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Team Primo Center
Running to end homelessness in our city.
As Chicagoans, we’re far too accustomed to having a large and often overlooked homeless community, especially now thanks to the still-lingering recession and high unemployment rate. A recent survey by Chicago Coalition for the Homeless reported that 47% of Chicago’s homeless --nearly 40,000 people---were families, and of that, 33% were children. We can all do something to help effect change on June 9, when Run Home Chicago will be holding its first annual race to end homelessness. The Primo Center is hosting this event along with other local nonprofits dedicated to fighting this issue, whose members will be running at our sides. All funds that are raised at this event will be direct contributions to emotional support resources, medical services, shelter upkeep and other charity operations that directly help homeless individuals, families and children reorder their lives and maintain stability.

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Total Donations: $335

Goal: $100,000

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