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Marine Corps Marathon 2012
"Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom."

Welcome to the Semper Fi FundTeam campaign page for the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon & 10K! Our goal is to raise over $750,000 in support and awareness for our injured and ill service members!

The Semper Fi Fund is a nonprofit set up to provide immediate financial support for injured members of U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We direct urgently needed resources to Marines and Sailors, as well as members of the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard who serve in support of Marine forces.

The basic ideal that drives our efforts is simple: as much as these American heroes have sacrificed, they deserve the best care and support available in their hour of need. Injuries are often severe, and the road to recovery or rehabilitation can be long and costly.

If you would like to support our campaign please enter an amount in “Make a Contribution” box. If you would like to donate directly to one of our team members please enter the runner’s name in the “Search” box above.

Thank you for supporting the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and for joining in “Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom!”

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $766,121

Goal: $750,000

$0 102% $750,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Chad Navarrete $25.00 "Good luck Spero! Chad and Denise"
Pete Susens $100.00 "Good luck!"
Deann Lovitz $25.00 "Good Luck"
Gilbert Sainz $25.00 "Go get'm!!"
Bryan Schmick $40.00 "Good Luck and hope you meet your goal!"
Trey Hassell $100.00 "Don't out-run the Marines........."
Carmen Rivas $25.00 "Good luck!"
David Fleet $50.00 "Andrea, run far, run fast, show them what you are made of... and enjoy !"
Mary Angelo $25.00 "Thank you for your effort!"
harv karch $25.00 "Go get em Moose. You are a good man and this is a good cause."
Catherine Fallon $50.00 "Go Andrea! Be a Swift girl! Love from Cathy, Joe and Aunt Kitty"
Will Alexander $25.00 "Good luck Andrea but if you run in the Air Force Marathon I'll double my donation ;-) "
Denise Rader Hidden "Good luck in the race Tim!! Thank you for your serve and all that you continue to do to support all men and women in the service!!"
Erin Leigh Inama $25.00 "Go Meejam! Go Jenny! Go Team Semper Fi! :)"
Tim and Michelle Inama Hidden "Happy to contribute to such a good cause, especially since we've had a couple of Marines in our own family."
Jennifer McMahon $50.00 "Thanks Meags:) The peeps and I appreciate it:)"
Jami Bryan $25.00 "Go Ellie!"
Michael Russell $25.00 "Do us proud!"
Lisa Croissant $25.00 "Thanks for running for and supporting a great organization!"
becky stanley $25.00 "you're gonna rock it raf!"
Thai Takeuchi $50.00 "Oy! Git'er done!"
Kim Wells $100.00 "Best of luck Gavin!"
ROBERT QUINN $50.00 "This ia a great Cause Nicole...Kick some a*s!!!"
Jose Hernandez $100.00 "Top Five."
Mukesh Patel $262.00 "Do it for Captain Celerybucket! He is retired and needs some help these days. "
Eric & Julie Demerly $50.00 "Supporting you all the way, Keely!!!"
Jennifer Roth $25.00 "Best of luck, you can do it!! xoxo Jen & John Roth"
Erica Feller $20.00 "Good Luck Kelly!!!"
Carole RAZZuoli $25.00 "Good Luck in the Run! - Razz"
brian parri $250.00 "To the sturdy backbone of our country, to those that put their helmets on and step forward to fight our evils, to the marines and their families who put our countrys needs before their own families... I extend my hand in gratitude. Thank you"
Joel Packer $100.00 "Good luck in the race! I'm proud of you for doing this. Love, Dad"
Toni Pulver $25.00 "Good Luck Mike! May you reach your fundraising goal...here's a small start for a great cause!!!"
Nancy George $50.00 "I am so proud of how well you have done with your running and I am honored to help support those who have given so much to protect the freedom we have in this country. Run Mike, Run and know when you finish this accomplishment, just how much you have accomplished for those in need. I love you and I know you will enjoy this moment!"
Karen Dize $100.00 "What a reason to run! Way to go, Frank. And Semper Fi has a 4-star rating--a worthy fund."
Sandra Reed $100.00 "To all of our Wounded Warriors who have given so much to protect our freedoms, Thank you seems such a small offering. My thoughts and prayers are with you always, and to the families of these fine Warriors, Thank you for your dedication to your loved ones. To those who have lost loved ones, my heart goes out to you and my tears burn everytime I see another name, knowing that name has parents, spouses, significant others, children, siblings, family and friends and traumatized co-workers. To those co-workers, Thank you and be sure to take care of your spirit and your soul and your fellow Warriors. They are your other family and we know what these losses take from you. You are our Heros, our family, our Friends, our Loved ones. God Bless each of you and may the Hand of God hold each of you close and you travel this journey. "
Virginia Jeffries $50.00 "Thank you for running Mike, how deserving these hero's are . God bless you & God bless all of our military who put their lives on the line for our freedom."
Sharon & Frank Graham Hidden "Good Luck Mark!!!"
Alex Morrow $50.00 "I'm so excited for you! There's nothing like your first marathon!"
anne barley $100.00 "Thank you for working for such an important cause"
Gerry McCall $10.00 "Keep running, you're almost there, you can see the finish line. Good Luck."
Patricia Gualandi $25.00 "You can do it Michael. Make us all proud especially your former classmate. We love you."
Craig Landron $25.00 "Run very fast... Very fast."
Jared Davis $25.00 "Semper Fi"
Scott Smart $50.00 "Great cause. Have a great run."
Heather & Wes Burton $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Barbara Thalacker $50.00 "Go for it Sara. So proud of !!!"
Sean Dozier $25.00 "Get 'er done Devil Dogs."
Stephany Hessler $50.00 "Lesa - I'm so incredibly proud of you. You are truly an inspiration. "
Henriette Powell $100.00 "A worthy cause, Neil. Thanks for participating. Have a good and fun run. Mom and Dad."
Dennis Lage $25.00 "This is a great cause. Good Luck. "
Kimber Sousa $100.00 "Good luck Lesa! You are such an inspiration to me. I love you!"
Lisa Stefanoff Hidden "You rock Matt! Good luck!"
Darnell and Jodi Baker Hidden "Bob, thanks for continuing to inspire me after all these years. Get after it and rock it!! Jodi B"
Margene Borreggine $50.00 "Have fun, Neil!!"
Leslie Hill $50.00 "Go Marine!!! Make Navy proud!!! - Leslie"
EDWIN COHEN $25.00 "Roy, thank you for asking me. Ed"
Mike & Susan Briggs $30.00 "OORAH!!!!!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "God Bless You and Our Troops!!"
Alan Greene $50.00 "Go get 'em Rowdy! Gunfighters Rule, Pickle"
Bruce Powell $50.00 "Go Lisa!!"
Josephine Trinh $50.00 "Wish I could give more, things are a bit tight right now. Miss you! Hope you and your mom are doing well."
Sumie Bahus $250.00 "Frank, I`m so proud of you to run for the family of wounded soldiers and veterans. Dear SEMPER FI : It`s nice of you to care for wounded troups and their families. Sincerely, Sumie Bahus"
Kathy Lookingland $25.00 "Good luck, Tenille!"
David Hassell $50.00 "Semper Fi!"
Russell Hiller $50.00 "You're gonna do great Gavin. No doubt in my mind."
Matt Clark $25.00 "Go get em Scoooper??!!! :)"
Kristie Perry $25.00 "Scott, Thank you for running for such a great cause! Proud Marine Mom, Kristie"
Pamela Smith $60.00 "I have donated some now & I will do more every month. This is a very worthy cause. I wish I could run it with you but I will be there with you in spirit & cheering you on! I am so honored to call you my friend, my sister! Love you bunches!!!"
Gregg Pinsky $25.00 "Good Luck Tenille - I know you can do it!"
Sheron Palmer $100.00 "Denis and Angela, thanks!"
Carol Pressman $25.00 "Mike you picked a GREAT race for your first marathon experience! We did it last year and loved it!! We are happy to support you in such a worthy fund-raiser. Good luck!!!! Carol & Richie"
Holly Torcivia $10.00 "Good Luck Jason!!"
Rachel Lamothe $25.00 "You go, Rafael!!"
Dale Jones $25.00 "Good luck Joel! Run hard!!! :)"
Sheron Palmer $100.00 "OOH-RAH! Thanks for running...."
Anonymous $50.00 "Run,SAM,Ruuuuunnn! And that's all I have to say about that."
Douglas deMarrais $100.00 "Go Excel and Go Grace"
Grace and Kimo Jepsen $100.00 "GO SEMPER FI!!!!!!"
Kate Barnhart $50.00 "Run, Tenille, Run!"
Joanne deMarrais $50.00 "Run Grace run!!! Semper Fi Excel...always."
Roger Soucy $100.00 "Glad to contribute to this worth while fund. We Americans cannot put a price tag on the sacrifices that our servicemen have made to preserve our freedom and to fight for justice. "
Harry Frank $25.00 "Family helping family!"
Billee Pike $10.00 "What a blessing you are. Have fun! My donation is in memory of my Dad, who served 20 years in the Armed Forces. He fought for our country in Korea once and Viet Nam three times. God Bless our troops..."
Charles Nagy $25.00 "What a good guy you are! Good luck! Sign up, people!"
Michael Weintraub Hidden "Go, Frank! Thanks for running for Dad, Julie & Mike & all the military who sacrifice so much for the rest of us. Given the recent incident in Afghanistan I hope resources can be allocated to help vets with PTSD. xx, Sharon, MIchael & Anton "
Parris Collins $100.00 "Go Mandy!"
Mike Hicks $25.00 "Keep posting this. So I guess I really have to run now huh? No backing out if you're running because of me."
Ginny DiLillo Hidden "As a very proud NAVY mom myself - I know what a great cause this is, so thank you for that Scott. Every single one of our brave military men and women are heroes in my book! ~ Ginny & Jim DiLillo "
LARRY RANNALS $200.00 "Roy: Run one for me Buddy... You Da Man!"
Cecil Apostol $25.00 "Make me proud, Sonny"
Carol Bowman $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Jan Zieger $100.00 "The best feeling is the road beneath your feet, the sun on your face, wind at your back and a friend at your side..Go Rabbit Go.."
Lily Triantafillou $25.00 "Good luck Sonny!"
Hazen Hoyt $125.00 "Your Mom and I wish you the best of luck on your run."
Leo LaBranche $100.00 "Our heart goes out to Budrejko's family and friends during this very difficult time in their lives."
SARAH JAKUBOWSKI $25.00 "Good Luck, Christie!"
Iva Bozovic $50.00 "Hopefully I run the whole thing next to you :)"
Amy Hojnacki $25.00 "Andrea, I am so proud of you! "
Terry Lea Hassell $100.00 " In Honor of our brother Jerod Hassell, a Recon Marine, our Grandfather Art Pepin and our Mama's Uncle Richie Pitzerell who were Marines, Thank you for what you are doing....The Pepin Girls. "
John and Kat Cline $25.00 "Enjoy the ice bath your knees are going to be screaming for after this. Wish we could come out and watch."
Mark Rebhan $50.00 "I'm betting on the Leatherneck to beat you by a fathom."
Travis Leach $25.00 "Joel, Some day you'll be as fast and as studly as me, Whenever the Marines can keep up with this bada@# Army Reservist let me know. Good Luck Bro, Glad to see you keeping it up. Travis"
Monique Salters $10.00 "Ms. Tenille, Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and The United States of America. We honor you and the Marines everyday. Good Luck!! and we will see you at the FINISH LINE!!!! Monique & Micheko"
ryan ash $50.00 "Good luck! Wish you the best of luck."
Mynor Gonzalez Hidden "Great cause Cliff! "
Guadalupe Fuentes $25.00 "Good luck!"
Roy Cazares $25.00 "A little something to get you started on your fundraising! Good luck with all your training, you're going to do great!"
Daniel Neafsey $100.00 "WTG Robin, Semper-Fi Best of Luck-Danny and Janet."
EDWARD NOWICKI $25.00 "Good luck and run fast!"
Rose Rodriguez $25.00 "Best of luck Maggie,,,,head upwhen u cross the finish line...love Rose n Martin "
Rebecca Letterman $100.00 "Go Becki go!! You can do it, it's thanks to amazing people like you that our Wounded Warriors get taken care of!!!"
Anonymous $10.00 ";)"
Glenn Burrows $25.00 "Hey Brian, Good luck with the fundraising. Looking forward to training with you. Glenn."
David Andersen $200.00 "We miss you Bull. "
Jay Lederman $100.00 "Roy, My pleasure to support the cause and thank you for your dedication. Want to list my condo in Parris Island? Great view of the swamps. Semper Fi, Jay Lederman"
Arnold kalan $100.00 "I've run the Marine Corps Marathon 4 times. Best Marathon I've ever run. Semper Fi"
Robert Goodwill $50.00 "Admire the ambition. Have fun."
Anne Kleckner $50.00 "Good Luck! No half times, no time outs, no substitutions. Marathoning must be the only true sport!"
Shannah Jones $50.00 "Good luck Bob! "
Changing Gaits Kaufman $25.00 "Praise God ,Thank you for All you do."
Annette Gester $100.00 "Go Grace! xoxo"
Kara Chubrik-Emerson $50.00 "Good luck, Kevin!!"
ben burnett $40.00 "you had better come in first place "
Teresa Pires $25.00 "This better not interfere with Scrabble! "
Michael Byrne $100.00 "You go Girlfren!"
Paul Misencik $25.00 "Once they find out that you were in the USAF... you better run really fast! :) "
Jennie Lundrigan $25.00 "Give 'er"
Rebecca Byrne $25.00 "Go Meghan!!!! "
Mia Cosgrove $50.00 "So proud of you!! XOXO!! -mia & reiley"
Richard Kung $25.00 "Not a Spartan, but close enough. "
Rebecca Shealy $50.00 "In memory of my uncle, who served in the Navy: Lieutenant Alan Shealy (1960-1991)."
David Hutson $50.00 "Good luck! Semper Fi my friend!"
Daniel Barbera $100.00 "Keep running! Dan and Michelle"
Mary Osimitz $25.00 "Good luck Sonny"
Douglas Erwin $100.00 "Great cause, Anthony! Best of Luck going sub 4!"
Cindy Boudreaux Hidden "Hi Riia, Even if this would be your first run..............or your last.........I am very proud of you. Hugs and kisses to you from Texas !!!!!!"
Robert Hanson $100.00 "Don't over do it, your no good to me broken.."
Steven Gregory $50.00 "Good Luck Riia. Steve"
Bob & Trish Mackay $100.00 "Go Rick!!!"
Tim Warren Hidden "Happy 65th, Pat!"
Jack Nix $100.00 "Glad to support you for a great cause."
Jennifer Nix $50.00 "Good Luck! What a wonderful way to honor your friend!"
Alicia Diozzi $10.00 "Best wishes! "
Maria T Nieves $100.00 "Always happy to support our Marines. Happy to help as always and pray for you. "
Candice Campos $100.00 "I'm so proud of you for undertaking this tremendous challenge. I want you to know that I'll be with you every step of the way. I will even volunteer as your nurse-in-tow! I love you so much! Best of luck to you my baby! =)"
Edwina Pieri $25.00 "Good Luck!! My cousin is a retired Marine and did 2 tours of Iraq in the last 5 years. Hope you reach your goal!! You are doing a great thing. Edwina"
Diego Malvar $50.00 "Good Luck Angela, Semper Fi! The Pain is temporary, the Pride is forever! Prior Sgt/Lt. Malvar."
Louise McNicoll $32.00 "Good luck Buddy!"
Larry Toomey $35.00 "I can't think of a more worthy cause. "
Kirk Bennett $25.00 "Good Luck ! Joel"
William Mackiewicz $50.00 "Always willing to support you, bro! "
Nancy Keene $50.00 "Best of luck Sonny!!"
Jeffrey Beatman $50.00 "We are so proud of you Chris, not only are you running a marathon, but raising money to help your fellow marines!!!"
Myrtle Hendricks Corrales $100.00 "We will be there cheering you on!"
Jorge De Cossio $50.00 "Steve, I know this is not much. But we hope it helps. I admire what you are doing for Tom's family. Hopefully we can hook up soon - Jorge"
Karyn Bowen $126.20 "I'm so proud of you! Good luck!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Anne! "
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Mandy! (I'm a friend of Anne's and thought it would be unfair not to support both of you) :)"
Rick Burton $25.00 "Go get 'em, JC! Great cause and great event. P. S. E-mail Daniel Linas (ex-Marine) because he is sponsoring a similar event! RB"
John Boucher $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Barbara Snyder $50.00 "Running for a great cause, run, run, run!"
Gloria Salinas $30.00 "An excellent cause! God bless everyone who is donating. This donation is on behalf of my precious grandchildren, Melody and Tavi! Good luck, MAGGIE!!!!"
Edison Bastidas $100.00 "Thanks Brotha... We really appreciate it! -The Bastidas Family"
FRANK ANDREWS $50.00 "Great work Lisa"
Stephen and Cindy Andrews $50.00 "RUN Lisa, RUN!!! "
Erika & Lucy Herits $50.00 "We're so proud of you!.....See you at the finish line ;-) "
Chad Collom $20.00 "Great cause Randy! Go boy! "
Chad Collom $20.00 "Great cause Derwin! Thank you!!"
Patrick Silver $50.00 "You're a good man Joe. Run hard!"
Shana Bennett $50.00 "Robin, Way to go! Good luck! ~Shana & Colin"
Tara McGuire $50.00 "I am relieved it is just a marathon and you are not joining the marines ;) Good luck - Tara and Chris"
Ethan Balsam $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Mark & Lois Libman $50.00 "Good Luck Erin And Thank you Tom for your service. "
Margaret Chan $250.00 "We wish you the best and admire your continuous efforts in showing supports for our troops. Go JOE!!!! ~Margaret and Jay"
Gregory Kershaw $25.00 "Can't stop won't stop"
Dana Jewell $25.00 "Go get em!"
Racheal Johnson $50.00 "Awesome Jeremy, Good luck!!! :D"
Karen Delgado $50.00 "Run strong Jason!"
Amanda Hauck $50.00 "Good Luck Grace!! SEMPER FI!"
Alan & Sharyn Gantt $25.00 "Such a great cause. Go Matt!"
Ryan Miller $25.00 "Thanks for packing my stuff!"
Kevin Bevill $25.00 "Thanks to all that have served and given their all for our country !!"
Ann & Carl Wright $50.00 "You go girl!!! Oh, I mean Maw Maw. "
Rita Aberegg $100.00 "Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our Veterans!! Good luck with your run. Rita"
maryhelen pflug $100.00 "You go gurl!!! We love you! Da Pflugs"
Blaze Clymer $26.10 "Good Luck! Don't worry about time just pace yourself to the finish line."
Nelly Garcia $25.00 "Go, get them. You can do it. ?"
Craig Hall $100.00 "Go Wiley Go!!!"
Keith Fullerton $50.00 "Slow and Steady wins the race"
Steve & Noelle Houghton $50.00 "We *heart* Excel Fitness Center!"
Susan Zogheib $25.00 "Good Luck, Jay! You'll do great! After the 7th mile, you won't feel a thing, hehe. "
Michael Conti $50.00 "Good luck!"
Amanda Parker $50.00 "Good Luck Jesse!! I will be cheering you on from Chicago!"
harris weinstein $100.00 "We are rooting for you Robin. Make it all the way! Love, Harris and Adolfo"
Jill Callanan $50.00 "Good Luck, Analisa!"
Peter & Sherri Madnick $25.00 "Good Luck Rick!!"
Warren & Joyce Barlow $50.00 "" Go and have fun with it" G.C. "
David Pyles $50.00 "Jennifer- Great charity, glad to support it and of curse you. Good Luck, Your friends at KPRG."
Jerome Amedeo $100.00 "Ugga Bugga"
Micah Miller $100.00 "Good luck! We love you! Micah, Susanna & Paige"
Donna Boring $5.00 "Any friend of Bill's is a friend of mine."
Ana Villanueva $100.00 "Semper Fi! Run like the wind Jesse! Will be cheering you from Germany."
Gary Stirgwolt $50.00 "Good luck with this fundraiser and run. I admire you and your efforts!"
Robert Salemi $250.00 "Thank you."
Jeff Hintlian $50.00 "Good Luck! You will do great"
Kristen Normand $50.00 "Paul- this donation is on behalf of both Jimmy & I. Good Luck!"
Anthony Giordano $25.00 "I appreciate your fundraising efforts as my little brother is about to start his service with the USMC. Good luck!"
Kelly Garrison $25.00 "Good luck Joe! I want to come run this marathon one day, let me know how it goes!!"
Jessica Pollack $25.00 "You are amazing, Danielle! Good luck with the run!"
Anonymous $50.00 "The more he does, the better he was!"
Bob Parisi $100.00 "Best of luck Nicole. I am planning on running the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon here in the Dallas area in June. And Ken, of course, is running Boston next week."
Estelle Kressman Hidden "Good luck, Rick!"
Rebecca Hudson $50.00 "Proud of you! Good luck with your training and enjoy every mile. "
Carlos Coscia $100.00 "I am glad to contribute for this cause"
Holly Vandagriff $50.00 "Good luck! I wish you and your the team the best!"
Robert Lilley $20.00 "One foot in front of the other Paula!"
Amy Gildea $100.00 "We know your capabilites and expect you to place in the top three! Good luck! :)"
Jared Avilez $25.00 "Keep on keepin on!"
Eva Dwyer $250.00 "I feel honored to give just a little back, to those who have given so much."
Joseph Andrews $50.00 "Good luck Mom! - Joseph"
Ashley Polesak $25.00 "You go girl! Kick some butt and good luck :)"
Kathy Andes Hidden "Very best of luck to you, Shannon...you are running for such a great cause!!!"
brian dooley $100.00 "Good luck Toddy!"
Team Two Foot Onions $150.00 "We will ALWAYS take care of our own. - Semper Fidelis Devil Dog"
Jenn Dooley $50.00 "Have fun and good luck!"
Team Two Foot Onions $50.00 "Good Luck Oorah Runners! Beat the Two Foot Onions!"
Andrea Scheinker $100.00 "Go Bill! :)"
Shayne Murray $25.00 "Good luck Jason! You'll have no problem finishing strong!"
Kathleen O'Connor $25.00 "Good luck Dani! Thinking of all our soldiers, especially Matt Stanley, US Army, KIA December 16, 2006, Iraq. All gave some, some gave all!"
Blissn Roberts $210.00 "Hoagie Fundraiser"
Frank Reid $50.00 "Good luck and thanks, Bob!"
Daniel Lucas $25.00 "As always, Proud of you Tim. You continue to inspire me in so many ways."
John Carrara $50.00 "David: I am proud to support such a worthy project."
wanda majetich $25.00 "good luck robert"
Cheri Hall $25.00 "You have our support Nicole"
Rick Phillipp Hidden "I hope some of this goes to Lt. Col. Thomas Budrejko and the 6 other fallen Marines in the Yuma AZ Training Exercise Disaster"
Caroline Kaczmarski $25.00 "Good luck Roger! love, Greg and Caroline"
Douglas Bliss $25.00 "Just saw the story on TheBrigade. My condolences go out to all the familys and friends. Chive On! Semper Fi from a Navy brother!"
Pat Tompkins $50.00 "EXCEL Fitness Center is the BEST!!!"
Debbie Huff $50.00 "Both my parents were marines, and you are running on my birthday - go get 'em Anne!! "
Emily Nunamaker $25.00 "Go Anne! You're AWESOME!!!"
Robert Parry $25.00 "Great cause and even better when supporting a friend!"
Jamie Benoit $25.00 "Way to Go....You are an inspiration!!"
charmaine murmer $50.00 "Giving of yourself for this project is so like you - I will pray as you run for strong legs and spirit. Charmaine "
Joe and Holly Krim Hidden "Great cause - it is an honor to offer support to those who have made enormous sacrifices so we may enjoy the blessings of freedom and democracy."
Deborah Nazzari $25.00 "Best of wishes for speed and endurance! "
Robert London $25.00 "A special thanks to all of those who have served or are currently serving. The world is a better place because of your sacrifices. Semper Fi"
Michael Bubak $25.00 "Stay Strong!"
Elizabeth Laub $100.00 "Riia...Tireless, impossible to catch (or keep up with) and always an inspiration! Go- Girl-friend....GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Luv ya- "
D. Short $250.00 "Good luck; hope you reach your goal!"
Anonymous $100.00 "So sorry for your loss.. easier said than done, but keep calm and chive on!"
Kendra Chow Hidden "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bless you all and Chive on!"
Don Short $500.00 "Go Greg! We are cheering for you to make your goal."
Anonymous Hidden "Semper Fi, sir - we will always be grateful."
Stanley Peirce $40.00 "Thanks Dennis for your effort to help our injured Marines"
Robert Demers $50.00 "Chive on, and many thanks for his service."
Jonie McIntire $50.00 "Hooters McGee, here, wishing you a fantastic run and lots of fundraising success!"
coreen linsao $25.00 "Good luck Kara!"
Swistle Thistle Hidden "This is what ad revenue is FOR. Well, and for brownies. And for buying my own See's."
Gerald Woller Hidden "Semper Fi and condolences to the Budrejko family and the other Marine Corps families, from another Navy brother."
Jack Livella $100.00 "Have always been a supporter of the 'first to fight', even as a member of a sister service. God bless all of them! CW4 Jack Livella USA (Ret'd)"
Michael Wachsman $50.00 "You don't need it, but good luck!"
Alison Williams Hidden "Run Robin! xoAli & Shaw"
Anonymous $150.00 "I applaud your efforts, and totally support the Wounded Warrior cause."
Tiffany Edmonds $5.00 "KCCO"
Tucker Poole Hidden "KCCO "
Anonymous Hidden "My brother-in-law is an active Marine and his brother is a Navy Medic who just recently finished his term and is on active reserve. I envy these men and all our military personal for their sacrifice in serving this country. I hope you reach your goal and that these service men and women get the help that they deserve. CHIVE ON!"
Jeff Quinn $50.00 "Former Marine myself and just recently a father. Stay strong. Semper Fi"
Xay Phommatha $25.00 "Good luck baby cousin, I'm proud of you!"
Anonymous Hidden "Semper Fi"
Philip Camacho $5.00 "KCCO & Semper Fi! RIP brothers."
Kim Mackiewicz $100.00 "We're very proud of you. Give it your best! Mom & Dad"
Theresa Packard $50.00 "Go Anne - P3 and the Packard boys will be cheering you on!"
Christine Wagner $50.00 "you go girl..."
Hollie Trim $10.00 "KCCO! "
Anonymous Hidden "RIP"
Kevin Bassalleck $50.00 "KCCO"
Chanda Spencer $10.00 "Saw this story on TheBrigade yesterday. Didn't have my card on me to make a donation. I wish I could afford to donate more, but felt I needed to give something. A huge thank to all members of our military and their family members for the many sacrifices they make for our country. God Bless America! Keep Calm & Chive On!"
joseph mastromatteo $25.00 "Good luck in your training "
Denise Ziegler $100.00 "Congratulations for your motivation. Best of luck, we will be cheering you on!"
Joel Harvey $25.00 "Chive On!"
ken holden $5.00 "Im sorry for your loss. Its sad seeing another soldier lost"
Adrian Canady $10.00 "KCCO!"
Marilyn Benitez Hidden "<3KCCO Thanks for what you've done!"
Justin Chang $50.00 "Keep calm, chive on, and I wish you all the best. My condolences on your loss."
Mike Ryan $10.00 "Chive on!"
Jennifer Eck $25.00 "From our military family to yours: KCCO and God Bless!"
Anonymous Hidden "May your brief presence with your children provide them with guidance, comfort and contentment. Thank you for your devotion and quite and selfless sacrifices. "
Karen Chapman $25.00 "Good luck, Roger! Such a worthy cause!"
Michelle Sack $25.00 "Thanks to all who serve!"
Katherine Allison $30.00 "Nicole - what a noble cause. Wishing you safe training and swift running on race day. Love, Kathy"
Daniel Collinson $50.00 "Good Luck Bob"
Charles Irvin $25.00 "Go Matt!"
Jaclyn Jenkins $50.00 "I expect a Bikini Car Wash"
Craig Parisot $100.00 "Congratulations! Great cause - great personal goal! Wishing you well. Need to get you an Invertix iTeam shirt..."
Casey Bartok $25.00 "Good luck girl!!"
Harriet & Arthur Aufses $250.00 "Good luck! Much love. Grandma and Grandpa "
Jen Jones $25.00 "You GO, girl!!! 40 and going strong!"
Donna Bechtel $25.00 "Thanks for doing this run Jen. It is such a worthy cause. Al sends a hug and a kiss. Semper Fi"
Alicia Cole $100.00 "This is for my Mom who taught me I can do anything if I set my mind to it...Love ya, Ma.."
Jaclynne Brown $100.00 "Go Sue!!!!!!!!!!! XO John, Jaci, Taylor, Jack, Ryan (and Charlie) Brown"
Shaun ODonnell $26.20 "$1 per mile. Justin if you better finish."
