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Race Judicata 2013
Benefiting Boys Hope Girls Hope NOLA
Race Judicata offers the New Orleans legal community a unique opportunity to effect lasting, positive change through Boys Hope Girls Hope.

Founded by Rev. Harry Tompson and Loyola Law School Alum. Hon. Adrian Duplantier in 1980, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans is a nonprofit organization that makes a long-term commitment to children in need by providing residential care and quality education through high school and continued emotional and financial support through college.

In a time when New Orleans is riddled with crime and a grave concern for our city's youth, Boys Hope Girls Hope provides an opportunity for young, academically talented students living in challenging home situations to break the cycle of poverty that exists in so many inner-city families due to a lack of education. Unlike short-term youth interventions, Boys Hope Girls Hope makes a long-term commitment to fundamentally changing a child's environment from one that is destructive to one that is positive, supportive, and HOPEFUL.

Our unique, holistic approach provides talented and motivated children in need with four critical ingredients for success: Hope, Opportunities, Parental role-models, and Education. For over 30 years, Boys Hope Girls Hope has been a beacon of HOPE in the New Orleans community. Since the program began, over 200 children have called Boys Hope and Girls Hope "home," finding in our care the support and guidance needed to reach their goals in life.

Boys Hope Girls Hope is fully funded by private donations, depending solely upon the generosity of community members to empower children in its are to reach their full potential.

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Total Donations: $20

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