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The Ray of Hope Foundation
Total Donations: $24,338

Goal: $20,000

$0 122% $20,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Gregory Armstrong $50.00 "Run Anne run!"
Lori Koehler $50.00 "Lori, what an amazing cause which represents your passion and inspirations in life. I wish you the best of luck on your marathon! You go girl!!! :)"
Perri Stevens $50.00 "You go girl! Let me know if you'll have any time while you are in Portland and we can get together!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Run Forrest Run!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Test donation"
Glenda Goehrs $25.00 "Go, Lori!"
Peg Krecker $25.00 "When you're ready to hit the wall, just think "Hey, at least I'm not carrying a backpack." Then pull out fresh socks (because I know you'll have a pair on hand) and you'll feel like running another 10 miles. Good luck!"
Deborah Hollister $25.00 "Go Andrea! "
David Epstein $50.00 "Have fun!"
Katie Maag $25.00 "Thanks for asking! Have fun."
Kathy Cooper $25.00 "You go Girl! "
Maureen Mader $25.00 "Good Luck! What a great cause and goal. "
Helga Epstein $25.00 "Good for you darling"
Eileen Bruce $25.00 "Yea Andrea!"
Rob Epstein $25.00 "Let's go running!"
Kathren Moss $35.00 "Good work, Kolman!"
Kenneth Williams $25.00 "Gabe, I hope this $25.00 helps you to meet your goal. Good luck in the race. Dad & Mom Williams"
Melissa Gray $25.00 "Good Luck to you Lori! What a great cause to run for! Oh, and have fun!!!"
Brian Rousseau $100.00 "run kolman run!"
Chris Rousseau $25.00 "Run, run, run!"
Michelle Waite $50.00 "GBU Lori for running for those kids in Kenya! They will be blessed! I hope you do get to go and serve, it's an amazing experience!!!!"
Stacy Sheffield $10.00 "good luck! this is awesome!! wish i was in shape enough to run a half marathon... :-/ lol miss you!!"
Amoreena Johnson $20.00 "Good luck Asia! You're gonna do great!"
Monty VanderBilt $50.00 "Run! Asia Run!"
David Singer $10.00 "Have a great run and keep up the good works!"
Frank Carucci $10.00 "A good cause. Keep up the good work."
Caitlin Bagwell $50.00 "Just get that meat suit across the finish line, that is all that matters!"
Eloise VanderBilt $50.00 "Hi Asia. I never was a "runner". The 100 yard dash was my specialty in high school! But I'm happy to support you and wish for you a happy and healthy run. Grandma Eloise"
Melanie Olstad $25.00 "Asia - an inspiring use of your tremendous energy! Kevin and I will be cheering you on!"
Jane Spindel $50.00 "You go girl!"
Benjamin Blosser $10.00 "Good luck, Asia - all the best to you and your family."
Summer VanDusseldorp $20.00 "Asia~ You are such an amazing person! What a great cause to support. Good luck on your run and have fun! I miss you tons!"
Joni & Breen Vanderbilt/Smith $25.00 "Happy running Asia! It is always a sweeter run when it also helps others. Enjoy!"
Michael Buchalter Hidden "Best of luck to you, Jessa and Gabe!"
Matt & Bev Hale $40.00 "Thanks for taking on a good cause, Gabe. Hope you guys are well! Peace - The Hales"
Samantha Martin $50.00 "Good Luck Gabe!"
Lori Clarke Hidden "It's great that you are doing the marathon. Good luck!"
Karen Fuller $25.00 "Hi Charlene, Congrats on your half marathon and especially your fund raising. I did some fund raising this Spring, and I know how much it means to have people give. You will have fun in Portland too! Karen"
Tom Hubka $25.00 "Go get 'em Gabe!"
Lisa Martin $25.00 "Good Job Charlene"
Rich Moehl Hidden "Good luck ya'll! Great job!"
