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Tri-ing for the kiddos
Please join Griffin and I in supporting Racers Against Childhood Cancer. On June 7 and 8, we completed our first triathlons, for Team RACC, to raise funds for childhood cancer research. On July 20, I completed a half iron distance triathlon...a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56-mile bike followed by a 13.1 mile run...also for this important cause. Currently, I'm training for the Chicago Marathon. Pediatric cancer is woefully underfunded, yet is stealing more of our kids than any other disease. 46 kids will be told they have cancer today. We can't just accept this...we all need to do what we can. Please. One of the things we love about RACC is the funds raised go to THREE excellent pediatric cancer causes: Cure Search. MACC Fund, and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Your gift means just as much if it is $5 or $500, please just do what you can. Your contribution, and your support, means the world to us. And, more importantly, to the kids who need our help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Kid helping kids. LOVE.

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Total Donations: $2,620.00
Goal: $3,000

$0 87% $3,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Sue Spaight Hidden
Paul Lee $26.00
Tamsen Webster $75.00
Patricia Eichten $20.00 "Thank you for running"
Erica Conway $20.00 "Sue rocks! Cancer sucks! Stomp it out with every mile lady!"
Debbie Martin $26.00 "Your mom and aunt would be so proud!"
Pam Strelecki $25.00
Linda Neff $100.00 "Thank you for your commitment and your strong philanthropic nature - GO SUE GO!!!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Sue your doing an amazing job. If it weren't for people like you, i don't know what we would do. Thank you!"
Michael-Anne Gomez $25.00 "Sue, thanks for all you do to make a real difference in our world. You are an inspiration."
Elizabeth Scherer Hidden
Rick Rice $50.00
Pam Kassner Hidden "In honor of Sue and how she inspires us with her talent and passion, and for all those fighting childhood cancer."
Heather Stuart $10.00
Amy Siodlarz Hidden "Good Luck, Sue! I cannot wait to hear how it goes. "
Lynn Calicchio $26.00
Erin Reising $10.00 "You're an inspiration in so many ways, Sue. You can do this!"
Sharif Renno $25.00
Jim Simon $26.20 "Go get 'em Sue!!"
Megan FIscher Hidden "Such an inspiration Sue, good luck!"
Madonna Keefe $50.00
Mark Pfaltzgraff $100.00 "For childhood cancer support, for Boston & for marathon runners & supporters everywhere. Go Sue!"
Kami Huyse $50.00 "Good luck to you and your ankle."
Anne Sprecher $100.00
Paul Lee $20.00
Paul Lee $24.30 "$24.30 to bump my donations to $70.3. :)"
Kimberly Flannery $100.00 "Thanks for doing this, Sue!"
Deb Reiser $75.00 "See you at the finish line!"
Brenda Skelton $50.00
Lynn Calicchio $25.00 "You got this, Lovely Lady!!"
Mickey Gomez $50.00 "Sue, it's an honor to call you a friend. You are an inspiration. "
Betsy Fryda $20.00
Bob LeDrew Hidden "Best of luck, Sue! "
Mark Pfaltzgraff $50.00 "Go Sue! At the rate you're going, I see an Ironman tri on the horizon."
Stacey Nash $50.00 "Great cause. Go kick some ass, Sue! And no peeing on the bike. "
Dave Jesse $35.00 "EEEAAAWWW. Wheres my pic? :-P "
Debbie Martin $30.00
Sue Keith $50.00 "Just keep swimming....."
Chris Klein $20.00 "“The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always." — John Steinbeck "
Tamsen Webster $26.00 "From the midlife marathoner to the AMAZING triathlete!"
Mickey Gomez $50.00 "For G, who (along with his amazing mom) inspires me pretty much daily. "
Heidi Sterricker $20.00 "Go for it!!! :) Love, The Sterrickers"
Amy Siodlarz $10.00 "It stinks when our body parts get old and crispy. I hope you can race. If not I know G will do well! Good luck to you both. "
Phil Gerbyshak $20.00 "Kick some cancer booty Sue and G!!"
Adam Parikh $20.00 "Rock on!"
Denise Spaight $50.00 "Good luck on your races!"
Mark Pfaltzgraff $50.00 "Your perseverance in the water & inspiration to G will put you over the top & knock cancer on its ass. Go Sue & Griffin!"
Erin Reising $20.00 "Sue and G - you are both inspirations! Go get 'em. You'll ROCK then want to do it all over again. Have FUN!"
Linda Neff $22.18 "Good luck to an amazing mother-son RACC duo from our mother-daughter duo! Big hugs, Linda and Helen xoxo"
Debbie Martin $22.18 "Good luck in your race.Let's pray for a cure."
Pam Kassner Hidden "Go Gman Go Sue"
Lynn Calicchio $25.00 "Thrilled to up my donation with another to get you over the $2000 mark!! Go Sue and G!! You are awesome!"
Kirsten Mulvey $25.00 "So proud of you and G for how hard you have worked. You are going to have a blast, you are going to help some kids who need it, and you are going to share this fantastic memory FOREVER! My guess is that this race together will NOT be your last!"
steven marsho $50.00 "I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Best to you and G."
Megan Fischer $15.00 "Such an inspirational team- good luck Sue and G-man!"
Kat Dalager $50.00 "Have a great Tri, Sue!"
Amy Reid $50.00 "I've only known you for like a minute but am finding out you're amazing! The world needs more people like you. The kids are truly blessed to have you on their team."
Christina Krasovich $20.00
Pamela Grow $20.00 "So awesome Sue! Kudos to you. "
Erin Ruenger $25.00 "Kick some butt on race day. Good luck!!"
Lisa Cords $20.00
Eileen Seeger $25.00 "Sue - you are going to do GREAT!!! "
Christina Krasovich $20.00
Renee Scherck-Meyer $20.00
Jason Evans $100.00
Andrea Nordgren $20.00 "Enjoy the journey!"
Sharon McNally $25.00
robert monnat $100.00
Sue Spaight for Anne Sprecher $25.00
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