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Q's Quest
Battling Brain Tumors

Friends and Colleagues:

Please join Team Q's Quest to help raise money for brain cancer research and find a cure for this disease!

I've dedicated my career to the treatment of brain tumors and finding better therapies to treat them. I am constantly being inspired by my patients and their families; they are our true heroes. Our scientific team maintains a high level of energy and stamina, with heightened and sharpened senses so we can continue to advance our field in this battle against brain tumors.

I thank you and your loved ones for the support you give us every day. We are blessed to have you as partners in our fight against brain tumors. We hope that through our work and our partnership, we will continue to make significant strides towards finding a cure for brain cancer.

If you would like to make a leadership gift or have questions about research, please contact Kim Metzgert at kmetzge2@jhmi.edu.

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Total Donations: $407,271

Goal: $500,000

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