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No performance-enhancing drugs. Just lots of snacks.
We have the coolest team name.
Who is Team Atomic? Team Atomic is the cycling team sponsored by Atomic Books. On May 17-18, 2008, we'll be riding in the 140-mile Ride for the Feast HIV/AIDS fundraiser. Team Atomic is made up of riders Jim, Mike, Amy B. Jonathan, Amy N., Bryon, Scott, Jules, Lisa, Cammie, Holly, Colleen, Beth, and Rebecca, and our faithful domestique, Tanya.

What's this all about? It's all about raising money for Moveable Feast. They provide critical, often life-saving, meal and nutritional services to people with living with HIV/AIDS or breast cancer all across Maryland.

Why ride? Whether you know someone affected by HIV or breast cancer, or whether you want a physical challenge, the decision to ride is a personal one.

How can you help? By making a donation. Any amount is great. Thanks to the magic of corporate sponsorships, all money that you donate will go directly to serving clients.

Who do we love more than anyone? You, of course, for donating. But we're especially grateful to Atomic Books for their support and encouragement.

Total Donations Collected:$20,731.00
Goal: $20,000
$0 104% $20,000
Moveable Feast delivers nutritious meals to people who are living with HIV/AIDS or women living with breast cancer. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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