $100.00 "We are very proud of you Katie. We love you very much!!!"
Ben Willhite $25.00 "You'll kick ass. See you out there!"
Penny Espinoza Hidden "Katie girl....!!! I am very proud of YOU !! Love ya lots "
Stephen Halcomb $30.00 "Good luck Kevin!"
Anonymous $50.00 "oooooooooooooorah"
Chris Albrecht $50.00 "Good Luck, Michelle. Thanks for your commitment to this cause!"
Janet Nirenberg $18.00 "Good Luck Brian"
Joan & Jim Talley $100.00 "Proud of you and all our military"
Angelia Jimenez $25.00 "You are AWESOME Laurie, love you!"
Barbara Musso $40.00 "Laurie you are such a generous person to use your athletic ability to support such a deserving organization! I'm proud to call you me friend! Barbara "
Jennifer Sampson $35.00 "Gooooo Carole!!!!!!!"
Charles Duross $101.00 "Great cause. Great person. Best of luck!"
richard wood $25.00 "Love it and her! "
Lupe Calderon $25.00 "So proud of u Anna!!"
Christine Sheppard $50.00 "Have a great run, Sarah!"
Monya Jennings $30.00 "We love you Phelicia. You are awesome!!! ccBGR"
TTS On-On $69.69 "Make sure you stop at the Beer Check. I think somewhere around mile 22-24?"
Lauren McCaffrey $50.00 "ROCK IT LADY"
Teresa Gossard $50.00 "Yay Michy! Wonderful cause. I love you!! xxoo, teeta"
Brian, Barbara & Grace Lazarus $50.00 "Go Semper FI - thanks for supporting our heroes"
Paul Melo $50.00 "Go Britt ! You must have had some major training in SA from running away from all those wild animals."
Anonymous $100.00 "Good Luck with your first Marathon!"
Daniel Roeder Hidden "Run like a cheetah!"
Cathy Langford $50.00 "Way to go Alison, good cause. Good luck in your efforts. Love, Mom"
Shirley Wyman $100.00 "Good Luck in your EFFORT, and I know it will take a lot! Love you! Grandma"
debb borchardt $100.00 "Katie, i am so proud of you and the woman you have become. it brings me to tears to see your beautiful face and your smile that lights up the room. thank you for being a dedicated Military spouse; it's the best job in the world! i recently participated in the Wounded Warrior Run in andy's memory and it was wonderful. please thank your husband for his service and dedication to keeping us safe. and God bless all of our US Marines. your boys are adorable. with deepest aloha, d"
Jacob Rannels $26.20 "Go hard or go home!"
Mary Jentz $26.20 "Good Luck! If I volunteer this year, I will let you know where to look for me! (I'm too chicken to run this year, maybe next time.)"
Monica Hernandez $26.20 "Showhorses unite! It will be an honor to share the course with you and Emily again!"
Joe Vish $25.00 "Runners are weird. Good luck, Shemp!"
Jordan Jarrett $50.00 "Good luck, Monica! "
Doug Visscher $25.00 "Good luck Monica - I'm happy to help!"
Vanessa Jackson $25.00 "Best of luck to you my friend!"
John & Mary Luskey $30.00 "WOW! You go girl!!!!!! "
Jennifer Cord $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Paige O'Keefe $25.00 "Good Luck Brandon! My grandfather was a proud Marine! "
Anonymous $140.00 "Sending a little extra sunshine your way! GP Comms Team"
Anonymous $100.00 "Enjoy your run mike from an army veteran"
Amanda Winfree Hidden "Go Brandon!"
Cecelia Dore Hidden "Have a great run!"
Julie Cook $26.20 "Good Luck Dan!!!"
Debbie Long $25.00 "Good luck, Keely!"
Connie Roberts $25.00 "Way to go Katie!!! Keep up the hard work. Everyone is proud of you,especially your parents. I will be praying for you. Connie"
Melanie Collicott Hidden "Good luck!"
Halima Kadiri $30.00 "Well done! Worthy Cause to support."
Beverly Hudson $26.20 "I am and always have been so very proud of you! You go girl!!! "
Paul Condry $100.00 "Dave- Thanks for your service, I am proud of you. As a father of US Marine..I am grateful for all that you do! Semper Fidelis "
Harry Frank $65.50 "$5 for each mile of the Marine Corps Historic Half...hope your fundraising goes as well as your training! See you in October!"
Marie Gonzalez $25.00 "not much but hope it helps :)"
Madeline Davila Adams $50.00 "So proud of you, my friend! "
Shannon Servando $200.00 "Good Luck! Your godfather would be so proud to see you accomplish this!"
john saylor $50.00 "Keep up the good work Joe."
Martie Voland Hidden "Have a great race!"
Stephen Rutten $50.00 "Good luck!"
Kirsten Wilkins $50.00 "Good luck, Donna! Looking forward to some long runs together this summer!"
Jeanne Taylor $20.00 "Good luck Katie. I loved what you wrote on this site.and I know you will succeed."
Michele & Dave Sargalski $50.00 "My dad is going to be so proud!! Bring on the tissues!!! Have a great run!! xoxo"
Robert Rosado $50.00 "Good Luck JR !!!!!!!!!!!"
Catherine Warwick $250.00 "still in your debt, now and Forever. "
Ellen & Mitch Greeson $100.00 "We know you can do it again. Have fun."
Jimmy Johnson $100.00 "Go Sam"
Amanda Winfree Herrmann $25.00 "Go Dave!"
Suzanne Monti $50.00 "Run for All! Semper Fi"
Susan Perlman $50.00 "Good luck, Alison! You will do great! "
Margaret Trela $50.00 "So proud of you Godson....long may you run! Love, Peggy & Big Willy"
Jenny Calo $20.00 "Good Luck! Love the Calo Family :) "
Louis Switlik $150.00 "Good luck, Cindy. Semper Fi"
Jeff & Wendy Baxtor $20.00 "Donating in Honor of Jordan Baxtor!"
Stuart Rubinstein Hidden "Good luck honey! I'm so proud of you."
Bruce & Nancy Gleason $75.00 "Good luck, Liana!"
Richard Eveland $25.00 "Good luck DJ!"
Vanessa CdeBaca $25.00 "So proud of you Monica! You and your team are amazing!"
Susan Joan Smiley Baker $100.00 "Brian, enjoy the journey!"
Joe and Lisa Calafiore $100.00 "Good Luck Julia! Uncle Joe, Aunt Lisa , Joe and David"
beverly schoch $30.00 "Ryan, I am so proud of you, your community service is beyond words, Love Aunt Beve"
Ana Dowling $25.00 "We wish you the best in this marathon! We are so proud of you! We wish we could go and wach, but we'll be far away again :("
Ruby Sherman $50.00 "Good luck and have a wonderful run! Ruby"
Edward Switlik $100.00 "Good Luck Cindy!"
Deb Sodora $50.00 "You go amazing Trish!! I'll be praying for you and all of our armed service men and women that day and always!!! Love, Deb"
jim switlik $100.00 "Cindy, you go girl! Great job!"
Katherine Hunter Hidden "Dave, you continue to be an inspiration, thank you!"
Eduardo Valle $20.00 "Cuenta siempre con nosotros"
Rosa Valenzuela $10.00 "Es poco, pero de todo corazón!"
Eileen Cook $50.00 "Good Luck Dan!"
R'chelle Hughes $26.20 "Go girl!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck Steve!"
Wesley Riffle $25.00 "Love you Son."
Cathy Clayton $25.00 "Jeff you are going to "rock" MCM!! I'm so excited I'll be there to see you do it!! What a great cause your a part of!! I'm thrilled to help you reach your goal!!"
Anonymous $40.00 "Thank you for running to honor our heroes Marti! From an old ELP friend. "
Jessica LOCKHART $25.00 "Mike- we're so glad you're running. Thanks. George and Jessica"
john osborn Hidden "Good Luck Neil"
Julie Haley $50.00 "Naomi, once again you are doing a wonderful thing! Everyone should have a little of your generosity."
Stephen Blum $100.00 "Brian, I am very proud of your commitment to both running/fitness and to charity. Wishing you a swift run filled with tail winds!"
DAYSY OTERO $150.00 "This is an awesome way to support those who have done so much for our country. "
stu milam $250.00 "good luck daughter"
Matthew/Amey Trout $25.00 "Donating Money, never donated to anything before ever. Semper Fi Marines!"
Meredith Poore $25.00 "Good Luck Tommy!! You are gonna kill it!"
tuyen tran $25.00 "Thank you Dave for all that you do."
Shirley Gaufin $25.00 "Good luck, Kathy! I'm Ann Dye's sister and I'm happy to support this cause."
Pam Bedard $26.20 "Tom, great cause....run your heart out!! :)"
brett anderson Hidden "Rock On!"
Michelle Dawkins $26.20 "You are an inspiration! Good luck with you training!"
Ann/Bob Baggett $20.00 "Run like the wind"
Joan Kroha $100.00 "Go Tommy!"
Valerie Poulos $25.00 "Mike, Thanks for spending your day off running for our vets. Happy to support a great cause. Valerie"
John Pearson $25.00 "Very proud of you Katie."
Betsy Gerner Hidden "Go get 'em Pauline and Andrew! You will do great!!!! Bets and George"
tracy graham $100.00 "Good luck, Dan! We wish you all the best- Dr. Brennan and Dr. Graham"
Chris and Nancy McNeill $100.00 "Go Eddie! Can't wait to cheer you on in DC. It will be a great weekend. "
George Thompson Hidden "See Paul run. Run Paul run!!!"
Michelle Kelly $25.00 "Good luck in the marathon - hope there is no crawling!"
Michael Grennan $100.00 "From the Metairie CrossFit family! Semper Fi! "
Jorge Miranda $25.00 "Congratulations for taking on this cause and run. Good luck."
Michele & Chris Kelly $25.00 "Way to go, Bradford! "
Timothy Dreiling $100.00 "Good luck Roberto!"
Kimberly Ottum $50.00 "Good Luck Barb...what a great cause."
Talia Russell $26.20 "Way to go Anutie Laurie!!!! Love Talia"
Kathy Wise $100.00 "Congrats graduate! MCM number 3 will be a piece of cake! Boiler Up!!!"
Henry Danis $50.00 "Run Marine Strong!"
Mary Ann Pearson $25.00 "Im so proud of you Katie. Keep up the good work. Love Grandma Pearson"
Sue Singleton $25.00 "Ryan, Great job and Thanks for helping those in need."
Laurie Gokey Hidden "Amazing cause, Brennan! Good luck!"
Michael Botzum $50.00 "Great Cause, I am glad to help."
Rich Demick $50.00 "Good Luck Jim, I want to see a sub 3!"
Dan Conley $50.00 "Pound that pavement brah!"
Dave Barchick Hidden "Good luck, Steve! We are rooting for you!"
Roberta Smith $25.00 "Have fun & Ohhh Rah! -Barry & Roberta Smith"
Jorge Luquis $25.00 "Suerte y espero alcances tu meta pronto!"
Scott Poulton $50.00 "Good luck! The Flyers Run for the Cup in 2014"
Robert & Kimberly Kroha $100.00 "Tommy, Wow, really? From smoking butts, driving a jeep and now 26.2... good for you!"
Stephanie Kiriluk $250.00 "Happy to make the donation to a great cause, but you owe me double if you don't complete your mission! "
Mary Beth Montgomery $50.00 "Go Sonya!"
George Wolf $50.00 "Thank you for participating in this important fundraiser. My wife and I are friends of your Mother and Dad. We wish you success on your run!!"
Leslie Hann $25.00 "Great cause, Sheri!"
FRANK COSTANZA $500.00 "This donation comes from the Veteran's Support Council at Mackay Sposito, Inc. I had the privilege to fight along side some of these Marines while I was with Suicide Charley. I am proud to be apart of a company that understands and appreciates the sacrifices that are made everyday by the brave men and women who continue to defend this great nation. Semper Fi. Frank Costanza Land Survey Tech Mackay Sposito."
Peter Kadzielawski $50.00 "1. Mucha nie siada :-) 2. W dzemie sila drzemie! "
Cami Klein Hidden "Keep up the good work, Esther!"
Lorna Boyd $25.00 "A personal charity for me and my family, thank you Brandon!"
Paul Bergstrom $100.00 "Quarter pole"
Denise Anderson $100.00 "Thanks for supporting our Military!!!"
Michele & Matt North $25.00 "Oorah!"
Niki Robshaw $45.00 "Good Luck Ryan! We are so proud of you!"
Michael Johnson $500.00 "Semper Fi"
April Kennedy $50.00 "You can do it GiGi!!!! "
Aimee Prause $25.00 "We are cheering you on!"
Gaby Ahrens $20.00 "Good luck Martha, I hope you reach your goal and more."
Ted Towne $25.00 "Semper Fi"
Patricia D'Augustine $250.00 "Good Luck, Joe would be so proud as I am too."
Ilene Breckel $50.00 "Good luck and what a great cause - so proud of you! "
Brian Stevenson $10.00 "Good job Jesse !"
Patrick & Lisa Switlik $50.00 "" Ooh Rah!!!!!! ""
Jim and Mary Faircloth $25.00 "Keep up the good work Katie!!!"
David & Deborah Fockler $100.00 "Go Mike, go!! You guys that do those marathons have my respect and admiration. I would be dead after one mile."
Christopher Henry $50.00 "Glad to support our troops!"
Tamera Munch $100.00 "Good luck Jim. Glad we can train together over the summer!"
Nathan Sartell $20.00 "Bud & Nita Haight...aka Bawana & Wahani!"
Hannah and Sam Oliver $50.00 "Can't wait to join you on race day! "
Jospeh Black $50.00 "Go Glow!"
Agnes Perez $80.00 "Car wash money raised! Thanks to everyone who supported me! "
Anonymous $50.00 "Thanks for doing this, Lisa! You rock!"
Meg Rithmire $100.00 "Have fun! I am happy to support your terrible decision to run a marathon."
The fabulous Gregorios Family $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Brian Richie $26.20 "Go Catherine! Your transformation as a runner has been inspiring. "
Carl and Chris Desmarais $50.00 "John, good luck with this marathon!!"
Henry Spengler $100.00 "Dear Caroline, Much success and happiness with your run. Love Mom & Dad"
David Wanamaker Hidden "I admire you for running for these charities, you rock Beth!"
Edward Hatch $100.00 "Have fun!"
Brad Losego $26.20 "Good Luck Matt and Shelly, great cause you are supporting! Hopefully PepsiCo can follow-through with a match for you."
Patricia Himan $100.00 "I am very proud of you!"
Stephanie Hoaglund $50.00 "Run Kyle, Run! For a very worthy cause!! The Hoaglunds are rootin' for you!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Kick ass Alex! BTW, Semper Finance!!! Hoorah SMC! "
sandy schwartz $100.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on and hopefully do some of your training with you."
VICTOR & JODY HOYOS $25.00 "Have a great time running the marathon and good luck reaching your goal for the fund"
Linda Kirby Hidden "Erin, I am so proud of you! You are running for a great cause! I am excited to see you run and beat your previous time! I love you lots!"
Robert Plimpton $50.00 "Kieth, you are the man! "
Andrew Stewart $50.00 "Hey, I took that picture in KV! You're a true hero, Keith. Semper Fi, Brother."
Jeff Rogers $200.00 "You are a rock star in my eye babe! Run Forest, Run!"
Pat Tamlyn $100.00 "You make me so proud. Keep up the great work. Love, Nana"
Russ/Nanci Gidding $25.00 "Semper Fi Keith, enjoy the run!"
Tom and Gail Farrell $100.00 "You are our inspiration. Lots of Love, Mom and Dad"
Ben Saylor $262.00 "Way to go Erin! Thank-you for your hard work to support this important cause."
Tracey DiPaul Hidden "You are an inspiration...thanks for all your thoughts n prayers!!!"
Alberto Corvo $100.00 "Go Brian!!"
Matt Schwartz $100.00 "Good luck, Shaya!"
Beth McBryan $100.00 "Good Luck Patrick!"
Jeremy Russell $25.00 "Don't eat right before the race. You might get cramps! Drink a lot of water. But not right b4 da race because you might get cramps! Wind is your best friend. Run with it! Eat lots of vaseline so you sweat out lubrication. Your nips will thank you! But don't eat it too close to the race. You'll get cramps!"
A. J. Jersey, Inc. Mike DiIusto $100.00 "A. J. Jersey, Inc."
Marc Schweig $26.20 "Great cause Brian!"
Tom Hewitt $50.00 "Karen wishing you all the best in your efforts. Inspirational!!!"
ritu maghera $10.00 "Best of luck my dear!!! xoxo"
Carol & Harry Dietrich $50.00 "Enjoy the run, Rick, for a great cause!"
Keith Thomas $50.00 "Go Shay Go!"
Justin Feil $50.00 "Good luck Shane, I'm really hoping for a podium spot out of you!"
Arthur & Cheryl Schwartz $100.00 "We love you!!! Mom and Dad"
David Cohen $26.20 "In honor of 3 of my friends that served two tours each in Afghanistan."
Rosemary Stansberry $20.00 "Go get your dreams"
Terry & Vicki (Tony) Wright $40.00 "In Memory of our son: Tony Wright"
John Goble $25.00 "Happy to honor those who protect our way of life with the ultimate sacrifice. How appropriate that it is D-Day today too. Way to go Shayla! God bless you and your mission."
