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Paddling Save Lives
Friends and family, I am "participating" in the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race this year and have finally found a worthwhile cause to commit to - the Sarcoma Alliance. I have joined The Ocean of Hope Team comprising paddlers and ocean enthusiasts who dedicate their training and racing to raising awareness and funds for the Sarcoma Alliance. O2H began with one paddle boarder in 1999 and has grown to include paddling events, prone and SUP paddleboarders, outrigger paddling teams, and other athletes who dedicate their own personal challenge or event to help those that are fighting cancer. O2H is “dedicated to the sea of people affected by cancer”. O2H is a grassroots fundraising organization that exists solely to raise money for the Sarcoma Alliance. Since 1999, O2H has raised almost $700,000 and is still going strong!

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Goal: $3,500

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