David Pierce $100.00 "Thank You Sarah, it means alot to me to see you taking your personal time to help support the Greatest fighting force Ever created " The United States Marine Corps" and my brothers and sisters who have sacrificed so much!! Thank you, Semper Fidelis, Sgt David Pierce "0331""
Matthew Hogan $100.00 "Make sure you have the Ultimate Warrior "floating through the veins" before the race!"
Laura Bellrose $10.00 "Wow, Robin!!! I am so impressed :)"
Pamela Smith $50.00 "To My Great Friend, Good Luck with your race/running! I know you are going to do well! I am so proud of you!!! Have a good time!! Love you bunches!! Pamela Smith"
Valerie Hoefert $25.00 "Christy, I wish I could donate a lot more. This is a very worthy cause and I am proud of you for doing this. Will put the word out to the rest of the family too. Have a great run!! Love you girl!! Mom "
Manuel Rodriguez $50.00 "Semper Fi Steroid Always help brothers and warriors Good luck with the raising and thaks to the honest warriors Moro"
Peter Hendricks $50.00 "I've got the brains You've got the looks Let's make lots of money"
Alex Saenz $50.00 "Sgt Hellwig, is Psycho still your call sign? I still have great memories of all you Devil Dogs who served with me at Marine Security Guard Detachment Moscow, Russia. I never thought you would turn in to a marathon runner because you spent most of your free time in the weight room. Your truly running for a good cause. Good luck and Semper Fi, Hammer out. Alex A. Saenz MgySgt USMC (Ret.) "
Rick Steltz $100.00 "Semper Fi devil dog , much respect to all our armed forces..oooorah"
Erik Patterson $50.00 "donating the old "bulk body" to a good cause bro....SF"
Lauren Gray $72.00 "Good Luck! While you are down in D.C. we must do dinner! "
Melissa Goocher $25.00 "Way to go! What a great cause!"
Pamela Smith $25.00 "Christy, I am trying to get you to your goal. I know how important this marathon is to you. I will try & do my best. Take care & do your best like you always do! Love you like my very own sister!"
Ryan Redmond $25.00 "Roll Tide"
Kathy S Matlesky Hidden "Go Exel! This is an awesome cause and your whole staff is awesome!"
Dawn Countryman $100.00 "Semper Fi, enjoy the race as you run for this awesome cause."
Elizabeth Edelmann $50.00 "Good for you!"
Jeremy McKown $100.00 "Best of luck Robin!"
John Ferguson $100.00 "Steroid, great cause my friend. Thank you!"
Bob Maloy $50.00 "May God watch over you"
Amy Hassinger $100.00 "Good Luck, Alex! I know you can do it! I love this race!"
Anonymous $25.00 "What a worthy cause!!"
laurie herndon $75.00 "WOW!!!! The date is on the calender...guess that means you have to run 26.2 miles now....GOOD LUCK!!!! A marathon. Impressive!"
Zachary Feingold $50.00 "My grandfather served as a Marine during WWII flying a dive bombers in the Pacific Theater. Throughout his life, his time in the Corps gave him a great sense of satisfaction and pride. "
Brody Akoneto $250.00 "Keep running the good race! God Bless."
Elizabeth Gainer $25.00 "Go, Mandy! See you in DC!"
Dominic Young $100.00 "Love you guys! Thanks, Jonathan!! Thanks, Peggy!!"
Kate Lindon $25.00 "Good luck!"
Carol Schneider $25.00 "Good luck Diane, Jay and Doreen! Semper Fi!"
sherry bursey $50.00 "You're my hero! "
julie a englert $250.00 "It is an honor to give back to thiose who have gave all. Thank you. "
Tim Duvall $25.00 "Run a great race Lisa!!!!"
John E Cotton $50.00 "I can't think of two better people to support and or support, Thx for running for our troops. If you get close to the end and your body tells you to stop or retreat. Just tell your body what Lloyd Williams said to the retreating English in WW1 Retreat, hell we just got here. Interesting Read and possible motivation for what you are doing. Thanks agian. Semper Fidelis, Gibbs"
Douglas Bungard $100.00 "Kick some butt guys!! We'll be routing for ya all the way across the world"
Grace Osborne $100.00 "GO JULIE!!!!!"
thomas french $50.00 "Good luck from the French's !! "
Kristin Clark $100.00 "Go Greg!!! Good luck!"
Tracy Trigleth $50.00 "Good luck to all of you on the team!"
Ruhe Family $100.00 "Good Luck Roger!!"
J-Pierre, A-P, E-C,Cl. VERMYNCK $250.00 "With our warm thoughts to our Hero Jordan and his team. Avec nos chaleureuses pensées à notre Héros Jordan et à son équipe. Famille VERMYNCK"
Anonymous $240.00 "NYC Big Hat Brunch Fundraiser"
Kevin Dahlin $50.00 "Donation from Craig Worthington. Thank you. "
Matt Hazard $25.00 "Good luck Tyler!"
Dennis O'Rourke $25.00 "Well done Ray!"
Robert Kral $25.00 "Tom, It's always an honor to help others who have been there and fought the good fight. Take care and I wish you continued success in all you do. BK"
Cathy Murphy $25.00 "Expect you in the top 10"
Todd Redmon $40.00 "Run, Tim, Run!"
Joseph Broshears $150.00 "Good luck with your goal, Steroid. Semper Fi. "
Rachel Lombardo $50.00 "I'll set an example by donating myself in hopes of opening your generosity to such a wonderful group of people. Rachel"
MARCOS IKEDA $25.00 "GOOD Luck Maggie !! Dr Ikeda"
Anonymous $100.00 "Better you than me ... stay tough."
Scott Muhlbaier Hidden "Great cause Rachel! Thank God for the people who risk their lives everyday for our freedoms. Good luck - crush it! Francesca & Scott "
Scott Muhlbaier Hidden "Thanks for raising money for a great cause! Good luck with your first! Crush it! Francesca & Scott"
Erin Hurley $25.00 "Thank you so much for support my fellow Military Members!"
Scott & Estelle Oliver $50.00 "Good Luck, Ray. So proud of you! Mom & Dad O."
Anne Wiseman $50.00 ""The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you." Good luck! From your pal Maggie."
Michael Shannon $25.00 "Good LUCK!"
David Pinson $50.00 "Semper Fi"
steven winton $50.00 "Thanks for doing this David"
Vera Ando-Winstead Hidden "Riia: What a nice way to end your marathon career. "
Kelly Erbstoesser $80.00 "Thank you Kurtis!!!! <3 the fam so much! GO TEAM CARNESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"
susette goff $250.00 "Thank you Mark for not only caring about our soldiers but for actually doing something!"
Todd McMullen $25.00 "Great cause and Good Luck!!!"
Ben & Sherry Proctor Hidden "Go Rachel!"
Dennis Cassidy $100.00 "Happy 30th and we are proud of your commitment to our marines! Love Dennis and Ceil"
Michelle McQuade-Smith $100.00 "We know you will finish strong! XO, Blanche, Michelle and Frank"
Peggy Burns Hidden "OK, Diane! You are joining in spirit with all of our brave military, including your son. Well done - we will see you at the finish line!"
Ravi, Kerry & Sira Dharnidharka $250.00 "We are happy to support such a noble cause!"
Erin Corrao $100.00 "Good luck!! Such a wonderful and important cause"
Keith Packard $35.00 "Go Anne! We're cheering you on! Peter N."
Brooke Gardner $50.00 "Good Luck !!! "
Randi Sigman $20.00 "Best wishes in your fundraising, Jen!"
Jon Sewell $50.00 "SO much respect for you and the cause. Best of luck with your training, YOU GOT THIS. :)"
Andy Bochman $100.00 "Go get 'em Tiger. You're gonna love this."
Andy lombardo $50.00 "Good luck Rachel. Thanks for supporting our troops."
marion pines $250.00 "always proud of you steve...please be careful love mom"
Steve Pines $100.00 "You are a God!"
Tulia Vazquez Hidden "Tirza - You're going to rock this marathon!!! Looking forward to joining you on some of your training runs. :)"
Angelica Aguilar $50.00 "Good luck Penny! You are going to do awesome!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "You go girl - thanks for your big heart, which you put on the line every day."
Lorri Howard $50.00 "Happy Birthday Scott and Good Luck, we know you can do this!!"
Shawn Hayes-Davis $10.00 "Steroid, I wanted to get on your donor list for this worthy cause. Always willing to support."
David Mangum $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Janine Green $50.00 "Holla....Wish I could go to this one :( You will do amazing and what a great cause :)"
Hal Lynch $25.00 "Good luck Mel, I have no doubt that you will crush this. GORUCK!"
Stuart Richman $25.00 "Good luck Bob..thanks to you and all who served."
Jim & Carolyn McCoy $25.00 ""God Bless" both of you !!"
Ryan Anderson $25.00 "Proud to support...best of luck."
Ernest Hoopii $25.00 "I'd like to wish my fellow Sergeant Major and dear friend the very best of luck. SgtMaj Hoopii"
lauren carlisle $50.00 "Go, Alex, go!"
Georgena and John Russo $25.00 "Thank you for your service, and for all that you are doing to meet your goal. Thank you, Georgena and John"
Anonymous $20.00 "You can do it! good luck :) "
Jeffrey Beatman $50.00 "Chris and Sharon, good for you for running for such a good cause! Patty and I are glad to support you."
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Miguel and enjoy the journey ;)"
Anonymous Hidden "You GO Heather!"
David Mansfield $100.00 "Go get'em long ball!"
Stacy Hilbrich $100.00 "I didn't know why you ran this. God bless them, their families, and all of you, who serve. Your service & sacrifice will never be forgotten. "
Yolonda Lovelace-Horton $25.00 "Thank God for people like you :-)"
Robert Lysen $25.00 "Run for the gold Shock Troop, Devil Dog, blood-sucking War Machine!!"
Kathleen Mansbery Hidden "Go, Allen are so proud of you! Love Mom-mom and Aunt Kathy Yogi, too!"
Theresa Lydon $40.00 "In loving memory of your Papa. Cherish and find comfort in your memories. - Theresa, Marty, Maria & Mike."
John Ellis $50.00 "Semper Fi!"
Ginny Knapp $25.00 "Go get em' girl! You rock!!"
Katherine Lahnstein $50.00 "Run KG Run!!! "
john stephens $100.00 "Chester, Good luck....make sure you finish first on your team! john"
Michael Landry $26.20 "You've got to keep it real... if you want to take it to the next level! Run like the wind my friend"
Nick Minarchick $25.00 "Good Luck Brian"
Courtney Smith $50.00 "Hope the family is well :)"
Michael Landry $26.20 "Pugs... Not drugs. Good Luck!!!!"
Dale Butcher $500.00 "Go get 'em Nancy."
James Gillen $150.00 "Thanks for doing this and good luck with your run and fundraising efforts. I am from a Marine family."
Beverly Long $50.00 "Christopher, we are so proud of you for running to support the Semper Fi Fund!!! May God bless you and your fellow marines and their families. Love, Mom/Dad"
Beverly Long $50.00 "Christopher and Sharon, We are so proud of your commitment/perseverance in running for such a worthy cause...KUDOS to the SemperFi Fund (and Stroke Association Team/for Sharon)...thank you both for your SUPPORT!! Love you guys!"
Christine Bonkowski $50.00 "Thank you Tom for your service. God bless all who serve. Love, Aunt Chris"
G Scott Pyles $25.00 "geaux"
Alan Reed $101.00 "You look like Nick Lachey. "
Janet Perez $50.00 "Love Baby Brother You are MY HERO! God Bless You!"
Charlie + Karen Copperberg $25.00 "GO.......Leah!!!"
Cody Perron $100.00 "Good luck bro."
Barry Wright $50.00 "Good Luck Jennifer Barry"
Jeanne Wehling $50.00 "Best of luck to you and this marathon.. Its so nice to see people doing something like this for our American Heroes!!!! "
Diana Keaney Hidden "You go girl!!"
Doreen Scott $25.00 "God Speed Kelly!"
David Weiss $100.00 "Brian, thanks for setting the example for others."
Karen Pfeifer $50.00 "So glad to support you Lorraine as you run for the Marine Corp Marathon!"
Wayne Hertz $25.00 "Good luck brother, I'm expecting you to run this in less than 2 hours! SgtMaj Wayne Hertz"
Daryl Makepeace $25.00 "Best of luck, Danielle. This is a great cause. I'm thinking of doing a 1/2 marathon myself, but we'll see how that goes before I get crazy enough to try a full 26.2"
Anonymous $100.00 "One of the best organizations out there. Easy day!"
Nancy Steinhauer $50.00 "Good Luck Allen! "
Bill Borris $25.00 "Drive On !"
Michael Tomlinson $25.00 "Helping to get you to $1,000.00!! Semper Fidelis"
Pete Susens $100.00 "Team Ice, stay the hell outta the sun!"
Max Van Ness $50.00 "Goodluck Allen!!! All of us at SouthernEnd Landscaping wish you the best of luck! "
Lawrence Dale $10.00 "Good luck Pat and Christina!"
George DeGennaro $100.00 "From Bonnie and George run hard Tom!"
Robert Warshawsky $25.00 "Happy to help out!"
Michael Ware $26.00 "Right on Tommy! Lead on!"
Christine White M.D. $250.00 "Danica, I am honored to be able to support you and the injured marines. I will pass on your appeal to colleagues and friends for this worthy cause. Christy"
Joan and John Penote $150.00 "Thanks so much, Danica, for sharing this opportunity. We are proud to support our warriors! Love, Joan and John"
PBA Local 297 Stafford Township Police Department $225.00 "Good Luck Allen!!!"
Cheryl Beaman Hidden "Thank you Holli for doing this. And a huge thank you to Mark and Trey. "
Sean Rathbun $55.00 "I may be a Lean Body, but at least my donation is bigger than the other former Templar Turds. Actually, the extra $5 is on behalf of EJ, I owe him 5 because he hid $5 in my gear a few years ago, and its his turn to get it back. Good luck devil, no stoping at bars to fuel up. "
Rogelio Gutierrez $25.00 "Go Miguel!"
James Lyons $50.00 "Good luck....and as you know I forget things and will probably end up donating a few more times...xoxo"
Anonymous Hidden "Right on!"
wahaj warsi $10.00 "Wish him best of luck, achieve his goal. "
Tom, Amy,Katie,Kristi Sevier $250.00 "We wish you the very best in this great cause!"
Anonymous $45.00 "Thank-You to my friends at Evans City Middle School for your donations."
Jorge Tenarodriguez $50.00 "Stay calm, be careful, and persevere "Coqui". "
Solveig Deuprey $100.00 "Dan and I are pleased to support this worthy cause. Our nephew is a Marine, and we are proud of the brave men and women with whom he serves. Semper Fi!! Thank you, Christy for including us within your circle of close friends! "
Lawrence Sullivan $50.00 "Good luck Eric, great job!"
Analisa Jernigan $26.20 "IN MEMORY OF SGT. MICHAEL W. HEEDE"
Malcolm & Peg Shealy Hidden "Mike, we are so impressed that you are doing this. Our donation is in honor of Otis L. Shealy, who served in the Army Air Corps in WWII."
Benson Stein $260.00 "Nancy, This is $10/mile, I expect a refund for any miles you do not complete but no pressure! Good Luck"
Jack Rothacker $500.00 "Tod, I ran that Marine Corp Marathon back in 1987...Good luck on the day and well done raising funds for our troops."
Barbara Cole $250.00 "Go Alicia. Love Mom"
Ryanne Baker $26.20 "In honor of Captain Donald V McGregor August 13, 1963 Vietnam ~The Wall~ Panel 1E, Row 26"
Susan Fondy $25.00 "Run Katie Run!"
Andrew Leonard $50.00 "Great cause. Go get 'em. -Andrew & Shelley"
Scott Sandlin $50.00 "Thanks for making a difference!"
Brendan Maas $50.00 "Great cause, best of luck."
Andrea Kirkwood Hidden "Great Cause! I know you will do great on the run, good luck!"
Joseph Sconyers $100.00 "Best of luck from your friends in Boston."
Timothy Van Simaeys $100.00 "Tom, proud of your efforts here; both running the marathon and raising the funds. I'm chipping in $100 but there's another $100 on the way as my company does matching funds for the Semper Fi fund. Best of luck to you and the other Marines!"
Henry Ford $100.00 "You would be cooler if you were a real marine. "
Mike Lenihan $50.00 "Semper Fi is actually Latin for 'run fast' - good luck!"
Richard Atcavage $100.00 "Best of luck. Completing a marathon is an awesome feat."
David Weiss $100.00 "Run, BEERandall, run!"
MaryAnn & Robert Beaumier $100.00 "We'll be there cheering you on Tom!"
Craig Raughton $25.00 "PR or ER, Leonidas!"
Pamela Smith $25.00 "Thought of helping out again! Worthy cause & Great runner!"
Raymond Will $100.00 ""Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." Hebrews 12:1-2"
Brian Gilman $25.00 "Run hard Sergeant Major!"
Mark Cavazos $25.00 "awesome what yall are doing ! keep on kicking Ass ! Mark"
Scott Wise $250.00 "TMC Supports Jeremy Epperson's marathon quest! "
Magdalena Salinas $25.00 "Go, Ysenia! I know this marathon will be very meaningful as you currently serve our country! Thank you for what you do. I am excited and I know it's going to feel amazing to cross that finish line! Let's do this!!"
Richard Lesher $100.00 "Go Tod!!!"
Geri Wick $175.00 "Good luck with the fund raiser and the marathon. You are in our prayers as always. God Bless."
Ruben Garza $50.00 "Keep on running "
Arun Dev $50.00 "Win One For The Gipper "
Carla Pennell $50.00 "Good luck girls!"
Elizabeth Uyetake $50.00 "Aloha from Hilo, Isaac! Mahalo nui for your efforts to make this world a better place and good luck to you and your fellow marines and participants! Malama pono. Uyetake Ohana."
Anonymous $25.00 "Have fun training and good luck! Best, Agnès "
William Ahlersmeyer $100.00 "Go get em Bill, Semper Fi Marine! Thanks for the help opening my eyes to some great Blues Bill! You were a great stick buddy in training, I know you will succeed here. P.S. If you keel over can I have your "blues" collection? :) :):) Hahahaha! Sorry, had to get one dig in! "Hey diddle diddle right up the middle"! Go get em "Devil Dog"! Take care, Bill A. "
KRISTIN PFEIFFER $100.00 "Good Luck, good cause, and watch those knees of yours! Luv, MP and Big Guy"
Hank Fila $100.00 "Best of luck Tod! Hank Fila"
Diann Jernigan $75.00 "You can do this 'cuz you are a woman who will go the extra mile for a person in need. The memory of Sgt. Heede lives on in the Jernigan family!"
Linda & Geoff Summers $50.00 "Way to run, Kim!"
Jeannine Murphy $25.00 "We'd love to help you out with your fundraising for our troops and sailors!! Thanks for remembering us. Hope you are doing well. The Murphys (from Georgia)"
Henry Singletary $100.00 "What a great group of men, putting on a fantastic marathon! Have fun!"
Brett Saks $262.00 "Consider this a donation from your Schuylkill River Consulting partner. Go, Tod!"
Brian Heil $100.00 "There it is!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck Isaac...And God Bless you with fleet feet!"
Lisa Sagerholm-Hunter $25.00 "Way to go, Issac!! Marines are no ka oi! Semper Fi! Lisa Sagerholm-Hunter (Sam Murphy's aunt)"
Anonymous $100.00 "Know you can do it, Miguel! Faith. Persistence. Commitment. 100%. Just like the polar bear."
Juan Munoz $50.00 "God Bless America"
Kathryn Edelen $25.00 "Yay! Go Katie!"
Hannelore & Bob Orkis $25.00 "Best wishes!"
crystal pitus $75.00 "Great job! You Rock!! Crystal"
Russ Bautch $25.00 "Go get 'em, Man of Steel! Don't let Andrea beat you by 3 inches this time :) "
Joe Oswald $25.00 "Good luck and wear clean socks!"
Ivy Grace P DeRego $25.00 "IMUA Isaac. God's speed on your effort. How pleased I am on your devotion and dedication to your Country. Malama oe i kou kino. Aloha, Grandmother Ivy"
Luigi DiFranco $100.00 "Get it done Tom!!!"
Janet George Murnick $50.00 "Best wishes to Jen and to the entire team. You couldn't be climbing for a better cause. Janet George Murnick"
Amanda Moerschbacher $100.00 "Good Luck Laura"
Amanda Moerschbacher $250.00 "This is from the Moerschbacher's and the Foust's...Good Luck and we are proud of you "
Sarah Clark $25.00 "Dude! I'm so bummed that we're going to have left by the time you are down for the marathon. Regardless, I'm so proud of you for undertaking this! "
Tina Eckard $100.00 "YOU ROCK!"
Tom & Cathy Byers $100.00 "Go, Tyra! - for a great cause."
Joanne Emig $15.00 "Wish it could be more! Can't wait to read all about it, from both you and Scott. "
Daniel Wang $50.00 "Go Jackie Go!"
Rachel Waranch $50.00 "Jax, you are my hero!"
Irene Wallace $20.00 "Good luck, Sarah Beth. I love you, Mee-Maw"
mike kelly $250.00 "run dog!!!!"
Nancy Hopper $25.00 "Good Luck Cody ! "
Dale Miles $100.00 "Mom and I wish you well and good luck on your run...God Bless all of our veterans!"
Arthur Lamb $100.00 "Looks like a great cause."
Anonymous $50.00 "Worthy cause, hope you reach your goal."
Kendra Pennington $50.00 "Love my Marines! Good Luck! :)"
Lindsay Melvin $25.00 "Good luck, Sarah! I'm so proud of you!!"
Margaret Sullivan $500.00 "You're terrific, Todd! Good luck. Much love, Marge"
Marjorie Johnson $15.00 "Happy to support a great cause! "
Tammy Hoffert $50.00 "Good Luck on raising your money and we'll be cheering for you in the race. Love, A. Tammy "
Russell Spielman $100.00 "Run hard!"
Hilary Griswold $100.00 "Good luck Diana! Wish we could be there to see you this year. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!"
Helen-Tom Dooley $250.00 " Way to go, Toddy Boy. Good Luck, love Mom and Dad"
Yard Sale $400.00 "YARD SALE PROCEEDS!!!"
Elizabeth Davis $50.00 "Go Bev!!!! "
Michael Belt $100.00 "Good Luck Patrick!"
Kathryn Scott $25.00 "Run like hell J!"
Cynthia Glenn $10.00 "Diana... It's not much, but it's from the heart. :) "
Anonymous $25.00 "Great idea Pete!!!!"
W Ellen Ford $50.00 "Great cause - Glad to participate!!! "
Carlos Limas $50.00 "Donation from Carlos Limas, veteran and avid runner. Thank you!"
Lynn Forgue $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
Emilia Cisneros $20.00 "Good Luck, Maggie and it`s not much , hope it helps..stay strong..."
Pamela Smith $15.00 "I know how much this means to you. One way or another I will get you to your goal! I still have a few more months!!"
Brian Cox $25.00 "Good Luck Joel"
Josh Tremble $26.00 "Great cause. Good luck with the run. "
Robert Licata $25.00 "Good Luck!"
John Connelly $50.00 "Good job Danny and JJ"
Gary Cocker $10.00 "Semper Fi, baby. Semper Fi."
Connor Lewis $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
eileen dusek $100.00 "Great job, fromRuss"
Martha Connelly $50.00 "Gramps is proud"
Kelly Tuominen $25.00 "Way to go, JJ and Danny!"
Nicole Anzuoni $50.00 "Thank you, best of luck & have fun!"
Francesca Ohl $25.00 "Way To Go!!! "
Sebesta Blomberg $100.00 "Ryan, we are very proud to support you and your dad in this wonderful event. Good luck and have fun!"
Tod Kehrli $5.00 "Happy to help a member of the Red Felt Running Club! See you in October! Oorah!"
Tod Kehrli $5.00 "Happy to help a fellow member of the Red Felt Running Club. See you in October! Oorah!"
Tod Kehrli $5.00 "Happy to help a fellow Red Felt Running Club member. See you in October. Oorah!"
Grace Gaynor $25.00 "Run strong, Kelly!! You got this!!"
Amy Lou Reynolds $50.00 "Way to go Tia!! A great cause. Good luck"
lukas gaedtke $25.00 "Get em!"
SHELIA LORING $25.00 "Best of luck from a RWOL friend."
John Fettler $25.00 "Best of luck in the run Ryan."
Kristen Smith $25.00 "You know my views on marathons. Still, I support you!"
Donna Kim Hidden "Aloha Isaac! Good luck in your run...may God's shield of protection cover you always. God Bless America and those who protect her so we can enjoy our daily freedom. Aunty Donna, Corin and Sara"
Gary and Shirley Wuslich $100.00 "You do so much for the Marines, Susan! Good luck with the walk! Gary and Shirley Wuslich (Lauren Rigney's grandparents)"
Jennifer Herold $50.00 "Good luck Doreen! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2001...you will love it!"
Keith Reed $125.00 "For the cause, for those deserving our support!"
Cathi Connelly $100.00 "You are awesome, good luck"
Kathy Williams $50.00 "Ry-buddy Run Forrest Run!! Love Aunt Kathy"
Yumi Goto Hidden "Good going!"
Christopher Swiss $25.00 "Best of Luck - Thank You!!"
Deborah Thompson $75.00 "Go Jesse! "
Fred Robustelli $25.00 "Good luck!"
Deepak Bhandarkar $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Nataliya Kuzhylina $50.00 "Great initiative! Good luck!"
Johnson Rule $25.00 "Thank you for what you do for our veterans."
Srikanth Ranganathan $25.00 "best wishes"
Alexander Patterson $100.00 "Go Kelly! We are proud of you."
Have to Half $500.00 "HAVE TO HALF Fundraiser"
Linda Quintero $25.00 "In Honor of my uncle, Martin Provencio, a Marine who fought in Vietnam and was killed here on the streets of Oxnard :(...RIP"
Sharon Baldwin $25.00 "Yay Diane! So proud of you!!"
Brian and Lorinda Tisdell $500.00 "Go Derek! "
Rachel & Nathan Weber $50.00 "This looks like a great cause Tyra. Best of luck to you and your team!"
Joe Eaton $25.00 "Go Superman!!"
Richard Hella $25.00 "We cheer on your endeavor for such an important cause!!! Richard, Beth and Max"
Michael Connelly $50.00 "Great work Dan & JJ! We'll be cheering for you in October!"
Michael Kapostasy $100.00 "Proud to support Rick, Kelsey and the Marines"
Richard Black $25.00 "My son just joined the Marines and is currently at boot camp"
Lori & Ray Zimmermann $100.00 "What a wonderful thing you are doing for a worthy cause. Go Kristen & Brian! Good luck to you both."
Mary Grenen $25.00 "Way to go Amy Funk!! "
Gene Wach $100.00 "You both are in my prayers. Gene"
Paula Gavlen $10.00 "Best wishes to you, Rick, for such a great cause! Donna's friend, Paula G."
Paula Gavlen $10.00 "Go, Kelsey! Your mom's pal, Paula G."
Kevin Barry $25.00 "Good luck Brian and Kristen!"
Melissa McGaughey $50.00 "Doreen, Roy served as a Marine in Vietnam. Thank you for doing this. Melissa"
Larry & Renee Scheetz $30.00 "GREAT CAUSE Kristen & Brian!! "I thank God for my life And for the stars and stripes May freedom forever fly Let it ring Salute the ones who died The ones that give their lives So we don't have to sacrifice All the things we love" "
Anonymous $150.00 "In honor of all who have served."
Timothy Bury $100.00 "My son Austin J. Bury wants to run for his cousin Sgt Brandon C. Bury USMC"
Todd and Rhona Mayers $50.00 "You Go Girl! xoxo "
Debbie Bowman $100.00 "I am so forunate to know you. You are special. xoxo"
Roy Hillis $100.00 "Congratulations on your retirement, Lionel! We appreciate all that you have done for Our Country and we wish you nothing but the very best in all of your future endeavors! Your friends, Lisa and Roy"
Brooke Neal $25.00 "Good Luck! Xoxo"
Betty & Keith Harries $150.00 "So proud of you!"
Robert Williamson $25.00 "Best of luck to you James and Semper Fidelis!"
David Byers $20.00 "¡Corre, Tyra...corre! (Bién hecho.)"
Drew & Heather Dannels $100.00 "hoooorah!"
Mark Garlicki $30.00 "Awesome Brian...good luck....lookin' fit and mean in the photo."
Heahter & Drew Dannels $100.00 "great cause - Semper Fi....GO USA!"
Leslie Hackett $50.00 "What a wonderful cause! We're delighted to help! "
Kenneth Cho $50.00 "Thank you for taking the time and effort for all service members."
kapt krusty $100.00 "bite me said the therapy dog - email me w. latest nyc news"
Tracy Segal $25.00 "best of luck Marc and Tracy"
Annette Motoyama $100.00 "All the best to support the troops! Aloha, Kelvin, Annette, Connor & Kaitlyn"
Janet Ebner $50.00 "Great organization! You can do it Tom!!"
Lindsay Thompso $25.00 "Good luck Kristen! "
liberty barry $100.00 "Proud to sponsor my friend! Go Jen!"