Theresa Williams-Mott $100.00 "Go Shauna!! With love from your Always Faithful/Always Loyal Cousin!!!! xoxo"
Lad Rizman $100.00 "Jim, thanks for your continued Service!!, Lad Rizman"
Zoanne Pokriefka $100.00 "Shane - Great Charity! I know you can do it!!!!!!! "
Matthew Stainback $50.00 "Go Jodi! - Love Matt & Megan"
George Helm $50.00 "Go, Jo go!"
Tammy Boyer $100.00 "I know you can do it!!! Love, your favorite aunt :)"
David Gawlik Hidden "I'm so glad that you stand for such a good organization. I'm really glad that there are people like you who are making a difference! Keep up the good work!"
Jade Allen Vendor Blender- Mary Kay $100.00 "Phillipians 4:13 " I can do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens Me!" "
Christine Sweeney $100.00 "Way to go Jen!!! You and Kevin are going to be great... Be careful not to leave Kevin too far behind! So proud of you for running, Christine. Xo"
Glynda Schroeder $50.00 "You go, girl! I'm so proud of your committment to great causes. Love,Glynda"
Erica Gervais Pappendick Hidden "Way to go Jenn and Kevin! So proud to support your run!"
Steve & Joy Neal $100.00 "Great Cause! Happy to be able to help you guys reach your goal. Good luck on race day!"
Anonymous $35.00 "We are proud of you! Keep on running - we love you! Nilla & Penny"
Raul Aguirre $100.00 "I wish you the best Hermano! What you are doing is amazing and I wish you the best."
Tina Worthington $100.00 "I am proud of you Brad. You will do good. ' Love Mom"
Michael Guzzo $25.00 "Ill throw in another $20 if you give an astounding high kick as soon as you cross the finish line."
Debo90rah McClintock $50.00 "Jimmy, As always, so proud of you, I will be at the finish line.....Love Mom"
Thomas Harlow $200.00 "God Bless America and Go Michelle! Love, Mom and Dad"
Karen Summers $25.00 "Proud of you Brad!"
Theresa Daukshus $50.00 "Wishing you the very best because you are!"
Tim & Julie Oddy $50.00 "Get it done Hinx!!!!"
Nicholas Pagliuca $10.00 "Great cause, good luck with your goal."
Colleen Taylor $26.20 "You've come a long way Ashley! You're going to do great!"
Judith Thomas $100.00 "So proud to have a daughter-in-law who runs to serve others. "
Amy Parker $50.00 "You are an inspiration, Keith! XOXO!!"
Beulah Wray $25.00 "Good luck, Love Grandma"
Grand Pa Jim $50.00 "I am real proud of you Brian"
Nonna Ida Moscioni $25.00 "Brian, We are real proud of you and your friends and know that you will make a lot of people happy with your very successful run."
Chris Corning $25.00 "Thanks Keith!"
Ann Berns Hidden "Go Barb! "
yolanda taylor $100.00 "Go Jenn Jenn! wish I could be there to run (or watch) with you. I know you guys will do great"
Brent Belanger $50.00 "I'll be there to cheer you on!!"
Edward Mollingowski Hidden "Thank you Paul , Love Dad"
Lenna Matthews $25.00 "Way to go Dawn!"
Mark Taylor Hidden "time to increase your goal Marine!"
Megan Woodcock $50.00 "It's all about the hardware! So proud of you. Miss you!"
Dave Bina $26.20 "Good Luck!"
Pamela Grant Hussey $100.00 "Run like the wind Chris!"
James Roque $25.00 "Go get it!! Running for a great cause."
stephanie tandy $25.00 "Good luck buddy :)"
Lj Rachel $10.00 "Good luck =)"
Lynn Dicton $100.00 "Have a great race Brian. Great cause!"
Jason Browning $50.00 "I will be standing by at the halfway point will plastic cups of vodka for ya!"
joseph serenson $10.00 "Semper fi"
alan and mary berger $100.00 "We are so proud of you Kim. Mom and Dad."
Brezy Rivas $200.00 "The first step to making a difference is to set an example. We can all be victims, but we excel when we show we are survivors instead."
Wendy Roope $50.00 "Robin, as I'm not making a paycheck at the moment, this is the best I can give at the moment. If you do this again, hit me up girl and I will be in a better place to do more!! Run like the wind beautiful...love you!"
Lindsay Tessler $100.00 "Good luck Sammy!!"
David Whatley $5.00 "Go Aunt Tiff Go!"
Katie Whatley $5.00 "Run Aunt Tiff Run!!!!"
Jacob Whatley $5.00 "Run Faster!!!!!!!!!!!"
Angela Haws $20.00 "Good luck John! You're an inspiration to us all :) The Haws"
Brian Corcoran $100.00 "You guys are badasses. Except for the silly nicknames. -"Weeder""
Kevin Ray $50.00 "Go have some fun and enjoy the run for a great cause. Don't punish yourself while training though. "
Dennis Ryan $25.00 "John, Good luck, great organization!! Denny"
Anonymous $25.00 "Happy Running! So proud of you!!"
Clara Lantz $7.11 "Go Mommy, go! "
James Lantz $10.10 "I'm so proud of you! Run great!!"
Erin Dunne Hidden "Go Keith Go!"
David Munford $150.00 "Karen, Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to run this marathon! Love, David"
Julienne Camhi $36.00 "Enjoy the run! Love, Julienne & Neil"
Ron Ghiraldi $10.00 "Crush it! Namaste..."
Morgan Buchner $25.00 "Hope you enjoy!!"
Kailey Kilmartin $25.00 "Go Danny! "
william lantz $50.00 "for a great cause... we're proud of you!"
Susan Porter $100.00 "Go Daniel! We love you!"
Kathryn Novak $50.00 "So proud of you! Thank you for running for Josh!"
Jason Braff Hidden "Good luck Sam! Jay+Coll"
Jason Goldwater $50.00 "You are an inspiration to me and many others! Keep it up dear friend!"
Brian Good $78.60 "I'm in for a dollar a mile for each of the Three Amigos. Have a good run!! BGood"
Peggy Frey $20.00 "Go get 'em, Gerry!!! High five to ya!! From the Freys"
Anonymous Hidden "You are awesome! Keep running and smiling!"
Sharon Loguidice $50.00 "Jennie, Gram, JoHanna and I will be there to root you on......Run Jennie Run....love you"
John Trotti $100.00 "Semper Fi Fund is truly wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to participate"
Theresa Jackson $100.00 "A Big Thank you to you and all of the runners. Former Army Engineer"
Carroll County Young Marines $75.00 "The Carroll County Young Marines are proud to support one of our alumni in such a worthy cause. Oorah!"
Brian Carlson $26.20 "Insert inspirational message here"
Amy Westrup $25.00 "GO DONNA!!! So Proud of You! Love, Dave, Amy, Molly & Kathleen "
Luanne Rutt $100.00 "Good Luck, wish I could run it again with you."
In Jordan's Honor, Ltd. JoAnn Lyles $200.00 "Run Karl Run!!"
Yvonne Kearney $100.00 "You ROCK girlfriend, best of luck to you! Don Yvonne Enya Colm & Neasa Kearney xo"
Stacey Ramey $5.00 "I am Proud of what you are doing!!!"
Jerry Matthew $25.00 "Good Luck John!"
Anita Schneidewind $50.00 "Good luck!"
Norm Chester $26.20 "Way to go Esther!"
Daniel Ives $49.00 "Make sure to carry a PBR!"
Elizabeth Montgomery $25.00 "Go Dawn!!! You are wonderful! xoxo Liz"
Doug Dalena $25.00 "You go, Harrison. Great cause and a great race. "
Joey Ammouri $25.00 "Yo go Hurr!"
Deborah Jenssen $10.00 "Great cause Chris. Good Luck! I wish I could give more."
Gary Arne $50.00 "Just Keep smiling and moving ahead until you hit the finish line!"
Christine Schmitt Hidden "Yay HB! Love the cause you're running for! "
Keegan Drenosky $25.00 "AMURRICA!"
Kenneth White $25.00 "Go "Phew"... hoo rah!"
Lisa Mason $25.00 "Good luck training!!! Hope the race is great :) Let's talk running when we catch up!! I wish you the best!! :)"
Allison Raich $26.20 "Let's cross together! YEAH! GO TEAM BEAV!!"
Aaron Rosenberg $50.00 "Good luck!"
Meaghan Smith $100.00 "Jes, Daniel and Andy - you guys are awesome! I didn't know Jeffrey but I respect his service, honor his memory and recognize what your family has given up/lost because of his service as well. Families serve right alongside their loved ones, just in a different way :) "
William Davis $26.20 "Run David Run!"
Tom and Pam Honan $10.00 "Harrison who?"
Cindy Miller $25.00 "Hi Jen, I am so proud of you!! Love you Cindy"
Winnie Stokes $15.00 "Have fun."
James Cleland $50.00 "Happy running William. "
Lea Marcello $50.00 "Run John, run! xoxo Lea and Frank"
Jeanette Kendall $50.00 "Way to go, Brent!"
Ginny Mickolajczyk $30.00 "Proud to know you! Thanks for helping our vets!"
Deanna Navaroli $500.00 "Good luck Adam & Emily! Thank you for contributing to an amazing cause!"
Karen Leverette Hidden "Go Lindsay! So proud of you running this marathon again this year! We love you! Mom and Dad"
Michael Kennedy $25.00 "Good luck Harrison!"
Stephan Meekhof $100.00 "Our maker broke the mold when you were born and said "all is good brother", RUN ON"
Anonymous $250.00 "GO Allison! Best wishes, Your Michigan Marine. "
Bob & Kay Waterloo $25.00 "Go Darryl!"
Ed LeSage Hidden "Good for you guys! All our vets need all the support we can give them for the many sacrifices they make on our behalf. And BTW... Congrats on the engagement and upcoming wedding. Looking forward to it. Much love, Ed and Marc"
Grace Spalding $30.00 "GO JEN!!!!"
Kerry Leahy $30.00 "Good luck, Sam!! You're going to do amazing!! :) "
Mark Pomerantz $100.00 "Go for it Alex! Thank you for including me!"
Jane Barbini $25.00 "Proud of you, Peter! -- Jane & Ed "
Abram Schmier $36.00 "running for a good cause aunt Raquelle & uncle Abram"
Beth & Kurt Hansen $100.00 "Be fleet of foot but, pass on the half-gallon challenge! Beth & Kurt"
Isiah Avila $40.00 "Thank you Mel and Martin for your donation of $40!"
Philip Sercia $100.00 "You have always been an amazing man Peter - Congratulations and good Luck....."
Nicole Livas $50.00 "Good Luck, Bill! You inspire me! Go Mason!"
Michael King $40.00 "Good luck from Tray and me."
Ariel Michael Furman $250.00 "Proud of you always Uncle Peter- Matt, David, Andrew, Kathleen and Mike"
Tom Arundel $45.00 "Semper fi. Hoorah! Straight ahead!"
Jim Drew $260.20 "Jon, Run like the wind."
Igor Model $25.00 "Pete, I feel honored to know you. This is a great way to support our Heroes!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Whoop!"
Aunt Nancy Chambers $50.00 "I am so proud of you. I love you for thinking of our brave wounded soldiers. Love you aunt Nancy"
Paul Bergstrom $100.00 "Halfway"
CHAD LINDLER $50.00 "Keep up the good work.ch"
Anonymous $50.00 "Kick Butt! From the Trees..."
Linda Robillard $100.00 "Good luck on your fund raising ,Meredith."
Stephanie Milton $50.00 ""The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." Robert Frost"
Paul and JoAnn Milza $75.00 "Proud of you as always. Love , Mom and Dad"
Robert D & Kelly Stewart $50.00 "Good Luck Kieth! Great worthy cause!"
Ralph Worthington $150.00 "Good Luck, Brad! We'll be rooting for you"
Valeska & Jason Iorio $25.00 "Good luck from Jason & Valeska Iorio"
Ellie Keating $25.00 "I'm proud to contribute for you, Jill. Love, Aunt Ellie"
Charles Yagar $25.00 "This is a great way to help, Jill. Good luck!! Love, Charlie"
Deana Havens $15.00 "Go Amanda!"
Debbie Tang Hidden "Happy Birthday!"
Karen Chapman $30.00 "Dear Roger, You look wonderful! Your dad would have been soooo proud of you! Much love and good luck! Go Roger!! Sincerely, Karen Chapman"
Heather Forte $26.20 "Awesome! Go out....have fun and support a good cause! "
Kathleen Coney $50.00 "Go Eddie!"
Ezekiel Jalloh $50.00 "Good Luck, Will. I believe in you."
Ali Ricco $25.00 "What a great cause to support! Go Jen! Love, Nick and Ali "
Baby Volpi $34.00 "Yay Aunt Shelly! Love Baby Volpi (and I guess Mom and Dad too)"
Kay Hensel $50.00 "So proud of you! Love you, Gram"
Brian Elgart $50.00 "Very proud of your comittment to this most wothy cause."
Beth and Rick Farmer $126.20 "Mom says, we are proud of you. Dad says, save enough energy to walk up the hill to Ireland Four Courts for a Guinness or a cider."
Kate Donelon $26.20 "Go Shauna!! We are going to have a blast running this :)"
Ben Hilger $25.00 "Run,Billy!!! Run!!' :)"
donald scott Hidden "Get it!"
Brooke McWilliams $20.00 "Good Luck Josh!! You've got this! Remember..more fettuccini Alfredo and less water before the race. It's what Michael Scott would do. "
Samuel Royer $100.00 "In honor of your 20yrs Rich, I will run the 26.2! And to all service men and woman out there, thank you for serving! My family appreciates you!"
Jim Welshman $26.20 "Thanks for joining Team Jersey Strong. "
Jim Sobeck $100.00 "You da man, Jon!"
John Hemingway Hidden "Good luck in all your efforts!"
Jon & Ginny Stewart $50.00 "Good for you, Francis. Repeat the message closer to the event and maybe we can add something. Jon and Ginny"
Floro and Nora Caballo $40.00 "We are cheering for you, Izzy!"
Lisa Gevov $10.00 "Thanks Brian."
Eric Gastfriend $26.30 "Woohoo Jarde Schlenkey and Spaghetti Oaks!"
Nicole Bainbridge $20.00 "Good Luck!! :) "
Heidi Leech $25.00 "Go Jenny!"
Brenda Sammis $25.00 "we are behind you all the way!"
Bruno & Marie Macaro $50.00 "Go John. We hope to be at the finish line."
Gray Price $26.20 "Good for you, Dave!"
Hugo Del Bove $100.00 "Good luck Esther! It is a pleasure to help you in this endeavor. Hugo"
Sharon Cunningham $33.00 "Go get 'em!"
Abigail Linnane $25.00 "Kick some ass Uncle Tommy! Hope you thrash my dad!"
Lew Puller $10.00 "You are as hard as they come! Ooh Rah!"
Kristen Somerville $25.00 "Cam, Braden, and I are counting on you to beat MK & Billy! Don't let me down! Don't tell Billy, but you are the brother I always wanted!"
Carolyn Linnane $10.00 "Good luck! Thanks for being such a good role model / big brother for Billy! You're just what he needs in his life!"
Tom Frazier $72.00 "Semper Fi!"
Sharon Cunningham $33.00 "Go get 'em!"
Sharon Cunningham $33.00 "Go get 'em!"
Sarah Kim $250.00 "Make us proud!"
Carmen & Casey Perez $100.00 "Good luck buddy!! We're proud of you for giving back..."
Ken & Ellie Cleary $50.00 "Good luck Adam & Emily"
Brandi"Tastefully Simple" Porter $100.00 "Thank you for letting me be part of the Vendor Blender fundraising event! I would love to do more fundraising with you. I look forward to working with y'all again soon. God Bless to you and all your contributors. "
Jaime Flood $75.00 "Good luck Shauna!! Thank you for supporting such an awesome cause!"
Ally & Mike Darling $50.00 "Thanks for all you do!"
paul blake $10.00 "Apologies for the small amount....am jobless. Good luck with it dude and I wish I could be there to see you sweating at the finish line!"
Anita Greenwald $36.00 "Ben, Good luck! Go from strength to strength :) Anita"
Evan O'Rourke $50.00 "Congrats and good luck!! I agree with saving energy for the beer at the end!"
Lucy Massarelli $100.00 "Your the best! Proud to support you in this!"
Michael Gehrki $100.00 "Hell, I'd do it just to see what it'd look like.."
Lindsay & Richard Anfang Hidden "Good Luck!"
Rob McCarthy $26.20 "Way to go Esther!"
Rebecca Middleton $26.20 "Run, Jenny, run!"
Laura Ferreira $50.00 "Thanks Lisa! It's easy for me to go online and make a contribution, but for you to put the time and effort into training and completing this event makes me consider you a hero too!"
Margaret Adkins $100.00 "Way to go, Rob1 We're proud of you and pulling for you! Love, Peg and Greg"
Helga and Mayer Luden $50.00 "Ben, America has been a wonderful country to us. We support you. Mayer and Helga Luden"
Susan Reid Hidden "Crystal, Thanks for all you are doing for the Fund! You help make it all happen!! ~S"
Michele Singer Hidden "Great cause! Happy to help :) "
Todd Henricksen $50.00 "Go Ben Go"
Jeanina Joseph $26.20 "Good luck baby <3"
Candace Flowers $10.00 "Good luck, have fun :) "
Stephanie Tesorero $50.00 "We want to see smoke coming out of those Brooks on the 27th!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Your dedication to this wonderful cause is so inspiring. Ray and Ann"
Lynn Bensy $140.00 "Cleaned out my PayPal account for my favorite person in the whole world! I'm so proud of you, Ben! You've grown up to be a fine man and a great American!"
