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Join Our Team To Save Lives In Congo
One of the themes in Heart of Diamonds is the horrible abuse of women in the ongoing war in the Congo, where rape as a weapon of terror has reached epic proportions. Despite the Goma peace accords, literally thousands of women are still being victimized by the military and criminal gangs operating in many regions. The women of the DRC desperately need our help. That's why I'm sponsoring a team to run or walk in the NY Run for Congo Women at Roosevelt Island on October 4. Proceeds from the event will go to support Women for Women International's program in Congo. This four-star charity helps women provide for their families by teaching them skills they need to end the cycle of poverty and suffering, providing funds to help them start businesses, and teaching them to protect themselves against the terror around them. I urge you to show your solidarity with the women of the Congo by joining this event or even just making a small contribution. Registration is only $20. When you register, please join the Heart of Diamonds group to get a free team shirt at Roosevelt Island. And bring along your copy of Heart of Diamonds, so I can autograph it!
Today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo people are still struggling to maintain peace and rebuild their lives after one of the deadliest wars in all of history. Estimates are that over 5,400,000 people have died. Perhaps even worse than the loss of life, is the staggering number of human rights violations – torture, mutilation and sexual violence that has occurred against tens of thousands of women and children. The women of DR Congo desperately need your help right now. And you have the power to do something today - Run for Congo Women to support Women for Women International’s program in Congo. By making a donation, you will help a woman in Congo provide for her family and receive important rights awareness training to help ensure that she won't ever be a victim again. Women for Women International will teach her the skills needed to start a business to help her end the cycle of poverty and suffering. You're not only changing the course of one woman's life – your support and generosity improves entire villages and communities! Peace and prosperity in the Democratic Republic of Congo depends on women who need your help!

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