Mark and Ellen Dorval $75.00 "Good luck!"
Dustin Wiltshire $100.00 "Here's a little "Teufel Hundee" for your M-O-T-O....get some!"
Patsy Payne $50.00 "Good Luck Julie,I have faith in you Patsy"
kristi perrin $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Kathy Hurley $50.00 "Love ya Julie. Good luck."
Joe Sufczynski $100.00 "What a great cause for a truly deserving bunch of folks!!Thanks for taking the time to do this for such a worthwhile cause. Go Get 'em Cath"
lew alexander $150.00 "Run Baffle Run"
Fred Steves $250.00 "As a former Marine I am more than happy to support your effort. Go Patrick!"
David Dori $26.00 "Go get them Tom, DDD"
Maggie Mccallie Hidden "Good luck, Chester!!"
jennifer olivarez $500.00 "For a great cause thank you Ashley and Tim!"
M. Ostapack $50.00 "Have adventure! We know you can do it, Doreen!"
Diana Gamble $50.00 "Cathy, it is a honour to support your efforts. Way to go girl!"
William Burlew $50.00 "Jess, looking forward to running Marine Corp with you"
Pamela Smith $30.00 "Here is a little more to help you get to your goal. I am trying slowly but surely!! "
Mike Ragomo $50.00 "Best wishes to you Cathy for a safe and enjoyable run!"
Hope Ison $50.00 "Patrick, Thank you for supporting our Marines!!!!! Semper Fi"
Anise Vance $10.00 "Hmmm... I didn't know Connor had military connections. "
Patrick Hartley $25.00 "Good luck and I hope it isn't too hot De De. Pat"
Sarah Somasegaran $25.00 "Best of luck!!!"
Lindsay Itzkowitz $5.00 "This is a great cause! Best of luck on the marathon! -Linz @ Itz Linz"
Lawrence Wexler $25.00 "Go, Meaghan, go! Thanks for running, and for giving me this opportunity to support you and the Marine Corps."
Holly Hilt $15.00 "Run like the wind Cliff!"
Katie Strickland $25.00 "Good Luck Tim & Ashley!"
Melissa Walcher $10.00 "This is a great thing you are doing! I can't afford much but I know every little bit helps those who have done so much for us at home."
Jeremy Johnston $25.00 "AIRBORNE!!! Thanks for stepping up and supporting great cause!!! Good luck"
Stephanie Buck $50.00 "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-SHAYNA"
Molly Moore $150.00 "Way to go Ben!!! Tom, Denise, Jarod, and I will be cheering for you."
Dennis & Christine Carney $25.00 "Thanks for doing so much for the Marines, Susan. You are a wonderful person and I'm happy to call you my friend! "
Marian Harmount Hidden "Happy birthday, Pat!"
Jean Hoffman $50.00 "You are an inspiration Momma!!!"
Elizabeth McCormick Hidden "Good luck! What a great organization."
Jeffrey Sponseller $25.00 "Go Jay Go! Represent us all. Send me pic when done."
David Simmons $50.00 "This contribution represents $1 for every mile I've run in my entire life."
Elizabeth Bennett $50.00 "Best of luck Cathy -- Let us know how it goes...."
Mollie Steadley $20.00 "Good luck Rick & Kelsey! Thank you for supporting those who fight for our freedom each day- the bravest people in the world."
Josh and Kristina Neal $26.20 "Go Team Riemann!!!!!"
Paul Colella $50.00 "Good Luck Rick. Always proud to support the Marines PC"
Kellie and Jeremy Keyser $26.20 "Go Ashley and Tim : ) "
Nina Jaki $50.00 "Go Jen, Go!"
Wendy Scheppke $50.00 "You are both an inspiration! Best of luck with your fundraising, training, and with the marathon! xoxo The Scheppke Family"
John Kickel $150.00 "Glad to support you, Rick! ... and glad to support our Marines."
Rachel Grandovic $25.00 "Good luck with the fundraising the the training, girl! I'll be rooting for you!!! "
Matt and Simone Kane $50.00 "Go Kristen and Brian!!"
Mary Doria Russell $500.00 "Happy to help!"
Denise Raynes Hidden "Good Luck with the run and thanks for supporting a worthy cause! ~Denise "
Dennis Newlan $150.00 "When it comes to supporting my brothers and sisters in the Corps, you two are the best. I hope you reach your goal. Thanks and Semper Fi , Deno"
Sherri Grenon $100.00 "Love Mom"
Nicole Zelenak $25.00 "Way to go Danielle, you will rock this race!"
Anonymous $26.20 "I believe in you and what you're doing! "
Rhonda Smith $50.00 "Go Ryan Go!! Thanks for participating in this very worthwhile cause! Good luck. Rhonda"
Fred Butler $200.00 "Goodluck John and Jordan. All the best! I look forward to seeing you at Operation Gratitdue."
Johanna Bishop $25.00 "Wishing you all the best! Go Brian!"
Katherine Kinnear $50.00 "Best of luck! "
Roy Blakeburn $26.20 "Semper Fi "Guns""
Wendy Pollarine $50.00 "Go Kelsey - hope this helps to beat your dad!!!"
Robert Keenan $200.00 "Go John"
Kirk Andree $50.00 "Cathy - thank you for running for those who serve, protect us and sacrifice their lives. It's a true honor."
Leslie Standen-Trujillo $80.00 "Wish it could be more, but at least it will buy some wonderful Mrs. a ticket. Love, Mom"
Douglas Ostapack $25.00 "In memory of Chester Hughes 9/19/1966"
T&S Golf T&S Golf $200.00 "Go Shawn!!!!"
Mike McNab $100.00 "Yut! You truly are a motivator Bill!!"
Michael Dellinger $250.00 "Go get em tiger!"
Andrea De Pinto Hidden "Danielle, THANK YOU for running this marathon in honor of Eddie, a true American hero! Much love to you! "
Albert Lester $126.20 "Run, Forest, run!"
Nicole Sherman $20.00 "Good luck in the marathon!!"
Suneel Chilukuri $1,000.00 "You da man!! Thank you for all that you do."
Paul Swen $50.00 "Dave- damn proud of you for taking on this challenge while helping a fine cause. Wishing your great success and light feet. Cheers- Paul"
Christopher Koppang $50.00 "Good Luck! "
Chris Shockley $50.00 "Good luck, John! Run like the wind!"
Mark Zafereo $100.00 "Good luck David! My brother was a Harrier pilot for the marines. Wear your sunscreen! "
Thomas Burke $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Scott Eldridge $26.20 ""The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
Amjad Khokhar $500.00 "Thank you for doing this David. I've been thinking about this so much lately. The gratitude to the Marines and armed forces is unmeadurable. Good luck."
George Novotney $50.00 "Have a great run for a great cause."
Bexky Lopez $50.00 "This is admirable of you Kelly. Good luck with your training. The Lopez family."
Louis Romano Hidden "Have a great race!!"
Anonymous $1,250.00 "What a great cause!! We have been contributors to the Wounded Warrior Project for some time, and it's great to know about the Semper Fi Fund. Good Luck!!!"
Robert DeBellis Hidden "Good luck Marco. I know you will do well."
Stephanie Maynard $100.00 "I'll be there to support you baby! "
John Chessare $25.00 "Go Sarah!"
Pam Schleicher $100.00 "Good Luck DeDe! At least one of us Davis's can still do the long distances. "
Rick Metz $50.00 "Cathy....great organization you have chosen to do this run for. Very proud to help you and these Marines who have served our country. Best of luck. "
Peg Sonday $20.00 "Very good cause to run for Rick - have a great time!"
Peg Sonday $20.00 "Good Luck Kelsey!"
Barbara Hafner $25.00 "All the best Ginny! Barbara"
Mark Chastain $200.00 "Good Luck"
Shannon Ferguson $100.00 "Go Dr. Powell!!!"
Lisa Kolton $100.00 "Good Luck! Lisa & Jeff Kolton"
Melissa Hemesath $25.00 "Best Wishes Mel!"
Kelly Predham $20.00 "I know you will do great Leah!!!"
Dorothy Willias $26.20 "Good Luck Kate!"
Carol Campbell $25.00 "Go Meghan!!!"
Carol Campbell $25.00 "Good Luck, Colleen!"
Laura Reilly $100.00 "Congrats Heather, what a way to ring in a new year and for such a great cause!"
CarrieLyn Guymon $25.00 "Wow, Heather. So impressive in so many ways that you are doing this."
Randy Lyle $50.00 "I'm proud of you Gavin. I can't wait to see how well you do!"
Mike Murray $100.00 "Rooney, you better sign up for a new knee."
Sharon Lee $50.00 "Thank you Holli :)"
Diana DeLeon $50.00 "Good Luck team-hope you reach your goal!! "
Andrew Kingston $250.00 "We're extremely proud of all the Norwich USMC Midshipmen running in the marathon. Thanks for giving the rest of us a chance to participate in this great cause. Go Pete! Go Norwich!"
Robbie Liz and Nicolas Black $26.20 "Holly, you are truly an inspiration. We love you so much."
Michael Owens $25.00 "If Scott believes in you so do I."
Karie Jo Barwind $50.00 "Go Heather! - KJo and Mo"
james herlihy $50.00 "You Go Daughter!"
Gary Laabs $100.00 "Dear Ryan, Run good! Love, Mom and Dad "
Brian Stevenson $10.00 "Go Morgane Go !"
maryalice riemann $30.00 "good luck Tim and Ashley! hope ya'll have a great time! "
Katie Pheils $50.00 "We'll send you a burst of energy for that final hill, Robin! :-)"
Maria Pallotta $100.00 "Great causes all around. Good luck Brian!"
McGuire Andrew $100.00 "Go Jennnnnnnnnnnnnn"
Christine Mack-Shepper $50.00 "Good Luck Rick! Steve and Chris"
Thomas Andrea $26.20 "Go Dave!!!!"
Scott Clifton $100.00 "Hoggin' Great idea to remember Bull! Best of luck with the race. R/S Tracker"
Allison Lawrencr $100.00 "Good luck, Bri! We're proud to support you in this noble effort. Watch out for mile 21! Luckily, you r just steps away from finish by that point :)"
Jason Shultz $10.00 "Great cause! Glad you are doing this event! Keep up the good work!"
Jim Rance $26.20 "One stride at a time. Good luck."
Meaghan DeRespini $26.20 "So excited to do this with you - semper fi!"
Margaret (Peggy) Blanchard $26.20 "Kell, I am so proud of you for volunteering for such a worthy cause! I will be praying for you to raise lots of money and be safe and healthy for the run. Love you, Mom"
Margaret (Peggy) Blanchard $26.20 "Scott, I am so proud of you for donating your time for such a worthy cause. You will be in my prayers for a safe run and that you get lots of contributions! Love, Peggy"
ian walker $100.00 "Good luck ! We're all counting on you ! God bless america "
Keisha Tanner $25.00 "Your dad encouraged me to donate. Keep up the Great Work!"
William Swezey $100.00 "go kuzz sweez..laurie+billy "
Amanda Hall $100.00 "Thanks for supporting the men and women that serve our country.. you rock! All the best!"
Karin Christensen Hidden "go get 'em "
Rodney Brown $25.00 "Randy, You know I don't understand why you run as much as you do. However, this is a really good cause. Get after it, and Roll Tide!"
Ryan Carroll $100.00 "Doing a great thing Mike! Will be cheering for you!"
Tara Pope $25.00 "Thanks Liz for running to support our troops and Thank you again Blaine and Lilly for your sacrifice for your country. We love you guys! Brent and Tara Pope"
Samuel Douthit $100.00 "Run hard, Bruce. Make us proud! Todd and Jodi Douthit"
Donita Robins $50.00 "Way to go, Mike! Semper Fi!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go Antelmo!"
Theresa Martelli $25.00 "Way to go Ronda. From a longtime member of the American Legion Ladies Auxilary, who proundly supports our men & women of the armed forces for their service and for fighting for our feedom every day. Thank you all!!! "
Scot Merkle $100.00 "PETEY! So Glad WE Re-Connected! Miss U BRAH! GO GLASSBORO STATE! V/R Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) AIRBORNE - JUMPMASTER - RANGER BATTALION(s) "Scottie Merxs!""
Christopher Woodruff $50.00 "Good luck Nate. Make us proud out there. Run for all those that can't."
DAVID SCHWARTZ $100.00 "Great cause Leah. Have fun. David"
Jeff Smith $100.00 "Way to go Bruce !! I admire your dedication and drive. Jeff and KC Smith."
Elizabeth Epperson $25.00 "What incredible work you're doing, Antelmo. Keep it +++++! :-D"
MR WILLIAM P GRAHAM $200.00 "Thanks, Ches!! And thank you for supporting those supporting those who have given so much in support of our freedom! Peter "
Jeffrey Campitella $25.00 "Good luck Doreen! Lynn & Jeff Campitella"
Amy Moake $15.00 "Wish you the best!"
Alberto Ramirez Hidden "So very proud of you brother!!! "
Donald Wright $10.00 "Go get 'em Vick. I just did 26.2, However mine was on my bicycle. "
The Antonelli Team $50.00 "We're happy to support such a good cause, Brian. Good luck."
Robert Deutsch $100.00 "Good luck Danielle! We're proud of you! Love, Gloria & Bob"
Nancy Hill $100.00 "Fantastic Catherine, good luck!!!"
Anna Thompson $50.00 "You are gonna do awesome! I'm so proud of you for your training & commitment to this event."
Tim Jochen $250.00 "Go Dave Powell, you fundraising GOD!"
Sevin Loy $25.00 "To my daddy from my piggy bank. I hope this gets the ball rolling..."
Sevin Loy $25.00 "To my mommy from my piggy bank. I hope this gets the ball rolling..."
Louis Joseph $100.00 "Thanks for doing this, Ginny. This is a great cause. Lou and Sheryl"
Cherry Oakley $20.00 "Best of luck to ya! -- Aunt Cherry O"
Sarah Burnett Hidden "Sorry it's not much, but I can't resist the cause! Congrats on the marathon pick!"
Jeff Harrington Hidden "Good Luck Marco, I will see you the next time I am in Raleigh"
Dante & Karen Genua $100.00 "Best wishes for a great run!"
Harold Losey $100.00 "You 'da man, Bruce!!"
Evan Wynn $250.00 "So awesome what you are doing for our troops & fallen heroes. Kick ass & give 'em hell. Home to be there cheering you on! You inspire me in so many ways. Good luck, Sarah! I'll be pulling for ya! Barefoot Monkey Boy:)"
Patricia Montgomery $25.00 "Great cause, Kathy! Thank you for your efforts!"
Robert Arnold $50.00 "Hope you have a great race !!!"
Peter & Patty Hubert $50.00 "Happy to donate to such a great fund!"
Donald Stewart $50.00 " Great Job Antelmo...way to go..... "
Anthony Montelone $50.00 "Good Luck Mom and Dad! Your other son, Ant ;)"
Kathleen Tellier $50.00 "Good luck, Cathy! I will be running beside you in spirit."
Erin Whitney $100.00 "Get some, sister!! "
Kim Kramer-Gallagher $25.00 "Best of luck. Aunt Carol would love this!"
Curtis Reese $25.00 "Go Shayna!"
Travis Schellberg $100.00 "Great cause! You are a hero for honoring the ultimate sacrifice! Go Terps and Gig'em Ags!"
Jessi Armbruster $100.00 "Have a great run! The Armbruster's"
Sara Lewis $50.00 "Go girl! Run the miles that I can't cause of my bum knee! Proud of you. :)"
Stephen Carroll $25.00 "Run Brian, Run"
William Jacob $50.00 "Excellent cause, great job! Enjoy...the finish line."
Donette Green $50.00 "Joy, Good luck to you!! Trust your training!!!! You will do great!! Donette"
Leslie Murphy $50.00 "Better you than I..."
Laura Eller $26.20 "Joy, I am proud of you. I've never doubted for a minute that you can do anything you set your mind to. You really are an inspiration!"
Robert Mina $100.00 "Today's soreness is tomorrow's strength. Carry on, sir!"
Caroline and Dave Hanson $50.00 "Hey, Naomi. You go girl! Happy to support this great cause!"
Anonymous $25.00 "We are customers at the Sayville farm stand and you and I met a couple of weeks ago when I was shopping. Thanks very much for supporting the Semper Fi fund and have a great run. Semper Fidelis. Steve Shea former Sgt., Vietnam veteran"
Blake Hogan $50.00 "Semper Fi sweet gurl!"
Tracie Southerlin $100.00 "Good Luck Jeremy - Love Mom & Mike"
Danny Villarreal, Jr $262.00 "Kevin, thanks for your great efforts with this fundraising events! Sending this contribution from Danny Villarreal, Jr. S-2 Marauder '91. I am hisproud mother. Wish you luck and send you blessings in all you do to help other Marines. We are very proud of your accomplishments, thanks loads! Danny's mom, Anita Lee"
Marauder's Mom D. Villarreal '91 $26.20 "Proud of you! Great to keep up with your latest accomplishments & contribute to you cause. Many Blessings to you, Anita Lee (Danny Villarreal '91's Mom)"
Ev & Tom Gezo $100.00 "So proud of you...good luck! Aunt Ev and Uncle Tom"
Joan Schoonover $25.00 "Joy, best wishes on your run! You're inspiring! "
Rachelle Humbert $26.20 "Thank You, Danielle! "
Kendall Herbst $25.00 "Good luck, Em! You are amazing! XO KH"
Jeanne and Jerry Kerrisk $200.00 "Good Luck!"
Patty Misencik $20.00 "Go Kelsers! Have a good run for a good cause..."
Major C.J. Kahler $25.00 "Run Forest, Run! "
Stephanie Day $10.00 "Have fun! Cheering from a far."
Luis Holguin $250.00 "Go for it Becca, you are dee BOMB."
Anonymous $100.00 "Good Luck Rebecca."
Kelly Weber $25.00 "So proud of you Jess! Keep up the amazing work!"
Cheryl Gillis $26.20 "Go Blair!! 26.2!"
todd gothberg $100.00 "Good luck Darrin, OOH-RAH!"
Sara Paulson $100.00 "Have a great run! Sara and Arne"
Stephen Heavilin $100.00 "GO EM...we are cheering YOU on!!! cheryl & steve"
William A Sharp $55.00 "Leah we are all as proud of you as we are of our troops that serve and give their lives for the Freedom that we enjoy!"
Deena Zabjek $10.00 "Have a great run Kelsey! "
Susan Cooper $100.00 "I'm still not sure I'm buying that "last marathon" malarkey. I think you are addicted! "
Richard Wollett $100.00 "I am donating because it is the right thing to do. Everyone should support this. I am an old friend of your dad, Steve, and Cheryl. You will make them proud."
monica huff $26.20 "Go Kelly! Awesome cause & I hope that you have a wonderful marathon experience!"
Frances P. Rayer $100.00 "What a worthy cause. I'm happy to help. "
Kristin Bergesen $25.00 "Good luck at the race, Jenn! You'll do great!! "
Ruth Hensley $40.00 "Good Luck, Dave! Great Fundraiser opportunity for you!"
Tomasz Siergiejuk $25.00 "she has the brains, she has the legs! "
alicia santoro $50.00 "Good Luck Dad!! We Love you! Love Gianna & Jimmy"
Brittany McGinnis $30.00 "Go Kell Go!!!! Love you! "
John Supplee $100.00 "Good Luck Tod!!"
Abbey Wells $25.00 "Woo Hoo!!! Go Jen!!!"
Pamela Smith $40.00 "I told you I will get you to your goal!!"
Amanda Ellmann $50.00 "I am so proud of you!!! You're my hero! Can not wait to see you for the for the marathon in October. Love, The Ellmanns"
minnie bonnaffons bella $50.00 "Run hard - Geaux Tigers!"
Tom Fitzsimmons $25.00 "Brian and Kristen, good luck on your second marathon. It is a long, hard trek but worthwhile!"
Evelyn Tracey $100.00 "Every step brings you closer to your goal. God Bless & Love you!"
Sean O'Connell $100.00 "Good luck Ali; enjoy the experience"
Jeff Sharp $25.00 "Good luck! Jeff"
Bill Underwood $50.00 "Semper Fi"
Lizann Prosser $100.00 "Any friend of Shirley's is a friend of mine!!!!!"
Robert Evans $50.00 "GO, JESSICA!!!"
Darryl Mika $50.00 "Go Rick, great cause, great race"
Cindy Smith $100.00 "Very Proud of You!"
Janet and Robert Morse $50.00 "Chris - This is a wonderful thng you are doing. I know you have worked very hard over the past months to get ready for this marathon. Proud of you! "
Cary Cox $100.00 "Andy what a great way to honor your friend, the world needs more friends like you. Please thank his fanily for his service to our great nation and thank you for serving our community. Sincerely, Cary M. Cox"
Lee & Anissa Allbritton $100.00 "Andy - Thank you for your leadership in honor of your friend, Jay. Your and your friends' running for Jay is quite an honor and a wonderful tribute. All the best, "
Asad Moosvi $50.00 "You are doing this charitable work for a good cause and hope you will reach your goal soon. God Bless."
Jack Bortz Hidden "Good luck Ali. I can think of very few better causes. Jack"
Scott Galloway $100.00 "Darrin, Thanks for representing us employees from the Henderson County Sheriff's Dept. We are proud of you and do well and thanks for all you do for us here at work and the role model you have become."
Lauren Hemphill $10.00 "Semper Fi! "
eryn doherty $52.40 "Go Kara Go!!! I'm so excited for you. I wish I could be there to cheer you on but I will definitely have a beer for you when you cross the finish line. "
Megan Moore $25.00 "best of luck!!!!"
Vincent Meyer $100.00 "Go Girl! "
Pat Donovan $35.00 "My son, I am proud to say, is a former marine. My family and I, along with our fellow americans, owe our freedoms to our Armed Forces. I'm partial to the marines. God bless you."
Andrew Hollenbeck $50.00 "Terrence Cutler: "There's something you need to know, Kenny. You're not the only athlete here at Jeff Davis. I happen to be training for a Triathlon right now. Doin' a lot of running, and cycling, swimming......... well you know all about that." Kenny Powers: "No actually I don't. I play real sports.......... not try to be the best at exercising." "
Alan James $900.00 "Jay would have some "kind words" about the dollar amount. Thought about $890, but that would have been bad bull. Would love to run this with you- already committed to a half-iron in Austin that same day. I thought the world of Jay Kregel- still do!"
Deborah Purkey $50.00 "Brian and Kristen, good luck to both of you. Be safe and Thank you"
Michael Raynor $25.00 "Good luck Beth...routing for you..."
Anonymous Hidden "This is a great cause. Best wishes training!"
Andrew Zaayenga $25.00 "Thank you for your work in helping our soldiers, Dave!"
Richard Lawrence Hidden "Hope the wind is at your back.... on both sides of Hains Point. Good job mate."
Victor Kostenko $40.00 "I'll run with you if you spot me 20 miles"
John Henfey $100.00 "Christine, I last ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2001, on my 50th birthday. It is emotional. Also, I have a son, Captain Matthew Henfey U.S. Air Force, currently serving in Afghanistan. He just lost a friend and fellow soldier over there (U.S.A.F. Major David Gray) to a suicide bomber on August 8th. As you stated, politics aside, supporting our troops and their families is what it's all about. Thanks for what you're doing!!! "
Dan Cabianca $100.00 "Good luck Andy and Pete. May you have a strong tailwind!"
Julie Hintz $25.00 "Do it for them all--for those being remembered, and for those who live with the scars. You are amazing! Good luck to you, Analisa! "
Bruce & Reva Edison $200.00 "Go get um Andrew and Pete"
Paul Getz $25.00 "Good luck Brian & Kristen We know you will XL !!!!!! "
Matthew Cantor $50.00 "Very admirable Andy. Good luck!"
Jordyn Peck $50.00 "Good luck Ali! World Record 2:03:38...make us proud :)"
Ankan Jain $50.00 "I am so glad that you are running - especially for a great cause. Good Luck and make all of us proud."
Marie-Claude Lamothe $75.00 "Félicitations Catherine, quel beau défi! Bon entraînement!"
Dean & Laura Bernshausen $250.00 "We couldn't think of a better cause to support! Best of luck to you guys on your run! "
Brendan Reidy $200.00 "Kick some ass brother! Love, Brendan, Deb, Chloe and Little B"
Harlan Murphy $250.00 "Very impressive Andy. Good luck. "
Alicia Saintsing-Vawter $50.00 "You're training so well! Proud of you! Go get em girl!"
Rick & Joan (Kregel) Fleischer $1,000.00 "Thanks Andy and Pete for doing this in remembrance of Jay. He will be with you there in spirit cheering you on!"
Kelly & Andy Steggles $50.00 "Way to go Heather! It's a huge accomplishment to run the race, but can be just as daunting raising funds! Congrats and best of luck! "
Nicole Trotter $50.00 "Yay Jim! Good luck!"
Alan Larson $26.20 "Brian, You make us proud. Best regards, Alan"
Pamela Smith $40.00 "Christy, Here is another surprise. You are just about at your goal! I am so excited for you!! Pam"
Donald Washington $300.00 "I wish you calm winds and following seas!"
Norma McLellan $25.00 "Run Leslie Run!"
Trey Peacock $100.00 "Great cause Andrew. Good luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Mike this is awesome! Sandy"
Brian Burdette Hidden "HAVE A GREAT RUN MIKE!!!!! Wear something RED and Gold please!!!!!!!!!!"
Richard Aguirre $50.00 "Kolton, I'm proud your working to make an impact on these people's lives."
Paul and Jenny Barentine $25.00 "Christy, We are so proud of you and excited for you! You get to do something that you love and enjoy whild helping others! What a great accomplishment! We love you! Have fun!!!"
Pamela Smith $45.00 "Christy, here you go. You have now met your goal and I'm glad I could help you out. I love you like a third sister. I am so glad you are getting to do something that you love to do & plus raise money for a good cause. I'm so proud of you & so glad I am able to call you a friend! Good Luck!!"
Lee-Ann & Vic Pinho $50.00 "Best of luck Brian and Kristen!"
Karen Payne $100.00 "Pete - What a terrific idea and nice way to remember Jay. At football game, we shall see whether you survived! Of the many marathons Gene ran, the Marine Corps Marathon was his favorite. Karen and Gene Payne "
Jessica McPherson $25.00 "Goodluck Blairy!! :-)"
Mark Wilkinson $100.00 "Peter, have a great run, and I like support a good cause."
Jane Coil Hidden "Wish I could give more!"
Wendy Edelman $50.00 "Run fast!!"
Anonymous Hidden "You are the MOS!! Man Of Sausage? Steel? Steal? Soup? String cheese? Spiders? Slick? Well, whatever it means, you are awesome and I'm sure you'll do great!! And remember to hydrate and you are only competing against yourself :)"
Ed and Jan Langham $50.00 "Always running to win!"
Richard Green $50.00 "You go Haley!!! From the Greens"
Richard Green $50.00 "Rock out Timmie!!! From the Greens"
Brigid O'Neill Hidden "John and Jordan, patriotism in your generation is so energizing for the rest of us - thanks for serving our country and have a great marathon run! Brigid & Danny in NY!"
Tammy Hutchinson $200.00 "Good Luck, Kim! You go, young lady! "
Judy Holsinger $25.00 "Good luck Doreen! Thanks for doing this for so many who have given so much to us! John and Judy"
Angelia Hall $25.00 "Hey Pete, I pray your strength as you complete this run on behalf of an excellent cause. God bless you, your son and your entire family. Angie Hall"
Janice & Jim Kovalcheck $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Joe Yates $25.00 "Dennis, This is a great program. My hat is off to you and all the others that make a difference. Joe Y."
Michael Murphy $100.00 "We wish you the best and hope you make your goal for the Marines! Your friends at CinemaTech "
Lauren Muscarella $50.00 "Allie, You're the best! Thank you for introducing me to this organization. I'm all about volunteerism and supporting a good cause. Sending lots of love, Lauren"
Ryan Lastimosa $50.00 "Kick some ass Jabinal!"
Vanessa and Jim Kenealy $100.00 "Dear Corey, What a wonderful cause to run for. We are proud to support you. Best of luck! Jim and Vanessa"
June Ahn $26.20 "Can't wait to run the MCM with you guys!"
Karen Witthohn $25.00 "We need more people like you looking out for others. Wish I was able to give more. Thank you :) "
Jay Ferry $100.00 "A nice gesture and a good cause, gentlemen."
Keith Wilson $10.00 "Danny! Keep up the good work man. I am always happy to support a member of the Trinity Family! Hope to see you soon."
Keith Deveney $25.00 "Good luck Courtney!!! This is a great cause!!"
Ben Moser $50.00 "Thanks for running! Good luck!"
Amy Bidell Hidden "HEY! We are going to have an absolutely fantastic year I missed you!! :)"
Robert Kilmartin $100.00 "Semper Fi! "
Chesley Potts $25.00 "Great reason to run. Enjoy the day! "
Kathryn Woodward $25.00 "Hi Ted, good luck! Love, Katie and Jer"
Elizabeth (LIBBY) Wentzell $5.00 "run well have fun"
Rafique Jangda $50.00 "Dr. Powell's fellow volunteers at Shifa Clinic, fully support him. "
Rachel Byrne $100.00 "What a great honor for a friend! Best of luck!!"