Jennifer Kindt $50.00 "Good luck Chris! - Pam and Jen"
Tracey Brunetti $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Lynda and Ken Gregson Hidden "Have a great run, Emily and Adam! We will be cheering for you! :-) Lynda and Ken"
Sullivan & Tommy Frazier $55.00 "You're our hero! Please beat Uncle Billy like a drum!"
Igor Koyfman $50.00 "Good luck on the race - this is a great cause!!"
Phillip Radzikowski $25.00 "Good Luck Greg! Your going to SMASH the run!"
Eric Canedo $25.00 "Go get 'em! And don't forget your running shoes...no chucks!"
Mia & Ethan Melnick $50.00 "dear mommy you did a good job on run or dye i love you from miamelnick"
Jaciel Cordoba $26.20 "Good luck with your run Sam"
Agnes Trice $25.00 "Good luck! And most of all, have fun! :)"
Barbara Brown $26.20 "You are an awesome person running for an awesome cause. Enjoy the moment."
Keith Jenkins $20.00 "Good Luck! You're a better man than I am."
Catherine Capriles Hidden "Run with pride, Agnes and Bobby! This is a great thing you do. One stride at a time. "
joy oakey $25.00 "May your feet be fleet Your breathing sweet Your muscles strong And your energy long"
Mitch Geist $26.20 "Thank you Sam! Good luck on your run"
Robert Cawley $50.00 "Good Luck Sam!!"
Stephanie Henke $200.00 "keep with it"
Hedy Chen $20.00 "Good luck, Steve! Excited to hear about the amazing things you are doing :)"
Phil Creutzmann $25.00 "Best of luck and thank you for supporting such a worthy cause."
Alycia Little $100.00 "Good luck to Marcus and all other participants, not only in the marathon, but in all future endeavors!"
Kristin Shaffer $25.00 "Run, cubie, run!"
Sugirtha Judd $100.00 "Rock & Roll Unlce Adam! Alex & Samantha"
Laurel Grady $50.00 "Go Laura! "
Daniel Jochnowitz $50.00 "Good luck!"
Andrea Bretal $100.00 "Run Gaston, run !!!"
Jeffrey and Robin Fudin $75.00 "Good luck Jason. Hopefully the funds will go a long way to help veterans!"
Christina Pinder $30.00 "You got this!"
tom and bibsie hannigan $25.00 "Good luck Tom, Semper Fi tom and bibsie"
Sharon Cowman $25.00 "So Proud of you, Alison. One of my favorite first graders."
Alfredo Fernandez $25.00 "Don't screw this up, Smith."
Emily Orndorff $25.00 "You are nuts!"
Jon Carpenter Hidden "Crush that race."
Cindy Jones $50.00 "Short, chubby mommies of the world unite! Run like the wind, sister!!!"
Marsha & Gary Nedorostek $50.00 ""Tadas... what it shwas!""
peggy lee $100.00 "Wishing you success in all three marathons."
Louis Bucchere $50.00 "Good Luck with the race! "
Pamela Day $50.00 "Good luck Team Newlyweds! Pam and Matt"
Ashley Owen $50.00 "GOOD LUCK Mindi! Run fast & run hard!"
Am Boehl $25.00 "Good luck Tod! "
GILBERT FUDIN $25.00 "Proud of you Jason.Worthy cause."
Jay & Charleen Hart $131.00 "$5.00/mile, We are so proud of you!!!!!"
Judy Van Gasse $50.00 "Great cause Ginny - have a good run. "
Ben Gilbert $50.00 "Semper Fi"
ron barnhart $20.00 "chris , We missed you on the Wagon Train this year, but I understand you were in training for the marathon,,, best of luck and "getty up go " !! barny"
irene Alch $10.00 "chris. Glad to support you, come on down and polka in Florida sometime .. Irene Alch"
Paul Mc $25.00 "Ooh-rah!"
Anne Orlando $26.20 "Good luck, Greg!!!"
Andrew Twigg $50.00 "Go Greg!"
Gerald Hasbrouck $26.20 "Like the wind..."
Shannon Scott $50.00 "So happy you're running for this great cause! We're all rooting for you! Shannon, Chris, Catherine & Christo!"
Ed Sammis Hidden "Jennie, what a great cause; happy to contribute to your effrorts. Now, get training!"
Lori Butler $100.00 "Good luck Michelle! We're hoping to come watch you run. And thanks for supporting the Marine Corps! Love, Lori, Mark, Drew, Zack"
Amanda Peacock $25.00 "Good luck with your MCM training! "
Joanne Spicer $26.20 "This donation is to support an amazing, dedicated and passionate runner who is supporting an admirable cause through her effort. Good luck to our wonderful daughter in this marathon and all future endeavors!"
Dan & Kelly Timco $100.00 "Thank you for doing this! I know daddy is so proud and I know he will be on your heart while you run! God bless!"
Yellow Ribbon Warriors - Poker Run $565.00 "Poker Run"
Katie Crona $45.00 "Woo hoo. Rockstar!"
Kathryn Gibson $100.00 "Go, Ben! Hope HC wins!"
Paul & Charlotte Hamilton $25.00 "Wish we could be at the finish line!"
Sherry Higgins $50.00 "Good job Sam, you are awesome! Your mortgage team is just as motivated as you are. The girls thank you!!!"
Louise Coughlan $100.00 "Good luck, we are behind you all the way. "
Ann Linehan $100.00 "YOU are the best!!! Hugs"
Tracy Grant $25.00 "Go for gold!"
The Feeney Family $100.00 "We have been supporting the WWF for many years. Good luck with your run. "
Kurt D'Alessandro $100.00 "Good Luck for a Great Cause."
Anonymous $232.00 "Thanks to all those that supported the yard sale fundraiser!!!su"
Rita King Hidden "Thanks Baffle... For doing this, for giving us the opportunity to help and most of all for serving!"
Matthew Bowers $100.00 "Great job Baffle...Oorah"
Alfred Hemingway $50.00 "Best wishes to Team AdEm in their run."
James Normand $50.00 "Have fun"
Mary and Steve Pott $50.00 "This is very honorable of you to do and will be an amazing accomplishment. God bless!"
Dan and Randi Paul-Heskins Hidden "Run baby, run!"
Marie Charlevois Hidden "Good luck Sam! "
Donna Pasternak $25.00 "Esther you rock! "
Steven Poffenberger $50.00 "Thanks for your talent as a runner to benefit the greatest men and women this country has to offer. God bless them and their families."
Luanne Bartles Hidden "Pete, thanks for running for such a worth cause..love you!"
Ellie Jefferson Hidden "From The Jefferson Family - Ellie, Ny, and Hannah"
Brendan Mulligan $50.00 "Good Luck, Trisa"
Nicole Weidensaul $15.00 "I am happy to support such a wonderful cause!"
Eileen Dearstine $25.00 "Keep up the good work!!"
Jennifer Fisher $75.00 "You are an inspiration! I am SO proud of you and will be sending you lots of positive thoughts!"
Kate Orie $25.00 "You go girl :) love you!"
Jonathan Freiman $50.00 "Good luck, Donna. "
gregory Brophy $25.00 "Go Donna! We love you! Greg, Marie, Charles, Juliette and Louis"
Melissa Finan $25.00 " Good luck!"
Gerry Kessel Hidden "Have a great run! Gerry & Howard"
Jordan Bock $25.00 "Go Steve! "
Caroline Pfabe $25.00 "Good luck! "
Maryellen Conk $100.00 "Great cause Peter. Thanks for doing this and GOOD LUCK!!!"
Anonymous $26.20 "Do run and have fun!"
Phil & Theresa Zielinski $50.00 "Good luck and thanks for your service!!"
Rich and Tally Lent $100.00 "We are proud of both of you! What a powerful way to begin your married life together. "
Diane Carson $100.00 "Way to go, Ben! The Carson's"
Melanie Savitsky $15.00 "You have been doing great! "
Earl & Julie Fitchett $100.00 "Thanks for running for Beer and the Semper Fi Fund. Its a great cause. Hope you guys like Bud. "
Jaime Ressler $26.20 "Your courage and conviction are contagious. Great going, Esther!"
Randal Allen $50.00 "Running a marathon barefoot?"
Kristy Downey $50.00 "I'm so proud of you... You are always striving to make yourself and the world around us a better place with your caring thoughts and deeds. Good luck and have fun. "
Stephanie Maynard $100.00 "Shawn, you are THE most motivated man I have ever met. You inspire many including me. I love you and tear 'em up."
Philip Coady $100.00 "HI Nick I congratulate and support your efforts in honoring our men and women in uniform. I wish you the best. Grandpa "
Matthew Antonellis $33.00 "Marcus, Glad to help out, and best of luck. - Matt and Carla"
ray and cil peterson $20.00 "Chris ... best wishes for a successful run, we're with you !!!! God Bless your efforts ... from one service man to another ...ray and cil ...."
red and irene freidhoff $20.00 "Chris and Family ...Best wishes to you and your family in this noble effort !! please know that your extended family in Johnstown is with you ... our best to all of you ... Red and Irene Freidhoff"
Michael Silver $25.00 "Good luck Donna- from Michael and Kathy Silver"
Paul Donohoe $100.00 "Go Chris! Nana and Pa"
Jeffrey Bartrom $50.00 "HELPout this amazing cause! Rock on!!"
Michael DAmico $50.00 "Great job from my great brother!!!!"
BorgWarner Livonia $26.20 "Bottle and Can Fund"
Mary Correia $50.00 "Good Luck Dan! Uncle Paul & Aunt Mary"
Ursula Gainty $25.00 " Jeff, Your grandfather, Marvin Hart would be proud of you! He was very athletic and was captain of teams for many different sports when he was in school. His sister ( your family called her Mom ) was my mother. Your father's sister Pat was like a sister to me. Her birthday was July 3rd and we always had big family get togethers on that date. Good luck i n the race .Maybe someday I'll get to meet you. Ursula Gainty the family called me "Ursie" "
Brande & Craig Jeidy $30.00 "Go Uncle Dave!"
Rick Corcoran, Jr. $50.00 "I'm paying extra in hopes of getting Ryan "Chesty" Frederick off the waiting list."
Traci Powell $100.00 "I'm proud of you Jimmy, good luck!"
Bill Porterfield $100.00 "Very good cause. From a former Dad's Nite member and U.S. Marine."
Kate Harwood $26.20 "Good luck on your run Mike!"
Maira Soto $25.00 "All the best!"
jeffrey Nietupski $25.00 "Niptuck was here!"
Georgene Carmack $20.00 "If I win, Colleen and Albert will get the tickets."
Anonymous Hidden "Training shirt"
Rian Pressman $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jim Farrell $150.00 "hey Ev, Your lucky my back has been acting up otherwise I'd run with you and i think i could take you!!!! Good Luck! Jim "
William Smith $50.00 "Antonio thanks for taking this on and good luck. Bill"
Shae Fitzpatrick $25.00 "Honored to be able to support such a studly, running duo for an inspiring cause. Best of luck John & Jarrod -- enjoy, and remember FINISH STRONG! Go get em' - Shaezam"
JC Lightcap $50.00 "A fatboy in motion tends to stay in motion..."
Karen Hicks $26.20 "Good luck Robert! "
Kristie Mac Coy $25.00 "I am happy to support you Dawn and such a great cause. You go girl!!"
Anne Walker Hidden "Go Dave! So proud of your determination and dedication! "
Todd Geardino $50.00 "Good Luck Dave "
Craig Cartner $25.00 "You go Dave!! This is awesome."
Rodney Rosser Hidden "Good Luck Dave!!!! Great cause to support!!!!"
Anonymous $250.00 "In memmory of 1LT Ryan McGlothlin, USMC"
Grant Miller $25.00 "Semper Fi"
Cam Greiwe $50.00 "Dave - go get em! Have wings on your feet. This is such a good cause! Cam"
Jeromy Higgins $50.00 "Good Luck Dave!"
pete ivanitch $25.00 "thanks "
Erin Stamper $25.00 "Go Zeebro! You're incredible!"
Rick Sams $25.00 "Eric- Good luck and have fun!"
Rich & Jake Alossi-Holloway Hidden "Thanks, Calvin! "
Tyrone and Melissa Finch $25.00 "Good luck. Have fun running."
Mike Johnson $26.20 "God bless Dave!"
Todd Levy $30.00 "Evan, I hear great things. Keep going strong. Who came up with a marathon for fundraising? I would have went with a wing eating competition. Todd "
Robert Finn $31.00 "I donated more than Todd Levy"
James Loucks $100.00 "Antonio, This is a great thing you are doing, good luck."
Annette Pasek $25.00 "Hi Dan, best of luck on the fund raiser, let us know where it is at! Great cause!"
Leo Otterbein $25.00 "I always knew all the dungeons and dragons playing you did as a youngin would turn you into a great runner!"
Leslie Hann $25.00 "Good luck, Rolland!"
Ara Chung $32.00 "It's on like donkey kong"
Doug and Jane Pickard $50.00 "Go Rol!!! Good luck."
Jason Morrison $234.99 "You better get your shit together or you're not going to make that 2.5K goal."
David Siler $100.00 "Donation made on behalf of G.J. Gardner Homes Fresno NW - Madera."
Lynda von Bargen $49.00 "You go Sue!!"
Bill Jones $25.00 "Slaughter the competition! "
Don and Mary Stoner $50.00 "Chris .. Please accept our best wishes and support for you.... please know that Johnstown Pa is behind YOU ... Hank and Mary Stoner"
Marshall and Mary Jane Bender $20.00 "Thanks for your service to our country. We are happy to support. Marshall and Mary Jane"
Mike and Becky Bomberger $20.00 "Chris, best wishes from a fellow US Marine. Semper Fi - Mike and Becky"
Kyle Hoops $26.20 "Great job Laura!"
John & Carolyn Fogarty $50.00 "Good luck, Megan and family!"
Ed and Katherine Kirschner $100.00 "What a great opportunity to run in the Marine Corps Marathon--possibly a once in a lifetime event! We look forward to seeing the pictures after you complete it! GO KATIE!!!"
Lew Alexander $250.00 "Baffle's nephew Lew"
Alyssa Hacker $20.00 "Lots of luck and love! Thank you for protecting us. Alyssa Hacker"
Drew Varano $25.00 "Lance Prager Semper Fi My friend!! "
Sally Lathrop $50.00 "You go girl!"
Ryan Hoover $25.01 "Winner!"
James Kinney $50.00 "Semper Fi Dave - Oorah - Finish Strong. Good Luck"
Harris Dainoff Hidden "Good Luck!"
Isiah Avila $20.00 "Thank you Deshaun!"
Robert Sweeney $150.00 "We'll be thinking of you. Mom & Dad"
Anonymous Hidden "Get em chicken legs!"
Barbette Foster $25.00 "Best of Luck...Barbette"
George Clapper $50.00 "Thanks for your service to our country and good luck with your continued training for the run....we know you are gonna rock this! We are happy to support you. ~The Clapper Family~"
Tina Mostrangeli $50.00 "Have a great race, Brian & Team! -- Tina, Steve & John"
Marlene Anderson $30.00 "My honor to help the veteran's in anyway I can."
Daniel Amador $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
John Hocking $25.00 "Good Luck Christian, LASD"
Alissa Mills $50.00 "For Sgt. Thomas R. MacPherson United States Army"
Pat Acocella $25.00 "Donna, you have our full support. Best wishes for your run. Pat and Sandy"
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Shealy Hidden "We are so glad to support you in this worthy effort! Our gift is in honor of all in our family who have served in the military."
Bonnie Manning $25.00 "Thank you Michelle for participating in this run for our Marines who have sacrificed their lives for us to live in this great land of freedom. Our hearts are with you as you cross the finish line and I wish you the best! Bonnie"
Alfred Lio $75.00 "Hi Chris"
Gary Morris $10.00 "Great job Lori!"
edward catabia $50.00 "To Brian Congratulations From Ed and MaryAnn"
Alicia Schildwachter $50.00 "Proud of you, Sister! Love, Peach"
Marcy King $50.00 "Good luck Chris!"
gib & diane Conover $100.00 "congrats on running for a great cause!"
Melissa Stedeford $26.20 "You are AMAZING Laurie! I'm proud to call you my friend. xxoo"
Samuel Oliver $150.00 "Good luck baby!"
Christine Murray Hidden "Good luck Dave!!"
Bob Ochaki $50.00 "In memory of Bob Ochaki"
Hope Scott $50.00 "Good Luck G! Know you'll kill it! xo"
Jerry & Paulina Hutchins $50.00 "Gods speed! May he give you the endurance all the way and carry you when you need it, "
Francis MacDonald $50.00 "Good Luck - Frank MacDonald CDS"
Danielle Hribik $25.00 "Best of luck with your training and the final event. This is a great cause and I am happy to support it."
Matt Duffy $300.00 "B-Man, congratulations and good luck. BP is going to match my contribution. Semper Fi,"
Benjamin Littauer $50.00 "Good luck Steve!!! "
Liz Gruber $36.00 "Go, Ben! You are an inspiration!"
Heidi Hyde $20.00 "Sally Hyde"
Heidi Hyde $20.00 "Tammy Davis"
Maria van Baaren $26.20 "Great cause! Thank you and best of luck!"
