Ann Daniel's Race for the Heroes
Giving to those who have given their all...
Have many times a day do you stop and think about how fortunate you are to have your freedom? So many people in other countries live in fear, not to mention without the daily necessities that we as Americans take for granted each day of our lives. How many times a day do you stop to think about who we have to thank for our freedom? Our men and women in the armed forces put their lives on the line each day so that we may have the lives that others only dream of. When these brave men and women return home after the sacrifice they have made for us, sometimes their next battle is just beginning. Many of them are badly injured and need medical care. The families of these brave souls made sacrifices also. Their loved ones were away fighting for our freedom, only to have them return home unable to provide for them. This reminds us that we are blessed and honored to call ourselves Americans: To live in the Land of The Free...because of the Brave. What else do these brave men and women of honor return home to? A government cutting their benefits after the sacrifices they have made to keep Americans safe from the terror that threatens our country each and every day. I am asking each one of you reading this to pray for our armed forces and their families. Pray for America and hope that we will get back to the place once again where "In God We Trust." Our brave men and women need your help desperately. Please open your hearts and donate to the Semper Fi Wounded Marines Fund. They offer medical care and assistance to wounded veterans in all armed forces and their families. These brave souls have given their all for us. Please, let's give back to them. They need our help and it's the least we can do for them. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated. I will be running in the 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run 10k race in honor of all the brave men and women in the military, past, present and future. Remember: All Gave Some, Some Gave All. Please help me to reach my goal for our heroes. Lets do better than that...let's exceed the goal and show these heroes just how much we love them, appreciate them, and what we as American's are made of! UNITED WE STAND! Thank you and God Bless!!
Inspired by and in honor of my husband David R. Daniel who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Thank you for your service.

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