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Celebrate Arijit's and Erik's Generosity and Compassion by Supporting Hospice
raising funds for end-of-life care, in honor of brotherhood, friendship, and good spirits

On March 22nd of this year, we lost my brother, Arijit Guha. On September 14th, we lost my friend, Erik Falasca, with whom I served in AmeriCorps. Both were also diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in their thirties, and both received hospice care.

On October 18-19, my friends and I (Sourav Guha) ran the 2013 Bourbon Chase. We* came together to run this 200-mile overnight relay along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in order to raise money for hospice.

To support our fundraising efforts, please scroll to the bottom of this page and make a donation. Hospice relies on donations "to provide the 'extras' not covered by Medicare or insurance and to care for those without insurance or ability to pay."

Hospice of the Valley provided palliative home care for Arijit and caregiver support for his family. All funds raised will be split 50-50 between the National Hospice Foundation and Phoenix-based Hospice of the Valley.

Erik and his family received hospice services in central Ohio, where Erik, Arijit and I all grew up -- and where Run to Remember first began, a decade ago.

Arijit and Erik were kindred spirits. They were large-hearted men who lived and loved deeply and laughed often. Both cared immensely for others -- and gave (and urged others to give) to those in need. We ran to honor them and their values.

Were they still with us, Erik would be turning 38 on December 4th, and Arijit would be turning 33 on December 5th. To celebrate their birthdays, donations will be accepted through Friday, December 6th.

For further background:

To better understand hospice, I recommend Atul Gawande's New Yorker essay. To learn about Arijit, read this story in ASU's State Press or this tribute on Boing Boing. And, to learn more about Arijit's "Poop Strong" campaign, check out the articles at MacLean's and Salon.com. Erik's obituary is viewable at Legacy.com

* Our twelve-person team roster of runners:

Breanna Beck, Trey Belew, Dan Danczyk, Will Gladstone, Sourav Guha, Lara Hause, Humberto Olivares, Chinnu Parinandi, James Pollitt, Trevor Thompson, Bryan Williams, Bryce Yeargan

Arijit Guha (1980-2013) — rabble rouser, do-gooder, mustache enthusiast — died after a spirited, graceful, and inspirational bout with cancer.

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