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Kure for Karina
Join in the fight to save our little ones!
Karina as she glows with LIFE!
So, many of you know our dear friends Beto & Veronica Sanchez. Well their daughter has once again been struck Wilms Tumor. We do not have the specifics but that alone is enough for us to count our blessings. They are expecting child number four and going through this must be rough on Vero and the rest of the family. Last time our family sent their daughter a "Build a Bear" this time we are thinking bigger! We'd like to get a team together of walkers/runners young and old to run on Sunday May 3 in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation "Reaching for the Cure" in her honor. Although our entry fees, donations, pledges may not help her directly the emotional stance of all of us doing this in her name will speak millions to Beto and his family. Please whether you know them or not, whether you have been touched by cancer or not, whether you have children or not...join us! Join our plight to support this family, support the cause and help give them Faith in God, in each other and in mankind! Our world is so lacking sometimes of just the simple gesture of "niceness" -- so LET"S DO THIS!
Total Donations Collected:$4,171.00
Goal: $4,500
$0 93% $4,500
I have chosen to support the PCRF Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon & "Reaching for the Cure" Run/Walk. The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is a vitally important organization with a great reputation and I thought you might be interested in supporting them also with a donation to sponsor my participation. Please check them out at for more information or use the link below to make a donation. I appreciate your support!
Contributor Amount Comment
Alice J Collier $25.00 "Together we can conquer. All is possible."
Angela Coleman $25.00 "Hope this helps Karina's cause - what a beautiful child!  Good thoughts and prayers go out to Karina and her family."
Margaret Arreola $25.00 "God bless you, give you courage, faith and strength."
Rachel Walrath $50.00 "I'm sorry I can't join the walk... I'll be out of town that weekend. Know that my family is thinking of yours and hoping for the very very best!"
Paul Stout $50.00 "May God bless you and your ENTIRE family."
Joanna Cafuentes $30.00 "I am patiently awaiting to see the miracle that Jesus Christ Almightly God will perform in my beautiful niece, Karina who hold a very special place in my heart. "
Maria D. Macedo $50.00 "My prayers are with all her loved ones!"
Nancy Hom $50.00 "Karina, I hope you are feeling better! I'll be thinking of you all the time! Mrs. Hom"
AMBAR & JOSE BRISENO $25.00 "We will walk twice as hopefull at the March for Babies with March of Dimes this weekend with you and your Kure on our mind and in our heart. "
FAMILIA RUBI $50.00 "Nosotros, la familia Rubí esperamos y deseamos la lucha que esta enfrentando este precioso angel sea superada por su gran alegria y fuerzas de vivir"
Ruben Nakamura $20.00 "My prayers are with all your love ones"
ANA RAMOS $50.00 "My prayers are with you. Que Dios bendiga a Karina y a su familia."
Suzanne Moreno $20.00 "Hang in there Karina, God is good and he holds you in his arms. We love you and pray for you daily. Sincerely, Suzanne Moreno, co-worker of Adrian Cafuentes."
MARIA GARMINO $50.00 "donacion en nombre de la familia mendoza robledo"
Patty Gutierrez $40.00 "Dios te Bendiga y te sane pronto!!"
Lorena Urzua $30.00 "I would love to join you for the walk but we are baptizing Lucia that day. Beto and Vero, we pray for Karina and your family daily. With God all is possible!"
Monica Garza $20.00 "Never stop believing you are going to make it though this hard time, be strong and never forget God is by your side. "
Jose Lua $20.00 "LOVE YOU KARINA!!! "
Kristi Wry and family $100.00 "Karina, Keep faith in the healing power within yourself!!"

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