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Run The Creek
A community coming together to provide support to families facing crisis
We are a community that has come together to raise funds to help families struggling with living expenses while encountering life-altering circumstances. In 2010, we raised $5000 for a family whose father had been battling cancer for 2 years and had a mound of hospital bills to go with it. In 2011, we are raising money for a newborn baby, Kale, who was born with severe brain damage. He suffers from seizures, has trouble eating and has severe apnea where he just stops breathing. The parents (Dorie & Eathn) are facing large hospital bills and we want to help them out and make life a little bit easier in this very stressful time of need.

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Total Donations: $525

Goal: $5,000

$0 11% $5,000

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