Hospice Marathon 2011
We Honor, We Remember
Participate in any Portland Marathon event and collect pledges to help raise Hospice awareness and Hospice dollars. The Oregon Hospice Association is a nonprofit public benefit organization whose goal is to make sure all Oregonians can have excellent care as they—or their loved ones—approach the end of life. Join the Hospice Marathon Team and get a cool collectible T-shirt that lists the names of those we’re running or walking in honor and memory of. Add names of your friends or loved ones, too. T-shirts are available to members of the Hospice Marathon Team and those who contribute $30 or more. With your support, we can increase Hospice awareness throughout the state and continue to promote and ensure high quality end of life care for all Oregonians. For more information, call 503.228.2104 or visit www.oregonhospice.org.
Goal: $15,000

$0 143% $15,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Carrie Burke $20.00 "You'll do great, Allison!"
Travis Amundsen $50.00 "This is a great cause. Make us proud!"
Debbie Bond $25.00 "Good luck! Will be thinking of you this weekend!"
Rick & Pam Thornton $100.00 "Good luck Linda! You're awesome!"
Mike and Colleen Brown $50.00 "Linda McCandless You Are An IRONMAN!!! You are awesome! You inspire many people. We had an awesome time in Coeur d'Alene! Good luck in Portland. The Browns"
brad williams $50.00 "Have a great race!"
Maria E Humburg $20.00 "So very proud of you Sweetheart!"
Linda Carlton $50.00 "You are an amazing gal Linda! I am so fortunate to know you, good luck!!!"
Heather Nugent $50.00 "You are awesome!!! Your going to kick PM's butt like you do everything else and make your grandma and grandpa very proud. Luv ya girl!!! :)"
Loretta Hayre $20.00 "This is a great thing to do a fund raiser for i was a hospice nurse for 12 years and that was my life so please people help for this :)"
Irene Pereira Hidden "Hospice does so much for those dying and well as the family. Thank you for being there when we needed that extra support and guidance."
Sara & Mike Bergeron $20.00 "Good luck and we will be rooting for you!"
lynette hawkins $30.00 "This message came to me just in time as my best friend's mom is going under hospice care right now as I write this. Hospice was also there for my grandfather. Thanks for all you do!"
Rubi sullivan $25.00 "It's so great that you're doing this Annmarie!! "
Roy & Linda Hamilton $50.00 "Way to go, Annmarie. "
Kathy Morrisson $50.00 "Best wishes on a great race! Enjoy your day in memory of your Grandma!"
Melissa & Jacob McCandless $100.00 "Your AMAZING children!!!!!!!!"
Greg Fronczak Hidden "Good and I know you will do well in your race"
Matt Henry Hidden "Thanks Kelly. My dad just entered a Hospice in Vancouver yesterday. He is coming to the end of his battle and in need of more care than his wife can give him at home although she has been nothing short of amazing the last couple of months. Going up to see him today and I hear the place is great. "
Larry True $20.00 "Hospice was a blessing beyond words when they assisted my Mother (and our family) in her last few months, back in 1996. Kelly, thanks for doing what you're doing!!"
Sophia Vicent $100.00 "Linda, so proud of you for doing a marathon! Be strong and have fun. I will be thinking of you! Sophia"
Edward Kennedy $100.00 "Have great run Susan! Edward"
Joan Kennedy $50.00 "Way to go, Susan! - Joan"
Tracy Toman $50.00 "Go Linda Go! Or rather....Run Linda Run! How do you do all that you do??? WOW!"
Bart Dickson $50.00 "Wonderful cause. Good for you A.M."
Lori Veito $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Gerard Kennedy $50.00 "Have great run Susan! Great for you to do this. love, Gerard, Jeanette, Theria and JJ"
Florence Morrish $100.00 "Go girl, go!"
Rob Plante $50.00 "Best of luck! In memorial of Caroilne Kennedy."
Merie Jackson $30.00 "Good luck Allison! Thank you for donating your time to support this cause. "
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