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Pink Brigade Guys Fundraising Program
What is a Pink Brigade Guy:
• One of 50 amazing men committed to our community and the advancement of research and a cure for Breast Cancer
• One of 50 inspired, strong men allowed to register for the women’s only Girlfriends Half Marathon
• One of 50 philanthropic men who agree to pay or raise $1000 to register for the Girlfriends Half Marathon and are therefore involved in raising an additional $50,000 for Susan G Komen for a Cure (50 x $1000 each)
• One of 50 lucky guys who get to run with 3500+ beautiful and fit women
• One of 50 men who feel secure enough in their sexuality and masculinity to wear a pink skort, pink tights, pink bra-tap or pink headband or all of the above

How do you become a Pink Brigade Guy?
• Complete the registration form below, write a check to Susan G Komen for $1000 on behalf of the Girlfriends Half marathon (therefore you get the tax write off too) and drop both off at Northwest Personal Training, 1011 Broadway, Vancouver WA 98660.
• If you cannot come up with the $1000 yourself, we suggest you get either friends, family or company sponsors to pledge you to come up with the $1000. As long as you agree to collect $1000, we can reserve your registration.
• Act FAST! We are only accepting 50 Pink Skort guys!
• Then start training so you don’t embarrass yourself J ps. We offer running and training clinics at NWPT.

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Total Donations: $13,256

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