Fred Jr Nunes $75.00 "Got your back Buddy. "
Jessie Bruno $10.00 "Good luck Sarah! "
Kurt Blessinger $50.00 "Hi Eric, Run Fast -- Run Hard."
Brenda Herbstman $52.40 "With love from Brenda, Scott, CC & Flash!"
Alan Gump $75.00 "Watt, A great cause! Good luck with the run! All best, Alan & Serena"
Troy Hilliard $25.00 "Great cause and I'm glad to support."
Duke Hall $25.00 "From a former Marine! Great cause. Run swiftly. "
Mindy Dickmyer $100.00 "Kick it, girl! I'll be at the finish line with fireball. Holla!!"
Terzah Horton $25.00 "good luck--everyone looks so...military (surprise, surprise). "
Domenic Pesce $26.20 "Running for a great cause Chris!"
Shirley and Gary Wuslich $100.00 "Go, Susan!! You do so much for the Marines!!"
Henry Gleisberg $50.00 "3:10 or bust!"
Joseph Berger $100.00 "Good luck Jessie!!!"
Lisa Arnsdorf $52.40 "Run like the wind, Dawn! Love, Jon and LIsa"
KRISTI LAM $100.00 "You got this girl! Kick some ass!"
Kathleen Goosmann $75.00 "Good luck!! Love, Katie and Steve"
Kathleen Goosmann $74.00 "Good luck! Love, Katie and Steve!"
Barbra Gustis $25.00 "I hope you have an amazing birthday celebration! It's super wonderful of you to support this cause. I'm sorry I didn't make it, but I know you'll be rolling in the donations this evening! "
Rich & Linn Blessing $50.00 "Chris ... We are happy to help you in such a worthy cause... Our best to you and loads of success ... Rich and Linn"
Ed Taylor $50.00 "Thanks, Watt... Good For You !!!! Ed"
James Antonellis $100.00 "Thanks to all who serve!"
Robert Bernstein $26.20 "Just an average Sunday run for you. Haha God Bless those who go out there and follow orders without hesitation. I can't think of a better cause. "
Liz Antonellis $10.00 "Enjoy every sweet mile!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Great cause, Jessie! Finally made my donation :)"
Jenna Colacino $25.00 "Yay! Good luck!!"
Jessica James $150.00 "Wonderful Fundraiser at Hill Country! "
John Anderson $60.00 "Chris ... from a neighbor in forrest acres ...Thanks for your service .... best of luck ... Semper Fi ... john anderson"
David Mauger $25.00 "Go Glenn! I wish you a good run and a great time!"
Elizabeth Coady $100.00 "Here is the rest for you. Was able to get it to work. Love you, Grandma"
Lanny Breuer $50.00 "Jonathan, You excel in so many ways. It was a privilege being your colleague and a privilege to support you in this great cause. My best, Lanny"
Patricia Antonellis $50.00 "Wonderful way to show your dedication, strength, and commitment! Congrats-"
Kathryn G. Boyle $40.00 "OK, I can't stand being this close and not going over the top. I think I gave more last year, in any case."
Tyler Taylor $25.00 "Who knew old Dogs could still run? Tyler"
Luis Sanchez $50.00 "Semper Fi! Thank you! "
Maureen Francher $52.40 "I'm sure all that training will pay off! Dad and I will be there to cheer you on."
Darl & Victoria Murton $100.00 "Chris .... best wishes from Johnstown pa and Chestnut Ridge Energy of Pa ... God bless your efforts .. Darl and Vic .."
Charlie & Karen Freidhoff $40.00 "Chris .... Best wishes for your run and the Semper Fi Fund .., Thanks for making this happen .. some friends from Cambria County .. Charlie, Karen, and Connor Freidhoff"
Dauphin County Veterans Honor Guard $50.00 "Semper Fi Brother ... We are proud of you and glad to help with your Semper Fi Fundraiser .... Dauphin County Veterans Honor Guard"
NICK AND MELISSA COUFAS $50.00 "go get 'em Jeff"
Semper Fi Fundraiser August 2, 2013 $2,883.00 "Chris .. What you are doing is extremely noble !!!.. Know that your efforts are appreciated and respected... Your friends at the Semper Fi Fundraiser, August 2, 2013 ...."
Suzana Krasnicki $10.00 "Great cause! Good luck on the run!"
Carol McMahon $26.20 "Thank you for running for this cause Christine. You inspire me everyday!"
Patricia Prislin $50.00 "Happy Running! Go Dad!!"
Ellena Peterson $100.00 "Great Cause!"
Shannon Smith $125.00 "GO TEAM BEAV!!!"
Charlotte and Dick Engelke $100.00 "Hoo-rah!!!"
Maritsa Tyukody $25.00 "Best of luck, Michelle! We'll all be cheering for you!"
krista mihacevich $25.00 "kick some ass tammy!!!"
Kimberly Patton $10.00 "Good Luck!!"
Tricia Calloway $25.00 "For all my students who volunteer each year! Goodluck Tammy!"
Ashley Hamman $25.00 "Run erin Run! Wish I could be there with you. Good luck girl! :)"
Merri-Jo Somodi $25.00 "Good luck Tammy!! "
Deborah Thompson $100.00 "I'm proud of you for participating again in this important fundraising event! Love you, Mom"
Jeff Stoddard $100.00 "Go Army"
Angela Summers $25.00 "As a Marine Corps vet I'd like to personally thank you!"
Deb and Tim Bloomer $50.00 "Good Luck, Theo!"
katy Herrling $50.00 "Good luck!!!!"
Linda Mauck $25.00 "Thanks for supporting the Veterans!"
Jan Viehmann $50.00 "Dad and I are very proud of you, always!!!!"
Alice/Ed Hill $60.00 "Donation in the name of Tammy Burgess, happy 60th birthday! "
Pedro Moreno $50.00 "Amy, go, go, you are doing an amazing job! "
Sharon Bogdan $25.00 "You are going to rock every step! "
Michael Heier $100.00 "Todd luck Dennis. Mike & Chrys"
John Reilly $25.00 "Tramps like us Dennis, "Baby we were born to run!""
Dave Reilly $25.00 "After I saw the photo of you as the unshaven, bitter Superman, I knew I had to lend my support . . . ."
Anthony Ricke $25.00 "Good Luck Esther!! - from Denise Dollar and family"
Bradley Bagdis $100.00 "Good luck this is an awesome cause!"
Moti Ifergan $100.00 "Good luck! "
Cheryl Matsubara $50.00 "Thanks Kara. Honoring my brother: SEMPER FI!"
Carmine Curra $250.00 "Best of luck on a wonderful cause"
john spiegelman $250.00 "good luck"
Rebecca Isett $10.00 "Such a great cause! Good luck reaching your goal! "
Brianna Eble $25.00 "Best Wishes, Madeline! Happy to support you and fellow military families!"
Hannah Croy $26.20 "GO MADELINE!!! Hope to see you run in DC!! JUST KEEP RUNNING :)"
Caitlin Meuse $26.20 "Happy birthday!"
Chris & Gina Pento $200.00 "Good Luck!"
Thomas Stastny $50.00 "Have a good run."
Jose Diaz $25.00 "I'm Jealous! :P Good Luck!!!"
Elizabeth & Sean Davies $15.00 "Good Luck! Go get 'em!"
John Eng $27.77 "Go Martha!!!!"
MajGen & Mrs. Dave Beydler $100.00 "Go Shannon go!!:-) "
Cheryl Griffith $100.00 "Good Luck"
Christian Weston $100.00 "Good Luck!!"
Brooks Powell Hidden "This is an awesome cause and an formidable challenge to race in all 50 states. Glad I can help with both."
Maureen LaBoa $726.00 "Donation from Tag Sale Proceeds"
Jim Barnum $25.00 "Best of Luck and Have Fun!"
John Orfield $50.00 "Run fast"
Keith Hassan $100.00 "Good Luck - Fantastic cause!"
Virginia DeYoreo $15.00 "Happy Birthday, Mad!"
Samantha Crane $20.00 "Thank you Will Zettler for very generously donating the cost of installing my new AAD to the Semper Fi Fund!"
Elizabeth Bretz Hidden "Go Carrie Go!!! "
Andrew Watson $100.00 "You better be here long enough to come out for a beer sometime before or after the race. ;) "
Ted/Carolyn Hopgood $50.00 "We are SO proud of you, Carrie!! :-)"
Tim Conway $100.00 "Good luck, have fun!"
Ben Bubeck $100.00 "Good luck and have fun! I have never run more than a 10k!"
Leonard Amoruso $100.00 "Best of luck. Wonderful cause."
Rodrigo Quintanilla $100.00 "Stay focused and good luck!"
Carmen Manoyan $100.00 "No more sandwiches at Zig's! Good luck!!"
Karin Porter $50.00 "What a great cause, best wishes for a great marathon experience!"
Nate Degoede $100.00 "Run Like the Wind"
Renee Landers $50.00 "Good luck, Jon!"
Bonnie Hardison Hidden "This gift is in memory of "Beebo" who died this week of cancer. Her grandson, Chace, is a US Marine. He is currently deployed on a vessel in an undisclosed location. She was proud of him. She would be glad to know we are supporting you in your run for other Marines and their families. Run well, Michael."
Meaghan Mullins $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Jessica Stibitz $25.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous $250.00 "What a difference you make, Brennan! Thanks and good luck!"
Nick Stewart $20.00 "Get it!"
Kerry Perkins $35.00 "You go Missy!!!!"
Sea Eun Kim $25.00 "Awesome!!!"
Jeff and Lisa Cook $100.00 "Go Jordie! You are the quickest little lady in the our Cook clan. Run your heart out."
Betsy Hang $50.00 "Good luck! :D "
Chris Hart $50.00 "Run manny run "
Susan Bavone $50.00 "Good Luck Sam! Run like the wind....."
Penny Hess $100.00 "Run Jake Run! Love you. "
Arturo Santiago $80.00 "From a marathoner to another, Good Luck!! Keep up the good work."
Renee Howell $100.00 "Go Vanessa! Thanks for working for this great cause."
Cara Radzins $20.00 "Run, Sam, Run!! :)"
Lisa Lattarulo $35.00 "Run for all of us!!"
john capuano $500.00 "good luck "
Rory Verducci Hidden "I'm expecting a first place finish"
Melissa Gore $25.00 "Best of luck on the run with your dad. It's great to see a father-daughter duo working together for an important cause. -Mel"
Marylee Rozek $25.00 "Good Luck Tammy ... sorry it took me so long :)!!"
Baraka James $100.00 "Kill it brother! We are always proud to support one of our member's of MASF - Modern American Shooting & Firearms! OORAH!!!"
Jeanne Dusek $25.00 "Awesome..you rock!!!"
Luis Moreno $25.00 "Best wishes!!! Have an awesome run!!!"
Christy Miller $25.00 "Thank you."
Kimberly Yonkoski $26.20 "GO A-team! Run and be the most awesomest one there!!! ; ) SMILE, RUN and BE AWESOME! "
Kevin and Sue Hoppin $50.00 "Thanks for your support of our wounded warriors and their families, Shane!"
Craig Tower $100.00 "In memory of William R. Miller."
Michael Bita $100.00 "Good Luck !!"
Robert Coomes $25.00 "For those that served to ensure our freedoms."
Kathi Croft $25.00 "You are doing a great thing Jeff. "
Jonathan Downey Hidden "Good Luck! I am so proud of you!!!"
Arlene Edwards $100.00 "Brian, Great event - thank you for your participation - best wishes!"
Fitzhugh Elder Hidden "Run Hard Booger!"
Charles Velez $100.00 "Keep up the good work!!!!!!! MGySgt Charles Velez USMC Ret."
Galina Shepel $25.00 "Tania, good luck to you and Steve! Have a fun run! "
Krista Graham-Malatek $50.00 "Thank you for protecting our freedom!"
Sandra Torrey $25.00 "Keep up the good work Sam! I hope you get good weather for the race. Love you!!!"
Kevin Andrew $50.00 "Good luck brother! "
Bill Underwood $50.00 "No pain, no gain!"
John Tallini $100.00 "Good Luck - An excellent way to honor our Marines in need "Semper Fi""
Andy Fritz $50.00 "Convince us all that you trained hard for the marathon and meet or beat your target time!!"
Juanita Brannen $25.00 "Run, Jeff, run!"
Shane Stevens $25.00 "Congratulations on your recent graduation from OCS. You will make a fine MARINE!"
Zachary Shaub $25.00 "Good luck Beth. I won't hold it against you that you are running for marines and not the Army!"
Ryan Thomas $26.20 "Good luck and god bless. Semper Fi! Ryan"
Charles Glover $25.00 "I didn't realize you were such a runner. Good luck for a great cause!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Great cause, good luck "
Melissa Dawson $50.00 "Thank You for your service and all that you do!"
Stephenie and Nick Christos $200.00 "We are so proud of you Patrick. We love you. "
Isiah Avila $40.00 "Thank you so much Cece for your donation and thank you for your encouragement. Means a lot to me."
Kenneth Kulesz $51.00 "I like to be #1, so I beat the last donation by a dollar. Good luck. "
Isiah Avila $25.00 "Thank you Diane!"
Tonya Leed $10.00 "Good luck, Beth!! :) "
Devi Aurora $50.00 "Take the long way home! Good luck, and good speed, Brennan."
Laura Steele $26.20 "sorry I am finally getting around to donate!! better late then never so proud of you Laurie!! Semper Fi, LOLA"
Beth and Kaitlyn Easterling $26.20 "Run, Forest, RUN!!! "
Nancy Cullen $26.20 "Wishing you strength and power during your training and throughout the race. Great job!!"
Brenda and Dale Allen $50.00 "Very proud of you!"
Kevin Chung $26.20 "I'm giving you $26.20 just because it was one of the default radio button option."
Elaine Lyon $50.00 "Happy to support you in your efforts and for this special cause. Have a good run."
Brenda Harris $25.00 "Izzy, This is a great cause and we know you can do this, you just have to beat your last time! Good luck and God Bless! Brenda Harris"
Rene & Jim Fissel $25.00 "Have fun and stay hydrated, love ya "
Belinda Fricker $25.00 "We are so proud of you, Robert."
Jonathan Nus $100.00 "Great cause! Expect record time...in your first marathon! We are all rooting for you."
Diane Schalke $25.00 "Good luck!"
Sharon Levin $25.00 "Go Rolland! We know you'll do great!"
Rick Bittle $20.00 "You go girl. Run like I was behind you asking you for your number! I believe in you, and know you will do awesome!"
Tammy Keys $26.20 "Thank you for all you do!!!!!"
Debra McDonald $26.20 "Great cause, Corinne, I am proud of you!"
Tara Muller $250.00 "What a wonderful cause! Good Luck!"
Yuriko Stankich $26.20 "Beat your record by hour! : ) Good luck, Izzy."
Paul Antonellis $0.12 "Way to go "
Elizabeth Ekmekjian Hidden "Thank you for supporting our military. "
Keith Boger $50.00 "Thanks for letting us help. Have a great run."
Ronald Hollinger $50.00 " We are so proud of you. Good luck in the Marathon. Love, Mom & Dad"
Sally Abell $125.00 "Sarah, I am so proud of you. You Go Girl!!"
Sam Hartman $5.00 "You better beat at least one Kenyan in this race."
Debbie Sierra $50.00 "Good luck and enjoy!"
Kerri Shepet $50.00 "So proud of both of you!"
Russell Bozek $50.00 "Good Luck! "
Christine Wesselhoff $50.00 "Good luck with the run and meeting your goal!"
Kristy Borrows $25.00 "I know you said you would never do it again, but for this cause, how could you not!! Proud of you and know that you will do well. Be cheering for you from the couch though :)"
Kyle Watson $5.00 "Good luck Izzy! "
Linda Martinez $25.00 "Best wishes for a successful run this year! I'm glad to have helped in some way."
Jean Cuevas $50.00 "Be thinking of you, take care. Always proud. Your momma loves you."
Mark Abair Hidden "Good luck in the marathon - you're going to do awesome!"
Billy Pesik $25.00 "Thank you for your service!"
Clifford De Vera $25.00 "I admire and commend your cause pamangkin!"
Zach Christensen $8.00 "Trying to win madden 25 on 360 www.twitch.tv/errpiece "
Tony Toliver $26.20 "Hope the family has a great run and thank you for the continued support of our Armed forces. Go Army!!"
Mike Shields $10.00 "Nice work! Keep up the good streams. Rummble"
Theresa Yesu $50.00 "Corrine, We are impressed that you are running a marathon and equally impressed that you are running for a great cause. Theresa and Don "
Lora Woodard $5.00 "This is PulmonaryRex."
John Denison $75.00 "Proud to help the cause Hope we can run together one day. "
bill & Barb Fenwick $140.00 "Chris ... as a family of Marines, and in support of the memory of John Stalvey, we are more than glad to help you reach your goal ..Give those 2 precious girls a hug from us .... our best to you, Bill and barb. "
CONRAD HOPKINS $500.00 "Great cause/salute to our Marines"
Holly Feather $170.00 "Excellent fundraiser on 8/11 at Artisan Wine Co!!!!!!! Because of everyone's Silpada purchases, at this event, I am DONATING 1/2 my commission to Jen's run!! Holly Feather Independent Silpada Designs Representative"
Christopher Esposito $50.00 "Good Luck Sam! You better join us for the Tough Mudder next time!!!"
