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Charlie Banfield Jr's Fundraising Page
Dedicated to the Sea of People Affected by Cancer
Aloha bruddahs and sistahs, I am honored to be affiliated with the Ocean of Hope campaign again this year, supporting those affected by cancer. Many of us have watched family or friends that have suffered from this terrible disease with a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty of how to help. You can make a difference by donating to this charity. Donations will help victims of cancer to receive necessary support and care during their battle. To show my support, I am dedicating my 2015 season to the Ocean of Hope campaign. I will be paddling different watercraft during the season including SUP, prone, and uutrigger canoe and periodically requesting your support. If you can donate to the cause please do, if you are unable to no worries. Feel free to share this post. Smile and enjoy da ride. Thank you to my sponsors: Quickblade Paddles, Puakea Designs, Hinano Tahiti, Bark Paddleboards, Onit Pro, Vitamin Blue, KonaRed, Mauijim, Hammer Nutrition, Herbalife24, and Caveman Granola. Mahalo for da support! -Charlie

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Total Donations: $1,470.00
Goal: $2,000

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