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Run for Rose Festival 2013
Setting the pace for Portland's Official Festival
The Rose Festival makes Portland a better place to live and visit. For 105 years, the Rose Festival has been contributing to the livability of the City while attracting visitors from around the world to stop and smell our roses. Portland Rose Festival Foundation programs and events are designed to benefit others--with your help, this one can benefit us!
Help us keep Rose Festival events fantastic, fun and free! Support your favorite runner in the Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon or give to the overall campaign itself. Thank you!

Our team of Rose Festival Runners includes:
2010 Queen Victoria Dinu (Rose Festival Runners Co-Chair)
2008 Rose Festival President Mark McGirr (Rose Festival Runners Co-Chair)
2009-2010 Rose Festival President Robert Hansen
Rose Festival CEO Jeff Curtis
2006 Queen Grace Neal
Leslee Heinrichs
Peter Mack
Lauren & Adam Baker
Ava Dieringer
Sara Wright
Tina Harmon
J Hootman
Elizabeth Shinkle

Click on your favorite Rose Festival Runner's name or use the search box above to follow their progress and/or donate on their own fundraising pages.

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Total Donations: $10,120

Goal: $30,000

$0 34% $30,000

Top Contributors
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