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The Ray of Hope Foundation
Join the Ray of Hope Marathon Team in “supporting the children of Kenya one step at a time”.

The Ray of Hope Foundation is dedicated to creating grassroots community based projects that improve education, infrastructure and health services for children and their families in Kenya. Our projects are guided by the aspirations and self-identified needs of the communities in our project areas. We provide secondary school sponsorship, train traditional birth attendants and health workers, assist women to start microfinance programs and improve infrastructure (wells, classrooms, clinics, school supplies and medical equipment/supplies).

The Ray of Hope is an official Portland Marathon Charity. Contributions sponsoring a runner/walker of the Ray of Hope Marathon Team directly support our innovative grassroots programming serving hundreds of children and their families in both the urban slums and rural areas of Kenya.

Ray of Hope- Compassion Transformed Into ACTION!!!

Total Donations: $19,962

Goal: $20,000

$0 100% $20,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous $26.10 "Run Tuttle Run! What a GREAT cause!"
Ron Klein $25.00 "Run Run for those in Africa."
Diane McNurlan $100.00 "What a great cause to run for!"
Corine Jansonius $50.00 "Have fun with the run!"
Anonymous $250.00 "This is because of your support for the Utah Jazz ;)"
Jimmy May $100.00 "Erin, best wishes for the wind to be at your back, to outrun your blisters, & to finish strong!"
Robert Davis $50.00 "Good luck!"
Brenda Kirk $100.00 "Good luck Erin!"
Phyllis & Jimmy May $101.00 "On behalf of @SQLSoldier. Actually, because of. Or in spite of. Or something like that. Seriously, GOOD LUCK Erin!"
Meher Malakapalli $25.00 "Thanks for a great cause Erin. Good luck."
Jeffrey Smith Hidden "Ribbet! Good luck Erin!"
Yanni Robel $100.00 "Here's to an awesome run and a great cause!"
Anne Grady Hidden "YOU ROCK ERIN!"
Tara Loan $25.00 "Awesome, Erin! Good luck!"
Anonymous $180.00 "From the Soldiers of Alpha Company, 1-21 Infantry Battalion."
Kendra Little $50.00 "Have a great run, Erin! Looking forward to seeing you in Portland."
Doug and Jean Boatman $100.00 "I am so proud of you!! This is a wonderful organization. I love you, I love your heart and your tenacity. Love, Ma"
Aaron Bertrand $100.00 "Meh, I don't like Jimmy Buffett that much anyway!"
Christina Leo $50.00 "Have fun Erin! Gotta earn those gelato calories for the PASS Summit! :-)"
Catherine Hagstrom $100.00 "We love you! C & H & H & L & C & W & D & L & LH Good luck!!! You can do it!!"
Alan Hagstrom $100.00 "Wishing you the best in your fundraising efforts. A worthy cause!"
Tamara & Noel McKinney Hidden "Thanks Erin, excellent fundraising choice, have a great run!"
Susan Hagstrom $50.00 "go Bruce!! we love you!!"
Nancy B. Hagstrom $200.00 "Hi Bruce! What a great cause you are supporting! Best wishes as you train. You can do it! Love, Mom"
Melanie Reese $25.00 "Good luck! You will do awesome!!!"
Debby Friscia $10.00 "Good luck in the marathon, Michelle! I know you will do well for this wonderful cause."
Judy Ortiz Hidden "Good luck Michelle! I'm happy to contribute to your great cause! Judy Ortiz"
Kristina McClaskey $25.00 "Way to go Mich! I hope you enjoy the race and good luck getting to your goal!!"
Theo & Lia Widjaja $50.00 "Our prayers are with you Michelle. God Bless!"
Tracey Downing $25.00 "Hope training is going well. Good luck!"
Justin Dearing $50.00 "Run Jes Run"
Jessica Alexander $5.00 "I know it's small, but every little bit helps! xoxoxo!"
Laura Behrends $10.00 "You go girl! So proud of you! "
Kimberly & Paul Randal $250.00 "Go Erin! Running for a great cause. And, thanks for the info on their org."
Andrew Neuman $25.00 "I can't think of a better way to see Portland! Have a great run!"
Christopher Cohoon $20.00 "Good Luck"
Lesley Burri $50.00 "Glad I can support you in this cause! : )"
De Ann Story $40.00 "Only 69,168 feet to walk...go girl!"
Nicholas Wurzer $25.00 "Have fun and enjoy the run Jes!"
Michael Brophy $100.00 "Karen & Rob, Good luck on the run."
Darlene Reilly $100.00 "Have a good run for a great cause Darlene & Lew Reilly"
Michelle Ufford $25.00 "What a great cause! Have a great run, Jes. :)"
Sharon Zarter $25.00 "You go girl!!"
Mackenzie Bartels $10.00 "You are AWESOME. :)"
Megan Brensdal $10.00 "Anything to help my childhood best friend out!"
David and Karen Noordhoff Hagstrom $50.00 "GO BRUCE!"
Gillian Wheelock $10.00 "Good for you Maryann! I wish you all the best in your fund raising and in the race. I will be in Portland for the Marathon as I have family members running. Perhaps we will see you along the route."
Colleen Morrow $50.00 "Run like the wind, Jes!!"
Francisco Ianni $50.00 "Best of luck with this vital campaign Brittany "