Gloria Fortain $50.00 "Proud of you and all your accomplishments.Love ya, Aunt Glor "Run Forest!" "
Louis LaFlamme $100.00 "Keep the torch high! Uncle Louis & Auntie Joann"
Claudia Luszcz $40.00 "Donation from both of us...Jim and Claudia....Jim is with ya all the way!"
Gerry Fortain $51.00 "Run like the wind!"
Brian Allen $26.20 "You motivate me! Good luck!"
William Ganem $60.00 "Great Event George!!!"
Robert Zinker $25.00 "Hey, Mike, sounds great! Congratulations. Bob Z."
Tricia Downs $250.00 "Best of luck for a wonderful cause"
Julie Selig $20.00 "Good luck Joe!"
The Macinantis Hidden "Goal hit Joe!! Way to go!!"
Mary Coomes $25.00 "Praying you have a great run!"
Lindsey Buffamante $50.00 "Great job Los! We're so proud of your dedication to such an amazing organization! :)"
David Mills $100.00 "Pam and I are proud to support your run, we are glad that you are our friend and humbled by your service. Semper Fi Marine Our love and support always Pam and Dave mills"
Eric Mattoon $50.00 "Good luck love! Run like the wind"
Anna James $26.20 "You guys rock!!! We love you - Anna & Jordan"
Bill Houpt $50.00 "Good luck!"
Chester Dale Spicer $26.20 "In support of all you do! We' re so very proud of you and love you!"
Leighton Scott $25.00 "Go, Trish, go!!!"
Wendy Desmarais $25.00 "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back." -Irish Proverb "
Terry Gosser $100.00 "Shaunta, I'm a friend of Shirley Nutt and she asked me to help you out with a donation. I'm offering $100.00 donation for you. Good Luck I'm gald I could help you two ladies out. Terry Gosser Houstton Wire and Cable San Ramon, Ca"
Jennifer Orbin $100.00 "So proud of you Tiney!! I support you in all that you do! You are a truly inspiring big sister!! "
Charles & Peggy Aragon $50.00 "Congratulations Carlos for doing this for our troops. God Bless all our soldiers. "
Adeline Bois $20.00 "Joe, Good luck! You look good and I am rooting for you. Addy Marie"
Jeremy Sellers $25.00 "Semper Fi MSgt! "
Sue Rubino $25.00 "Go Britt!"
Joe & Nona Smolko $26.20 "Go, Mindi, Go!!!"
Robert Meltz $262.30 "This contribution is from my father. An Army puke. And my mom. a nurse."
Kelly Dimond $25.00 "Get em Katers"
Shannon Book $25.00 "Already a team member."
Jim Kane $50.00 "Good luck Mark!"
Edward Kiesche $100.00 "From Mike Kiesche and His Dad"
Reality Realty Virginia Heroes $100.00 "Melissa, We have a tent and may be able to support in other ways. Let me know what you need. "
Joe and Elizabeth Colacino $100.00 "Rolland: Run strong! We will be there with you (in spirit only...we have definitely not trained for a marathon). Best wishes, Joe and Elizabeth"
Susan Kreckman $25.00 "You go girl !!!!"
Anonymous $26.20 "SuzQ Muy Caliente!"
Jonathan Hollinger $75.00 "Good luck Jeff!"
Melissa Tremmel $25.00 "Train hard and stay strong! You can do it, Mike!"
Kimberly Brown Hidden "I know you can do it! "
Maria Ramirez Gorton $26.20 "Because I'm not sure if this will be a good 26.2 for me this year....regardless I am thankful and we will say cheers at the finish!"
Alyssa Franco $10.00 "Good luck!! "
Marinetta Paone $25.00 "Happy to support you and our troops. You are the best, Peter! "
Brian Young $50.00 "Run like the wind."
laura hansen $26.20 "Good luck, Max! "
Bill & Susan Denne $50.00 "Thanks for helping such a great cause!"
Mary Beth Lav $25.00 "Good luck on your first marathon!"
Mary Beth Lav $25.00 "Have a blast running your first marathon!"
Mary Beth Lav $25.00 "Good luck Rolland!"
Mary Beth Lav $25.00 "Run KevKev run!!"
Mary Beth Lav $25.00 "Good luck David, look out for the squirrels!"
Mary Beth Lav $25.00 "Good luck Pete, you're such a good person!"
Judy Kibisu $25.00 "Go Jenn!"
Cathy Conk $100.00 "Thanks for running for the soldiers Jeremy! Stay safe and have a terrific race."
Sandra Chase $25.00 "Good luck. I am sure you both will rock it."
Angel Concepcion $50.00 "Remember to Trample the weak and hurdle the dead as you make your way to the finish line. Finish STRONG!"
Charles Hoskins $50.00 "Thanks so much for all you do and as stated by Reality Realty we look to help any way we can."
Kenneth Melendez $50.00 "Thank You for your efforts in assuring that soldiers get the care they deserve."
JAMES WILLIAMS $100.00 "On behalf of all of my fellow Marines, Thank You for you dedication to this very noble cause. "
Holly Hilt $25.00 "Best of luck Jeremy!!!"
Jessie Martell $25.00 "Can't wait to hear how it feels to cross that finish line!"
Sandy Hicks $50.00 "I'm proud of you , Erin. Good luck with the marathon."
Catherine and Michael King $50.00 "We will be rooting for you!!! WOOT WOOT!!!"
Dale Becker $50.00 "Thanks "
Mary Beth Donohue $50.00 "Best of luck on your run! "
Lynne Polino $50.00 "So excited for you!!! Have a great run!! XO Lynne510590"
Ruthie Larrett $75.00 "Mike, I'm so impressed with your training through the summer, you are tough!! Good Luck, and have fun!"
Eleanor and Dennis Frohlich $20.00 "Glad to hear that you are joining the team. Enjoy!"
Bob Competiello $250.00 "Go get 'em....bobby comp"
Barbara Leparulo Hidden "You are an inspiration! I am so very proud of your determination and dedication. Good running. Love you."
Tiffany Behr $100.00 "Good luck and have fun!!!!"
Justin Garris $50.00 "Thank you Carlos for leading and supporting our Marines through this excellent cause and distinguished marathon. We wish you the best of luck this year. God Bless ~ Garris Ohana "
Julia Martin $200.00 "Good Luck & Téstimu! Mom & Dad"
Theresa Gaudet $100.00 "Kick some serious butt you guys!!"
John Grimes $50.00 "Have a great run!"
Anne Gulch $25.00 ""Enjoy the moment""
Jennifer Laurange $25.00 "Sooo proud of you! Make that Marathon your B!!! ;)"
James Cook $100.00 "Great job Joe."
Phil & Barb Schwartz $50.00 " Beth - Enjoy the run!! Robin's parents"
Ian Gilmartin $50.00 "Good luck Brendan!"
Jim and Jodi Urseth $50.00 "Thank you for your service; so proud to sponsor and know such a fine Marine and family."
Robin Aleksinas $75.00 "Hooray for you, Sam!"
Julie Gayler $25.00 "You're an inspiration! So excited for you and praying for an amazing race!"
Jeffery Jones $50.00 "Scott ran it a few years ago. Good luck!"
Pam Reed $26.20 "Good Luck Amanda!"
Loretta Sanford $100.00 "Good Luck with the Effort. Happy to help in a small way, without having to run. "
Linda Arnsdorf $100.00 "Take a picture for Dietrich's Room"
Elizabeth Kennett Massey $50.00 "In honor of all the wonderful Marines I have been privileged to know, and in thanks for my running mentor and good friend Jeremy! "
Danielle Tizol $26.20 "Go Sue!!! "
Randi Revisore Hidden "Cheers to you both and the USMC! "
Bob and Ellen Hargraves $100.00 "Good for you, Marcus! We are hioniored to be asked to contribute to such a worthy cause. Best of luck in your training for and running in the marathon. Bob and Ellen"
Suzanne Morris $25.00 "Thanks for your dedication to veterans! Good luck!!!"
Bryan R $70.00 "Jeremy...To keep you motivated, I hereby pledge to give substantially more each time you run this race. Good luck!"
Volkan Agbas $100.00 "Good Luck Jeremy !"
Anonymous $100.00 "Run, Jeremy, run!!!! -JustAllie"
Heather Ingalls $25.00 "Doorly! You are such a motivator! I won't be there but I know you are going to be fabulous! Thanks for supporting such a great charity!"
Joseph A. Luszcz $100.00 "Thank you Joseph for supporting the troops. Have a great run."
Tiffany Qualin $50.00 "It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it has to run again, good job Glo... Get it!!!!"
GWEN COLLINS $60.00 "Have a great run for a great cause! MomMom & Aunt Gwen"
Gwen Collins $60.00 "Have a great run for a great cause! MomMom & Aunt Gwen"
chris fabryk $100.00 "Best of luck!!"
Holly Hilt $25.00 "Have an awesome time!!!"
Barbara Mergo $50.00 "Thank you for running this!! Al would love it"
Cheryl & Joe Lavalley $100.00 "Good luck! - Cheryl, Joe & Mason "
Elaine Reyes Hidden "Good luck and have a great run! "
Maria Eugenia Dalton $25.00 "Dear Jennifer, This was my first marathon too!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! I ran this in....2008?? It was AWESOME! You will have such a wonderful time - the course is beautiful and the support is really fantastic. You know that I cried at the end :) Genny"
Michael Frank $26.20 "BorgWarner Livonia Cans for Jarheads!"
Fitz & Chris Elder $100.00 "We are so proud of you! Run for fun - all the way."
Pete & Laura Donnell $100.00 "We do this in good faith, that you will come ryding with us more often! :) Good luck, run your ass off! --Pete & Z"
Lynn Bumstead $15.00 "Good luck! "
Angela Maness $300.00 "Good luck and we'll see you at the finish line! S/F - from the Marines and Sailors of MBW, 8th & I. "
bob mohr $26.20 "Thank you for all you do for our wounded!!! SEMPER FI!!!"
Leticia Martinez $50.00 "Michelle you are just amazing! "
Lori Moshy $100.00 "We are so proud of you Michelle! Good luck on your run through the DC! We will be there to cheer you on! God bless you! We love you! Mom and Dad"
Joseph Kinkade $50.00 "Good luck, Walter. You are running for a great cause."
Andy & Donna Volkmann $50.00 "Best of luck to you both. Hope you have some time so we can get together. It has been a too long."
patricia gallagher $50.00 "R-U-N Run-Run-Run-Run-Run! Good luck, have fun, ice when you're done!! xoxo"
Theodore Lucas $50.00 "Brian Thanks for doing this. See you out on the course."
Joanne McCabe $100.00 "You go girl! Stay hydrated & pray for no hurricanes!!"
Janice Albert $250.00 "So proud of you Giinny!!!! Go Girl!!! "
Wendy & Scott Havlock $25.00 "Mikey! We are so proud that you have trained so hard and are doing this marathon! Good Luck!"
Tara Reidy $25.00 "You made it! I'm so proud of you, my friend!"
Paul Henkens $25.00 "Good Luck with the run!"
John Harvey $100.00 "Ginny, thank you for the opportunity to support such a terrific cause! Run safe - John"
Lauren Bufe $25.00 "Good Luck, Shane!"
Bob Varettoni $50.00 "Great cause. Good luck, Shane."
Nicolle Miller $100.00 "Thanks for supporting Wounded Warriors, Ramilo!!!"
Anses Joseph $100.00 "Michelle: We are sooooo proud of you. We love you very much , and God bless. Grandma & Grandpa"
David Furjanic Hidden "Thanks for running for such a terrific organization! Run strong! David & Mo Furjanic"
Lynn Wright $26.20 "Go Jeremy!"
Michele Poland $50.00 "We love what you are doing. It's nice to be able to give something back to those who put their life on the line to keep us safe. Good luck in the run."
LOLET COOPER $30.00 "Way to go Char ! You are doing the right thing for a good cause .Best of luck ! "
Brad Bishop $50.00 "All of us at SYNERGY PFT will be rooting for you!!!!"
Kelsey Hubbard $26.20 "Go Michelle Go!"
Deborah Sorgi $50.00 "Thank you for running, and always being a positive and supportive friend!"
Cathy Johnson $25.00 "Way to go! Good luck with your race."
Israel Hernandez $25.00 "Stay strong Chris. Keep marching. "
Elizabeth Sporer $15.00 "Do well, Chris. Hope its a nice day."
Bill Sandberg $50.00 "Glad to help. Good luck Chris."
Elaine Vander Clute $25.00 "Good luck, Adam! I'm rooting for you!"
Nelwyn Slocum $50.00 "Best of luck to you Paula-- you got this!! So proud of you!"
Andy and Jackie White $157.00 "From one Red Felter to another...Good luck, Jeremy! What a great cause!"
Mark Clark $50.00 "Robin, Dad would be very proud of you. Thanks for all your efforts!"
Bob Coolidge $25.00 "Semper Fi brother , your a good man helping outstanding people"
Lauren Bahry $50.00 "Good luck Chris! You're my hero considering I can barely run around the block!"
Angela & Lucy & Lili Stabch $10.00 "You are an amazing athlete Joe!"
Jiunwei Chen $100.00 "Good luck bro! Erica and I wish you luck on your first marathon!"
Samuel Walsh $50.00 "Keep it up, Stevo!"
Jeremy Skiff $95.00 "This donation is for all those wonderful people that handed me money. Thank you so much!!!"
Theodore Harwood $500.00 "SgtMaj - Thank you for all you do. Ted & Nancy"
Timothy OHara $25.00 "Semper FI "
Mike and Amy Shilling $50.00 "Great job so far and good luck on the big day! Enjoy your visit with KV2!"
Katherine Thomas Hidden "Half my support goes to the beer drinking pysicist. The other half goes to the overly competitive little brother. Actually, all my support goes to the whole team. Good luck and have a great run!!"
Lenna Cominos $50.00 "GO LUKE GO!!!!!"
Ania Hugelier $25.00 "Run Run Run.... ;o)"
Brian Kiander $26.20 "Kick Butt."
Marion Radin Hidden "Good luck Bryan & Lindsey!"
Fernando Reyes $50.00 "I'm so proud of you Michelle! love you - good luck!"
Dana Hester $50.00 "AATH!!! Go Josh!"
Brianna Alexander $30.00 "I so admire what you are doing. I can't get myself to run for my own health, much less for the good of someone else. You are an inspiration and I can't wait to hear how marathon day goes. Good luck! "
Tracy Kline $100.00 "Love your heart!"
Rachel Martz $25.00 "Go Glow!! Run for Grandpa!! Love you!!!"
Robert Abbatomarco $34.00 "Best of luck, congratulations, and thank you!"
Sandra Potter $500.00 "Devon ..We think you are Awesome ! Wishing you the very best . Have a great run ..Sandi & Dave"
Peggy and Jon Tessler $50.00 "Good luck on your run for a great cause"
Margaret Campbell $25.00 "Go Laura!"
Michael Sullivan $100.00 "Good luck Dennis!"
brian cagle $26.20 "Good luck Jeremy, try to win it this time."
Scott Gottdiener Hidden "Good luck, Luke!"
Barb & Dave Miller $50.00 "Christie - great event. We can't wait to see you and your HC ROTC group run. "
Debra Coombs $25.00 "You reached today's goal!!! "
sally sweezey Hidden "Glad to hear you and your family are settled and you are on board in Washington. Love Aunt Sally "
David Stretanski $200.00 "For team SFF Tri-Chi. Have a great run all. D."
Ricco & Tamara Scalise $50.00 "Sir...great to see that you're still running strong! Semper Fi!!"
Brett Jewett $50.00 "YUT!!"
Brian Medkeff-Rose $100.00 "You are awesome Chris !!"
Kathryn Aberle $100.00 "Go Allison!! So proud of you for taking this initiative! Love you!"
David Wheeler Hidden "I am impressed, a marathon is way too far for me to ever consider running!!! Good luck."
Nicole Baer $200.00 "Keep on running"
John Boyer $50.00 "Good Luck Sir"
Steve & Marie Manning $250.00 "Go Girl!"
Kathryn White $50.00 "Good Luck Theresa Katie and John"
Jill Allen $26.20 "You make us proud Buzz!!! "
Beverly Martin $25.00 "It sounds like a great cause. Best wishes! Bev Martin"
Elizabeth Douglas $100.00 "Rock it Kevsters!"
Josh Dubofsky Hidden "Go Luke. Go Faster. You can do it!!!!"
Linda toner $35.00 "So proud of you for continuing to do this! Good luck in this year's event!"
Kim Kautzman $50.00 "Run, Kevin, Run!"
Eileen Quirk Rowan Hidden "God speed, Marine. You're helping a magnificent charity. Proud of you, Ei"
George and Mary Aberle/Martin $50.00 "Have a wonderful run, for a good cause. Grandpa and Nana"
Eileen Hayes $50.00 "Good luck Noreen!!!"
T Lyons $100.00 "We'll be cheering for you."
Kristen Hyland $25.00 "Good luck!! "
John Larimer $100.00 "Great Job Jennifer! Keep on Running!!!!! "
Alison Van horn $100.00 "Go crush it Laura! You're going to do amazing! Wish we could be there for you to run it with you and cheer you on..and you can guess which one of us said what. Love you and go get it, - Alison and Adam "
Michael & Mary Wall $100.00 "Good luck Sean & Tracee. It's a wonderful thing you're doing. God Bless!"
John Burns $25.00 "Christina, Good luck & let's try and get Katie to do this one year!--John Burns"
Brynn Miller $25.00 "GO TINA GO!"
Roberta and Tim McGrath $100.00 "We'll be there cheering you to the finish! Ro & Tim"
Devora & Mike Garrison $100.00 "Proud of you Shannon."