Stuart Miner $50.00 "Good luck Roger!"
Bill Huff $26.20 "Hope you have a great race Molly! Can't wait to hear all about it!"
Laura Walker $100.00 "I'm so proud and honored to be a part of this team and event. I can't wait for October 28 to get here!"
Roger Russell Hidden "Thanks for supporting our veterans and our country, Corey! Run Strong, brother. "
Jennifer Ruhe $25.00 "...More will be coming later.... keep rockin' the love for those who fight bravely for ALL! -Ruhe-482862"
ellen bond $25.00 "Good Luck, Frank!!"
robert mcgrath $50.00 "Good luck Jennifer. Great cause, wishing you success. Bob McGrath"
Pam Grilliot $50.00 "Have a great run. Thanks for helping the Marines. OohRah!"
Liz Herlihy $25.00 "Get it, cos! You're a rockstar marathon machine!"
Maggie Sarrol $25.00 "Good luck Jim! Happy running!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Thank you Jim Yhap"
Bonnie King $100.00 "I'm so proud of both my Michael Kings!"
Robert Angus $50.00 "Oorah! The Angus clan will be cheering you on. See you in DC!"
Steven Sutey $50.00 "Thank you for volunteering to raise money for a worthy cause. Best of luck on race day. Semper Fi!"
Michael Knarr $100.00 "Thank You Brian for doing this. I know your good friend Glenn who you miss so very much thanks you too. Keep him in your thoughts when running. God Bless"
Anonymous Hidden "What a fantastic tribute to your dad! We wish you the best!"
Trish and Tom Caffrey $50.00 "Wihsing you a cooling breeze, no rain, and a flat surface to run ! We're so very proud of your hard work preparing for this - Be swift of feet and keep your eyes on the finish line ! "You Can Do This !" Love you - we believe in you !"
Tim and Janie Switzer $50.00 "Good luck Christine - JUST DO IT! "
Eric Marnell $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Jeff Poole $250.00 "There must be a better way to get free beer than to run 26.2 miles. Best of luck and Hoo-Aah!"
Dana More-Sudac $100.00 "Go Dave and Russ!"
Susan Turner $50.00 "Joy - You are a rock star! "
Ryan Yeager $50.00 "Horrah Ali! Run like hell! RY"
Matthew Ross $25.00 "GO MARCO !!!!!"
Anna McBarron $25.00 "Good luck Sean - thanks for all you do for our service members and Veterans every day!!"
Carlos Garcia $50.00 "Have fun man."
Luis Melendez $50.00 "Thank you for supporting this cause. It’s people like you that make serving this country a pleasure and honor."
Jake/Milton Werner $100.00 "Congrats and good luck!"
Anonymous $50.00 "It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained. Elizabeth II <3"
Rosa Moran $100.00 "Good luck Patty!"
Brigid Crush $25.00 "Good luck Danny!this is such a fantastic fund!they do so many wonderful things for our wounded soldiers."
Debbie Ramos $20.00 "Go, James!"
Kevin & Patty Gallagher $100.00 "You'll be great! Perhaps some old twirling music in your i-pod to keep the knees high! Good luck!"
Teresa Pane $35.00 "Have a Good Run Frank!! What a Great Cause!!"
Donna Leaver Hidden "Praying that you never need this service, but also praying for all who do."
Anonymous $160.00 "Thank you for all of your donations! Maria"
Madeline (Judie) Tidwell $50.00 "Good Luck. Thanks for supporting such a great cause. Kenny and Judie"
Tom and Kim Driscoll $100.00 "Go Ted! We love you, Dad+Mom"
Colleen Cozzi $20.00 "Good luck Court, I'll be rooting for you!"
Ted & Eileen Olynciw $50.00 "Go Meghan!"
Jeffrey Schwartz $25.00 "Meghan, Good luck in the Marathon. It is a very worthy cause and we are grateful for the service and sacrifices of our military."
Janet King $10.00 "Thank you first to the Vet's and second to the runners for helping them!"
Eileen Pizer $25.00 "You go Eric!"
Stefanie Lehmann $50.00 "Good Luck Bruce! "
Larry Diemer $25.00 "Proud of you..Jim..good luck..,"
sharon brinkman Hidden "Way to go Analisa!!!"
Dave Harger $50.00 "You are The Man Pete!"
Chase Smerdzinski $50.00 "Good luck, Christine!!"
Rebecca Krohn $26.20 "Run, Julie Run!! :-)"
Aimee Plawecki $50.00 "Semper Fi Carpdizzle- From Bryan! You can do it Jesse! "
Tom Volk $50.00 "Run Mandy Run!! Love you"
Anthony Kaelin Jr. $400.00 "Semper Fi"
Anthony Luedicke $100.00 "Hope you have a great run"
Drew Jernigan $50.00 "Semper Fi, Analisa, We're proud of you!"
Pamela Brigham $100.00 "Go Jade!"
Barbra Hellwig $100.00 "To my sweetest Em - can't wait to congratulate you at the finish line. Love you, B"
Thomas Murray $25.00 "Thank you, Frank."
Wendy Pearman $50.00 "Yay! Great choice! The Marine Corps was my first marathon. Beautiful way to see DC up close and personal. Loads of crowd support, great weather, young, handsome Marines at the water stops telling you "Outstanding, Ma'am!" as they hand you water! It doesn't get any better than that! In loving memory of Lt. Col. John A. Pearman, USMC Ret."
Scotty Hayes $100.00 "OORAH!"
Janet Hoehlein $200.00 "Thank you Ginny!!!"
Kevin Glynn $100.00 "Ooh-rah! We are all very proud of you!"
John Musco $75.00 " This if for a great cause. I always support the men and women who fight for our freedom. Uncle John"
Davi Mack $100.00 " I've always been proud of being a Marine. I won't hesitate to defend the Corps. Jonathan Winters, comic and Marine "
David/Paula Epstein $100.00 "Don is one of the most special people God put on this earth. We are proud to be part of an event to honor him. Know with every beat of your heart we will be running that race with you in spirit!"
Paul Pradel $100.00 "Way to go Ray. Awesome that you are doing this....now run like hell!"
Judith Burch $100.00 "Please note this contribution to Julie Osborne's total earned."
Carolyn Grant-Suttie $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Jennifer Botha Hidden "Good Luck Ali! Enjoy the run!"
Jon and Kim White $15.00 "We were sorry to hear of Jay's passing even though we had only met him a few times. Kim and I are glad that you have found such a great way to honor his memory. Gig 'Em Ags!"
Kyle Eades $250.00 "The Captain always takes care of his crew."
Lesa Duarte $25.00 "Good luck Dani, you will rock this Marathon ;) xo "
Tracy Geagan $26.20 "Best of luck to you on race day, Pat!"
Diane Welch Hidden "Best wishes Blair...you'll do fantastic! It is a great race...run with pride!"
Carol Treml $50.00 "Hi, I'm Julie Hintz's mom...what a great cause this is. Thank you!"
Cherie Fausnaugh $25.00 "Think about my nephew LCpl Benjamin Rush while you are running, he was a marine who died while on active duty in Japan."
Nicholas Wallar $100.00 "E and I are proud of you! (from both of us)"
Tim Prather $25.00 "Left-Left-Left-Right-Left...keep up the Good Work/work for good!"
Mark Lee Hidden "Thanks for doing this Jim and Emily."
Cathy Grabenstein $100.00 "We are so proud of you! We are cheering for you every step of the way. Cathy and Tim"
Betty Blume $50.00 "Good Luck Mitch....always on my mind and forever in my heart."
Philip Blume $50.00 "Army does it better!"
Heather Holladay $25.00 "Go Meaghan! Marines hold a special place in my heart so I'm happy to help you support this wonderful cause. Your photo is inspiring (it doesn't inspire me to run, but it does inspire me!)."
Michelle Back $50.00 "Good luck Sarah! I'll be with you in spirit!! Have fun."
Heather Simoneau Hidden "So proud of you!"
Christina Falcone $26.20 "you go girlfriend!"
Wanda Ramirez $50.00 "RUN FORREST RUNNNN!"
Kristin Lovely $100.00 "Good luck we are so proud of you and what an amazing cause. "
Nikki Byrne $25.00 "I can't wait to run this with you Em! You and Jim continue to inspire me:)"
Gail Hickman $25.00 "Thank you, Misty, for helping our miltary!"
Amanda Noddings $25.00 "Get it!"
Cindy Snider $50.00 "Way to go, Amy!"
Jorge Goytisolo $50.00 "Real athletes run others just play games! Go Mandy."
Patricia Moody $50.00 "Go team!!!"
Patricia Moody $50.00 "Go Ashlee! Make us proud!"
Patricia Moody $50.00 "You go, girl!"
Donna Ledbetter $25.00 "Run hard, sister!"
Candice Reavis $50.00 "Good luck, Paul!"
Roger Cotte $100.00 "Good luck with the run. Thuis is agreat cause."
Danny Droubi $100.00 "Go get 'em, Dave! This is a wonderful thing you are doing. Have a great run!"
Kyle Eades $100.00 "Marsha, you'd better win or you're walkin' the plank. Only winners are allowed on my Help Deck."
Guy Tucker $100.00 "You do us proud, son!"
Chad Ostrander $25.00 "It's great what you are doing for the troops! Train hard! "
Erin Lachapelle $26.20 "So proud of you!"
Sarah Pevehouse $26.20 "Hi Tod! Here is a $1 for each mile you plan to run! Good luck and thanks for thinking of the Marines and Sailors out there. As a military spouse I can honestly say that we appreciate it when someone shows appreciation for what our better halves do for a living. Carpe Diem and Semper Fi! "
John Yeung $25.00 "WOOOT WOOOT!"
Doug Rosenzweig $25.00 "Awesome cause. Good luck!"
Bobby Jones $100.00 "Keep on the good foot..."
frances gifin $10.00 "This is a good cause."
Laura McCormick $50.00 "Can't wait to cheer you guys on!!"
Susan Richards $100.00 "Great job Dave! You are an inspiration!"
Susan Richards $100.00 "Good Luck Russ! "
JESSICA SMITH $50.00 "You do and have done so much for our Country. Me and my family thanks you!! Good Luck! ;)"
Col. Robert Freeman $500.00 "Semper Fi!"
Gloria Cleveland $50.00 "Stay strong Aaron-we love you!"
Tom Chmielewski $100.00 "What a great way to honor your friend. Tom and Eliza "
Kailey Kilmartin $20.00 "Good Luck Danny!!! xoxo "
Phillip & Jeannine Sullivan $125.00 "We are so proud of you and Lauren! Best of luck with the marathon. Aunt Jeannine & Uncle Phil"
Joshua Brooks $10.00 "Semper Fi!"
Ronald Mason $100.00 "Good Luck Kathy!!!!!"
Erin Simmons $100.00 "Will and I would prefer to support Sean in his quest to join the mounties, but this will do in the meantime."
Larry Scheetz $50.00 "Good Luck Doreen!"
Julie Jensen $50.00 "Proud of you, Beth. Run like the wind!"
Anonymous $75.00 "Many thanks to Gene Schwemmer for the generous donation."
Amie Bruggeman $100.00 "Racing for Tom is pretty inspirational! Great idea. "
Jesus Villeda Hidden "Please don't pose that picture. Or try to show me tonight. Much appreciated. :) "
Victor Ayres $50.00 "A great way to pay tribute to a good friend. Best to you both. Vic and Kelly"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Beth!"
Janine Canty $25.00 "Fantastic...you are now a little bit closer to your goal."
Megan Conroy $50.00 "Run like the wind girl! Proud of you, Court! Have fun and enjoy each step of the journey:-)"
Pete and Lisa Murray $50.00 "Good luck and thank you!!!!"
Kimberley Nelson $100.00 "Good luck to you and your team!"
Doreen Petty $50.00 "Jim - have a great run! Thank you for your service."
Gary Elkins $26.20 " Thanks for your service!"
Anonymous $30.00 " GO!!!!!!!"
David Kopfinger $81.00 "From the K's, GO!"
Alyssa Sato $10.00 "Mr. Ortiz! Sir! Good luck Mr. Ortiz sir!"
Beverley Madden $25.00 "Happy to support a very worthy cause...Bev, Rich & Josh..."
Garrett Means Hidden "Good luck and enjoy."
Mark Brown $25.00 "Run Michelle... Runnnnnnnn!"
karen lewis $40.00 "Jenny, you rock! Very excited about your race . . . keep up the fabulous training regime! K."
Berkley Public Safety Officers Association $150.00 "GOOD LUCK LT! "
Helen Ormond $100.00 "Good Luck! Love you!"
Maggie Purcell $26.20 "Go Matt, go! Glad to have a chance to support you and the heros who have given so much."
Naomi Pearsall-Cook $50.00 "Sending Love!"
Cathleen Kilmartin $26.20 "Go Danny! Love, Mom"
Amy Gawtry $25.00 "Go Jenny!!!"
Kathy Hendrix $100.00 ""Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started"-Prefontaine"
Wendy Arsham $100.00 "YAY DR. POWELL!! Let 'em eat your dust! Sarita, Marc & Wendy "
Kathryn Meehan $100.00 "So proud of you Dan. "
Engy Abdel-Motaleb $50.00 "GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!! "
Marguerite Patrick $50.00 " Have a good day, Dan!"
Stephen McCormick Hidden "From the Volunteer State, Tennessee pledges all of its delegates to the next great marathoner of these United States, Meaghan DeRespini-McCormick. (hyphen didn't work for Hillary but she was running for a different office)"
Steve and Tracey Bryars $100.00 "Wonderful that you are doing this Tom Steve and Tracey"
Brandon & Freesia Blizard $50.00 "In honor of our KIA cousin Marine Staff Sgt. Sky R. Mote, 27, of El Dorado "
Shauna Firmiss $25.00 "Way to go Drouin! "
Marti & Howard Trussell $262.00 "Diana, we are so proud of you!!!! You are amazing and run for such a great cause!! Keep up the good work!"
Michele Boeker $50.00 "Best of luck and have fun Jon!"
Lauren Mineri $25.00 "Good Luck Tyler! xo Lauren & Michael"
KATHY DITCH $10.00 "God bless you and all of America's military for your service to our country!"
Christina Meisberger Hidden "Thank you to all the soldiers that make sacrifices so that we are safe! God bless!"
Christopher Hussin $100.00 "Good Luck! Run well then come back to CVGC and put on some beer weight!"
Joseph Previll $50.00 "Thank you for what you do on our behalf!"
Stefanie Shanks $25.00 "Good luck!"
Brittany Welch $50.00 "So proud of you guys! "
Nancy Cameron $50.00 "good luck bruce, you'll need it"
Hilary Giles $50.00 "From Bob & Hilary Giles"
Kaitlyn Clark $50.00 "Good luck Christine! I know you'll rock this race and beat the bridge just like last year! Xoxo"
Leslie Schmitz $25.00 "All my best!!!! Semper Fi!!! "
Leslie Schmitz $25.00 "Semper Fi!!"
Steve Wisner $100.00 "Go Ted Go-- from Steve and Stacy"
Pete Perry $100.00 "Sounds like a great cause, thank you for supporting."
Alice C. Rogers $500.00 "Kudos to all Wilders. What you are doing is fantastic !!"
Sharon/Charles Prince $100.00 "Patty, you go girl, we love you!! Mom & Charles"
Linda Grenus $100.00 "Go Sam!!! You're Awesome!!!"
Kathy Meissner $50.00 "Go Colin!! "
Amy Sam $75.00 "Go Colin!!"
Neelima Rao Hidden "Best wishes Colin! You make us proud. Good luck, Neelima"
Leonard Russ $100.00 "Good luck, Joe, in your valiant effort on behalf of this worthy cause! Len Russ"
Albert Saporito $50.00 "Good luck on achieving your goal, Nikki. We are proud that you are actively helping our wounded Marines and fellow service men and women. Semper Fi! - Mom and Dad"
Melodie Krefetz $50.00 "I am happy to support you & Semper Fi Fund"
Nancy Jernigan $100.00 "Analisa ~ We are so proud of you! You are so generous, giving and such a great example to us all. Jeff & I are cheering you on! "
Heidi Faw $100.00 "Colin, You've chosen a great cause! I commend you on your effort and hope you have perfect marathon-running weather for the event. Cheers, Heidi"
Vanessa Ranieri $50.00 "Best of luck with your upcoming marathon! I wish we could be there to cheer you on at the finish line! "
KRISTI GUILFOYLE $50.00 "Good luck, Steve- We'll be there cheering you on! Love, Kristi and Mike Guilfoyle"
Amy Begg $50.00 "Good luck Andrew!"
Marie Pavlick $50.00 "Colin, have a great experience! Glad to support you and such a worthy cause. Marie"
Melissa Pa'u $50.00 "Go get'em!! Good luck!"
Ralph Pearcy $250.00 "Go Danny. MJ and I are proud of you. Semper Fidelis, ralph"
Casi and Bill Healey $25.00 "Good Luck Frank!"
Margaret Heinz $100.00 "Have fun! Love, Margaret"
Daniel Garvey $26.20 "Good luck with the race, we hope you have fun. Semper Fi! Daniel -n- Carrie"
Karen Gray $100.00 "Good Luck Tim! We will be cheering you on. The Grays"
Lee Gold $100.00 "Run Selene Run!!! Hope you have a great one!"
Jodi Place $25.00 "Go get em!"
Vincent Arcuri $50.00 "I was always proud to serve my country, and even prouder when the youngsters in my family serve and/or contribute to the good cause of our brave military, past, present and future. God be with you in the event, and if he is not with you, then carry on the cause by yourself; "No man/women will be left behind" remember the American way. Love Aunt Louise and Uncle Vinny; http://www.vincejarcuri.com"
Ellen Hoitsma $50.00 "What a great organization! The last two times I ran MCM it made all the difference in the world to run on behalf of Injured Marines Semper Fi. I'm one of the lucky Marine moms, as my two returned safely, but you can always count on me. Hmmm....maybe I'll run it next year with you, Tony!"
Tom Miller Hidden "Go get'em Dave. Remember to breathe in the swim! Cheers. "
Diane Leva $25.00 "Go Dave!!!!!"
Tripp Duke Hidden "This is awesome Colbi! Good Luck with everything! I hope this helps."
Kim Lakey $50.00 "Do it for the oxygen tanks and popcorn kernels"
robin shean $25.00 "Knock it out Rob. So proud of you. ~R"
Bruce Saldana $50.00 "In memory of your uncle Ron. God Bless the Saporito family, true patriots who have sacrificed much for this country and our freedom. Thank you Nikki for carrying on that honorable tradition. "
patricia and richard bagley $50.00 "good luck, Andrew. it's a noble endeavor!"
Jeffrey Fornadley Hidden "Go get 'Em Sarah!!"
Ron & Kathy Lakey Hidden "We are happy to support you in this great cause! To a sweet godly young woman whom we were fortunate to have watched grow up. You love your neighbor as yourself when you help those who are in great need and often forgotten."
Bill & June Beckerich Hidden "You go girl! Aunt June & Uncle Bill"
Anonymous $80.00 "Thanks for donation your winnings from Joe's golf outing!"
Denise Collado $75.00 "My payback to you, Jenny! and a little more because you are SOOOO worth it. If Jasper weren't so expensive this week, I would have done more! Denise"
Angela Farnham Hidden "Nikki, I'm proud of you! You're gonna have a blast! I still remember my marathon so well. Good for you for helping our wounded Marines! Love you sister! Anj and Dave"
Jody and Rhonda Gessow Hidden "Way to go Wilders. We think of Will continually!"
Lennie Gotcher $500.00 "Here's to a beautiful day and a great race! "
Jean Kreiling Hidden "Yea, Peter!"
William Bellomy $150.00 "Tony, Michelle, Eliza, and I are proud to support your cause and do our very small part to support the individuals and families who have given so much of themselves to support us."
Mary Wall $50.00 "Nikki, Good Luck, I am so proud of you. I know you will make it to the end. Thanks for supporting such a great organizations and helping out our wounded Marines. Love, Aunt Mary "
Kathryn Gilmore Hidden "Thanks to all the soldiers that keep America Safe. "
Robert Burkhart $100.00 "Best of luck, Becki!"
Marilyn Abbott $50.00 "Good luck Tim! Go Semper Fi!"
Anonymous $108.00 "In memory and honor of a great man and his lasting contribution to our country and our world."
duane walker $50.00 "Captain, god's speed Duane"
Jonathan Floe $100.00 "Go Wilders!"
Robert Valvano $100.00 "Semper Fi and God Bless these fallen heroes."
Dave Lennon $100.00 "Heard, understood, and acknowledged. Way to go. "
Beth Kiernan $100.00 "Good Luck Corey!"
Jackie Vincent $25.00 "Good luck Blair! Wish we could be there to see you finish! -Jackie, Chris and Moose :)"
Carolyn Henrich $100.00 "Hey Mrs. Brown! I admire your dedication and commitment and I am so proud to be your Mom! xoxoxoxo"
Andrea Teodorini $50.00 "Best Wishes Becki Brown, for the run and the new home! Love Aunt Andrea, Uncle Noel and the other newlyweds!"
Robert Gleeson $25.00 "Run for all of us!"
Barry Watson $100.00 "Sean, I know you will do well in the marathon I think the main goal is to do your best to finish. I wish I could be there to watch you come across the finish line. "
Stephen Saporito $100.00 "Nicollette, I thank Al for sending me the information to this worthy cause and I am honored to be able to make a contribution. Although we are not related, I share your last name. I got to know Al when I corresponded with him regarding his late brother Ronald who I assume is related to you in some way. I learned about Ronald when my wife and I visited Washington DC and specifically the Vietnam Memorial. After seeing his name on the wall I was moved with extreme emotion so much so that I researched him and his story when I got home. I wear a commemorative bracelet in his honor on Memorial Day and share his story often with others so that more know about the great sacrifice he made for me and my country. God Bless you and your family. Steve Saporito"
Alicia Saporito $50.00 "Nicollette, I am donating in honor of my Uncle John Luna who is at this time nearing the end of his life on earth-he fought in Vietnam and was a proud Marine recuiter-we were told today that he has 24 to 48 hours left in this world-I hope Ronald is around to help him find his way in heaven. Best of Luck to you and bless you for all you do for such a worthy cause"
Peter Royal $50.00 "Best of luck!!!!! "
Alicia Saporito $50.00 "I am donating in Memory of my uncle Frank Luna who fought bravely in Vietnam. He was always there to lend support to his fellow servicemen and servicewomen. Good Luck and may God bless you for your service to our wounded warriors."
D.M. Curinga $50.00 "Hi Nikki, We were all talking about what a great thing you are doing for our men and women who served our country, "The United States of America." and were wounded doing so. Uncle Ronnie didn't make it home from Viet Nam, and everyday he is missed. Ronnie's birthday is September 26th and so I feel he is being honored twice as much. We are praying for you to have the strengh and good health to do this event, Don't get nervous, Grandma and Grandpa and Ronnie will be cheering you on. We love you and you know we are proud of you. Love Aunt Donna, Uncle Rich, and Cousins Melissa, Torri, Carmella, Olivia, Tony and Jimmy"
Bill & Melanie Spano $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Christopher Corona $50.00 "Have fun out there brother! Semper Fi!"
Silvia Koros $25.00 "Go Haley!"
John Ptak $200.00 "From Patti, Tess, Emma & John. Proud to be able to help."
Elizabeth Zielinski $50.00 "Run, Alex, run! I will be there to cheer you on!"
Amy McCracken $25.00 "Go, Alex!!!"
Holly Thomas & Dagan Bayliss Hidden "Go Kelly!!"
Kil Chang $100.00 "Run Forest Run!"
John LaVerne $50.00 "Great Cause!! Thanks for your efforts in supporting our troops."
Nathan Baker $25.00 "We'll get that money Ike."
Andrea Freeman $15.00 "Alex you are an inspiration!!!!!!"
Joseph Saporito $250.00 "Dear Nikki, I am so very proud of you. You have grown into a compassionate, driven, vivacious young women with so many accomplishments behind you and so many opportunities, ahead. Elyse, Dylan and I are so glad that your Dad made us aware of this extraordinary committment on your part to raise money for such a worthwhile and noble charity. Your Uncle Ronnie will be with you as you face this challenge, as he is with all of us, everyday. He was a true HERO, and so is your Dad for working tirelessly to ensure that Uncle Ronnie's ultimate sacrifice and the sacrifices of all of our Veterans are not taken for granted. We Love You and Wish You Success"
Sarah Sprister $25.00 "Great Cause! "
Minerva de la Paz $50.00 "Oorah!"
Joseph S Hawley $25.00 "Hey Colleen, Meghan, Luke! You rock! We are so proud of you! With love, Susan & Joe Hawley family"
Rita Chandler $50.00 "Go Sean Go!!!! "
Alan Starr $25.00 "Go for it, Scott!"
Joseph Leggio $25.00 "Good Luck Jason, you can do it. From your Uncle Joe."
Linda Stechert $25.00 "Good Luck, Kevin! From Carl & Linda Stechert"
anna bagley $50.00 "good luck, Andrew."
Christine Ito $25.00 "Best of luck to you Eric. We are very proud of you! Love, Aunt Chris and Uncle Richard"
Dr.Robin Valentine $25.00 "Rock on, women! Perk it up!"
Mary Meares Hidden "Good luck, Alex!! I wish I could be there to run with you -- you're a star!!"
Susan Porter $100.00 "Go Danny! So proud of you! "
Bob Alpaugh $50.00 "Best Wishes Colonel this is a tremendous cause and all of us are very proud of your efforts."
Chris Brasure Hidden "Run Kelly Run!"
Marilyn Meyer $100.00 "Good luck on the race Tim, we're proud of you! Mom & Dad "
SELINA DONCEVIC $25.00 "Way to Go Viridiana!"
Ellen and Peter Vogel Hidden "Have an awesome run. Thank you for your service and thank you for running for a terrific cause. The Vogel's"
Kim Smith $25.00 "Good Luck Big Daddy"
Cecelia Davis $25.00 "Congratulations Niki,for being such a patriot! It could not be for a more noble cause! God Bless and keep you. Cissy Davis"
Donna Szakats $25.00 "Go Jim!"
Cheryl mcgowan $25.00 "Heb 12:1,2"
Ann Cannon $25.00 "Good luck!"
Janice Penksa $50.00 "Good luck Em...we know you will do your best! Love, Mom & Dad"
Henry and Cheryl Yennie $50.00 "So proud of you!"
Ronald McClain $125.00 "You better train for this! It is tough."
Liz Porter Hidden "Go Clay!"
Edward Loughran $150.00 "Run Danny run. Semper fi! Ed"
Tony DelSignore $50.00 "Liz, Your dedication to support this great cause is an example to us all. We all need to be mindful to thank God and pray for the men and women in our military who lay it ont he line every day to protect our freedoms. Thank you Derek. Best of luck Liz! "
Laurie Walker $25.00 "Best of Luck Kara!! Jack,Laurie,Peyton & Jayce <3"
Pattiann Firmiss $50.00 "Andrea: What an inspiration! I'm so impressed with the challenge you set for yourself and how you've achieved so much. Doesn't surprise me; after all, you're a marine, and I really admire another marine I know for her determination :-) Pattiann"
Jennifer Thornton $100.00 "You are a superstar and among the most generous people I know. Best of luck with the race."
Luke Peaslee Hidden "Go Andrea! Luke, Ali, Cullen and Emmerson"
David Gross $150.00 "Great Job Dave and Russ!!"
Michael Hicks $26.20 "Erica, you and Chris have been great. Best of luck to you from me and the Hicklettes!"
Carla & Melvin Jasper $25.00 "Go Clay Go!! "
Steve Arnold $100.00 "Russ and Dave, enjoy the run and have agreat time, OORAH!!"
Kathy Tashima $25.00 "Wishing you a great marathon Anne! Irland & Kathy "
Mary Williams $20.00 "Way to go Anne! Wishing you well as you head into the final weeks of your training. Hope you have a wonderful race and enjoy your time in D.C. Take lots of pictures!!!! "
Christopher Mitchell $100.00 "Here's to you Julie. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Go, Bethy, Go!!"
Kathleen Swayze $26.20 "You can do it! "
Meghan Kerrisk $50.00 "Go Sister! See you in 2 weeks for one of our long training runs :) "
Anonymous $50.00 "go Mandy from Dean"
Anne Reed $25.00 "GO MANDY! "
Christopher Salinas $50.00 "You better win!!!!! "
Anne Kopp $25.00 "Kristen & Brian - you are so awesome - love that you are doing this! ~Anne & Steve"
Michael Frangopoulos $100.00 ""If a man does his best, what else is there?" --General George S. Patton "
Christine Honorowski $100.00 "Good Luck, Enjoy the Scenery, Have Fun! Love, Aunt Chrissy & Uncle Ronney"
Marc Urowsky $100.00 "Good luck! "
Jeffrey O'Hara $500.00 "Great effort for a very special cause. Well done Andy!"
Danielle Harris $50.00 "So proud of you guys!! Good luck :)"
Gina Conaway $50.00 " You go girl- I'm proud of you!!!"