John King $50.00 "Go Maryanne! John"
Lorraine Chan $25.00 "Have a great run! Wishing you all the best."
Aaron Bertrand $25.00 "Go grrl!"
Cheryl Quinn $100.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous Hidden "Rather you than me!"
Jason Morales $20.00 "Good luck, Melissa!!!!!"
Yanni Robel $100.00 "Love your spirit!"
Neil Hambly $25.00 "Keep on running Jes.. We will be cheering for you all the way "
Bill Arnold $50.00 "Best of luck in the run and your medical studies"
Rebecca Combs $25.00 "Ya Britt! Almost there!!! I help you by being a running buddy too "
Pat Pisano $25.00 "This is just simply great, go Melissa Love ya, the Speck-Pisano's"
pamela knowles Hidden "GOOD LUCK SHERI - I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! Pam"
Robyn Hartwig $20.00 "Thanks for being part of the solution, Melissa!"
Kareen Kimsey $50.00 "What a goal you set for yourself, I know you can do it. Love, Aunt Kareen"
Anonymous $10.00 "Betty Lou's donation"
jo crenshaw Hidden "Stacy, good luck Stacy in the walk. Great purpose to be walking for. You have my support. jc"
Verlene Ohlson $50.00 "Have fun---love you!"
Tiffany Channel $15.00 "Super woman!!! We love you!"
Christine Wynne $25.00 "Are you running or walking?"
Mark C $25.00 "Great cause! Go get 'em, Jes!"
Amy Mueller $25.00 "Way to go Jes! :)"
Marian Martenson $25.00 "Hi Stacy, We admire your effort for such worthy causes. Love Aunt Marian & Uncle Don."
Jack and Sharon Perry $25.00 "You go, Lisa!"
Mark Burton $25.00 "Go Melissa Go!!!"
Nate Torgelson $50.00 "Go Bruce!!!!!"
Ola Subeh $10.00 "Good Luck!!! "
Mark Palmiter $100.00 "You go, girl! We're cheering you all the way! "
Ann Blume Hidden "Good luck and look forward to seeing you during the race"
Ann Tseng Hidden "go Ray of Hope and Kathy!!"
Linda Furman $50.00 "Good luck, Lauren. I hope u raise a bunch of Money. This looks like a really good cause. Love, Linda"
Connie O'Reilly $50.00 "Way to go, Kathy!! Congratulations and thanks for all your efforts!"
Oivind Westereng Hidden "Good luck. Have fun on race day. Wish I could be there!"
Barbara Forsberg $250.00 "Have a great run Michelle! We will all be cheering for you."
jamie randles $25.00 "Good luck michelle, you will do great!! -jamie & john"
Blair Monell Hidden "Mich! Justin and I are so proud of you and wish you the best of luck on race day. This is an excellent cause you are raising money and awareness for - thanks for being awesome!"
lee Swanstrom $100.00 "go Brittany! we will be there too.... Lee"
Laura Simmons $25.00 "Hope it goes well, Melissa--I'm walking, too, so will keep an eye out for you."
Kathleen Pate $25.00 "Best wishes for a fabulous run."
Dan White $100.00 "Good Luck Erin!"
Andrew Kelly $50.00 "Good luck Erin. The world needs more people like you."
Kelly DeHart $20.00 "Good luck!!! :)"
Argenis Fernandez $50.00 "How come I never saw this? Anyway...here you go :)"
Maryann Brown $25.00 "Rich and Dottie Hardy's donation"
Catherine Lum $50.00 "Great work, Kathy!"
Vicky Gudgel Hidden "I wish you luck!"
Tory Kendrick $50.00 "Run Fast! Kick ass!"
Carl and Nancy Anderson $50.00 "I expect you to win the marathon. Good Luck. Live Long and Prosper. Your Vulcan Uncle"
Jamie Pearce $10.00 "Boa sorte Jen, Jamie & Vitor"
Shari Hathaway $50.00 "You are such an amazing and caring person. "
Vicky Vandehei $20.00 "Hoping for good running weather!"
Brooke Arias $25.00 "Go Mich, Go!!!"
Laura Goble $25.00 "Rich suggested we walk with you for a while, then remembered that almost everytime he's "supported" someone on the marathon, they politely suggest he go ahead ;)...want company?"
Derek Chow $25.01 "Alright Jenn, I got my money riding on you and the odds are looking good! You better come in first in the Ray of Hope Derby otherwise its straight to the glue factory for you!"
Philip Hatton $50.00 "Hi Jen .. half of this is from Papa. Good luck .. love Dadxxoo"
Stacie Dashiell $25.00 "Good Luck Erin! Great cause."
mary jane Thompson $30.00 "Bruce, just pretend you have a leash in your hand for 26 miles and the dogs really want to run! Good luck. Pete and Mary Jane Thompson"
Melani Bonnichsen $260.00 "This is for you, sweetheart! See you at the finish line!!! Mom & Dad"
Brad Coburn $25.00 "Good Luck Melissa! I'll be rooting for you!"
Paul & Lucy Harsono $50.00 "Good luck on the Marathon!!! See you at the finishing line on Sunday."
Kevin Woods $25.00 "you go girl"
Heather Rybasack-Smith $15.00 "Better late than never! :) You go girl!!!!"
Laura Belson $20.00 "Hope you had a "fun run"! Great cause and thanks for doing this :-)"
philip hatton $70.00 "Well done Jen .. Auntie Liz($30), Uncle Chris ($30) and Nanna ($10)."
Noemie Legendre $25.00 "Great job Jen =)"
Elizabeth Johnson $25.00 "We're SO proud of you and stoked to support Ray of Hope. Way to go!"
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