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Help Health Care Providers Better Meet the Needs of Persons with Advanced Heart Failure & Their Families
Heart failure, a chronic illness afflicting 5 million persons in the United States, is known to cause shortness of breath and fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety and other symptoms. Cure is usually not possible once heart failure develops.

Heart failure research has focused on initial treatment of heart failure, reduction in health care costs from heart failure care and extension of life. Research has not addressed symptom management for persons with heart failure. Equally absent is a focus on supportive care for patients and their families with chronic or advanced heart failure.

The Palliative Care- Heart Failure Education and Research Trials collaborative, PC-HEART is a national network focused on:
  • Identifying symptoms, needs and efficacy of interventions for patients with advanced heart failure and their families
  • Advocating improvement in practice delivery
  • Characterizing and improving hospice care for heart failure patients near the end of life
  • Improving communication between providers and patients and families

One in five persons age 40 or older in the United States are at risk of developing heart failure in their lifetime. It is critical that we learn how to help people live better and cope with this illness!

Support PC-HEART's projects to identify symptoms, needs and beneficial interventions for patients with advanced heart failure and their families; and to create education for patients, their families and clinicians.

Patient-centered Education and Research, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation conducts the Palliative Care-Heart failure Education And Research Trials, (PC-HEART) collaborative which includes researchers, clinicians and educators in heart failure, palliative care and hospice from around the United States.

PC-HEART works with The Epimetrics Group LLC to:
  1. Develop and maintain the pc-heart.org website for member communication, research protocol development and data collection,
  2. Create public information and health care provider education about advanced heart failure
  3. Perform web-based data collection and research focused on improving care

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Goal: $300,000

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