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RunningBull's Run to Honor Americas Veterans
in support of the New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV)

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Total Donations: $1,743

Goal: $5,000

$0 35% $5,000

Runningbull’s Run to Honor America’s Veterans was conceived in the fall of 2007 as a multi-stage event consisting of thematically linked events to honor and thank our military personnel (past, present, and future) for their services to, and sacrifices for, the people and ideals of the United States of America while also raising awareness to the plight of the currently 270,000+ homeless American veterans.

This collective event was developed with the intent of honoring the tireless service of our military personnel through my racing (100% effort) the equivalent of 100 meters for each and every American soldier killed in Afghanistan and Iraq during our ongoing War on Terror; thereby linking my efforts, my service, and my sacrifices to their service and their (ultimate) Sacrifices.

I successfully completed the task of running those hundreds of thousands of meters (over 350 miles worth for those most familiar with US Customary Units) during 2008 in the following events.

Click on Event name for details of the event. Click on "Results" to view my performance

However, the Mission has NOT been Accomplished; the results of the fundraising accomplishments having dramatically trailed behind the physical accomplishments. My goal was to collect sponsorship pledges of $1 for each 100m segment run, $1 for each life lost, and to honor the lives of our fallen soldiers by directing those dollars to assist their comrades in distress with their efforts to reclaim their lives. The chart above shows how far we still have to go to reach that goal.

And for this I need your assistance. I need your assistance in reaching out to friends, family, and co-workers who want to help our homeless veterans in a meaningful and lasting way. Help me reach out to businesses and corporations seeking an appropriate charitable effort to support via their tax-deductable contribution and/or as a marketing expense through sponsorship of my racing efforts.

The proceeds generated through this endeavor go to support the New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV) operated by the Vietnam Veterans Workshop, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1989 by veterans for veterans. As the first and the largest such facility in this country the NECHV has helped over 15,000 veterans since opening its doors in 1990.

Together we can honor the perseverance, dedication, and resolve of America’s veterans in a fitting and symbolic manner. Your generous contribution of support enables the successful completion of this tribute to our troops, this multi-stage parade on-the-run, this Run to Honor America’s Veterans, while helping to fund the programs and services of the NECHV desperately needed by our most vulnerable veterans.

Please visit to learn more about the NECHV and to coordinate direct in-kind contributions of goods and/or services or to volunteer your time. You can also find additional details about RunningBull's Run and view photos from my previously completed events at this site.

The Thanksgiving edition (11/27/08) of the Somerville (MA) Journal announced my plans to continue my efforts into the future until I have achieved the fundraising phase of my mission. These plans currently include my 3rd consecutive appearance in the Boston Marathon, continuing to serve as a Marathon Pace Leader to help others achieve their goal of qualifying for the chance to run Boston as well, and a grand Ultradistance effort (for which I am still finalizing the details of).

Please visit: for updates on RunningBull's Run, to gain insight into the inspirations and motivations behind this challenge, or to leave your comments and suggestions. I encourage your participation and welcome your feedback. Also, visit to see my collected results from the past three years, schedule of upcoming events, and photos from past events.

Please Note: A 6.5% service fee is deducted from your online contribution by this service. You may also contribute with a credit card directly to the NECHV via their website or if you prefer to send a check, contact me at for additional details.

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