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Joshua and Amy, Believers.

Our Team Members are Joshua Bogart and Amy Belisle. We met at film school in Sedona, Arizona and have been best friends ever since. Amy actually did a documentary on my weight-loss, I used to weigh 352 lbs and lost 150 lbs and got my transformation and progress caught on tape as well as me running in a 5k marathon which is something I had never done before. We named our team "Believe" because we think you always need to believe in yourself. If you put your mind to something and are truly genuine about doing it, then it will come true and I am living proof of that with my weight loss. Also we both believe in ourselves to do well in the race and we BELIEVE in Michelle's place and the Reality Rally, we are ready to do some good.

Information about the Charity:

Michelle's Place was founded in 2001 by Marilyn and Bill Watson, parents of Michelle Watson. Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 23 after years of misdiagnosis.

While Michelle was still battling this cruel disease, she had the chance to speak to different groups and her consistent message was to "be your own health advocate." It's baffling that today, more than 10 years after her death, we still have women walk through our doors that have been diagnosed in the later stages of breast cancer because originally they had gone to their doctor with a symptom and were told not to worry about it. This was Michelle’s story as well – young, no family history, college athlete, vegetarian.

Unfortunately, women today do not always have the resources they need to be their own health advocate. That is where Michelle's Place comes in. We provide a variety of free services to women and their families impacted by breast cancer as well as those working to prevent breast cancer. From our Breast Health Assistance program that offers free and low-cost diagnostic services to the uninsured to our Pink Ribbon Assistance program helping women going through treatment in need of temporary financial assistance to a survivor network providing support to educational resources, classes, Self Help Groups for women as well as children...the list goes on. Visit our website at for a comprehensive view of our services.

"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
Edmund Burke.

We give you the opportunity to do "your little that will amount to a lot" and greatly impact the amount raised for Michelle's Place. The choice of donation is yours to make and it will greatly impact those who had no choice and became a target for breast cancer. Your donation is appreciated a million times over.

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Contributor Amount Comment
Joshua Bogart $10.00
Patricia Strayer $8.00
Amy Belisle $10.00
Maryann Livingstone $25.00 "I am happy to see Amy and Josh team up again for a cause. I am proud of you both for doing this!"
Curtt James $15.00

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