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The Angela Raskob Memorial
A guided journey to the ultimate finish line
I am running Twin Cities Marathon to celebrate the memory of two exceptional women and for the support and care provided by hospice on their homestretch. With support from hospice, we were able to prepare for one of the hardest goodbyes of a lifetime in the safe and comforting surroundings of home. Few gifts are more cherished than the ability to provide peace, dignity and care while learning how to say you've done enough, I'm so blessed to have been part of your life and although I'll miss you terribly, I love you and want you to be always at peace. Hospice recognizes the healing power of a farewell that is well-orchestrated and for that I am eternally grateful. So, in tribute to mom's ultimate race being beautifully run, filled with comebacks and rallies, a race that had streets perpetually lined with those who care not if she wins, but that she ran the race, I dedicate my efforts. It is for my mother, Angela Raskob, and my mother-in-law, Janet McNamara, exceptional women whose families were blessed with the support and guidance of hospice in their final leg of the race. P.S. Mom always thought I was crazy to want to run these things so I suppose this is me making sure she knows I'm okay and still the same "baby of the family" who didn't always heed her advice. In memory and celebration I ask for your support of the treasured gift hospice provides -- a guided journey to the ultimate finish line.

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Total Donations: $3,975.00
Goal: $2,500

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