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St. Lawrence County Run For Congo Women
Running for the human rights of women in the Congo
As citizens of the world we feel a sense of responsibility to strive for the rights, protection, and empowerment of women worldwide. For years, vicious gang rape and torture have been a daily reality for women in the Congo. Rape, like the bullet of a gun, is used as a weapon of war. Tens of thousands of women and young girls face human rights violations including torture, mutilation and sexual violence. Though the war in the Congo has allegedly come to an "end," the suffering has not. Thousands of people are still displaced, women are still being attacked and murdered by remains of rebel armies, and children have been left orphaned and malnourished. We do not see images of the Congo every night when we turn on the news, but please know, the war is not over. Our job is not yet done. Do your part by empowering the women of the D.R of Congo, and give them a chance to become active members in the reconstruction of their country and their government. Last year we raised over 2,000 dollars in registration fees and donations. For the second annual St. Lawrence County Run for Congo Women we are working with American Association of University Women (AAUW) in an effort to reach out to other college campuses, and individuals nationwide. For this reason we are setting our fundraising goal at 10,000 dollars. With your support we can reach our goal and run together toward a better future for women and girls worldwide. Thank You, The St. Lawrence University Women's Resource Center http://www.northnet.org/stlawrenceaauw/index.html http://www.womenforwomen.org/

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Total Donations: $4,518.00
Goal: $10,000

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