Sarah Morgan $250.00 "Good luck Justin and Dani!!! "
Peggy Brewer $200.00 "Go Cathy!!! Run like the wind! I really admire what you are doing!!! Well done, love Peggy"
John Leader $25.00 "Best of luck with the run Adam and thank you for this great effort to do a very good thing."
Francie and Peter newfield $50.00 "We are proud of you, Allison, for getting involved and supporting an important cause - we love you and miss you - Francie and Peter"
Solar Susan $50.00 "Good luck, Noreen-I know you can do it!!"
Kristine hannigan Hidden "SMT- good luck Tommy, we are routing for you!"
Kelly Pardus $25.00 "Good Luck JP!!!"
Rick (Heide) Heldibridle $100.00 "Angela, Your dad's a great guy and I'm sure he's very proud of what you are doing."
Alena Byrnes $25.00 "Hi Sweetie...good for you! I'll be thinkin of you,,,,flap those angel wings! xoxox lee"
Russell Jackson $25.00 "Go Kevin! Great Cause"
Mike McCann $25.00 "Awesome Katie!"
Rick Sarmiento $50.00 "It is an honor to partner with you and Tracee for the Marine Corp Marathon and the Semper Fi Fund. Oo-Rah my brother!"
Mackensie Pelicano $25.00 "Get it, Girl!"
Anonymous $300.00 "GO LUKE!!! I think there's celebratory beers at the finish line."
Anonymous $50.00 "Thanks, Debbie, for running to support this worthy cause. I'm privileged to be able to support your efforts on behalf of America's heroes. an AT&T Pioneers friend"
Wendi Flanagan $26.20 "Good luck, Jerry!!! You'll do great!!"
Craig Phildius $50.00 "Semper Fi SgtMaj.!"
Louis Rudy $100.00 "Go get'm tiger. Thanks for Running for this great cause. Love you, Lou"
Kathleen King $50.00 "Good luck to my boys!"
Amir Arasta $80.00 "Cozoooo..."
Melissa Thurber Hidden "You both are going to do an amazing job! You're an inspiration:-)"
Amarides Montgomery $50.00 "Kill it Mannynator!"
Robert Koenig $100.00 "Go Luke!"
Gabe Bilawa $100.00 "Go Ramy go... MIss you brother!"
Victor Krampitz $30.00 "Good Luck!! Don't forget your Dr. Scholls...don't need those feet getting any more hammered than they already are. "
Jim and Debbi Kessler $100.00 "Good luck! We'll be cheering you on!"
Timmy Yost $50.00 "“What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole… wheel of cheese? How’d you do that? Heck, I’m not even mad; that’s amazing."
Bryan Kempter $50.00 "Go Kevin!"
Joan Ostertag $20.00 "Have fun??"
Lisa Simpson $100.00 "Proud if you nephew. Great cause you are running for. "
Teresa Burke $25.00 "Go Julie!!! You are an inspiration! "
Diego and Isabella Navarro $20.00 "Good Luck!!!!! "
William McDonald $50.00 "Good luck everyone!"
George Keller $50.00 "Semper Fi"
Jenny Landsiedel $25.00 "Good Luck from the Landsiedel family!"
Lois Miller $50.00 "YOU GO GIRL Love you Nana"
Mike Jackson $100.00 "God bless the USA! Glad to see you supporting your country through your amazing athletic talents!! Get it Daddy!!"
Joan Devault $50.00 "Go Christine! see you there!"
James Bockey $100.00 "Nail this race and enjoy it!!!!!"
Christine Cunha $26.20 "J9!! So proud of you for running for this organization and all the hard work you have put into training! You are inspiring :) Good Luck!! xoxo"
Robert Draper $50.00 "Good Luck Sam!! We expect that PR though... :)"
Sheri Grintchenko $25.00 "Good luck Dennis! Very inspiring!"
Maria Ramirez Gorton $25.00 "It's a privilege. "
Rhonda and Randy Sexton $25.00 "Very proud of you Brian! Amazing accomplishment!"
Daniel Burgess $250.00 "Beirut Tournament"
Michael Alley $60.00 "This money was donated by George, Mel and Jenny from Freedom Baptist Church. "
Scott Laidig $100.00 "Go Christian! Stay ahead of those young people!!!"
Paige Ulevich $100.00 "We'll have a cold beer ready for you! Love, Paige and Sheldon"
Ginger and James Martin $100.00 "Thrilled to be supporting you... and such a great cause!"
Todd Homan $50.00 "Great cause. Run hard, my friend!"
Bobbi Turner $25.00 "Thank You!!"
Tom Manly $100.00 "Great job Derek for a great cause!"
Bilafer Family Hidden "We're cheering for you!! Know that we are with you in spirit as you run this race for such a worthy cause."
Davis Family $25.00 "Your my boy blue!"
Mary Noel $25.00 "Best of luck to you both!! Thanks to all our heroes that suffered for our freedom!!"
Leslie LaTour $25.00 "Just run like the Recon Marine your father was. "Frenchy LaTour" Semper-Fi"
John & Kathi Capan $50.00 "Good luck, we're rooting for you"
Christy Miller $25.00 "Love, thank you and love!"
Sara Akins $50.00 "Go, Caroline! I'm always happy for an opportunity to support those who support our country's freedoms. Sara Akins"
Cary Gagnon $200.00 "All the best, Dan! - Cary Gagnon"
Victoria Drougel $25.00 "So Proud of you !! "
Ray & Earline Cintron $50.00 "We are so proud of you! Love, Abuelo and Abuela"
Kathleen McEvilly $100.00 "Good Luck Mike and Tracy. I am so proud of you both. Love you, Mom"
Edward Hurley-Wales $100.00 "Dennis thank you for running for such a great cause! "
Michael Boland $50.00 "Rooting for you from Bakersville PA !!"
Nancy Clark $50.00 "Proud of you Robin! Thank you for honoring your Great Uncle Ez, your Great Aunt Diana, his family, and all Marines and their families."
Darlene Dobry $25.00 "JP-What a great cause-happy to support and good luck! "
Stephen Bourgeois $25.00 "Good luck Jeremy!"
Andrew Lee Hidden "Good Luck!! We love you Aunt Susie!!!!"
Evelyn Tracey $52.40 "Run with your heart we love you for you are"
Evelyn Tracey $52.40 "Goog luck Britt on you first narathon, we're cheering you on, love you lots"
Anthony Roscoe $26.20 "In memory of those who have sacrificed their lives for our nation and in honor of those who have and continue to serve."
Nan Pischke $50.00 "In honor of my cousin, Matthew Steffen! Good Luck, John!!"
Rima Nachshen $18.00 "Good luck! Make your goal time!"
Robert Navarro $50.00 "this comes with strings attached!!!!"
Sandra Szeles Hidden "You have so much dedication with your training! It's impressive and motivating! Keep it up! "
Edward Cure $50.00 "Good luck!"
Roger Withrow $100.00 "SgtMaj Thank you for being my legs in this awesome run for our sisters and brothers who have gave their all for duty, God, & country."
Michael Sebastian $150.00 "Jim, thanks for your continued effort supporting the men and women who keep us safe. Sincerely Mike Sebastian Ultra Logistics"
Kate Friedrick $26.20 "Go, Megan, go! Proud of you!"
Marie Schueren $15.00 "Mary Kay, Your RA team is so proud of you! We are with you in spirit every step of the way! Marie"
Krista Friar $26.20 "Steve, I hope you and Tania have a great run. Glad you are doing this for a worthy cause. "
Brianna McIntosh $26.20 "Get it guurrrlll!"
Jhonna Schupp $25.00 "Keep up the great work!"
James Porterfield $50.00 "Sir, Have fun and maybe we can run it again next year!!"
Crystal Neihoff $25.00 "Excellent cause. I'll cheer you on from very afar. Good luck!"
Catherine Sutton $26.20 "Go Wayne Go. See ya at the finish line."
Julia Spencer Hidden "Go get 'em and Have Fun!"
Kevin Prince $50.00 "Good Luck! Love, The Prince Family "
Lisa Arnold $50.00 "Go Laura!! You're going to do awesome!!"
Tennessee River Golf Club Patrons $102.00 "Given in honor of Major Gerald Bloomfield, II - the Beav - by the members and customers of TN River Golf Club"
Joseph Michelini $25.00 "Way to go Jim! Good luck!"
Erin Merrin $25.00 "I want to win! Go Amanda!!!"
Amanda Zimmerman $20.00 "I wanna win!"
Amy nangle $50.00 "Wish i could be there to cheer you guys on in person! I'll be thinking of you :)"
Chris Beres $100.00 "Crush Davis #TimmyTebowesque"
Jennifer Acord $26.20 "Thank you for always being a positive role model for running and for life, and for supporting this great organization."
Jane Greene $20.00 "Best of luck!!!!"
Jason Jennings $25.00 "Go get 'em skipper!"
Sean Cartin $75.00 "Good luck, Berger! I hope your nips don't get too irritated."
Kimberly Peters $25.00 "Run, Katie, Run !!! All the best:-) Love ya!"
Merri Mcintyre $25.00 "Good luck Amanda"
Seana Sheil $40.00 "Go HB go !!! You are a rock star! Love you!"
mario aspiranti $50.00 "Good luck Semper Fi"
Cindy Troter $25.00 "I am with you and the troops in SPIRIT. All the best for a fabulous run! Cindy T."
Carolyn Brown $100.00 "We are proud of you!!!!"
Kylie Richter $26.20 "Have a great run!! Xoxo"
Shawna Blackburn $25.00 "You are amazing! You should be proud of yourself!! Love You!! ??????"
Mary Trippe Everett $150.00 "We are proud of you. Mom and Dad"
Dennis Daly $25.00 "I hope this puts you over the top! Great success in your run and to all your family."
Katherine Cleland $25.00 "Moik! Keep up the great work-- inspirational... "
John Sedwick $25.00 "A contribution from the Oldest Army Chaplain in Afghanistan. i pledge to give more if my government provides me with a salary in two weeks."
Colene Kraemer $26.20 "I applaud you and all those runners doing it for a cause...respect! Hope it's your best run yet!"
Margaret Buran $50.00 "Go Susie!!! "
Christine Purnell Hidden "Thanks Paul for running is such a worthy event!"
Matthew Mahoney $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Edgar Jimenez $50.00 "Way to go Nate. Senper Fi!!!"
Jessica Huckabee Hidden "Good Luck out there!"
Craig Westphal Hidden "Good luck Brandon!"
Craig Westphal Hidden "Go Laura!"
Craig Westphal Hidden "Mucka mucka!"
Beth Haney $50.00 "Hi Camille! Thanks for including me. Sorry I can't give more but we are starting our new back yard today and I'm re-modeling my practice..."
tracy tizol $26.20 "Semper Fi Suzie."
Ellen Lewis $25.00 "Go girl go. "
Matt Giegerich $250.00 "From your friends at OCHWW."
Meghan Johnson $40.00 "Go Thad!!!"
Kirt Switzer Hidden "Remember, so long as you make to mile 20 you are home free (because after mile 20 it hurts more to walk than to run). Good luck Luke!"
Wendy Griest $25.00 "Katy, so proud of what you do to help the people who served Our country I wish I would've known your amazing brother"
Tony Stolo $25.00 "Good luck from Africa!"
John O'Leary $50.00 "Good luck everyone!"
Jennifer Leach $5.00 "So sorry I can't donate more. Good luck!"
Elizabeth Bell Hidden "Go Christian!"
Kevin Stepp $100.00 "Motivating, Sir!"
stephen karam $40.00 "go cats"
Lisa Makowski $26.20 "Good Job, Laurie. Glad I could donate to this great organization on your behalf."
Georgianne Callaghan $100.00 "Good Luck Tony!"
Jane Morse $50.00 "I'll be with you in spirit again this year. Go Team Beav!!!"
Jonathan Minkler $25.00 "Cheese and Rice"
Joanne and Neal Rock $25.00 "WingMan--you will ROCK this Marathon!"
melanie mangone $25.00 "Good Luck Nor Nor!!!"
Rebecca Brown $26.20 "You are going to do GREAT!!!!!"
Leah Ferrer $40.00 "Go Pete! Have a great run :)"
Brianna & Bailey Harvey $10.00 "Good Luck Aunt Lu, We Love You, Bri & Bay"
ScottandMyra Morris $40.00 "Hope you get to your number ($)"
Michelle Lenihan $312.26 "Donation in honor of: Perkins & Co Jeans Day - $243 Perkins Bake Sale - $69.26 Thanks to all my Perkins peeps for their support!"
janet byler $100.00 "keep up the good work Marine, i'll be there supporting all of you and my son, Capt James Byler, and Team Kelly. love, and God Bless you all. janet byler"
Rob Schnatter $35.00 "Happy to help you reach your goal, Peter. All the best .. amazing that your even trying it! Rob"
Susan Mazur Hidden "Good luck Luke!"
Nancy Koehring $50.00 "Bravo to you and Camille"
Donovan Foley $100.00 "Thank you for your efforts in supporting a good cause. Semper Fi!"
John Bailey $25.00 "Have a Meritorious Day!"
Mary Ciofalo $25.00 "Glenn (hey cuz), Enjoy the run, I know you will. Love you, all that you are, all that you do. xo, me"
Michelle Schlaff $50.00 "Katy, your dedication and giving heart is such an inspiration!! ??"
Claire Barbour Hidden "Good luck Brennan! Great accomplishment & great cause! I know you will do very well. "
Dannielle Iuta $25.00 "Good luck Isaac in reaching your goal. So proud of you!!!"
JD Osborne $50.00 "Good luck for a great cause, proud of you Robyn!!"
Anonymous $262.00 "Thank you for everything and more! Oorah and Semper Fi"
Anonymous $62.00 "Can't wait to do the MCM10K with you this year!"
Ted and Barb Miller $100.00 "Bridget and Shannon: Have fun and run, run, run."
Eric Recavarren $100.00 "Rock on, Team Beav!!!"
Ashley Davis $40.00 "you inspire me sir :)"
Ivy Grace P. DeRego $50.00 "Imua Isaac, So happy to hear you're raising funds for your wounded country men. A very good cause so give it your all. Love to you and all who run along side of you. Grandma Ivy"
Cynthia Ryan $50.00 "Honored to help in any way I can."
Sarah Clark Hidden "I'm proud of you Isaac. I wish we could be in DC to watch you cross the finish line (and give you a place to crash!). "
James Garner $50.00 "Run, MK, run!"
Teresa Gossard $50.00 "Good luck on ur run. I couldn't love u more and as always, am so proud of u! Xoxoxo, ur Big Sis"
Teresa Gossard $50.00 "Good luck on your run! We love u tons and are so proud of you! Xoxoxo! Teeta"
April Hartsook $375.00 "We weren't put here on this earth to be liked...we were put here to make a difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of everyone else "Want Different...DO Different' YOU ROCK MY FRIEND <3"
Susan Clark $50.00 "Thank you, Isaac, for participating again this year in the Marine Corps Marathon! It is a wonderful way to support our servicemen and women. Good luck! Sincerely, Susan Clark"
Robyn Stone $26.20 "Good luck!! "
Aaron Reis $50.00 "There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion. -Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army"
Shiela Miller $9.00 "You are an amazing person!"
Sherrie Bendele $25.00 "Nice work JP"
Kristen DeRego $50.00 "Aloha mai e ku'u brother! You know I don't like to run unless it's after the only time I run is after Ice Cream trucks. So I'm happy to give up that running to support your worthy marathon. Ku ka ha'aheo o na poki'i a Moku o Keawe!!! IMUA."
Jessica Cole $100.00 "I am so proud of you Glo!!! I know you worked so hard and i will run with you in spirit partna!!! Miss you!"
Pamela Sarbacker $20.00 "Good Luck Harry!"
Scotty & Faith Sorgi $118.00 "Congrats Jeremy- way to go!"
Lynn Czaporowski $26.20 "Great job Corinne! you are an amazing runner using your talents to fundraise for a great cause. Good luck to you on race day- will be cheering from NYC! Best, Lynn"
Kristen DiLillo $25.00 "Go Janine! Happy to contribute to an amazing cause and an equally amazing person!! :)"
Jessica Filipowski $10.00 "Good Luck Tiney! I know you will do great. I wish I could donate more right now! Hope this helps."
Melody Lamb $15.00 "I know you will do a great job on this marathon Mary Kay!! I'm cheering you on for every step. ~Melody"
Metrowest Bootcamp $50.00 "Good Luck Julie! "
Fehrens Family $25.00 " Mr. Frank.: You are a great inspiration to everyone. God Bless you!!!!! Run Mr. Frank Run..... Fehrens Family "
Barb Isom $26.20 "Katy, I'm so proud to call you my friend. Go Team Beav! "
Rita Norton $100.00 "Laura, you are an inspiration!! Semper Fi!!"
Anne Oswalt $50.00 "Way to go, Laura!!! "
Shannon Duke $26.20 "Great Job Corinne! "
Manu Gayatrinath Hidden "I'm buying your bourbon before (if that is allowed) or after the race! I hear it numbs all sorts of pain. Let me know when you make it to DC. Good luck Luke! "
Margo Smith Hidden "Good luck!! You're going to rock this race!"
Teri Frasca $50.00 "Dear Corinne, After 4 children ,beating cancer and now, training for your first marathon---you are Wonder Woman.Your cause to run for our soldiers is most worthy. I applaud you and wish you perfect weather! Love, Teri"
Ann Harper $50.00 "Good luck honey!!!"