Luis Ambroggio $25.00 "Best of luck Courtney!"
Matt Dymek $25.00 "The cause got me!! Best of luck! "
Evan Winkofsky $15.00 "Just think that when you are running and feeling terrible... I won't be running and I will feel awesome"
Rebecca Raizman Hidden "Go Bev Go! "
Judith Ott $25.00 "In honor of Colonel Mark Fassio"
Suzanne Livingston $25.00 "You go TED! Your cousin Susan"
Craig Dukes $100.00 "Mark, good luck to you and your son on this tremendous challenge! We will be praying and thinking of you both during this wonderful event for a fantastic cause! Craig Dukes"
Brad Boyd $26.20 "Good luck to the hard-charging Snyder Crew. Semper Fidelis! The Boyds"
Orv Einsiedel $78.60 "Semper Fi, Let the Big Dog Eat!"
Angela Penquite $26.20 "Good luck! Can't wait to see you cross the finish line!"
Jessie Bagnall Hidden "Keep on Runnin'"
Linda Layton Hidden "Yeah for you Hannah!!!"
Pam Hanna $100.00 "Have a Great Run!"
Yolanda Estrada $50.00 "Nik, You have undertaken quite a challenging task of completing your first marathon. I'll be rooting for you to make it through. May God be with you during this tough and excruciating feat. Thank you for choosing the MCM wounded warriors as a platform to raise funds for those highly deserving and in need. Best of luck. MCM Fwd Finisher 10/09 3:57 Ooorah!"
Shannon Moore $20.00 "So proud of you Amanda :D And all the other runners/walkers making a difference and sacrificing your time and effort for such a worthy cause :) "
Stephen Sholty Hidden "Mark, It was great to see you last week. Good luck to you and your son! Steve Sholty"
Theresa Kearney $25.00 "After all these years you still amaze me!! Good luck I know you will shine!!! Theresa &Kevin Kearney"
Sally Rodriguez $100.00 "Good Luck Ashley and Tim! You both rock! Thank you for all that you do! Love you all! "
Devon Parks Hidden "You rock Hannah! Thanks for constantly thinking of others, you are an inspiration! A Kazaxe playlist will get you through this!!!"
Lindsey Whitehead $50.00 "Best of luck to all of you!!"
Tara Boone Hidden "You rock Hannah Mathews!! Shake it across the finish line! "
FRANCHESCA COX $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Mike Misencik $26.20 "Coach, see you all 26.2 miles."
Mary Herscher $50.00 "I appreciate your raising money for wounded warriors, Mary. In my job at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, I have the opportunity to work with military families which sometimes includes a spouse/parent where injuries have changed their life forever. There are so many wonderful programs available to them, but it's never enough. The sacrifice for the whole family is huge. I do appreciate your checking it out to make sure that money actually find these service members! AND thank you for making the trip to DC. It was wonderful having the Sikoras so well represented to support Drew and Megan. Love you! Aunt Mary"
Christopher Leuer $25.00 "Yeah Sharif"
Trish & Missa Soucy & Dube $50.00 "Go Jen, Kevin, Mark, & Kristi! We think you are awesome! "
Cynthia Arroyo $20.00 "We believe in you, Tammie!"
Anonymous $215.00 "Jim, Great cause! All the best."
John Zambolla $25.00 "Do it Up Reef Dog!"
Ruth Aubrey $26.20 "Good Luck Jeremy and Handan!!"
Mary Catharine Gardiner $25.00 "Thanks and best of luck, Kelly!!"
Diana Trussell $26.20 "Good luck to my fellow RFRCers! Thank you for raising money for a wonderful cause!!"
Anne Fitzpatrick $100.00 "Mark, Good luck to you and Stephen. The Fitzpatricks"
Cynthia Robinson $50.00 "GO JENNY! Anything for you girl! I know you will rock it!!!"
Donna Chandler $25.00 "Julie...Good luck running your first marathon!!! You can do it, kid...show 'em your stuff!!! We'll be rooting for you!!! You're running for a great cause and it is our privilege to make a donation to these USMC American heroes. Thanks to you and many, many thanks to the Marines. ad & ud"
Francis Vasquez $100.00 "You go, girl!"
Patricia Costante $250.00 "Jimmy - I just know you'll achieve a personal best!"
bill tuccillo $50.00 "Have a great run. Keep it up."
Brian Plodizyn $25.00 "Good luck and run fast BP and KP!!! "
Diane Schumacher $100.00 "In honor of Emmalyn. Go Cool-G!"
Patty Pare $50.00 "You're the BEST Amy! Have a GREAT race! Love you lots, Aunt Patty and Uncle Doug "
Amy Shaw $50.00 "Donated in honor of my brother's birthday! Semper Fi!"
David Ito $25.00 "Eric, good work. "
John Goffinet $100.00 "Thank you Katie for all your hard work!! "
Catherine Corey $25.00 "Good Luck Sarah! So proud of you! Love, Aunt Kate & Uncle Paul"
Tod Kehrli $10.00 "Thanks for supporting such a great cause. Good luck with you training & see you at the MCM! Oorah!"
Pam Lansberry $20.00 "Way to go! Before you know it you will officially be Marathon Megan!"
Thomas Campbell $50.00 "Good Luck Meghan and Colleen!"
Kerra Middleton $25.00 "Good luck! So proud of you both. Kerra (Smith) Middleton"
Duncan Richardson $262.00 "Go Ginny Go.....you're running for such a great cause...our thoughts are with you...Liz and Duncan"
Rikki Honnold $25.00 "GO GREG! You are going to rock it. "
Elizabeth Martin $25.00 "Love!!!"
Melissa Pulkrabek Hidden "Awesome Kate! I bet this is a GREAT race! :)"
Nick Doukas $26.20 "Jeremy and Handan, wishing you both a fun and successful race."
Laura Matthews $26.20 "Run your heart out Anne...I know you will...what a purpose!"
Michael Kostial $26.20 "Semper Fi! See you at MCM 2012 :)"
Bonnie Winkofsky $25.00 "Very happy and proud to support out God son in this event. Love, Jerry and Bonnie"
Friends and Family $480.00 "From all the wonderful friends and family at your BBQ!"
Friends and Family $120.00 "From all of your wonderful friends and family who attended the BBQ!"
Rick Lund $250.00 "Good luck with your run. "
cynthia retarides Hidden "Good Luck Virginia"
Kate Lawler $20.00 "Good job, Christine! Now on to Dragon Boating..Kate Lawler "
Ashley Sjolund $10.00 "Good luck Colleen and Meghan! Run your hearts out! :-)"
Betsy Garrity $25.00 "You go girl! We support your effort! Betsy"
Robin A. Barry $50.00 "Way to go Jen! I will be ready for a pizza and a cocktail after your race! Just the thought of you running that far has made me hungry and stressed!! hahahaha!!"
Robert Swartz $100.00 "Supporting you all the way to the finish line!!! Go, Shawn!!"
Susan Carey $50.00 "You are the best baby brother !! Good luck !!!!"
Katherine Raia $300.00 "Good luck Peter. You can do it!!"
Patricia Heath $50.00 "Thanks for doing this, Kate. If anyone deserves our support it is the Marines!"
Marybeth Kayne $100.00 "Jim, I couldn't be prouder of you and the fact that I know you. You ROCK!! Woof and hugs!! Josie and Blues support you too!!"
MICHAEL GOEWEY $25.00 "Forca, Antelmo!"
Emily Malone $100.00 "Best of luck, my friend! You can do it!!! Just remember who you're doing it for. :)"
Jennifer Buck $25.00 "Good luck on your run. Wish I could be there with you."
Kathleen Johnson $50.00 "What a wonderful commitment Devon! Be so very proud of yourself. Best wishes for a successful finish and very few sore muscles! Woot woot!!"
Jim Rutledge $26.20 "Run Michelle Run....If Forest Gump can do it, so can you."
lisa hudson $50.00 "Good luck girls! I know you all will have a great race!"
Jenny Pennycook $50.00 "Good Luck Molly!"
Peter Hart $40.00 "I can't do the 26 miles, so I'll do the donation. Best of luck Jeremy."
Deirdre Walters Hidden "Good Luck Dan!! "
Laurie Hollander $100.00 "This is your RACE .. Enjoy!!! Cheers, L & T"
Sean O'Connell $200.00 "Good luck Barbers"
nancy cueman $50.00 "In Memory of Cooper"
Elizabeth Sippl Hidden "Keep up the hard work to help our service members! Liz & Roger"
Yolanda Kastner $50.00 "So proud of you, Tammie! You go grrl! BTW, this run is on my bucket list! "
Dallas Kennedy-Sita $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
judy Hinman $25.00 "Enjoy the run! Judy Hinman"
Joseph Luszcz $26.20 "Good luck, Chris!"
Richard Beliveau $30.00 "Good Luck!"
Andrea Reed $25.00 "There is so much to see and the USMC is inspiring. Take it all in and enjoy the run. "
mark moore $100.00 "Have a really good time!!"
brian cagle $26.20 "Good Luck"
Denise Widman $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Lori Irizarry $25.00 "Mario and Lori Marti thank you!"
Kurzon LLP Hidden "go Kate!"
Jennifer Hudson $25.00 "Kudos to you...and good luck from me and the Major! :)"
Laurence Morris $50.00 "A noble and worthy cause!"
Fred Ruhe $200.00 "Good luck Dan. You are running for a worthy cause!"
Anonymous Hidden "There is no better cause! "
Alana Burke $50.00 "Go team Danny and JJ. "
Larry and Susan Wolpe $25.00 "Run Julie run! Pace yourself, but most of all--have a blast!!!!"
Jennifer Johnson $25.00 "Good Luck "
Kaity and Beckey Maloney $50.00 "We are proud of you, Daddy!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck! Can't wait to cheer you on!"
Jeff Francis $50.00 "Kate, Good Luck!!"
Tom Howard $25.00 "remember the words of Ernest Hemingway: "Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.""
Kim DeRespini $50.00 "Good Luck, Meaghan! "
Heather Haugh $100.00 "Good Luck Tia! So proud to know you! Paul was a Marine Reserve for 8 years. Thinking of you! Love, Heather"
William Brame $100.00 "In support of Matthew Windhol"
Sara Salisbury $104.80 "Challenge: I will double my original donation when John's fund has reached 50% of his goal. Go Team Schaldach! SS"
Holidae Hayes $25.00 "Run Jerry Run!"
Bruce Metzger $25.00 "This won't turn you into a MARINE, but at least you are trying to make up for not being one ;). Great cause and have a good race."
Charles Frischer $50.00 "Go Kate, Go!"
Michael Sebastian $150.00 "Thank you to Jim,his son and all Marines for keeping the U.S. safe and secure."
Amy Kieffer $26.20 "Run, Dave, Run!!!"
Lad Rizman Hidden "Hey Jim...thanks for doing this. AWESOME!!!"
Casey Ward $25.00 "Hi Megan, My father is a Marine who lost his hearing in one ear in Vietnam when he was serving in the war. I think it's great that you are doing something you love and supporting our soldiers at the same time."
Debbie Iketani $26.20 "I'm starting this fundraising off with a dollar a mile - 26.2 miles, $26.20. Thank you in advance for your support of the Semper Fi Fund for injured Marines and other service personnel."
Dale Kratzer $25.00 "Good luck Captain Benton, well done and Semper Fi, Dutch"
Elsa Desautels $125.00 "Way to go!"
Rita Rehm $50.00 "Good Luck to you all. Love, Addie"
William Ekstrom Hidden "Way to go Andy (Richard)! Wish you the best with this run!! With love, The Ekstrom's"
Rebecca deGuzman $50.00 "Good luck, Matt! If I beat you, you better double this donation with your own funds. "
Jan Dillard $15.00 "I'm proud to contribute to this wonderful cause....Good job, Debbie!!"
Jordan May $50.00 "You know Cookie Monster?! "
David Schaldach $26.20 "Hey Sibs, If you match my contribution, we will meet Sari's challenge."
Matt Armbruster $15.00 "Good luck Tim!!!! "
Debbie Snyder $25.00 "Good luck Sweez!"
Anonymous $92.00 "Thanks so much for stepping up to the plate when I had to step down, I really appreciate it."
Jen & Todd Pratt $100.00 "Run Pat Run!"
kurt hansen $50.00 "It's great that you're supporting this Tony!"
Tanda Siragusa $50.00 "Good Luck Baffle - we know all about chip sealing - those little rocks are sharp!! How are you getting the tar off? Ha ha - Goo Gone? Hope you are doing well. Best wishes - Jim, Tanda & Tiana Siragusa Pine Canyon Friends"
Analisa Jernigan $20.00 "Here's to an AWESOME 20 mile training run!! Miss you!"
Anne Windhol $100.00 "Good luck, Matt. We're proud of you! "
Randall Eckard $26.20 "Have fun! I wish I was joining you guys!"
sally diehl $100.00 "GO GIRL GO////////"
Ben Kahmann Hidden "Great cause guys. Good luck on the run!!"
Chad Wilson $25.00 "Good luck and Thanks for making a difference"
Linda Crowley $25.00 "For Cooper "
Jeffrey Martin $70.00 "Go Dad! Run like Crazy!"
Shelley Miller $60.00 "Andrea, you are amazing! "
R Findlay $400.00 "Go, Rone!"
Arlene Little $50.00 "Finish baby finish"
Sarah Wright $25.00 "Good Luck Meghan!!!"
Mark Thomas $100.00 "26.2! "
Gregg Hartnett $75.00 "Digiboo ;)"
Greg Menegat $50.00 "Neil - Better late than never. You are inspiring; enjoy down the mall. Greg"
Harl Duffey $50.00 "Good Luck! Love, Cliff, Colleen, Mary & Kate"
Erica Bleeg $50.00 "You're amazing! I love you!"
Lawrence Melanson $100.00 "Go Matt !"
G Richard II Zimmerman $250.00 "Good Luck, Dave! This is a very noble cause and I'm proud and honored to support you! It seems like yesterday you and I were running to the lighthouse at NAS Pensicola!"
Lee Radosh $26.20 "Dear Cousin Jeremy and Handan, We're so proud of you! Good luck! Love, Lee, Jodi, Rachel & Danielle"
Colleen Kerrisk $50.00 "Semper Sister to Semper Other Sister "
Kristi Williamson $150.00 "In honor of my brothers who both served in the Marine Corps. I am so proud of them and all who serve!"
Britta Ylikopsa $10.00 "Good luck and run safely! Evie and Chris"
Rae Grad $25.00 "Good luck! From Rae Grad and Manny Schiffres"
Missie Burris $26.20 "Go Christian!!!"
Daniel Canty $26.20 "Good luck"
Pam Rhoads $25.00 "Go Missie!"
Dana Weber $26.20 "Dollar for each mile! Enjoy your run!"
Kenneth Hale $100.00 "As the son and brother of two Marines, I appreciate what you are doing. Good luck, train hard, Semper Fi!"
Jane and MIke Bleeg $50.00 "Way to go John - we look forward to cheering you on during the race and celebrating with you afterwards!"
Misty Melton $50.00 "Good luck! You're a better man than I. :p"
Laurie Hollander $100.00 "RUN LIKE THE WIND Leah.. for all who can't run, healing from the battle wounds or have made the Ultimate Sacrifice to defend & protect our way of LIFE We love you~WEAR YOUR TRWB Eagle with pride!"
Baraka James, MASF $25.00 "MASF is proud to have you as a member. Represent! Oorah!"
Donald Gwin $30.00 "OOHRAH! Thank you for your service and for helping taking care of our wounded and their families. Semper Fi!"
John Santelli $50.00 "Good Luck Melissa! "
Nancy Henley $25.00 "Good Luck Joy! Neat to train for a goal and then have it become reality. Enjoy!"
Shannon Rosenthal $500.00 "Go Clay! - your peeps at Neimand!"
Floyd Warner $50.00 "Enjoy the race! You and your efforts make a difference to our world. All the very best."
Jacob George $100.00 "Love you and am so proud of you!"
Casey McMahon $25.00 "Great cause and good luck!"
Carlin McCarthy $50.00 "Go you Wilder Warriers!"
Grandma KK $100.00 "I'm proud of you girls!"
Ellen Wilcken $50.00 "Good Luck Dan! You're awesome."
Judith Fasci $50.00 "Good luck and have a great run!"
Andrew Barkley $25.00 "Semper Fi"
Mom & Dad De Bellis $200.00 "Semper Fi, Recon "
Kathryn Urban $100.00 "Congratulations! Best of luck."
Louis Nokes $35.00 "I wish you the best of luck brother. Please let me know if you need more $ or anything else to help your cause. "
Lisa Cline $100.00 "Good luck Nate and Stacey! "
Ed Levine $33.33 "Get Some!"
Jim Schaldach & Courtney Helgoe $52.40 "Deflated? Elated? Who knows? We are thrilled to support you and we love you!"
Kathleen Whalen $40.00 "Life begins at 40. Go show them how it's done!"
Erin Hoffman $75.00 "Good Luck guys! Wish I could be there...see you in December!"
In Chun Kim $25.00 "Oorah!"
Jesus Loera $15.00 "animo fercha!! yo tambien me estoy preparando para lo mismo y se que es una chinga que bien vale la pena!!"
Robert & Missy Sorrell $262.00 "Have a great Race and we will see you at the end! Mom & Dad"
SREE Velicheti $50.00 "Good luck!"
Deborah Shmerler $50.00 "Good luck Lori!"
Penny Hess $100.00 "Jade...you are awesome...athlete, wife, mother...I love you...this------much!"
Rene' Ford $100.00 ""But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 Thinking of you and your cause. God Bless, The Ford Family"
Robin White $100.00 "Great race and a great cause! Run fast and stay hydrated---we'll share a beer at the finish! Fondly, Robin, Chris, & Liam White"
Whitney Hamill Hidden "Make the LRC proud. "
John Leverette $100.00 "Our company is honored to donate to this fund and to support my daughter in her first marathon!"
Katie Gigarjian $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Securis Employees $250.00 "Great cause for our men and women in uniform."
Ray and Trisha Cancino $50.00 "Way to go Jenn!"
Beth Jarosz $25.00 "Run, Ted, run!"
Robert McGee $100.00 "Remember: If you don't like your PR, make one up!"
Billy Folinusz $25.00 "Honored to call you a brother in arms, even if you are a MARINE...good luck and BRAVE RIFLES!"
Sheryl Prohovich $50.00 "Good Luck, Sheryl-Friend and Neighbor of Mary Ann Pesce"
Linda McLain $100.00 "Good Luck Seaner!!!! "
Deborah Frassica $250.00 "You continue to make us proud! Good luck with the race - uuraaagh! Mom and Dad"
marisa santangelo $40.00 "So proud of you, Natasha! Good luck!"
Amy Jackson $50.00 "Best of luck, Gavin! My brother was a Marine!"
Christine Sturgeon Hidden "Have fun and get a great time!"
Joni and Douglas Briganti $25.00 "So happy to support this cause Team Radosh. Please keep my husband in your prayers as he is serving in Afghanistan. Have an awesome marathon and thank you!"
Shauna Cotte $50.00 "Good Luck Lauren and Nick. It is truly an honor to donate a humble amount in comparison to what so many bravely sacrifice. Love, Shauna, Brian, Jack & Liv"
Colleen Ryan Hidden "Just remember... there is no wall! Semper Fi."
George Cook $100.00 "Pat, If you train really hard and don't eat too many cookies I think you may be able to beat the Cookie monster."
Jeremy Radosh $25.00 "Go get it!!! Whoop!!!"
Phillip & Kara Doiron $26.20 "As the son of a Marine I applaud your efforts to support this worthy cause. Remember, each step taken in the race, painful as it may be, is in support of the many that give so much for our country!"
Ed Armento $50.00 "Dan - Semper Fi Fund is a fabulous organization. Thanks for helping them out. Villanova has produced some outstanding Marines and I am confident that you will be soon be one of them. Semper Fi, Ed Armento Kentucky Marines "
Raymond C. Dyer $100.00 " The entire family, including those that have gone on before, are proud of you Lori. "
Vick Dyer $50.00 ""Run Lori Run" "
Dawn Locke $25.00 "Best wishes, Beth, as you continue your training and get through the main event. "
Rebekah Spotts $25.00 "Great job, great cause! See you on the course RFRC-er!"
Stanley McDonald Hidden "My prayers are with you, the other runners and all those you are running for. Remember 1 Corinthians 9:24 (ESV) says "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that yo may obtain it." "
scott ashmore $50.00 "Good luck Pete, I know you will be ready, I have seen you training."
Diana Trussell $10.00 "From a fellow RFRCer, thanks for raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause and good luck!"
Diana Trussell $10.00 "From a fellow RFRCer, thanks for raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause and good luck!"
Diana Trussell $10.00 "From a fellow RFRCer, thanks for raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause and good luck!"
Diana Trussell $10.00 "From a fellow RFRCer, thanks for raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause and good luck!"
Diana Trussell $10.00 "From a fellow RFRCer, thanks for raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause and good luck!"
Diana Trussell $10.00 "From a fellow RFRCer, thanks for raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause and good luck!"
Michael Kostial $26.20 "go get 'em Red Felter!!"
Diana Trussell $262.00 "Thank you for your service, for being my inspiration, my wonderful motivator and mentor and most importantly a true friend!"
jan weismam $25.00 "Good luck! Love and Miss you!!"
Hannah Wright $20.00 "Im so proud of you daddy! Its not much but i hope this helps you reach your goal. Get out there and kick some booty! I love you so much. <3 "
Kim Broshes $20.00 "Run the race and see the goal at the end! Good Luck!"
Danny & Micki Haralson $25.00 "Good luck!"
Matthew Armbruster $20.00 "Go jump in a pond. "
uncle john & aunt kathy mecca $75.00 "Dear Nikki, God bless and keep you strong. Please know Uncle Ronnie is there helping you go on. Grandma Carmella and Gramps Otto watching over you. We all believe you can do this. Now you have your goal , go get them!!! Love , The Mecca Gang"
laura cabezon $50.00 "Sabrina, Thank you for thinking of our wonderful men and women that have served our country."
Lynn Cohen $50.00 "Good luck Bev! We are all cheering for you! Love, Aunt Lynnie and Uncle Eddie"
Tod Kehrli $10.00 "Good luck to my fellow RFRC'er! See you in Arlington!"
Barbara Anzellotti $25.00 "Keep up the good work Scott. I'm proud to know you. "
Tod Kehrli $26.20 "Alwyas happy to help another RFRC'er with such a great cause! Good luck & see you in 32 days!"
Michele Merenbloom $20.00 "Go Team!!!! "
Julie Moore $100.00 "Great job Doug, have fun!"
WILLIAM BOWERS $25.00 "Good luck Christian! Thanks for what you're doing and I miss our runs."
Ryan Fisher $25.00 "Good luck, bro! Feel free to use this donation toward your own medical expenses if you pass out running the marathon."
Brian Andersen $50.00 "Good luck Ray, thanks for your commitment"
Shawn Conroy $26.20 "I'm not a procrastinator I just wanted to wait and make the donation that put you over the top! Glad that at least me and Megan care about our cousin, way to go Patrick..."
Chris Gellert $50.00 "Watch out for fence's"
Doug Johnson $25.00 "Good Luck Bob!"
Angelica Lopez Hidden "Way to go Antelmo!"
James Peterson $26.20 "Good Luck Tony"
Jason Bohm $50.00 "Matt, You motivate me! God speed and keep up the great work. "
Judy and John Morris Hidden "Will be thinking of you! Have a great run! Judy"
Jennifer Daniels $25.00 "Way to go, Tony!"
L L Magnoli Hidden "Mark and Stevo- Thank you for participating in this event, it looks like a tough course, but a great cause. With a new Marine in our family your efforts are appreciated in a new light. Semper Fi - The Magnoli Family"
Lauren Estilow $15.00 "What a great cause you are running for! "
Susan Hughes $26.20 "Run Bill, Run!!"
gary/anita wilkinson $25.00 " Hope my contribution helps a little bit. Terrific idea to do this for Bull. Please keep us informed as to your progress in this endeavor. Semper Fi Gary Wilkinson"
Jessica McSaveny $50.00 "Good Luck Dev! -- Love, Jess & Clint"
Walter Ritter $500.00 "Lori, we are proud that you care enough about our wounded soldiers that you participate in this event. Go Lori! Love, Walter and Helma Ritter"
John Meek $50.00 "A great cause! Good luck, Greg!"
Janet & David Smith $50.00 "It is an honor to contribute this small amount to such a worthy cause. Good luck in the Marathon."
Sergio Banuet $50.00 "more tha n happy to support Bill's cause"
Gilberto Puente $101.00 "You are now breathing manually. ;-)"
Ed Anderson $100.00 "Thanks for doing this, Bill...very worthwhile cause!!!"
Patrick McCarthy $26.20 "Best of luck!"
Francine Bilafer $25.00 "We're cheering for you Christian! love, JFHADSTJ"
ed harowicz $50.00 "Tim Rocks! (and gives great hugs)"
Don Schuckmann $50.00 "Keep up the good work Gunny!"
Vanessa Reid $100.00 "Go Tim!!"
katherine burns $100.00 "So proud of you Scott to be running this marathon! What an accomplishment! This is truly a wonderful cause as well. We hope it's a fun time!! Shaun and Katherine"
Bruce Bal $250.00 "Good luck Dave....wish I was there with you"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Bill, we are cheering you on!"
Bryan Howington $75.00 "I can not believe your fat ass is running a marathon!! I love you"
Phil Roccapriore $26.20 "Good luck Maria and the rest of the team!"
David Glass $26.20 "Good Luck Bill...."
Howard Conner $100.00 "A great cause, Courtney. Thank you for your effort on behalf of our Military. God Bless You. Butch"
Rick and Cathy Sikora $262.00 "You have worked hard and will do great. Love you. Mom and Dad"
Helen Mitrakis $100.00 "Good Luck Dave and Russ--you guys rock! :)"
Paola McNeil $25.00 "Hope you have a wonderful run!! Love Paola"
Kellie Barden $20.00 "Win the Day Morin Tim!! "
Mike and Nancy Purpura $50.00 "Go girl. We know you can do it. Good luck."
Roy Hall $250.00 "Proud of you Anne! I am sure your Dad willl be looking down on you with a huge smile on his face. Run swiftly and be safe! "
Booker Griffin $25.00 "You are doing a good thing for the right reasons!"
Tammy Kovaly $150.00 "Jeremy, best of luck to you! See you at Mile 20!!!!"
Sherry Barrigar $100.00 "RUN LARRY RUN....RUN LIKE THE WIND ~ "
Jerry Russell $50.00 "You're a good boy, Lumpy. "
John David Slocum $100.00 "great cause, beth. your discipline and focus are inspiring. have a great race!"
Kelly Karson $25.00 "Larry, you've got to run like an antelope out of control.............."
Jon Sweet $50.00 "Once upon a time there were two Chinamen... Now look how many."
Jim and Pat Madora $200.00 "This is a wonderful tribute to Bull. We know you will run a good race. Thanks for doing this, Courtney!"
Cynthia Balla $25.00 "THANK YOU for your service! Have a great run!!"
Laura Lichter $100.00 "Go vegan power!"
Jan Mitchell $50.00 "Paddle Larry paddle! Oh wait!"
Patricia Carr-Secunda $100.00 "Thank you Kathy and Kieth for inviting us to participate with this purposeful event Love Patty and John"
Steven Mocarski $50.00 "Andy, at the end of the race, be sure to change into a dry shirt right away and eat something as soon as you can!"
Moira Shively $25.00 "Great goal Matt - Semper Fi!"
Roxanne Ferguson $50.00 "Good luck Dave. You are an inspiration! I hope you have a great run and achieve your fundraising goals to help a great cause! My best, "
Leah Beth & John Allekian $50.00 "So proud of you Julie!!! Wish we could be there to cheer you on!!"
clee williams $25.00 "I'm so proud of you Tim, I know you'll do a fantastic job!"
Judi and Lyle Dunbar $100.00 "We are so proud of you! Run like the wind! Love, Mom & Dad"
Sonya Bedient $50.00 "Rock it Laura!!! "
Anonymous $400.00 "Run fast girl!"
Kenneth Snyder $100.00 "Wounded Warriors honors our armed forces, it's a great group. I honor them and wish Bill success in both the fund raising and the race. Semper Fi"
Kath and Todd Cleland $25.00 "Good for you Mike...always a guy for service. Glad to support this cause."
Lia Roggio-Smith Hidden "Good luck Court!"
Sara Salisbury $104.80 "Wahoo! From the great state of confusion I cast my money into your pledged pool. People actually met the challenge! (Silly me.) This puts you over the top!! This is just the beginning!! Who will begin the climb to double John's goal? Yeah Team Schaldach P.S. Its good I just sold my house!"
Dale Prull $100.00 "Doug, we back you and respect the efforts you and all the participants represent in this endeavour. Thank you, Randy and all our military for the right to speak our minds. With patriots like you and Gods blessings we will continue to have this proviledge. Thank you "
tin ho $25.00 "Run Titanium man! :) Keep up the good job and good spirit!"
ray jock $25.00 "mike, you are a good friend ,good luck with this marathon,run like the wind..heroes come in all different faces,some recognizable some not.........yours is.....your friend ray....."