Tanyalee and Joe Erwin Hidden "yeah... what you are doing both for WOMEN and the children is admirable jim jesse. love- mom from chubbs- way to go knucks"
Kaja Lundevall $15.00 "Keep up the good work!! Cant wait to see you soon! xoxo "
Ann Jansen $25.00 "Thanks for taking action for a good cause!"
Caroline Myrah $25.00 "Good luck, Mis!"
sai nadella Hidden "Dear Latha I am realley proud of what you all doing,God bless you and the family, good luck. love mom."
bridget surma $50.00 "Go Claire Go!!"
joan Funk Hidden "Sorry, I can't meet you at the finish line with a beer - Molly's Gram's"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Jill and Ray of hope! We wish you good luck and a lot of support for this great charity!"
Larry Robinson $50.00 "GO Gabe!! "
Sanjay Reddy Hidden "Latha, We're so proud of you! We're all behind you 100% as you train for the big day! Love, Sanjay, Taran & Rajan"
David McCullough $100.00 "Good luck and kick some butt"
Brian Prater $50.00 "Sunny, You ROCK! Prater"
Monica Beemer $25.00 "Go Kathy! Thanks for giving me/us the opportunity to support this great work - wish we could give a million dollars!"
Luke & Barb Reinsma $100.00 "Thanks for all your good work. Asia."
justine light $10.00 "Woohoo Kathy~ way to go! See you at the marathon, as you are whizzing by me! What a good cause you are running for!"
Tammy Going $25.00 "Way to go Kathy! Proud of you. Great cause, too."
Kris Erickson $25.00 "Good Luck Claire!!! Have Fun :-)"
Stacie Anderson Hidden "I'm so proud of you - esp. since I can't stand running! But I sure love those African babies. Way to go my sweet friend!"
Nicolas Jensen $25.00 "GO GET EM JIM!!! Must be a SEAHAWKS FAN AT HEART!!!!!! Coach Jensen"
Dieter Bohrmann $25.00 "Congrats, Charlene! You'll do awesome. Running for a good cause always makes the miles go by faster. Have fun and let us know how the race goes."
Jerry & Maureen Fabian $50.00 "Claire - Good luck and enjoy. Love Gramma & Grampa"
Jackie Weisberger $25.00 "Girl, I am so proud of you! Any time you want to do an event on the East Coast, let me know - I'm in! Rock on!"
William Lammers $131.00 "Megan, supporting you all the way-love, Dad!"
Duncan Hauenstein $25.00 "Bets, you're the best runner. Ever. And you have such a big heart. Thanks for sharing it with not only me, but the wee ones in Africa!"
Jessa Moon $25.00 "Run, Gabe, run! "And I was running (Forrest Gump voice)!""
Chandralekha Reddy Hidden " Latha May God be with you always. Love Attamma."
Jessa Moon $25.00 "Go Rusty!"
Dan Fabian $25.00 "Good Luck Claire"
Anonymous $150.00 "In person cash donations."
Jayanti Reddy $100.00 "Dear Latha - what a wonderful endeavor and cause! You should be so proud. We're behind you, and wish you the very best on the big day! Jaya and Jay"
Amanda Vallo $10.00 "i'm rootin' for you meg. sorry there's not more cheddar flowing toward you goal from KC but know i'll be running those miles with you in spirit! "
Margaret Lammers $50.00 "Good luck in your mini-marathon, Megan. You are running for a wonderful cause. Sending love to you. Mom"
koralie hill $50.00 "yay so proud of you!!! xox kor"
Elizabeth Fussell $50.00 "Yeah Sade! I wasnt able to participate this year, but I'm so happy to support you! Woo hoo!"
rachel macritchie Hidden "What a great cause. Best of luck with your walk."
maura woodruff $25.00 "Lets get together for lunch sometime after your race. You should be hungry! Good luck."
Shanthi Reddy $50.00 "Good luck at your first half marathon, I hope it is an empowering experience for you. "
Frances Kappes $50.00 "Good for you, Kathy! What a great thing you are doing. Good luck and have fun!"
Jeff and Donna Iwasaki $25.00 "Go Andrea! "
Susan Tull $10.00 "Moxie, thank you for caring about the people of the world! Good luck and have fun in Portland."
