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The "A" Team
We pity the fool who doesn't help save the boobs!
On December 12, 2009, we'll be skiing our butts and boobs off to raise money for breast cancer research. According to the BCRF, over 40,000 women will die from breast cancer in the U.S. in 2010. We think that is 40,000 too many. Please help us reduce this number by making a donation that will go directly to the BCRF research programs. Boobs everywhere will thank you for it...and so will we!
Jenn Geisness, Jamie Wilson Gunion & Beth Jahnigen Pappas
K2 presents the Pink Chase, a snow lover’s fundraiser that involves all downhill snow sport lovers from skiing, telemarking, and snowboarding. This fundraiser offers women of all ages and disciplines, the opportunity to be involved in an all women’s snow event, make a difference by fundraising for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), and have a ton of fun skiing and riding with the K2 Alliance and their friends and other women teams for a day.
The "A" Team in training - we are quite a handful!

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $3,697.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 74% $5,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Dwight Henninger $50.00 "Best of luck and you are a handful!"
Jonathan Frankel $50.00 "Beautiful people doing beautiful things for others...how could I resist. Good on you Beth ! From Owen, Nicole, Julie and Jonathan Frankel."
Adam Levy $150.00 "Jamie and crew - Great job for a wonderful cause! Good luck from all your friends in NY!"
Sue Booker $25.00 "great cause - wish you success!"
Billy Schoeff $20.00 "Good luck to my favorite girls in Vail!"
Trina Hosmer $50.00 "Good luck girls!"
Ann Gunion $30.00 "Good luck to Jamie and the rest of the team! Thanks for supporting a great cause."
Michele Anderson $75.00 "Your efforts are applauded by all. Happy skiing! Steve and Michele"
Summer and Tom Kassmel $50.00 "Good luck! You guys are awesome!"
Brad Russer $50.00 "Hey Beth, Good luck in the boobie skiing. Hailey says " Go Babba Go !!! " Brad, Maja, & Hailey"
Janice and Jim Wilson $75.00 "Good luck girls!"
Kelli McDonald $25.00 "Good luck ladies and thanks for supporting such a worthy cause!"
Kathy Sullivan $50.00 "That's terrific that you guys are doing this! Kathy & Greg"
Stephanie Jones $50.00 "Go girls!"
abe friede $360.00 "good luck from rachel friede"
Robin Deighan $50.00 "Good luck!"
sylvia martine $20.00 "Have a fun safe day, Jennifer. Good luck to your team."
Aimee Taublieb $25.00 "Good luck ladies!!"
janice geisness $75.00 "Jennifer... In memory of your grandmother Esther."
Kerry skidmore $50.00 "What a wonderful cause, thanks for doing this!"
Miriam Green $20.00 "Save the titays!!!"
chris bohlen $75.00 "do your thing kiddo. darn two planker :)"
Jeremy & Dawn Sheaffer $50.00 "Good Luck and now you have snow!"
Todd Strickland $50.00 "Have fun and save them tatas!"
Arn Merconi $20.00 "In honor of my Mother-in-Law, Bonnie Rupp."
Jennie Koenig $25.00 "You go girls, for all of our "girls!""
Jessica Stevens $25.00 "Good luck and ski your heart out (not boobs, keep the boobs):)"
Erica and Leland Felsenthal $50.00 "Go Beth!! "
Sara Kruger Johnson $75.00 "You go girls...for all the tatas...and not letting them control our lives!"
Chad & Kelly Young $50.00 "Ski Fast, Take Chances!"
Eric Olson $50.00 "Wax the bik.. umm bases, Sharpen the edges and get the Skier-Cross armour on! Go Time for the Girls at the 'Stone!"
Alice Plain $50.00 "Go A Team! Good Luck!!"
Managed Data $20.00 "Sorry my donation is only an "A-cup", but good luck you guys! http://facebook.managed-data.com"
Rob LeVine $50.00 "go go girls ... I mean, go girls go"
Duane Lockett $25.00 "Whoohoo! Boobies!"
John Monson $25.00 "Ski the Bumps! Make a turn or two for Bridget. "
Craig & Karen Pappas $50.00 "Good Luck, hope you ladies do a better job of skiing and raising $5K than you do making a human "A"- Just kidding, have fun and be sure to drink lots of booze afterward!!"
Rachel Friede $1.80 "every dollar counts!!!! please see avi's comment for more information. Thanks girls!"
Louise Booth $50.00 "Good Luck Ladies! I will be thinking of you! xoxoLove Aunt Louise"
Heather Damon $20.00 "In honor of my Grandma Mary, who died of breast cancer. You go girls!!!"
Megan Weber $20.00 "You girls are awesome!"
Daniel Anderson $20.00 "Go for the GOLD, A Team. "
Brad & Alicia Pappamat $20.00 "We love Boobs! Good luck-wish we could be there to support! "
James Chung $50.00 "Go do some good and have some fun out there!"
bill cotton $50.00 "In memory of Toby Cotton"
Karen Hardy $25.00 "It's never to late to try to save a boobie!"
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