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This year, I will be running my 2nd Marine Corps Marathon and fundraising once again for the Semper Fi Fund. Two years ago, I never would have thought I would have run one marathon let alone considered doing a second one! Yet, thanks to one of my team members, Jonathan, who continues to inspire me each and every day, here I am getting ready for my 2nd marathon! .............................................................................. If you aren’t familiar with Jonathan's story and why he inspires me, go to .................. http://waronterrornews.typepad.com/home/2008/07/the-doctors-sai.html ................. I would like to thank each and every person that supports me emotional, physically, mentally and monetarily throughout this journey. It would not be possible without your support. Your support allows me to support others through the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund gives me a way to run for those who can’t and provide them with the opportunity to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. After everything that these American heroes have sacrificed for us, the least I can do is join in “Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom!” .......... No donation is too small or too big, every single penny helps! I will train and work hard to earn every single donation!! Please help by donating whatever you are able to.......... Thank you, Diana
The Semper Fi Fund is a nonprofit set up to provide immediate financial support for injured members of U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We direct urgently needed resources to Marines and Sailors, as well as members of the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard who serve in support of Marine forces. The basic ideal that drives our efforts is simple: as much as these American heroes have sacrificed, they deserve the best care and support available in their hour of need. Injuries are often severe, and the road to recovery or rehabilitation can be long and costly. Thank you for supporting the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and for joining in “Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom!”

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $1,845.00
Goal: $1,500

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Contributor Amount Comment
Hilary Griswold $100.00 "Good luck Diana! Wish we could be there to see you this year. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!"
Cynthia Glenn $10.00 "Diana... It's not much, but it's from the heart. :) "
Nicole Sherman $20.00 "Good luck in the marathon!!"
Marti & Howard Trussell $262.00 "Diana, we are so proud of you!!!! You are amazing and run for such a great cause!! Keep up the good work!"
Jeremy Radosh $25.00 "Go get it!!! Whoop!!!"
Michael Kostial $26.20 "go get 'em Red Felter!!"
Tod Kehrli $26.20 "Alwyas happy to help another RFRC'er with such a great cause! Good luck & see you in 32 days!"
Michele Merenbloom $20.00 "Go Team!!!! "
Patrick Nelson $50.00 "Good luck! Thanks for all that you do!"
Heather Thrall $39.00 "Cousin Diana - you are a wonderful soul, true inspiration. Love what you do for others - GO GIRL! "
Scott Radig $50.00 "Good luck Diana! We are all proud of you here at the health department."
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