Toshi Franklin $25.00 "Go BEAST MODE cuz!"
Mary Kaye Ort $25.00 "Best of luck on your marathon!!! "
Jason Godfrey $250.00 "Kaitlin and I are honored to help with such a worthy cause. Thank you, Marines, for your sacrifice."
Peggy Winton $25.00 "Believe in yourselves. You CAN do this! Love you and am proud of you both. Semper Fi."
Amy Kennedy $50.00 "Best of luck running Ben -- from the Kennedys"
Coleen Salsbery $500.00 "Hope you have a good run and the weather cooperates this year in your favor. Thank you for participating in this event and for honoring the Marines who have valiantly served our country."
Jennifer Miller $26.20 "For the next one! xoxo"
Jennifer Miller $26.20 "You are so awesome! xoxo!"
Tiffany Thornabar $25.00 "You got it sp!! Good Luck :)"
Scott & Jennifer Talley $100.00 "Go for it Christina ! :-)"
Ann Nicholson $50.00 "Have a great run!"
Rob & Mary Anne Guerriero $50.00 "The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you. Crush it!"
Heidi Hyde $20.00 "From Jeff Manzene"
Hugh & Patti Chisholm $50.00 "Who's better then you?????? Good Luck. I would have given $200 more if Scooter was running as well. I also could have filled a bus with Scooter supporters."
Janis Kanetani $25.00 "Great job Isaac! Awesome cause and even more awesome that you're doing this again! God Bless you and all those you are helping! Aloha!"
Christopher Hearne $100.00 "Semper Fi"
Kelly Juneau $50.00 "The running is almost over!!!"
Sarah Robbins $250.00 "I'm paying an extra $200 since Scooter ISN'T running! Ha! Go Holly!! "
Barbara Braden $25.00 "Good Luck!! "
Angela Jones $25.00 "You have put in a lot of work to train for this. I am proud of you! "
allan keene $1,000.00 "John Connor is an outstanding Marine...!!!"
Ashley Pierce $24.00 "Had to make it a perfect $500! Good luck!!! xoxo"
Steve and Kim Silva $100.00 "Were all behind you Pete (literally, if we joined you :), thanks so much for continuously working to help such a great cause and inspiring others to follow suit. Kick down that 4 hour door hermano! Que te la via bien! Esteban"
anil atluri $250.00 "Good luck and great cause"
Jeanne Dolan Hidden "This one is near and dear ! HOORAY and SEMPER FI"
jane connor $2,500.00 "Just another reason you are my favorite Marine....."
Danielle Larouco $25.00 "Run like the wind Bullseye!"
Kathy S Matlesky $250.00 "I am so proud of the Excel Team! Preparing for this marathon requires an incredible amount of time, hard work, and determination and I hope that all of you do your personal best as you support such a great cause!"
stan boyd $100.00 "Good luck Kelly!!"
Stephen Campbell $50.00 "Thank you all for your service. "
Kerry Jones $100.00 "Have a great run for a great cause!! Mike, Kerry, Michael and Alana"
Erica Guardascione $50.00 "Good Luck Trish!!!!"
Josh Levine $25.00 "A truly great cause -- Good Luck!"
Wendy Bonavita $50.00 "Swift of foot, high of ideals...you make your family proud!"
Robert Conquest $50.00 "Proud of you Megan! "
Anonymous $125.00 "Thank you!!!!"
Gia & Marc Jobin $50.00 "Good luck, Julie!"
Shara and Justin Studler $25.00 "You got this!!!"
Mary Romeo $100.00 "Go Tony!! We are all behind you! I wish I were BESIDE YOU..next year I will be ready. Good luck and stay safe. Mary"
Eric Stoddard Hidden "But a true champion, face to face with his darkest hour, will do whatever it takes to rise above. A man fights, and fights, and then fights some more. Because surrender is death, and death is for pussies. "
Norma Henry $54.00 "My prayers are with you and with all our guys. Thanks for doing this. Love, Aunt Jean & Uncle Tom"
Jennifer Daniels Hidden "Way to go, Tony!"
Susan Tiso $50.00 "Camille and Mike, have a great run and STAY HEALTHY! hugs, Susan"
Eric Kapral $25.00 "I ??THAD!"
Susan Williams $34.00 "Princess Posse Support!!"
Jocelyn Mullins $26.20 "Have a wonderful run Jeremy!"
Stephen Aronson $500.00 "The Liberty and Freedom our great country is founded upon has been preserved and protected by honorable US Marine Corp. John Connor is the finest ambassador of care for God and Country that I know. "
Erin Welsh $5.00 "You are a tumblr inspiration! Love following you :)"
Jessica Lewis $50.00 "Go Mindi!"
Robert Diaz $50.00 "GO GLOW, your hard work has paid off, proud of you!"
Alison Heilig $25.00 "I'll see you there, Jeremy!"
Aimee Sonderman $26.20 "Sending wishes for an awesome run!"
Carolyn Brayfield $25.00 "You go girl!!"
Carolyn Brayfield $25.00 "Good luck, Sam, cheering you on!! "
tim foley $26.20 "what a great accomplishment!!!!!!!!"
tim foley $25.00 "Best of luck on the run!!!!!!!!!!"
Susan Kessler $50.00 "Proud of and happy to support your participation in this worthwhile organization. "
Ed Spencer $100.00 "You are cordially invited to owe Jay Garcia a beer for his facebookery"
Shigeko Perryman $150.00 "This is a great cause to be in a marathon. Have a good run."
Wei Martin $100.00 "Best of luck to you and your team mates Mark! Go Team Go Fasters!!"
Patrick Taney $35.00 "Go Tommy!!!!"
Barbara Sorkin $25.00 "“Any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.” George Orwell"
James Embleton $150.00 "A great guy running for a great cause. I'm happy to support you and the Semper Fi Fund. Thanks for your participation and have a great run. "
Kathleen Johnson $50.00 "I am so proud of your effort and determination. I know some very special open arms will be calling you towards the finish. Much love to you! Xo Kathy"
Veronica Hejna $10.00 "Good luck Marky Mark!"
Adam Kash $50.00 "Way to go, Christie! Great job - Adam & Sara"
Giovanna Hurley $50.00 "Go Sean!!! We love you and are very proud of you xo Aunt Gio"
Giovanna Hurley $50.00 "Go Crystal! You are amazing and we love you!!!\ Aunt Gio"
Thomas Opladen $100.00 "The Yale Veterans Association is proud to support the efforts of our Midshipman."
Maribel Ortiz Douglas $26.20 "Go Julie!"
Thomas Opladen $100.00 "The Yale Veterans Association is proud to support our Midshipman and our first Marine option in 40 years."
Maribel Douglas $26.20 "Go Corrine!"
Maribel Douglas $26.20 "Go Leslie!"
Sarah Rabalais $100.00 "Good luck and we love you! - Joey and Sarah"
Joseph Gordon Hidden "We are all proud to salute your ambition to run this race on behalf of those who have served. "
Cheryl Elkins $25.00 "Run like the wind Mrs. Gelardi! Good Luck! - Tristan"
Justin Torrento $20.00 "The effort you're putting into this marathon cycle is inspiring others."
St John's Lutheran Church $150.00 "Benevolence Offering from St John's Lutheran Church"
Brian & Kristen England $50.00 "We are very proud of you!"
Devon Maggio $50.00 "In honor of my favorite Marine, Captain Colin Ricks. Oorah!"
Julie Magri $50.00 "Go Patti!"
Thurston Svagerko $26.20 "Gett'em Tiger"
Anna James $26.20 "Go Janine!!!! You are a awesome!! <3"
Kathryn Connor $100.00 "So proud of you! Good luck!"
Jessica Pion $26.20 "GO JULIE!!!"
Patrick Devlin Hidden "Thanks for the effort Brian. Good luck. "
Joe Callahan $25.00 "Run strong Kerry, and thank you! "
Libby John $30.00 "You are a great runner and an awesome person for supporting such a great cause!! Good luck =)"
Karen Murphy Hidden "Way to go Crystal! Best of luck! RSPS is proud of you!"
Trena Moffett $25.00 "Go Shannon and Bridget! Hope you have a great run! :)"
john frisch Hidden "run to win"
Peter Schmole $500.00 "Good Luck Johnny! I feel the sub 4hr time. Semper Fi! Peter"
ann and john clancy $100.00 "Good Luck, John!!!!"
Kelly Brewer $26.20 "Keep up the hard work!! You can do it! "
Ami Patrish $25.00 "Good luck Connie! Get it done girl!"
Laurie Young Hidden "Thank you for caring"
Marc Mascolo $25.00 "Good Luck Michelle!"
Kathryn Biggs $50.00 "Run like the wind Patty "
Kathryn Biggs $50.00 "Run Katie Run...."
Janice Brockway $50.00 "Have a great time!"
Amanda Brouillard $25.00 "Good luck Michelle!!"
Theresa Lyon $40.00 "WAY. TO. GO...Miss Catherine Hall! So many of us are so, so proud of you for taking on the Marine Corps Marathon - not to mention this awesome cause you're helping! Good luck and we're hoping to see you at the finish! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13) "
Darek Marino $250.00 "Good Luck!"
Anne Stauffer $26.20 "True grit! Have a great run and thanks for linking it to a great cause."
Christina Biddle $100.00 "Go Jordan Go! Love you, Aunt Christy"
Cathy Larsh $26.20 "So proud of you Mary Kay!"
Tracy Freeman $25.00 "Good luck Leslie! "
Christine Hartmann $25.00 "Good Luck Noreen!! "
baz masin $20.00 "EYEBALLZ."
Anonymous $200.00 "Thank you for running for the injured Marines and all GE Vets"
Christopher Weaver $50.00 "Semper Fi! Have a great run. Thank You!"
John Schroeter $100.00 "From your friends at Applied Textiles"
Tracy Needham $20.00 "Thank you for what you do..."
Michael McEvilly $90.00 "Thanks Ron Booth,Melissa,Debbie and Bob"
Collene Toavs $50.00 "I'll be cheering for you on Sunday, October 27, 2013!!!!!"
SARAH HOWARD $50.00 "So proud of all the MIDN in the Yale unit!"
SARAH HOWARD $50.00 "So proud of the Yale MIDN!"
Sebastian Massimini $50.00 "Go for it."
Joshua Parsons $25.00 "Oorah Devil Dogs!"
Liza and Todd Carpenter $100.00 "Good luck Mark! We'll be cheering for you to score a PR..."
Kathleen McInerney $25.00 "Good luck!"
Arthur Knightly $25.00 "Way to go, Leslie! Be praying for you."
Hugh Jr. & Shara Chisholm $26.20 "Your husband has donated many dollars to my family through fantasy baseball over the years. I figure I should show my appreciation. Good luck with the run we are sure you will do great ."
Pat and Tomiko Franklin $250.00 "To paraphrase Dewey Cox, 'Run Hard'"
Diana Magnet $50.00 "This donation is being made in the name of the lovely ladies who attended of your bridal shower : )"
Diana Magnet $76.20 "Run Tricia, run! Best of luck to the whole team and God Bless America!"
Larissa McLean $100.00 "Good luck James!"
Michael Wojtasek $100.00 "OoRAH."
Aaron Ashcroft $100.00 "Doing my part to keep kids off streets... or something like that."
John Sandoval $100.00 "This better not be used for paying speeding tickets..."
troy nadeau $50.00 "This money is given with the stipulation that you go wheeling ASAP. "
Linda Stechert $100.00 "Go Sheri! Dad & I are so proud of you!"
Catherine O'Gorman $25.00 "I wanna to win. Good luck in the race"
matt lutz Hidden "just when it really hurts in the last few miles just think to yourself that "pain is weakness leaving the body" "
Margaret Riley $26.20 "Good luck Monica!! I'll be looking to you for inspiration for the week after up in NYC!"
Dan Oneglia Hidden "Good Luck, James"
Anonymous $50.00 "Tony, good luck and Semper Fi!"
Jacque Wiskur $25.00 "Thank you for what you do Robin! Good luck! Jim and Jacque WIskur"
Brooke Miller $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $45.00 "This contribution was generously made by the residents of Homewood at Crumland Farms. They have always generously supported all of my endeavors."
Matt Dearth $100.00 "The finishing hill is not the problem, its the bridge -- good luck, have fun, run strong!"
Aaron Forman $25.00 "Your pops was awesome! Run like the wind!!"
Andrew Lubeck $150.00 "Good luck James!"
Ed Smith $1,000.00 "Semper Fi. You now owe me a PR."
Mark Bagge Hidden "Good luck James! "
Gregory Cohen $100.00 "Go big. "
Suzanne Vogel $20.00 "I wanna win! And I am happy to donate to such a great cause while entering a raffle!"
Barbara T Hyde Hidden "Miles and Miles to go before you sleep. Go Team Miles."
Anonymous Hidden "Go get em Los"
Allison Cline $20.00 "I wanna win!!!!"
Erica Harris Hidden "Good luck, James! Great reason to run!"
Patricia Costante $100.00 "You go, Carol!! Patti"
Jeremy Stein $50.00 "Good Luck Pete'"
Janette Teevan $25.00 "Go A.J.! :)"
Rebekah Whitfield $50.00 "Go She-Ra Go!!!!"
Rebecca Garber $50.00 "good luck AJ- Love the "young" Garbers :-)"
John Lang $50.00 "Good Job!"
Lloyd Rock $25.00 "Run fast sarge!!! have a great time. Uncle Lloyd "
Doug Donovan $100.00 "Good luck! "
Blake Hill Hidden "Best of luck during the race!"
Dottie Reich $50.00 "Good Luck! Hope you meet your goal!"
Yung Lie $30.00 "Have a great run, Patti!"
Becca Sonnenklar $5.00 "YDM Zubs!!! "
Kari & Damon Williams $20.00 "Good luck Coach J! I know you'll be awesome!!!"
john Coogan $100.00 "Go Tony Go !! "
Marie Bobalik $100.00 "Christie, We are so proud of you, we knew your "determination" would pay off one day. Love, Mom and Dad"
Al and Sheila Vertino $50.00 "Semper Fi, AJ!"
Francis Reilly $100.00 "Good luck to our Godson James and team Miles!! Very proud of you! Frank and Edna Reilly "
Lynn Reilly $100.00 "Go James and Team Miles! Your Dad would be proud! Love Lynn"
Kimberly Chiaramonte $25.00 "Enjoy the run! You are going to be amazing and do it all with a smile!!! "
Anita Dwenger $50.00 "Good Luck Peter!"
Jerry & Addy Bean $30.00 "Good luck Joe. We will be praying for you!!"
Francis Armstrong $50.00 "Semper Fi Gerry, hope you have a great run and represent us well! Thanks"
Kevin Kalstad $26.20 "Oorah! "
Ted Roush $800.00 "An excellent cause. I hope the weather escorts you and all your team mates to a smooth, quick finish. Run like the wind!"
John Allison $10.00 "Glad to see you up and running Tod! Keep up the great work! #RFRC"
Lee Schiek $100.00 "If I'm not there, go ahead & start without me!"
Carleigh McDonald $50.00 "Run Rob, Run!!! Cheers, Carleigh"
shaun mannix $50.00 "Tod, congratulations on your decision and accolades on the Grit! "
Marta L Furlano $50.00 "Hugs"
Catherine Cassano $50.00 "Great cause! Good luck in your run!"
shawna crandell $70.00 "This is from JH also we combined! Good luck."
Mark Boes $25.00 "Have a great run, thank you for serving! Semper Fi."
Scott Lawrence $100.00 "Many thanks to you and your son for defending our Country."
Eric Harmon $63.00 "Wednesday's big run! Do it!"
KENNETH & CHERYL KING $50.00 "Danica, What an excellent project you have taken on again. We can not do enough for our wounded service members. Congratulations on your project and hope you reach and exceed your goal. With our love, Kenneth & Cheryl"
Allison Kerns $25.00 "Whoa. Better you than me. Good luck."
Elizabeth Dahme $100.00 "Go Louise! Have a great race!"
George Adams $250.00 "I am happy to support such a great cause. Kick some a$$."
Kevin Montgomery $30.00 "Always grateful for the sacrifices of our servicemen/servicewomen. Thank you Jay - and all that have served. "
Jim Sermania $26.20 "26.2 is just a day on the trail..."
Cathy Kane Hidden "Go Uncle Chrissy!!"
Sarah Moisao $25.00 "Good luck Britt!!!!"
Carl James $250.00 "God Bless!"
Philip Hintze $250.00 "Best of luck."
Cathy Cahal $10.00 "Eric, 26.2 miles, wild. ROCK IT OUT!!!"
David Marr $15.00 "Thanks for your support and good luck. "
Amy Volz $50.00 "We love you Uncle Jay! "
Cindy Capsanes $50.00 ""It's not 26.2 miles, it's 10 water stops""
Christopher Catanzarite $26.20 "Good luck to you brother, and rememer "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now..." "
Kevin Hutchings $250.00 "Semper Fi Brother!"
Kathryn Bitner $25.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Ashley Ecker $25.00 "Finn & Knox say GO KEISEY!!!"
Andy and Jackie White $126.20 "Run strong, Tod! We will be thinking of you!!"
Kerrin, Bob, Jon & Allie Corrieri $50.00 "Go get 'em Captain! So proud of you."
Staci Coombs $25.00 "Good luck, bro! "
Amy Bitner $100.00 "Proud of u !"