Ken Danaj $50.00 "Very proud of you!!! Love Ken & Mary"
E. William Bruffey $250.00 "Here we go brother...PR's for both of us. Can't wait to see our friends (US Marine Corps) at the finish!"
Ryanne Baker $26.20 "One dollar for every mile that you're going to TOTALLY ROCK on Oct 28th. So glad to have you as a training buddy, so impressed with your tenacity and dedication pushing through the hard runs, and so proud (as a fellow military wife) of how you have not only survived but thrived through this deployment. Your husband is lucky to have such a wife by his side (even when his side is far, far away). Lots of love, sweet friend! "
justen meltz $50.00 "USS NEVADA. 733."
Randal Walsh $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
PAUL @ ELEANOR DREYFUS $75.00 "We support you in evrything you do. GO FOR IT !!! LOVE MOM & DAD"
Annie Johnson $200.00 "I am so proud of you!!!!"
Diane Webb Hidden "We'll be cheering you on. Great thing for you. Seems perfect. Love, Diane and Joe"
Bill Crosby $25.00 "Zoop zoppity bop so proud of you wit the reezum rassum. You go on now jello bibble and run that marathon koo-koo-kachoo!"
Alison Hoover $50.00 "Go Gavin!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Great cause!"
Anonymous Hidden "Yeah Schoopy! Chicken legs??? Your quads are HUGE! They are going to carry you fast and far!"
bob mohr $25.00 "Looking forward to meeting you. Good luck, and Semper Fi! Bob"
David Rogers Hidden "Honoring your dad (and you!)"
D R Iketani $50.00 "Go Debbie!!! From your No. California ABCAD family!"
Paige Morgan $25.00 "I know you'll do an awesome job, Court! "
Stephanie Reding $25.00 "Run the shit out of this marathon, I know you can do it! Love you always!"
Jon, Liza and Sam Corso $50.00 "Break a leg! Errrr, I mean, have fun!"
Judith Kelly $300.00 "Hi Mike - What a great cause. Thanks for including us in your email! Judy, Scott & Harriette"
Kelsey Branham $25.00 "Good luck in your marathon mommy!! We're so proud of you and we love you so much!! Love, Kelsey and Caroline"
Mike & Chris Reissig $100.00 "You're awesome! . . . Go Larry! : )"
Michael Loy $25.00 "Go Amy Go. We wish you the best of luck. Love you Mike and Elaine"
Elaine Loy $25.00 "Go Erik Go. Thank you and Amy for caring about wounded military members. Love you Mom and Dad"
Susan De la torre $25.00 "You go girl. Think old school while you're running, that if (when) you cross the finish line you get the "SPIRIT STICK". Lol. Thank you for doing this for such a good cause! Susan, Mike ,the kids, Madison and the gecko! "
Christine Finnegan $10.00 "Way to go, Mike! Praying for a fun and successful day for you!"
jean yarbrough $100.00 "All the best to all the Wilders! Jean Yarbrough and Richard Morgan"
Lori Williams $25.00 "Good Luck and God Bless! Lori and Doug Williams and Girls"
Dana Hampson $25.00 "Good luck, Lori! Love, Randall, Dana and Evie"
Nick Gaudino $50.00 "Good Luck! Nick & Albina"
Kristen England $100.00 "SEMPER FI"
Barbara Williams $75.00 "Good luck you guys!"
Chrystal Zinkham $25.00 "Good luck, Maria!"
Margaret Leckey $26.20 "Run, Jeremy, run!"
Laura Bonanno $50.00 "Good Luck Courtney!! I am so proud of you! I wish I was running this with you, but this one's all you buddy ;) You're gonna smoke those 26.2 and then keep running to the nearest bar in downtown Philly. On behalf of my fellow veterans, thank you for promoting this noble cause. God Bless our Wounded Warriors and the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. "
Marilyn Frank $100.00 "Thank you for helping these families cope. What a wonderful effort."
jack and judy balswick $50.00 "We are very proud of you, Keith! Many steps for your Dad's long march."
Patrick Nelson $50.00 "Good luck! Thanks for all that you do!"
brant mcclung $25.00 "Laura wants you to win"
Kim Tombrello $25.00 "Good Luck Gavin!"
Alicia Emaish $100.00 "Rock on Tony! <3"
Kathy Gasta $26.20 "Good luck on your run - you will do awesome!"
Adam Harris $26.20 "Very proud of you Big Bro!"
Susan Santeramo $100.00 "I'm proud of you... wish I could run it with you... you'll be great! "
Victor Flatt $250.00 "Laura, Good luck, and thanks for thinking of those in need - Victor and Jeff"
Luke Kennedy Hidden "Good Luck Jonathan! Luke "
Steven Dinan $50.00 "Good luck Jonathan, great cause! "
Caroline Brock Hidden "Good Luck Jonathan!! I pray God will far exceed your goal for this worthy cause!"
Lynne and Jim Guilfoyle $100.00 "Good luck, Steve! We'll be there, too! Love, Lynne and Jim"
Jackie Palmer $25.00 "Leaders lead with character and courage..find the finish line for all those that wish they had the chance..run with heart and pride and personal satisfaction!!..Well done Matt!!"
Alexandra Loker $10.00 "Go Ted!"
Donnie Foster $25.00 "Go get 'em Dougie!"
Jake McNicholas $400.00 "Semper Fi Ginny and thanks."
Brittany Roper Hidden "Good luck MA! So excited for you!"
Thomas Pryor $50.00 "Go, Ginny! Your unwavering commitment to exercise and running is an inspiration to me, have a great race, love, Tommy"
Gaby, Sofia, &Natalia Uro-De Leon $100.00 "Good luck Dad!!!"
Karen de Man Hidden "Good luck, Bill, and enjoy the run! ;-)"
Vince Vella $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Hodding Carter $150.00 "With you in spirit. Only wish the ticker would allow me to join Nick and Henry in the 10k. What a great cause. "
Joseph Sansotta $50.00 "Way to go team Excel - best of luck! The Sansotta Family"
Chris McRandal $50.00 "Go Amy! Luv ya, Chris"
Meredith Calhoun $50.00 "Go Jonathan!"
Kaleigh Sloan $26.20 "Good luck! Love, miss and hope to see you soon!"
Margaret Kurdyla $20.00 "Michael this donation is from Brian Walsh SGT. 1st Class New Jersey State Police"
Kelly Garcia $25.00 "Jade, this is such an awesome cause! So proud of you! I will be thinking of you on your big run day. Blessings!"
Cami Haigh $10.00 "Ammon, you know I love you! Go kick some butt!! And as you always used to tell me..."quit your bitchin and just do it!!""
Nolan Avery $26.20 "Keep up the good work Debbie. This is awesome. Semper Fidelis! "
Alicja Mccrudden $26.20 "Hopefully the wind is at your back :)"
Randy and Diane Lloyd $100.00 "We have enjoyed watching you prepare for this marathon. and learning about the friends you have made through the training. All of you are very special people, and very special Americans. We continue to pray for good health, and that 28October12 is a beautiful, cool and clear day for running. We are really looking forward to sharing in another eventful day in your life. Love, Mom and Dad"
Albert Lester $100.00 "Run more Forest!"
Christine Marks $25.00 "What a great cause Lauren!"
Drulana Castle $140.00 "Good luck Ammon! Kick some butt! Here's to surpassing the goal!! "
Margaret McCrudden $50.00 "Nice and easy does it every time until???? Good Luck God Speed'"
cynthia gillman $25.00 "Good luck Ammon!!"
Sedric Simmons $50.00 "Good luck brother!"
Liz Calefate $150.00 "Good Luck Todd my marathon running partner! We are so proud of you! Remember the coconut water :) We love you very much, Aunt Lizzy & Uncle Ron xoxoxo"
Shannon and Bridget Smith Hidden "Go Team Beav!! :)"
Tom Heinlein $25.00 "A great team for a great cause. Thank you for doing this and good luck!"
Brett Calefate $50.00 "Good luck!"
Ruthie Nail $50.00 "Proud to sponsor Gavin and support this wonderful organization. Best of luck, Gavin, in your first marathon. I admire your hard work and dedication. "
Paulette Amory $10.00 "Go Ammon! Sounds like a great way to help out."
Anonymous $25.00 "Andy - It is an honor to help you and Semper Fi - Good Luck! Ed and Sandy Rawls"
Mila Becker $50.00 "Go! Go! Go! This is a great cause and I am happy to support. "
Gary Rothenberg $100.00 "Good Luck Owen!"
Jess and Mike GORSE $25.00 "Good luck Seesta!!!!"
Neal Murphy $50.00 "Great cause so enjoy the run!"
Beth Banocy $50.00 "Mark...I've said it before and I will say it again...I am truly PROUD of you! It is wonderful to see you inspired by Danny! I am thankful for him and all of the other soldiers that have given so much for our country!"
Stephanie Tesorero Hidden "WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!"
Corinne Searles Hidden "Good Luck Grace!!"
roz & chuck bottke $50.00 "Ammon "Son".......you know we wish you all the best on your run next week! We know you can do it because you're one of the most determined guys we know. Wish we could be there to watch you finish. Good luck, big guy.......Roz and Chuck"
Catherine Sutton $30.00 "Good Luck, Wayne. Maybe one day we can run it together. "
Paulie Davis $100.00 "Go, Keith go!!!"
Nate and Sam Jones $250.00 "Go Daddy Go!!!"
Maureen Neiberger $50.00 "Good luck Julie, you are going to rock it! Love the Neibergers"
Carol Downen $125.00 "We are so proud of you."
Jose Flores $25.00 "Good luck!"
Claire Egan $26.20 "Thanks for sending this our way Lauren, best of luck to the team."
Raul Perez $25.00 "Give them hell Isaac! You can do it!"
Mark Anderson $25.00 "You know I am not much of a PT advocate, but in your case I will make an exception... Go Jasmine G!!! Ha ha!!!"
Lindsay Tadych $26.20 "Way to go wife!!! You're the best. Love, Linds Jam and Lo"
Jill Sellars $25.00 "Go Dave!"
abigail wright $20.00 "I love you so uch daddy! But I wanna go to D.C. ;)"
Edward Radosh Hidden "We are so pround of you both for your marathon accomplishment and supporting such a worthy cause. Love, Uncle Eddie & Angie"
Annette Lindsey Hidden "All the best, Jonathan! With admiration and love, Mom"
Stephanie Barada $50.00 "Jen you are inspiring! Thanks for running for such a great cause ;)"
Ryan Rumage $25.00 "Go Em!"
Janet Fletcher $250.00 "We're so very proud Jennifer and so inspired by all that you do! Thank you for supporting our military. - Janet & Matt, Sara, Michael, & Ryan"
Cheryl Pan $50.00 "Way to go Jen! Thanks so much for inviting us to support such a great cause."
Rian Hawkins $50.00 "Marines are certainly an honorable organization. As is Rafael. An honor to help."
Annie McKiernan $50.00 "Woohoo Jen, have a great run!"
Gagan Mahajan $25.00 "Thanks for supporting our troops! Go, go, go! Gagan, Amita, Kavita, Simran and Anika"
Suren & Christine Anketell $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Larissa Zoot Hidden "Go Team Beav!"
Judy Sherman $25.00 "Good Luck Steve! This is a great cause that you are running for."
Pixy Elliott $26.20 "You go Steve! Best of luck."
Julie Marlowe $26.20 "Run Holly Run!"
Laura OBrien $25.00 "Good Luck Rick!!"
John Merendino Joseph Liana $100.00 " Mary Jean Logan- Good Luck Reaching Your Goal!!! "
Thomas Thimons Hidden "Great cause Bruce. Thanks for your dedication. Tom & Cathy Thimons"
douglas delong $131.00 "One Mile at a Time"
Michele Cornelison $25.00 "Good luck Kelsey. I work with your Dad, he has reached his goal so I wanted to help you reach yours! I will be praying for the both of you!"
Erika Herits $50.00 "Keep it going!!"
Michael Byrne $100.00 "No matter what the out come of your run is, we are very proud of you. Mon and Dad"
Michelle & Marty Mlyniec $15.00 "Best of luck to you - Enjoy it!"
Todd Lowry $100.00 "Love you! So proud to be apart of your life!"
Jeff Noonan $100.00 "Run like the wind"
Frances Hayes $20.00 "Go get 'em Gavin!! "
Paul and Eileen Rust $200.00 "Run Courtney Run! Love Dad, Eileen and Genevieve"
Ardes Johnson $26.20 "Good Luck Tony, Thanks for doing this."
Jonathan Gistis $50.00 "Good luck for a great cause!"
Lee Rushin $25.00 "Blow the doors off!"
MONICA EPPERSON $25.00 "Good Luck Jeremy, I am so proud of you. Love, Mom"
Jim & Melissa Schmaltz $25.00 "Good Luck Teresa. We are so proud of you. You've come a long way from the laps around the parking lot!"
Jim & Melissa Schmaltz $25.00 "Good Luck Jonathon!!!"
Anne Barley $100.00 "In memory of our angel Caitlin"
Jim Kellam $50.00 "Walt - Keep up the good work!"
Michael Herits $200.00 "That's my boy! ' Semper Fi '"
Heidi McCormick $50.00 "Go, Jen!"
Jennifer Pool $100.00 "Ooh-Rah!"
Joe Beitler $50.00 "Good luck, Pete."
Philip Ochu $250.00 "good luck Pete - great idea"
Kimberly Merriman $25.00 "Good Luck Kat! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!! xoxo"
Lilian Chiang $100.00 "go jen! just thinking about it makes me tired. but we support you. =)"
Debbie and Jeanine Grillo $50.00 "Good Luck! Give it your all. I know you can do it. "
Jim Bosscher $100.00 "Good Luck Mark and thanks for supporting such a worthy cause. Jim and Pat Bosscher"
Annie Potash $25.00 "Go Kerry! Thanks for raising money for such a great cause!"
Marybeth Herits $50.00 "Nice work, Joe!"
daphne anderson $50.00 "we're with you! love, daphne and mark"
Matt Pasztalaniec $100.00 "Baffle, Bare foot...why doesn't that surprise me??!! in spite of that, i'm proud to support you in this worthy cause. I now have a son in law in the army.......next year you run for them??!! I'm proud of you, and i'm sure Ted is too! Thanks for your dedication to this. Hi to Susan. Paz and Kathy BTW, i expect a top 50 finish!"
Denise Garcia $25.00 "Way to go Shayna! So proud of you! Love, Gabe && Raechele"
Allen Rogers $50.00 "Double time march!"
Linda Kenny $25.00 "Way to go Julie and thank you for supporting a wonderful cause!"
Ann and Mike Van Dusen $75.00 "Way to go, Kat! Good luck. Ann and Mike"
Eugenio Macouzet $50.00 "Congratulations! What a good cause for a great committment."
Mary Catherine Hanson $10.00 "Gavin, So pround of you!! God Bless! Love, MC"
Miller Terry $26.20 "Good luck Jonathan!"
Usman Khan $50.00 "Good Luck Dr Powell! Usman & Nida "
Jane Morse Hidden "Go Team Beav! I'll be there with you in spirit!"
Theresa Madden $25.00 "First, I would like to thank you for your service to our country. Our military veterans are so overlooked. May God Bless you for your volunteerism and support of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and helping those family members in need. I am a Blue Star Mother and my son (army) just returned from Afghanistan. I understand the sacrifices."
Amy Smith Hidden "Being a part of something so inspirational, and remembering all those who gave their everything for our freedoms, is nothing short of a God Whisper! I'm honored to be a member of TEAM BEAV!"
Kevin Crockford $100.00 "Good luck in the race! I plan to be there to cheer everyone on. Semper Fi !!!"
Kenneth Bone $100.00 "An advanced congratulations for crossing the line! Thank you Will and all the Wilders for the service to our great country!"
Anne Daily $50.00 "Pete, I think it is so cool that you are doing something like this to honor Jay's memory. Good luck and I know you will do great."
Chase Langley $50.00 "Good luck Mark and have a great race. I'm tired after driving 26.2 miles :) "
Tony Borst $50.00 "Great cause Peter. Happy to help."
Derek Quackenbush $100.00 "Congratulations and best wishes for your efforts to support this worthy cause. Each soldier is a hero and it's imperative we do what we can to honor their commitment and sacrifice."
Christopher Arey $254.00 "Wayne - Thanx for all you do, and keep charging. I know that leading by example is a way of life for you.....I'll be cheering for you as a spectator. S/F, Chirs"
Sarah Mattes $50.00 "Run Fast!"
Tim Howard $50.00 "Good luck Pete!"
Megan Hawkins $25.00 "Great cause Walt! My grandparents were Marines in WWII. Thank you for what you are doing!"
christine foley Hidden "We are running with you in spirit..."
Betsy Johnsen $50.00 "You can do it! All your training will pay off in the end! xxoo Betsy, Rusty, Lilly & Callie"
James Harris $50.00 "Great cause. Good luck!"
Julie Pearce $26.20 "So excited for you, Gavin! Just wish I were a little faster than you so I could see you cross that finish line! "
Rudy and Shirley Metzger $100.00 "In honor of Randy Walsh U.S.M.C., and all those that have and are serving through the military, and their families. Mason says,"Good luck Daddy and Uncle Doug.""
Scott & Deanna Merchant $100.00 "We are proud of you two taking on such a challenge and for such a great cause. "
Elizabeth Donahue Hidden "Good Luck Robin!"
Ridgefield Driving School $100.00 "Slow is the new fast."
Sandra Tyson $100.00 "Joel, we are very proud of you and how you represent to the Marine Corp! Good Luck - Steve & Sandy"
Louis Davis $50.00 "Good luck with the race!! God bless!! Louis Jr. and family"
Karin Scrocca $100.00 "Good Luck Todd! We are so proud of you =) xoxox the "Scrocca Crew""
Renee Kingan Hidden "It feels good to be able to return a fraction of your generosity over the years... Have a great run!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Best Wishes!"
Phil and Marge Brown $100.00 "Best Wishes to you both, Brian and Laura. "
Gina Hofbauer $26.20 "Jonathan, Good luck! See you in DC."
Darlene Arena Hidden "Best of luck Coach Gelardi. Rachel Arena & Family"
Barbara Gass Hidden "Thank you for all you do. "
Michele Gorman $25.00 "Good luck!"
Caroline McLean $100.00 "All the best Andy! After watching all the Olympic events this summer, you should be good to go!!"
Tina Rupp $100.00 "Here's a little something to help a great cause!"
Leslie and Todd Mogil $50.00 "Andy and Pete, we're happy to contribute to this great cause."
Matthew Kirby $100.00 "Wonderful cause, Brugge. Hope it's a perfect race day! MK"
Charles McFarland $100.00 "A worthy cause. "
Anne Reed $25.00 "Go Melissa! Excited to run with you!!!"
JP Ellison $100.00 "Great cause. Great event. Good luck and have fun."
Christopher Jones $50.00 "Nice job Andy, now you are ready for tri's!! Whooa"
Walter Fasci $50.00 "Donation from David Charles (Financed by his Grandfather) Pete Bockman"
Julianne Donahue $10.00 "Have a GREAT race!!!"
Susan Hodgin $50.00 "Good luck Jen!"
Sheila Wagner $25.00 "Good luck and Happy Birthday!"
Kathleen Wilson $50.00 "I am proud to donate to a fund that helps all the brave men and woman who defend our country. "
Robert Fasci $50.00 "Good luck , Walt.....Good cause.....I'm sure you'll make it !"
Anne Tait Hidden "Love the team! "
Laura Gillespie $25.00 "Jess- You're the best! "
Jeffrey Karp $50.00 "Have a great run!!"
Carrie and Preston Short $200.00 "Incredible cause... Tim, thanks for all that you and your fellow Marines do for us! Miss you!"
Michael Doane $100.00 "Best of luck in a great effort! "
Karen Bradshaw $44.00 "Good luck, Wendell! You'll certainly earn your birthday cake after finishing :) K, K & O "
Kimberly and john McMorrow Hidden "Such a great cause. You guys are awesome!"
George Aguilar $100.00 "Good luck, Andy."
Christine Kelleher-Ross $26.20 "Good luck Ginny,I know you'll kill the course !!!! "
Mike Laber $50.00 "Hope this puts you over the top!"
Gabe & Dolores Rubalcava $50.00 "Good luck with the run."
Eric Recavarren Hidden "Go Team Beav!!! Jerry, I am sure, is very proud and honored for everyone's efforts!!!"
Sarah Thomas $25.00 "SKD ~ Great cause!! Hope you have a good run! SKB"
Jennifer and Jonathan Smith $50.00 "Good luck Christian!"
Rachel Goldweitz $25.00 "Good luck Julie!!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "We can't wait to see you cross the finish line! "
Michael Gann $50.00 "Proud of you Gavin! You are going to rock the MCM! Can't wait to celebrate with you on 10/28!"
Jillaine Harkema $100.00 "Great to see you doing this, Keith. We know how much you admired your father's courage - what a great way to honor him! Best wishes! Pete and Jill"
Derek Newman $100.00 "Andy, you're awesome for doing this. Have fun!"
Holly Colindres $50.00 "Ashley and Tim I am so proud of you both! Love you!"
Jaclyne Bennett $40.00 "I love you Katie! I am so proud of you!!"
Julia Olson $50.00 "What a great cause. Good luck to you all!"
Enzo & Nancy Rebula $500.00 "GO Larry!!! We'll be with you in spirit! Love you!"
Anne Selleck $25.00 "Go Sis go!!!"
Joyce Arenas $50.00 "Jen, your dedication to running marathons is amazing. Have a great run! "
Nicole Chaney $49.00 "You go girl!! so proud of you and damn you raised some cash $$ for an awesome cause, good job!"
Bruce & Dawn Jones $100.00 "We are praying for you. Have a great race."
Jo Ann Niehaus $20.00 "Thank you & best of luck!"
stephen polchek $26.20 "Run Fast. Run Far. Don't hit your head!"
Teresa Woodson $200.00 "I know you both are going to do GREAT!!!!! lots of love, Teresa and Jeff"
Matt and Gina Bacon $50.00 "Great cause --- go Christian !!! Love, the Bacon Family"
Stephanie Jones $50.00 "If Paul Ryan can do it in under 3 hours, so can you!"
Barbara Grote $20.00 "Good luck, Alex...I will be cheering for you!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Check donation from my Aunt Irene. Thank you!"
Mike Moss $52.40 "Christian, Have a great run! Post your BIB for us so we can follow you "live" on the Marine Corps Marathon web page."
Margie Smilowitz $100.00 "It is the least we can do for our favorite person! May you have a painless and good run, sweetie. Love, Aunt Margie & Uncle Gary"
Joy Esposito $25.00 "Great job David!!! Will join in with you next year! Good luck!"
Eileen Cole $100.00 "Congrats Heather! If you do this yet again in another 20 years, I would be happy to donate then as well. "
Steven Miesowicz $50.00 "Happy to support the efforts of my good friend, Paul Whitfield!"
Michael Richardson $50.00 "Great cause Nancy Thanks for running!"
Kathy Meko $100.00 "You can do it Leslie. Run like hell!"
fernando villegas $17.75 "go Joe have fun and be careful with the sun "
Robert S Mason $50.00 "Prying that Laurie, Brad and you have a successful and safe run!"
Chuck and Denise Miller $75.00 "Good luck Carrie and Mike and thanks for helping with this great cause!! "
Wendi Wiley $26.20 "Best wishes for a successful marathon!! We wish you a speedy run!! :)"
Emily Goldstein Hidden "Go sister, Go!"
Becky Kingsberry $25.00 "Best of Luck. Happy to help for a great cause. Becky and Michael Kingsberry"
Judy Leavey Hidden "Thanks Michelle for running to support Marine veterans in need of assistance. Judy"
Keith Schmidt $100.00 "Good luck and you are on our thoughts and prayers! Keith & Judi"
Rick Corcoran, Jr. $25.00 "Go get 'em Chappy"
Cindy Hooper $25.00 "Jeff, thank you for participating in such a worthy cause. Both my brother and nephew were marines and proud of it."
Johyn McAdams $50.00 "I've run this marathon twice before, Jeff - probably before you were born. It's a great experience. I wishyou the best, and good for you for raising funds for the Semper Fi Fund."
Cynthia Thomas $250.00 "We know you can do it!!! Way to do Devon!! Cindy, Gina, Emma, Vickie and the Access department support your efforts. Stay strong and positive..see you when you get back."
Jesse Gunstream $100.00 "Go Leslie go."
Scott Smith $100.00 "Jeff, thank you for your work to raise funds for this great cause! Your personal story is very compelling, and I commend you for your hard work. Scott"
Bill Cortese $25.00 "Great job Devon! We can't forget the sacrifices our Wounded Warriors have made! Semper Fi. R.I.P. LCPL John Schmidt SGT Billy Ruehl COL Michael Stahlman "
Kirk Stokes $50.00 "Rah Va Mil Tim! Good luck to you and Ashley!"
Katherine Whitten $26.20 "Robin, you rock! Good luck to you and Jim --you will do great!!! - Kat"
John Cunningham $250.00 "Have a great run!!! Team VTSN.com is with you in spirit!!"
Lynn Bolo $100.00 "Brenna, Good luck with the Marathon and thank you for all your time and effort to support the Marines. Love, Lynn and Mark"
Anonymous $25.00 "Rah VA Mil!"
Serena Knautz $50.00 "Good Luck running for a great cause!!! "
Lynn Pieron $26.20 "Thanks for helping those who serve."
Maribel Ortiz Douglas Hidden "Admire your dedication to such a great cause!"
Gwendolyne Jonik $25.00 "Good luck Tom I hope you can raise the money you are trying to accomplish. It is for a good cause. Aunt Gwen"
Jessica Fisch Hidden "Good luck on race day!"
Anonymous $50.00 "You go Amy!!!"
Tim Grolle $50.00 "Good stuff Abby...all the best!"
Richard and Michele Platt $500.00 "Godd luck Ron! We are all behind you and Tammy! Richard and Michele"
Ronald Middleton $50.00 "Good luck on your run and i hope you reach your goal"
Jim Heeger $100.00 "Good luck, Abby! Jim & Daryl"
Ann and Mike Butchello $100.00 "Way to go, Ron! We are happy to help you support this good cause."
Sable Phomphakdy $100.00 "Good luck from JPED Shipping Dept!! MSgt Swagger!! ;-)"
Adam Morgan $50.00 "Sabrina, Thanks for supporting our veterans! It's been great to see you setting this goal and then going out and acheiving it. Good luck in the run. "
Shannon Foote $50.00 "Good luck with the rest of your training!!"
Scott Miller $100.00 "Becki -- We're all very proud of you!! Best of luck in the marathon. Wendy, Scott & Jess"
Tom Queret $50.00 "Ron and Tammy, May you have tailwinds all 26 miles and good luck to all runners. Tom Queret"
John Ellis $100.00 "Awesome thing you are doing, and for an excellent cause."
Jeffery Bordelon Hidden "Happy running and best wishes from Jeff, June, Matthew, and Rebecca!"
Dave & Elaine Serotko $100.00 "GOOD LUCK!!"
Roni Boberg $50.00 "You GO Jeff! Hope it is a successful fundraiser for a mighty good cause in a great city!"
Robb Stanley $100.00 "Best of luck Andy!"
JOHN DAVIS $500.00 "God bless you Katie. luv granps"
jane zellers $50.00 "Ron ... wishing you the best with your run ... happy to help out with this important cause ... Jane Z."
Kathleen and Al Steele $50.00 "Wonderful story about your Grandfather Frank. Congratulations on keeping up the tradition."
Greg Swartz $26.20 "Good luck Janet. Go Baystate !!!"
Jerry & Julia Norman $50.00 "Go Wilders! Thanks for this effort."
Julie Arencibia $25.00 "You can do it!!!"
Mike Sylvia $25.00 "I think its pretty cool you're running the race. Remember it's not about the finish but the commitment to the goal. I'm proud of you!"
William Denniston $25.00 "Good Luck, Terry...We know you will do fine and appreciate what you do for our fellow veterans!"
Al & Jan Wilkins Hidden "Thanks Ron for asking us to be a part of this! I know you & your sister will do great -- be BLESSED! Jan & Al Wilkins"
Wendy Richards $50.00 "Go for it, Abby! Thank you!"
Christina Kinman $20.00 "You go girl! So proud of you and can't wait to cheer you on!"
ammon young $26.20 "26.2 = piece of cake!! Go fast!!!"
Laura Smith $60.00 "Way to go Michael! We are all very proud of you for doing this-and for such a great cause. "
Heidi Lackey Hidden "Liz, thank you for your dedication and support of our troops. You go girl!"
Stephen Curtis $50.00 "Good luck from the Curtis family. "
Brittany Taylor $25.00 "Kat- what an accomplishment! XOXO, Brittany"
Don Ferguson $25.00 "Good Luck Mike! Thank you for honoring Tom this way! "
Lori & Kevin French $25.00 "You've trained so hard & I know you will do GREAT!!!"
Jodi Beasley Hidden "What a great cause! Happy to support something like this!"
