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Kelly Brown's Fundraising Page
Dedicated to the Sea of People Affected by Cancer
I am back to paddling and racing this year and I have been having a super time. As in past years, I will be paddling with the goal of helping those affected with sarcoma cancers with The Ocean of Hope. All of us have been affected by cancer in one form or another, whether having a loved one, family member, friend, or work mate battling cancer. To help them succeed in their battle, it takes a community to pitch in. That community is you, and through your help and donations, you are helping someone with cancer fight one more day. This year I am dedicating my paddling and racing to my Mom and to a fellow geologist Steve N. who is just a super guy, both kicking cancer's butt!
Slade supporting Ocean of Hope and the Sarcoma Alliance.

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Total Donations: $930.00
Goal: $1,000

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