Marla Murray $25.00 "You rock Andrea!"
Jennifer LaBrie $25.00 "Go Jennae! ...And 10/10/10 is a great day to do it! We'll be sending good thoughts your way for an awesome run and success with the fundraising! Jennifer "
Sonja Dozois $25.00 "Great job, Andrea! "
Janyce Bohrmann $50.00 "Blessings on you in the good work you do day by day, Charlene! You have a sweet and precious heart, and I love you!"
Phil Lammers $100.00 "Go get 'em sis! Wishing you luck! And thanks for giving such a good charity some pub!"
Craig Olson $50.00 "Good job on your training Jennae. You'll do great!!"
Camille and David Goshien $50.00 "Keep on truckin', Slim! Love, The Goshiens "
Kammy Kern-Korot $50.00 "Kathy - What a great organization you picked! Having lived in rural Africa, I really appreciate the grassroots focus they have. Good for you for doing the run and raising funds for such a great group. I hope I can be out there cheering you on. Maybe I can do the next one with you! - Kammy"
Elana Darnell $10.00 "Happy 24th! Best of luck with the race and the fundraising! 10-10-10!"
Sarah Schwartz $50.00 "Andrea, I so admire your strength and commitment to running this half-marathon. I'll be cheering you on... Sarah"
Steve & Kay Grigg $50.00 "Good luck Jennae, we're rooting for you!"
Anonymous $30.00 "swiss army knife"
Joanne Olson $50.00 "What a rewarding way to spend your Birthday on 10/10/10. You/we will always have memories of the way you "celebrated" your 24th Birthday. Good luck, Jennae, Love Grandma"
Amanda Gius $40.00 "Go jennae! You're amazing and you're gonna do great! Tons of love :] Love, Amanda and Christian"
Donna Lovin $50.00 "Jennae, we wish you the best for this race and birthday! ten-ten-of ten We'll be thinking of you on "your" day, supporting you, as well as the Ray of Hope. Love, Jeff and Donna "
Kim and Craig Walkup $25.00 "Good luck Gabe! This is a great cause. Kim and Craig"
winifryde perry $50.00 "Good luck Kathy!!"
Jennifer LaBrie $10.00 "This is from Rachel...she heard what you're doing and decided to use her "share" money that she's been saving up to support you and the kid's that you're raising money for. Thanks for inspiring her!"
Frances Bresnahan $25.00 "Very cool Bets."
Kay Davies Hidden "Thinking of you, Maryann, during the Ray of Hope marathon. You are a ray of sunshine in my life."
Judy Pohl $25.00 "it's a great cause but i'm just impressed that you're doing a half marathon!"
Jenee Myers Twitchell $25.00 "We are super proud of you Betsy! Keep up the good work. <3 Jenee and Grant"
Rick Kincaid $25.00 "Aunt Besty, I saved up for my whole life to support you. Here is my life savings. Run like you're chasing that stupid UPS guy. I love you. Rick Ford Kincaid"
Dan Chesnut $50.00 "It is fun to support a dear, old friend! "
Katy Evans $25.00 "GooOOOOoooo Betsy! Seestors are the bestest."
Jonathan Ogilvie $200.00 "Have a great run! Congrats on your fundraiser. "
Ruthann Couch $10.00 "Go Mossback Maryann!"
Kathy Davis $50.00 "We will be watching you and Rob! Keep up the pace! Love, Mom"
Patrick Dennis $25.00 "Kick some butt!"
Jessica Hall $25.00 "You rule Cassie, run like the wind!"
Kristina Ashby $25.00 "Keep rockin' it woman!!! So proud!!!"
Lammers Megan $150.00 "Adding donations received via cash or check from friends. THANKS EVERYONE!!"
Anonymous $40.00 "Good luck Joe! Tim & Julie"
Elizabeth Eckstrom $25.00 "Joe, you're awesome! Good luck! Warmly, Elizabeth"
Michael Rahn $25.00 "Good luck, Claire, and kudos on your commitment! Bari & Mike Rahn"
Bea Trickett $20.00 "go cassie go! <3"
Mary Erwin Hidden "Go get 'em Jim!!!"
sherry hagerty $100.00 "Good Luck Jennae,,you are such an inspiration!!"