Justin Constantine $100.00 "Thanks for doing this, Sean. The Semper Fi Fund is a fantastic organization!"
Hannah Oshier Hidden "As a veteran myself I thank you for helping those who need help badly. We sure appreciate it."
Thomas Batchelor $50.00 "Run, Angela! Run like a pair of cheap pantyhose! Ooh-rah!"
Teresa Zavala $10.00 " Good luck!"
Ken Barton $50.00 "Eric, I guess you will have plenty of time to come up with a new dtg contest while running that long. Run Strong! Good Luck! "
Dave Field $25.00 "Best of luck Eric!!"
Becky Kingsberry $26.20 "Best of Luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Bless you all for your dedication to acts of kindness, contribution, and compassion. It's the heart that we continue to show for each other that keeps me believing in the Power of Prayer , the Favor coming directly from our Faith, the Blossoming of Blessings and the unknowing person or community that puts a smile on Gods face ! This is why u run Doorly and it's awesome .and I bless it! Amen. And so it is! $400 goal will be met!! It's already done! Be grateful in advance and get ready to ruuuuuunnnnnn!!!! Lol. #angelblessings ;-) #incarnationsister #6thgradebff #missu #ursmilerocks #run #uinspireme #blessing #spiritsister "
Louis Switlik $20.00 "Donation from Ed Schmidt"
Julie Younce $25.00 "A geat run, a great cause, a great guy. Go get em Pete! Julie & Tom"
Beth Ann Skinner $15.00 "Good Luck, Amy!!!"
Judith Kuhn $25.00 "Wishing you a great run.....for a great cause. I'm very proud of you. "
Eileen Knips $50.00 "Go Noreen!"
Dottie Fishburn $50.00 "Great cause, Nor. Thanks!"
Kathryn Shevenell $25.00 "Smooth running! Thank you for supporting a great cause."
Paulo Azevedo $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Linda Stasek $100.00 "Thanks for helping out such a great cause. Good Luck to you both! "
Lee Sommer $125.00 "Makes us proud,,, good luck and good reason.."
Jamie Campbell $30.00 "Congratulations Jess! I am so proud of you. Best of Luck at the MCM... you will rock it! "
Sherry Schmidt $50.00 "Wishing you all fleet feet. Have a great time. Hugs, Sherry and Bob"
Heidi Adams $25.00 "Thank you for running for those who can't. "
sam palmer $50.00 "You are amazing! You've trained so hard for this - Its time!!"
melani monk $75.00 "Thanks Shirley for being a great inspiration!"
Julieanne Bateman $50.00 "Get some"
Dixie Meldrum $30.00 "We are so grateful to have people who are willing to protect our country and make the sacrifices necessary to do so. May God always bless them and their families."
Hunter Pritchard Hidden "Good Luck Nathan! Ill be at the race to support you! Congrats in advance on such an amazing accomplishment! "
Anonymous $301.00 "Go for all those that can't! "
Mandy Nielsen $25.00 "Push yourself until you throw up!! Rock it out!!"
Janet McCabe $100.00 "Good luck, Keisey! Hope the weather cooperates and you can set a new PR!!!! Aunt Janet"
Ted and Marie Griggs $50.00 "Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support a great cause! Now go eat a Power Bar!"
Mark Mooney $100.00 "Always Faithful!"
Denise Kelleher $50.00 "Go for it Noreen!!!! "
Christine Bender $50.00 "Go Jeff! I admire your commitment to others."
Tara Bennett Hidden "Enjoy your run, Michelle....you are an angle. Believe and you will achieve. Tara"
Kristi Ohlin $25.00 "very proud of and inspired by you!"
Teresa Woolford $20.00 "Good luck!"
Gail Whitelaw $25.00 "Good luck, Jodi!"
Monica Waters $25.00 "My Dad & brother both served in our Armed Forces & I have always had the utmost respect for those who serve our country to keep our freedoms. Thank you for running for such a great cause!!!"
Karina mendez $25.00 "Love you! "
Kimberly Smith $50.00 "Doorly, Have a great race!"
Michael Walberg $100.00 "Hear, soul, run!"
David Geldhof $25.00 "Mike - good luck on race day and thanks for running for a good cause ! Also hoping for no hurricanes on race day this year - "may the wind always be at your back" ! :)"
ana winegar $25.00 "U are trully amazing! We love u"
Billee Pike $10.00 "Bless You!"
Jack Rutter $50.00 "Run Kevin Run Good luck. Gramma and Pop "
Bob Kitchen $100.00 "Semper Fi Marines"
Maureen Browb $50.00 "Run hard and have fun!"
Nick Stewart $20.00 "Get it! Look for beer station after mile 20!"
Kathy Kenney-Marshall Hidden "Happy running, Michelle. You're amazing! KKM"
nancy peterson $25.00 "Simba, Tyler, and Tanner are cheering you on!"
Dan Graulau $30.00 "If you run the same way you teach and lead by example should see you in top 10 of race. it is a great thing you do for the Military men and their families. I'd say break a leg, but doesn't suitable for a marathon. So i will say Good luck and hope you CRUSH it!!"
Judy Leavey Hidden "Thanks, Michelle (and company) for running for and teaching us all about The Semper Fi Fund. Good luck! Judy Friedland Leavey"
Roberta Cocuzza $52.40 "We're really proud of you.Hoo rah! Mom, Charlie & Hayley"
Denise Nolan Hidden "Best of luck Michelle!"
Gorete Wilson Hidden "Thank you for inspiring us, good luck my friend :)"
Patrick Svatek $26.20 "Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on!"
Patti Knox $52.40 "Go, Catherine!"
Bud Bertolino $50.00 "Good luck."
Doris Chiero Hidden "Michelle and Team, You are all truly amazing, compassionate people. Good luck with the run and fundraising for this worthy cause. "
Cindy Moore Hidden "Best of luck to you and the team, Michelle. You are amazing."
Danielle Bajus $55.00 "You got this girl!!! RYAO!!"
Toni Hogan $20.00 "I wanna win!"
Motoko Seto $400.00 "As Takeshi would say, "Run hard, Uncle Awesome!""
Jay & Leslee Dodge $20.00 "Good Luck Caroline! "
Motoko Seto $400.00 "See you at the finish line in 3 1/2 hours!"
Jeff and Beth Fink $100.00 " But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 Thank you for running in this event. This helps remind me to lift up in prayer our precious troops and their families. You are a witness of God's goodness and an encouragement to our troops."
Erika Jennings $25.00 "Best wishes for the event!"
Cynthia Leidner $20.00 "I wanna win!!! Good luck Amanda!!!"
Jacob Tebes $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Donna!"
Anthony De Bellis $400.00 " angela, Semper Fi Love Mom and Dad"
Ray and Cindy Fulton Hidden "Good Luck, Bubba! "
Tina Hansen $25.00 "Good Luck! What a great cause!!!"
Carly Nicholas $26.20 "Janine! Vince and I are so proud of you and so happy to support you on your 26.2!!! We love you!!!! Carly & Vince"
Lisa Lonczak $25.00 "Good luck sista- I love you!! "
Julie & John Poehler $250.00 "Katy, we support and love you! Go TEAM BEAV!!"
Keith & Katherine Dunleavy $1,000.00 "Thank you Christian for all that you do for our country."
Peter Sampson $25.00 "Good luck Jack. Enjoy DC. "
Susan Quemere $25.00 "Michelle, Have a wonderful run!"
Imelda Mathews $50.00 "Amy WE are SO PROUD of you! We LOVE very much!! "
Kicab Castaneda-Mendez $26.20 "Good luck, Tony."
Eugene Mayberry $25.00 "Semper Fidelis4430410037680876"
Jahala Raaz $25.00 "Well done and good luck. Dick and J.D. Raaz"
Margaret Bulger $50.00 "Run Catherine Run!"
Rosette Aksterowicz $25.00 "Good luck Heidi!!"
Eileen MacQueen Hidden "Run, Michelle, Run! Team 222 is behind you 100%. Don't forget to eat your bananas!"
Stephanie Zeiler $38.00 "Run Tony Run! "
Mike Miller $25.00 "Wish I could make it to run as well. Good luck Sean!"
Jacob Prifogle $27.20 "$27.20 - Because you always go that Extra Mile! Don't just run the race, Win it!"
Craig Gini $50.00 "Go get 'um Nutty!"
Robin Schwartz $24.00 "Good luck! Sorry, that $1 increment felt out of place and was irritating my OCD. "
David & Cyndi Volz $150.00 "Will be praying for you!! Run hard--run long!! Go Army! Whoops! I meant Marine Corps =) "
Lindsey Finken $50.00 "Good luck! So proud of you for doing this and supporting a great cause."
Laura Sale $25.00 "So very proud of you Terri for all you do for The Team and Fund!"
matthew steinfeld $25.00 "Good Luck Donna!"
Karen Chiarella $25.00 "WTG Maria!"
Stacy Edholm $25.00 "Doorly, you rock! Good for you for supporting such a worthwhile organization! I am so proud of you and SO proud to call you my friend. I love you, Doorly, and I will be cheering you on with every step from California! God bless you, girl!"
Alison Weinroth $26.00 "Way to go Adam!! "
kirk sykes $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Susan McGilvray-Rivet Hidden "Go Michelle! You are an inspiration for our students! Sue"
Anonymous Hidden "Great cause, great athlete, go SG!"
Gabriella Tagliaferro Hidden "Good luck, Michelle! And thank you for voicing all those whose scars are invisible!"
Caroline Stackhouse $100.00 "So proud of you Devy :) Love youuuu <3"
Mary Bridget Lavelle $26.20 "Eric, This is a great cause; thank you for allowing me to be a part of it, without having to run 26 miles. Good luck. Mary Bridget Lavelle"
Beth Elkis $26.20 "Go Martha!"
Dave Rutter $50.00 "Good luck !"
Martin Strumpf $25.00 "Have a great run Scott!"
Caren Gloyd $26.20 "God Bless our troops!"
Anonymous $37.00 "You and Janine are so inspiring, thank you for being you!"
Marilyn Monda $100.00 "Thanks for all you do Tony! Have a great run! Marilyn and Grayson"
Katie Norland $20.00 "So proud of you BFF! Love you so much and thank you for doing this for such a wonderful cause <3 "
kevin miller $25.00 "Do work son!!!"
Johnathan Brown $26.20 "I just want you to know you're nuts, but I wish you the best in the race."
Michael McCombie $50.00 "Go, Peter!"
Christian Imhof $10.00 "Rock on!"
Michael Pond $50.00 "Good luck with the Trial of Miles and Miles of Trials!"
Allison and Stephen Scaglione $25.00 "Have a great run! I know your dad will be watching! We love you!"
Paul Bergstrom $200.00 "Do it. "
Chris Psaltos $25.00 "Go Donna!"
Teresa Wilson $100.00 "Good luck with the race!"
Dave Steele $100.00 "Ooh Rah!"
Wyatt&Julie Brigham $100.00 "Thank you for running the race with integrity and honor, for your brothers fighting on the front lines. John 15:13"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." ~ with love, Wyatt & Julie"
Cynthia Jaynes $50.00 "You go girl! Lookin' good in that photo!! Thinking of you, Jim and Cindy"
Shawn Connor $50.00 "Sean, Best of luck for the Marine Corps Marathon. Shawn Connor DRIFIRE"
Rodger Marler $100.00 "Proud to be a part of what you do continually do to support our Military. Semper Fi."
MaryAnn Turney $50.00 "In memory and honor of Jeff Jones..."
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck Michelle!!!!"
Colleen Connolly $20.00 "Run Keith Run!!!"
Paola Torres $50.00 "Good Luck Marty! This is a great cause!"
Ted Chen $25.00 "You go Tony."
Lisa Michel $100.00 "You always have my support, Joe, now run like the wind!"
Erin Young $25.00 "Good luck, Mindi!"
Holly Waskiewic $25.00 "Good Luck, Mon! Love you! "
Mandy & Ryan Brannon $300.00 "Run like the wind, Arthur! The three of us can’t compete this year, but we’ll be cheering you!! -Mandy, Ryan and Alex :)"
Miranda Stoner $25.00 "Thanks Lindsey for supporting our troops! We hope you & your dad have a great run :) Miranda, Matt, & Olivia"
Donald Santoriello Jr. $50.00 "John, Goodluck with the marathon. You are one of the good guys. "
Jamie Siegrist $50.00 "Mark, all our best. The Siegrist family supports you! When you do not think that you can run any farther, remember who you are running for!"
Diane Damato $25.00 "Sorry I didn't make the donation sooner. Good luck and have fun. Love Diane ànd Richie"
Cameron & Kendall Hamill $25.00 "Good luck Mr. Tillson! We are so proud of you! Have fun and run so fast! "
Kevin and Cindy Herbert $50.00 "Beau, so proud of the work you are doing on behalf of these heroes!"
Kevin and Cindy Herbert $50.00 "Andrew, thank you for working on behalf of these American heroes! So proud of your efforts."
Theresa Kearney $25.00 "You Amaze Me! Good Luck!!"
jack duva $150.00 "While once again you contribute to the Marine Corps, your Mom and I support your hard work for this event and all of your other endeavors. Semper Fi! Love Mom and Jack."
Darrell Clauson $25.00 "What a great cause. Thank you for your time and effort. "
Pamela Brigham $100.00 "Go Jake!"
Rich Horton $50.00 "Go Dave Go Thanks for your service and you do for others."
John Hatcher $100.00 "Go Jo! :)"
Grace Watson $10.00 "Keep it up, Beau! "
Ingrid Smith Hidden "Best wishes to my son!! Hebrews 12:1-3. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart."
Matt Stromberg Hidden "Our nation needs more Americans like Lacey Becker. "
Steve Picerne $50.00 "You are so ready for this!"
William Sughrue $100.00 "Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. –Christopher Reeve Run for us all! Again and again"
Carissa Tourtelot $100.00 "You are amazing and I love you so much! Keep up the great work!"
Dakota Peck $101.00 "01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000 00100000 01000100 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100001"
Colleen Connolly $20.00 "Run Dawn Run! You will do great! So happy for you!!"
Danica Hammer $20.00 "I wanna win!!"
Angelo Cordova $100.00 "Good Luch James! Next time, I will run with you!"
Patrick Sullivan Hidden "Good luck Kaite! Semper Fi, PCS "
rosario marino $100.00 "Good luck James!"
Mark Dirga $20.00 "Make Us Proud, Joe!"
Will Ragas $50.00 "Godspeed Joe! "
Candee Williams $50.00 "Thanks Mike! What a great cause!! Good luck!"
Leah Wickham $26.20 "Wish I was able to run this with Yellow Ribbon Warriors again this year. Good luck! You all are going to do awesome!! :)"
Robert Morton $100.00 "I raise my glass to you, go Tony!"
Donna Leaver Hidden "Tom and I are contributing in honor of your mother, Mike. She supported her husband and sons in their military careers."
David & Jen Deitz $25.00 "Hope you will actually enjoy this Mike! What wall??"
Bruce Bal $250.00 "Best of luck Dave....great organization to run for and will be tracking you throughout the day."
Michelle Kaminski $25.00 "good luck you can do it " Dad will be there all the way" It's a special day!!!"
Peggy Hammer-Davis $50.00 "Run like the wind :) I'm so happy I will be there to applaud you and everyone at the amazing FINISH LINE :) Love you!"
sandra allen $100.00 "This donation is from both Dad and I. We are very proud of you, son..You clearly put your family and others before yourself, thus being willing to do this marathon....Love Dad and Mom"
Erin Oprian $25.00 "Good luck Michelle! You will do great!"
Lisa and Chris Palmer $100.00 "Go get 'em Mrs. Master Sohn!!! We know you will do great!!!! Love, The Palmer Family"
Sheryl Palumbo $20.00 "Between setting this goal and achieving it, and the cause you've chosen to support, I could not be more proud!"
Kara McLaughlin $100.00 "Sorry we can't offer you the VA rest stop anymore. Always happy to support your cause! "
Bob & Carolyn LaMontagne $100.00 "Have a great run Michelle. We'll be thinking of you. - Love!"
Nicholas Sheridan $50.00 "Run, Forest, run!"
Pamela Santwire $25.00 "Good Luck Sarah and have fun :)"
Whitney Walther $25.00 "Jodi, this is an awesome thing! I hope to see you race weekend. GOOD LUCK! "
Fred Smith $50.00 "Good luck Jodi. Thanks for being a running partner. "
Linda Casteel $50.00 " Have fun running and thanks for supporting our injured troops."
Renee Bender $25.00 "So proud of you, Em! Can't wait to cheer you on. "
Renee Bender $25.00 "You're a rockstar, Vander! So proud of you. "
nikki gonzaga $50.00 "I am so proud of you- I'm cheering you on from SoFlo ;) good luck!!"
Rebecca Wolf $25.00 "Go Syd!"
Riia Hanson $75.00 "Run Jesse Run!!!"
Megan Mocik $26.20 "I'm donating this amount in hopes that I can do one with you in the future! Well, we can at least start at the same time!"
Lauren McGrath $25.00 "If you're not first, you're last."
Elissa Brannies $38.00 "Only $30 more to go to goal!!"
Jenn Ansin $26.20 "Good luck Julie!"
Ro & Joe Franchi $100.00 "Go Team Beav! It is an honor and privilege to help out! I will be thinking of you guys...Thank you! xo"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck, Julie! Love, Mom & Dad"
Cielo Grageda $50.00 "Run like the wind, Chris Pesce!! "
Amanda Beyer