Cristina Rodriguez $25.00 "Good luck, Kelly!"
Advanced Compressed Air Solutions $100.00 "This is awesome, Ron! We know your dad is very proud that you and your sister are doing this on his behalf! And that he will be there to witness is icing on the cake! Good Luck!"
Betty J. Harries $200.00 "Kim, this donation to the Semper Fi Fund is in loving memory of 'Uncle' Alvin Russell Lupton a proud Marine and wonderful man. He'd be proud of you ! Seemed like a logical way to honor a loyal Marine. Have a good run ! Love ya, Betty Lupton Harries "
B.J. Sterr $25.00 "Sabrina, I am so proud of you.....keep up the good work. I hope you get a beer when you are done with this marathon. It is a great cause. Run Sabrina Run!!!"
Sharon and Paul Filosa $50.00 "Good Luck, great cause!"
Thomas (Tom Tom) Garrett $500.00 "Thanks Ron for you dedication to our family and the USMC. I am so very proud of you and your life's acomplishment!!! Semper FI We will be there to cheer you and Tammy on. "
Diane P Wilson Hidden "Good luck Sam!"
Thad Ashe $500.00 "Good Luck and Semper Fi Marsha!!! Wish I could get out there with you."
Andrew Reinsdorf $250.00 "in memory of Walter D. Reinsdorf, USMC, Captain (Resrv.) "
Shaun Kelleher $100.00 "Kevin ... get training. You don't want me to beat you. Shaun Classmate Norwich University '84!"
B. Thomas Kempf $26.20 "26.20....very creative dollar amount. I though about $13.10, but that would be too cheap!"
George Dies $82.00 "Good luck with your first marathon, Abby (I have retired after doing over a dozen). Hope you and your daughter enjoy the experience. Remember: the "wall" is a myth; the only thing that counts is the finish line - in this race, the Iwo Jima memorial, which you can see from miles away. Enjoy the day! George"
Linda Liskey $50.00 "Tun like the wind Leslie"
thomas & Elizabeth Oyler $400.00 "Good Luck Em! Love Mom and Dad"
Thomas Burdulis Jr. $50.00 "26th MPOC Burdulis"
Jon/Renee Heiden $150.00 "Run Kelly Run! We will see you at the finish line!! Love Dad & Mom H."
Diane Quick $25.00 "Have a great run, Kimberly! Happy to contribute to a good cause. Your mother-in-law and I are friends and she sent me your story. May your good health continue!"
Michelle & Chris Conley $50.00 "Thanks for running for such a good cause! Best of luck to you that day!! "
debbie johnsen $50.00 "good luck jimmy"
Edward & Cam Lanphier $100.00 "Have a great run!!!"
Frank Masiello Jr $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
Bruhns Robert $50.00 "Go for it!"
Ben Dailey $25.00 "Imagine how much faster you would be if you rode with us once in a while... Russell would go!"
Mike Allen $25.00 "Good Luck Shaun. Mike Allen Alabama"
Mark Mortimer $25.00 "Good luck!!"
emily sanson blackman $25.00 "Go Kitty Go!!!!!!!! "
Rebecca Bevins $50.00 "Can't wait to hear how the race goes! Good luck:-). Miss you guys!"
Jeannine Dufresne $100.00 "Mom and Dad are so proud of you!"
Kay McLellan $100.00 "Semper Fi, Lil' Girl"
Sara Collins $50.00 "Thanks Nancy for doing this. My thoughts and good wishes will be with you every mile of this run. "
Heather Martinsen-Hill $50.00 "You go girl! I am proud of you :) H"
Lindsey Swartzbaugh $25.00 "In case you forgot, you're A-MAZ-ING. And inspirational. Blah blah blah. Good luck! "
Amanda Welch $25.00 "Good luck, Jen! You are awesome!"
JULIA PERONIS $30.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Robert Fails $100.00 "Donkey and DB. Leave disapproved for the following day. Good luck..."
Jane Affleck $25.00 "Awesome work Kat! "
Angela Granata $100.00 "Awesome job Mike, keep up the support and committment to strive for excellence!"
Rebecca Anzuoni Hidden "Good luck and have fun!!"
Jennifer McCarthy $52.40 "For Brother #2 for Marathon #2! So proud of you! Have a great race! Love ya!"
Jennifer McCarthy $26.20 "Have a great race Uncle Mike! Love The Divas! "
Anthony Osso $100.00 "Way to go PW!!!!"
Greg Price $50.00 "Good luck Shaun!"
Kathie Kelly $25.00 "Good luck! Have a great run! "
Kathleen Rabinsky $50.00 "Good Luck Carrie!!! Hope you have a great run!!! Love, Kathy & Dave"
Jeremy Canary $26.20 "OOH RAH Tony, you are running for a great organization!!! Jeremy Canary SSGT USMC 1994 - 2003"
Ashley Mullaney $26.20 "Good luck! Run hard!"
Sandy & Dave Isho $25.00 "We are your parent's neighbor and friend. Wishing you the best in the marathon. "
Ashley Mullaney $26.20 "Good luck! Run fast! -Team Ashley"
Stephen Morisseau $100.00 "Peter White - what a great way to honor you friend, and an honor of us to support you."
David Geldhof $25.00 "Mike - May God bless our troops & good luck to you !!!! - you can do this !!! Smash this race !!! "
Bette Dupont $20.00 "Thank you Michelle and good luck. Say hi to your dad for me. Love Bette"
jodi dougherty $50.00 "I hope you make it, Kate! Thanks for all you do!!! Love, Jodi & Bruce"
Cynthia Lay $10.00 "Great job Michelle! "
Christine Dowling $50.00 "Good Luck, Cuz!!! You don't need it - you've been training like a maniac! Great organization. Happy to donate. "
Cynthia Calvanese $25.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! xoxo"
Chris Weeks $25.00 "Good Luck Brother. Semper Fi!!!"
Jonathan MacQuitty $100.00 "Way to go Abby !"
Alan Herzig Hidden "Finishing the marathon, no matter how long it takes, will be one of the memorable moments of your life. You will feel that you have accomplished something really amazing --- and you will have! "
Cindy Brodeur $25.00 "Sam... you go girl. Can't wait to watch you cross that finish line. "
Diane Strickland $20.00 "Thanks for your effort. May you run and not grow weary."
Tamisie Honey $250.00 "Abby and Mary - A great cause...supported by a generous and wonderful family! You are the BEST!"
Cameron and John Hogg Hidden "So proud of you two! Have a great time!"
Rick Story $50.00 "Go, Bill!!!!!"
Ron Oee $125.00 "You are the most incredible person I know and I couldn't more proud of you."
Andy, Jessica & Alexandra Meyers $100.00 "We'll kick in another hundred if you run it in your flip-flops!"
Heidi Barcus $50.00 "Lori: We are so proud of you. You are amazing!! Heidi Barcus "
Ellen McNamara $100.00 "Go Wilders! We're proud of you Willy!"
Meagan Medley $20.00 "Run fast!! "
David Stevens $100.00 "Good luck Kristina and thanks for helping the men and women of the USMC."
Judith Zeoli $26.20 "Holly, Congratulations on your RN. Keep up the great work. Wonderful to see former students doing so well. KMS RN"
Jackie & Rick Stem $25.00 "It is so nice of you to train and participate in this marathon to help others! Best of luck Dan! You Rock!!! Miss Jackie, Mr. Rick, Hunter & Holt :)"
Anonymous $250.00 "Kristina, hang tough on race day and stand tall in Iwo Jima park. We'll be there cheering. Rick, Lisa, Andy & Alex Rockelli"
Doris Pawley $25.00 "Good luck and have a blast. Dee"
Ivan Rahman $25.00 "Great cause Kristina, I wish you the best. "
William McKenney Hidden "Thanks for running for such a great cause! --Mac"
Terry Quinn $100.00 "Run Forest Run"
Antonia Hillard $50.00 "Leah, You NEVER stop amazing me with all that you do especially considering all you have on your plate. I am in awe of you!!!! Good Luck, Antonia"
william johnston $100.00 "Proud of you! Now go kick some booty! Bill and Penny"
Fred & Elaine Broussard $200.00 "Good Luck Shaun.....you probably are going to need it :-)"
Ashley Pehrson $100.00 "Thank you to the Wilder family for raising funds for these amazing families and thank you to the men and women of the armed services and their families for the huge sacrifices you make for our country and our freedom. Semper Fi!"
jason starek $50.00 "Take the hill!"
Colonel Ray Celeste $25.00 "This donation is in honor of LtCol Trane McCloud, who died in Iraq in December 2006."
William Jenkins $25.00 ""GO RYAN""
Carol Park Hidden "Glenn, best wishes on your run!"
Timothy Walton $26.20 "Good luck sgt!!!! 26th MPOC!!!"
Anne Tabb $25.00 "Great cause. Have a good run, Tyra."
Jonathan Ross $100.00 "Andy: Good luck! When you hit the wall, think of your friend and what you are running for - you'll pull through! Jonathan"
Robert Silva $26.20 "26th MPOC"
Jerry & Mary Richner $100.00 "Donation in memory of your grandfather, Peter Piedmont."
Sara Schenk $50.00 "Go Fernanda!!! Love, Roger and Sara"
Marieke McCloskey $25.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on and see you finish! Oh and of course looking most forward to carbo-loading with you :)"
Aaron Gracheck $50.00 "What an awesome way for you all to give back to them. Thank you all!!!"
Holly Spangler $25.00 "Good luck Angie and Denis! Love, Holly, Scott, Kyle and Kara"
Danny Phillips $100.00 "Good luck fool!"
Ann & Jim Stendera $50.00 "Best of Luck to you Melissa. We are very proud of you! Ann & Jim"
stephen grossbauer $30.00 "Looks like this should get you over your goal. I give you a lot of credit for doing this for this great cause. Best of luck! Steve"
Edward Gura $25.00 "God Bless those who served!"
Susannah Early $25.00 "YAY Danica! Excited for you and proud to support you!"
Liz Hammer $50.00 "God bless all of you! In HIS love and mine, liz"
Melissa Kolody Hidden "Good luck, Ashley! We love you!"
Kendall Mason $50.00 "Running is mental and you'll all crazy! Love you, be strong, finish strong! Will be thinking of you! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Khumba told me to "Remember the Volvo". "
Carey Davis $100.00 "Sam we love you and Wendy even though we hardly know you. Your parents mean so much to us and we are all praying for you all everyday. Love, Carey and Judy"
KIMBERLY GILLEY $25.00 "Melissa, I am so proud of you. Good luck on race day!"
Christopher Hevey $25.00 "Happy Birthday Bubbie~! Run Hard!"
Ron Sammons $50.00 "Happy to contribute to this worthy cause in Bill's name."
Nancy L Surface $50.00 "Good luck Angela and Denis! Mom loves you!"
Sandra Frizzell $100.00 "We are very proud of you Tyler. Run like the wind! Love, Mom and Dad"
Dawn Macchi Hidden "Good Luck beating Oprah! "
Paul Wannemacher $25.00 "I so admire you and Annie, Michael. You are inspring me to get off my duff! Semper Fi!"
Thomas Hofstaedter $200.00 "Misfits United. Go Gerry and gang."
Kristine Vanderwyden $50.00 "Good luck on your race. What a great cause! And a BIG thanks to all our servicemen\women and their families that sacrifice so much for all of us."
Elizabeth Tortolano $50.00 "Hello Steroid, thank you for all you do. It is a privilege to be able to share and help the wounded warriors. Good luck to you. Thank you for allowing your friends to participate in helping and reaching out to our heroes."
Michael Hutchinson $50.00 "You're a good man....... happy to help."
Denny and Deneen Kimbrell $25.00 "Semper Fi !"
Mike and Carolee Washburn $100.00 "Hey Sam Wish we were able to be there with Wendy, Rowan and Maya to cheer you on. Will be thinking of you that day. We know you will do well. Thanks for all that you do. Love ya, Mike and Carolee"
Julie Paul $100.00 "Good luck Jeff! "
John McFarlin $100.00 "Gladly given."
Timothy Heher $100.00 "Go Team!"
John Engh $25.00 "Go Mary!"
Alan Healey $26.20 "Go Debbie, I am so proud of you supporting the Marines and all the other great things you do for others. You are a great example to my kids and the people around us."
Fr Richard Reed $25.00 "Thank you Michael and your team for serving our Military members. God bless your team's run."
Joan Penote Hidden "We'll miss seeing you and Patrick this year, but will be thinking of you both. Good luck! Love, Joan and John"
Catherine Martel $50.00 "Go Anne, go!"
Catherine Martel $35.00 "Go Melissa! You and Anne are gonna rock it!"
Frederick McCullough $20.00 "The person is my son who is a veteran of this activity and I am a former Marine with over 8 years of service, some of which was in Korea during conflict time there"
August Calabrese $20.00 "Go Mike!"
molly farrar $50.00 "We are so proud of you! We love you Greg, Molly and Lily"
Kelly McNair $26.20 "Run smart, have fun and I wish you the best!"
David Cao $29.00 "BAM!!! ... You are now at the $700 mark =) ... Have fun on the race and I will see you at the 626 box very soon my dear Tirza"
barbara ruane $50.00 "Best wishes with love from MOM."
Andrew Champion $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
Linda Quesnell $25.00 "GOOD LUCK JEN!"
Rodney Miller $25.00 "Wish I was going to watch! Good luck!"
Craig & Nicole Kessler Hidden "Good luck, Nick and Lauren. "
Laurie Kettinger $25.00 "Good luck, Zach! ~Kettinger's"
Betty Westerburg $100.00 "Best Grandma everrr!!!"
Karin Korb $50.00 "......there's always tennis :) Semper Fi"
Daniel Lipsitz Hidden "Go Nick and Lauren!"
Allen Davis $50.00 "Good luck buddy."
Jeffrey Duryea $100.00 "RUN FAST! and watch out for the walkers, they come up on you when you least expect it..."
Stacey Kusner $250.00 "Good Luck guys! Love, Mom and Dad Koskinen"
Eleanor Keating $50.00 "Good luck, Jill. Hugs, Auntie Ellie"
Laray Kelly Hidden "Selene, Go for it! Good luck! Aunt Laray"
David Burdakin $82.00 "My step-daughter is engaged to a Marine, and I'm happy to support this great cause. For your first marathon, you may want to try my race strategy: Start off slow and then taper off. Good luck in your training and have a great race! "
Mark Mullen $25.00 "Good luck from the 25th!"
Jan Hipp $25.00 "Way to go. Hugs, Jan"
Kathie Brantley $40.00 "Go Ron Go"
Leslie Olson $25.00 "Go Molly!! You're kinda my hero. "
Heather Thrall $39.00 "Cousin Diana - you are a wonderful soul, true inspiration. Love what you do for others - GO GIRL! "
Doug Ford $25.00 "Best of luck on your race!"
Sheri McVay $25.00 "Run strong for a great cause! Way to go Steve!"
Silvia Gonzalez-Powers $25.00 "Hope you have a great time! Love, Brian & Silvia"
Stephanie Geraghty $25.00 "Thank you Semper Fi Fund for making monumental changes in the lives of many, even my own family. Because of you, my son Cole will have a trailer for his wheelchair. We are forever indebted to you, for his happiness, mobility, and quality of life. Thank you. :)"
Charlie Gossage Jr $250.00 "It has been a blessing to see the both of you grow in your faith. As you are running, keep helping others along the way."
ann herr $100.00 "Good luck and kick some butt!! Go get 'em Bill. You got this!! Love, Ann, Chris, Ryan, Emily, and Madison"
Brendan Barrett Hidden "good luck!"
Janet De La Fuente $100.00 "Go Linda!!"
Aanne Habeck $100.00 "Such a terrific cause. You two are the best!!"
Nicole Keller $30.00 "You have our support 100% of the way! "
Mary Jane Elmore $250.00 "Good luck Wilder family!!! best, MJ"
Hank Heusinkveld $25.00 "Good luck, Devil Dogs! "
Brendan Chipperini $25.00 "Go Get Em Sarg!"
Joe/Christine Pepe/Dodd $100.00 "Good luck Nick and Lauren. You're running for a great cause."
Brandy Molitor $25.00 "Woot woot Gy!"
Analisa Jernigan $125.00 "September/October's Mileage Match"
Jan Johnston $25.00 "“Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” Go get 'em Super Pete!"
Sasha Arana $50.00 "Kick ass Sarg!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Happy Birthday........."
Benjamin Huey $5.00 "S/F Sgt. Maj."
Eric Nichols $100.00 "Great job Andy and great cause."
Captain Ted Harwood, USN (Ret) $500.00 "Semper Fi!"
Karen Redding $151.00 "Met you long ago at 151 Lichfield Blvd - Minnieland! Go strong!"
Brooke Bourgeois $25.00 "Thanks for your commitment to this organization...good luck! "
Kathy Muro $25.00 "Great cause, whether you can run or not. I hope that you can!"
Kimberly McBride $25.00 "Michael, we're so proud of you doing this for your friend, Tom. Love you, Kim, Kevin, Sean & Erin xoxo"
Tim Ingersoll $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Suellen Foxhall $140.00 "Good luck, Hannah! I'm so glad I can be a part of supporting you in your run, and with this donation, your goal is met. Now go out and enjoy yourself! I expect to see pictures! Love , Suellen"
Susan Mehallick $30.00 "Continue to be awesome and inspiring in every way!"
Deana Havens $26.20 "Go Patty!!!"
Deana Havens $10.00 "You guys are Awesome!!!"
Robert Cutler $100.00 "Team Peer Pressure; Best of luck to all of you. I wish I could join you! "
Mia Mashburn $25.00 "Good Luck Paty!"
John Scheinost $50.00 "Steroid, thanks for doing this. Sorry my donation is not a little more. Just gave to the Navy SEAL foundation after reading "No Easy Day"."
Tara Bradburn $250.00 "There is no greater man to honor with your efforts than Jay Kregel. He was a great human being, Marine, Aggie and friend. He will be with you on the tough steps. And so will the Bradburn-McAlary family."
Jim McAlary $250.00 "Great Man - Great Cause! I be there waiting at the finish line with beer in my University of Maryland shirt!"
Angelika Fleming $150.00 "I'd like to see you post a pic of yourself (standing) at the finishline! "
Ashley Glass $25.00 "So thankful and proud of the sacrifices our heroes in uniform make. A heartfelt "thank you" to the family members of our men and women in uniform. I am amazed at the selfless spirit seen every day."
Chris Blasnek $26.20 "Debbie, thanks for all you do! You are like the energizer bunny. Blas."
Gina Kelleher $26.20 "Good luck Janet, you'll do great I'm sure!"
Maggi Walsh $50.00 "Good luck with the race Jen. I miss you my dear friend!!"
Cindy Thigpen $50.00 "Great cause! Proud to support you two great folks & the cause! "
Carissa Roan $44.00 "Good luck Leah!"
Fran Schulman $50.00 "Abby, Happy to support you and your family. Good luck in the marathon! Fran Schulman"
Kim Toney Hidden "Good luck Shawnie!"
Sally Johnston $26.20 "We are proud of you Mark, for participating again this year. What a great cause! Love and good luck! Ken, Sal and Kathryn"
Megan Sorrell $15.00 "Happy Running to you, Tod! Good luck these last two weeks before the BIG day! "
Melana Dalby John Elkins $100.00 "Best of luck Pete! Smile when you cross the finish line as you think of Jay!"
Heather Flynn $25.00 "Good luck. You'll do great!"
Kammi Siemens $40.00 "Go Nancy Go!"
Silent Auction $155.00 "Please contact Elizabeth Harlow to arrange session date. We are going to be in Surf City the week around Christmas - we are so excited to have you do our family portraits! Thank you! Kim Snell"
Erin Sidwell $50.00 "your family appreciates you!"
Raymond Kenny $25.00 "Good Luck, Tod!!!"
vi limone $25.00 "Good Luck Miss Jillian ! love from the Limones"
Edward Snyder $50.00 "Mark, Great job. Great motivation. Everyone wins Chopper Snyder"
christy Goddard $25.00 "Gooooooo Gunny!! #TeamGetSome"
Anonymous $251.00 "If you ain't first, you're last. You know, you know what I'm talking about? Semper Fi."
Charles Robison Hidden "THIS IS A GREAT CAUSE AND GOOD LUCK !!!!!! "
Debra A Moore $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan! We are so proud of you! Love, Aunt Debbie & Uncle Rick"
Robin Abbott $50.00 "Hey from Korea! Great charity. I hope you reach your goal (both $ and time-wise)!"
Terri Hale $50.00 "So proud of you always! Terri, George and Jake"
Marilyn Richardson $50.00 "Go Wilders! Love, Marilyn & Charlie"
Denise Iketani $50.00 "Run, Debbie, RUN!"
Kitty Margolis Hidden "Go Abby! You get an extra dessert at our annual Boulevard holiday luncheon. Love to all the Wilders. "
Cheryl Pellosma $100.00 "You go Jade feel the freedom! Run, Jade Run!"
Deborah Thompson $50.00 "I'll be cheering you on all the way from North Carolina! Mom"
Lisa Pennington $50.00 "Mark: Great Job! Enjoy the run! Lisa, MIke, Christen and Jamie"
Jamie Malinauskas $50.00 "Go Ang & Denis! Love Jamie"
Anonymous $100.00 "It is a pleasure support you Mark and your organizations effort to help service personnel in need. This is a worthy cause and keep you the good work. Jan"
Darrell Lorentzen Hidden "Good luck Wilders! We will be rooting for you on October 28th. Darrell & Oivind"
Sally & Rolland Strasser $25.00 "Kevin - Best Wishes in your first marathon! "
Preston Hipp $26.20 "It brings me joy to think of the two of you running a marathon together. Blessings, Preston"
Darcy Kohn $25.00 "GO KITTY GO!!! GOOD LUCK!!! YOU'LL DO GREAT! xoxo"
Jim Miller $50.00 "Happy to support this worthy cause. Go Misty!"
Yunnie Low Hidden "Way to go Em!!! "
Nancy Ferguson $100.00 "Way to go, Jeff! Good for you and for all you support!"
Fred & Jill McCullough $30.00 "Mike and Jan have more energy than I do.......They go on vacation and run.......I go on vacation and well.......let's say I do NOT run, tho Jill might....."
Nicole Nelson $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Fred Beaman $35.00 "I ant a pic of you and Calista breaking the finish line tape! Best, Fred"
Nancy Oswald $26.20 "Mark, Am very happy to support you in the wonderful cause. nancy"
Kevin Brown $50.00 "Pete, this is a Great Cause! Best of Luck!!!"
Stasia E Peters $25.00 "Take care of business in DC!"
Sue Neikirk $50.00 "YEA SARAH! YOU GO GIRL!"
Seth DeHart $50.00 "Do it Behrad. Make us proud! Sub 3 hours or bust."
Craig Malinauskas $50.00 "Good luck!"
Janice Rist $268.00 "Our firm, McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips had a dress down day to support Kate Davis. "
Anne Howard Moore $50.00 "I am so impressed that you can do this...WOW! Thanks for raising money for such a great cause. Your neighbors will be cheering you on! Good luck! Anne Howard, Peter, John Henry and Wilson"
Sarah O'Connor $50.00 "Good luck to both of you. Semper Fi!"
Kevin Murphy Hidden "Best of luck! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Semper Fi"
Megan Berard $20.00 "So proud of you Colleen! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!"
Sheila Blanco $30.00 "Best of luck, Jared! You're my hero!"
Ann Austin $30.00 "Good job, Mark. Ann"
mary ann choate $500.00 "Go, Abby! I'm so proud of you!"
Wendy Close $26.20 "I'll be thinking of you every step of the way. Have a great time (as in FUN - Ha)"
Mary Tinti $25.00 "Run hard and have fun, JJ!"
Dale Merrill $25.00 "Henson, Glad to hear you and Callista are staying in shape especially for such a good cause! Wishing you the best. "
Jennifer Sills $25.00 "Good Luck Kevin!!"
Deana Havens Hidden "Can't wait to see you!"
Darlyne Walton $25.00 "Hey Friend, Wish it could be more but Mark isn't getting full weeks of work. Glad you are running it for me because I would die after the first 1/4 mile:) I'll be cheering you on from my couch:) DW"
Philip Innes $27.20 "So proud that you always go the extra mile!"
MICHAEL GUANZON $50.00 "Good luck and great work, Mark!"
Danita Hall $26.20 "Good Luck Bill - Great Cause happy to support you!"
Harlan Stafford $26.20 "Thank you, Jeff, for setting a great role model for your family and for the world! Harlan "
Tom Leslie $100.00 "Way to go, Team Henson, finish strong! Tom and Lyn Leslie"
Jon Wilson $100.00 "Go Get em Jeff!"
Anonymous $75.00 "Run Jeff Run! Tea"
Teresa Lindsay $100.00 "Wonderful cause-go Wilder's! Love, Terry and Bob"
Gordon Wong $25.00 "Great cause! Lots of luck!"
Robert Reinert $100.00 "We are thankful for all your efforts! We are so proud to know you!"
Eileen Conn Hidden "What a wonderful cause! Another marathon, JJ!"
Barbara Conn $26.20 "Buena Suerte JJ! Su amiga Sra. Conn. "
Tabatha Cruden $100.00 "Jeff, Good luck with this year's MCM! Tell Anna and Claire that Anna Claire says hi and have fun in DC."
Bryan Dulin $100.00 "I am very proud of you buddy for once again running for such a great cause. You are a good man sir! Good luck Wiley, hope you have fun!! "
Amy Luciani $100.00 "Jeff -as someone that loves to run but has chronic miniscus issues, I applaude your effort and perserverance - and totally support your charitable cause. "Hoo-ahh!""
Marcia Bibb $50.00 "Thank you for supporting our military troops and their families!!"
Elsie Crawford $20.00 "Proud of you Ryan."
Steve & Cheryle Flynn $100.00 "Cheering you on from home.......way to go Meg! Love Mom & Dad"
Kathleen Wolff $25.00 "Land of the Free, because of the Brave! Thanks for doing what you do!"
Gail Whitehurst $30.00 "We are so proud of you! "
chris Bopp $50.00 "You are going to do great! I love you"
Mary McCue $50.00 "Sabrina, This is a great life experience for you and one that is an inspiration to all. This is wonderful...we will be cheering for you! "
Raine Weiss $50.00 "I wish I could run it with you! We'll be cheering your every step! Love you!!"
Lauren Donnelly $26.20 "Best of luck!! We know you'll do great!!"
Kelly Medvigy $25.00 "Give those 26.2 miles hell!! Best of luck- Kelly & Brian"
Philip Berman $50.00 "This is from mom and I. Best wishes to an amazing daughter and sister. Have fun and finish strong. We all very proud of you! YOU ARE THE BEST!! =)"
Harvey & Trish Schmidt Hidden "I'm honored to help you out, Spero!! Thank you!"
Paca Nguyen $25.00 "Thank you."
Brooke & Mike Czapar Czapar Hidden "Go Nick & Lauren!"
Sean Connolly $100.00 "Guinness for strength!"
Jenn Johnson $30.00 "When I come around homeboy watch yo nuggets A master of the beatdown, my style's rugged. Make us proud!!! Love, Loquita. "
Jessica McNurlen $26.20 "Go, Em!!! See you on the course!!! Don't forget your tissues! "
Kathy England Hidden "Good luck Isaac!!!"
Paul Lewis $26.20 "Geaux Tolberts!!! "
Marsha Seamans $25.00 "Go Sarah! I'll be following your virtual path!"
Cathryn May $25.00 " Good Luck!! "
Tony Orrico $26.20 "This is a great marathon. Enjoy. Semper Fi!"
Kelly Kriz $20.00 "I had to raise money for my half a few weeks ago so figured I would share the love! Good luck, Jillian!"
kristen richetti $25.00 "Good Luck, Ted! Thank you for serving our country!"
Frank Lee $30.00 "Great program- best of luck in your run- have fun.."
Jean Reedy Hidden "Spero, always doing for others. Be safe, run well."
Mark Albert $50.00 "As our son is a special forces ranger - we are proud to help with this!"
Katherine Casalena $30.00 "Best of Luck Melissa!!!! I know you can do this! "
Deborah Peak $30.00 "From Jen Shepard and Dennis Navin"
Hayley Penix $25.00 "Run, Misty, run! Good luck and have fun!"
Cariss Tourtelot $100.00 "Wishing you all the best my dear! Thank you to both you and Patrick for your continued support of Wounded Warrior's and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund!"
Erin Kimbrel $50.00 "Go Deb GO!!"
Nancy Schuma $25.00 "Good luck, Pete -- I have every confidence that you will finish ... and finish well!!!"
Will Oliver $25.00 "Go get 'em Kat! From Will and Nat"
Tony Zumbo $100.00 "Good cause and happy to help."
Marcy Kaptur $25.00 "From Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur"
John and Karen Leverette $100.00 "So proud of our daughter, Lindsay L. Diefenderfer, running her first marathon! Go Lou!!"
Suzanne Brannon $26.20 "I hope you run a personal best!"
David Lake $30.00 "Good luck! Enjoy the post-run Baconator and I want pretzels on my desk....stat"
Mary Lou O'Donnell $50.00 "Way to go, Emily."