John Kwon $40.00 "We're rooting for you Megan!4"
Jeska I. Dalizu $50.00 "It is not everyday we are called to give of ourself for purely benefit others, especially those we do not know! Esther I know you walk to raise awareness, and to help uplift those who are not able, to be the voice for the voiceless, and this goes on for a number of organizations. The least the rest of us can do is to show our support for your endeless giving, and your sense of compassion for the disinfrechised. Thank you for who you are, and what you do. "
Madhavi Reddy $50.00 "Good luck with the race, Latha!! Madhavi and Vamsi"
Amie Haskins $35.00 "We are so proud of you, Anna! Fun to watch you love running! :)"
Alice Boyd $50.00 "Sounds like a great cause - Go Esther! :)"
Cristina Gagnon $100.00 "Hey Sherry, I'm a friend of Heather's in Davis and wish you luck in your fun raising efforts and the race. "
Gwyn Glackin $25.00 "You Go Girl!!! love you!!! G"
Champ Merrick Hidden "Good luck from Champ and Kym"
Debby Friscia $10.00 "Latha, I wish you the best in your first half marathon. I'm sure you will do well! It's wonderful that you are doing this. Debby"
Melissa Koerner $50.00 "Gooooooo Betsy!"
Anonymous $500.00 "Kill it."
Deborah Martin $25.00 "We'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning! Sounds like it's going to be beautiful weather for our Walk and your Run."
Joseph Mehring $25.00 "Go Anne..."
Don Rao Hidden "Latha, I am so glad to know you are running your first marathon for a wonderful cause. We wish you the best! Uncle."
Injete Imbuye $20.00 "Very cool, mom. Love you"
Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes Hidden "Sherry, I'd much rather sit on my couch and eat cheese puffs than run a marathon and am so proud of you for doing this! Good luck walking the day after (and if you want cheese puffs, just give me a call). Love, Michelle"
Anonymous $100.00 ""Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?'. The answer is usually: 'Yes'." - Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner Let's all think more like runners."
Youngkun Park $10.00 "I am proud of you, Sarah. Cheers!"
Mary Slonske Hidden "Best of luck with the race! Hope this helps you reach your goal :)"
Lauren Scott $10.00 "Good Luck! "
David Almond $100.00 "Run, Joey, Run...and don't stop for beer until you're done."
Lorna Ernst $25.00 "I wish you the best of luck!"
Priya Verma $50.00 "Latha, I am so proud of you for commiting yourself to your health and the health of others! Good Luck!"
Yvette Kreb $50.00 "You are so awesome! "
Mary Nguyen $25.00 "Thanks Esther for taking time and effort to help the people who do not have the opportunities to live with luck and happiness. You are a beautiful sun shine, Keep doing a great work, Love, "
Nicole Neely $25.00 "Woo hoo!! You go girl!"
Daniel Brinlee $25.00 "Good luck!"
Kimberly Eckstein $25.00 "Betsy, you are an incredible woman and an inspiration to all of us! You are going to ROCK the marathon! I wish I could be there running with you...but know that I will be there in spirit cheering you on!"
esther lugalia $13.00 "good luck mom! Kanaiza"
Millie Mulweye $50.00 "You are walking for a great cause. We will be cheering for you from Washington State. Best of luck. Your cousin Millie and Dino."
Laboni Choudhury $50.00 "Good luck on your run. What a wonderful cause. You are an inspiration to us all. Love, Sanjay, Boni, Sonia and Rohan"
Nancy Wargo $40.00 "Keep on truckin'!!! The Wargos"
Kristin Bullman $50.00 "Love you and love this!!"
Terry and Kathy Chancey $50.00 "Sarah, we are proud of you and constantly impressed with your energy and ambition."
lelia spears $25.00 "Go Sassy Cassie!"
david wilcox $25.00 "Yeah Cassie!"
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