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Partners of Parks
Racing for Future Generations
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Partners of Parks provides Long Beach's diverse population with over 30 educational, gang prevention, youth, cultural, environmental and recreational programs. This race is particulary special because we are raising funds fo build a Universally Accessible Playground that will allow disabled children and able bodied children to play together. One of only a handful in the country.

Your participation with Team PoP helps guarantee that future generations will benefit from the invaluable programs parks and recreation provide. Whether you run the marathon or half marathon, stroll the 5K, take the beautiful bike tour, volunteer or contribute to the cause, you have made a big difference. Thank you!

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Total Donations: $3,200

Goal: $10,000

$0 32% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Rachael Davis $25.00 "I am so happy to be able to support an excellent cause. Keep up the great work!"
Bill Vetrovec $30.00 "It is a pleasure to donate to such a great cause. Good luck wth the marathon. Bill Vetrovec"
zicra lukin $50.00 "nice work, angels."
Wesley Stiller $5.00 "Good luck Darren! from one groundling to the another. -wesley"
nakisa aschtiani $20.00 "Dear Darren how lucky am i to know you? you are an amazing human being. thank you for helping to make our world a better place. You are awesome! much love your "miranda""
Leslie Hunsaker $25.00 "Go Diane!!!"
Audra Kirk $20.00 "You're amazing Darren! "
Cari Marshall & Eric de Valpine $25.00 "Go Darren Go! Thanks so much for doing this!"
Karol McQueary $100.00 "Way to go, you guys! Kick booty."
SueAnn Schoonmaker $25.00 "Raising money and getting exercise -- what could be better!"
Amy Burton $25.00 "Go Linda!"
jason truong Hidden "Good Luck"
Gregory Keyes $50.00 "Go Baby Go!"
Tina Yam $25.00 "You can do it!"
Irma Heinrichs $10.00 "Best of luck."
Elizabeth Miramontes $50.00 "You go Diane! Thanks for including me!"
Anne Lattime $50.00 "Karen, I am inspired by you and have learned so much from your example. Thank you so much for everything you do to make the world a better place. I will be rooting for you at mile 18 and 24! "
Frank Ku $35.00 "Have a good run LT."
Cynthia Clemmensen $25.00 "I love parks, running, and Gareth... so this is great! woohoo! Go baby go! Love you x Cynthia"
LUNAROZA PHAN $17.00 "Hey there! Best of Fun to you and everyone involved in running the marathon!"
Richard Greaney $25.00 "GO GIRL GO!"
Dean Heimlich $20.00 "Good Luck running for a very worthwhile cause! Congratulations!"
Katie Houston Hidden "You Rock!"
Jill Horikawa Hidden "Hi Karen: I am so proud of your efforts to help other people. Keep up the good work!"
Son Le $25.00 "Run Forest, Run..."
Alan Rosenquist $25.00 "The challenges in life are what make the victories so grand. You make me proud Melissa. We should run a marathon together!"
Catherine Filipovich $20.00 "Hey sis! Congrats on your run- you're going to really enjoy it. I'll be thinking of you."
Raymond Lin $100.00 "I know it takes a lot of courage to run a marathon....and also doing it for cause! Good luck, and the entire Seaport staff will be cheering for you!"
Natalia Cherubini $10.00 "Run Sasha Run!!!"
Maureen Grainger $25.00 "Karen, You never cease to amaze me... You're an inspiration to everyone around you... I know you will do awesome in the marathon... Thank you for being such a great friend... Moe."
joan luoto $20.00 "Congrats! Joan and Bob Rust"
Kim Howell $50.00 "You go boy ! Love from Mum, Dad and J xxx"
Mike Orlito $25.00 "Diane, you're the best. Good luck with the ride! Kim and Mike"
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