Sherry Hardin $25.00 "Proud of your effort in this endeavor."
Darleen Carlisle $25.00 "Good luck Alex, you're the best! "
alice & anthony priore $26.20 "we love you joey "do it" priore family"
Eileen Quirk Rowan Hidden ""Support our Troops" is more than just a bumper sticker. Thanks to Spero for reminding us their is a way to be involved to support our heroes. "
virginia katon $50.00 "GOOD LUCK. WE WILL BE THERE YELLING FOR YOU!"
Carla & Chris Storey $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Daniel Murphy $50.00 "Good Luck Tony!"
Carter Nicholas $50.00 "Happy to help a great cause! Go Pete!"
ANGELA MCCRARY $50.00 "GO KYLE! Thanks for running for our nation's heroes!"
Nancy Sarnelli Hidden "Good luck Dan!"
Margaret Hancock $25.00 "Good luck sarah! See you in dc"
Bob & Marlene Helsley Hidden "Thank U 4 Ur Service"
Mike Koskinen $40.00 "FYI, I'm going to driving behind you the whole time blasting 'Chariots of Fire' on the stereo..."
Kathy Milam $26.20 "You go Mark!"
Noah G Teates III $100.00 "Thank you!"
Allan Soriano $250.00 "Thanks and good luck from Station 3!"
Jitesh Patel $51.00 "Have a good run!"
David Rottinghaus $100.00 "Great cause Brian! "
Michael Jacobs $250.00 "Don't forget to bandaid the nipples!"
Anonymous $137.00 "Glad you're not fatter. :P"
Lance Wilder $25.00 "Run, Alex, run! Stop for lots of Pop-Tart breaks!"
Wilma Lee $50.00 "Go, Jen, go!!"
Stephen & Zoe Riddell $50.00 "Another in a long line of worthy efforts. It will be an amazing experience for you guys!"
Darcy Zehe $50.00 "We will be running with you in spirit!!"
Wendy Miller Hidden "I am so proud of you!! "
Marlene Goldman Hidden "I wish you the best of luck and am so proud of you that you are doing this Marathon. It certainly is a worth-while cause."
Scott Richardson $500.00 "Great Job Peter! Jay would be humbled by the generosity of everyone involved! Jay will be with you on your run buddy! ~Scott"
Matthew Powell $200.00 "Happy to get you to your goal! Good luck on the run."
Dana Chambers $100.00 "Amy, thanks for running for such a worthy cause. As you know, my Dad is a former Marine and my nephew, Josh Weekly, is currently at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan recently surviving vicious attacks. To my "sister" since age 4 and to peace in the Parrish home!!! Love, Dana"
Caroline Wong $25.00 "Run, Colin"
Kathleen Golden McAndrew $100.00 "Good Luck Colin! You are an inspiration to many!"
Sue Ambrose $25.00 "Good luck Colin!!!"
Reynaldo Libunao $20.00 "Go for te gold Brian!"
Kenneth Hunter $10.00 "Ductus Exemplo"
Elizabeth Atcheson Hidden "Go Abby! I love your family and love that you and Mary are supporting these organizations. :)"
Kerri Stewart Hidden "I am dedicating this donation in honor of my dad, Aubrey L. House, 1st Marine Division ,11th Marine regiment ~ Thank you Joseph Goode, Vicki Fredricksen, and Marcie Kleymas for your dedication and loyalty to this cause. I will ever be humbly grateful for the patriotic people and soldiers who sacrifice their time, families and their life for our freedom. SEMPER FI HOOORAH! "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, JJ!"
Stephanie Tozer $25.00 "Good luck Colin! What a great cause - I'm happy to support you on your first marathon and donate to this non-profit.."
Jane McCarthy Hidden "Go Abby! Will be thinking of you. Best of luck!!! "
Greg Sangalis $200.00 "Andy - Very worthwhile cause! Good luck with the fundraising and the run!! Greg"
Marci Campbell $60.00 "Go Tia!!! I am so proud of you! "
Dennis Kleppick $50.00 "Mark, thanks for the heads-up on this great effort!"
CHARLES BAUM $50.00 "Good luck, Abby! Very impressive!"
Courtney Marquis $25.00 "Good luck Alena!! So awesome you are doing this for such a great cause :)"
Michael Brown $25.00 "Go, Dr. Tammy! :-)"
Bryan Hammer $50.00 "can i get a side of fries with this order? hey why do i see my mom's name on here like 5 times? not fair! unless...I just donate a dollar 50 separate times...hmmmm"
Ryan McClain $25.00 "Awesome experience! Good Luck!"
Jill Patrick Hidden "Good luck!"
Donna Queen Hidden "Wish I could run with you! Go D & P!!"
Russell Townsley $26.20 "Good luck Debbie, watch out for those Marines, they can run. OOOORah Marine Coprs."
Kevin Readie $50.00 "Good Luck Colin on the Marathon! "
Huxley Dugan $25.00 "Good luck!! Can't wait to see you cross the finish line!"
Tim Graupman $100.00 "Jeff and Michelle: My neighbor has done over 200 marathons and the Semper Fi one is his favorite of all. Great cause-have fun! GO Marines and Kelly's! Tim"
Michael Nicholas $26.20 "Way to go Mark!"
judy huddleston $25.00 "Love you brother. What a wonderful person and inspiration"
Brian Warshay $50.00 "Kick some ass!!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Thank you for staying dedicated to doing this for our wounded warriors and their families"
Andrew Cross $25.00 "I fully expect you to ride before you toe the line."
Jennine Letarte $100.00 "Thank you, Spero."
Anne Rufener $100.00 "Good luck guys!"
Charity Burns $65.00 "Get it gurl!! Good luck jader!! Xoxo "
Suzette Mason $51.00 "Go US!!!! :)"
Wayne and Scottie Senalik $250.00 "Jeremy, best of luck in completing your first marathon run. We're behind you 100%"
Christopher Dickey $100.00 "Jay walked into a room and the energy immediately changed for the better. Jay had heart and Jay had dignity. He just "got it" about life and caring for people above all. "
Darlene Joy $75.00 "Semper Fi - Rich was a former marine. Great cause and I am proud you sent a reminder because donating to you was on my list to do. Good luck and God Bless."
Helga Andereck $100.00 "GO ABBY!! "
Juliana Balich $100.00 "Woohoo! Kick some butt this weekend, Dad! Mike and I are grateful to have you out there :-)"
LEE BOUJIE $150.00 "Good luck brotha! Would like to do this with you, Anja & Elsa one of these years when I'm not deployed. You doing anything in 2014? =) "
David Brown $100.00 "Godd luck Ron, David."
Linette Miller $100.00 "What a great reason to run! Donating in memory of my dad, Leonard C Parker, Sr. U.S. Navy - Korea, and to honor all those who do serve or have served our great country. God Bless & Good Luck!"
Joy Leroux $25.00 "Have a great run Dave!"
John Muschalik $25.00 "Have a great run for a great cause!"
Jennifer Hafner $26.20 "I'm so excited for you! What a wonderful raise and a wonderful cause you're running for. "
Greg Bolton $52.40 "Good luck to you and your sister Ron!!!"
Donna Montgomery Hidden "Good Luck to you. But I know you can do it. God is on your side. Thank You! What a good cause. Love, Donna "
Lorraine and Dan Hardaway $15.00 "Run Bill Run!!! God bless you!"
Elizabeth Parmley Hidden "Good Luck!"
Keith Allman $50.00 "Where can we wager on JJ's performance?"
Karen Thompson $100.00 "We will always support you, Michael, no matter what you endeavor to do!! Love you, Karen & Carl"
Pamela Smith $25.00 "Go Tabitha! You are going to do awesome!!"
Rich Grochola $50.00 "Great work, Sabrina - go get 'em!!!"
Taylor Bagley $20.00 "Good Luck Manny! "
Daniel Lavin $50.00 "Best of luck Spero!"
Jim Balich $250.00 "Good luck Frank! A worthy cause and you guys are an inspiration. Jody and I will be cheering for you. Look forward to seeing you soon."
Compton Reeves $25.00 "Best of luck, Sam. I have run the MCM, and will be thinking of you as you do it. Compton Reeves"
Lindsay Schwartz $25.00 "Cheers to a successful finish!!!"
Kristi Drago-Price $25.00 "Ruun Wendell Ruun!"
Dawnel Nanney $50.00 "Good luck!"
Jeff Riddlebarger $100.00 "Great cause!!! Thanks!!!"
Dan Farmer $237.00 "Very proud of you Mark. Thank you for taking on this challenge. Here's to 237 years of the United States Marine Corps kicking ass and taking names. Semper fi, Dan"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Austin. Brandon would be so proud of you, as am I. Semper Fi. Aunt Terri"
robyn sola $50.00 "you go girl!4427"
Candice Floyd $100.00 "Good Luck Jacob!"
Jennifer Bryant Hidden "Beth, What a great tribute to your grandmother, and what an inspiring effort! Best of luck to you!"
Penny Donohoe $25.00 "Good luck, Kristina! Josh and I will be cheering you on (from the sofa, that is!) "
Lily Bauer $50.00 "Happiness is running the Marine Corps Marathon for the Marines"
Preston Thomas $25.00 "Marathon? Better you than me"
David & Deborah Fockler $100.00 "Go Mike, go!!"
Jill Brooks $25.00 "Go For It Colin!!!"
Nancy Ryoo $50.00 "Whooo-hooo! Go Meaghan!! Go Semper Fi! I hope you have an amazing marathon experience and you bring back lots of pics! What an amazing cause! I agree with Heather - your pic is super inspiring! ;D "
Jasmin Lussier $100.00 "Bruce - We are really proud of your committment to the Semper Fi cause and your health. Way to go!"
Maria Strudwick $25.00 "Good luck!"
Courtney Gomas Hidden "Awesome Meaghan--I'm excited to be able to contribute to such an amazing cause; cheers to you!"
Sherrill Neese $50.00 "Go Frank Go!"
Major Richard Hardin, USMC Ret $50.00 "Wish I could donate more. I will push this to my friends. Richard"
Ada Towers $250.00 "Nicolas, Thank you for running the marathon to help the returning servicemen and women. Love, G & G"
Janet Long $50.00 "You go girl! Praying for you!"
Theodore Long $50.00 "Run hard and finish strong!"
Donna Pond $20.00 "You will rock this Meghan. What an amazing group of friends!"
Maryann Kiernan $26.20 "Good luck Erin! Love you xo"
Cathy Cooper $25.00 "Thank you for your service and sacrifice Beav. May you rest in peace and may God bless your family."
Stephanie Acevedo $50.00 "If I send you Navy PT Gear will you wear for your run?!?! Good luck Matt!!!"
Andrew Supan $50.00 "Run Bonsignore Run! "
Randall Towers $50.00 "Have fun, run hard."
Richard Willis $50.00 "GO VOLS!!!"
Jason Waldrup $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
Christopher Guido $1,000.00 "Great job and good luck!!"
Guy Andrews $25.00 "we will be following you on sunday, oct. 28. guy + Bec"
Roger Haddix $100.00 "Proud to be a part of Team Beav!!"
Rick Smith $50.00 "Great cause, keep doing what your doing, go Team Beav!"
Christopher Petersen $26.20 "David - Have a great race. I admire your cause. Best Regards Chris Petersen"
Vic & Karen Perez $250.00 "We're proud of you Patrick. Go get em!"
Annette Poulsen $50.00 "Go Team! C u there!!"
David Spurgess $50.00 "Go team Beav and Go Blue"
Sheri Francis Hidden "Best of luck! "
mary lou o'donnell $20.00 "My friend, Marlene Hodder, is making this donation."
Dad & Mom Holland $104.80 "We are so proud of you. It's a great cause!"
Jonathan Tumin $10.00 "Good luck, Beth; this is such a nice way to honor your Grandmother and her service to our country. "
James Mahaffey $100.00 "I am proud of Rachel and honored to be able to help in reaching her goal to give back to the very people that protect my family and our country. "
Gen Benton $25.00 "Run Kara Run!!! So proud of you!!! Love, Gen, Mark, Emily and Julia"
Michelle Moritz $25.00 "Best wishes for your marathon. It's a great cause."
Angie Geraci $25.00 "Good Luck Rach wish i was able to give more love ya Angie"
Cheryl Brown $10.00 "Sharon I am so proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work!!!"
Kimberly Daly $25.00 "Good luck Rachel! Miss ya:)"
Elizabeth Duncan $50.00 "So proud of you! Have a great race! We love you! "
Kara and Vadim Ioselevich $50.00 "Looking forward to seeing you in DC!!"
Kristin Clapcich $50.00 "Go Katy Go!!! Every year I think, "that sound like fun, I should do it!" I swear some year I WILL be there."
Jonathan Wilson $25.00 "Go get em, Christopher."
Mary Duncan Ulrich $50.00 "Andrew I am so proud of you on so many levels!!! I wish I could give more! Love you forever!"
Keri Long $30.00 "From the Girl & Boys of the Homicide Unit. Good Luck!"
Elaine Loy $25.00 "Amy, Grandma Fischer is donating this and says " GOOD LUCK, JUST DO YOUR BEST". Love you"
Elaine Loy $25.00 "Erik this is from Grandma Fischer she says "GOOD LUCK AND DO YOUR BEST". Love you Grandma"
Jeffrey Rock $26.20 "Kick some ass Bob!! Semper Fi Brother!"
Jeffrey Rock $26.20 "Good luck & have fun! I wish I were joining you all. Semper fi!!!"
A Nerad Hidden "Run, Steroid, Run!"
john duprey $26.20 "Go Ray"
Karl Huntzicker $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Maria Perez $25.00 "Good Luck! From your sister!"
Spence and Marion Bridges $50.00 "What a great cause...have a great run!!"
Gail M Snyder Hidden "Way to go Dan--We are so proud of you. nana& grandpa"
Gail M Snyder Hidden "Good Luck !!!"
Susan Machiels $25.00 "You have grown to be an amazing young man. Love you. Susi"
Donald Henson $100.00 "Semper Fi Steve. Good luck team Henson!"
Michael Robinson $125.00 "Don't run like a wuss you Marine!"
Joe Kulak $100.00 "Semper Fi !!"
Kevin Reiter $50.00 "My girlfriend and I love that you are doing this and support you and Curtis 200%, I hope you are able to raise your goal amount and also reach your goal time for your marathon!!! Hope all is well Candice :)"
Nicholas Jasper $80.00 "Enjoy the run Chris!"
Jeff Fink $50.00 "Thank you for running on behalf of our injured veterans!! "
Cary Goldberg $100.00 "Keep running!...Awesome job!!!"
Shore Stokes $50.00 "Tim and Ashley - Congrats on reaching your goal and best of luck on the run!"
Hilary Moore Hidden "Good luck Melissa!"
Bruce and Cathy Wilson $26.20 "Run well."
Patti & John Betts $100.00 "Kyle, Good luck in your run !!"
Kenneth H Rawn $25.00 "Good job Steve. Wishing cool & dry weather for you and your team."
Lawrence Priebe $50.00 "Melissa, Good luck the MCS is one of my favorite marathon's. I contributing to a great cause is wonderful reason to run. Lawrence Priebe"
Priscilla (Grasmick) Stoney $50.00 "Here in Fallston cheering you on!"
Vicky Ross $25.00 "Good luck to you both!!"
Cheryl Rizzo $26.20 "Run Liz run!!!"
Diane Loewner $50.00 "Best of Luck. In Memory of my dad and grandfather, both former Marines!"
Paul Wright $25.00 "Good Luck Pete! Enjoy the race and your trip."
Anonymous Hidden "Come back with your shield, or on your shield..."
Mark Chaney $150.00 "Good luck Paul and team, Believe it or not, I just heard about this organization a week ago and was going to go in and donate separately and you helped remind me with the cause!"
Laura Tracey $26.20 "Run strong Sam!!"
Janice Kranz $100.00 "Have fun weather should be awesome! Happy Running Jon. Love ya Jan & Pat"
Emily Zimmerman $50.00 "Danica, Thank you so much for all you did for me this week! You are an incredible woman and I'm so glad to have you as such a dear friend."
Nancy Skelton Harwood (Marine Mom) $100.00 "Thanks for all you do for our wounded heroes. Semper Fi!"
Elizabeth Chaney Hidden "I'm so proud of you Ben, and so happy to support this cause!"
M Konigsdorffer Hidden "Keep up the great work! We will be rooting for you! "
Kevin Adkins $10.00 "It is a shame these Wounded Warriors are not given more time on the nightly national news, because a lot of people have no idea what these men and women have done to ensure we Americans can sleep worry-free in our beds at night. Instead of shows like dancing with the stars, or any of the other worthless shows that follow around celebrities, who have no concept of reality, they need a show that tells the story of their struggles, and how these men and women must cope with their reality that they have to endure."
Jeanne Heald $15.00 "Best of Luck Mel! Way to go!!"
Dennis Jones $50.00 "Best of luck ont the run,sis!"
Amanda Gergen $25.00 "from the Gergens"
Kevin & Annette Teter $100.00 "We are proud of you and what you are doing. this is for the ones you know there and the ones we know here that have served and are still serving!"
Chris Furlong $25.00 "Ray, I am very proud of your effort to run and help those in need. You, sir, are a great American. "
Daniel Amador $25.00 "Semper Fi"
Peerawut Kamlangek $25.00 "This is for Christian Perez and everyone who's attending. Semper Fi !"
Pamela Smith $27.00 "Good Luck! I hope you meet your goal and I hope I helped you some. Pamela Smith"
Michelle Foley $26.20 "Way to go Alex!!! "
Rosemary Williamson $50.00 "So proud of you Noelle! You are going to ROCK this run. Good luck with your fundraising."
Kevin Hutchings $200.00 "Semper Fi, to my favorite squad leader(1992) and one hell of a Marine! Good Luck!"
Judith Gregoire $50.00 "Michelle - you are my hero!!! Good luck next week!!! Judy"
Greta & Bilbo Wedel $25.00 "Go Larry Go.....love Greta and Bilbo!!!"
Brian Thaden $10.00 "Run Nancy, Run. Good luck from Mary and Brian."
Beth Reardon $25.00 "Congratulations Elle! You should be proud of everything you have accomplished. "
Christopher Grimm $26.20 "You got this man! Most importantly, enjoy it for the experience. How many people experience what you are going to? "
Claire Weston $50.00 "So proud of you B.R.!! You better beat Rick's time! love u."
Anonymous $100.00 "Hope this helps! "
Thomas Fan $25.00 "Cody: Good luck on both the run and reaching your goal. -Tom"
Tara Bennett Hidden "Have a great run Michelle! Strong and positive thoughts with every step will get you to the finish line. Thank you for running!"
Alexandra Kleinkopf $100.00 "Donating to the cause is the least I could do for the men and women who sacrifice every day to keep our country safe and free. Thank you and Semper Fi."
Michael Fusaro $25.00 "Good luck Steve & team!"
Maggie Crane $50.00 "So proud you are participating in such a worthy cause!"
Colby Benton $100.00 "Run, run, run!"
wayne curtis $50.00 "Bone Rules"
Rosemary Rau $25.00 "Go Bridget! You are the best! Love, Aunt Ro"
Austin Ewachiw $19.76 "(Horns start playing...) Trying hard now it's so hard now trying hard now Getting strong now won't be long now getting strong now Gonna fly now flying high now gonna fly, fly, fly..."
Karen Johnson $25.00 "Happy to support you friend!! We'll be praying for you on Sunday. :)"
John Redick $50.00 "Larry has such a big heart, please support him and his cause! - John & Ann"
peggy and jon tessler $50.00 "sam you should be very proud of yourself for your dedication to this cause"
Michelle & Mike Jaffee $100.00 "We'll be thinking of you as you tackle that magnificent course! We're cheering you on from San Antonio."
Steven and Deborah Duke $265.00 "Good Luck, Marcos"
Joanne Topping $10.00 " It's not much, but I figure every little bit helps! If you're wondering who this is, and how I found you, we went to church together in Hawaii, and I am friends with Sam on facebook. Good luck. "
mary kay ortmann $50.00 "GO ARMY :) AND GO RAY !! "
Linda Comer $50.00 "Good luck girl, run from the heart!!! After all your hard work you deserve your happy day that is coming!!!!"
Terry & Mary Szuplat $50.00 "Good luck, Heather!!"
Brian Charville $26.20 "Good luck, Mark!"
Joy Wagner $20.00 "Good luck, Abby!!"
Kenna Williams $25.00 "Congrats to you from the MAYO and RANCH girls!"
Lindsay Rinehart $25.00 "Good Luck Aaron! Jesse, myself and the girls love you! "
Flavia Eldridge $50.00 "Good Luck at marathon, Jospeh!"
Anonymous $250.00 "I feel fortunate to have come to know some of the incredible young men and women who serve in our military. We are fortunate to have them protecting us and our freedom. They deserve every benefit our country and citizens can provide them and their families."
Patti & Wayne Millard $50.00 "Good Luck, Jim! "
Harry Sakellaris $26.20 "You can do it. My money is on you."
Christina Price $50.00 "Very Proud of You.....Have Fun!!! "
John Tarley Hidden "Good luck, Mark! Thanks for including me, and I wish you the best!"
Richard LeBlanc $26.20 "The only way I'll run a marathon - vicariously..."
Angela Wolff $100.00 "You go Bruce! We'll be rooting for you. Thanks for choosing such a worthy cause. Greg and Angela Wolff"
Nancy Owings $10.00 "In full admiration of you and your team! Nancy"
Michele Noel $50.00 "We are making this contribution in memory of MSG Al Foutz, USMC Retired. "
Magge "Frankenstein Salinas $125.00 "Go Ysenia! You rock!"
Patricia Fitzharris $25.00 "Way to go, Michael! Great contribution and cause!"
LaSondra Frenza $100.00 "Go Get'em Pete!! I know Jay would be proud!!!"
Pam Perkins $50.00 "Abby, Kudos to you! Pam"
Amy Jiorle $25.00 "Good luck, Jason! You are doing a wonderful thing!"
Deb Doll $25.00 "Hope this helps a bit Amy"
Richard Turbeville $100.00 "Go Kyle!! So proud of you. See you at the finish line. "
Patty Khuly $26.20 "Don't die, please!"
Johnny McConnell Hidden "RUN FAST JEFF!"
Patricia Teruya Hidden "Thank you for your service and for helping those who need help!"
Rebecca Magdon $25.00 "You never know how strong you are...until being strong is the only choice you have ~ unknown"
Maria Morin $50.00 "Run like a champion today!"
Rebecca DePinto $25.00 "Good luck and have fun, Colin!"
Anonymous $20.00 "From Roland Martin"
John and Cheryl Gehringer $50.00 "Hi John! Good luck! Love you, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle John"
Chris Bengel $25.00 "Good Luck Cody and continued success to your Cardinals!"
Cheri Swankowski $25.00 "Best of Luck Stacey! You go Girl! ~ Cheri"
Angela Blankenship $26.20 "Rock On Mark!!"
Carmen Gomez $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jennifer Vellucci $25.00 "In honor of you two we will be running to our mailbox that day! Have a great race! We love you! Sarah and Jake send hugs!"
Anna & Frank Clark $50.00 "Good luck big brother! Run them jokers out of Washington. We are so proud of you and love you very much! "
Kerry Edwards $100.00 "Ab, What a way to celebrate your birthday!!!"
Christopher Mensoian $100.00 "Go get 'em Stacey. Good luck!! "
Joan & John Penote $60.00 "Danica.... This is to show extra support for you, Partick, and Susie for running! We Love you guys!"
MSgt Richard & Natalie Renner $50.00 "What a great thing you are doing Courtney in honor of Bull! Good luck on the race. SEMPER FI! "
4th Marine Division, Truck Company (-) $100.00 "Good job Staff Sergeant Just remember: 1) Only 0.5 % Percent of the U.S. population that has run a marathon. 2) "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem." - Ronald Reagan - 3) We already love you. Make us proud!"
Tommy & Mindy Reuter $250.00 "Good luck, John & Jordan! See you 'round the armory when you get back from D.C! Semper Fi!"
Alice Barriciello $250.00 "Great job Stacey!"
Janes & Barbara Ryba $50.00 "Good Luck Keith. Barb's father was also a Marine."
Dan Palmer $50.00 "Go get em Keith!"
Jenny Brinkman $50.00 "Have fun!!"
Victoria Glynn $25.00 "Thank you Becky and your awesome Marine Corps family!!! You know my kids lost their dad in 2005, Army, but one team! Good luck! "
Dorothy Leland $50.00 "So pleased to do this in honor of Uncle Ray. Good luck with the marathon!"
Sylvia O'Donovan $100.00 "Bruce, Good luck with the marathon. What a way to celebrate turning 60! Sylvia O'Donovan"
Scott Eldridge $100.00 ""To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" -Steve Prefontaine"
Scott Radig $50.00 "Good luck Diana! We are all proud of you here at the health department."
M. McNamara $25.00 "Way to go Abby! Proud of you & Willy!"
ralph kupcha $50.00 "In memory of my uncle's service"
Tim Harkleroad Hidden "Go get em Michael!"
Lesly Connolly $25.00 "Good Luck Rebecca!!!"
Karen Saliba $50.00 "Good luck Keith! We will be thinking about you on the 28th."
Scott Vliek $26.20 "Good Luck Patsy! Sally and I know you can do it!"
Meg Ryan-Giarusso $25.00 "Go Cara!!"
Dee Medlin $50.00 "I love your heart! Good Luck!"
Stephanie Geraghty $25.00 "Candice, you INSPIRE. Congratulations on all your progress and success this year, you BAMR! It's been an honor to witness your journey."
Ben Brewre Hidden "Keep Charging Master Gunz!"
Donna Lefebvre $25.00 "Good luck, no doubt y'all will do great!"
Allison Uniacke $50.00 "What a great cause! "
J&L Evans $25.00 "Love and miss you bunches good luck girly! Xoxo ??the Evans"
Shelagh Kerrisk $50.00 "Good Luck Meghan, Colleen and Luke! Great cause and we hope you do well!! Love,The Kerrisk's in Keansburg."
Kierie Heim $25.00 "Congrats Rebecca! You rock!"
Josephine Simko $25.00 "Have a great race, for an even greater cause! Good Luck Scott!!"
Carol Ann Rima $50.00 "Run, Cat, run! We're so proud of you!"
laura flisk $20.00 "Best of luck Jenny!"
Cynthia Mauer $50.00 "Great cause!! Good luck, neighbor!"
Jennifer Smith Hidden "Thank you for always giving back to our military!!! It makes their job so much easier when they know they have support at home! We love you! "
Julie Bloomfield $200.00 "Proud to be a member of Team Beav "
RosaLee Walsh $25.00 "Randy is honored to have his name included in your team name. To cheer you and the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, D.C., Randy is also running the Marine Corp Marathon on October 28, 2012 at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. I appreciate your support of the Semper Fi Fund. Go Team Randy Road Warriors."
Lisa Springle $50.00 "Go, Jeff!"
Carol Bennett $50.00 "Good luck-hope the girls don't have to drag you at the end...."
Laureen Moran $50.00 "God bless you Tyler! Best Wishes, Stephen Moran and Family"
Mary Moore $100.00 "Honored to be a part of the Team Beav family. WWNF"
Carey Anderson $50.00 "Go Svecia-ites"
Anonymous $100.00 "You go, Rog. They deserve it."
Neil Powell $100.00 "Good Job Scooper! I am excited for us to run this weekend!"
Calvin Moss $50.00 "Good luck, Cullen. Make us proud!"
Anonymous $30.00 "I still miss the beard. Go Team Radosh, Go!"
Katy McMahon $26.20 "Run, Heather, run!!!! I'll be out there cheering for you!"
Michael Stankiewicz $50.00 "Michael, I know you'll do just great, especially with the team compiled. Run proudly my friend!"
Michael Stankiewicz $50.00 "Steve, wishing you favorable weather and please send my regards to his family..."
Marian Zobler $50.00 "Good luck Jeremy"
Samuel Richman $100.00 "Run the good fight!"
James Allen $50.00 "Run for those who can't. "
Gorete Wilson $25.00 "Good luck Michelle..hope the leg holds up :)"
Tammy,Steven & Adam Camerino $25.00 "Michael we know you'll be great! Keep pace you can do it!"
Brian and Stacia DeNoyer Hidden "This is a wonderful way to recognize all those that give so much of themselves.....Rock on Team Beav!"
Carrie Ann Delaney $15.00 "Run strong!! (MCM 2012- RFRC)"
Debbie King $100.00 "Pulling for you Matt! You are an inspiration!"
Jack Logan $25.00 "Michael, I know you will give it 110% Do the best you can and enjoy it . Good Luck, Jack "
Elizabeth Childs $10.00 "Jeremy, good luck! The donation is In honor of my Uncle Ed, a Marine who served in WW2 and Korea and at 89 is still running, swimming and laughing."
Janet Bergeron $56.00 "Good Luck Kelly! We are so proud of you! Love always, The Bergerons"
Tryggvi McDonald $30.00 "Great run for a Great cause, enjoy!. "
Andrea Nicolay $26.20 "Run JJ, RUN!"